She was soaked through to the skin.  She’d been out when the thunderstorm dumped a zillion raindrops to the ground and then kept dropping them while she drove home.  From the drive to the door isn’t all that far, but it was raining so hard it didn’t matter.  By the time she got inside, her blouse was wet, her jeans were wet, and everything underneath was wet too.  

I looked up from where I was sitting in my recliner and saw her standing there with her soaking-wet hair dripping onto her shoulders and running down her clothes to drip on the floor. Her white top and thin, white bra were not doing a good very job of concealing her thick dark nipples and dark nipple beds because the water had made them almost transparent.  Her jeans were molded to her body like a second skin over her wide hips and lush thighs.

“I thought I could make it without getting soaked, but I didn’t.  I think I need a towel”, she laughed.  “Otherwise, I’ll be dripping water all the way to the bedroom.”

I brought her two towels, one to dry her short, red hair and the other for her body.  When I handed her the first, she wrapped it around her head like she’d just taken a shower.  I didn’t hand her the second.  I just smiled.

“You’ll never get dried off enough to not drip if you’re still dressed.  You’re standing on tile now and it’ll mop dry.  The carpet won’t.  Let me help you get out of those clothes.”

She smiled.

“You have to promise to just let me get undressed and then dried off.  It’s too early for what you’re thinking.  I have things I need to do today.  Do you promise?”

I grinned.

“You know better than to ask me that.”

“Well, I don’t know why you’d want to do anything.  I must look like a drowned rat.”

“But you’re such a sexy drowned rat.”

“What’s sexy about me?  My hair is soaked, my clothes are soaked, and I’m starting to get cold.”

I cupped her heavy right breast and squeezed gently.

“Well, these, for one thing.  Your nipples show.”

“That’s just because I’m getting cold.”

“I don’t care.  They’re still sexy.  Now, hold still.”

I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it from her shoulders then laid it on the floor.  I could see her nipples better now.  They were like they always got.  It didn’t matter if they were chilled or if she was aroused.  Her nipples swelled up taut and stuck out from her nipple beds.  I stroked a finger over one through her bra and she jerked her body a little.  I smiled.

“Turn around so I can get to your bra hooks.”

She turned around, I unhooked the hooks, and then slipped the straps from her soft shoulders.  After tossing her bra on top of her blouse, I cupped both her breasts, pulled her back against my chest, and nibbled on her shoulder.

“Don’t do that” she said.

“Why not?”

“Because you know what that does to me.”

“And what would that be?”

“You know what it does.  I start to get excited.”

I pinched both her nipples between my fingers and nibbled her shoulder again.

“How excited?”

She turned around then.

“Not that excited.  Help me get my jeans off.  They’re stuck to me because they’re so wet.”

I knew she was just teasing me.  I knew because of the way she caught her breath when I pinched her rigid nipples.

She unbuttoned the waistband of her jeans and then slid down the zipper and started pulling them down.  I moved her hands away, took the waistband of her jeans with one hand on each side and started working them down over her hips.  She helped by rocking her hips from side to side.

That was erotic, but not as erotic as when her jeans were low enough I could see the red hair on her mound through the white, mesh thong she’d worn.  The strands of hair made the surface of the white mesh a little bumpy and it was a look I always loved.  I was on my knees by then, and leaned forward enough to kiss her mound through her panties.  I smiled when her tummy jerked a little.

Once I had the jeans around her ankles, I untied her running shoes, slipped them and her socks off her feet, and then helped her step out of the wet jeans.  My hand on her calf was how I started, but once both legs were out of the jeans, I slipped that hand softly up her leg to her knee, then to her thigh, and then up until my fingers bumped her wet pussy through her panties.  I thought I heard a little sigh.

I tossed her jeans onto the pile and then reached for her thong.  She stopped my hands.

“My panties aren’t dripping.  I’ll take them off in the bedroom.”

“Well, you could do that, except they’ll leave a wet spot on the bedroom carpet.  It’ll be better to take them off here.”

She chuckled a little.

“How did I know you were going to say that?”

I slipped the thong over her hips in back, then slowly pulled it down in front.  It caught in the hollow between her thighs.

“Spread your legs”.

She did, enough the thong fell to her knees.  I took it off the rest of the way, and when she stepped out of it, I tossed it onto the pile of wet clothes.

“Now, we dry you off.”

“I can do that myself” she said, “and I won’t be doing what you’re thinking of doing”.

I looked up at her and smiled.

“All I’m going to do is dry you off.”

“Yeah, I’ll bet that’s all you’re going to do.”

I did dry her off, starting with her feet and then moving up her legs.  When I got to her pussy, I patted the hair dry and then slipped a finger between her pussy lips.  

She giggled.

“It’s not wet in there.”

“Just making sure.”

I slipped my finger into her entrance and then kept gently pushing.  She opened her legs a little more, and I heard her catch her breath.  I looked up and grinned.

“I think it is wet in there.  It feels wet to me.”

When I slipped my finger back out and then stroked it up to her clit, she grabbed my shoulders and then murmured, “That’s just because of what you’re doing.”

I circled her clit with a fingertip.

“Want me to stop?”

She gasped and her hips rocked forward.  Her voice was low and sultry.

“No…not unless you want to.”

I dried her back with one hand while I kept massaging her pussy and clit with the other.  By the time I moved the towel to her breasts, she was hanging on to my shoulders and her pussy was rocking into my hand.  I dropped the towel and picked her up.

“Where are you taking me”, she murmured.

“I’m taking you to bed.”

“Why?  I’m not tired.”

“You will be, trust me.”

“Why will I be tired?”

“’Cause I’m gonna lick your pussy until you cum and then I’m gonna fuck you until you cum again.”

“I told you I have things I have to do today.”

“All you have to do right now is lay down, spread your thighs, and enjoy.”

Once I laid her on the bed, she did spread her thighs.  I took a moment to look at her pussy lips hiding under her red hair, but only a moment.  I wanted to feel those lips in my mouth and rolling around on my tongue.  I wanted to taste the woman in her, the tart, musky taste of femaleness that would fire my passion for what would come later.

I knelt between her thighs, raised them at the knees, and then kissed and nibbled my way to her pussy lips.  After teasing the still damp hair apart, I spread her lips and then slipped my tongue over their inner surface.  I heard a little moan when she adjusted her hips to lift her pussy a little.  That was my cue to plunge my tongue into her entrance and lick all around the satin-smooth little opening.  It was there I wanted to taste her the most, to find the fresh taste of aroused woman, and that’s what I found.

I couldn’t be content with just that though.  After stretching out, I slipped my hands up her sides to her breasts, fondled each one, lightly stroked around her nipple beds, and then closed my fingers on each nipple.  She gasped at the light pinch, then moaned when I pinched harder and rolled them between my fingers.  I felt her pussy lurch up into my face, so I rasped my tongue up over her inner lips to her clit.  

The little button was still under its little soft hood, but after I licked beside it, it began to swell.  She started making little moans then too, and I felt her hand on the back of my head.

It never takes her long when I do her like this, and this time was no exception.  I pulled my right hand back down and slipped one finger inside her as I kept licking her clit.  She was wet inside, so wet I changed nipples and slipped a second finger inside her.  She gasped and lifted her pussy up, and then held her breath while I stroked her G-spot with my fingers.  

I felt her pussy sort of open and push out and when it did there was a flow of wet warmth around my fingers.  I rolled her nipple and then pulled up.  Her pussy pulled back in around my fingers and she moaned again, this time louder.

After just a few more massaging strokes to her G-spot, my hand was wet, her pussy was opening and then clenching around my fingers, and she was starting to breath in quick panting breaths.  I knew she was close, so I stopped licking her clit, sealed my lips around it and sucked in hard.

She gasped and arched into my face as she started to cum, then arched higher and cried out, “Oh God”.  Her thighs trembled against my ears as her body took control with quick little jerks of her pussy into my hand and face.  When she stopped shaking, she eased back down on the bed and pulled on my shoulders.

When I kissed her, she opened her mouth and tried to find my tongue with hers.  I made it easy for her, because by that time, my cock was hard and I wanted it inside her.  I knew it would only take that kiss to keep her on the edge of another orgasm.  That’s all it ever took, just a kiss and then sucking her nipples when I entered her.  She wouldn’t cum immediately, but she’d stay there, teetering on the edge while I caught up with her.

I broke the kiss, raised up, turned her over on her stomach, and then lifted her by the hips until her pussy was at the level of my cock.  She spread her thighs wide when I probed for her entrance, and caught her breath when my cock slipped through the snug ring just inside her lips.  

I lifted her breasts with both hands, found her stiff nipples, and then rolled them as I pushed my cock into her wet, slippery passage.  She moaned when my belly flattened against her hips and I felt a little contraction around my cock.

After that, it was like it always was.  I made slow, deep strokes at first, and when she started contracting her pussy around my cock, I sped up a little.  When she started pushing her pussy back into my stroke, I sped up a little more.  Soon, the only sounds in the room were her little mewing moans and the wet sounds of my cock slipping in and out of her.

She started to slide down on the bed then, so I moved one hand under her and held her up on her knees.  With the other, I rolled her nipple and then pulled down.  She gasped and rammed her pussy back over my cock, then gasped again and rocked her pussy up and down.

She was close again, and I was glad.  I’d been trying to not feel what I was feeling but that was impossible.  It was the contractions around my cock, the soft wet place my cock pushed into with every stroke and the sight of her wide, round hips when I pulled out and the sight of her long pussy lips dragging along my shaft.

With the hand I was using to hold her up, I found her clit and started rubbing beside it.  She gasped and started to shake, then cried out and rammed her pussy back over my cock again.  That happened three more times before she cried out loudly and I had to hold her up because her shaking thighs wouldn’t.  

I came then too, three exquisite spurts that raced up my cock and made me groan when they splashed inside her writhing passage.  I kept stroking and felt her juices and my cum leaking out around my cock as she continued to pant, moan little cries of pleasure, and rock her pussy over my cock.

Her thighs stopped shaking a little later and when I let her go she sank down onto the mattress.  I went with her, my cock still inside her and making little short strokes.  When it slipped out and wouldn’t go back in, she giggled.

“I thought you said all you were going to do was dry me off.  You got me all wet and sticky instead.”

I rolled to her side, and then rolled her over until her heavy breasts were against my chest.

“Did you mind all that much?”

“No.  What are we going to do the rest of the day?”

I stroked her nipple and smiled when she shivered.

“Well, if you’re all wet and sticky, we’ll take a shower together.”

“If we do, I know what’ll happen.”

“Would you mind if it did?”

“No, just not in the shower.  There’s nothing to hold on to in there.  The last time I slipped and you had to catch me.”

I pinched her nipple lightly and she shivered again.

“OK, just a shower, but I get to wash your tits and pussy.”

“If I let you do that, you won't want to stop.  I told you I have things to do today.”

“Yes you do.  You have to take a shower with me, and then let me fuck you again.”

“I was thinking more like doing laundry.”

“Laundry can wait.  I can’t.”

She lifted my limp cock and giggled again.

“Looks like you’ll have to wait for a while.”

“Well, the shower should take care of that.”

It often happens like this when it rains.  I think half the time she plans to get soaked just so I’ll strip her and carry her to bed.  I don’t understand what rain does to her, but I’m not about to ask.  It looks like rain today, and she just said she has to go shopping or we won’t have anything to eat.  I know that’s not true.  She’s just hoping when she gets home, it will be pouring rain and she’ll get wet all the way through again.