Live on Line One

Info Lee
05 Apr. '20


“Okay, this one may be a bit too personal.”

“That’s kind of the entire point. Come on, the more personal the story, the better.”

“Alright Madam, I’ll play along. So lately, the last two or three times that I’ve pleasured myself to be exact, I’ve somewhat gotten into ejaculating onto my face.”

“Whoa, I thought you said personal not mortifying.”

“Hey, no judging; I’m vulnerable enough as it is.”

“Calm down, I’m just teasing. So what brought about this little oddity of yours?”

“Boredom I guess mixed with a little curiosity. I’ve masturbated more times than I care to count; twisting and turning my body in every position that I can think of. In one of these positions, my hips raised over my head, legs suspended in the air, and my penis erect and ready to pop, I did what came naturally.”

“Which in this case means that you rubbed one out until the splooge fell like rain?”

“Sure, if you want to be facetiously poetic about it.”

“You know that I do. So what did it feel like: you lying in bed, breathing hard with a thick creamy load all over your face?”

“Honestly, I had mixed feelings. The first time I was incredibly embarrassed and couldn’t believe that I had done something so weird. But for a brief moment, right before the disbelief set in, I felt inexplicably pleasant. I was just insanely comfortable, and although it lasted only a split second, I felt compelled to do it again.”

“This sounds like the origin story of a burgeoning cum slut, and I for one am all for it.”

“I didn’t say all of that now. You’re not going to catch me on any freak of the week listings any time soon.”

“Well boo, but I’ll respect you during this phase of exploration.”

“Why thank you Madam.”

“You are very welcome. Now back to your story.”

“Right. So when I finally got up the gumption to do it a second time things turned out pretty unexpectedly. I was in the same position – doubled over backwards, dick hanging menacingly above my face – but the anticipation must’ve pushed me a bit farther than the previous time. As I was stroking myself and massaging my balls, I ejaculated. The stuff just leaked out of me but without the leg stiffening orgasm that usually accompanied it. So now I’m laying on my bed horny as hell, bewildered a bit while smelling and feeling this sludge sitting under my nose and over my lip and…”

“Did you taste it? Oh please tell me you tasted it!”

“Well aren’t we excited?”

“Yeah! I mean, of course. This kind of stuff is un-objectively hot is it not?”

“A guy busting a nut onto his own face and mouth is un-objectively hot?”

“Well, kind of. It’s chic.”

“You know Madam; you could just admit that you have a fetish. I certainly won’t judge you.”

“I could if I did, but I’m at the appropriate level of intrigue and excitement.”

“Alright, I’m convinced.”

“Good, cause I’m being completely truthful right now.”

“This means that I can tell you that I did taste it. I scraped the gunk over my top lip and from the corner of my mouth, letting it rest on my tongue.”

“Mmhm and then?”

“I swirled it around in my mouth, exploring the texture and flavor of my spunk and mixing it with saliva. All the while my dick is throbbing, waiting anxiously for a helping hand.”

“Don’t stop oooh please.”

“Are you masturbating for me Madam?”

“No I’m jacking off! Now keep going!”

“Yes ma’am. I want you to picture the thick mess of come and spit slowly leaking out the corners of my mouth.”

“Oooooh yes.”

“Now picture me wiping it up with my hand and spreading it on the head of my dick.”

“I’m gonna come Paul.”

“Good, then you’ll be just as messy as I was; come covering my cock and dripping from my mouth, my hand gliding up and down my prick furiously. And just as I feel a great and full orgasm spreading across my body…”

“What did you do Paul? Oh please tell me what you did.”

“I forced the sticky mess down my throat just as more come spewed out and covered my fingers.”

“Mmmmahhh! Ahh! Oooh! Oooh. Woo.”

“Was it as good as it sounded Madam?”

“It was even better. I need more callers like you Paul, good lord.”

“You flatter me Madam. And helping you come is an honor.”

“Oh stop, there’s no need for that humility. Stay on the line for me will you Paul? I need to clean myself up real quick.”

“Sure thing.”


            “…stopped looking for it all together. The idea of love is nice – the companionship, someone to have, hold, and fuck at your leisure – but nobody tells you how hard it’ll be to make things last. They just let you get absorbed in the early going and you’re stuck believing that that’s what you can look forward to in the future. “

“I agree. Honestly, I don’t think anyone has a solid grasp on what makes love last. Some people say never stop dating each other while others are constantly compromising. And then there are people like my aunt and uncle who just cheat on each other every couple of months.”

“Well open marriages can have their benefits.”

“There’s nothing open about it. They literally cheat on each other and then have a huge fight that usually ended with one of them getting kicked out of the house. I can’t tell you how many times one of them showed up on my mom and dad’s doorstep with a pitiful look and a half packed suitcase.”

“Now that sounds toxic as hell. How’d you manage seeing something like that growing up?”

“For starters I was lucky enough to have parents that didn’t share the same habits. They’d have fights but things never got that intense. And no matter how bad the spats got between the two, my aunt and uncle always have this big make up session in our front yard; running up to each other and embracing like they just came out of an old 1950’s film. It was sweet actually; dysfunctional, but sweet.”

“At least they didn’t beat each other. Nothing will screw up your perception of love and affection faster than a supposedly ‘loving couple’ throwing hands.”

“That’s true. But despite all the potential pit falls, I’m still holding out for that someone to love.”

“Oh, do we have a hopeless romantic in our midst?”

“Yeah, I mean, to a degree. I’m more into the thought of being with somebody rather than seeking someone out. Like you said, the idea of love is nice, but actually having to accommodate someone else – their feelings, desires, and needs – is a bit more work than I’m willing to do at this moment in my life.”

“I can’t’ say that I blame you. A handful of my relationships ended because I wasn’t very accommodating of my the other person’s deeper emotions. Apparently I am one of the few women in the world who would rather fuck at the end of the day than inquire about my partners’ emotional well-being; go figure.”

“Yeah, people tend to want to talk about their issues from time to time. And as sad as it is to say, you can’t solve every problem with sex alone.”

“If I hadn’t lived the truth of those words, I’d call you a charlatan Mr. Paul. But alas you are correct; sex doesn’t solve everything. However, it does get the job done most of the time.”

 “I can’t argue with that Madam.”

“Speaking of the topic, has our little conversation gotten you riled up yet Paul?”

“Oh very much so Madam; listening to you is stimulating in every way imaginable.”

“Now you’re the one flattering me. In that case, do you think that you could give me a show?”

“Perhaps, but you’ll have to inspire me first.”

“So you’re a snooty comer. Fine, I’m up for a challenge. How might I inspire you this evening?”

“Hmm; I know. I think sex and sensuality are about honesty more than anything else Madam. Once a person is naked, either by themselves or with someone else, the truth of who they are is put on full display. I’ve found over the years that taking a candid approach in any sexual situation really makes for some of the best and most arousing encounters. So if you could Madam, please give me something honest – something that shows me who you are.”

“Honesty huh, I think I can give you that Paul.”

“I know that you can.”

“Okay, one honest thing about me Paul is that I have a vicious sexual desire. When the need hits me, no matter where I am or what’s going on, I go out of my way to satisfy that boiling desire. One such time happened years ago. Before I moved to this city and was able to let my freak flag fly freely, I was a typical girl living in the Midwest.”

“I’m sure you were anything but typical Madam.”

“You would be surprised. I wasn’t even half the deviant I am now. The only thing abnormal about me was my ravenous need to self-pleasure at the most inappropriate moments. It actually got me fired from my job at Target back then.”

“Please, pray tell.”

“My pleasure. So the Target I worked at had some of the worst slow days. When there were no stocking trucks, a slow trickle of customers and absent coworkers, the boredom reached an unbelievable state. I ambled around the store aimlessly on those days, trying to find anything to give me some entertainment. Then all of the sudden on one particular day, either because of a magazine with a handsome man on the cover or a strong cologne or perfume in the air or just the way my clothes were fitting me at the moment, I felt the need surge. From the depths of my cunt to the tips of my toes to individual hairs on my head, my entire body became a throbbing vessel of desire.”

“Now that would’ve been a site; a young Madam teeming with sexual need and in search of a way to sate herself.”

“If that piques your interest wait till you hear how I eased my frustration. I nearly ran to the break room as soon as the need hit, wanting a quiet and secluded place to rub my agitated sex. Unfortunately the room was inhabited by the few employees that had actually showed up in that day, taking up space and ruining my plans. For a moment I thought to just deny myself the stimulation my body was violently seeking out, but that contemplation didn’t last long. Even standing in place I could feel my nipples go rigid against the fabric of my shirt and a wetness in my panties as the lips of my pussy brushed against the cotton material. I was steaming hot and ignoring this heat was not an option. So I raced down the front end of the store headed straight to the restroom.”

“I suppose that makes sense, it being a slow day and all. But I can’t help but wonder if the young lady was into watching herself come.”

“I wasn’t at that point. I didn’t need to see myself when I reached orgasm – I just needed to get there. And I only went towards the restroom because the broom closet was in that direction. Thankfully it was empty and I rushed in, locking the door behind me?”

“Go slow here Madam. I want every single detail.”

“Why of course my dear. Eagerly I cleared and jumped onto the work table in the room facing the door. With shaky hands I undid my khakis and moved them down to my hips. I hesitated for a second, deciding whether to touch myself over my panties or with direct contact; I chose the latter. You should know that when I touch myself Paul, the first stroke is positively magical. My fingers push through my thatch of hair down to my yearning lips; a digit slipping inside as if to gauge my excitement, before retreating to rest on the hood of my clitoris, anticipating the beauty that is to come. And come, and come.”

“Oh that sounds lovely Madam.”

“Are you touching yourself Paul?”

“My balls are in my hand as we speak Madam, and I’m massaging them slowly.”

“Good, I’ll have you coming in no time.”

“Oh I certainly hope so.”

“Now imagine me Paul; a hand shoved down my panties, the other one snatching up my shirt to tease my bare and pert breasts because I wasn’t wearing a bra that day, pinching the nipples until I squealed out in pained delight. Oh tell me you can hear it Paul; my muffled screams as my fingers plunged in and out of my sore cunt, the sound of suction as the walls of my soaked pit cling to my digits for dear life.”

“Yes Madam, god yes.”

“Are you close Paul?”

“Yes ma’am. I can feel come rising to the tip.”

“Mmm, I was close too; so close. That’s when she walked in.”

“Who Madam?”

“My manager Tanya. She was a bit older than me and quite the stuck up broad typically. I couldn’t quite imagine how she would react to the thick smell of pussy hanging in the air, but I expected her to go nuts. Instead of stopping the fun and firing me on the spot however, even though I was terminated later that evening, she walked right up to me and put one hand over my mouth and the other over my cunt.”

“Dear lord. What were you thinking right then?”

“That this woman was crazy but knew exactly how to finger me. And since I was cripplingly horny I just opened my legs wider and let her have her way. But just when I thought I was about to peak, she did something amazing.”

“What Madam?! Tell me before I come, I’m begging you!”

“She made me squirt Paul. I didn’t know how and I didn’t care. I just came and coated her hand with my sticky sap. And guess what Paul; she shoved those creamy fingers right into my mouth. I tasted so sweet – like raw, warm honey.”

“Ahhhh! Ahh! Nnnn. Ohhh. Ooooh.”

“Are you okay my dear?”

“I don’t know Madam, but I feel amazing.”

“Me too Paul, hearing you come has made me wet all over again.”

“We can keep talking if you want Madam. I could listen to you come well into the morning.”

“And I would love to hear your primal cries once more myself. Just let me sign off and I’ll get right back with you.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Well ladies and gents, that’s it for this evening’s festivities. Paul was a fantastic caller and made the night very exciting. For all of us here at The Naughty Hour, we have one question and one question only; did you come?”