Getting my toes sucked in Bologna

The beau and I had spent the day holding hands as we wandered through the arcades of Modena. We had caught the Frecce train that morning to the market where we enjoyed a delicious tasting tour of Italy; we fed each other fine meats, aged cheese, and sampled authentic balsamic vinegar. Every so often beau would stop to capture a quick sketch of the stunning architecture, of course he drew me as well.

We were celebrating the 2 year anniversary of I being his mistress with a 2 week vacation on the Italian country side. The 16 hour flight from the states to Roma was a breeze for us. We made out and cuddled when we weren’t napping on each other. Yes, we were "that" couple. One of the Italian flight attendants fell in love with us. She was also our attendant on the way back and gave us Tumi bags. I was tuckered out on the way back and mostly slept as beau watched movies. She joked with us that he had wore me out. ...Brings a smile to my face.

Rome greeted us warmly. Our first stay was at the historic Hotel Locarno. Our suite had beautiful fabric covered walls. In the mornings we would lounge on the patio in our robes and watch the well dressed passers by as we sipped our tea. I would bathe in the claw foot tub with the french doors open to the patio, while beau shaved his handsomely chiseled face. We readied ourselves for the day; getting each others input and assistance with what to wear, then we went downstairs to dine on a splendid breakfast spread of what ever a soul could possibly want crafted to perfection. The attractive wait staff of young men and women provided exceptional service. Italy is a country for lovers.

Our primo accommodations were steps away from the Piazza Del Popolo. We walked the narrow bricked streets of Rome stepping inside the designer shops that displayed signs that read “Saldi!” I was free to choose from any of the fine fabrics and soft leathers I desired. At night we enjoyed private dining focused just on us then the La Traviata opera. We would tire ourselves with sight seeing, shopping and exploration, but we always saved the last of the days vitality where with to ravish each other.

We fell in love again in Bologna. We had the top suite at the Grand Majestic Hotel, which certainly lives up to it’s name. Beau always made sure to get me a room with a bath and a balcony. This evening we had dinner and entertainment with another couple. Beau’s passion for me had been building all night; it turns him on to show me off. I solaced in a relaxing bath soak of dead sea salts that made my skin softer than the exquisite leather handbag we had purchased that day.

I got in the bed next to my beau. He was sound asleep and wearing my favorite on him, black satin boxers. I opened my robe and began to caressing my soft pink breasts against his broad chest.  He stirred as I nestled up next to him. He embraced me with a kiss. I opened my mouth so he could taste the nectar honey of my lips and tongue. We were quite fond of each other and expressed our love while we made it.

I reached down to touch his royal scepter. It  was at full attention for me, firmly erect, just the way I like. I couldn’t resist. I raised my hips to help him slip off my french lace panties. I was wet and ready to receive him. The way it felt when I got on top, and his member parted my moist pussy lips, when he entered me, still thrills me.

Slowly I went up and down in a seated position over him. I gasped a airy “oh“ when he touched this certain part at the back of me.That was the best part. It got me so hot when he did this... I moisten even as I write this. He turned his head to the side started sucking my big toe while I rode him! He wanted me to enjoy it.

Our bodies connected closer and closer together. I wanted more and more of the royal scepter. He fondled my bouncing breast as I climaxed hungrily, crowning his royal scepter with my sweet honey milk.

Still inside me he rolled on top. I was wide open and relaxed from my delicious orgasm. His big deep thrust reassured me he was the man and I was in good hands. I grasped him tightly as his passion pulsed inside me.

We cooed and purred cuddling each other tenderly as we melted into blissful sleep.

More erotic tales to come by Energy.