Happy Endings II: Won’t You Smile Awhile For Me

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02 Sep. '16

Originally published March 2014 as Smokey Saga #18


Greetings, friends and pals! Now for another sequel, and please forgive the extra time I took getting this re-edited and done. You, Readers, are every bit deserving of and worth the extra effort. This is a sequel to my story “For Happy Endings It Takes Two” (although originally on Lit, back in 2014, a lot of Readers didn’t notice that). While it’ll help, it’s not vitally important to read the original before this. I highly recommend the first one as well, it’s one of my finest, but read this one before that if you so desire. Go wild! Be spontaneous! And have a boatload of fun. There; you’re all set now. Love, Smokey.

P.S. Strangely enough, if you Google the names, you can actually find this story—the old unedited version (or the first chunk of it)—copied to a few web sites and translated into a few different languages. I was unsure what to make of this at first, but I want you to know this is the real deal, by myself, Smokey125, the real author. As I mentioned, my material’s also available on Literotica for your reading (and) pleasure.

(And P.P.S. Yes, “cazh” is actually a word. Slang, but it counts. Go ahead, look it up. It’s an American and Aussie colloquialism short for “casual.”)


Saturday, December 14th, 2013, 4:22 p.m.

She had just brought the plate of appetizers into the living room. She set it down and trotted to the window to look outside.

Her date had gotten a little lost on the way to the house, so she’d called a few minutes before for the correct directions. Her arrival was now imminent.

Once having broken out the hors d’oeuvres, consisting of popcorn chicken and shrimp puffs, she still had a couple spare minutes. So she made a quick stop in front of the full-length mirror to check herself out.

She was dressed casual, weather-appropriate, in a long-sleeved tie-dye T-shirt, a pair of tight, ankle-hugging jeans and her kitten-printed pink socks. She gave her sandy-colored hair a few little flips, trying to decide if she should let it part on one side and spill messily, flirtily down the other. She examined her modest layer of makeup and subtle nuance of blush. Then she turned around to see how her bottom looked. She gave it a squeeze, and was pleased and appeased, with the way the jeans framed it. She turned back around, did the same with her breasts, and gave her bra a slight adjustment.

Satisfied with her appearance, she tried on a number of facial expressions and poses to match. Imagining which her date might like best, she went through shy, playful, coy, seductive, funny, sexy, subtle, naughty, and finally returned to her natural, cute smile.

The doorbell rang.

Oh, gosh! Her date was here. She became just a tiny bit nervous, but mostly happy and enthusiastic. She took a reassuring breath, crossed her fingers, gave her reflection a high-five and thumbs-up, and pranced the seven feet to the front door.

There stood the girl, right outside, a heart-shaped box tucked under one arm and a small bouquet of blue orchids in her hands. She too’d chosen to go easy and cazh, also abiding by the weather—though she was hot-blooded and enjoyed the cold air more than most. So she wasn’t completely bundled up, just comfy enough. She was also in jeans (though hers were looser and lighter blue), a pair of magenta jellies, a fuzzy sweater a color between lavender and mauve with a sailboat knitted on it, a solid T-shirt underneath, and her own smile. How fortunate that blue, purple and red were her favorite colors, easily coordinating her outfit with her gifts. Her shoulder-length dark brown hair fell in bangs over her forehead, and curly wisps around her cheeks. It was flipped and tossed by the cold wind.

“Hey!” said Sara. “C’mon, come in, come in; it’s freezing out there!”

“Thanks!” said Melleny, eagerly stepping inside and pausing to settle her hair.

Once she was in and Sara shut the door, Melleny gave herself a quick shiver, and Sara the orchids. “I got you these…obviously,” she self-explanatorily explained.

“Oh, they’re gorgeous! Thank you!” Sara exclaimed. She promptly gave Melleny a big hug, both for the flowers and also to warm her up.

“Yeah, I kinda had a feeling you’d like them,” said Melleny, slipping off the jellies. She didn’t know if Sara preferred she go shod or barefoot in her home, until she saw the humorous sign posted beside the door. “PLEASE REMOVE SHOES…FEEL FREE TO TAKE BETTER ONES ON THE WAY OUT.”

Like them?” an already quite pleased Sara repeated. “They’re my favorite!” She motioned for Melleny to grace the living room with her presence, as she made a quick trip to put them in some water. “How’d you know?” she called back to her.

“Oh, a, uh…a little birdie told me,” Mel replied after a moment.

Sara returned from the kitchen, smiling knowingly at her.

“…A little birdie named Jake?”

Melleny’s eyebrows jumped a bit. That was all the answer Sara needed. Oh, that Jake. He just couldn’t do enough to help her out.

“I should’ve known…he prepped you, didn’t he?”

Mel feigned surprise. “What?” she chortled guiltily. “Wh—no, of course not!…”

Sara only tilted her head and gazed affectionately. Mel held out for just another second.

“…Kinda, yeah.”

Sara nodded. “Leave it to him,” she grinned. “So I guess you already know everything about me then, huh?”

“Not really. He just said you wanted to have me over, so when I come, I should…”

She’d written down Jake’s helpful hints to memorize them. She counted on her fingers, quoting as advised. “…Bring some chocolate, ’cause she loves chocolate…preferably assorted, ’cause she loves surprises…and definitely get some blue orchids if possible, ’cause she’ll automatically be your best friend if you give her blue orchids.”

“As he would well know,” Sara added.

“Yeah…I’m not even sure how he got my number, though.”

“Well, Jake knows people everywhere. He’s in PR. I’m sure there’s a connection somewhere. Also, you gave me your number, so…”

Sara Kelton and Melleny Hayes had briefly met a few weeks ago, on Sara’s birthday. They both attended a concert by an extremely popular singing star called Velette Voxe—one of Melleny’s all-time favorite artists, but for Sara nothing less than an absolute idol of worship. The concert was Sara’s birthday surprise, from Jake Davis, her best buddy. It was the greatest night of her life, on several different levels, one of which was spiritual. Sara had never been a very religious person before, and now she knew why—she’d had her own religion all along: Velet-theism, as she lovingly alluded to it.

The concert proved more than Sara could handle—particularly after her seven-year dream came true, as Velette actually pulled her up on stage and did a song especially for her. When it was over, and Sara’d been dizzied into a whirlwind of happy tears, Melleny—who was there with a friend of her own—came down front to introduce herself.

“Oh my God, that was so freaking awesome!” said Mel, pretty pumped herself, as were most of their fellow showgoers. “I can’t believe you were on stage with Velette VOXE! And she touched you! And she sang to you! Oh, my, God, I am so totally jealous!”

Sara remained so giddy she couldn’t talk yet. But she did notice this girl had pretty dark hair, tendrils down her cheeks, and bright cobalt blue eyes that really stood out with her brown locks. Her eyes were just about the same shade as Sara’s beautiful beloved orchids. She struck the brunette-loving Sara as appealingly Deschanelish.

“Mm, I think she’s got you beat in the ‘can’t believe it’ department,” Jake had told Mel.

“Well, listen, we can’t really stay, but, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, and, uh…well, I don’t know if you’re…y’know, eh…going with anybody or what, but, uh…” She gave Sara a folded sliver of paper on which she’d scribbled down her name, number and E-mail. “Just…y’know, if you want,” she concluded with a smile.

Sara waited a while before deciding to call. She didn’t want to seem too eager, but once December got underway, she started worrying Mel’d think she forgot about her. And so on Saturday the 7th, one week before today, she’d mustered her courage, picked up the phone and dialed. Her heartbeat hastened as it rang on the other end. Preferring in-person contact or E-mail to the phone, quite frankly, Sara was anxious. But Melleny was delighted to hear from her, and after a little schedule coordinating, they agreed that the following Saturday evening would be the best first date for…well, for just that.

They briefly resumed touch a few times during the week, just to be sure no roadblocks had arisen. They never did make concrete plans, but Sara said, “Well, why don’t you just come over and we’ll figure it out then? Y’know, that way we can get to know each other uninterrupted, and find something we’d both like to do.” So Mel acquiesced, and here they were. And she didn’t know if Melleny was hoping to go out to dinner or a movie…but for right now, Sara was pretty darn content enjoying the company of this attractive girl in the privacy of her cushy, comfy, cozy home, with no one else around.

Melleny’d also given herself an enhancement. She’d applied a touch of indigo eyeshadow. Her lips weren’t exactly maroon, and not pure red either, but a hue just in between, again exercising her favorite colors. Her half-wavy, half-curly hair and bangs slunk all about her head and shoulders, except right in the middle. Sara liked the way her face peeked out from her hair’s frizzy zigzag form. It seemed to highlight her sapphire Sapphic eyes, straight-edged nose and plushy lips.

Sara giggled. “Well, let’s see, what can I tell you about me…” she pondered, putting the orchids in water beside the appetizers. She offered Melleny the adjacent table seat and the hors d’oeuvres. “Well, obviously, you know who my favorite singer is…” she said as they sat with a mutual smile and nod. “…My favorite color’s any shade of blue…my favorite food’s any kind of chicken, my favorite TV show is absolutely anything—I mean it, literally, anything at all; Jake and I watch all sorts of…everything on TV together.”

“You seem like a pretty agreeable person,” Mel smiled, flirtatiously batting her eyes.

“Heh! There are things I’m a little more particular with,” returned Sara. “Like…my favorite sport’s softball, my favorite movie star’s Sandra Bullock—super-hottie—um…I just turned 28…oh, right, you already knew that too. So you know when my birthday is…and you know I’m sensitive, emotional, and I do cry when something affects me really heavy…hm…I’m an only child, don’t smoke, usually don’t drink…uh…the only things I don’t like about myself—well, my body—are my knees and ears…and nose. Don’t ask me why, they’ve just always kinda bugged me…and, I’ve only been on about a dozen dates in my life, but never had a serious, steady girlfriend, and…” She shrugged. “…I’m also…kinda…a virgin.

“Oh, yeah, and one other thing.” She held up a single finger and rose from the table. “I’ll be right back—don’t go anywhere!” She bounded to her room and returned a few moments later with a vinyl LP. “I have this on CD, but I will never get rid of this record. My parents got me this when I was one year old,” she told Melleny proudly. “See, their favorite band was Jefferson Airplane, in the ’60s, but when I was—well, when you and I were born, their name changed. It was Jefferson Starship in the ’70s, then just Starship in the ’80s. And, this…” She showed it to her. “…Is the album they put out in ’85—the year I was born—and right here, see?...That’s the song my Mom and Dad named me after, right there. The same song Velette sang to me at the concert. Track number two.”

“No kidding?”

“Yeah, and not only that, this same band, a couple years before that, around…’80, ’81, I think, they had another hit with a girl’s name, ‘Jane.’ So Mom and Dad made that my middle name. I think they were gonna name me Jane, but once ‘Sara’ came along…”

Melleny nodded, taking it all in. “…Wow,” she finally said. “…Okay, well, my turn then, I guess, huh? Uh…I’m 29, my birthday’s April 6th…I like blue a lot too…and purple, and red…actually, there aren’t any colors I don’t like. I have a giant rainbow flag in my room. I…guess my favorite food’s always been pizza…and I like Sandra Bullock, too, but I have a major crush on Kate Hudson. And her Mom, too, actually.”

“Mm, they’re cute,” Sara agreed. “But, I’d have to say I’m more partial to brunettes.”

“Ooh,” said Mel, pleased to hear that. With her wily hair and eyes, she was in luck. She played with her locks, feigning idleness but really reminding Sara she herself was a comely brunette. “And I guess I, conversely, like blondes. And other non-brunettes.”

“Well, I may not exactly be blonde myself, but I can understand. Jake, my pal, ’s got this blonde girlfriend, this smokin’ hot chick from Copenhagen, and…damn, those Scandinavian girls,” she chuckled. “Lucky son of a gun.”

Really?...Just how far away is Copenhagen?” Melleny joked. They shared a giggle.

 “Well…I don’t smoke either,” Mel went on. “Sometimes I’ll have a drink if it’s a party or something…and I’m not an only child, but I’ve often kinda wished I was. Believe it or not, I have seven sisters.”

“Good golly Miss Molly!” exclaimed Sara.

“That’s one of them,” nodded Mel. “We’re all ‘M’s. I’m number four. Molly’s the baby.”

Wow! I always thought it’d be cool to have a sister, but not that many!”

“Tell me about it.”

“Any brothers?”

“No, thank God. I’d feel so sorry for him. We would’ve made his life a living hell.”

They paused for a few hors d’oeuvres.

“…And, uh, if I may…” Melleny hesitated just a little, “I might not be able to see those other parts of your body, but…I think you have a beautiful nose.”

“Aw!” Sara smiled gratefully. “Thanks. I’m a little touchy about it, so that means a lot.”

“Me too.”

“You’re touchy about my nose too?”

Melleny laughed. “Mine.”

“Oh, yours is super-pretty! No need to worry about that!

“So, let me ask you something,” Sara said after another beat. “You said your favorite food’s probably pizza?...What do you like on it?”

“Oh, pretty much everything: pepperoni, sausage—”

“Whew!” said Sara, cutting her off there. “Girl, am I glad to hear that. Last chick I dated was a total vegan. Unbelievable; she thought I was a barbarian ’cause I love chicken!”

“Well, God help her,” said Melleny. “I could never be a vegan, or vegetarian. I am, on the other hand, a ‘vag-etarian;’ I do eat...” She lowered her voice to a whisper.


Sara blushed, laughing reflexively from her gut. “Oh my gosh! Melleny, how raunchy!”

She smiled, took Mel’s hands and kissed one. “Well, if you love actual meat—and ‘girl-meat’—then you and I are gonna get along just fine. I know lesbians often stay friends with our exes—or, we’re ‘supposed’ to—but I had to make an exception in that case.”

Mel smiled back. “Well…yeah, I’m no vegan, and I’m not a virgin, either; I lost it to this woman named Gail, but now I kinda regret it. I could do without seeing her again too. I don’t wanna go into all the details, but…well, y’know, I have an emotional side just as much as the next lesbi, but this girl…oh, my, GOD. You look up ‘drama queen’ in the dictionary, there she is. After we, uh…y’know…she-she just flipped! It was like she turned into a completely different person! Suddenly she’s calling me every day, has to know where our relationship’s going, what it’s all working towards, and…eventually it just really started to freak me out. So, finally—and I felt so bad about it, but it was driving me crazy—finally, I just had to tell her it was over. And boy, did that get ugly.”

Sara chuckle-scoffed with a roll of the eyes. “Women.”

“I know, right?!” Mel laughed.

It went without saying Sara was very pleased at how well they were getting on so far. “Well, I’d love to tell you I’m not like that, but honestly, I really don’t know,” mused Sara. “’S something I’ve never had the opportunity to find out about myself. I’d have to have an actual relationship, and see how it goes.

“I mean, I’m just so happy Velette came to town so we could meet,” Sara chuckled. “It’s hard for girls to meet each other. I know we have bars and clubs, but that’s not really my thing. And I don’t wanna get down on us or anything, but at least from what I’ve heard, a lot of those girls aren’t interested in too much other than…one thing.”

Mel nodded. Sara took a breath, and went on.

“I mean, mayb—…maybe I shouldn’t be saying this; I know it’s only our first date, but, from the way my dates’ve gone in the past, I’ve learned that I don’t wanna be anyone’s fling. Or bridge girl. I…believe I really want a long-term relationship. You know Jake, at the concert? My lesbro? I’ve known him 22 years, and if just suddenly one day, for whatever reason, he just wasn’t my friend anymore…I’d be heartbroken. So…just like with a romantic relationship—again, not that I’m trying to get ahead of things here,” she quickly added, “I’d be looking for long-term. I’m-I’m not saying anything about you or me, but in the little experience I have, some lesbians seem very afraid of commitment.”

She popped one of the chicken pieces. “But I didn’t mean to bog the conversation down saying all that stuff, just, eh…” She let it trail off.

“It’s okay,” Melleny told her gently. “It’s good to know what you want. I’m not trying to get ahead of ourselves either, but I think we should just let whatever happens happen, and if we decide to see each other again after this, just do the same thing.”

She paused, then became philosophical. “Y’know, I think if you overanalyze or try to ‘make’ things happen, it becomes less…‘real,’ you know what I mean? It’s like then it’s less genuine, and things start to feel artificial. And sooner or later, someone’ll get hurt.”

“Omigosh, that’s just how I feel!” Sara exclaimed, gesturing to herself with surprised delight, and a mouthful of chicken. “You can’t pretend to be something you’re not. If you change yourself just to please someone else, neither person can be truly happy.”

“Exactly,” said Mel. Helping herself to another hors d‘oeuvre, she shifted the subject.

“My gosh, ’dyou make these?”

“Yup,” Sara said proudly.

“They’re amazing.”

“Well, I’m overjoyed you like ’em.”

“I very much fancy a gal who’s also a chef,” Mel commented. “And someone who can make me laugh.”

“Never underestimate the power of a good sense of humor,” Sara concurred. “And again,” she continued, “Hypothetically, even if things end up not working out—not that I’m superstitious—but if not, maybe we can get Velette to come back on your birthday!”

Mel nodded excitedly. “Hey, let’s do that anyway!”

They both laughed, after which letting the conversation fade for a minute. They looked down at the same time to see they were still holding hands: Sara’s left, Melleny’s right. When Sara’d taken her hands after the ‘vag-etarian’ portion of their meet-greet, she’d kissed Mel’s left and let it go. But the other two remained absentmindedly connected.

“Oh, gosh, I’m sorry,” Sara murmured, a bit embarrassed. She placed her hand on the table. To her surprise, Melleny put hers right back on top of Sara’s, curling her fingers.

“I’m not,” she remarked. “I enjoyed the way that felt.”

Sara wasn’t sure what to say. She hadn’t been on that many dates, and wasn’t sure how “well” she was doing so far on this one. And presented with such a situation, her immediate and only reaction was to coyly shut her eyes, smile, turn her face away and blush again. Her cheeks reddened visibly, even with her makeup on. They relinked hands, thumb-stroking one another’s palms. Sara felt a chill of happiness ride her body. She suddenly had a feeling she was going to really like this girl.

“But then again, of course,” Mel added, “Some people are creeped out by physical contact, just touching someone else’s skin. I can’t relate to that, though. Just the opposite; I actually prefer it. I guess that’s one of the reasons I became a masseuse.”

“You’re a masseuse?” Sara asked, this being new information to her.

Mel nodded. Sara’s first instinct hearing this, as would be many’s, was obviously to ask her for a massage. But whether kidding or serious, she refrained. For several reasons. They were only in stage one of their first date. So asking for something like this right off the bat seemed, well, a little forward to say the least. For another, she thought Mel must’ve heard that request all the time when telling someone what she did. And third, being a professional, she probably didn’t just give away her expert massages for free. And fourth, Melleny was now asking her another question.

“What do you do?”

“Oh, I’m…” Sara gave the revelation of her profession a dismissive toss of the hand. “I have a really super-boring job. I’m a data analyst.”

“Well, that doesn’t necessarily sound boring. What exactly does a data analyst do?”

Doesn’t necessarily sound boring? Wow, are you nice. “It’s really kind of a cliché,” Sara related, making it sound more like a confession. “I work for a big corporation, I get up five weekdays, I go in a big office in a big building with about fifty other people, I sit at a computer, I go through about a zillion documents a day, proofing stuff, translating, reconciling, adjusting, importing, validating…” She exhaled, chuckled and blinked a few times. “Oh, geez, just talking about it’s making me a little light-headed.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Mel said. “Didn’t mean to make you…y’know…”

“Ah, forget about it,” Sara smiled. “Lucky for me, I’ve gotten really good at unwinding. If I really need to let loose, I just get in the car with my iPod, play my favorite stuff—Velette, to name but one—crank the volume and just belt with the music till my throat’s sore.”

“That’ll do it all right!” Mel looked about the room, around the corners to the parts of other rooms she could see. “Well, sure seems to pay the bills and put the grub on the table; you’ve got a lovely place.”

“Oh, thanks! You want a tour?”

So they stood together, maintaining hand contact, and Sara gave Melleny a modest but thorough show-around of her pad, hiding only the one item of a very personal nature in her bedroom. Mel thought she knew what it was, but tactfully didn’t ask. If it was what she thought it was, Sara needn’t be embarrassed by it; Melleny had one of her own.

“Oh, God, I love big beds,” Melleny commented.

“Makes two of us,” said Sara, bouncing on the edge. “It’s a king.” She patted the mattress beside, and Mel again sat with her.

“This is a king?? You lucky duckling! Now I’m really jealous. Mine’s a queen.”

Sara shrugged. “Well, if it makes you feel any better, it’s more of a necessity than a big luxury. I need a bed this size. I can’t lie still when I’m sleeping. I roll all over the place. Well, unless of course, that is, I’ve just had an org—”

She stopped, turned pink, and placed a hand over her unfiltered mouth. “Oop-sie…”

Melleny didn’t seem to mind. She just smoothed her palm over the warm, snug comforter. The bed was made beautifully. Under normal circumstances, Sara would’ve just kicked the covers off, left them be, and then pulled them back over herself sixteen hours later. But, this being the first time in she didn’t know how long she had a cute girl coming over, she patently wished to impress her.

The cute girl was impressed. “Wow, this makes me feel like I could have a nap right now…” a literally dreamy Melleny gushed.

“I know! Isn’t it super-comfy?” Sara clapped her hands and hopped back up. “All right, well, that’s about it!” she announced. “Back into the living room?”

Melleny now didn’t particularly want to get up from the bed, but she did. Sara escorted her back out. “So, that’s my humble abode! It may not be much, but I like to call it home,” she chuckled, amusing herself at the trite expression. “How’d you like it, Me—”

She heard a sound she didn’t expect. She turned to see Mel with a paw over her nose and mouth, taking a deep, deep yawwwwwn. Not exactly the reaction she was hoping for, Sara dropped the smile and her hand.

“I…certainly hope I’m not boring you.”

Melleny realized. “Oh, man…” she said. “Oh, gosh, Sara, I’m so sorry. No, no, of course you’re not boring me. It’s my fault; I didn’t get as much sleep as I should’ve last night.”

“Oh, that’s too bad,” said Sara. “How much did you get?”

“Uh…about three and a half hours.”

Three and a half hours??” Sara exclaimed. “Oh, Melleny, goodness’ sakes! Why didn’t you say so? I’d never have made you come over if I knew you underslept so much!”

Melleny concluded her yawn. “I know…I just didn’t wanna cancel the date. I was excited and nervous, and that kept me awake.”

Really? the never-girlfriended Sara thought. I made you nervous? I thought I was the only one who got nervous! This news made her feel good about herself. Perhaps Melleny wanted to impress her too.

“Besides, I’m fine now,” Mel finished. “Really, I am. I just needed that little yawn.”

“Well…okay,” said Sara. “But as someone who basically likes you so far, Melleny, I wouldn’t want you to go anywhere you don’t have to on so little sleep. If you got hurt, it would…well, it would make me really sad.”

Mel gave her a warm smile. “Aw…you care about me?”

“Well…sure. I mean, I’m a really caring person; I care about everybody, at least to a certain degree. Uh, not that I want you to feel like you’re not special, just…um…but not that I’m trying to be too forward, or say that…”

Mel gazed with tender eyes and a coy smirk, amused at watching Sara stumble and backpedal over her words. She gave Sara a stroke from the shoulder down her arm.

“You’re cute when you’re jittery,” she commented.

Just like the way they held hands earlier, Sara really enjoyed how Melleny caressed her arm. She found herself wanting to hug her again, to feel their bodies delightfully smushed against each other…especially with Mel wearing that fuzzy sweater. A good hug always felt really nice with someone in a soft fuzzy sweater…

Okay, Kelton, we’re getting a little carried away here, Sara told herself. Cool down, babe, it’s still only date one. And we dunno what’s going on in Melleny’s mind. But I really really really hope she likes us, at least a littleI think we like her.

But Sara kept her confidence up by reminding herself that it was Mel who’d approached and initiated things at the concert. She reclaimed Mel’s hands.

“Well, Melleny…I was gonna ask if you wanted to go out and do something—y’know, dinner or a movie or something, but, um…” She smiled, shyly glancing to the floor.

“It just occurred to me that wherever we go, it’s gonna be totally nuts with the Christmas shopping and all. Being in the middle of that mess wears me out pretty quick, and it’d be torture for you on only three hours’ sleep.”

“I gotta admit,” Mel confessed, “Since I brought it up, I am feeling a little low on energy.”

“Okay,” Sara agreed. “Well, tell ya what then…” She led Mel to her sofa and let her sit. “Why don’t we just take it easy, stay in, have the place to ourselves…I could order us a pizza for dinner…light up a nice candle here…” She picked up the Bic on the coffee table, did just that, then pranced back to the dining room table to retrieve the candy.

“…Maybe have a little chocolate?”

“Oh, but I bought that for you,” said Melleny.

“Oh, mon chérie, don’t be silly! I don’t wanna eat it all myself; I’ll get a tummyache.” She returned and plopped down with her datemate. “Besides, if we share, we can…”

She removed the wax paper, chose one at random, and brought it slowly to Mel’s lips, finishing her thought with a provocative arch of the brows. Mel was charmed. The corners of her mouth rose as well. She proceeded to close her eyes and open up.

Sara watched as Mel cracked it in the middle and let the filling ooze over her taste buds.

“Which one do you think it is?”

Mmmm…” said Mel, keeping her eyes shut for the moment. “Uh…hmmm…”

She opened them and leaned over to look down and see the label in the box.

“Ah—hey!” Sara giggled, putting her hand over top. “No fair looking!”

“I just wanna see if I was right,” Mel cooed.

“Well, give me your guess, and I’ll tell you if you’re r—”

Sara stopped as a brilliant inspiration struck her.

Ooooh…” she thought excitedly. “I know!…” She sat the box on the table and stood. “Still don’t you go anywhere—I’ll be right back!”

Sara jaunted to her bedroom again. Mel peeked. Yep, she was right: raspberry.

Sara opened a drawer in her room, where certain “toys” and other items of recreation were found. Shortly after Mel arrived, it had started drizzling. When 5:00 rolled around, the outside temp dipped to 30°, and the rain crystallized into flurries. Of course, it was a nice, warm 73° inside Sara’s house. In fact, Mel was feeling warm enough that she took off her sweater and draped it on the couch with the folded afghan. Sara returned a bit later with two items. One was a homemade compact disc, which she popped into the DVD player and turned on the TV to play. An early ’90s pop ballad filled the speakers.

“What’s that?” she heard Melleny ask.

“A CD I made myself,” Sara told her proudly. “Just some nice mood music. ’S kinda one of my specialties. I have tons of cool music to choose from, and at the risk of sounding immodest, I’m also really techno-savvy. I love technology. So doing something like making my own compilation CDs’s a snap. These are some of my favorite love songs.”

Mel smiled at her. “You do know how to make a girl feel charmed, don’t you?”

Sara reddened once more, glad Mel couldn’t see her face.

“Well…” she said, adjusting the TV volume, “I’m just going with what feels right. Trying to be a good hostess, and a good date, and…”

She sat back down with Melleny. “All right, now, I know this wins me the Miss Pitifully Trite Award,” Sara explained, “But I still thought it’d be really really fun.” She showed Mel the other object she’d brought with her, a silk scarf. She tied it over her own eyes. “See? Now you feed me, I’ll guess what it is, you tell me if I’m right, then it’s your turn.”

“Oh, I get it,” Sara heard. “Well, I don’t think that’s so trite, and I certainly don’t think it’s pitiful; I think it’s actually kinda sweet. And romantic. So, we’d just go back and forth?”

“Right! Right. Besides, if we have one sense cut off, that heightens all the other senses to balance it out. So this’ll also make it taste better. Go ahead.” Sara opened her mouth. Mel picked up the box, selected one and slipped it in. Sara slowly cracked the chocolate shell, savoring the thick flavor as it burst open, and her tongue signaled to her brain—

“That’s a cherry!” she declared.

“Yay!” Mel confirmed, giving her a small round of applause.

Sara pulled the scarf up off her eyes, handing it over. “Okay, your turn!”

Mel slipped it over her own baby blues. “Oh, I see what you mean,” she nodded. “Well, I don’t literally see what you mean…but, I can already smell that candle better now.”

“It’s layered,” she heard Sara say. “It’s called Sweet Nectar, Flirty Fruit and Berry Bliss.”

“Wow…well, how appropriate.

“So what does the winner get?” Melleny asked.


“Well, y’know, I mean, whoever guesses the most right would be the winner, right?”

“Oh…well, I guess I didn’t think of it as like a ‘winner’ thing…I guess a ‘winner’ thing to me’s more like…oh, I dunno…”

Scarf over Mel’s eyes, Sara gave her a series of playful pokes in the belly and ribs.

“…A tickle fight?”

He-ey!” Mel giggled. “No fair; I can’t see!”

“Exactly!” Her impish side coming out, Sara lifted up Melleny’s T-shirt and raspberried her bare tummy. Mel laughed like crazy, reflexively squirming away and putting her foot on Sara’s thigh. So, Sara naturally went next to tickle her also bare foot, until Melleny giggled, “Okay, please stop, I’m gonna pee!”

Sara immediately stopped. Mel wasn’t bluffing, but could’ve fooled Sara had she been.

“All right, well,” Sara pondered, “I hadn’t thought of a prize, but…you have any ideas?”

“Hm…” Melleny smiled. She lifted the blindfold just enough to see Sara’s right socked ped on the floor, then dropped her bare ped beside and brushed it over Sara’s.

“Maybe a…foot rub?”

Sara became more excited. The feel of Melleny’s warm tootsie touching hers gave her a tiny tingle. Even though her feet were incredibly sensitive out of their socks, she decided to hold off on unveiling that information for the moment.

“I like the way you think, masseuse girl,” Sara smiled back, letting her paw mingle with Mel’s. “And, I do have some lotion that makes skin feel about as soft as a teddy bear…”

Melleny smirked, lightly shaking her head, enjoying their first round of footsie. “Wow…Sara…when I asked you if you maybe wanted to date me…I had no idea you’d have thought of everything to make the evening so…” She shrugged. “…Enchanting.”

Sara couldn’t help but balloon up with joy at this remark. It was true, once again, she’d barely been on even a dozen dates in her entire life, and couldn’t believe how terrifically this one was turning out. She figured she must be doing something right, and she didn’t want to think too hard and mess up. She found her brain repeatedly telling her heart, Take it easy, take it slow. It’s still only your first date. Don’t move too fast, don’t get carried away. But…her heart wasn’t listening as closely anymore.

Still, she forced herself to stay cool and under control. “Oh…I…think we just happen to be hitting a lot of the right notes together,” she finally mused, plucking another chocolate from the box. “Okay, now, open wide…”


Saturday, December 14th, 2013, 6:14 p.m.

Six chocolates later…

“Oh, dear. I think maybe we should make this the last one and quit while we’re ahead, so to speak,” Melleny suggested, rubbing her stomach. “Before this stuff really does start wreaking havoc on our bellies.”

“Okay,” agreed Sara, setting the box and scarf down. “So…who won?”

“You weren’t keeping track?”

“Well, not really so much…” Sara elusively fibbed. The truth was, she remembered Melleny had correctly identified four of the chocolates Sara fed her, and she had only got three. But while she thought she knew what the others were as well, she’d half-intentionally guessed wrong, to “let” Melleny win. She hadn’t been totally “throwing” the game, as it were, but when Melleny’d suggested the foot rub, she got excited at the idea of soothing Mel’s piggies with her hands, and the reaction(s) she could evoke.

And then there was that other reason she wanted to rub Mel’s feet, and not vice versa.

“…But y’know, I think you got more right than I did,” Sara added. “So, uh…looks like I owe you a little foot rub, huh? Guess I’ll go grab that lotion!”

When she returned with the lotion and a small towel, Melleny thought she might switch things up a little. She threw out another suggestion.

“You know, Sara, being that I am the, well, ‘professional’ and all…if you want, you could take off your socks, gimme your feet, and we’ll call it a tie and do each other’s.”


“Oh…oh, well, yeah, that sounds like fun, but, um…”

Well, she’d just have to tell her the truth now, sheepish as she felt about it.

“Melleny, I, uh…I know I should’ve said this earlier, but…I…kinda…can’t have my feet touched. By someone else. Not…the bottoms, anyway. They’re not gross or anything, but…” She looked down with a bashful chuckle. “…I swear, even if you just rub ’em, it doesn’t even matter; my feet are SO deathly ticklish, if you touch ’em at all, even by accident, I’ll…kick you right in the nose. Obviously, I won’t mean to; it just happens.”

“Oh-ho-ho,” Mel poked her back, also in the belly and ribs. “I get it…so you can dish it out, but ya can’t take it, huh?”

Sara giggled. “Well, up here’s not as deathly as down th—…um…as my feet are, but yeah, you’re right; I suppose I shouldn’t give unless I’m willing to get a little back.”

“Yeah, I get that pretty often, being a masseuse. You’d be surprised how sensitive people are, in the funniest spots on their bodies.”

Sara draped the towel over her lap and patted, urging Mel to put her feet up. “Well, I’m no pro myself,” she admitted, “But I’ll do my best.” She rolled up Mel’s jeans, pushed them up to her calves, pumped out some lotion, put the bottle down and started rubbing.

Mmmmm…” Melleny moaned a few moments in, serenely closing her eyes as the lotion warmed up. “That’s nice…”

Coming from an expert, this was another big compliment to Sara. It wasn’t terribly difficult to flatter her, and her ego was riding a pretty nice high about now. On top of which, giving this attractive guest-date such a soothing sensation via her size 8 peds was starting to turn her on. Mel was about as tall as Sara, 5’6” or so, and her feet were just half a size bigger. As Sara studied them, they almost looked just like her own. She considered taking off her socks and pressing her feet to Mel’s to see just how similar they were. But taking another look at the tranquil expression on Melleny’s face, Sara decided to stick with the massage.

She didn’t stop rubbing, but spent a few moments taking stock and assessing the situation. It seemed almost surreal. This was the second time she’d seen the girl—the first being so briefly, besides—and now here she was on her couch, working out the tender spots in her feet, smearing them with warm moisturizing skin cream, getting herself a bit worked up in the process. Melleny did this for people she’d only just met all the time, but that was a professional relationship. It was her job. She was actually almost astonished Mel was letting her do this. Hell, she’d suggested it, no less. How many first dates involved foot massages? Or any kind of massages?

Maybe, thought Sara, it was her plan all along to get me to give her a massage. Maybe she just wanted to enjoy one herself, for a change. Whatever her motives, Sara was really getting into it. She slathered lotion all over the tops and soles, arches and insteps, balls and heels, pressed in just a little harder…tightening and loosening her grip, tracing circles with her thumbs, spreading the toes apart to ease her fingers between (which made Melleny giggle a little herself), lifting her ankles to get under her heels…and gazed back at Mel’s lovely face to see how she was doing.

Melleny’s eyes had fluttered closed—almost. She was staring through her lashes at nothing. She looked even more restful and at peace than before. Wow, I must be pretty good at this. Sara couldn’t help grinning at her newly discovered skill. She was sure she wasn’t anywhere as good as Mel, but she must have had at least some talent.

Sara thought she had put the softly moaning Melleny to slumber, until a few minutes later, when another new song on the disc started. Mel’s eyes popped back open.

“Oh my God, I love this song!” she told Sara, pointing to the TV. “That’s…that’s…” She snapped both index fingers alternatingly, trying to recall. “…Shoot! What is that? I know I’ve heard it, but I can’t recognize it.”

“‘Miss Chatelaine.’”

“Right! Of course!” Melleny said. “And…oh, God…who sings it again?”

“Kathryn Dawn Lang.”

“Oh—” Melleny pretended to smack herself in the face. “Duh!! k.d. lang! H—…how in the hell could I not remember that??”

“And you call yourself a lesbian!” Sara teasingly chided, poking Mel’s soles, making her snicker. She was of course just kidding, as she was sure there were lots of (particularly younger) lebbis who didn’t know her favorite singers. But because her knowledge and love of pop music was so expansive, it was hard for her to imagine others didn’t feel the same. Plus which, Melleny had just told her she loved this song.

“I know,” Mel groaned with a grin, playing along. “Demerits, Melleny!” she admonished herself. “Then again, I am also about to hit my 30s…God, maybe I’m just getting old.”

They finished unisonously laughing and started singing along.

“Just a kiss/Just a kiss/I have lived just for this...”

At which point Sara grew more energetic.

“IIIIII…can’t explaaaaaain…why I’ve becoooooome…Miiiiiiss Chatelaine!…”

She took a deep breath and belted out, “Just a smile!/Just a smile!/Hold me capt—”

She stopped as she looked back over. Melleny, whose feet Sara’d temporarily stopped rubbing, was staring at her, with wide eyes, arched brows and an amused expression.

Sara was caught in the “act,” as it were. She piped down and cleared her throat.

“Sorry,” she said matter-of-factly. “That’s another thing about me, I guess you can tell: I love singing, and…really really loud, too. I mean, I couldn’t do it professionally, but I still consider myself pretty good at it, and it just makes me feel so great inside.”

“I can see,” Mel remarked with a nod. Sara was about to return to her feet, but Melleny bent her knees and lifted them from the towel. “Okay, I think that’s good,” she decided, curling and flexing them, manually asking Sara for the towel on her lap. She wrapped it around her feet and sat up. Sara drummed on her now unoccupied thighs.

“Okay, that was fun. So…what do you wanna do now?”

“Hm…” Melleny played with her hair again. “I’m actually kinda starting to get hungry…but not for chocolate, for real food.”

“Aha. You don’t want dessert now; you want actual dinner.”


“Okay! You want me to order a pizza?”

“Oh, that would only be divine,” Mel sighed. Sara gleefully hopped up to grab the phone.

“…A woman after my own heart,” she heard Melleny add.

Sara felt a warm rush of happiness ride through her. A phrase with a possible double meaning, she thought, dialing the pizza parlor.


Saturday, December 14th, 2013, 8:07 p.m.

The sun had been down for about three hours. At 27°, it was still flurrying outside. Sara and dozens of neighbors had their Christmas lights plugged in, many with trees visible in the windows as well. Inside the house, they lay on their bellies on Sara’s picnic blanket in the living room. They let their feet dangle behind them, watching a funny holiday movie, giggling together, enjoying the sounds of each other’s laughs. Sara’d ordered them a medium pie with everything, of which they’d put away three quarters. The remaining fourth sat in the box, also on the blanket. As Sara’d just gone over to Jake’s two days before, she’d taken the blanket back to her place.

Sara couldn’t believe how good she was feeling about the way the evening had gone. Spending these four brief hours with Melleny had restored a lot of confidence in her dating abilities, and indicated to her that she was more of a catch than she’d thought. Yet, she had sense. She knew nothing was absolutely a hundred percent perfect, nor was any one person. But as dates went, Mel was looking pretty darn good to her; if not a hundred percent, Sara was thus far putting her upwards of at least the eighties.

However, great as she felt about the event, it was driving her equally crazy on the inside not knowing how Melleny was feeling about it all, and dying to find out. Sara could ask her harmless questions, and chip away at the answer that way. Though direct, blunt questions, like “So, do you like me??” or “What are you doing for the rest of your life??” seemed very forward and could scare a new mate away. If Mel really truly liked her, even questions like those would cause little damage, but that was a big chance Sara wasn’t yet ready to take.

She could, however, pose normal, innocuous inquiries that could lead her towards the truth. Such as “So, how are you feeling?” “What do you like to usually do on dates?” “What do you think might be fun if or when we might see each other again?” Or even “So what turns you on in a girl?” It might also be a good idea to throw in something reassuring, like “You can tell me the truth if it’s something about me, really, even if it’s not the nicest thing in the world; my feelings won’t be hurt.” Just for good measure.

A hundred thoughts with varying degrees of intimacy raced around her brain. For now, until she chose a suitable one to start peeling away the layers, she went with—

“You want any more pizza?”

Mel stretched out on the blanket and let out another yawn. “Oh, no, please, thank you, Sara. That was wonderful; I’m stuffed.”

Sara pushed to her feet and grabbed the box with the two remaining slices. “Me too. All right then, I’m putting the rest in the fridge.” Doing so, she called back from the kitchen.

“Is there anything else I can get you, Melly? Or do for you? Or anyth—…?”

Her lips and tongue finished, but her larynx went off duty as she returned to the darkened living room, illuminated only by her TV screen and Christmas tree, to see that her date had…yes, she had. She’d fallen asleep on the blanket. She lay on her side, one arm outstretched under her head as a pillow, the other tucked under her breasts.

Instead of feeling disappointed or let down at all, Sara just melted inside with affection, watching her. It was clear she’d drifted to unconsciousness. Her tummy pushed out and in at a slow pace, her head tilted downwards into her elbow, her mouth was frozen half-open, and her breathing bordered on a very light, silent snore. And coupled with the fact that Mel told her she’d only slept three and a half hours last night, it wasn’t hard to arrive at this conclusion. She could guess the pizza also played a part. The chocolate had kept Melleny awake, but any time Sara herself too had a big plate of some delicious Italian fare—especially pizza or lasagna—her belly also mellowed her into drowsiness.

She took the remote and muted the TV volume, but didn’t turn the set off just yet. As she also actually wound up doing quite often with Jake, she grabbed the afghan on the couch, unfurled and slipped it over Mel’s slumbering body to the shoulder. She then laid on her own side, facing Mel, resting her head on her arm to watch her sleep.

I really like you, Melleny,” Sara whispered. She couldn’t exactly say everything she wanted to in Mel’s awakened state, but being asleep presented no problems.

At least I think I do. And I really hope you like me too. This has been one of the nicest nights I’ve had with another woman in a long time. I’m justso glad you came up to me that night and asked me to call you. You’re so prettyand the part of you I’ve gotten to know today’s really sweet and nice. And you look like an angel just lying there like thatlike you should have a sleep halo over your head.

Of course, my very nice afghan helps too.”

There in her quiet house that evening, she eventually got herself a pillow and blanket, and resumed her spot next to Melleny, just watching her peaceably dozing on her floor, making out her subtle nuances from the TV glow. Part of Sara wished Mel was awake so she could work up the courage to say what she wanted to say. And part of her was glad she wasn’t, because she secretly liked having the girl sleep in her house.

The pizza had been filling, and taken its toll on Sara’s energy too. It wasn’t much longer until Sara began to drift off herself. The carbo-loaded meal had done just the opposite to their subconsciouses, stirring them up to intensify what would happen in their dreams.

Neither of them in a hundred years could have guessed what the next several hours held in store for them.


Sunday, December 15th, 2013, 12:11 a.m.

Sara yawned, stretched and sat up, facing away from the TV. Unable to see anything but darkness in this direction, she turned around. The Christmas tree was lit up, but on the wrong side of the room. She looked at the TV. Still no sound, but she remembered muting it. What disturbed her a bit was that the picture was distorted and she couldn’t recognize anything. She almost became a little weirded out, until she dropped her eyes to the floor to see both Melleny’s and her own bodies, still on the floor, fast asleep.

It took a moment, but she realized what was going on. She looked down at herself—not her physical body on the floor, but the active form of her that had just sat up. Ghostly and transparent. Of course, she thought, I’m Dream-Sara now. Now she recollected something she hadn’t noticed for the last three weeks since her birthday. When Dream-Velette, her sleep-Goddess, appeared in her mind—in her birthday dream, as well as every time she’d dreamt about Her before—She was also visible but translucent.

Of course, it felt as real as any other dream, and now incapable of recalling if Mel was still in her house in real life or not, Sara could only hope. How fortunate, she thought, that she should have a dream taking place in her home, continuing the same night from where her conscious mind had left off. At least she presumed it was the same night; the Christmas tree was still there—with her date, Melleny Hayes, still asleep next to her.

In dream form, she closed her eyes. Melleny? she thought.

Yes? came the telepathic response.

She opened them. To her delight, there sat Dream-Mel beside her, also translucent. Both sat up on the floor, casting invisible shadows over their respective sleeping bodies.

“Oh my gosh!” Dream-Sara exclaimed, throwing her arms around Dream-Melleny. “This is so cool! We’re in my dream!”

“Holy smoke,” said Melleny. “But…should we be just…talking like normal? As…y’know, as opposed to whispering? It seems like we might wake ourselves up.”

Sara, since her encounter with Dream-Velette three weeks ago, had done some reading and learned a thing or two about life in Subconsciousland. She assured her as follows.

“No, honey, no, it’s totally okay; it’s all in my head. We’re not real, Melleny—or at least our dream-selves aren’t. And our physical selves can’t be woken up by something that doesn’t exist. Watch.” She leaned down over her own body and shouted.


Her body remained asleep.

“Whoa!” said Melleny. “Wild!”

“I know, right?” Sara said. “Lucid dreaming’s the ultimate surreal experience. Everyone should get to try it.” She rolled her eyes. “God, I sound like I’m advertising it on TV.”

Dream-Melleny couldn’t understand all of what exactly was going on, but it seemed pretty cool to her. Something jumped down from the coffee table and walked past, illuminated by the TV. It had orange fur and green paws. Melleny became alarmed. “What’s that??

“That’s Dewdrop, my dream-cat,” Sara explained, giving him a stroke. “His fur changes colors at random when we’re not looking.”

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Melleny marveled. “We really are in a dream, aren’t we…”

“Not only that…if we close our eyes…” Sara told her, pausing excitedly for effect, “…We can even read each other’s minds.”

“Shut up!” said Mel. They closed their eyes.



Yeahand the freakiest part is, Melleny, none of this is actually happening. It’s like virtual reality. I mean, in theory, we could do anything right now. We could go barefoot in the snowwe could imagine Velette here singing for uswe could rob a bank and get away with it—not that I’m that type, but—hell, we could make love if we felt like it.


Melleny’s inflection positively glittered with intrigue.

Sure! And we wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Like where it has to lead, drama, bed death, nothing! That’s the best part, is that we can talk about this right now, and not have it mean a thing we don’t want. I can tell you the truth right now, that I couldn’t tell you when we were awake. I think I really like you, Melleny. I mean, really really like you. You’re pretty, you’re nice, you’re fun, you have a good sense of humor, and we seem to have lots of good stuff in common. And your smile justblows me away, Melleny. The impulsive part of me wants to tell you this is the best first date I’ve ever had. And again, no need to worry about being too forward or moving too fast in our dreams. So if you’ll forgive my impetuousnessthat side of me would also like to kiss you right now.

Melleny smiled, indeed blowing Sara away.

I believe I like that idea, Sara.

They opened their eyes to see one another’s beaming, lust-tinged faces. They scooted closer and leaned in, attaching paws to each other’s bodies in a delicate embrace. The sensations and realizations hastened their heartbeats, and finally, each inhaling the other’s warm scent and breath, all four velvety soft lips achieved contact.

A mutual, unisonous sigh emanated as the first kiss charged them mentally and physically, sending crackles of sensuality radiating through both. The next sounds they made were very different. Melleny’s was an overwhelmed squeal of passion, Sara’s a hungry growl. Their hands eagerly searched and explored, fingers and palms extending the tactile pleasure yet further. At last, their mouths detached like suction cups.

“Well…that happened…” Sara palpably stated. She indicated down to her slumbering body on the floor. “Look! Look at my face now. I’m smiling in my sleep!”

“Yeah…let’s make that happen again.

Sara grinned at her. “I like a woman who goes after what she wants,” she commented.

Hearts bursting through their chests, they initiated kiss number two. Instinctively incorporating the French element, they opened up to let their tongues tango. They delighted in the sumptuous taste, bringing yet another sense onboard. They breathed deeply through their noses nuzzling them together. Their hands meandered and roamed even more adventurously than before, finding ways under and inside clothing. The feel of hot skin on hot skin sent sparks shooting. It didn’t take long to escalate to the next level. Twenty seconds in, eyes closed, Sara telepathically communicated—

Get on your feet, Melleny. Up with me. I am taking you to my room, and my generous, king-size bed. That is not a request.

Mel was instantly turned on by her authoritativeness. Yes ma’am!

Lips practically glued together, Sara and Melleny fumbled to their feet, groping and gasping. Sara took Mel by the hands and led her down the dream-distorted hall to her room. She pushed the door open with her tightly jeans-hugged butt, and they stumbled in. Hormones zipped through the air as hints of perspiration materialized.

Sara pried her lips off Mel long enough to rasp, “…Count of three…shirts off…deal?”

“Sounds good.”


In a quick, fluid motion, Sara and Melleny took hold of their shirts around the hems, paused kissing, whipped them over their heads, off their bodies, let them fall where they would, and resumed making out. They did a modicum of feeling about for the bed, and lowered onto it together. Finally stationed at their base, they seized one another and commenced to surfing the mattress, generating pleasure waves.

The only word that came to Melleny’s mind between their fiery kisses was, “Damn.”

“Why, thank you, honey,” Sara sultrily replied.

After a few more minutes, mutually green-lighting, they further undressed. Sara’s nomadic hands found the back of Melleny’s bra and Melleny’s hers, and unhooked them together. And Sara was able to capture the bosomy warmth of Mel’s swelling breasts against her. Sara liked them on the sizable side, and Melleny’s were fortuitously a cup size larger than her own. Sara twisted and turned, grinding their chests together.

My Goddess…” she whispered, feeling Mel unbutton her jeans. She returned the favor.

Once their jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped, they slid them down, yanked them off and kicked them to the floor. Vastly enjoying the revelation of each new naked area, they entwined legs, took a deep breath, and at long last, down slid the panties. They couldn’t go past the knees, gams entangled like vines around themselves, but neither cared. All that mattered was that the key areas were fully accessible. Arms still crisscrossed behind each other’s backs, they fondled and gripped one another’s bare asses, reveling in the double voluptuousness, two curvy soft bods comingling.

My goshI have never felt so lucky to be a lesbian, Sara lovingly thought to her.

I know… Mel responded. Straight girls have no IDEA what they’re missing.

The action in the bed was so potently hot it took the temperature in the entire room up a degree. Sara was still enjoying the texture of Melleny’s smooth, round backside, when Melleny flipped things up another notch, slipping her hand between Sara’s legs in front.

The magic touch forced Sara to break from the kiss. “MMMmmohhhh!” she moaned as their lips snapped apart. She gratefully and eagerly whipped her free hand around and reciprocated, fondling Melleny’s pussy in return, mirroring the patterns of dexterity Mel deftly weaved on her. Sara raised her upper leg and bended her knee to give easier access. Mel went a slightly different way, lifting her upper leg, letting Sara’s paw further in, and then clamping down on it, her patient but longing cunt hungry for love.

Sara’s was just as patient and hungry, but wanted her owner’s legs to stay as wide open as possible, granting Mel the most entry one woman could give another. Meanwhile, the hands pinned under each other’s sides did what they could, groping, scratching, reaching between shoulder blades to snake through one another’s hair.

Their lips retained business, now also groaning, pleading, begging for release. The fingers of their free hands had each burrowed far enough to explore their respective pussies. They relied on the dream to relate what they desired without spoken words.

How do you like it?

Hard and fast. And you?

A little more slow, soft and tender.

Copied. Manual or oral?

Mmm, let’s just go with the flow, and see where it takes us.

I’m good with that.

It turned out even easier and more enjoyable than they thought. Exchanged were cries of joy, sweet nothings, lip pecks—on the cheeks, ears, noses, temples, anywhere they landed—caresses of warm breath, even an occasional bead of sweat. As for their hair, Sara’s, which was straight and to her shoulders, remained about the sides and back of her head, but Melleny’s, which acted as part of her facial décor, dangled over and tickled Sara’s eye and nose. It smelled like cherry blossoms and also a bit of honey, which delighted her olfactory senses. Sara’d have to remember to ask what brand(s) of “shampitioner” she used on it. She wished her own hair could smell this good.

Down south, their hands had penetrated, honoring each other’s wishes. Sara delivered Melleny sharp, quick, passionate thrusts of the digits, whipping her index and middle in and out of Mel’s tight pussy, struggling to nail her clit in the process. But clit or not, she was setting Melleny on fire, just as Mel slingshot Sara through the same rings of red-, blue- and white-hot divinity, conversely fondling and jilling her more gently and adoringly, with grace, delicacy, and yet just as much passion.

Sara felt Mel give her a small nudge under the side, indicating that she wished to free her other paw to bring it too aboard, and Sara hoisted herself just enough to yield and give her clearance. Sara was exceedingly pleased Mel’d made this choice, feeling a supplementary dose of manual love as Mel brushed down Sara’s jaw, under her chin, along her torso, circling her breasts. She teased her by coming to within an inch of brushing the nipples but narrowly evading them, down the tummy and back up again.

Sara was working hard to give Melleny the aggro cunt attention she so craved, not used to performing this level of hard digital labor on herself. Her other arm was still around Mel, roughly grazing her flesh with her nails, producing pink scratches on her back. The intensity was so blindingly hot, she didn’t know how much more of this she could take. Her dominant forearm and wrist were starting to throb, but her pussy couldn’t give a damn so long as Melleny too kept up her end.

Mel felt herself near the same destination. It was finally clearer to Sara, who was unsure if she was performing adequately—until, that was, Melleny hungrily sank her teeth into Sara’s cheek. This startled Sara, but not enough to bring things to a standstill. She waited until Mel was through, then buried her own face into Melleny’s neck. Mel tilted her head back to accommodate her, and Sara hickeyed her beneath the jawline.

Both were gladly surprised at the staggering length of time having elapsed. It was lasting longer than either of them fathomed. Sara’s face was desperate with lust and yearning, grimacing in euphoria. She couldn’t possibly imagine she was giving Melleny a heavenly escape the likes of the journey Mel was sending her on. Unbeknownst to her, Mel was feeling the same way. Neither could turn back now. Melleny felt as if she could never go home again. Sara was trying to think of a loving, ladylike way to keep Mel as her sex slave, chained to her bed if necessary. Their lovemaking had proved to go above and beyond everything either of them thought it could.

And then…Melleny made a turn for the brave.


Yes, my darling?

I love you.

Sara came.

On the spot. The words made her instantly orgasm. She couldn’t believe it herself, slammed head-on by an abrupt, explosive climax from out of left field. It was anything but expected. For Sara Kelton, who adored romance, who longed for commitment, to whom the intimate and passionate had always gone hand in hand—love and lust together as one, never wanting one without the other—perceiving and processing those three magnificent words transported her to the land of hopes and dreams, where she’d forever longed to be taken, by a woman who loved her. Suddenly, her dusty heart was unlocked, and those three tiny little words were the key.

And as did her heart and mind, her pussy surrendered and gave itself over, rewarding them with a glorious orgasm brought wholly on by Mel’s genuine love and adoration in that split-second. It felt like she was falling upwards to land in a cloud-like field of flowers and butterflies. She glued her lips to Melleny’s and vowed never to let go.

I love you too I love you too I love you too I love you too!! Sara gushed, unable to stop. Her hand departed from Melleny’s cunt as she flung both arms back around her. But Mel didn’t care, having just made the woman she truly loved happier than ever in her life. Sara gripped onto her for dear life, clutching with insurmountable devotion.

Sara, honeyare you crying?

I told youthat’s how emotional I get. I don’t know what I did to deserve this, Melleny, my love, butthank you. To say the least.

Their lovemaking was concluded. Sara hadn’t got to quite return the favor for Mel, at least not so she thought. Mel begged to differ. Bringing Sara all the way to tears via a heart-melting orgasm felt as good as any release could for her. They lay silent awhile in a mutual afterglow. Then Dream-Sara sent another thought to Dream-Melleny’s mind.

There are just a couple of things that could make this moment any more perfect.


Sara conjured them up in her mind, one by one, and Melleny’s eyes challenged her own mind to believe, as right before them, from one side of the bed to the other, arched an actual, pure, natural rainbow. It encompassed the entire bed, illuminating the space around them with zero artificial light whatsoever. But strangely enough, Mel noticed, the bed appeared to be floating in a dark void. And though the rainbow alit it, she couldn’t see any other furnishings or décor, only the bed itself.

Before Melleny even had time to react to the rainbow, Sara too dreamt up the stars to fill the walls and ceiling. To their left, upon one of the more prominent stars indeed sat a yellow-furred, purple-pawed Dewdrop, perched regally with his swishing tail. Though she knew it was a dream, Melleny nonetheless remained stunned. You gotta be

Oh, that’s nothing, Sara replied. Just you wait

Mel looked. Again, in front of her disbelieving eyes, from the limitless depths of darkness, appeared…Velette Voxe. Mel’s only reaction was simple, and to the point.


“Way,” smiled Dream-Velette, reading her mind.

“Anything can happen in a lucid dream,” Sara added, talking out loud again. “Remember the live show, on my birthday? The night right before, I dreamt Velette and I made love.”

Shut the front door!” said Melleny.

“Nope, dear Melleny, honest,” said Velette. “And I certainly don’t have to tell you what a rockin’ helluva body she has.”

“Now, you ready to be really blown away?” Sara asked Mel.


“Trust me. Close your eyes.”

“…’Kay.” Mel obeyed, and Sara closed hers as well.

“All right, and…open ’em.”

Mel did so. Here now stood Velette before them…in all Her magnificent nude splendor.

WHOA!!” Melleny shouted, her eyes practically popping out on springs. “Damn, V—…Velette…You are smokin’ hot!

“That was completely gratuitous,” Sara explained.

“I like completely gratuitous,” Velette assertively flirted with both of them.

“See, aren’t dreams brilliant?” Sara asked Melleny. “I mean, if this was reality, it’d probably be weird, or even creepy. But this is just…”

“Yeah, this is just super-hot!” agreed Mel.

“Now, honey, there was one more thing I wanted to ask you for,” Sara entreated, caressing Melleny’s arm lovingly. “I know I may not have any right to ask you this after you made me…cum like that, but…um…”

Melleny only gazed fondly. “…Yes?”

“Well…I’d love to feel those magic massage fingers of yours.”

Melleny was thrilled. “Oh, Sara, of course, babe!” she elatedly giggled. “Absolutely! Go ahead, turn over, and lie on your belly for me.”

Sara laid down, so that she was on her tummy, and could still see Velette. Mel sat up on top and straddled her. The opening of a mellow old ’70s ballad piped in out of thin air.

Melleny looked up. “Where did that come from?”

Velette waved a hand to her. “From Me. You two go ahead. I’ll provide the ambience.”

“Well, You’ll have to forgive me if I moan through it a little,” Sara chuckled up to Her Goddessship, face half-buried in the mattress.

Melleny began, pressing her fingers and knuckles in between Sara’s shoulder blades.

OHHHHH!” Sara cried.

Velette grinned. “A ‘little,’ huh?”

“Oh, Goddess!” said Sara.

“You talking to me or Her?” asked Mel.


It was time for the song’s lyrics to start. Velette sat on the corner of the bed and began serenading Sara—once again.

“Baby hair, with a woman’s eyes…I can feel you watching in the night…all alone with me a-a-and…we’re waiting for the sunli-i-ight…when I feel cold you warm me…and when I feel I can’t go on, you come and hold me…it’s you, and me, forever…

“Sara, smile…won’t you smile awhile for me, Sara…”

OHHHHH…” Sara reiterated. “That feels so frickin’ good, Melleny, you’ve no idea…”

Melleny kind of wanted to ask if it felt better than the orgasm, but thought that might be a difficult question. While not trying to toot her own proverbial horn, she still couldn’t help wondering which Sara would choose, if she even could.

“Sara, smile…” Velette continued singing. “Oh, won’t you smile awhile for me, Sara…”

OHHHHHhhhhh… Sara thought. Holyohhhhhhthat’s it, I have officially died and gone to heaven. The truth was, if Mel had asked Sara which felt better, it would’ve been darn hard to decide. She’d have had to think long and hard about it…and maybe ask for each again, to compare and contrast…

Finally, Velette wrapped up the song. She stroked Sara’s hair, and kissed her on the head. “Love ya, kid. Merry Christmas.”

“Ohhhh…I love You too, Velette…” Sara mumbled, pronouncing only half the letters, Melleny still rubbing her back and shoulders.

“Wh—are You leaving?” Mel asked Her.

“I’m afraid I’ve gotta,” Velette said. “Sara’s gonna wake up soon.”

Melleny gasped in disappointment. “Oh, no,” she pouted. “Well, do we…get to see each other again? Or do…Y’know, this, again?”

“Well, I couldn’t tell you that,” answered Velette.

“Why not?”

Velette turned back to them.

“Melleny, sweetheart, I’m a singer, not a fortune-teller.”

“Oh…right.” Mel was a bit deflated the Voxe had to go now, but she said, “Well…I love You too, Velette; I mean, You’ve always been one of my heroes too.”

“Thanks, babe. Take care of her for me.”

And She was gone.

“Wow…” said Melleny. “You actually got to have sex with Velette Voxe.”

She went on massaging, but Sara said nothing.


Sara remained silent. Mel was confused. She was about to call her name out loud again, but something else suddenly happened.

“Ow!” Melleny said, feeling an unexpected sharp sting in her left leg. “Wha—”

Sara still wasn’t saying anything. Abruptly, she didn’t even look like she was breathing. Melleny was getting alarmed, not aware what was going on. And her left leg was still aching for some inexplicable reason.

“Sara?...Sara…SaraSara…” her voice repeatedly echoed around Sara’s subconscious, growing more distorted and dissonant.

Finally…it was over. Their twin dream-souls dissolved into masses of vanishing matter, and as if being sucked through a vacuum, were immediately drawn back into their sleeping bodies sprawled out on the living room floor.


Sunday, December 15th, 2013, 6:02 a.m.

“Hm?” Sara weakly uttered, coming into consciousness. “Melleny?...Velette?...M—…”

Finding herself on the floor, she was at first bemused and disoriented. Wasn’t she just in bed? With Melleny? And—

The half of her brain that was awake momentarily freaked out. Wait, she was in bed with Melleny?? What did they do??

But thankfully, the rest of her woke a moment later and realized it was all a dream.

What she also noticed was that while Melleny’s body was in the same spot she’d dropped asleep last night, Sara had shifted about considerably—and, well, clearly so; just as she told Mel the previous afternoon when she came over, Sara always twisted and turned and wriggled and writhed about in her sleep.

One of her feet was touching Mel’s left leg. Somehow, it looked to Sara that Melleny’s afghan had moved. Furthermore, Mel appeared to be wincing in her sleep, and…almost even reaching towards her left leg, as if it were in pain.

Uh-ohI hope I didn’t kick her. Sara gently rubbed Melleny’s leg, hoping she hadn’t but thinking she had. I’m sorry, MellenyI didn’t mean it.

She dragged to her feet and stumbled to the bathroom. She tried to hold on to the rapidly disappearing remnants of the dream, even though it left a bittersweet thought in her mind and made her sad. Untrue as it was, still in the process of waking up, she felt like she’d taken advantage of Melleny, somehow. First Velette a month ago, and now Mel. Her subconscious was much more active—and getting much more action—than her waking self. What was more, she’d once again greedily taken the orgasm for herself, but hadn’t given one. She couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed in herself.

The next stop she made was to the kitchen for a drink of water. The TV, having finished playing the Christmas movie they were watching, had been on and bouncing the DVD logo around the screen all night. Sara ended up leaving the TV on overnight surprisingly often. She didn’t know why she didn’t just use the sleep feature.

Not sure what else to do, she settled back down on the blanket with her afghan and resumed her activity of just watching Melleny sleep.

It would be another two hours before Mel awoke, and two and a half before the sun did. Sara spent the time affectionately watching her date-guest absorbing more and more ‘z’s. Sara wanted her to be able to have as much sleep as possible. She was entitled to it. It might not have been extremely far—barely fifteen minutes; Melleny lived right around the corner from Sara’s parents—but Mel had made the effort to come over and provide her with some lovely company, despite a deprivation of sleep the previous night.

As Sara studied her face over and over, again grew her fondness and caring for the girl. And now her dream had brought her emotionally closer. It was a shame, she thought inside, that she could almost practically fall in love with this lass right now, and the lass in question had virtually no idea. Melleny knew nothing beyond what happened at 9:00 p.m. the previous night. Yet, Sara proceeded to remind herself of all the fun they’d had in this short five-hour date, and all they had in common. And she might not have known for sure, but she really did believe Melleny liked her too. At least she hadn’t given any indication otherwise. Unless she was just teasing her and playing hard-to-get.

When Mel finally did wake up, she didn’t know at first where she was. When Sara reminded her, and Melleny indeed realized and remembered everything, she felt kind of sheepish and embarrassed. But Sara assured her there was no reason to be. She said, “I’m just glad you didn’t try to drive home sleepy and hurt yourself. Or anyone else.”

Melleny blinked awake. Sara, reminding herself that this was now again real life, kept her emotions in relative check, and scooted in a little closer, taking and holding Mel’s hand. She seemed okay with this, so Sara pulled herself a bit closer still, inching until they were close enough to snuggle. Melleny didn’t object, though she didn’t exactly leap into Sara’s arms just yet either. She let Sara hold her, cuddle and nose-nuzzle her, and she neither recoiled nor advanced. But after a few more minutes, she rested her head on Sara’s shoulder, and her hand on Sara’s belly, both of which felt nice. Sara was a bit disappointed to find her hair didn’t smell like cherries and honey anymore.

Regardless, Sara was harboring a deep, deep desire to kiss her. Not even necessarily on the mouth, just anywhere. Just to be allowed the privilege of placing her lips upon Melleny’s person, planting on her like a flag, as a testament to her great budding affection. She knew the girl was just barely awake, and wanted to do nothing that could be perceived as taking advantage. But such as Velette gave her in her dream, a gesture so simple and harmless as a little kiss on top of the head need convey no romantic signals, and couldn’t do any visible damage. So this was what she did.

She was unsure how if at all Melleny should react, but was pleased to feel her place a light peck of her own on Sara’s torso, just at the spot where her shoulder met her chest. How nice, Sara thought, a smile lighting up her face. Dare she go for another, closer…?

She waited a moment, trying not to appear too eager, and planted a kiss on Mel’s brow. Melleny, seemingly indifferent to appearing overeager or not, returned a kiss right on Sara’s shoulder itself. Sara was getting excited. Suddenly, the possibilities of this game took on a lot more fascination. She leaned down a bit further and kissed Mel’s temple.

Melleny kissed Sara’s collarbone.

Sara kissed Melleny’s ear.

Melleny kissed Sara’s neck.

Sara kissed Melleny’s cheek.

Melleny kissed Sara’s chin.

Sara kissed Melleny’s nose.

Melleny kissed Sara’s jaw.

Sara kissed Melleny lower down on the cheek next, just beside the lips.

Melleny kissed Sara in the same spot.

Sara didn’t know about Mel, but she was just about to burst with love. The intensity of her feelings for Melleny having only exponentially increased since last night, she now had to know. Her brain couldn’t make her heart hold back anymore.

Melleny…” she whispered, riding a hand through the girl’s dark wavy hair, revealing a bit more of her face. “I’ve gotta ask you something

Howhow do you feel about me?

Mel looked a little surprised at the question. She darted her sleepy blue eyes around before answering. “Well, I mean, I…I like you, Sara. But you know, I…I don’t know if…”

She paused. Sara nodded, urging her to go on.

If what? Oh, Melleny, please don’t torment me like this after all those kisses.

“…I don’t know if you like me as much as I like you. But, since I saw you at the concert, I’ve had a little crush on you.”

Sara ballooned with happiness. “You have a little crush on me?”

She felt Melleny’s hands caress her. “Well, I wouldn’t quite say it’s so little anymore.”

Sara’s heartbeat doubled in both speed and velocity. “So…ahem! If-if it’s okay to ask…would you say that we’ll be having a second date?”

Melleny brought her hand from Sara’s tummy and ribs all the way to her face, accidentally giving her the lightest possible brush over her breast. Sara’s heart just about burst her chest open. Mee gave her cheek a little caress with the tops of her fingers and nails, gazing into Sara’s hazel eyes and trying to communicate what she felt for her. She leaned her head back, drew Sara nearer to her, closing the distance and space between them, and finally…at long last, their real-life non-dream forms shared quite possibly the most wonderful kiss either had ever experienced.

Sara was so happy and moved she willed to cover both of their faces with tears—as was her want, being Sara. They settled in, enjoying the romantic moment together, hugging and cuddling yet closer. Neither was ready to actually undress or have sex just yet, and they hadn’t the energy at this early an hour anyway. They were both however fine to just kiss cozily, pulling the afghan over themselves to share, tongues uninvolved for now, in a state between friends and girlfriends (but closer to still just friends). There might not have been any limits or risks in her dreamworld, and that was fine, but Sara knew and respected the real-life boundaries right now between them. One part of Sara’s anatomy admittedly had other ideas, but that was also all right; Sara would fix them a little breakfast, Melleny would be on her way…and Sara would settle things with this part of her body afterwards.

Wellit would seem Christmas came a little early this year.


Sunday, December 15th, 2013, 10:19 a.m.

Melleny slipped her sweater back on. She picked up her purse, making sure nothing was left behind, and Sara asked, “May I please have a hug, mon chérie?”

Melleny gladly obliged, and Sara found she was right. Oooohhhhee hee heethey do feel even nicer in a fuzzy sweater.

They exchanged a last peck on the cheeks. “Oh, wait, before you go…” Sara jogged over to a closet, where she found a pair of spare Christmas mittens, green with a stripey red pattern. “I want you to take these. It’s super-cold out there, and I don’t want those wonderful masseuse fingers of yours to freeze. You can take the pizza too, if you want.”

“Oh, Sara…well, thank you, I would love the pizza if you don’t want it, but…I don’t know if I could just take these from you.”

“Please don’t be a hero, Melleny. It really is frigidly cold out there. I know; I checked the weather. And you can keep ’em, but if you wanna give ’em back…we shall be having a second date, right? Really, I insist; you’re not leaving without them. Sara has spoken.”

Melleny chuckled at her third-person reference. She liked the hostess’ sense of humor.

“I just kinda wish…” she heard Sara say. “…Not to impose too much or anything, just…I kinda wish I could have found out how your massages feel…for myself…”

“Welllllll…” Mel smirked flirtatiously as she put the mittens on, “We might just have to take care of that at a future point.”

“Cool!” Then before she could stop her mind or lips, she blurted out the next question.

“D’ya do happy endings??”

Melleny stared at her with an unreadable, but somewhat amused expression. Sara realized what she had in fact just asked.

“Oh my God…” she murmured, covering her mouth. “That was over the line, wasn’t it?”

Mel only smiled inscrutably. “We’ll see,” was all she said. “Bye-bye, Sara!”

“Bye, Melleny. I l—”

She stopped herself.

No! No longer a dream, Sara! Don’t say it!

“…Lllllook forward to next time!”

Sara watched Melleny Alison Hayes get in her car and drive off. She almost missed her already. The beloved Starship song began playing idly in her head.

Brandedmy heart was branded while my senses stood by

I’ll never find another girl like youfor ha—

Sara’s eyebrows jumped as she remembered what the next line was.

Wow, how funny

She giggled mischievously, feeling her pussy tingle.