Wife Enjoys Vacation in Mexico

Chapter 1

Well, we were in Belize for a nice vacation just you and I . We had a cute hotel near the water like the hotel in Playa. When we arrived we went up to our room and there was nice lounge area with a hot tub and a view of the ocean that was shared between our room and one other room across from ours.

We were having a really nice time and super playful and romantic and you looked so hot in your cute beach clothes, matched against your dark Italian tan skin. Your black hair flowing and sun kissed. On our second day there, we were hanging out on the lounge before heading to the beach. The room across from us was vacant the night before and we were hoping it would stay vacant so we could have the area to ourselves. We were drinking mojitos and listening to music and you were being really sexy, fun and little bit frisky - you were wearing the bikini you got in Playa Del Carmen and you looked so fucking hot. Your body was perfect (especially your ass) and your skin was glistening in the sun.

We paused for moment when we heard a couple guys coming up from the stairs. When they came around the corner they smiled at you, waved quickly and said hello and went to their room.

They were tall, built and good looking and were in their mid 30s. I knew right away you thought they were hot - they pushed all your buttons, long hair, chill style and one had dreads. The fit carefree surfer type that really turns you on. I looked at you after they went to their room and smiled. You jokingly said “well I’m certainly ok with them staying next to us!” I asked you if you thought they were hot and you replied “oh yeah!”, with a sexy smirk. I could tell your naughty little fairy mind started kicking in.

Moments later, both guys came out and introduced themselves. I did most of the talking since you were your usual shy self, but your body language was suggesting you were very comfortable with them. You were moving your hips slowly side to side in time with the music and twirling your hair playfully. The taller guy without the dreads commented how he knew we would be good neighbors when he heard our speaker blasting Stick Figure. You immediately connected with them and the three of you began talking about Stickfigure Slightly Stoopid and all the shows you had been to.

You began really chatting it up with them so I went inside to get our beach stuff together and change my shirt. While I was in our bathroom I noticed that I could see you and them perfectly on the patio next to the hot tub from the corner of our slatted window. I caught myself staring at you, watching you comfortably talk to these guys obviously now flirting. Trading light touches on each others arms and laughing while bonding over music and style.

Your cute submissive demeanor, contrasted with your revealing bathing suit and unbelievably sexy body was so hot. My focus then went from watching you to watching them. As you directed your conversation to one, I saw the other would take their time looking you up and down appreciating how beautiful you were. They traded turns soaking in all of your sexiness for a bit. I could tell you knew their eyes were all over you and although you felt a little bashful you really liked the directness of their attention and your body language showed it. It made you blush and warmed you from the inside.

Chapter 2

I must have watched you for at least five minutes and wanted to watch much longer from this great vantage point. Most of the window was blocked by a large tropical plant and I knew I couldn’t be seen from where you were all standing. Watching you was huge turn on, knowing that these guys wanted you and that you were also very attracted to them. It made me really horny watching my beautiful fairy.

I then grabbed our stuff and headed out to meet you. You said you were ready but wanted to grab another towel. As you turned around I watched both their eyes quickly follow your ass as you walked to our room. It was beautiful, round and perfectly framed with your cute tiny pink bottoms. One of the guys noticed I had caught him staring and said “sorry about that, I couldn’t help myself”. I said “it’s ok. I can’t help myself either. I stare at her all day long”. The other guy then commented “I would to, your a lucky guy”.

When you came back you asked what we were laughing about, and I told you that we were just discussing how sexy your are. They nodded in firm agreement. You smiled nonchalantly, but inside you were getting super turned on knowing that you were the center of attention. You know your are pretty and I shower you with compliments all the time, but this scenario sparked something different - really sexy and hot hearing it from two handsome strangers. It gave you a bold boost in your confidence and raw sexuality. You were beginning to get really turned on and your naughty fairy thoughts began to run wild.

I then told them we were gonna head down to the beach. Knowing you were worried that the fun time with these strapping gentleman might be over, I invited them along to join. You gave me a cute smile and brushed my arm with your body, appreciating the gesture. You chimed in “yeah, you should come with us”.

They enthusiastically said definitely and grabbed their stuff and we strolled down to the beach. On the walk down, we had fun and got to know each other more. The one with the dreads was named Scott and the other was Kyle. We would slow down at times letting you get in front of us and we would tell you respectfully how amazing you looked. At other moments you would find yourself walking between them and getting closer with your arms touching and an occasional wisp of their hands grazing the outside of your thighs. You were enjoying you’re hotness and so were we. You seemed to bounce along getting closer to each of us and then walking ahead to tease us with that wonderful view of your perfectly shaped figure. It was all very sweet and you were very happy with the sensual carefree vibe.

When we got to the beach we laid out our towels and the three of us surrounded you which you loved. You laughed, calling us a bunch of sharks circling their prey. We confirmed that was exactly what we were doing and that you looked delicious. Scott added that looking at you was making him very hungry. You began to tingle as our eyes, desires, sexy comments and the sun warmed every inch of your body. You noticed how even more turned on you were as the afternoon continued and didn’t want it to end. Your desires beginning to build deep from within and you were definitely feeling naughty. You kept changing your position so that we each got to see all of you in your sexy bikini. It was at this moment, you knew you wanted to do more.

Chapter 3

Wanting more, you pulled out your tanning oil and decided to tease us horribly by putting it on. Slowly spreading it onto your sparkling skin. Our eyes all glued to your hands as they moved across your now shining body. You then handed me the oil and rolled over and asked me to get your back and legs. Purposely, you ever so slightly tipped your ass in the air and said “don’t miss any spots and rub it in good”. I then dropped oil across your shoulders and down your back and on each of your legs. I was on your left and began rubbing the oil into your shoulders.

Without hesitation our new friends then asked if they could help. You looked at me and said sure with a big grin. Scott began massaging the small of your back. His strong hands slipping just below your bikini bottoms. Your back arched in approval and you couldn’t help but let out a slight moan under your breath. You weren’t sure but we all heard it. Before you could even process how hot it was feeling another man’s strong hands rub your exposed body Kyle firmly wrapped both of his big hands around your right ankle. He then slowly brought them up your leg, his left hand inching up your inner thigh with just the right amount pressure. He stopped right at the edge of your bottoms and kept his hands there.

Your heart began racing with nervous excitement. You could feel the heat from his hand and it made your pussy ache. I think he was waiting for a reaction - which he got right away.

You innocently parted your legs a touch more and pushed your ass down just enough for his fingertips to press against your pussy and feel your now very wet bikini bottoms. With your left leg closer to me I gently pulled it my way and rubbed my hands up to your ass while Scott’s hands went back down towards your pretty feet. You were in ecstasy and so turned on by having the three of us massaging you with your pleasure our only intent. I wanted to see how wet you were so I covertly slipped my finger into your bottoms and it was the wettest I’ve ever felt you. You looked at me and I gave you a passionate kiss of approval and whispered “That was so hot. You are really turning me on babe”. You then whispered back in a very sexy submissive voice “And then what happened?” We both burst out laughing which broke the obvious tension and I kissed you again. I then got up and jumped into the ocean to cool down my dick which was now also beginning to throb. You followed me into the water while the guys stayed up on the beach and enjoyed watching your freshly oiled body walk away.

Chapter 4

The water was a beautiful turquoise and calm. You felt sexy, desirable and free. It was your paradise. You cheerfully splashed into my arms and gave me a deep loving kiss. The kind I like. Your body felt electric against mine, energized and slick with salt water. I was in complete awe of your beauty. I told you how funny your fantasy joke was and then asked you if you were having fun and felt comfortable. You replied “yes! Maybe too comfortable!” And you asked me how I felt. I told you that I think it’s incredibly sexy and this is all really turning me on like crazy. After all we both would cum really hard when we told each other stories in bed. I told you it’s ok to share your fairy thoughts with me, I love it and as long as you felt safe and comfortable you had my permission and encouragement to do more.

I could see the excitement in your face and feel it radiate from your body. You knew exactly what you were fantasizing about but were nervous to tell me, but then you gave in to your growing desires and it actually turned you on to tell me. You paused for a moment and then mashed your waist against my now hard dick and brought your lips to my ear and coyly whispered “I want them to fuck me”. Hearing those naughty words from you was so fucking hot. I replied “They want to fuck you too”. You then also added that you wanted me to fuck you as well, which I said was “Definitely going to happen. However, I think 3 might be a crowd. I know you want to fuck both of them though, so, if it were to happen, would you be comfortable if I wasn’t with you?”.

You hesitated to respond, not because you would be nervous if I wasn’t there but because you knew you wanted to taste the moment with just them and not worry about me. I agreed with you that was better in this scenario and I wanted you to have the exact experience that you were fantasizing about, but there was one catch. I needed to be able to watch you.

I then described to you my hidden view earlier from the bathroom window and how I could see our private daybed lounge and hot tub perfectly, only feet from the window. You became instantly aroused at the thought of me watching you from afar. It made you feel safe knowing I was close but still allowed you to get lost in the passion with them. Plus, Your inner fairy loved the idea of being naughty and you wanted to show me how sexy you are.

You asked how it would even happen and I told you I would leave the beach to run into town for a while and ask them to keep you company because I wouldn’t be back till late. I told you to stay in the water for a few minutes while I went back to our towels to grab a drink. When I left the water your mind started picturing all the sexy scenarios and you got extremely horny thinking about how erotic the whole day had been and what you wanted it to become. Your naughty thoughts were driving you wild.

When I got back to our towels the sun was almost set and It was still close to 90 degrees. I grabbed a drink and told the guys that I needed to go into town for a while and wouldn’t be back till late. I asked if they would mind getting you back to the hotel and chilling with you while I was gone for the night. They said that’s fine and asked if everything was cool and I let them know that you and I were very cool. I also let them know that you thought they were really sexy but to be respectful. I wanted your fantasy to come true for you so I shared what you wanted. Their eyes lit up with fiery passion, knowing how bad that they wanted you. Then I told them all the sexy things that they could do that make you really turned on and wild. They were just as excited as you and I, if not more. We had all connected on so many different levels since the beginning of the day and nothing felt awkward. There was mutual trust between all four of us and we all knew this natural, carefree and very sexy vibe was unique. I felt comfortable leaving you with them and they promised to treat you very well.

Chapter 5

When you got back to your towel I was gone. It was getting dark and the guys helped get your stuff together and the three of you got on your way. You weren’t sure what was going to happen but you were comfortable , a little nervous, but still extremely turned on with your new found sexuality.  Scott and Kyle knew how to take care of you and you felt safe and excited, your body and mind vibrating with sexual energy.

As you walked back to the hotel the guys kept you close with their arms dancing around your waist. The conversations Were flirty and filled with welcomed innuendos. They took turns letting their hands slide down over your hips and onto your ass while you joked around and played Stoopid on your phone. You loved the way it made you feel. You were dripping with anticipation. 

The three of you agreed that a cocktail, a little weed and Reggae by the hot tub would be the plan for the evening. When you got back to the hotel and our dimly lit private lounge area you went to our room so you could use the bathroom and told them you’d be right back. You came into the room where I was waiting. You wanted to see what I was going to see so you checked out the view from the bathroom and saw how good it was. You nervously said “I would see everything”. I asked if that was ok and you told me “Yes, I really like that. The idea of you watching me makes it even hotter, but what if I’m not able to control myself with them. They are so fucking hot!! Are you sure your ok watching me if I start to really get into it?”

I replied “That’s exactly what I want to see happen!”. You then kissed me and grabbed my hard dick which let you know that I was as turned on as you. You playfully said “Well, I want them to really fuck me so you better be ready” and you left the room. I couldn’t wait to watch my fairy.

I saw you walk out from the window and the guys immediately came to you. They already set out drinks and stick figure was playing. They wasted no time and started getting you to dance a little. Enjoying some herb You loosened up faster than you thought you would as their hands began to touch you all over. Scott danced behind you while Kyle was in front of you. Scott grabbed you firmly at your hips and pulled your ass into him. Through his loose board shorts you could feel his growing dick rubbing against your thighs.  It wasn’t even hard yet, but you could tell it was enormous and you wanted to see it and have it in your hands.

Scott could tell you were getting really horny so he turned you around and gently pushed your ass into Kyle. You could now feel Kyle’s big cock brushing against your ass. Scott kissed you deeply while you moved your ass around making Kyle harder and harder. You glanced towards the window to see if you could see me. You couldn’t but you knew I was watching and it made your body feel like it was on fire. You knew you were going to be completely taken and loved it. Your submissive fairy wanted to please them while I watched. You were overcome with your deep desires and sexual thirst. Scott recognized your eagerness and promptly slid his hand into your bottoms and his fingers curiously explored your pussy. It was completely soaked and begging for more.

They knew you were ready and so were they. The build up of tension was finally moving towards release. They wanted you so badly. You could feel the pressure of their big dicks against your ass and front of your legs as they began to stiffen. You wondered if they would even fit inside you, but your pussy was instinctively getting wetter knowing it wanted to accommodate them. Scott then moved you closer to the daybed, lit with white christmas lights and only 10 feet from the window. Kyle quickly went back to his room to grab some blankets. At first my view was blocked, but you looked towards my direction and then kindly positioned yourself so that I could see everything. You liked showing me.

Standing side by side, you started to kiss the top of Scott’s broad chest as his hands worked across your back, hips and ass - you could feel his dick even harder against you now. You felt petite and safe in his strong embrace and were ready to let him do whatever he wanted to you. His left hand made its way up the back of your neck and grasped a handful of hair which he pulled so perfectly you moaned. The motion pulled your head back and exposed your vulnerable neck. He kissed you forcefully while his right hand fell to your hip and I watched as he easily pulled the strings on your suit bottoms. They fell away and you felt a surge of passion flood your body. Your hands moved to his waist and cravingly untied his board shorts and pulled them off. You couldn’t help but look down, your eyes widened when they landed on it. His dick was exactly what you fantasize about. It must have been at least 9 inches long and really thick. Perfectly shaped. Your mind raced with excitement and pure lust. You felt it raise in between your legs and it’s large sexy head push against your slick pussy lips. You wanted it so badly it hurt.

You kissed his mouth with intent, his stubble rough and manly as you wrapped both your feminine hands around his massive cock. It felt strong and solid in your hands as you gripped it. You could feel its heat and he responded with quiet groans of approval.

Lost in the moment, you then felt Kyle come up behind you tracing your body. You could feel the rustling of him removing his shorts behind you and then you felt his breath on the back of your neck. His huge dick bouncing against your bare ass. You felt completely comfortable as your raw desire took over, you wanted more, and were ready to be ravaged by these men who wanted you so badly. You realized your submissive fantasies were coming true, but this was so much hotter than you ever could have imagined.

Chapter 6

My dick was pounding as I watched from the window. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was watching you give into your submissive desires. You could sense my eyes and arousal and it doubled your excitement knowing you were being watched. You kept intuitively positioning yourself so I could see your pleasure - you wanted to be incredibly sexy for each other.

Completely naked now, the two softly laid you down on the day bed. Scott lowered himself to your navel lightly kissing your belly working his lips downs towards your perfectly trimmed pussy. He whispered he wanted to taste you. You couldn’t wait and confirmed your want by grabbing his dreads and pushing his mouth into your wetness. The feeling made you gasp and you closed your eyes and rested your head as he skillfully licked every part of you. You felt Kyle’s weight come onto the bed close to you. With your eyes still closed he began kissing your shoulders and neck and then began to passionately kiss you. The sensations you felt as he made out with you while Scott delicately attended to your aching pussy was so intense, you could have cum right then but you painfully held it off because you knew you wanted more.

You opened your eyes knowing what Kyle and you both wanted next. He brought himself onto his knees and maneuvered himself towards your head. Your gaze focused on his dick as it came into view. It had become rock hard from kissing you and was impressively large. At least 10 inches long and perfectly shaped. You wanted it in your mouth so badly. You tilted your head and licked your lips in preparation. He wanted your sexy mouth on him and moved closer towards you. You felt his hand slide past your ear and into your hair. He gently pulled your head towards his dick. You loved how he controlled you and could see his pre cum glistening. It looked so sexy you couldn’t help yourself. Wild with desire you parted your lips and took his large dick into your mouth. He shuddered as he felt your warm lips and tongue work around his head sliding your mouth along the length of his shaft. You began to lose control as you intensely serviced his beautiful dick. It was warm and powerful in your mouth - you showed him what you wanted by opening your tender lips wider. He then pulled your hair thoughtfully and began to slowly fuck your mouth, pulling his dick all the way out with each gentle thrust. 

From the window, you looked amazing and I had to pull my cock out and begin stroking it to this incredibly erotic scene that was unfolding in front of me. I didn’t want to cum though I wanted to save it for you.

With Kyle’s dick still slowly fucking your mouth, you felt Scott raise his head from your insanely wet pussy. He grabbed each of your ankles and spread your legs apart. He was going to start fucking you. You took Kyle’s dick into your hand so that you could watch as Scott brought his massive cock towards you. He teased your clit and his size felt amazing as it moved around you. He slid all of his length up and down along your pussy and you moaned quietly in pleasure. His dick rested heavy above your pubic bone for a few seconds, with its sexy head up past your belly button. You needed to feel him inside you. You grabbed it and watched yourself guide it back towards your inviting pussy. The head of his dick pressed against your hole and slowly entered you. Your juices began to flood down to allow him inside. You felt every thick inch as it worked it’s way into you. The pleasure was intense and again you fought to slow down your building orgasm. Watching him go into you made you sigh in ecstasy. Surprisingly there was no pain, only immense pleasure. He was completely in and it felt like nothing you had ever experienced. Filling you up completely, your mind and body surrendered.

You brought your mouth’s attention back to Kyle, your entire body now fully immersed in sex, it all felt natural and amazing. You took a breath and looked at Scott while stroking Kyle and asked him to fuck you harder. Scott withdrew his cock and leaned towards you and whispered confidently in your ear while Kyle’s dick was still touching your lips. “I am going to start really fucking you, just let me know if it becomes to much, ok?” You pulled Kyle away from your mouth and said softly and submissively “I want you to fuck me really hard.”

You immediately felt the head of his dick powerfully thrust up all the way into you. This time you loudly moaned. Kyle pulled your hair at just the right time giving you exactly what you wanted. Scott stayed buried, only for a few seconds and then pulled out and shoved it in faster. He began to speed up the aggressive rhythm until you were in a frenzy. You matched his pace forcing your hips into him. You could feel the biggest orgasm of your life growing stronger. Kyle drew your mouth back onto him and pulled your hair so your mouth was in his control. This lasted for a few minutes and they were fucking you so good.

Scott then slowed and pulled out of your tingling pussy and then turned you over, and with both hands around your hips, easily pulled your ass up and put you on your hands in knees. He pressed is hand down on the small of your back which tilted your beautiful ass so it was on display for them. They told you that you looked perfect and Scott gave you a playful slap on your bottom.

You liked the position they put you in. It’s your favorite and you knew they would be pleased. You glanced in my direction and gave me a very sexy smile. You knew I liked it as well.

Kyle took his time rubbing and admiring your sexy ass before approaching you with his huge dick. You couldn’t wait for him to slide it in you from behind. His dick was even Ionger than Scott’s but not quite as thick which was perfect for what you had in mind. He used it to tease your clit and then laid it between your ass cheeks and slid up and down. It drove you wild and you tilted your hips so you could feel all of it’s length. He then pushed the head of his cock into you and you accepted all of him. You began to slide back and forth on his never ending cock. Twisting and turning your ass so sexy. You bounced your ass back and forth on him for minutes. My eyes were wide watching how incredibly hot you looked while fucking doggystyle. Kyle then grabbed your hips, it was his turn. 

He leaned into you from behind and ran his hand up your back. He remembered what I told him and he grabbed your hair at the base of your neck and pulled you onto him harder. You nearly came from the sensation it turned you on so much. He then pulled you on and off his cock by your hair and it felt so good you were now moaning in pleasure.

Scott moved himself in front of you. Fucking you made him so hard. Kyle pulled your hair sweetly so that your mouth came up to level with Scott’s dick. He teased your lips with it and you began to slide it into your mouth and navigate his thickness with your soft tongue. It felt so sexy and you could feel it throb in your mouth while Kyle was fucking you from behind with long deep strokes. You were so turned on being taken between the two of them. It felt so sexy and natural you began to match your body with their thrusts. Kyle was now fucking you with full force. You’re body wanted to explode.

I too wanted to explode. Seeing you fucked like that was so erotic I couldn’t take it much longer. You looked towards the window knowing that what I was watching must be incredibly hot. You knew we were both enjoying it.

I’m You wanted to make them cum so bad now and you wanted to release your own enormous orgasm that had been building steam all day. You wanted Scott’s dick inside you again. His thickness felt so good. You began to work your ass on Kyle knowing the he wouldn’t last much longer with the sexy view you were providing. You slowly bounced on his huge cock until he let you know he was going to cum. You were so turned on you wanted to feel his sex on you. He pulled out and squeezed his cock as it sprayed all over your ass and back with his huge load. It felt so warm on your skin and you kept sucking Scott you were enjoying it all so much. You then quickly turned over and told Scott to fuck you like he was before. He jumped at the opportunity his dick now ready to erupt. You writhed as his thick cock penetrated you again and began to thrust into your pussy relentlessly. The pressure was building. With Kyle finished, you were happy to focus on just Yourself and Scott now. He was your favorite anyway. You gripped his strong arms caged on either side of your head and rocked your pussy into his dick with abandon. You felt your release climbing to heights you never imagined - the whole build up of this sexy day leading to this crazy fantasy. Your entire body began to tremble, your soft moans now uncontrollable. Scott knew exactly what he was doing as he worked his dick in and out of you. Sensing your orgasm he brought his hand up to your exposed neck and gently wrapped his fingers around it. The feeling was indescribable as you felt his grip tighten. His thrusts were powerful and deliberate. You closed your eyes in ecstasy as your pussy began to contract and squeeze every inch of him. Suddenly you groaned as you felt a flood of your juices rush down onto his massive dick as it continued to fuck you. You felt as if you were floating and your entire being began to vibrate. The groundbreaking orgasm must have lasted for over 5 minutes and you were stunned by the immense pleasure. Scott slowly pulled himself out you. Your pussy still pulsing and gripping his thick cock. Dazed you realized that Scott hadn’t cum yet and you wanted to tend to him since he took such good care of you.

You were still incredibly turned on and his thick rock hard dick deserved your attention. You got on your hands and knees and arched your back positioning yourself just as he had placed you before and displayed your perfect ass for him once again. He came up to you and you eagerly backed onto him very slowly at first, still sensitive from your lingering orgasm. It felt so good and you began to work on his ready dick faster and you were energized and wild again thinking about how you were going make him explode. You could hear his grunts as he clinched your hips and welcomed your gorgeous ass onto him. He let out a loud groan and withdrew his dick, letting you know he was ready. You wanted it so badly you quickly turned around so you could help him finish. He was waiting. You knew exactly what he wanted and to your own surprise you wanted it too.

You were still so turned on and insatiable that the thought of him kneeling over you with his dick cumming on your lips drove you wild. He carefully grabbed your hair and gently pulled you towards him. His pulsing dick at your lips. You sucked and licked his swollen head, tasting all of his sweet pre cum. He moaned and you could feel it throbbing in your mouth as he began to erupt. You pulled his dick out right as his juice began to shoot across your mouth and lips. It’s sexy warmth finally soothing your desire. You felt so sexy knowing you were responsible for him making such a passionate mess. Scott promptly gave you a towel and helped you up and turned on the outside shower. He jumped in with you quickly to wash off and kissed you passionately. He then said “Hope I run into you at show sometime” and went back to his room.

I watched you as you finished showering wondering what was going through your mind. You looked towards the window wondering the same thing about me. You looked relaxed, happy and satisfied. I too felt relaxed and happy, but I was not yet satisfied. I was going to make love to you and let you know you were mine. You came into the room. Shy again and nervous about what just transpired. I was loving and still horny and put your worries to rest by letting you know how much I enjoyed it as well. It was just a fantasy, not real. You were relieved and now glowing with your new found sexuality and shared it with me. The next morning in bed you said “I wish I could have seen that from your perspective”, I said “yeah, it was so fucking hot!” and then I showed you the video I recorded.

The End