The Clean Tutor Ch. 1

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19 Apr. '20

Rooster woke up grouchy. The party the night before had been fun, and now he was paying for it. Ever since turning 30, he found that he didn’t nearly drink as much as he used to, like when he was 20. It wasn’t that he had started going to AA or anything, he simply found he couldn’t keep the habit going in the same way. So when he and Callie found themselves at Oliver’s pad last night for a quick party, he had hoped that past experience would keep him from getting completely trashed. But after multiple shots that was simply just not the case.

“Fuck,” he whispered, as he slowly rolled out of bed and headed toward the shower. He cleaned himself up the best he could; he wasn’t necessarily stunningly handsome or anything, standing at a decent 5’8”, but he took care of himself, and with his short blond hair, he was able to carry himself with that certain scruffy, West coast charm.

Somewhere in the kitchen of their small apartment, he heard Callie getting ready for her day, and Rooster smiled. She was a pretty blonde woman, with a slight olive tone to her complexion; apparently, one of her grandfathers was a Maltese man. Unlike Rooster, who could come across as a bit broody, Callie was a relaxed, approachable woman. Before meeting each other, they had both been caught up in a series of bad relationships, and maybe that was what united them. Eventually they had moved in together, and now both of them had friends who asked about what their next step would be, having been going out for 3 years and what not. But both of them enjoyed the ‘steadiness’ of their current lifestyle, or at least, that’s what Callie told Rooster.

That’s when Rooster remembered that he had made a little lunch for her; her favorite snack, a BLTA, that she could take to the gym with her. And despite his headache, Rooster smiled; he liked being a good boyfriend, and making his boo a lunch was one of his favorite ways to show his gratitude.

“Hey babe,” he said, stepping into the kitchen. “Did you find the l-”

“Sorry dear, can’t talk!,” Callie cried, her voice threshed with panic. He looked and saw that Callie was scrambling, still putting on her business blouse and coat. Nearby, on the kitchen table, was a suitcase, stuffed with a disorganized mess of clothes.

“Umm, honey, what’s up?,” Rooster asked.

“What didn’t I tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I only got the call an hour ago!”

“Call for what?”

“For Miami!,” Callie said, taking a quick moment to pause and look at her boyfriend. She reached and gave him a quick peck, before scurrying back to her task. “Yeah, I got a desperate call from Barry Darnell, from Icebound Studios, saying that some of their programming crew got pulled to a different assignment, and they need some backup programmers immediately. I’ve been on their hiring list for awhile, and they said that that this will be an all expenses paid trip.”

“Oh my gosh, dear, that’s great!”

“I know, I’m so excited! Anyways, I got a flight taking off in 90 minutes, and I gotta get there fast,” she said, while going over and giving Rooster another peck on his cheeks. “Okay, I think I’m as packed as I can be. Ttfn!”

“Uh, any idea when you’ll be back?”

“Nope. Take care of the place, I’ll keep you informed! And good luck with the tutoring!,” she cried. And with a bit of a pep to her step, she had walked out of the house. A moment later, she was gone, hurriedly driving to the airport.

Rooster, although not feeling ‘traumatized’ by any means, suddenly felt as if he were in a daze, caught in the whirlwind Callie had made as she had scrambled to get ready.

After waving her off, he walked back inside, and found himself sitting at the table. It had all been so sudden, and while he felt very happy and proud of his girlfriend, she had almost not even bothered to wake him up to let him know about what was going on.

“Huh,” he finally said to himself, taking in the solitude of his currently lonely place. “Damn. And normally, Monday mornings are our time to get a little frisky,” he said to himself, frowning even further. This caused him to let out another deep sigh, knowing that he was going to be a bit hornier today than he normally would. But he knew that he would be able to handle that.

He took another shower, and felt a little better.

After that, he took yet another moment to review his agenda, taking a moment to stop by the bookshelf, admiring the one fantasy book that was his own. But that was a long time ago, and while that gave him some extra credentials when it came to being an English tutor, it had been some time since he had found the desire to keep writing. But he couldn’t think about that. Today, in just a few hours, he was going to be providing at home tutoring to a new student, and he was happy about that. His current batch, though not completely full of morons, had become a bit routine as of late. Some new blood might be just the thing to cheer him up.


Rooster pulled up to the driveway, and almost immediately felt embarrassed.

The house that he was pulling up to looked more like a mansion. It was grand, a prime example of rural suburban living, with white outer walls and a brick chimney, and while there might be grander within Bonville, CA, it wasn’t for lack of trying. The garden in the front yard was strewn with roses, lavender, and other beautiful flowers.

“Shit,” Rooster muttered to himself, as he stepped out of his car, bringing his bag of teaching supplies. “I’m gonna really have to bring out the gentleman in me; no wonder they’re paying so well.” He briefly looked down at his outfit, which was a business casual get-up; he was wearing a nice pair of blue jeans, yes, but he was also wearing a nicer coat and button-up shirt above that. He hoped that would make him look that much more presentable.

As he walked up the driveway, the front door opened, and three women stepped outside, though one quickly hid behind the other. The tallest woman was older, with a sporty, busty build, with big E cup titties. She had a beautiful face, though as she was wearing a black hijab, not all of her features could be immediately discerned; besides that, her clothes were nice but otherwise ordinary. On her left, stood a shorter, younger woman, who wore no such traditional clothes. On the contrary, she was simply wearing a t-shirt, blue jeans and some sandals, covered with some ornamental trinkets, such as a necklace and some earrings. This younger girl’s hair was in a bob cut; she was slender, though with a decent D cup bust. But this younger girl wasn’t paying attention to Rooster at all as he approached; rather, her focus was solely put onto her phone.

“Hello!,” the older woman said in a husky but friendly, accented voice. She looked to be at least 40, maybe just a year or two older. “You must be Rooster. I am Priscilla.”

“Ahem! Selamat pagi ibu Septriasa,” Rooster spoke, as clearly and cleanly as he could. At this, the two women that he had been able to obeserve so far looked up at him, including the girl who had just been paying attention to her phone. “Siapa namanya Rooster.”

“You speak Indonesian?,” the mother asked with curiosity.

“Um, not really, but when I went over your information, I decided to look up the origin of your last name. That said, I always did want to learn a little bit of bahasa,” Rooster said.

“Oh,” Priscilla said. “How charming. Yes, my husband recently moved here, on account of business. And now, finally, we are here as well.

“Rooster, this is my oldest daughter, Rianti,” Priscilla said motioning to the phone girl. But after taking a quick glance at Rooster, Rianti quickly put her phone into her back pocket. She then reached out to shake Rooster’s hand, despite Rooster not offering it.

“Nice to meet you, Rooster,” Rianti said. Her voice was sweet and musical, also deeply accented. As Rooster shook her hand, he noticed that Rianti had a rich, deep, cinnamon complexion, that was in fact a bit darker than her mother’s.

“My pleasure,” Rooster said, then letting go of Rianti’s small but firm hand.

“And this is-oh!,” Priscilla said, as the third figure behind her suddenly peeked out. “Oh yes, this is my second and youngest daughter, Cinta,” Priscilla continued. Rooster turned to look at this third girl, who’s whole demeanor bespoke of her shyness. She was a few inches shorter than Rianti, with longer, shoulder length hair, and a slightly larger DD cup bust. She was wearing a nice, pink, form fitting dress. While she mostly looked the same as her sister, in terms of a pleasant round face, her eyes were a bit smaller. Both she and Rianti had nice, little, hourglass shaped bodies.

Cinta took a deep sigh, and then fully stepped out behind her mother. She gave Rooster a big smile.

“Hi,” she simply said.

“Pagi, Cinta,” Rooster responded, and Cinta deeply smiled.

“Ahem,” Rianti said, with a wry smile. “Should we give Mr. Rooster a tour of the house?”

“Oh, yes,” Priscilla said, leading the small entourage of people back into the house. “Right this way.”

Priscilla led them into the house, and Rooster was stunned. Not because the house was quite as big as it had looked like on the outside, but because the house was full of beautiful decorations. Paintings of Sumatran jungle, beautiful statues, small brass statues of Rama, and a decent sized gong that sat in the middle of the living room.

“Almost everything you see here, we have brought with us, from our home in Jakarta,” Priscilla said. Though her English appeared to sound fine to Rooster, he couldn’t help but notice how she didn’t speak too quickly. The carefulness in her speech gave her a calming and respected air about her.

“Wow, everything’s so beautiful,” Rooster said with earnestness. Rooster was so fixated, he almost missed how each of the three girls spared a quick glance and giggle at each other. Rooster pretended not to have noticed that.

Eventually, Priscilla led everyone upstairs, and into a smaller room, decorated with girly items, including a bed, desk and dresser. It was a nice room, with a main window, though the blinds were currently closed.

“This is Rianti’s room; here’s where you’ll be teaching her, if that’s okay?,” Priscilla asked.

“Huh? Oh, of course. Yes, this room will be perfect,” Rooster said confidently.

“Splendid! I’ll let you two get to know each other. I’ll be downstairs, making calls and cleaning the house if you need me.”

“Bye mas Rooster,” Cinta said sweetly, as she and Priscilla curtly escorted themselves out.

That left Rooster alone with his new student. He glanced at her again; she stood with a happy, eager posture, with her hands behind her back. She was indeed a cute little thing.

“Well,” he said, clapping his hands, and putting his supplies on top of her desk. “It’s okay if I put my supplies on your desk?”

“Hmm? Oh, I suppose,” Rianti said. Rooster couldn’t help but notice that she was now looking at him with a positively hungry look, with her lovely, dark brown eyes.

“You know, Rianti, I must say, I was expressly hired as an English tutor, but it seems like your English is already quite strong.”

“Huh? Oh, well, yeah, I suppose,” Rianti said, with a quick roll of her eyes. “Actually, I’ve been having English lessons my whole life. I think both me and Cinta are already mostly fluent.”

“Wait, why was I hired then?”

“Hmm. Let’s see here. Well, it’s like, even if you are already strong in English, you still need a way to practice.”

“So, do you mean I’ve been hired for conversational practice?”

Rianti shrugged.

“Perhaps. But you know, I’m 20, and I think I have a better idea.”

“Oh?,” Rooster asked, picking up one of his favorite books on the art of the essay, laying it carefully on the desk. He saw Rianti quickly hop over to her door, and press her ear to it. After a moment, she came back, standing next to Rooster, who hadn’t had a chance to sit down yet.

Then she grabbed Rooster by his belt and pulled him in close.

“How about we just fuck instead?,” Rianti asked him in a sultry tone.

“Whoa!,” Rooster said, trying to push Rianti off of him. “Whoa, Rianti, what the hell are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing? I’m pulling your cock out of your pants.”

“Fucking-girl, hold on! Why are you doing this?”

“Why?,” Rianti asked, as she undid the belt and was pulling Rooster’s pants zipper down. At the same time, she simultaneously fell to her knees. “Because I’ve been living in America for a month now and have barely had a chance to visit this town of Bonville I currently live in. And, also, I can’t lie, because I really, really need some good Californian dick to satisfy me. Especially a dick that actually went out of his way to learn some of my native language.”

“Hold on! This is insane,” Rooster harshly whispered, as Rianti massaged his groin through his pants. Rooster was so taken aback by the brashness of this girl’s actions so far, that he almost felt paralyzed.

“Hmm. You know what else is insane? That you still haven’t pushed me off yet. Or that your nice big cock here was already a little hard,” Rianti said. As she spoke, she fully pulled out Rooster’s big member. While not fully hard yet, his dick was long enough to reach Rianti’s chin. Her eyes widened, as she licked both of her palms. “Ooh! My oh my! What were you thinking of, I wonder?,” she sensuously spoke, taking a firmer grip on Rooster’s cock. She slowly started jerking the older man off.

“Fuck. We need to stop this, right now. Ugh. Ugh, this would have been so much easier if my girlfriend had just taken a bit more time to blow me this morning,” Rooster said, resting his fingertips on his temples. Taking a deep breath, he managed to calm himself down. A part of him hoped that mentioning his girlfriend would cause Rianti to relent; they had just met ten minutes ago, this was way too fast for a normal person.

“Oh yeah, poor her,” Rianti said, playfully rolling her eyes. Turning her attention back to his cock, she took his shaft and spat on it, rubbing her warm hands across it. Then she lifted his shaft and spat on his big clean balls as well. By this point, his dick was properly slicked up. Then, with a quick and agile little bob of her head, she put the head of his cock into her mouth before going straight at it.

“Ah shit!,” Rooster said, as he instinctively started moving his hips in tandem with the girl’s proactive blowjob. His mind was still rolling at a 1,000 miles per hour, but he was still able to focus enough to start taking off his shirt and coat. Eh, this was already a most compromising position, one that would get him fired at minimum, in jail at worst.

So he might as well keep going.

Rianti took her time to warm-up a bit, but in a mere moment, she was choking on his big cock. She didn’t necessarily have a big mouth, and so her cheeks looked like they were puffed up with penis. She was moving her tongue left to right under Rooster’s big meat, while a mixture of spit and cum started pouring out of her mouth. At the same time, she undid the button on her pants, shoved a hand in there, and was playing with her clit, while continuing to jerk Rooster off with her other hand.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Rooster said, fully taking off his shirt and kicking his pants to the side. At the same time, Rianti also got more comfortable; she briefly took Rianti’s cock out of her tight warm mouth, just so that she could take off her cute T-shirt and necklace, so that she was just in her black bra. She reached over behind her back, and in a moment, her bra came off too, showing off her nice titties. Her nipples were small and perky, and already her chest was splattered with that wet cum and saliva potion. Her body was lithe and lean.

“Don’t forget the balls dear,” Rooster said, lifting up his shaft. Rianti didn’t need to be asked twice; she dove right in, taking Rooster’s nuts in her mouth. Her mouth was too small to hold both of his testicles, but she was doing an admirable job switching between both of them. Her mouth was puckered, her tongue licking out and massaging Rooster’s big sack.

“Damn girl, that feels so good,” Rooster said, leaning back and falling onto her bed. Rianti then stood up and took her pants off. Rooster caught a quick glance at her cute panties ; they were black and covered with little white hearts. As Rianti took them off, Rooster could see that they were already soaked. He was jerking himself while she undressed herself.

Rianti stood naked in the plain light of her room. She brushed a few bangs from her eyes, and Rooster was fully able to admire her body. She was in good shape, her belly flat and slightly accentuated by her curves. Her legs, though not long, were pretty and lean. While her tits were glistening with their shared alchemy, he could see a few beads of sweat forming at the edge of her hips. And her ass had just a nice bit of plump to it.

“Damn, you’re a hot little thing,” Rooster said, causing Rianti to smile.

Rianti got up on the bed, resting her chest on Rooster’s thighs. Her tits rested on Rooster’s big pickle, and he loved how his white shaft stood out between her lovely dark melons. He grabbed her tits and started vigourosly thrusting between them.

“Oh my!,” Rianti said, trying to keep up and helping hold her own tits while Rooster hammered between them. The violence took her by surprise, but she made up for this by sticking her tongue out and licking at his cock’s head whenever it got close to her lips (which was often). Taking a hint of inspiration, Rooster then took his right hand, grabbed Rianti by her hair, and shoved his cock straight up into her throat, continuing the jackhammering.

“Fuck yeah,” he groaned, as Rianti squirmed and gagged on his cock. Even more saliva mixed with cum sprinkled across her chest, and wet his balls even more. Rianti, in terms of subtlety, hadn’t necessarily come across as the most experienced sexual partner he had ever had, but so far she was able to blow him way better than Callie ever had.

Eventually, Rooster let her go. Rianti immediately came up for air to gasp, coughing. As she did so, she threw her head back, inadvertently sticking out her great rack.

“Ha. Yes,” she breathed heavily, after regaining her breath. Her eyes still had that manic eyed gleam to them. She then looked down on Rooster’s solid, slimy cock, and her smile grew even wider. Taking his shaft, she then squatted up to his dick. Rooster looked at her pussy; it was small, and perfectly formed. It was smooth, and well manicured. It was maybe the loveliest little pussy that Rooster had ever seen, even as it dripped with her alchemy.

“Yes, I love how big this dick is,” she said, taking his cum oozing sausage, and flicking it across her swollen clit. Rooster could feel her bean, and thus could feel her shiver with pleasure every time his head viciously kissed her hood. But while he didn’t want to say anything, he felt like now was the last chance he had to say, well, anything.

“Shit girl, you sure you want to go through with this?”


“Yeah, Rianti, you’re fucking great, but we just met today. Also, I’m not wearing a condom. You sure I’m worth all this?”

Rianti’s smile took on a mischievous air. She reached down, grabbed the base of Rooster’s fat cock, and slowly speared herself on his thick shaft.

“Oh, fuck,” they both said simultaneously. They both looked at each other, and even let out a little laugh at the serendipity of their word choice. But then Rianti’s look became steely; she was having to adjust to his size, but still rocking her nice hips with gusto.

“Fuck,” Rooster moaned; her pussy was tight and wet, her juices overflowing from her pussy, pouring onto his stable cock. He rested his hands on her firm rear, and helped rock her in whatever direction she decided to lean in.

“Ooh,” Rianti moaned with pleasure. She wasn’t rocking violently, nor was she being gentle, but somewhere in-between. Rooster could feel her body occasionally spasm with pleasure, her insides clenching and then suddenly unclenching. Eventually, he started thrusting himself up into her guts, and this caused a panting Rianti to fall onto his chest. Her gaze looked lost in pleasure, and Rooster felt the weight of her sweaty bosom on his own toned chest.

“Ooh, that feels so, so good!,” Rianti groaned, as Rooster kept pumping away at her. Every time he thrust up, he could hear a squelch from her wet pussy, as his hips smashed against hers. Her kitty was so warm and so wonderful.

Rooster was in heaven; this whole thing had been one hell of a blur, but this was already one of the best fucks of his life. And as the writhing woman moaned into his chest, he couldn’t help but get a quick smell of her hair. And oh how wonderful it was-Rianti’s hair had the smell of sharp, spicy ginger, which happened to be one of his most favorite things. Instinctively, Rooster felt his hips and cock slam into her harder and faster.

With a sudden gasp and arch of her back, Rianti gave her most violent spasm yet, as she gave a seriously violent orgasm. It was intense, her eyes rolling into the back of her head, her fingernails digging into the skin on his chest. Rooster paused the thrusting, letting her enjoy her shudder. He took his right hand and put it against her mouth, and she practically screamed into it.

And as she started to come down, Rooster felt his own body suddenly clench.

“Arghhh!,” he groaned through clenched teeth, as he shot his hot load straight up into Rianti’s hot, unprotected womb. His big cock was spasming, and much to his own surprise, he just felt himself shooting rope after rope of cum right on up in there.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!,” Rianti happily hissed in pleasure, as she felt Rooster’s body jerking up into her. In her own mind, she had just been surprised to see the entirety of his girth fit up into her; her twat would feel pleasantly stretched for a few hours afterwards. And seeing, hearing, and feeling him just unload into her like this gave her even more pleasure, that she could be such an effective seductress. She looked down to see his twitching member still lodged into her.

“Fuck yeah, that was great,” Rooster sighed, as Rianti slid herself off him. Sitting on the other side of her bed, she looked down at Rooster’s cock, covered in smears of his cum. Then she looked down at her own cunt, and saw pools of cum pouring out of her hot puss.

“Wow, your girlfriend really did miss out,” she said, reaching down with her hand and feeling the cum between her fingers. She started smearing it around her crotch, like it was silly putty. Having had a quick moment to regain his breath, Rooster pulled himself up, looking at her freshly pounded cunt. He was admiring his handiwork.

“Damn, I didn’t even realize I had this much nut that I needed to bust,” he said. Reaching out, he took some of his fingers and also started playing with his own cum, as it dripped out of her pussy.

“Oh?,” Rianti toned in surprise. She didn’t stop him though, as he scooped some of his cum back into her hole. Rianti giggled, even as Rooster took his fingers, dripping with cum, and put them up to her mouth. Rianti began licking them, like they were lollipops.

“You like that?,” he asked.

“Mmm, enak,” she replied.

While he didn’t want to, he knew he had to pull away from her. He leaned over the bed, reached down into his pockets and took out his phone, to see that he only had about 12 minutes left of this ‘session.’

“Shit, I need to start getting ready to go,” he said to her. It felt like a crime to have to have such a short bang, but between getting dressed and putting his materials away, he knew that he would be pushing his luck if he didn’t start moving. Still, the whole spontaneity of this even had somehow made it even hotter.

“See that laundry basket?,” Rianti motioned to a small basket beside her desk. “I think I have a clean towel there. You can clean yourself up with it.”

“Thanks, he said, getting up off the bed. He started wiping himself down to the best of his ability. In a moment, he was mostly dry, and while looking slightly disheveled, he knew it would have to do. He grabbed his learning supplies, putting them back into his bag. He looked over at Rianti; she was relaxing, still looking lean and beautiful. The cum looked like it had finally stopped pouring out of her cunt, but only just. She looked very happy and very content.

“See you next time?,” he asked her. She gave him a thumbs up.

“Terima kasih mas Rooster; that was the best fuck of my life-way better than those schoolboys I used to fool around with.”

“Well hey, thank you for the initiative; I’ve been with my girlfriend for 3 years, and I think you might have her beat in the ‘banging’ department.”

“Heh heh. Damn straight I did. Yeah, I’ll see you next time.”

“Goodbye dear,” he said, and he quickly left. Afterwards, he had a quick conversation with Priscilla (who thankfully had indeed been on the phone the whole time), and let her know that Rianti was a good student, but there was still room for improvement. He then quickly left, on to his next tutoring session.

As for Rianti, she knew she had to clean up eventually. She got up, took a quick peak out of her door to make sure her mother wasn’t in the same hallway, and scurried over to the upstairs shower. She was just stepping into the bathroom, when Cinta came out from behind the corner of her room.

There was a pause, while Cinta and Rianti eyed each other; Rianti felt her cheeks growing warm, but Cinta kind of had an unreadable expression on her face. She looked down to her older sister’s legs and saw the smears of drying cum all around her crotch and legs.

Not knowing what else to do and knowing that she had been caught, Rianti felt that humor might be the best way to break the tension. She simply gave a shrug, and then stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Really, she wasn’t too worried about Cinta; they had both been good about keeping secrets between themselves.

Rianti’s shower was warm and relaxing, due in part when she used her favorite ginger shampoo.


When Rooster finally got home, he took a heavy sit on his chair. Damn this had been a good day, but one that was still mentally exhausting.

He was, naturally, still thinking of Rianti. That little harlot had given him one of the best bangs of his life. And while he would have to consider the situation carefully, knowing full well the potential consequences, he couldn’t help but feel giddy at the whole thing.

He was stirred out of his reverie by another rumble of his phone. He looked down and saw that it was Callie again. They had continued texting throughout the day, and now she was letting him know that she had set up in the apartment she had been given, and was going to bed.

Love u dear!

That was what her text read. Simple, to the point, and utterly boring.

Love u too dear! Have a good night! :)

Rooster thought about that, after sending his text; he had never cheated on any of his girlfriends before, but he really didn’t feel guilty about this. But he felt he knew why; the fact is that he was getting older, and between paying bills, maintaining his aging vehicle, and all that other shit, the fact is he just really didn’t give a fuck. The truth is, if he never saw Rianti again, that would be fine. And if he kept his relationship with Callie, well, that would be fine. But if he wound up with a chance to get another fuck or two in with the spicy young woman, he would be fine with that too. Either way, he didn’t feel dirty about this whole affair; in fact, after the rough morning he had had, he felt pretty damn clean. Cleaner than he had in a long time.

And hungry.

Knowing what was still in there, he went over to the fridge and pulled out the sandwich he had made for Callie as dinner. He took a bite and savored the deliciousness.


He had made himself a good sandwich.