Was I Good?

Info axe94
20 Apr. '20

"You can leave your bag and shoes right here by the door. Take off all of your clothes and hand them over."


I sat in the university library that afternoon. I had case studies to do for the next day, but I caught myself staring at the same page for over an hour. I reached into my pocket for my phone and shielded the screen from nearby students as I texted him. "I almost forgot - what's your name?"

"Robbie," he replied.

It was the first time since we matched that I wondered what his real name was. Nevertheless, by this point we had already put everything in place. I scrolled up to read the texts we had exchanged over the past four days. The excitement grew until a backpack brushed up against me as a student walked past me and I was reminded of where I was. With me eyes back on my book, I tried to cast aside the images in my head for the few hours left until our meeting. I gave up a few minutes later and left for my apartment.

Back in my room, I took my clothes off and got into bed. I unlocked my phone, which opened straight to the app where Robbie and I had been talking. I looked at his profile picture. It didn't show much of his face, but he had a clean look which I liked. I went back to our chat and scrolled up to our second day of texting. We had just agreed to meet and were already talking about the things we would do, or rather, that he would do to me. It was going to be my first time doing anything like this and I was eager, and it showed in my texts. He seemed to be looking forward to it too but was also trying to be considerate of my lack of experience. I asked if we'd need a safe word and he replied, "a simple 'no' will suffice." That made me feel a lot better, but I had a feeling that no one was going to hear that word from me tonight. At this point I had made my way to our more recent texts, and I read one of his.

"One more thing. Starting now, you are not allowed to cum until we meet. I don't care if you are with anyone else before then. I forbid you from cumming until I say you can."

And with that gentle reminder my hand, which was now between my legs, pulled back and dropped by my side.


I stepped off the subway and made my way up the stairs. I then followed the map as it guided me through the five-block walk from the station to his building. Once I got there, I calmed the shaking in my hand and rang for apartment 5.

"Come on in," the voice on the speaker said as the door buzzed open. I walked up the two flights of stairs to his apartment. I saw apartment 6 across the hall from his place, and the stairs didn't go any further up. I could hear the voices from his place, and I noticed that the door was ajar. Still, I knocked. Robbie came to the door and let me in, and shut it behind me as soon as I was in.

He turned and walked down the hallway to my left, and into the kitchen. There was some lounge music coming from down the hall. I took the opportunity to survey the living room in front of me, where I counted four other people. There were two tall, butch-looking men sitting across the cozy living room from two beautiful women. They were all well-dressed, looking like they were ready for a night out on the town. The coffee table in the center had drinks on coasters and had five pairs of cards lying face down with a few more facing up in the middle. Poker, I presumed. The conversation that seemed to be flowing while I was outside the door had now lulled as the four of them laid their eyes on me. I wouldn't say they were sizing me up. The men had friendly eyes, and the two women looked at me, smiled, and then turned to speak to each other in whispers. Just then, Robbie walked up to me.

"You can leave your bag and shoes right here by the door. Take off all of your clothes and hand them over."

"Alright," I said, and did as I was told. My eyes darted from Robbie to the two men as I took off my clothing. I then fixed on the two women who were watching silently as I pulled my underwear down and stood back up to reveal my hard-on. I then handed all of my clothes to Robbie.

"You'll get these back when you're done tonight," he said reassuringly. It did not do much to settle the butterflies in my stomach, although this was one of the things we had agreed upon. In fact, this was one of the things that I had suggested he do to me.

I was empty-handed and nude in front of this group of strangers as Robbie went into a bedroom to store my clothes. I saw him locking the bedroom door on his way out for good measure. Then I turned back to face the group which had now become dead silent. I had nowhere to go. I had nothing to cover me up. I couldn't turn and walk out of the apartment, and there was no way I could access my clothes. Well he would've obliged if I'd asked, but I was not going to. I was exactly where I wanted to be, and I was feeling exactly what I hoped to be feeling, and that feeling was making my penis visibly throb.

"So, introductions." Robbie then proceeded to introduce one by one, Andre, John, Claire and Nicole. "This is Avinash," he said as he pointed to me.

"Avi is good," I added and smiled at the group as a bit of ease crept back into the room. Robbie sat down to rejoin the group and motioned for me to sit, still nude, on the armchair between John and Claire. The group resumed their round of poker. Once it was settled in Robbie's favor and everyone threw their cards in to be dealt again, Claire turned to Robbie.

"Why don't you deal a hand to Avi as well?" she asked.

"I don't think he came prepared to play poker today," Robbie replied almost too quickly, with a stern smile on his face. I smiled back at him and then turned to Claire.

"Happy to observe," I said to Claire. She smiled at me, almost pitying me. As she turned back towards the table to pick up her new hand of cards, I caught her gaze dart down towards my penis, which had by this point lost some of its vigor. But something about the way she looked at me provided some rejuvenation.

The hands continued to be dealt and played over the next twenty minutes with the poker-faced Nicole coming out on top most times, and Robbie looking more and more dejected over his poor luck. As he sipped the last of his beer, he looked around the coffee table and noticed empty glasses all around.

"Another round, guys?"

They all nodded, and then Robbie turned to me.

"Why don't you take these glasses into the kitchen and pour another round of beers for us?" he asked, without really asking.

I nodded and got up out of my chair to go around and pick up the glasses. I picked up the boys' glasses, and then turned to get the girls'. I suddenly became acutely aware of the fact that my butt was right in front of John's face and I paused for a second while picking up Claire's glass. Brushing it aside, I then proceeded to pick up Nicole's glass and as I did so, made eye contact with her. She looked at me with a smirk as I retrieved her glass and ran her eyes down to my erect penis. Averting my gaze from her face, I turned to head towards the kitchen and while I did, I heard Nicole whisper to Claire, "It'll do, I guess. What do you think, boys?"

I opened the refrigerator to look for the beers. The cold air from inside gave me a chill. Before I could reach for the beers, I felt a rough hand grab my ass and give it a squeeze.

"Mmm." I turned around to see Andre standing behind me in the kitchen. He smiled at me and proceeded to take a bowl of fruit out to the living room. I followed shortly with the beers and set them down on the coffee table. As I made my way back to my seat, Robbie stopped me.

"Uh-uh," he said. "You can come stand next to Nicole."

I walked slowly towards Nicole and stood by her. The smirk I saw earlier had returned to her face as she looked me over from head to toe, and then fixed on my throbbing penis. She then got up, took my hand, and led me over to John. Her eyes were now locked to his, and she leaned over and kissed him deeply. She let out a satisfied sigh as she pulled away from him. John, still seated, then pulled his shirt over his head as Nicole undid his pants. She slid them down and then pulled his briefs down to reveal his cock. It was hard, and bigger than mine and filled me with excitement and nervousness.

Nicole interrupted my admiration of John with a snap of her fingers. I looked over to see her, arms on her hips. She then pointed towards the ground, and I knew what this meant. I dropped to my knees, still facing John and with his erect cock now inches from my face.

"You remember the rules, I hope," Nicole said. I did, and so I pulled my hands away from John's big cock and moved my face closer. This was in keeping with a rule Robbie had suggested for tonight. John then reached out with his hand and gently guided my head towards his cock until my lips were touching its tip. I then opened my mouth and took his shaft in. I bobbed my head up and down and with each motion, I felt the tip of his cock at the back of my throat. I was loving all of it.

I looked up and into his eyes with his cock still in my mouth. I saw a satisfaction in his eyes that I recognized. He wasn't close to cumming. This satisfaction was different. This satisfaction came from seeing me where I was, in the situation I was in. I was at their mercy and had no opportunity to express what I wanted. I was there to serve them. I recognized this satisfaction because I had experienced it myself before.

My last girlfriend and I had a certain flavor in our sex. It was not a role-playing experiment, but rather it was how we always did it. She was there to please me and serve my needs. She never asked for anything and she let me do with her as I wished. She never had to ask for anything because that was exactly what got her off. She enjoyed being dominated, owned, and humiliated, and I enjoyed doing those things to her. There were times when we tried to reverse our roles, but neither of us was ever able to feel what the other felt. It felt fake and we quickly reverted to our usual ways. But I was aching to know how she felt when I used her body. I wanted to know why her pussy dripped when I ordered her to stand naked in my room while I worked on my laptop. That was what led me to Robbie. My profile on the app made very clear what I wanted, and I was getting it tonight.

My tongue circled around the tip of John's cock and then I continued going up and down on his sweet shaft, now faster. I occasionally slowed my rhythm to tease him and seeing him groan in frustration made me feel good. He was getting close now, so I moved faster than before and used my hand to help speed up the process. That was when I felt it. It was the crack of a leather belt across my ass. I immediately pulled back from John's cock, which was now throbbing visibly just as mine had before.

"I told you to follow the rules," said Robbie as he rolled up his belt. He then motioned to John, who stood up in front of me. I was still on my knees.

"You know the rules, Avi," said John. He held his boner by its base and swung it at my face. I instinctively turned my face away and felt his hard cock land on my cheek. "One," he said. I stayed there, as he slapped my face with his cock four more times, counting with each slap. When he was done, I looked down at my penis. It was so hard by this point it was hurting, and I had pre-cum oozing out and dripping onto my leg.

"Come on then," said Robbie. I turned around to face Claire and Andre who were now in their underwear and making out. Claire was straddling a seated Andre. The sight of their bodies tangled, with their groins rubbing against each other was beautiful. Then they stopped, and Claire got off of Andre and he stood up in front of me with his huge boner threatening to tear through his boxers. I hadn't seen it yet, but I could tell it was even bigger than John's. I inched closer on my knees towards Andre. At this point, Robbie was also down to his briefs and decided to join Andre. They stood next to each other, looking at me with not a hint of a smile. The time for pleasantries and comfort was over. They wanted to get what I was there to give them.

I reached up and pulled both of their underwear down with urgency and took Robbie's cock in my mouth. As per the rule, I made sure not to touch them with my hands. But then I remembered the punishment for breaking that rule and half-hoped that I would slip up again.

I eagerly moved my mouth back and forth on Robbie's cock which was now rock-hard. I enjoyed the taste of his cock, but I also wanted to taste Andre. I released Robbie and put my lips around Andre's huge cock. I could barely make my way down half the length of his cock on each movement, but I loved the taste of him. He knew I loved it, so he kindly helped me taste more of him. He grabbed the hair on my head and guided me further down the length of his shaft and held my head there. My eyes watered and I struggled to breathe, but I didn't ask him to let me go. I looked into his eyes and saw it. I didn't want it to go away. He then threw my head away from his cock and I coughed. I was still catching my breath when, seeing my wet mouth, Robbie pulled me by my hair and shoved his cock into my mouth. Holding my head in place, he proceeded to fuck my mouth hard and fast. With every thrust, I felt his cock ram the back of my throat.

As the thrusts grew harder, it became too much for me and my hands reached up to stop Robbie. Before I realized my mistake, Robbie had pulled out of my mouth, thrown me face-down onto the ground, and hit me three times with the belt. This time, it really hurt. I prayed that he would not hit me with the belt a fourth time.

"If you thought that was bad, you're in for a rough night," Robbie said. "It's the girls' turn now."

I turned over to lay on my back and looked at the girls' faces. Claire was still in her underwear while Nicole was now completely undressed. My eyes ran down Nicole's entire body, taking in her dusky skin, full lips, small but perfectly round breasts, her clean-shaven pussy, and her long legs. Claire's lacy black underwear then caught my eye. There was just enough material on the cups of her bra to cover the nipples on her full breasts. Her boy-cut panties hugged her tightly, with the lines of her pussy clearly visible.

Nicole, seeing me on the ground, was almost laughing at me. Claire, who had been a kinder face before, was now stern and getting impatient.

"Up," she said firmly. As I stood, Nicole, still grinning, turned around and kneeled on one of the armchairs, facing the back. Claire then pulled me by the hand and positioned me behind Nicole. She then pulled up one of the extra chairs and sat down behind the armchair on which Nicole was kneeling. She was facing Nicole and me directly. Once she was comfortable, she provided the orders.

"Go ahead and fuck her," she said. "Make sure you fuck her hard and fast. If I don't hear her scream, everyone's going to see the pictures of you clearing away our drinks completely naked."

I wasn't sure if she was acting or if she really had a camera around. But I was not too worried, because fucking Nicole hard and fast was something I could definitely do. I aligned the tip of my penis with her pussy and moved closer until it touched her pussy. She was already wet. I ran my penis up and down the lips of her pussy, before thrusting my penis entirely into her. She screamed at the sudden stretching of her pussy. I wasn't entirely sure if it was pleasure or pain, but I was following orders and so I ignored it. I began thrusting into her slowly at first, but the thrusts came faster and faster as I felt her wet pussy massage my hard penis. My thighs slammed into her ass with each stroke, getting gradually louder. I looked up from her ass and saw Claire watching me intently. Nicole's moans and screams started to fade away as Claire leaned forward in her chair, staring into my eyes. Her hand was now rubbing her pussy through her lace panties. Seeing this was all I needed. I started to groan, and my head flew back.

"Oh fuck I think I'm gonna cum," I said through belabored breath. That was when it happened again. The sting from the belt on my ass made me thrust even harder into Nicole, before pulling my penis out gently.

"I told you. Not without my permission," said Robbie. "Now we're gonna have to punish you more."

Nicole then got up from where I had fucked her, and Robbie made me take her place in a doggie position. He then passed the belt to Nicole and positioned himself in front of me. He grabbed my face and forced my mouth open, shoving his cock inside. He started to fuck my mouth once again, this time even harder than the last time.

"Make sure you don't bite," he warned as I heard the belt fly through the air and land on my ass. It was all I could do not to touch Robbie's cock with my teeth. Nicole counted with each hit, this time making her way up to ten. When she stopped, Robbie pulled out as well.

"Your lack of control meant that Nicole wasn't fucked to satisfaction, and now one of us is gonna have to do your job," Robbie said in a low voice. I turned around to see Nicole now bent over another chair, with John pushing his cock into her.

I turned around and saw Claire waiting for me to get up. It was her turn to take Nicole's place. Claire never took her bra or panties off. I approached her from behind and rubbed my aching penis against her pussy.

"Don't fucking play with me," she hissed. I then pulled aside the material of her panties and positioned my penis near her hole. Wasting no more time, I thrust into her pussy and fucked her as hard as I could. My whole body was shaking as I tried to ram her pussy hard and push my penis deeper into her. Behind me, I could hear Nicole and John moaning with pleasure, and I could see Andre off to the side, stroking his dick as he watched me fuck his girlfriend.

Once again, I was unable to keep it in for long. But I remembered the rule – not until I had Robbie's permission. So, without saying a word, I pulled my penis out, now covered in Claire's juices.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" she exclaimed.

I stood there, trying hard to calm myself as I felt my cum waiting to spill out. Claire's reaction scared me, and I looked at Robbie who was now looking at me with utter scorn.

"I think we need to take care of ourselves," he said. "Go stand against the wall until we need you."

I did as I was told. Claire looked at me with disgust as she stood up from the chair. Andre then sat in the chair, facing her. She then straddled him and guided his huge cock into her wet and wanting pussy. Instead of fucking him, however, she waited there with his cock inside her. She waited while Robbie stood behind her and teased her butt with his cock, and then eased it into her ass. She gasped loudly and threw her head back from the pleasure of having two cocks inside her. Slowly they started to fuck her. Andre was able to hold her up with ease thanks to his muscular arms, and he and Robbie pushed in and out of Claire's holes as she winced and moaned. I was still standing by the wall, unable to touch my penis. I couldn't dare to ask Robbie for permission in the middle of his three-way fuck.

Just then, I heard Nicole scream and turned to see her arching her back and shuddering. John continued to thrust in and out of her, now faster than ever. Nicole then turned her head in my direction. She looked at my penis and then locked eyes with me. The throbbing in my cock intensified when I saw her eyes. She felt sorry for me, that I was unable to satisfy her. She moaned and winced and shook all over as the orgasm hit her, and she dropped forward into the chair, exhausted. Claire followed soon after, having been made to scream through orgasm by the two cocks inside her.

The men themselves, however, were not satisfied. All of them were now staring at me. Robbie having cleaned himself up, walked over to where my backpack was and picked up my phone from next to it. He then opened the camera app and handed it to Nicole. She began to take pictures of me, standing pathetically against the wall with a throbbing boner. She then switched to video, and Robbie motioned for me to come over. The three men then gathered in front of me as Andre and John pushed me to down to my knees. I was now at eye-level with all of their cocks. I knew what was going to happen – it was one of my suggestions.

"You can use your hands now," Robbie said. So, I took his cock in my left hand, Andre's in my right, and John's in my mouth and began sucking on and stroking all of them. Their cocks were still wet from being inside the girls and I was savoring the taste. Within minutes, all three of them were close.

"Please, give it to me," I begged as Nicole recorded the entire thing. The three of them then took their cocks into their own hands and began stroking themselves fast. I could tell they were getting close, and still on my knees, I sat back on my heels. Their cocks were now right above my face. I opened my mouth in anticipation, eager to taste and lick it all up.

Robbie's groans grew louder as slowly he inched closer towards me. I knew I should have closed my eyes, but I wanted to see everything, and Robbie did not disappoint. He groaned loudly one last time as the warm white liquid squirted out of his cock and landed on my lips and my left cheek. I licked the cum off my lips as he spilled more of it onto my face, until there was none left. I loved the warm feeling of the cum on my face. More than that, I loved the look I saw on his face, and I loved knowing that I was able to make him feel that way.

Andre was next, as he slowly stroked his long shaft, almost squeezing it. The cum began to drip out, and so I moved closer so it would reach my face. But after the first two drops, his cock let out big spurts of the sticky liquid which reached my forehead and even landed in my hair.

"Wow, that was a lot," I said happily. I told myself that I was the reason he came so hard. Before I could savor it, I heard John starting to groan and buck. I turned to face him directly and moved closer, but he moved away from me. I stayed in my place, not knowing what to expect. The first bit of cum landed on my knee. And then it came. He let out big spurts of cum, which landed on my face, my hair, my chest, my nipples, and my legs. The biggest reward was the bit of cum that flew out of his cock and landed directly on mine.

I was marked. My penis was marked by John's cum. But that wasn't all. Nicole had recorded all three of their orgasms and she recorded me begging for their cum. My body was covered in the guys' cum. My face was marked where John slapped me with his dick. My ass was marked where Andre grabbed it, and where Robbie and Nicole whipped me with the belt. My throat was sore from Robbie's fucking. My dignity was marked by the pitying looks Claire and Nicole had given me.

But I did well. I served at their pleasure. They were all satisfied. Even if I was not the one to satisfy all of them, I played my part. I gave them something to own. Something to use. Something to discard.

"Go kneel over there," Robbie said as he pointed towards an empty space between two armchairs. I did as I was told. I hadn't received permission to clean up yet, and I didn't ask. The cum from my face dripped slowly onto the rest of my body. The five of them then got dressed, sat back down around the coffee table, picked up their drinks, and began a new round of poker. The volume in the room slowly began to rise as normal conversation resumed.

It was like I was not there, and nothing had just happened. I looked from one face to another, hoping for some kind of acknowledgment that I was still here, on my knees, covered in cum. I grew desperate for a response and my penis, which had gone soft, was now hard again.

After fifteen minutes, someone looked at me. It was Claire, who was sitting in the chair next to me. She gave me the same look she had given me at the beginning of the night. She felt sorry for me and she pitied me. She looked at my hard penis with those pitying eyes. She then reached out with her hand and began to stroke my cock. Her first stroke was gentle but then she immediately began stroking me faster. The cum that had dripped onto my cock had lubed it well and the sensation was amazing. I looked around the room and saw everybody watching. Nicole was smirking, John was watching intently, Andre was rubbing his pants, and Robbie was still looking at me with disdain. I then looked at Claire's eyes. As she stroked my cock, the pity in her face became clearer. It was all I needed to push me over the edge. Less than a minute after she began, I let out a groan and shuddered all over as my cum rushed out, shooting out of my pulsating cock and landing on my chest, Claire's hand, the coffee table, and Nicole's foot.

Claire let go of my penis and brought her hand up to my mouth. I licked as much of the cum from her hand as I could and when I was done, she picked up her cards and they went back to playing and ignoring my presence. I was still on my knees and now covered in more cum than before.

I hesitated, but I finally asked Robbie. "Can I go?"

Robbie looked at the clock. It was now 2am.

"Hmm." He didn't answer. But he was thinking. He then leaned over to Andre and whispered something to him. The two of them then got up from their seats. Andre walked towards the front door and Robbie pulled out his keys as he went to his bedroom. Andre took my phone from Nicole on the way to the door and dropped it inside my backpack.

Robbie then returned with my clothes. "Come on then," he said and motioned towards him. I finally got off my knees and walked over to Andre and Robbie.

"Can I get some tissue to wipe myself down?" I asked.

"You'll be fine, don't worry," Robbie replied, and then he nodded ever so slightly at Andre. Then, Andre opened the door, picked up my backpack and shoes, and threw them out into the hall. Robbie followed suit with my clothes. Claire and Nicole were laughing behind me. Before I realized what was happening, Andre and Robbie each grabbed one of my arms, shoved me out the door, and shut it behind me.

I didn't know what had just happened. I didn't know how to feel about it. They didn't take anything from me. I had everything that I'd brought with me. But I was now on the third-floor landing, in between apartments 5 and 6, completely naked and dripping in the cum of four men. It took a minute for it to sink in. I then gathered my things and sat on the stairs while I put on my clothes. I hoped that the people in apartment 6 wouldn't open the door. But with the time I was taking to get dressed and the racket I was making, I'm not sure what exactly I was hoping for.

As I exited the building fifteen minutes later, I pulled my phone out of my backpack and opened Robbie's chat.

"Was I good?"