The Clean Tutor Ch. 02

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20 Apr. '20

“So, how are you and Callie doing?,” Oliver asked Rooster in his usual, friendly demeanor. They had only been friends for a few years, but just like Rooster, Oliver also carried himself in that general laid back, West Coast demeanor. So it really was no surprise to anyone when they had they had naturally hit it off that one day at the gym a few year’s ago.

So, why was Oliver’s mere presence just deeply getting under Rooster’s skin today? It was such a strange thing to happen. Oliver himself was the best kind of buddy; calm and approachable, and willing to make the time for his friends. Which is why, on this early Monday morning, they had managed to catch up for a quick cup of tea at a local cafe. But again, why was Oliver doing nothing but annoy Rooster today?

Maybe it was because Rooster had hoped that Oliver would be the one person who wouldn’t ask that one question.

How was Callie doing?


“Well,” Rooster said, internally calming himself, deciding to cut Oliver some slack; it had only been a week after all, and in his own way, he was also worried about Callie. “The good news is that she’s settled in; she says Florida sucks as much as we heard it does, but the pad she’s been given is a nice one, and she can’t complain.”

“Hmm. That is indeed good news. And so, now I have to ask, is there any bad news to be had?”

“I suppose,” Rooster said, before ever so slightly puffing his voice with an extra bit of seriousness. “So, what I tell you next is kind of on the down low, if you catch my drift. Callie was only just able to fill me in.” Oliver nodded.

“Okay, gotcha. Thanks for the heads up.”

“So, you know how Icebound Studios only just released the trailer to Sword of Oblivion 4 a month ago?”

“Yeah dude, holy shit, that game looks like what next gen is going to be all about. Now I have an actual excuse to get, um, whatever the fuck the next X-Box model is called.”

“Well, shit, I hate to break your heart, but apparently the whole build for the game that was shown in that trailer has been scrapped.” Rooster stated. He hadn’t said it in a way to surprise Oliver, but as soon as he stated it, Oliver immediately choked on the tea he had been sipping. It took him a further moment to regain his breath.

“Dude, why? It looked polished and fine, with a set release date.”

“I’m not entirely sure; apparently, there was some kind of dispute between the heads of the studio, and the dream team is coming to an end. While the main Icebound Studios still gets to make the game, the dude leaving was able to claim some of the elements as part of his own IP, as well as take some of the programmers loyal to him.”

“Thus explaining the immediate need for new developers, and the need to start a new build.”

“Yeah, that looks like what the current situation is.”

At this point, Oliver started staring absently out at the street, just watching people come and go. His face had an an air of consternation. Rooster again felt a pang of anger just looking at Oliver; he was just a little bit taller, richer, and more handsome than he was, his Mexican roots strong and evident. Rooster tried to reason with himself; Oliver was a good friend, and he hated being this petty.

“How much money did they put in that first build, Rooster?,” Oliver finally asked. Rooster took a sip of his Italian soda.

“Fucking millions, man.”

“Fuck. And for those two main dudes, they first started Icebound in the 90s. What finally caused them to split?”

“I mean, dude, honestly, the story will break any day-no, any moment now. And so, keep sending Callie good thoughts, as she and her team start filling in the gaps.”

“Yeah; from what it sounds like, I highly doubt they will be keeping that currently set release date. But if they try to still make it, Callie might have to work under crunch. And I’ve heard terrible things about that shit.”

“Yeah, she mentioned she’s worried about that happening, and I hope it doesn’t happen to her.”

“Dude, Rooster, you’re a good boyfriend, but this might be a bit of a test for the both of you, because it’s going to be awhile before Callie is coming back to Bonville.”


“Have you and Callie talked about it yet?,” Oliver asked. Rooster was about to respond, when his phone started buzzing.

“Shit. Oliver, we’ll have to talk about this next time, I need to start heading out to my next tutoring session,” he said.

“Oh, okay. Yeah, sure, let’s table this conversation for now,” Oliver said while also standing up. “Although, if I still have enough time to ask, how is the tutoring business going?”

Rooster smiled, a nice friendly smiled. This was a much better question to be asked.

“Pretty good! It’s great getting to help these students hone their English skills. Really, I’m just happy to be of service, teaching them the English tongue.”


Rooster had taken time this past week to take some extra good care of himself. He had found more time to work out, apply just a bit of extra manscaping, tried eating a few more salads and did his best to study a bit more of bahasa. He wasn’t necessarily trying to come across as too expectant, but shit, if Rianti decided to throw herself at him in the same way again, at least he would be that much more prepared. And while any sort of gains he had made probably wouldn’t be too noticeable, at least he was feeling good about himself. Besides, isn’t that a bit more of what the ladies liked?

It was still hard to believe that the whole thing had even happened.

As Rooster parked the car and stepped out, in a similar outfit to what he had worn last time, he was greeted by the sexy Priscilla, who had been attending to the front garden. She looked damn fine; she was wearing a snug pair of jean shorts that showed off her long and splendid legs, a tight black shirt that tightly hugged her big, banging hit titties, and a hijab-though this was one was beige and appeared to be made of a lighter fabric. As she approached Rooster, he could see that her whole body was covered in a light sheen of sweat. Her eyes beamed with appreciation, and Rooster was pleasantly surprised when she took his hands and held them in her own. Standing next to her, he could see that she was indeed a little bit taller than him, bu an inch or two.

“Good afternoon, mister Rooster,” she said to him, her grip soft yet still present.

“Selamat malam, ibu Septriasa,” he said to her, trying his best not to sound too much like a foreigner. Priscilla gave a slight and sweet laugh.

“That is said later in the evening, dear Rooster, though I appreciate your continued study of bahasa. And please, call me Priscilla,” Priscilla said while leading him to her front door. Rooster felt wisps of jiterriness in his loins, but that dissipated as soon as Priscilla let go of his hand to open the door. Oh, and he was a little embarrassed.

“It’s so wonderful getting to see you again. My dear Rianti told me about how much she enjoyed her first lesson with you, and said that you are a good English tutor. She was sometimes a troublesome young girl, but I’m glad she now has someone to look up to.”

Not to doubt Rianti, but Rooster wasn’t entirely sure how honest the girl had been when she told her mom that. It sounded like she could have just been being cheeky (and man those were some fine cheeks). But if that was the case, then he appreciated her sense of humor-among many, many other things.

“Well, she already shows great aptitude when it comes to English; it’s fantastic getting to have such a strong student,” Rooster said as he stepped in the entryway to the house. “Is she in her room?”

“She is.”

“Priscilla, if I may, can I ask a question pertaining to your life?”

“Of course, Rooster,” Priscilla said. They had paused while at the foot of the stairs that led to the upper hallway, where Rianti and Cinta’s rooms were.

“I’m just so curious, what jobs do you and your husband have?”

“Oh!,” Priscilla responded, and to Rooster’s surprise, she did give him a momentary frown. He gulped, and tried to follow up quickly with extra clarification.

“I just mean-”

“No, no, I understand, you said as much that you were curious,” Priscilla said, turning her frown back into a kind, if somewhat softer smile.

“Actually, I am a doctor; I have just started working at the local health clinic.”


“Yes, thank you. And my husband is a consultant.”

“A consultant?”

“Yes. He is invited by companies from all over the world, and provides first class solutions to creative or financial difficulties they might be under. That is what has brought us to California.”

Priscilla’s tone was earnest, but something about that seemed strange-but even then, Rooster couldn’t exactly explain to himself why. Being a consultant was obviously not an unknown profession, especially in the booming economy of Bonville, California. But something… something…

Or, perhaps it was just a plain, bad feeling?

“Mr. Rooster?,” Priscilla intoned, startling Rooster out of his short reverie.

“Oh yes, sorry to lose my train of thought. I was just thinking about how incredible you and your family are,” Rooster said, again, trying to recover from where he left off in the conversation. Dammit. And that last part may have legitimately come across as too direct a compliment. But to Rooster’s surprise again, Priscilla simply smiled and placed her hand on his shoulder, looking into his eyes with her own, beautiful eyes. They were a striking gray.

“I appreciate your curiosity and sincerity; moving to California was quite the journey, and I am happy to call you a friend.”

The normally broody Rooster felt himself actually give a sincere smile. Shit, despite secretly fucking the shit out of her daughter, Rooster couldn’t help but think how much Priscilla seemed like a genuinely wonderful person.

“Terima kasih kembali, Priscilla,” he said, and Priscilla pleasantly beamed at him again. Taking her hand back, she nodded towards the upstairs.

“Rianti is waiting for you in her room,” she said. “Alas, I must catch up on phone calls and work.”

“I understand,” Rooster said. And with that, he briskly walked on upstairs. He was making his way to Rianti’s room when out of the corner of his eye, he thought he caught a glimpse of something from further down the hall. He did a double take, not sure what it had been, but when he looked back again to where it had been, whatever it was had disappeared. He shrugged.

He came to Rianti’s door and knocked on it. He told himself that, no matter what happened today, he would play it cool and let her dictate the flow of the day’s events. If nothing happened, then nothing sure as shit would happen.

“Come in,” came Rianti’s lyrical voice.

Rooster wasn’t sure what to expect from the girl, and with the events of the previous ‘lesson’ they had had still fresh in his mind, he wouldn’t have been too shocked if she was laying naked in her bed, waiting for him. Actually, to his surprise, she was sitting at her desk, looking quite casual. She was wearing a black t-shirt, with some sort of pink outline of an LA skyline printed on it, that fit her chest quite well. Besides that, she was wearing a white skirt and, interestingly, a small pair of glasses, which she quickly took off as she stood up to approach him. Besides that, she looked the same as she did last time; athletic, dark, busty and with a lovely round face framed by a straight and well done bob cut.

“Hi mas Rooster!,” she said, wrapping her arms around him for a big hug. She gave him a cute peck on the cheek, but then sat back down at her desk, bringing him over to a second chair that she had been pulled up for him.

“Pagi Rianti! Apa kabar?,” he asked her.

“I’m good! I also have a question for you.”

“Hmm? And what’s that?”

“Well,” she began, before reaching out to a stack of books she had in the corner of her desk. “I was wondering if you were the one who wrote this book right here?”

There, before his wide eyes, he saw Rianti turn around and hold up a beautiful hardcover copy of the sole book he had written. The Siege of Death, Book 1 of the Grim’s End trilogy, by Rooster le Coq.

A trilogy, he thought to himself, he would probably never finish.

Gingerly, he reached over and took the book from her hands. He looked it over, eying the fantastic art one of his buddies had freely provided for him-a buddy he had lost contact with. He looked at the book’s back, and ran his finger along all of the different praises the book had received, feeling them as if they were embossed.

“How did you learn I wrote this?”

“I looked up your profile on Goodtutor, and saw it as a factoid about you. I gave you five stars, by the way.”

“Well thank you,” Rooster said with a chuckle, while handing the book back to her. “Did you read it?”

“Yes, I did, though it was a hard read. I’ll be honest, I don’t normally read scary books like this. But it’s really well written and quite good. But now I have to ask, when is the second book coming out?”

Rooster looked at her dumbfounded, and scratched the back of his head. He was a little embarrassed; he had most certainly not expected this exchange to happen, especially with a student. But kudos to Rianti, she had clearly done her homework; shame or no shame, he had to respect that.

“I don’t know. There’s a part of me, that, I don’t know, I’m not sure if I want to finish it,” he said in an uneven manner.

“Why not?”

“I, well, I don’t know. As soon as this book got published, I felt really silly about it.”


“Yeah. I didn’t write it to become famous in any way, and, I guess the fame just kinda scared me a bit. When it was first published, everything became a blur. A lot of my fellow writer friends suddenly stopped talking to me. And just, I don’t know. After it was published, I hooked up with my girlfriend, and I haven’t felt compounded to write again.”

“Oh no! Don’t let it be like that,” Rianti said. “I didn’t mean to make you feel sad in any way. Here, would it help if we fucked each other silly again?”



“Well, too bad, because I actually want you to tutor me this time,” Rianti said, with a joyful smile. “I could genuinely use some tips on essay writing.”

“Oh! Oh, okay then, here, I’ll get out my materials.” He said it calmly enough, but inside he was a bit suspicious about what this girl had planned for him.

He lay out his books on her desk and went over the tips to writing out an essay; going over how to read the information you’ve been given, how to plan out your reading points, and so on. He couldn’t tell if Rianti was seriously paying attention or not, and indeed, she did seem to be fidgeting a lot. Every so often, she would change the way she sat on the chair, or start tapping her foot and then just as soon stop.

It wasn’t until five minutes had passed that she suddenly stood up.

“I’m sorry, but my chair just isn’t very comfortable. I think I need to switch it up,” she said, before sliding on over and suddenly plopping herself on Rooster’s lap.

“Oh, well hey there,’ he said with a grin.

Aha, now they were getting somewhere.

“Is that better for you?”

“Oh yes, much better,” Rianti said, vigorously grinding her ass and body against his crotch and chest, resting her back against him. Rooster was getting real hard, real fast. “So, where were we, guru?,” she asked in a breathy voice.

“Ah. Well, when you determine what you want to write about, you stay strong with your choices. You want to make your points hard. And when you make your conclusions at the end, you want to stay-”

“Oh, just shut the fuck up,” Rianti said, leaning back and Frenching Rooster.

That’s right, last time, they didn’t even kiss. Shame, because as Rianti shoved her tongue thru Rooster’s lips, he was taken aback by how good at it she was. She was aggressive, forcing his tongue to dance with hers while biting his lip. Her own lips had a sweet flavor to them; tangerine chapstick, Rooster thought.

He soon wrapped his arms around her, grasping her tits, squeezing them through her shirt. By this point, his sexy big cock was desperately trying to escape the confines of his pants. He was so excited, he made slow dry humps as she continued to grind on his bulge. And from the wetness he could feel, he could tell that she was getting soaked.

“Mmm,” Rianti hummed, before pulling up to speak. “Guru Rooster, will you give me an A if I let you bend me over my desk and fuck me hard?”


Cinta felt worried.

She felt worried, because she felt hot.

Very, very hot.

She just couldn’t get the image of her big sister, naked, with what Cinta thought was cum pouring out of her precious area, stepping in front of her. Rianti had been sweaty, and it looked like she had maybe just run a marathon.

She looked like a mess.

She looked so beautiful and sexy.

She looked hot.

So, so, so fucking hot.

Had Rooster done that to her? Had they really done it after meeting each other for the first time? Was her big sister, that she loved and adored, really that crazy, that much of a crazed fucking slut?

All these questions, and Cinta still felt hot.

Burning, burning hot.

Cinta had tried to appear chipper and happy. She had done her best to remind herself that Rianti had stopped being crazy for some time, and maybe this had just been a bizarre figment of her imagination. And so, she had done her best to just carry on and help her mother in the garden, or with dishes. And during the day, Cinta felt fine, even talking and playing video games with Rianti.

But at night, something would happen. Something strange and terrifying would happen to Cinta and her tight, hot, busty bod.

And when it happened, Cinta couldn’t sleep.

She tossed and turned, her mind and body burning and aching, until finally she ripped the blankets and clothes off her body, laying there naked and burning in the silver light of the California moon.

She felt like the temples during the middle of the dry season in Java.

Until she reached between her legs and furiously played with herself.

That’s when it became the rainy season.

And then, only then, did she feel cool again.

Like a cloud, her mind wandered some more.

She remembered that Rianti had merely shrugged, upon being caught.

How beautiful and free she was.

What about Rooster? The man who she imagined would be the one shoving his tongue and dick up into her fiery, searing cunny every night, making the same mess in her that he had done to Rianti. Cinta had had crushes on the boys at school, but she had never had a crush on an older man before-not like this, even if at 30 years old he was really only 12 years older than her. But he had seemed sweet and kind. Was he really that much of a monster in the bedroom?

And so, when Monday came, she had hidden herself until she had heard Rooster talk to her mother at the foot of the stairs. And then when she did, she rushed back to the end of the upstairs hall outside of her room, waiting just long enough to catch a quick glimpse of him, before he went to give Rianti her tutoring session.

He looked kind and handsome.

And when she tiptoed over to Rianti’s door and pressed her ear against it, it appeared to be a normal discussion on English and essay writing.

Maybe it had all been a sweet, angry, beautiful fever dream.

Yes, that’s right.

And maybe the fire would leave her poor, sweet and hot pussy alone, and let her go to sleep like a normal, sweet girl should.

But then, Rianti’s room became quiet.

That was strange.

And then, Cinta heard ‘macking’ sounds. She heard moaning, and whispering.

“Oh no,” Cinta whispered to herself as quietly as she could, as she felt her loans tingle and start to catch fire. “But I have to know.”

And so, as quietly as she could, she slowly opened Rianti’s door, to see what there was to see. To see if the fever she felt was real.

As she did so, she took her left hand and squeezed her own breast. And she took her right hand and shoved it down to her swollen, wet pussy.

The fire was quickly turning into a firestorm.


Getting up, still clutching Rianti by her hot titties, Rooster pushed the girl down onto her own desk. With a snap of her arms, Rianti pushed the rest of the extra books and materials out of the way, clearing a clean space for her to lay on.

“Mmm, what are you going to do to me?,” Rianti cooed, looking behind her shoulder. Rooster began by lifting up the frills of her skirt and groping her nice, plump little ass. Kneeling down, he took a deep inhale from her soaked black panties and crotch, shoving his nose deep in there. Her scent was intoxicating, a spicy, ginger aroma. Sticking out his slightly long tongue, he took a nice big lick against her soaked panties, as if her crotch was a scoop of his favorite flavor of ice cream.

“Mwah!,” was the sound Rooster made.

“Oooh!,” Rianti chirpped. “I like what you’re doing so far,” she said, biting her lip in pleasure.

“You like that?,” Rooster asked before taking his teeth and pulling Rianti’s panties down, revealing her treasure to the world. Rooster’s sight was filled with the beauty of it; it was as perfect and smooth as he remembered it being. “God you’re pussy’s so fucking beautiful.”

“Ahh!,” gasped Rianti, as Rooster finished pulling her panties down her toned legs. Standing up, he gave her ass a nice spank, which made a loud mwack!

“Oh my! Keep it down, we might still get caught,” Rianti reminded him. “What would my mom or sister do if they caught us now?”

“We may never know,” Rooster replied, before shoving his two fingers into her slick, fine and spicy pussy.

“Hahhh,” was all Rianti could happily sound. As for Rooster, he payed attention to her movements, knowing when to slow down and when to blast her. Frankly though, he knew that fingering wasn’t always the most pleasurable thing for girls, and so he really didn’t finger her for too long. Nah, he wanted other things more.

Frankly, he wanted another taste.

He knelt back down again and shoved his face into her snatch, burrowing his tongue into her. Taking his hands to help lift her waist up a bit more, he violently lashed his tongue against her delicious pussy. He licked between her lips and up to her clitty, swirling the the tip and body of his tongue up to and through her hole, tongue fucking her with all his might, over and over and over again. He loved eating out girls, and loved it when they came on his face while he did so.

“Oowagh,” Rianti groaned, as she felt her first big orgasm of the day hit her like a truck. Her pussy spasmed, and she distantly thought, as she lost control, that she felt sorry for poor Rooster, who was trying to be accurate with his gourmet dining despite her vivid shaking. “Oooh! Oh, guru Rooster, please give me that dick!”

“Oh fuck yes, I won’t make you beg, I’m gonna fucking give you this dick. You fucking whore, you think you can just explode on my face like that while I’m eating you out? Just make my life difficult like that?,” Rooster said while unzipping and taking off his bulging pants. His big cock practically shot out of his pants, like a cobra striking at it’s prey. He spat on his dick, rubbing his cock down, and simultaneously spitting on her hot, still quivering ass cheeks. “You fucking slut, I’ll teach you to fucking cum like that. Fucking dumb harlot, if you’re gonna explode on anything, you better explode on my fucking cock!,” he harshly hissed before slamming his cock up her pretty twat.

“Yesh!,” Rianti panted, now biting her finger, while Rooster just plowed on up into her. His meat was fat and very hard, diving deep into her. Slam after slam after beefy slam came his big cock up into her heavenbound pussy, and Rianti couldn’t help but feel like a bit of an overachiever. She felt muscles in her pussy she didn’t even know she had just keep spasming on his dick. Her mouth felt dry, yet drool was freely running down her chin.

Rooster himself felt a bristle of anger running up his spine. All this talk of finishing the trilogy of books he once poured his heart in, of talking with his friend who was just a little bit better than him, and three years of being a good boyfriend to a woman he still felt deep down inside that he still genuinely loved.


And somehow, through forces he didn’t entirely understand, and as this panting, sweating, orgasming Indonesian schoolgirl violently came on his dick, drenching his own thighs with her own incredible elixer, Rooster managed to achieve a sense of clarity about something that had been bothering him. About that balancing act he had been maintaining, between being a laid back man, but one that still felt an invisible anger in his chest. Like time and space had suddenly become this white, blank void, empty of sound, as his brain replaced a blown fuse.

He and Callie should have been married by now.

Rooster’s head fell back as he felt himself drain his balls deep into Rianti’s victorious, uncontrollable pussy. He just kept cumming and cumming up into her gorgeous, wonderful heat, flooding it with his seed. Until he had finished cumming, he had no idea when he would finish drenching her womb with his potent cream. For her part, Rianti had been practically unable to stop orgasming, until in her own haze of lust, she felt Rooster’s cock stop twitching inside her hot, hot pussy.

They rested a moment, and as Rooster looked down, he saw that Rianti had lost her shirt and bra, revealing her firm, sweaty and hot back. Rooster vaguely remembered reaching down and pulling her upper clothes off. Had he really blanked out that badly?

Rianti looked over her right shoulder, having seemingly regained her breath.

“Baik-baik saja,” she weakly said through a sincere smile. Rooster smiled at her as well, leaning down to give her a gentle but passionate Frenching. At the same time, he pulled his cock out of her. He looked down and saw a torrent of cum running down her sweaty legs. Her ass cheeks were wet with spit and sweat, and Rooster decided it would be best to rest his cock upon her booty, adding cum to the mixture.

“Sweet,” he hoarsely whispered, as Rianti, still wearing her skirt, slid off her desk and back onto her chair. She looked up at him, smiling, her lovely and full chest still heaving.

And then, inexplicably, Rooster felt his still sensitive member suddenly give one more violent spasm.

“Argh!,” Rooster hissed through gritted teeth, gripping his shaft as he somehow managed to spurt another volley of hot, luscious cum onto Rianti’s beautiful chest. Her tits were splattered with his sauce, drops running down the curves of her breasts, onto her sexy, perky nipples.

“Oh wow!,” Rianti chuckled, just as surprised as Rooster was by this violent display of extra energy. “Ooh! That reminds me, I was going to ask for your autograph!,” she said with a shock of joy. Reaching back to her desk, she grabbed her copy of Rooster’s book, and opened it to a random page. Rooster was only slowly catching on, as she grabbed his still dripping erection, placed it’s head on that page, and smeared it all over his words. Finally, she wrapped it all up by taking his sloppy dick and giving him a quick blowjob, licking his dick a few times, running it against her face. But again, this was just a quick blow job, one that was focused and concise.

“There, I hope that helped clean it a bit,” she giggled, while swallowing all that she had flavored.

“Yeah, thanks, that felt good.”

“Anyways, I think it’s time for you to take off; mom said she had a lot of phone calls to make today, and she usually makes them in the privacy of her room. I think you’ll be lucky and can walk right on out. But go now, you need to hurry!”

“Yeah, alright,” he said, doing his best to gather his clothes. He managed to give Rianti a quick but sweet kiss, as he effectively left the house, he presumed, unnoticed.


Rooster knew it was a good idea to bring an extra towel and pair of clothes, putting them in his car. He had no idea how he was able to finish the rest of the tutoring sessions he had for the day, but somehow he managed (though he caught a few strange looks from some of the parents).

When he got home, he showered and crashed hard, only to wake up in the middle of the night. He had missed a few texts from Callie, but he responded to them as sweetly and earnestly as he could.

She was very good to him.

But rather than try to go back to bed, he found himself awake, replaying the events of the day again. They kept him up and awake.

He found himself catching a second wind.

Walking over to his computer, he opened up a document he hadn’t opened in a very long time. It was the full first draft of the second novel of his series. A solid, full, densely written book. But it had sat unedited for three years now.

Until the break of dawn, Rooster did nothing but stay up and edit his book.

It was ready for publishing in the morning.