The Clean Tutor Ch. 03

They had been caught cheating.

The founders of Icebound Studios-one of the founders had been caught cheating with the wife of the other.

That’s what had caused the split, that had caused Callie to get on that plane at the last moment, to help work on the latest game, Sword of Oblivion 4, only a few months before release. The story had broke last Thursday and had easily become one of the biggest sex scandals in the video game industry, at least of recent note. And with all that money behind it, and with the game’s future now in serious doubt, all of gaming culture couldn’t help but hold their breath.

They had been caught cheating.

How strange.

How strange Rooster should still be thinking about that as, with a heave, he felt Rianti’s pussy quake in orgasm upon his meaty cock.

“Yes, yes, yes!,” she cried, as the good tutor grinded into her while she rode her wave, her eyes shining like stars with pleasure. They were both naked, lying in a clutch missionary position, the third session having gone down much more like the first, with them getting straight to business. And as this time he was more prepared than not at all, that had given them enough time to have a longer, busier session.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” Rooster said, looking down on the naked little nymphette; her chest and hot D cup titties falling up and down were utterly mesmerizing to him. “So fucking-Rrrgh!,” he hissed through clenched teeth as he felt his cock unleash itself in the girl’s hot snatch. His senses blanked as he fucking hosed the shit out of her fertile womb, drowning it with his hot, powerful cum.

“Oooooh,” Rianti moaned as she felt herself getting filled to the brim. “Hahhhhhh-yes! Oh fuck yes I love how huge your loads are. Oh yes. Shit, have you been eating protein shakes or something? Is that how you keep filling me up so-fuck!,” Rianti interrupted herself, as she felt her pussy pulse with another orgasm. “Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuck!,” she growled in pleasure, as Rooster pulled his cock out of her and cum proceeded to splash out of her pussy, spritzing and sprinkling her inner thighs with hot cum. Her body made another quick but violent shake, and then she rested.

Rooster, through a haze of thought, had no idea how she kept doing that. He had never seen something like that before; not even Callie came that hard on his cock. And they were actually living together.

“Whoa,” he said, after he and Rianti took a moment to catch her breath.

“Okay, Keanu.”


“Hee hee,” the girl giggled, reaching down and smearing her fingers with the cum that leaked out of her smooth pussy. She swirled circles with it, around her clit, before reaching up with her hand and voraciously licking her messy, runny fingers.

“Shit, you really love cum, don’t you?”

“Yes, I love it! I love it so much. Damn I lucked out with you; not only did I get some good American dick, but I got the best damn dick I ever caught. Fuck, this cum is so fucking delicious! Enak sekali!”

“Well shit, I lucked out when I happened to meet with you too; you’re beautiful and you have the best damn pussy I ever banged,” Rooster said. “So fucking beautiful,” he said giving her a few quick kisses.

With a sigh, he checked the time and saw that he was supposed to take off now. He gave her a frown, as he pulled himself out of her.

“Wait,” she said, before telling him to take out his phone again and quickly giving him her number. “I suppose that will let us be able to hook up outside of here, sometime.”

“Damn girl, you are nothing but trouble,” he said, while quickly finishing getting dressed. He gave her a final quick but deep kiss, and then speedily headed out. He sincerely felt like a dick having to leave the girl like this, even using another one of her clean towels, but they both knew that at the moment, this was the best they could do.

Fortunately, he appeared mostly decent, and was even able to have a brisk chat with Priscilla before leaving. The busty woman was still dressed in the clothes she had worn to her work in the morning when she caught him, a tight green blouse and long black skirt, though Rooster liked how she had still found time to take off her shoes. Her fine featured face beamed with happiness, even as she curtly reached and fixed her dark hijab. Thankfully for Rooster, she didn’t appear to sense that anything was amiss with him or his appearance.

“Pagi, Rooster,” Priscilla said.

“Pagi, Priscilla,” he said, surprised as Priscilla stepped forward and embraced Rooster for a tight hug. Rooster played it cool, but he almost immediately felt a deep stir in his loins as he felt Priscilla’s big jugs press against him, even if the hug lasted for but a moment.

“Thank you so much for helping my dear Rianti with her English, it means so much to me and my husband,” Priscilla said while staring into Rooster’s eyes. He smiled.

“My pleasure. But I have to ask, am I ever going to meet pak Septriasa?” Rooster asked, as he was genuinely curious, but felt any joy he might have had turn to dust as Priscilla pouted.

“Oh, not for awhile yet; my husband is often flying all over the world, always helping with anyone willing to hire him,” she said, her voice a bit more down.

“Oh, Priscilla, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, I’m sure you miss him so much,” Rooster said, desperately trying to recover. Priscilla didn’t fully return to her joyful demeanor, but she still reached out and held Rooster’s hands in her own. She looked him in the eyes, and Rooster could swear that he felt the love radiate from her.

“Rooster, thank you so much for your kind sentiments. They mean so much to me. You are such a good, kind, handsome man.”

It was a deep, tense moment. Rooster gulped, not sure if he should try to push his luck and try to kiss Priscilla. Though he almost didn’t want to, he decided to err on the side of caution, purposely lowering his hands.

“Priscilla, I have to leave to my next session.”

“Oh? Oh, yes, of course!,” Priscilla said with a huff in her voice, wiping a bead of sweat from her brow. She then went to the front and opened the door for Rooster, sending him on his way.

Well!, Rooster thought to himself as he reached the front of his car door. Talk about another damn fine Monday!

He was about to step inside of his red car, when he noticed something underneath his windshield wiper that hadn’t been there before when he parked his car. Huh. He reached over and picked it up to see that it was a white envelop, labeled with an ornate ‘S’ on it’s front.


For Septriasa?

Probably Rianti.

Stepping inside the car, he didn’t immediately open the envelope. He needed to get to his next session fast, and whatever this was would just have to come later in the evening.


“Hi honey!,” Callie called out to Rooster through his phone’s speaker. She sounded mostly chipper, though Rooster knew her long enough to be able to detect a hint of fatigue in her voice, the poor thing. “What are you up to?”

“Not much, just finished my tutoring day and running to the grocery store. Gotta say, I miss cooking for you,” Rooster said as he unpacked his groceries. Really, it wouldn’t take too long to fill up his fridge, he had only bought food for himself.

“Ah, that’s so sweet! I miss your cooking too, it’s so good! But honey, I gotta tell you something interesting.”

“Oh yeah? Everything from your end has been interesting these days; the news has been on every gaming coverage outlet, like Kotaku and Destructoid. Wassup, sweet girlfriend?”

“Well, everything’s been crazy as of late, we’re constantly being switched around and are having to shuffle over the remaining assets and character models. But the interesting thing is that they’ve brought on this outside consultant, and now he’s already the executive producer!”

Rooster was genuinely listening, but as he took out the remaining items from the last bag, the white envelope from earlier suddenly fell out along with the onions. Oh yeah, he had put that in there once he sat down and put the groceries down on the passenger seat.

“Yeah?,” he asked Callie while opening up the envelope.

“Yeah; he’s not even from the game industry, but he said he would only help us get through these hurdles if he was made executive producer on the project. Pretty fucking presumptuous of him if you ask me. But he apparently pulled quite the number of strings because he’s basically the in-house director at this point.”

Rooster pulled out the letter from within the envelope and almost dropped the phone as he read the careful, slender writing it held.

I saw what you did to my sister.

Please come to our house tomorrow at 10:30am.

Go around to the back garden.


Oh shit.

“Honey?,” asked Callie.

“Huh? Yeah, I’m sorry, I had to fumble with some of the things I bought a bit more.”

“No prob.”

“Anyways, what’s this guy’s name?”

“Well, he’s from Indonesia, and his name is Agung Septriasa.”


“Sorry, what was his name again?”

“Agung Septriasa. I’ve met him only once, and he seemed nice enough, but I think I might be the only person on the team who’s very concerned about what exactly he did to be given such carte blanche.”


It was tomorrow, and it was a very bright and beautiful spring day; the garden in the front yard of the Septriasa house seemed to be especially green and beautiful. Welcoming. But as Rooster approached the house, he couldn’t help but feel nervous. For starters, he had only met Cinta once; she was smaller than Rianti, with longer hair, and she seemed very sweet. But again, Rooster had only met her once, and he had no idea what to expect from her.

Would she be furious?

Would she have him arrested?

Rooster was nervous because he also saw that Priscilla’s car was still here. What the fuck did that even mean? And so, acting as stealthy as he could, he moved past the side fence and strolled to the back yard, even ducking under a few low hanging windows. He hadn’t driven here, their house not actually being too far away from where he lived. And he had dressed loose, wearing a dark pair of sweats, a hoodie, and a pair of shoes that he could effectively run in if worst came to worst.

He made it to the back yard and saw that it was also beautiful. Wide and spacious, he saw that it was strewn with patches of lavender, roses, and a few gardenia trees. Various pieces of backyard furniture, including a sturdy wooden table, were also present. In the back was a grassy lawn that had a surprisingly large gazebo in it’s center. All of this was covered with various Southeast Asian styled decorations, making for a slightly odd, but nonetheless cool blend of styles.

But Rooster was unable to focus on that.

Because Cinta was nowhere to be found.

And it was 10:30am.

Carefully, Rooster strolled through the backyard, keeping his wits about him. He was looking around him, trying to catch-he felt a hand on his back!

“Mas Rooster,” came a hushed, lovely, feminine voice.

He practically yelped in surprise, as he quickly turned around. There was Cinta, a very pretty, slightly shorter and bustier version of the already sexy Rianti. She was barefoot, wearing the same tight pink dress she had worn the last time he had seen her. It was a nice dress, with a line of buttons holding the top together at the chest level.

“Cinta,” Rooster said while steadying himself. “Apa kabar?”

“I’m… I’m good. Or maybe I’m not. I don’t… I don’t feel the fire right now, so I guess I feel okay. But I still feel a burning.”

“A burning?,” Rooster asked her, and he promptly began to notice that something seemed off with the girl. Her voice seemed weaker than it should and as a cool breeze suddenly came through and rustled her long hair, Rooster seemed to catch a weariness to her brow. Maybe a few wrinkles of fatigue by her eyes? But she seemed too young to have such wrinkles.

Something didn’t seem right. All the more reason to be careful with what he said and did next.

“Are you sure you’re okay, sweetie?,” Rooster continued.

“I… I-” and Cinta suddenly shoved her face into her palms, her body heaving with sobs. She just started crying, loud, horrible sobs, the tears streaming down her face.

What. The. Fuck?

Rooster had no idea what to do. And he still had no idea if this girl was about to go and ruin his life, as she should rightfully do. At the same time, she appeared deeply, deeply heartbroken. And shit, he was still human.

So, gently, carefully, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in for a hug.

“There, there,” he said, sweetly patting her on her head. “It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be okay,” he calmly said. And he just held her there, letting her cry against his chest. Holding her there, he seemed quite a bit taller than her, though that might have just been due to the fact that he was wearing shoes. Rooster himself was only about 5’9”; Rianti was about 5’5” and Cinta was maybe just 2 inches shorter than her.

Eventually, her sobbing eased.

“There, there,” Rooster said. “I’m so sorry that you’re so sad. You’re so sweet, and I know you must have a lot on your mind. But you’re going to be okay.”

“Thank you, mas Rooster.”

“Shall we get you some water?”


“Okay. Do you want to go inside?”


“Okay, no problem, my dear. What do you want to do?”

Cinta was quiet.


“Well,” she began, “there is one thing I want.”

“Okay. What do you want, sweetheart?”

“I… I want your cock.”

“I’m sorry?”

“I want your cock. I want your big fucking cock and I want you to fuck me raw,” Cinta said, causing Rooster to do a double take. But before he could say anything, he suddenly felt a slender pair of hands shove their way into his sweats, reaching for his sack.

“Whoa!,” Rooster said, trying to shove Cinta away from him, only to see her stay right where she was, as she quickly pulled his pants all the way down. “Cinta, stop! Stop this right-whoa!,” Rooster yelped as Cinta dropped to her knees and took his currently soft cock and shoved it into her mouth.

“Blghh!,” was the sound that escaped from Cinta’s mouth; she made a few quick sucks before Rooster physically pulled her head away from his dick.

“Cinta, dear, what the hell are you doing?”

“I’m so sorry mas Rooster,” Cinta began to speak while still reaching up with a hand and jerking him off. “I’m so sorry, I know you and Rianti have something special, but ever since I saw what you did to her, my body has been feeling like it’s on fire! Now I need this cock,” Cinta said while quickly spitting on his dick. “I need it so bad! It burns! I’ve been burning alive every night! It hurts to not have it!”

“Cinta, stop! I know you saw something that seemed strange to you and I’m so sorry, this is all my fault but this isn’t the way!”

“Yes it is! I’m not dumb like my fucking slut of a sister, I’m the top in my class! I know what I need and I need you to fuck me!,” she said in a rasp and crazed tone while leaning forward and licking his big sack. “Think of this as a belated 18th birthday present you big cocked fuck.”

“Cinta, stop this right now! I barely know you, and you barely know me! What if your mom and sister step outside right this second-fuck!” Rooster said as Cinta swallowed his dick again, which was now almostly completely solid.

“No, they’re on their morning run, they still won’t be here for awhile,” Cinta managed to say before shoving his cock right back in down her throat again. With her smaller mouth, she was having a hard time; her coughing and gagging while fellating his beefy pickle was more violent, and more spittle than usual was flying and overflowing down her chin and drooling onto her chest.

Rooster had been mistaken; Cinta hadn’t been heartbroken, she had been fucking traumatized. As he looked down at her assaulting his cock, she looked up and into his eyes. Her cheeks still had evidence of the crocodile tears she had just cried, but her pretty eyes had a strange, crazed, manic look in them. The whole air around her seemed wild.

Rooster vaguely remembered some kind of saying about ‘not sticking your dick in crazy’ that he felt he should really heed at this moment, as he stood there in the beautiful sunlight, feeling a cool breeze grace his neck, watching this insanely horny girl swallow and drech his cock with her tongue and spit, gagging horribly from his girth.

He should really stop her.

Instead, he placed his hands on the back of her head.

“That’s it, you got this, just do your best,” he said with a gentle sigh, resigning himself to the worst.

“I’m trying, but your dick is just so fucking big,” Cinta managed to gag out. She seemed inexperienced, not sure where to bob her head, or trying too hard to swallow more than she knew what to do with. Rooster helped her by slowly pushing the back of her head, and she carefully gobbled more.

“Oooh,” he moaned. “Yeah, just like that, just like that,” he said. Looking down, he saw Cinta suddenly reach up and tear the top part of her dress where the buttons were completely apart, causing buttons to fly all over the yard and her plump DD cup breasts to plop out. In no time at all, oceans of spittle and cum were running down between her gorgeous, cinnamon bosom. “Fuck you’re so fucking hot.”

“Heh heh,” Cinta giggled, and Rooster felt he could sense her mood quickly improving-as he should most certainly hope so.

“Here, babe, lift your hips,” he said, and Cinta followed his command, standing up with his cock still resting on top of her tongue, fat like a beached whale stranded upon the warm shore. And without any further encouragement, he saw her reach back and further pull her cute pink panties down, kicking them off.

Rooster leaned forward, hiking her dress up and grabbing her ass. Her ass wasn’t quite as round as Rianti’s, but it was still a hot ass, which he proceeded to massage and shake. Sneaking even further forward, he began shoving fingers into her very tight and hot puss.

“Mmm!,” Cinta squealed as she felt rooster spreading and fingering her pussy-the first time she had ever had someone else beside her do that to her. She didn’t know what it looked like, but from the drops she could feel running down her legs, she could tell her pussy was running like a waterfall-a beautiful sight to behold. Way more pretty than Rianti’s stupid slut hole.

“Follow me,” he spoke to her, leading her over to the circular, wooden table he had noticed earlier. At this point, Cinta had stood up, already looking like a mess; her mouth and face were ruined with cum, and her open titties were glistening with splattered alchemy, like she had just stepped out of a shower. She looked at him with a happy but curious look, waiting to see what he would do next.

Deciding that he had already come this far, he shoved his face in-between her nasty, gorgeous titties.

“Huh!,” Cinta gasped as he motoboated the fuck out of her mounds, grabbing and playing with them, circling his tongue around her areolas. “Oh Rooster!,” she moaned, while helping grab and lift her fine boobies up to his face. He burrowed into them, and when he did finally come up, his face looked as wet as her breasts. Leaning forward, he pushed his tongue forward into a hot and disgusting, powerful snogging. The energy was palpable as he and her kissed passionately, him jerking himself off the whole time.

Cinta fell back against the warm tabletop; if any reservations of carefulness remained within her, they had been trampled underneath in her insane quest for monumentous pleasure. She felt very, very hot, but not from the fire that had been torturing her for nights on end, that had kept her from being able to sleep. She felt hot because she fucking knew she was.

Rooster knelt down to her pussy, rubbing his fingers against her wet meat. It was beautiful, small, smooth. A precious, wonderful diamond that he began to shine without hesitation. He could tell that it was her own, and after a quick lick of his fingers, he couldn’t help but fall in love with her sweet flavor. Her pussy was well manicured, and it seemed like it smelled faintly of strawberries.

“Rooster,” was all Cinta could gasp as the man spat on her pussy and then proceeded to go to town, eating her out. He applied every technique he could remember; subtle, vigorous, violent lapping and tongue fucking. But overall, he wasn’t as brutal as he could be, for he had other plans.

Standing up, he took off his shirt and hoodie; he looked down to see that all Cinta could do was rest her hands against her brow, moaning and gasping. Taking his heavy cock, he rubbed and slid up it against her lovely cunt, poking the top of her bean with his cock’s big head.

“Wha-oh! Oh, yes, yes, yes,” Cinta said, looking down and looking overjoyed as Rooster began to shove his thick, slimy, disgusting shaft up into her. “Oh-Ohhhh!,” the girl sang as Rooster’s cock slowly filled her tunnel, spreading and stretching her. “Oh wow, I’m so glad I practiced with that big dildo!,” Cinta squeaked as Rooster began to increase his speed and rhythm.

“Fuck! Your butterfly is so fucking tight, Cinta,” Rooster said. He was genuinely surprised; Cinta was smaller than Rianti, so in the short time he had had before realizing what was happening, he had feared that he wouldn’t be able to impale her without some difficulty. But as his hips started to take a mind of their own, he had apparently underestimated her; both of the Septriasa girls could take big cocks like a fucking champ.

While Cinta seemed to be utterly lost in erotic ecstasy, Rooster felt a bit more bothered. He was fine with missionary, but he had just done this Rianti yesterday, and it felt more familiar than it should to him, so boring. Seeing that Rianti herself was quite fit, he decided to mix it up a bit.

With his right hand, he lifted up her left leg, pushing it’s foot up to her head.

“Oh wow-OH WOW!,” Cinta cried as she felt the man’s big cock stab into her even further, as he lifted her leg up. She loved the initiative, and her sopping scabbered was all the more joyful, but man, he was lucky that she had years of martial arts under her belt, otherwise this might have hurt.

In a matter of seconds, Cinta was cumming a fine, hard orgasm. It reached and wracked her body, her pussy flexing like a glove. She cried a sweet, musical, beautiful cry of pleasure as her pussy exploded with the juice of her sex, like a mango that had just been crushed by a mighty sledge hammer. Her mind went blank with pleasure, and she was thankful that the sweet, kind man who had turned her into this gorgeous, hot mess of a young woman had paused the pounding long enough for her to come down from this unbelievable, powerful feeling.

“Fuck!,” Rooster said, for as soon as Cinta had stopped, he felt his brooding cock stir like a tiger. With perfect timing, he hilted himself to the balls as he thrust up into her and smashed her womb with a monsoon of his hot, virile cum. It was a proud, powerful burst, as his milk spurted all over her canal, channeling up into her hot young womb.

“Fuck. Wow. My first creampie,” Cinta said in her sweet, accented voice. “Wow. I can feel you. I can feel the remains and mess you made in me. I feel cool. I feel I can breathe again, like you extinguished the fire that was in me. This is love; this is the greatest pleasure I have ever felt. This is magic. Terima kasih kembali, mas Rooster, you are so kind to me.”

They rested for a monent, breathing in the lingering, neighboring scent of wildflowers. When Rooster felt it was time, he kindly pulled out his cock. Cinta sat up, and they both watched a small ocean of the wet gift he had given her run and spill out of her, staining the table. Rooster, softly jerked himself off while he stared at was quickly becoming a common occurrence to him. Cinta could just stare, smiling in joy.

“It’s so beautiful! Your cum-I’ve never seen my pussy look so beautiful!,” she said with what sounded like the distant echo of a mad giggle. She then looked back up to Rooster, and all the sadness she had shown earlier was gone. All he saw was the sweet, messy face of a beautiful and very capable young woman.

They both leaned in and kissed each other for a spell.

“Mas Rooster, you need to leave, now,” she said with a defeated sigh.

“Alright. Will you be okay?”

“Yes, I’m just going to clean myself up, and I’ll be okay. I still have some birthday cake in the freezer, I think I will nibble on that and feel better, and tonight I will be able to sleep in comfort again. But Rooster?”


“Please promise me you’ll fuck me this hard again? Maybe even harder?,” Cinta said while biting her lip and rubbing her clit, a lilting, sad air to the the tone in her voice. “If you say no, you know, I think I’ll understand. I’ll be okay, I swear, I know you and Rianti have something special. But if you ever could, could you please fuck me like this again? It would really mean a lot to me.”

“Of course I will, sweetheart,” he said with a smile, before giving her and her big titties a quick peck each. He then quickly grabbed his clothes and left as fast as he could. A cool, light breeze carried him on his feet.


“Fuck,” Rooster cursed at himself, once he had jogged for about 10 minutes. “Fuck, that was so fucking hot! But shit, that was still so fucking fucked.”

He stopped to grab his breath, hoping for all his worth that Priscilla and Rianti wouldn’t be jogging up this way by the Bonville bike path. But he had to pause, had to sort out his feelings. He had been caught up in the moment, but now that he was by himself, he wondered what the hell he was supposed to do now? Now he had two hot Indonesian schoolgirl sluts to bang and keep satisfied, while hiding all of this from his girlfriend, who he still loved and who still loved him while at the same time was actually accomplishing some important shit in her life.

Damn, this was rough.

And he had made a promise to keep banging the fuck out of little Cinta. How the hell was he supposed to keep that from Rianti.


Rooster grabbed his phone from his hoodie’s zipper pocket, and shot her a quick text.

Hey, this is Rooster

Shit, why did he think it was a good time to text her while she was in the middle of a run. She’d be unable to-his phone buzzed.

Pagi guru Rooster. How are uuuuu? :)

Good, good. Sorry I didn’t text you last night, I had to go shopping and then as soon as I got home I crashed. :(

Oh, did I tire the old man out too much? ;)

Ha ha.

Hey, I’m on a run with my mom! She had to use the restroom out here real fast, so now it’s just me at the moment. See?

Rooster’s phone showed a picture come up in the chat. He looked and saw Rianti, wearing a jogging bra, holding her phone up with her left hand. With her right hand, she had pulled that same bra down, showing off her hot rack. In public.

U like, guru? :D


What are you up to at the moment??

Rooster thought about that.

Running as well!

Really? What a coincidence! Quick, can I get a picture of you holding your cock out? I need something to rub one out to every once in awhile when you’re not there lol.

Fuck this girl was a slut, and Rooster had never shown himself off in public before, and after banging Cinta, he was still a nasty mess that desperately needed a shower. But at the same time, he wasn’t one to not return a favor. Looking around at the bike path he was on, he saw miraculously that he was the only one here at the moment. As quickly as he could, he pulled his pants down, took a picture with his hand held high, and sent it to Rianti, hoping it would be good enough.

There was a pause.

Damn guru, it looks like that was one hell of a run you took. We’ll have to go together sometime! Anyways, ttfn! XP

Rooster grimaced to himself, but he managed to run back home in good time. It had been a crazy day, but texting Rianti at the end had actually been very important. And as a clean Rooster emerged from his shower and sat down, naked on his bed, he considered what he wanted to ask her.

Because Rooster had questions for Rianti.

Specifically, about who Agung Septriasa was.