Sex In Verse

Info Lee
21 Apr. '20


To the girl I used to love,

The one that liked to push and shove.

I imagine her naked on the bed,

Teasing the skin on my sensitive head.


It started off innocently enough: a “hi” and “hello.”

Bland weather, stupid politics: how talk usually goes.

A few shots later and things change it seems.

We now know each other’s ambitions, hopes, and schemes.

One shot more and you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I must be passable because you have a gleam in your eye.

“Your place or mine?” you ask to my surprise.

“Are you sure?” I ask. “You barely know the guy.”

“When you know you know; now hurry, the offer ends soon.”

“Your place then” I respond. “I’ll get home before noon.”

I pay the bartender and say “After you.”

You stand and smile; “Charming and a gentleman too.”

You walk away and for a moment I simply observe.

The flow of your shirt, the switch in your hips,

The grace in your step, the smirk on your lips.

It is all pornography;

The flip of your hair,

And the shame with which I stare.

But my lust was high and the liquor raged,

So the shame had to wait as we sought out our sexual stage.


I knelt down before you and inhaled your scent,

For this task I knew my tongue was meant.

I laved your slick flesh, consumed by the urge,

And the taste of you only makes want surge.


“It’s over this hill, just a bit further.”

“Okay.” I say, hoping the night won’t end in murder.

Who knows? This could be how you get them.

Your victims, lustful and gone off four shots,

Following your tail in a drunken trot,

Only for you to introduce them to ruin and rot.

But paranoia has always been rampant in my mind,

 So from my worries I try to decline,

And make sure that I have the proper protection.

Let’s see – condoms? Check.

Breath? (Breathes out and smells). Eh.

A few too many on the rocks;

Certainly not the impression I want to make.

I take a couple of mints for my own sake.


Desire, My heart

Beats for thee. Lust leads the way.

Love? Well, we will see


So this is what drives men to unfettered doom.

The sounds of your voice as you purr and swoon

Feeling the fire as I plunge into your core

My body boils and burns. Dear God, I want more!


“Rules of engagement: What am I allowed to touch?”

“Whatever you want, just don’t rush.”

“No worries there. I’ll enjoy the moment.”

“Then come and take my body like you own it.”

We embrace each other skipping idle chatter;

As if I gave a damn about the items in your house.

Lord knows that’s not what this visit is about.

All I want is to feel the skin beneath your blouse.

And feel I do: my hands explore your palace.

Raging with want, they poke and prod.

Secretly hoping that you won’t deny,

The scorching passion hiding inside.

Your hands seem to hold the same energy,

Blazing a trail down my spine.

Venturing lower to squeeze my cheeks,

Beautiful sensations oh so sublime.

A kiss is a kiss.

Lips meet, tingle from the touch

Then part, oh what a rush.


Of the joy I feel, words cannot express.

Your soft touch turns me into a trembling mess.

Wrapped in your arms, trapped in coital bliss.

Hoping never to leave this lustful mist.


Naked as the day we entered the world.

Fully exposed, every bump and curve.

Yet I stare with dreamy eyes,

From the top of your head to your plump thighs.

Looking at those smoky eyes that stare back at me,

Before peering downward and smiling with glee.

I stand still, nervously enjoying your gaze,

And eagerly awaiting the next phase.

“I guess I’ll start.” You say closing the space,

Until we are up close, face to face.

Then you kneel down and grasp hold,

Without the smallest hesitation; how bold.

Worried that you might disapprove, I apologize;

Knowing that there is nothing impressive of its size.

You bring a finger to your lips to silence me.

“Condom?” you ask, to which I supply.

A rip of the pack and you roll down the rubber, letting me see,

Before playfully biting my flesh; I let out a cry.


Of size, I don’t care.

Silly men: worried for naught.

But your fear is cute.


A considerate lover is a gift from God:

One that, even the biggest flaw, will laud,

One that loves your body more than their own,

One that will pleasure you to the bone.


For a moment I stood still, my mouth agape,

My heart beating at a dizzying rate.

As your lips wrapped around my turgescent cock,

Sealing onto it tight as a lock.

I watch your efforts in awe,

Mystified as you suck and jerk.

Winching as your fingers scratch and claw,

Oh how you must enjoy your work.

Just when I thought my arousal had peaked,

You cradle my balls and squeeze my cheek,

Before pulling me from your mouth; spittle drips,

And dragging my manhood across your bottom lip.

How can I resist you now,

After such an incredible act?

Taking your hands, I lift you off the floor,

And tell you to lie on your back.

Legs up and apart.

Spread eagle, your body glows

Lips quiver in wait.


What do you feel from my touch?

I feel the heat from your skin as

The blood rushes to my hand.

I feel your hardened nipples protruding

Against my palm, begging to be suckled.

I feel your lips on mine, parting

As I buried my tongue deep within.

I feel your hands rubbing my

Shoulders and pulling at my nappy hair.

I hear your breath quicken,

Your moans deepen,

And your voice urging me on.

I smell your distinct musk and

The sweet odor of your sweaty skin,

(And I want more).

I taste you, licking every crevice,

Sucking at the delicate flesh,

Lapping up the sticky liquid,

Wanting all of you.

You beg for more and I

Am all too eager to oblige.

You tense up and scream

As I encircle the tender head.

You peak and relax.


What else is there

Besides this?

Your soft damp skin

And gentle smell.


“Give me a taste.” You demand,

Pulling my face to yours.

You kiss me as deeply as you can;

Your hunger I adore.

Below, my prick pushes at your lips.

You spread and accept me.

We breathe in and go slow.

Thrusts and moans,

Biting and clawing,

Nibbling and suckling,

Begging and pleading,

Burning and yearning,

Tensing and, finally, release.

I’m floating on air.

My soul soars. Son of a bitch,

I think I’m in love.


With a flash and a bang, the moment ends.

I am left with a numb brain and a confused heart.

Feelings don’t belong in a place where no one mends,

So I better return to the start.


There will be time for love, just not for us.

There will be time, time and again, so why rush?

There will be time for devotion, time for regret,

Time for commitment and time to reset.

Again and again we will play the fool,

Giving our hearts for others to rule.

A curse in fact our desires can be,

Leading us to destruction disguised as glee.

You think yourself safe, donating your body to pleasure

But in the rapture, your emotions, you forget to measure.

Your brain takes a hike and your heart makes a mistake

Spewing forth promises you didn’t intend to make.

It’s what happens when you’re on a roll,

And the brain isn’t there to do damage control.


So what now?

Do we acknowledge that we are nothing but lust?

Uncontrollable cravings and fire

Meant to burn together or extinguish alone.

What is the point of an embrace

If you still feel empty in another’s arms?

What is the point of giving in

If this is what happens when passions burn out?

Is it all worth it? Is this all there is?


You touch my bare back and nestle close,

Hoping to ease my worries.

Leaning your head on my shoulder,

Soft platinum hair tickling my skin.

And there will be time, I think.

Time for it all and more;

Time to be wasted in a blink,

And time to be spent in joyous uproar.

You kiss my neck, the need arising once again.

Hands pinching my nipples and making me stiff.

I feel generosity in you touch,

(Accompanied, of course, with a hint of lust)

I lie you down, letting my desires lead.

You seemed pleased, allowing pleasure to flow.

Our bodies become playgrounds once more,

Free for each other to enjoy and explore.


It is all beauty.

Your naked body, divine

Lying close to mine.