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25 Apr. '20

I had my back against a post at the foot of our canopied bed, I was sipping a glass of wine. Against the headboard my wife Mary reclined. And next to her was her lover, James. Except for here and there on the floor not a smidgeon of clothing was in evidence. James was visiting us for perhaps the third time, Mary had taken a shine to him, his jovial manners, his inventive expertise in the bedroom. She had a touch of New Relationship Energy and when she asked if he could visit on a Saturday night, I quickly gave my consent.

At this time, Mary and I had been swingers for a few years. On this night, both James and I had been intimate with Mary, for well over an hour she’d licked, sucked  and screwed at both of us, an uncounted number of orgasms had swept across her ravished body. We were relaxing, chatting as friends. And since he was becoming a friend James wanted to know more about us, particularly Mary’s desires and kinks.

“What about anal?” James asked.

“We haven’t done that with other people,” Mary replied, “but there’s always a first time. Is that something you’d like?”

“Sure. What about double penetration?” 

“I don’t think I’d like to try that, too complicated to be fun.” Mary admitted she liked her toes sucked, her very favorite position was kneeling at the side of the bed while her lover stood behind her. But James already knew that.

“So, how often do you get together with other people?” James asked.

Mary looked at me, I glanced back, then decided to answer. “It depends on how busy we are, how many offers we get. We’ve gone a few months or so without anything happening, on the other hand there’s been weeks when we’ve had three or four dates. We like foursomes, meeting at our house or their’s. Mary enjoys threesomes, as you well know. And we’ll head up to DJs Island every so often, and if we get invited to a house party we always go if we can.”

“That’s cool,” James admitted - he of course knew Mary was far from being a tenderfoot. He looked to her and asked, “Do you like gang bangs?”

“What do you mean?”

“You know, a bunch of guys doing you at once, you being the center of attention?”

“I’ve never tried it,” she said, “I’m not sure if that’s something I’d like.”

I spoke up. “What about those three guys in Green Tree?” She gave me a blank look. “You know, the time before we were married when you went over to your boyfriend’s house and wound up with him and both his roommates?”

“Oh, that. Yeah. But it was different, I went into their bedrooms one at a time, the guys didn’t watch me.”

I let it slide, I think James asked her next about role play and a few minutes later James began sucking at her nipple, that inevitably led to Mary’s arse on a pillow while James made her scream anew.

As time went by and Mary and I had other lovers, other configurations, we’d chat of desires and fantasies, made some of them happen. 

I’d occasionally mention gang bangs. “Is that something you’d like to see?” she asked.

“Not really, but if it appeals to you, I could help. I’m not sure I’d get that much out of it.”

“I’ve thought about it,” she admitted. “I’ve got to say there’s something about the idea. To have this bunch of guys all wanting me, and then to let whoever have their way with me . . . that’s exciting. But it’s scary, too.”

“What do you mean?”

“If it’s just me in a room with five or six men, what if one of them gets abusive, or doesn’t want to stop when I want to? Even if you were there, I could see how it could get ugly.” She was pensive. “Or maybe some of them thought they didn’t have to use condoms. I think I’d have to be very relaxed and feel very safe to let something like that happen.” 

I scratched it from our to-do list.


Some months or years later we were invited to a house party on the other side of Monroeville. Bob was the host, someone we’d played with a couple of times, a single man who was successful both at business and in the LifeStyle. He shared with us the people on the invitation list, half of the couples had been our playmates at one time or another, he’d invited a few single men we’d heard good things about. Of course we accepted.

We showed up at the party just before nine, cars were parked halfway up the street. When we entered the kitchen to hand Bob our gifts of wine and gourmet cookies, I was greeted by a tall, dark haired woman who I hadn’t bumped into before. She was dressed in a floor length nightgown of dusky blue, most of the fabric was lace. “You’re Adam, I’ve heard about you. I’m Ruth.” She flowed to my arms, raised her lips for the first kiss of the evening, I gave her mouth all the attention I could, not difficult as Ruth was a wonderful kisser. When we broke she complimented, “Well, yeah, that was pretty good. I’d like to get to know you better.” I didn’t have to wonder what she meant, I was tempted to take her up on the offer immediately, but the party was still in the mingling stage. I said, “Let’s look each other up later.” Ruth made her way around the room, greeting other men in like manner.

By this time Mary had disappeared, I knew what she was up to. I greeted the other men I knew, was introduced to new friends. We were all wearing variations on the same theme, trousers and golf shirts, casual yet stylish. Most of the women wore something sexy, no complete nudity - that would come later. Mary rejoined us, she’d changed into a balcony bra and tanga, white with hot pink hearts and feathery trim, covered by a filmy scarlet kimono.

We hadn’t been to Bob’s house before, so we gave ourselves the tour. On the top level there were three bedrooms, two of them had king sized beds and all had comfortable mats on the floor. The main level had the kitchen and breakfast room, where everyone tended to congregate, a dining room full of hors d’oeuvres, desserts and liquid refreshments, and a large den. In addition to the comfortable couches there were four blowup mattresses on the floor. This would be the ‘common room’, Mary and I realized.

At the outset of the evening, there was flirting and conversation. And then, as if by a prearranged signal, groups started pairing off, migrating to various hidden spots. Mary and I were approached by Don and Linda, a couple we knew well, and after just a few seconds the four of us were heading for a bedroom. Linda, as I remember, was wearing a teddy, within a few moments she had my belt unbuckled and my cock out, sucking on it as I ripped my clothes off. I then placed her on her back, got a finger under her panties, she gasped as I probed into her. 

Next to us, Don had Mary naked already, his head was flanked by her thighs, she moaned as Don’s tongue prodded her clit. The four of us progressed through the various  phases of foreplay. Mary was the first, as usual, to give her shout of passion, Don’s tongue was undeniably working its magic on her. Linda tore her gown off, I had the pleasure of toying with her pillowy tits as she sucked on my tool. Then she shifted, now my mouth was at her opening, licking at the ruddiness. It had been months since we’d cavorted with them, I’d forgot how she would stop breathing as she came, long moments when I actually became afraid she’d lose consciousness, but at last she exhaled loudly, panted trying to fill her lungs, pushed me away. “Oh, god, honey, Adam is just so good down there.” The foursome laughed, I attempted to reposition my tongue on Linda’s clit, she pushed me away, “If you do anymore of that, I won’t be able to walk the rest of the night!”

She pushed me back, I remember her kissing me and groping my prick, my hand slid over her rump and I inserted a finger inside her, a little gasp indicated she was still heated. I got couple of condoms, handed one to Don, sheathed myself. A few seconds later Linda levitated above me and I glided inside her. She was in charge, of course I played with her nipples, tugged on a lock of her hair. But I was accustomed to group sex, if I paid too much attention to the slick skimming of my cock inside her welcoming pussy I’d come, too fast, too early. So I diverted my attention to the revelry on the other side of the bed.

Don was supporting his shoulder against the headboard, his legs were stretched down the bed. Mary was pointing away from him, her thighs abutting his hips, her hands on one side of his calves. I heard the slapping sound of her ass against his belly, Don was pulling her waist toward and away from him. She looked to me, her eyes were distant in their revery, but she managed to give me a smile, touch me briefly for support.

Linda was holding her breath again, I twinked a nipple to inspire her, was treated to a muffled scream as she erupted. At nearly the same time, Mary started the coos she’d always had as the signal of her orgasm, I heard bawdy grunts flowing from Don’s throat, I figured sperm was coursing from the dick embedded in my wife.

I twisted Linda, now she was on her knees, I crept behind her, we were linked again. My thrusts were deep, with each push Linda yipped, we were having a great time. Still, I had little desire to orgasm, it was too early. We screwed as Don and Mary snuggled next to each other, apparently finished with their erotic play. In those circumstances, when one couple is done, it can become a little uncomfortable for the other couple to continue. I used a finger to tweak Linda’s clit, she screamed loudly then collapsed on the mattress, causing me to slip out of her. 

The married couples reconnected, Linda crawling to Don, Mary approaching me for a hug and cuddle. As I often did in these circumstances, I caressed her breast, it was still warm from her exertions, she allowed me to explore the terrain between her thighs, damp and hot, the labia spread, the clit prolonged and dense. Yes, I could tell Don had given her a good ride. While I was exploring her used body, her hand encircled my prick, found it still to be rocklike.

Don and Linda climbed from the bed - we’d been in the room not even half an hour - and began to dress, Mary and I followed suit. Linda flowed to me again, telling me how I was a favorite of hers, I hefted a teat, Mary was similarly treated by Don. The four of us headed back to the party.

I made Mary a vodka/tonic, in a quiet corner we reconnected. “You had fun,” I suggested.

“Don always gets me going,” she admitted. “But you didn’t come, did you?”

“There’s nothing wrong, I just wasn’t in the mood yet. And it all ended so quickly.”

“You want me to take take care of you?” Mary offered.

“Really, I’m fine. Plenty of evening left. And there’s one girl, Ruth, who seems to have designs on me.”

Mary was willing to be my wingman, see if Ruth had an appealing husband, but I was in no hurry, I was enjoying the erotic vibe Bob had created. We stood by the door to the den, there were two women, one of which I knew, what was her name? Ellen? She was being enthusiastically screwed by a man, all the while sucking on her husbands prick. The other girl, a short blond, was being eaten by a woman, her hand surrounded a thick dick. A nice orgy scene, I figured the mats would fill out later with more people. Ellen caught my eye, smiled, perhaps it was an invitation, I merely smiled back. 

We drifted into the kitchen, seven or a dozen people were there, we fell into conversation. I noticed Ruth wasn’t in the area. It was fluid, people joining and leaving, I finished my drink, strolled to the bar. Mary dropped into an intense conversation with a younger man, no ring on his finger, and he had his arm around my wife’s waist. I was talking to one of my friends, he knew I was a golf rules official, he asked me about a situation where his ball had landed in a stream, floated towards the green. While I explained the intricacies of Decision 26-1/7, I watched my spouse move to a couch along with her guy, their lips met, his hand was just above her navel; I assumed in a moment it would be approaching her melons. Since Mary showed no signs of distress - indeed she was encouraging his approaches - I continued to talk with my friend about the Rules.

Sure enough, the man had his hand on her tit in little time, I saw him whisper in her ear, I was sure I knew what the theme was. A moment later she bounced to me, dragged me to the side. “Got another one on the line, ‘eh?” I teased.

“Frank’s awfully sweet. Would you mind?” This wasn’t the first time at a party Mary and I had separated, although we tended to let each other know our intentions and location.

“No, go have fun!” I encouraged.

As I was questioned about the casual water rule, I watched my wife’s ass sway away from me, grab the hand of her next lover. Then I was surprised - instead of heading down the hallway to the bedrooms, he led her into the den! Left to her own devices, Mary usually chose a quiet area in which to make love, her usual preference was to be more one-on-one than anonymous groups. But it appeared tonight she was willing to philander in a crowded room with multiple bodies nearby. I waited a few moments, calmly talking with my friends, then wandered to the den. On the opposite side from the door, Mary sprawled on a mattress, her back to a couch. Her lingerie had been tossed nearby, Frank laid on his stomach, his mouth pressed to my wife’s pussy. Her eyes were glazed, her mouth open, panting, a position I’d seen her in many times before with scores of gentlemen. For perhaps five minutes she let Frank perform oral sex on her. Another man approached her, I assumed he asked if he could join the fun, Mary waved him away, she was into Frank just then. When she’d had enough of his tongue I heard her ask him to put a condom on. Mary climbed onto the couch, her feet on the cushion, her elbows and breasts resting on the back of the furniture, her rump displayed for Frank’s assault. He was up to it, I watched him crouch behind her, he used his left hand to point his sword at the goal, he was in! I moved around the room, hoping to get a better view, and on the way surveyed the scene. The room was more populated then, four women graced the mattresses, including Mary, and at least seven men were engaging with them, with others standing nearby, watching the live porn and perhaps longing for an invitation. 

When I got into position, I was delighted with a side view of the action. Mary was pushing herself back into Frank at every thrust, his hands were on her hips, pulling her into him, his eyes closed, sweat on his forehead, Mary was softly keening. Suddenly, much too early, Frank grunted and finished, fell backward onto the mattress completely used. 

Mary’s look of exasperation was obvious, at least to me. For the second time of the night the man making love to her hadn’t lasted long enough, she was left wanting more. She twisted, her eyes swept the room, I wasn’t sure if she even knew I was present, her gaze landed on John, the husband of a couple we’d played with more than once, a flick of her finger tempted him.

I was surprised. In the orgies we’d participated in up to this point, Mary had been demure about being the aggressor. When we were in a room with six or seven bodies involved, when she and a man were finished, she’d usually lie about, waiting for another gentleman to approach her patiently. This innocent signal, probably unnoticed by anyone else, alerted me that this night might be a little different.

When John joined her, she began by helping him unclothe, as soon as it was revealed she had his phallus in her mouth. After just a few bobs to ensure the tool was ready, she laid on her back, John quickly covered her, their dance commenced. Frank hadn’t left yet, though, I watched him run his hand over the side of her body, when John shifted Frank felt her nipple, with a palm she held his prick and soon he’d kneeled beside her, she was sucking on Frank as John was screwing her.

I could tell John was doing it for her, her body was rosy, her eyes were closed, she was breathing her orgasm through her mouth. And John appeared, even though he was energetic, to be far from coming. Perhaps it was his second go of the evening? 

I sensed the softness of a female torso next to me, I swung my head and my eyes were filled with the beautiful body and face of Ruth, she was still wearing her dark negligee. Feeling invited, I slipped my hand around her waist.

“Quite a scene,” Ruth snickered.

“Just a normal house party,” I agreed.

“Anybody you know?”

I pointed, “My wife, Mary.”

“Oh, she seems to be having a ball.” We watched for a moment, a man who had been toying with another woman approached Mary, she released Frank, took the new man’s cock in her mouth, John shifted into a sideways attitude to make a little more room, but he continued to propel his dick inside her pussy enjoyably. My impression was that Mary was enjoying the erotic spotlight she was the center of. She caught my eye, I raised my thumb in a silent question, ‘are you all right?’ Her returning smile let me know I didn’t need to concern myself for her safety.

I turned my attentions to Ruth. “Would you like a drink?”

We strolled into the dining room, I poured her a glass of white wine. After a sip, she set her goblet on the table, drew me close, we kissed again, the kind that promises everything. “I looked for you earlier,” I confessed, “you weren’t around.”

“There’s a single girl, Becky, my husband and I have been emailing back and forth with her, she agreed to meet us here.”

“Was she fun?” 

“More for Bram than me, I’m afraid. She’s the type of bi woman who doesn’t mind if you go down on her, but she barely touched me. I think Bram is planning on going for round two with her, I haven’t really had my first round yet.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Perhaps I can help?”

“You know you can, I came looking for you. Linda told me how good you are with your tongue, I want to find out for myself.” Our intentions clear, we sauntered down a hallway, found at the end a small bedroom not in use, she closed the door behind us. 

I was enthralled with this luscious woman, we took our time, slowly stripping each other, engaging in the various patterns of foreplay. Remembering her complaint of annoyance during her first romp of the evening, I ran through my repertoire. It seemed to engage her, I brought her to first one orgasm, then another before she aided me in slipping into a condom, then slipping into her. We roiled in three or four positions until I allowed myself to explode, Ruth joined me in boisterous glee as I climaxed.

Then, suddenly, I was done, she was holding me, our breaths shaking the bed until our heart rates dropped. I rolled off her, we faced each other, kissing, stroking each other’s bodies, telling ourselves how much fun we’d had.

“I’m sure Bram’s waiting for me,” she suggested, the tone of her voice saying she’d rather stay with me, at least for a few moments. A wave of admonition flowed through my brain, for the thirty or forty minutes Ruth and I had frisked thoughts of Mary had fallen between the cracks. I wondered if she was concerned about me, surely she was done in the common room.  

Ruth rose, found her negligee and panties, I pulled my briefs on, suspecting by now the party had plunged into a scene of pure debauchery. We kissed again, I helped myself to a handful of those beautiful globes.

“I’d love to see you again,” Ruth complimented. “You were everything I heard about. Maybe the four of us could go on a date?”

“Fine by me.” I made sure she had our SwingLifeStyle profile name, she said she’d send us an invitation. Of course, I knew if Mary didn’t care for Bram a foursome wouldn’t happen. Even in that case, though, I felt sure Ruth and I might get together at other parties.

In the kitchen, there were at least a score of people chatting, eating. Most of the men were clothed in only underwear, a few of both sex were completely bare. I looked for Mary, couldn’t find her in the kitchen, after I got a drink I poked my head into the den. I was more than a little surprised to find Mary still in there. With the lateness of the hour it had calmed, in addition to my wife there was only one other woman, she was quietly in missionary with her partner of the moment.

But Mary was anything but calm. She was facing me, mounted on a bearded man I’d not met before in cowgirl. To either side of her was a gentleman, one a stranger, the other our single friend Tim, her hand was on one of the dicks, her mouth encircled the other. I gazed at my wife, she was radiant in her pleasure, but she was at the same time disheveled; her hair flew every which way, her mascara ran badly, there was dried cum on her chest.

I was a bit taken aback, worried she was having too much fun, but then I spied a phial of lube near her, a box of condoms, she was taking care of herself. I got a bottle of water, she smiled as she saw me approach her with hydration and took a long swallow, but didn’t stop bouncing on the man below her. “Having fun?” I asked.

“A ball,” she admitted, and then giving little thought to me she went back to work on the man below her, placing her hands on his chest, doing her best to bring him to an ebullient come. 

I stepped back, she turned to the gent beside her, began the blow job with him again. I saw Ruth enter, she came to me. “Well, I guess that answers the question about will Bram like Mary.”

“Oh?” I said with a little confusion.

“That’s him below her!” she laughed. Realizing I wanted to keep an eye on my wife, but wanting to have a little more fun herself, Ruth dropped to a nearby mattress, dragged me with her. Without hesitation the few clothes we had on disappeared, she had my dick in her mouth again. 

I watched Bram and my wife, she seemed almost in a constant state of frenzy. Bram was silent, but his face scrunched, I was certain yet another man was satisfying himself inside my wife. Quickly, Mary turned to the stranger she was handling, handed him a condom. She flopped onto her knees, again she was penetrated. 

Bram, having had his fun and released, joined us, Ruth introduced us. “Honey, this is Adam. That’s his wife, Mary.”

“Nice to meet you.” We shook hands. “Your wife is having a really great time tonight. Is she always like this?”

“The life of the party?” I laughed. “No, not usually, this is something different for her.”

Ruth lounged between the two of us, we took turns feeling her breasts, the rest of her body and toying with her clit. She had another orgasm, just as I heard the stranger grunt behind my wife. 

Tim was still near her, he attempted to mount my wife, but she pushed him away. “Sorry, I’m pretty well done for the night.” Gracefully he backed away, I saw disappointment on his face.

Mary joined us, I introduced her, she recognized that just a few moments before she’d been intimate with Ruth’s husband. I put my arm around her, we talked for a few moments, Mary agreed the four of us should get together some time. Then she said, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” and she ran away.

I took my leave of the couple, went to the threshold of the powder room, waited for Mary to emerge. When she came out, I asked, “What do you need?”

“Oh, let’s go have another drink.” We stood in the kitchen, naked as prairie dogs, chatting. A couple of guys put their arms around her waist, I wondered if they’d been inside my wife earlier. 

A half hour later, long after the witching hour, I saw Mary yawn, the sign she was winding down. “Sure you don’t want to go back in the den?” I asked with a laugh in my tone. “I think there’s still a couple guys who’d like to take a shot at you.”

“Oh, I couldn’t. It’s tempting, but I’m worn out down there!”

We found our clothes, said goodbye and thanks to Bob, headed out the door to our car.

On the drive home, as we always did, we reviewed the night. 

“Ruth seemed nice,” Mary said. “Did you . . .”

“Yes, we went into a bedroom while you were in the den. She’s something special. How was Bram?”


“Her husband. Beard. One of the last guys.”

“Oh, yes, now I remember. There’s something about the way he did it, it really filled me up.”

“And the other guys? What got into you tonight?” 

“You’re not pissed, are you?” she asked cautiously.

“Of course not. We’ve always said when we go to these parties we don’t have to be together every moment, and anything that happens is okay. It’s just that I’ve never seen you like that before.”

“I don’t know what got into me. When Frank asked me, I figured we’d go into a bedroom. This was his first time at a LifeStyle party, a rookie. But he said one of his fantasies was to do it out in public, where people could watch, and I said okay. And then, John was just so pretty, I invited him to play. And it just took off from there.”

“So, how many guys tonight? I’m sure it’s a new record.”

“I’m not sure. Six?”

“I know of at least five. First Don, then Frank and John. That’s when I went I took Ruth into the bedroom. We stayed in there at least forty-five minutes, when I came out you were with Bram and finally the last guy, I don’t know his name. Were there others?”

“I remember Bob and I had some fun.”

“And you gave Tim a blow job.”

“Oh, I remember giving lots of guys a little bit of head, and I got felt up a lot.”

“But you had fun,” I asked.

“A ball. I don’t know if I’d want to do it again, but once was wonderful.”

When we got home, it was nearly two o’clock, I put Mary in the shower, washed the residue of her love making off. I kissed her before we drifted off, happy in our evening.



This is a true story. I can’t remember all the details, Mary and I have been to too many house parties, they seem to run together. I recall it was in the spring, probably of 2008 or 2009. 

The exact count of men Mary was with that night is lost to our memories, she remembered a couple more the next day. I feel certain the total was a least eight, possibly more than ten or even a dozen.

Mary has never chosen to go into a common room with multiple men again. It was her decision, if she had wanted to I would have supported her as I did that night. Other than this night, I can’t remember her ever having more than four men in a single night, one of which was me, and the guys were normally separated by an hour or more between them.

Names, of course, have been changed for those I remember, invented for the ones I don’t.

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