When you come here

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26 Apr. '20

When you come here I will wait for you in my kitchen

You will come in and I will be there, leaning against the counter

I will tell you to come closer

And when you do I will touch your long fingers with mine

I will slide my hands up your pale, smooth arms

I will put my hand on the back of your neck and pull you closer

My lips will touch the little nook between your collarbones

My other hand will go under your shirt and onto your back, exploring your skin, muscle and spine, vertebrae by vertebrae

I will pull you into a hug and feel you with my chest, my belly, my pelvis

My lips will travel up your neck

My finger will touch your forehead, your cheekbones, your eyebrows, the hook of your nose

My lips will touch your lips

My tongue will enter your mouth softly, slowly

The time will stop

And start again

You will kiss me back

You will pull me in

You will grab my ass and rub me against your crotch

I will feel you get hard

Your hand will go into my hair and you will tug

Softly first, then harder

I will unzip you and touch your cock through your underwear

I'll grab hold of it and feel it turn rock hard in my hand through the fabric

I'll take your hand and lead you to my bedroom

You’ll take my pants off and bend me over

I'll hear your belt buckle hit the floor and spread my legs so you can see me

There will be that moment where everything freezes, right before

And when your cock goes in me it’ll be like I never breathed before that second

You will fuck me slowly and I will burry my face in my blanket

I will rub my clit as you go in an out and I will come screaming into the linen

Again. And again. And again

You will flip me over and throw me on my back so I can see you

You will sit on top of me with a cock covered in pussy juice and I’ll watch you stroke it

I will see your face when you travel elsewhere

I will see your muscles contract

I will hear you moan and see your cum shooting, landing on my belly and breasts

You will collapse on me and I will hug you



Quarantine - March 27 2020