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26 Apr. '20

We argue and l walk away but not very far because you grab me in the hallway and push me against the wall. My hallway is dark and quiet. We stand there, Your hand is on my neck and you slightly choke me. I’m startled so I look for a clue in your eyes. What I see there is controlled anger and determination. You’re very close, l can feel your breath on my face but I don’t dare making any movement. I’m starting to feel a mix of fear and excitement. You look straight into my eyes and with a hand still pressing on my neck you open my pants button.

Off, you say.

I take the pants and underwear off and kick them to the floor.

You finger touches my lips and I open my mouth a bit but the finger goes down my face and neck and chest and continues moving south slowly in a straight line. Our eye are locked and I start to breath heavily. You take your finger away for a second but then it goes straight in me, cold up my pussy and it takes my breath away. With one hand on my neck and one in my cunt you have complete control, I’m like a marionette and I fucking love it. With the same cold stare you start massaging my clit. My eyes remain open looking at yours but my knees start to buckle.

You walk me to my bedroom and sit me on my bed. I want to kiss you but you push me to my back, spread me and start eating me. Your tongue is cool against my hot insides. I close my eyes and let everything go; I fly away as you eat and lick and suck and fuck me with your fingers. I come in your mouth over and over and over. When you’re done you get up and tell me to stay still. You take the belt from your pants and now I’m nervous. You get near and as I lay there looking you approach with an expression I can only describe as controlled hate. You grab my hair. 

Turn over. Turn the fuck over on your belly.

I do what you say and you straddle me and tie my hands with your belt. You spit on me and rub the spit on my pussy and ass. You spread my legs and go in me with such force the air comes out of me. You pull my hair again so my head can’t move and you lay on top of me. You start fucking me with a strong steady pace, your mouth near my ear. You bite my neck and tell me I’m nasty, I’m out of control, I need to be disciplined and put on a leash. Your leash. You tell me I’m a whore and you’re here to fuck all nonsense out of me. Your anger is finally out and I feel it in your cock and balls and sweat and teeth and tongue and harsh voice. You moan in my ear and you come in me, rage dripping outside my pussy as you lay on top of me warm and emptied and mine.


Quarantine - April 25 2020