Penny punishes Roxy

The following story is a slightly edited excerpt from the 'Penny' branch of my story 'Roxy's New Roommate', originally published on Feel free to check out the whole story here:

* * * 

I can't stop thinking about my new roommate. I mean it's not official just yet, but we've been rather 'busy'. Penny was truly a blessing, having found me at the end of a bottle in some dive bar after my last roommate had just been arrested. It wasn't long before we headed back to my place, where I got to explore the athletic Asian's slender, tattooed body. 

Whilst she certainly knows what she's doing with her fingers and her tongue, things got even better when she got her toys out. My favorite is her strapless strap-on (dumb name, I know). It's an L-shaped toy with two insertable lengths. A shorter one for the giver that comes with rabbit ears for their clit, and a longer one for the receiver. Best of all, with the press of the button, it begins to vibrate, adding to the pleasure. 

After a day at work, I rush to the bedroom, ignoring the kitchen and my grumbling tummy. I've got another urge that I need to satisfy first. Inside the guest bedroom, I search for the vibrating toy she'd been using. It's all I can think of. The feeling of it inside of me, plus the vibrations it gives, and of course, the body-shaking orgasms it's brought me.

After stripping off my pants, I grab the toy and sit on the edge of the bed. I decide to put the other end in. It's smaller in both length and girth, but the upside is those bunny ears are right on my clit. Without further ado, I press the toy inside of my craving cunt, indulging in the way it fills me as it slowly inches inside of me. Once it's fully inserted, I finally press the button, bringing the toy to life.

"Mhmm fuck." I gasp, gripping the other shaft of the toy.

Closing my eyes, I then let my imagination run wild. What would Penny do if she caught me using this toy? Would she punish me for using her toy without her permission? Maybe she'd just push me down onto the bed and ride me like there was no tomorrow. I know for sure that fit body of hers could pin me down and dominate me without breaking a sweat.

Then my mind wanders to the possibilities of what else she's into. What other toys would Penny bring out to play with? Maybe Penny would have me tied up and vulnerable? Or could she be into spanking? Whatever it may be, I'm sure she'll be the one in control. She asserted control the moment we met, and I had no issue surrendering to her, or her toy, which already has my legs trembling.

It soon takes over completely, causing my body to shudder and surrender to the vibrations pulsating throughout my body. Soon enough I lose control and collapse onto the bed breathing heavily, wondering what parts of my fantasies will become reality.

* * *

Time seems to drag as I wait for Penny to come back home. No matter what I do, she's all my mind can think about, and all I can do is wait for her. Eventually, her workday ends, and she finds me on the couch, watching some TV.

"Hey babe." She says.

A smile lights up my face. "Hey. How was work?"

"Good. You?"

"Can't complain." I consider mentioning playing with her toy, but decide to save it. "So, whatcha wanna do now?"

"Well there is something."

I raise an eyebrow. "Yeah?"

"I still haven't signed the roommate agreement yet."

"Oh... yeah."

Penny lets out a chuckle. "Whoops."

"You're just too sexy."

After a shrug, she replies "Can't help it."

"Heh. How about we go do that now before we forget?"

"Probably a good idea."

The two of us head to the dining table where I search for the contract. Fuck, I couldn't have put it too far. Maybe I should've spent my time waiting make sure I knew where it was. Then again, like I had said, she was just too sexy to not think about. Sure enough, I find it and then put it in front of Penny. Despite her enthusiasm, she makes sure to give it a thorough read, but she does eventually give it her signature.

"So it's official now." I say.


"Shall we celebrate with some food?"

Penny grins at me. "Well, first I need to work up an appetite."

"Sounds like a plan." I say.

"Let's go to the bedroom." Penny stands up and leads me to her bedroom, the one where I had masturbated earlier. There, she sees her toy, to which she says "Had a little play today?"

"Uhh, yeah."

"Couldn't help yourself, could you?"

"No Miss."

"You dirty little slut."

"Yes Miss."

"So, what do I do with a dirty little slut?"

"I-I dunno, Miss."

"You can start by getting on your fucking knees."

"Yes Miss."

Heeding her words, I submit to the position suggested. Penny looks down at me with a smirk.

"Hmph. At least your an obedient little slut."

"Yes Miss."

"Pull my pants down to my knees."

"Yes Miss."

I start to undo the button of her jeans, before pulling it down, noticing her panties.

"Want me to pull those down too?"

"Yes Slut. You know most of us do have the decency to wear underwear."

"Yes Miss."

"Are you wearing panties?"

"I-I am Miss." I state as I pull hers down.

"I don't believe you, but then again, I don't care." She proceeds to sit on the edge of the bed. "Lick."

I nod before diving between her spread legs, my tongue flickering against her slit. Underneath her purrs, I hear the rustling of her jacket.

"Ohh... Focus on that clit, Slut."

My tongue shifts to her pierced nub, rubbing it slowly to begin with. As I continue to lick, I wait for Penny's next words, but all I get are moans as I continue to work my tongue for her pleasure. Hopefully, if I do my best she'll let me have another turn on her 'cock'. Fuck, I can't stop thinking about it, especially with her moaning, and even saying dirty things.

"Ohh fuck Roxy... Good little Slut... Ahh... That's enough."

I stop and then look up to Penny with a befuddled expression. I know I was getting close to giving her an orgasm, but that smile on her face tells me she has something in mind.

"Grab the toy, Slut." Penny growls.

I nod, before reaching for the strapless strap-on.

"Now put it in."

"Which end do you wan-"

"The shorter one, Slut." She interrupts.

Nodding, I proceed to slowly insert the shorter end inside of Penny. Once the toy is fully inserted, she stands up and says "Open your mouth."

My jaw drops, allowing her to put her shaft inside of my mouth. Both her hands land either side of my head as she then pushes her strap-on further down. Once I've swallowed the whole thing, she states "Impressive. Didn't think you could deepthroat the entire thing."

She then retracts the shaft from my mouth.

"Then again, it shouldn't be that much of a surprise from a slut like you. You've sucked a lot of cock, haven't you?"

"Yes Miss."

"How much?"

"I-I, I've lost count."

In response, she smirks. "I'm gonna throat fuck you, Slut."

She puts her hands on either side of my head before pushing it towards her cock. As soon as the entire length is buried down my throat, she turns the toy on, bringing its vibrations to life on my tongue. Next, she thrusts, causing me to gargle and gag. The vibrations remind me of the pleasure I could be feeling right now. The pleasure my throbbing pussy is craving right now.

Not only do the vibrations pulsating throughout my mouth remind me of what I'm missing out of, but so do Penny's moans. Part of me wants to believe she's exaggerating, but I remember how I was moaning when I used it earlier today. My hands squeeze on her thighs as she continues to ravage my throat, causing me to drool all over my chin and shirt. Soon, she even has my eyes watering, to which she pulls out.

"Ahh... Good fucking Slut. Now what do you do with a cock you've just sucked?"

Without thinking, I grip the shaft and begin stroking, my hand gliding up and down the drenched length.

"Mhmm... I thought you'd want to fuck it."

"I mean-"

"Nope. This is what you fucking wanted."

It takes every ounce of self-control for me not to mutter the word 'bitch'. Then again, I'm sure the frustration is written all over my face, just like the maniacal glee is palpable from just her smirk. Next, her heavy breathing starts to hint that she's getting close to what I desperately crave.

"Ohh fuck... Keep stroking that dick Roxy."

I don't know if my handjob is adding any movement to the toy inside of her, but she sure as hell isn't complaining. Her thigh trembles under my hand and soon her body joins, spasming as a climax ripples throughout her. This causes her to fall onto her ass and sit back on the edge of the bed, where she looks to the roof. Panting, she then turns the toy off as I gaze at her.

Having come down from her orgasmic high, she cocks her head towards me. "That was just what I needed. Now what did you learn?"

"Don't play with your toys without your permission."

"Good little Slut. Now, I'm fucking starving. What about you?"