Memories of Milk

Harriet sat at her desk, staring wistfully through the window of her cottage at the bleak and empty pastures. It had only been a year since she had inherited Chipleigh Farm from her father following his passing, but to her, it felt like an eternity. At least she had her faithful Shetland sheepdog Whisky to see her through. Now that her dairy cattle had all been sold off, it was time to begin the process of shutting down the business. Harriet had already arranged for a solicitor to visit the farm and survey the property. They were expected to arrive at any time.

The doorbell rang. Harriet stood up from her desk, letting her blonde, wavy hair cascade down her shoulders and over her well-endowed chest. Rarely was she able to meet up with a stranger given her occupation; this was an opportunity to make an effort, not that she needed to with her beauty. Harriet shut Whisky in the room behind her, went over to the front door and opened it, revealing a fidgety man in a tight, black suit.

“Hello,” said the man nervously, looking over his glasses. “are you Ms. Harriet Reid?”

“I am.”

“I’m Brian Clark. Nice to meet you, Ms. Reid.” As Brian unsteadily reached out to shake Harriet’s hand, Whisky barked, causing the briefcase in his other hand to spill open, spreading papers all over the doorstep. “Aah, uh, I’m sorry!” he stammered as he frantically began to collect his documents.

Harriet laughed sympathetically and said “Don’t worry, Mr. Clark!” She bent her knees and helped pick up most of the nervous wreck’s papers.

Once the mess was cleared up, Brian shut his briefcase again and frantically brushed himself down. “Uh, really sorry about that. I’m…” He was left visibly flustered by the embarrassing incident.

“…the solicitor?” Harriet continued.

“Yes,” said Brian, clearing his throat and regaining his composure. “Can I come in?”

“Of course,” said Harriet with an enticing smile.


Harriet and Brian sat in the living room for half an hour, talking about the various aspects of the process of shutting down Chipleigh. Harriet felt varying amounts of grief and relief throughout the discussion, all the while struggling to take her eyes off the handsome, young man. He looked to be in his late twenties, positively a toyboy at around ten years her junior. She imagined running her fingers through his bristly, brown hair. She daydreamed of wrapping her lips around his. She revelled in the thought of what delight was concealed within his trousers.

“So… Ms. Reid?” said Brian hesitantly.

Harriet soon snapped out of her glazed expression. “Oh, yes… You can call me Harriet, by the way.”

“Okay, Ms. Harriet.” Brian was caught off-guard by the informality. “Uh, well, I should start checking the property.”

“Would you like me to show you around?”

“T-that would be great. Thank you.” Brian looked down to the floor. “And I’m… again, I apologise for any trouble. I only qualified last week.”

Harriet giggled and said, “It’s alright, nothing to worry about.” She placed her hand gently on his upper arm. “We’ve all been inexperienced at some point.” Brian’s eyes darted towards Harriet’s touch and he started to blush.

“Right… Show me the way?”

“After you,” said Harriet as she let Brian out the front door. She then opened the door to the other room. “Come on, Whisky!”


Harriet and Brian sauntered down the centre of the cowshed, while Whisky followed on behind. Though there were no cows in sight, traces of hay still harboured the smell. Brian jotted the occasional thing down on his clipboard.

“So you have lots of memories of the farm?” said Brian.

“I do,” replied Harriet. “I’ve lived and worked here all my life. I didn’t always want to be involved on the farm, but I learnt to appreciate it as I grew up. Even more so when my mother passed… and then my father ten years later. I really wanted to keep the farm going, but I just can’t. Milk prices aren’t helping either.”

“I understand.”

“I’m glad someone does.”

Harriet took Brian’s hand while he wasn’t writing. Brian stopped walking and gasped under his breath. Harriet turned to look at his face, but his gaze was anchored to the floor.

“I, uh…” stuttered Brian, sweating.

“I’m sorry,” said Harriet coyly. “I’ve been alone on the farm for a long time, apart from Whisky, of course… but a dog isn’t quite the same, you know?”

Brian took a moment to breathe. He was incredibly far out of his comfort zone, but he didn’t want to admit to himself that he was enjoying Harriet’s advances. The bulge in his trousers reflected that. However, he wanted to maintain his professionalism, regardless of his desire.

“I should get on with survey,” said Brian.

“Of course,” said Harriet. “I’ll show you to the milking parlour—”

“—Just tell me where it is.” Brian’s little outburst of assertiveness took Harriet by surprise. She let go of his hand and smirked.

“It’s round to the left after the cowshed,” she said, gesturing down the pathway. “I’ll be at the cottage if you need me.”

Harriet strode back towards the house with Whisky following her, while Brian hurried on towards the parlour.


Brian made his way round to the milking parlour. He entered via the holding area, heading down into the pit. Ten stalls lined each side of the pit, each with their own milking cluster hanging from above.

Brian couldn’t focus on his job for thinking about Harriet. He was desperate for any kind of intimacy and just as desperate for some kind of relief. Eyeing up one of the milkers, and after looking around to make sure that he was truly alone, he put his clipboard down on the platform and began to take his shirt, trousers and pants off. His penis showed the full extent of his lust, pulsing in time with his racing heartbeat. He grabbed a milking cluster and sat on the edge of the platform. He took one of its suction cups and carefully placed it over his cock. It was considerably too large for his average girth, but that didn’t deter him. Breathing heavily, he fumbled with the cluster until he found a control panel on it, but before he could switch it on, he heard her.

“I forgot I should mention—”

Harriet had caught Brian with his pants down and the milker over his dick. He froze in fear and his face boiled. His stomach dropped yet his cock throbbed. He couldn’t say a thing. He was prepared for the worst.

Harriet opened her mouth in shock, or at least what looked like shock to Brian. “Well then. This is a surprise.”

She began to approach him. Brian thought he was in serious trouble, but Harriet had other things on her mind. She saw a golden opportunity.

“What are you doing, I wonder?” said Harriet flirtatiously, looking down at the helpless little man. “Did you feel the need to relieve yourself?” She squatted down beside him and looked straight into his eyes. “Does the thought of me drive you so wild that you’re willing to do anything to cum?”

Brian gradually realised that he in fact wasn’t in trouble. The guilt in his mind began to melt away, just like his inhibition. “Mhm,” he mumbled.

“It’s not often I get to spend time with someone special. A farmer’s life is so incredibly busy.”

“I-I can imagine.”

Brian went to take the suction cup off his penis, but Harriet grabbed his wrist. “Don’t take it off. I don’t want to see your cock… at least, not yet.” She slid her hand off his and up the milker towards the control panel. “Let’s see if you get any bigger after being milked.” Biting her lip in anticipation, Harriet pressed a button. The milking machine slowly whirred into life. Brian’s skin began to pucker around the base of the sucker as the vacuum tugged at his cock. The rushing air stroked his shaft and licked at his glans. The milker loosened its grip for a moment before building up the suction again. “We don’t want to milk you too hard. That’s why it sucks in a cycle.” With every pulse, his penis burned with pleasure. After a few more, his mouth hung open and he couldn’t help but drool.

Then came the point of no return. Brian could feel himself beginning to orgasm, but this was unlike anything he had felt before. His entire pelvis buzzed. He continued to edge as his pubic hair started to fall out, revealing the supple skin on his testicles. His balls began to swell. The orgasm finally happened, causing immense pressure at the end of the suction cup. Cum dribbled from around his cock and down his swollen ballsack. Brian was drifting along the edge of consciousness and couldn’t tell what had become of his dick.

Harriet turned off the machine. She slowly took the milker off and her eyes lit up as the majesty of Brian’s new member was revealed. It had doubled in size and was still erect, shiny and dripping in fresh hot cum. Brian was still too dazed to take anything in. “Now isn’t that beautiful!” exclaimed Harriet. “I can’t let all your milk go to waste.”

Harriet bent down and slid her lips over the end of his cock. Staring into Brian’s confused eyes, she gradually devoured his shaft, sucking up all the milk it was coated in. By the time her mouth reached his scrotum, with his dick down her throat, Brian snapped out of his stupor. Harriet gazed up at him, forcefully breathing through her nose, delighted by the taste of his juice. Brian ogled her in return, Harriet’s internal warmth and moisture soothing his massive member. Their eyes connected in a moment of sheer bliss.

Harriet slid Brian’s cock out of her mouth, swallowing his milk and licking more of it off her fingers. She had made a mess on her chest and her low-cut top. “That was incredible!” said Harriet, licking her lips. “I’ve never seen such milk output, and that was just your first time! Your erection is so persistent too.” She rubbed his veiny udder as if she was stroking a prize-winning animal, then gently squeezed his bulging balls. “I need to make an example of you. I’ll be back in a minute. Just stay right there, okay, sweetie?” Harriet got up and hurriedly left the parlour. Brian was now aware of the situation, yet his head was buzzing with pleasure, especially when gawping at his heaving, hairless hardware.


Brian heard the approaching clacking of heels and jingling of bells. Harriet emerged from around the corner of the wall, wearing nothing but her high heels, black panties and a large cowbell. She was also carrying a bell with her. Brian stared as she strode towards him across the holding area, her delightfully rounded breasts bouncing with every step. She stood in front of him. Brian was enthralled with his cock, but as soon as he caught sight of the beautiful bulge in Harriet’s panties, he had found a new thing to obsess about.

“Oh,” said Harriet, “are you looking at this?” She caressed the mound within her underwear. Brian nodded his head. Harriet slid her hand down the front of her panties. “Are you thirsty?” Brian again nodded, but with such enthusiasm that his tongue fell out. “Sure, you can have some of my milk, but only if you’re sure you want to be a cow.”

That notion rang an alarm bell in Brian’s head. This was fun and everything, but he didn’t want to be a cow. He tried to snap out of the mood, but the pleasure coursing through him was just too much. It took him over and he felt compelled to moan “Yeahhh…”

Harriet tied the cowbell around Brian’s neck. “Very good, my dear. Let me hook you up.”

Harriet took the milking cluster, switched it on, and placed two of the cups on Brian’s nipples. They latched on with a satisfying slurp. Brian felt an immense wave of euphoria from his chest, propagating through his entire body. His cock throbbed in time with the pulsating vacuum and continued to dribble with milk.

Harriet giggled. “How does that feel, darling?” she said. “You’re on your way to becoming one of my precious cows!”

Brian’s body hair began to fall away. His nipples buzzed. His lips tingled.

“Did you ever wonder where my cows came from?” said Harriet, staring down at Brian. “It’s been a while since someone joined my farm — not that there’s much point now — but I thought there’d be nothing wrong with having a bit more fun for old times’ sake.”

Brian’s waist creaked and grew smaller. He felt his hips and butt expanding. His lips plumped up. Hair flowed from his head and down his shoulders. Brian’s moaning became higher and more feminine. The most incredible feeling, however, was in his breasts, growing and growing, milk leaking from around the cups.

Harriet gripped Brian’s cock and leant over him, smiling sadistically and looking him straight in the eyes. “You’re doing so well,” she said, “but I don’t think Brian is a very good name for a cow, wouldn’t you agree? Tell me, you slut, what’s your name?”

Harriet started rubbing up and down. As Brian’s mind became foggier, a single thing emerged from the chaos. He mumbled, “Bessie…”

The name resonated in his head. It was like an epiphany. This was his newfound purpose in life. The name Bessie made him feel happier than he had ever been before. She was happier than ever before. Harriet rubbed faster and faster. Bessie’s moaning became mooing as she shook all over, her cowbell jangling all the while. Her gorgeous cock exploded with fresh, hot milk, coating Harriet’s face and leaving a mess around the centre of the parlour. The suction cups gave way to the pressure and popped off her breasts with milk spilling forth from her now elongated teats.

Harriet spluttered as the dairy explosion took her aback. “I’m impressed!” she said. “You make such a beautiful hucow, Bessie! Your induction is possibly the most successful I’ve ever seen. It’s a shame I won’t be taking care of you on the farm.”

Bessie took a second to recover from her daze. Amazed by her new form, she was able to make more sense of her new duty. She had made lots of milk for her maid; now her overwhelming desire was to breed. Acting quickly in a moment of mania, she hastily reached for the cluster and jammed the cups onto Harriet’s tits.

“Wait, what are you doing?” said Harriet, shocked. “I don’t want to… uhhhn…”

The milking machine had already began to work its magic on Harriet. She fell to her knees and her arms went limp.

“I want to make calves with you,” said Bessie in her sultry, new voice and with a newfound confidence. Bessie knelt down in front of Harriet and slid her panties down, revealing her girlcock. It was larger than Bessie’s original size and looked as soft as velvet. It oozed milk from the tip. “Want to turn around for me, bitch?”

Harriet got down on all fours and turned around, wiggling her bodacious butt. Bessie squeezed her teats and rubbed the milk all over her giant penis. She began to pry Harriet’s buttocks apart and slowly eased her cock into her anus. It made a splurting noise as it forced its way in, bubbles of milk leaking from around her asshole. Bessie’s member flared as it was massaged by the warmth and pressure of Harriet’s sphincter. Harriet could feel Bessie’s beautiful cock emanating pleasure from deep within her.

“I want to…” slurred Harriet.

“What’s that, my dear?” said Bessie.

Harriet drooled. “I want to make cow babies for you. I want to make you a proud mother.”

“We can both be proud mothers, darling.”

Bessie started to thrust while teasing her udders. Harriet mooed amorously. Their cowbells clanged in time with their motions. Harriet’s silky cock and balls swung back and forth. Milk trickled all the way along the parlour floor. Both hucows couldn’t help but drool down their necks.

As Bessie got faster and faster, both their faces tingled. Their ears dragged themselves up the sides of their faces and unfurled. Their mouths and noses began to stretch out and become remarkably bovine. This was followed by a sharp sensation at the base of their spines; their tails growing and flowing out from above their magnificent rears. Bessie started mooing, and Harriet mooed louder in response. As the breeding pair mooed louder and louder at each other, Bessie’s cock powering like a piston, the milking cluster popped off Harriet’s massively swollen teats, milk bursting from them. High-pressure jets of milk sprayed from around her anus, completely covering Bessie’s front. Harriet’s cock also exploded with milk, leaving a massive puddle on the floor, while a medley of wildly passionate moos echoed around the barn. Bessie fell back with exhaustion and crashed against the platform, her cock sliding out and dragging on the ground, dangling in the milk.

Harriet turned around to face Bessie and sat on the floor. “I can’t wait for our beautiful baby,” she said, catching her breath. “This is what I’ve always wanted!”

“I’m so proud of you, bitch,” said Bessie. She rolled onto her haunches and put her new bovine mouth down to meet Harriet’s throbbing cock, gulping it down and swallowing the fresh, hot milk all over it. Harriet mooed softly and lay down on her back with a blissful expression on her cow face, her tail sweeping across the giant puddle.


A black car pulled up outside the farm entrance. A smartly-dressed, older man stepped out. He walked into the courtyard and couldn’t see anyone.

“Hello?” he shouted. “Where are you, Mr Clark?” He was concerned that his employee had been out of the office for an unusually long time. No one responded to his cry, but the countryside was quite enough for him to hear a strange noise from the nearby milking parlour. I thought there weren’t any cows on the farm any more, he thought to himself.

He approached the holding area of the parlour and was stunned by what he saw. Harriet and Bessie were on the ground, naked and with weird-looking features, covered in and surrounded by gallons and gallons of milk. The man took a moment for the shock to pass before calmly striding up to the pair, his shoes splashing through the mess.

The man looked down at the hucows and said “What do we have here?” Harriet and Bessie looked up at him.

“Master?” mumbled Harriet.

“Have you come to milk us?” said Bessie.

“Well, this is unusual,” said the man. “I can’t just leave you two here like this. Luckily for you, I used to be a farmer.” He took a couple of ropes from the nearby barrier and tied them around their cowbell collars. “Let’s get you fed, hm?”

The new master led the hucows on as they crawled on their hands and knees. “Come on, now,” he said. Harriet’s and Bessie’s enormous breasts and permanently erect cocks swung freely as they moved. The future mothers looked lovingly into each other’s eyes and their hearts swelled with pride. They made happy little moos as the master took them out from the parlour. “I’ll take you to the cowshed. There has to be some cattle feed around here somewhere.”