Versatile Dude - Travellin' Man Song Parody

I'm a versatile dude and I've had a lot of sex
I’m true to my word
And I know I sound crass but every ass
Happily gave my cock a twirl

Had a cutie Santiago spread his cheeks for me
Down in old Mexico
Smelled of ayahuasca, tasted of coffee
And took my cock like a ‘ho

Oh, that big Hasan all spicy and brown
Makes my balls start to churn
I can’t turn him down with his giant dong
How I love that burn

There’s my Argentinian tranny so gorgeous to see
Never puts up a fight
Sucks me till I’m hard oh down on one knee
With her hot mouth, oh so tight

Oh, I'm a versatile dude
Yes, I am always nude
Yes, I'm a versatile dude
Whoa, sorry if I’m crude