Roxy comforts Sila

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04 May. '20

The following story is a slightly edited excerpt from the 'Sila' branch of my story 'Roxy's New Roommate', originally published on Feel free to check out the whole story here:

* * *

Things had been going relatively smooth with my new roommate Sila Turan. She's a voluptuous little thing, with a flow of wavy black hair and caramel skin. Combine that with her round reading glasses, she screams 'wallflower' in the cutest way possible.

Back home after a day at work, I find the dining table illuminated by Sila's laptop. Once the light is on, I make a pit stop at the fridge to grab a can of Black Cherry White Claw. With beverage in hand, I head to the laptop to turn it off:

'End of the Year

*AUTHORS NOTE: All characters are over 18'

Phew, sure glad all these people are conveniently legal.

'This was it. One last party before we start the rest of our lives. The six of us had been friends throughout highschool, but now we were moving on with our lives. We were heading over to Ken's place, seeing as his parents were out of town on business.

I'd always had a crush on Ken. He's bit of a nerd, but he's cute, with his thick-rimmed glasses. He'd also started working out a bit, and was putting some muscle on his slender frame. Whilst we had always been friendly, neither of us had considered going beyond that.

My best friend Vicki is also there. Most people think she's a bit weird, and well, they're not wrong. The slender girl had a goth look to her, with her raven-black hair, and a few tattoos. She's always had an obsession with occult happenings, murder mysteries and screamo bands. I can't deny that she's pretty cute, and recently I've been thinking that maybe we could be more than friends.

Then there's Brad, the brooding footballer. Tall and beefy, he's really sexy. Then again, he can be bit of an asshole, and is eager to brag about his performance on the field and off the field with the cheerleaders. Said cheerleaders often talk about how huge his big black cock is, and I can't deny I've always wanted to see it.

Cindy is one of those who speaks highly of Brad's 'bedroom performance', being a self-confessed slut. She'd already started webcamming and was talking about going to LA to do porn. The blonde had the body for it too, with her curvaceous body and huge 32G breasts. She's every boy's dream girl, and even I've fantasized about her.

There's also Jose, who's always been a bit stoic and serious. He'd always wanted to join the Army, just like his father, and that had been his focused. Gotta admit I've watched him run through the block. Sometimes when it's hot he runs without his shirt, flaunting his toned, athletic body, and sometimes I've pictured him running inside my house and having his way with me.

Finally, there's me, Yasmeena. I'm bit of a wallflower, as most kids used to pick on me for being different. That changed in the last few years when I blossomed into adulthood, with my breasts growing to 34Cs, plus my wide hips and plump rump. I'd heard guys calling me 'dummy thicc' and 'sexy', and it had made my confidence grow. Still, I'd avoided dating to focus on my studies, but tonight, I'm prepared to change that, and finally lose my virginity.'

I look to the tab of the browser which reads 'Edit Chapter - CHYOA'. Wait, that means this is her writing. Damn Sila. It's funny how much we reveal of ourselves when we put on a mask of some sort. Guess I better leave this alone for now. It's her business and I'm sure she won't take well to me intruding on it. Still, I wonder how much of her story is fiction and how much is fact. Is she really a virgin? Is she into girls?

Gotta say, I can't help but feel a little worked up. Even the small taste of her smut story has my mind on one thing, and one thing only: sex.

Probably best if I close this down. I can continue reading on my phone anyway. Inside my room, I open my drawer in search of my silicone friends. My purple toy might not be as big as Brad's, but it does vibrate. Whilst I could look up the story on my phone, my brain needs something simpler. Something it can conjure up as I close my eyes.

Still, I can't help but wonder what happens in Sila's story? Maybe it'll have other hints of what she's into. It's already teased with the idea that she is into girls, and I can just picture her underneath me as my submissive. I'm sure she'd follow my every order, and I can water my wallflower into a confident, sexy woman ready to take on the world.

As I thrust my dildo, I imagine Sila between my legs. Her tongue on my clit as her hand works the dildo for me. I can just picture the smile on her face as she realizes that I'm about to cum, my legs trembling. Then it hits me. My body quakes as I throw my head back, letting out a gasp as I do so. With a satisfied smile, I open my eyes and relax on the bed.

* * *

The next morning, I find Sila at the dining table 'studying' on her laptop. Rather than disturb her, I open the fridge, the sound which has her saying "Morning Roxy."

"Hey. You had breakfast yet?"



I proceed to cook up an omelet, before heading to the dining table to chat with my new roommate.

"So much planned for today?" I ask.

"Study." She says, her eyes still focused on her computer screen.

"Well don't study too hard. You don't wanna burn out."

"True. So what about you?"

"Gonna work out this morning, and then I've got that gig tonight. You had any further thoughts on that?"


"It'll be fun. Plus it's good to try new things out."

"Okay then. I'll go."


Once my meal is finished, I leave Sila to whatever she's doing and go for a jog to and from the park. It's pretty tranquil at this time of day, with only a few people around. An old guy walking his dog, a redhead feeding ducks, and a busker who receives a donation of loose change from me. Whilst I head back, I realize this wouldn't be a bad way to check on Sila's story without her noticing. Something to keep in mind anyway.

As I head back home, I wonder if Sila is still on that computer, or if she's up to something else?

Inside, I look through the kitchen doorway to see Sila with her head thrown back and her pants around her ankles. Her pleasured moans and dancing hand tell me everything. She's masturbating, right at the dining table. I'm sure if I walk in on her, she'll have an anxiety-induced heart attack, so I do what that bald, monotone guy from that video game Jack used to play: hide and wait. Her moans fill my ears, and that makes my heart throb and my pussy wet.

"Ohh... Roxy." Sila coos.

Oh fuck. Is she masturbating whilst thinking of me? Maybe I should walk in? Maybe this is a cry for help, just like leaving the laptop on with an erotica story right for me to find? Then again, maybe I'm just a mix of curious and horny. Plus, if I'm wrong, Sila might just go crazier than I am right now.

"Mhmm... Fuck... Just like that Roxy..." She cries lustfully.

I dare peeking into the room, seeing Sila shudder throughout an orgasm. When she catches her breath, I hide back behind the wall. Goddamn a first-person perspective is so restrictive. If only I could see in third-person, like my last roommate's Hitman game. After what feels like a few minutes, Sila walks past me to the bathroom, ever obvious of me. Guess I'm a certified silent assassin or something.

In the kitchen, I decide to grab a White Claw. Maybe a little early for day drinking, but I need it after that. Opening the fridge, I find that it's a bit barren. Oh well, at least there's another White Claw. Whilst I gulp down a good dose of my drink, Sila enters the room.

"Oh. Hey Roxy." Her cheeks turn tomato red.

"How's it hangin'?"


"You know I was thinking of doing some shopping today? Anything you need?"

"I'm good. Do you want me to chip in?"

"First one's free."

"Oh. Thanks Roxy."

"No problem. I'll just get a list ready." Anything to get my mind off of what just happened.

* * *

A few days later, I find myself alone whilst Sila works a shift at her father's cafe. That gives me plenty of time for me to mull over what I'm about to say to her. What part of her online persona is fact and what is fiction? Is she bisexual? A virgin? And should I tell her everything, like how I caught her masturbating whilst moaning my name?

Sila arrives home at about 8 o'clock, and heads into her room. Guess it's now or never. After a deep breath, I head to her door and knock.

"What is it?" She asks.

"I wanna talk. Can I come in?"

"Just a sec."

Shit. Why am I confronting her in the bedroom? Why didn't I let her relax over a cup of tea or something like that? I'm such an idiot. Now she probably realizes that I do know her little secret. I mean why else would I come to her bedroom? She seems to be delaying too, as if she knows what's about to happen. Eventually, Sila faces the inevitable and opens the door, wearing a sky blue robe.

"Come in." She meekly whimpers.

She leads me inside and we sit on the edge of her bed. There, I say "It's about Friday."

"What happened?"

"Well I... I saw your writing..."

I can't look at her. I can't bear to see what expression is filling her face. Unfortunately, there was no way to avoid the sound of her bursting into tears. I look to her face, that's now buried in her hands. In an attempt to comfort her, I wrap my arm around her but before I can get out a word she pushes my arm away and stands up. As she storms towards the door, I say "I didn't mean to..."

My words are in vain, and she doesn't stop, slamming the door behind her. I take chase, entering the passageway. That's where she enters the bathroom, still bawling her eyes out.

At the bathroom door, I take a deep breath and prepare my next set of words. Dammit Roxy, there's gotta be something.

"I'm sorry, okay? It was an accident."

The only reply I receive is Sila's continued sobbing.

"Sila... It's fine, okay? I mean I kinda liked it."


"Yeah... And I mean, you shouldn't be ashamed to express your sexuality."

"You don't think it's stupid?"

"Not at all. I mean everyone's got their desires and expressing them is only human. Just leaving it pent up inside you isn't healthy." The last few days have taught me that much.

Sila doesn't offer a reply, but I think I'm making some sort of progress.

"Everyone's got their thing Sila, and it's all okay. I've met guys who like my feet more than anything, or that want nothing more than to be pegged by a strap-on, and some who just like good old fashion vanilla sex. It's all cool by me, so long you're not hurting anyone."

Again, Sila remains silent. I can't take this anymore. I need to see that she's at least okay.

"Can I come in?"


I open the door to see Sila leaning against the sink, still sniffling somewhat. Her eyes dart to me as I walk over and give her a hug. "You're beautiful Sila. I don't care what anyone else says, 'cause they're full of shit. You're a great writer, and you're kind and you're gonna be a great English teacher."

Sila looks me in the eyes. "Roxy?"


"Do you think I'm ugly?"

"Absolutely not. You're gorgeous."

"I'm not. I'm fat, and I'm short..."

"Stop it. Stop saying that crap." I spin Sila around to face the mirror. "You're goddamn fucking gorgeous. Your camarel skin, and your adorable smile. And these juicy tits of yours. Not to mention your plump ass. You're goddamn sexy and only a fool would think otherwise."

My hands pull at the opening of her robe as Sila gasps "Do you really think that?"

"Yes." I kiss her cheek, causing Sila to turn to me. Fuck it. It's now or never. My lips meet hers and I thrust my tongue into her mouth. As we wrestle tongues, I throw her robe open to expose that curvaceous body of hers. Our lips part, so I tell her "Look at the mirror."

Sila turns to the mirror as I throw her robe off, putting her body on full display.

"I've been craving this very moment ever since I saw you. Don't ever think you're not attractive, 'cause you managed to drive me crazy."

My right-hand squeezes on her right breast, as my left travels down her belly, and through her thick bush. That's when I make Sila gasp by touching her clit. My finger softly massages her sensitive nub as I kiss her neck. Finally, I whisper into her ear "That good?"

"Ahh... Yes." Sila confesses.

"What are you?" I ask.

"I'm... I'm beautiful."

"Good girl. Bend over. Put your hands on the sink."

I move my right-hand, allowing Sila to brace herself on the sink. With her bent over slightly, I'm able to press two fingers into her soaking wet slit. Sila moans in ecstasy as my fingers move back and forth. The refection in the mirror show's Sila's pleasured face, with her jaw agape, letting out her pleasured cries. Both my hands work in unison to bring Sila to climax, moving faster to increase the sensation. My efforts are soon rewarded, with Sila's limbs beginning to tremble.

"Are you cumming?" I ask.

Sila nods frantically. "Yes..."

"Say you're beautiful. Say it or you don't get to cum."

"I'm beautif-AHHHH FUCK!"

Sila shudders whilst she squirts her nectar all over my hand and the floor. My right-hand keeps working its magic on her as she sprays more and more. By the end of it, Sila's arms have completely folded, her head is resting on the sink and beneath us is a puddle of her juices. Just when I think I've got Sila figured out, she has one more surprise waiting for me.

"Holy shit... You squirted so hard baby." I gasp.

She inhales a deep breath, still coming down from her orgasmic high.

"Can you stand up?"

After a second or so, Sila does exactly that, pushing up with her arms. That's when I put my fingers on her lips.

"Taste your nectar for me."

As soon as she opens her mouth, I press my soaking fingers inside, and in turn, she sucks on them.

"Mhmm... Good girl." My fingers then leave her mouth.

That's when Sila smiles, before finally speaking. "Sorry for making a mess."

"Don't be. That was fucking hot."

"Heh. It was."

"But I'm not done with you yet."

"How about we go to the bedroom?" I say.

"Sounds good to me."

I lead Sila to where I want her, my bedroom. There, I face her and begin unbuttoning my shirt. Sila just stands there and watches whilst I discard my shirt to the floor. Next, I undo my bra and it soon joins my shirt. Whilst Sila gazes at my breasts, I say "You like them?"


"Come here."

Sila walks towards me but freezes once she's in front of me.

"You can touch me if you like."

Upon receiving audible permission, Sila puts her hands on my breasts and kneads them.

"Mhmm, good girl. Now I think it's only that I get to cum, right?"


"Good. Now how about you take my pants off?"

"Yes Roxy."

Sila follows my directions, unbuttoning my black jeans, before pulling them down to my ankles. I step out of them and then sit down on the edge of my bed, spreading my legs, before pulling my thong aside to expose my craving slit.

"You ready?"

"Yeah..." She stammers.

"Don't be nervous Sila. It's just like masturbating just with someone else's pussy."


Sila moves in front of me and gets down on her knees. As she braces her hands on my thighs, she looks at my entrance with curiosity.

Her eyes then go wide. "Is that pierced?"

"Sure is. Makes it so much more sensitive."

"Did that hurt?"

"A bit, but now it's much more sensitive."


I smile. "Why don't you find out?"

Without further ado, Sila sticks her tongue out and puts it on my clit, making me purr with pleasure. Sure as hell wasn't what I was expecting, but I'm not complaining.

"Ohh that's it Sila. Put some fingers in me too."

Like a good submissive, Sila follows my order. Two of her fingers sink inside of my soaking wet slit, turning my purrs into moans. She then starts moving her fingers up and down inside of me.

"Fuck... Feel how wet I am for you Sila?"

Sila nods as she continues to work her magic on me. Her movements are a bit timid, but that's no surprise. It still feels fucking great, and with a little encouragement, she'll meet the tempo I desire.

"Faster Sila."

Both her fingers and tongue move faster, just like I wanted them too. Those fingers of her are right on my spot, and it's making me grip the edge of the bed. Goddamn, how is this her first time? She's a fucking pro as far as I'm concerned.

"That's fucking it..." I growl through clenched teeth.

Sila continues to work her magic on me. Magic that soon has me curling my toes as I feel my orgasm approach. Next, my breathing becomes heavier and a few seconds later, my legs are trembling.

"Fuck... don't stop..."

Right on cue, my body quakes throughout a blissful climax, causing me to throw my head back. Once I come down from my orgasmic high, I look down to Sila, who's smiling at me.

"That was awesome Sila." I say.

"No problem."

"We'll have to do it some more, huh?"

"I'd love that."

"So would I."

Sila stands up and puts her hands on my thighs. We take a second to gaze in each other's eyes before I give my lover a kiss on the lips. When our lips part, Sila says "Roxy?"


"Should we clean up the mess I made in the bathroom?"

"Heh... I completely forgot." We share a chuckle before I say "I'll take care of it. You stay here."


With haste, I rush off to clean up after Sila. It's the last thing I wanna do right now, but unfortunately, it's gotta get done. Once the floor is clean, I head back to Sila, who's laying on my bed with a beaming smile on her face.