Unlocked Feelings

Chapter 1 – Finding Comfort

She tentatively walked down the steps lugging the empty yet heavy gas cylinder. She hadn’t really interacted with her landlord often. He never seemed forthcoming, but today was a different day.

The city was in lockdown mode. It had been 4 months since Maya had moved here. Amit had been promoted, with the promotion had come a transfer. While she was happy for her husband, she wasn’t too pleased with the idea of relocating for her daughter or herself.

She was happy teaching singing in Jaipur. She had always been successful as a student. Her wish was to to work but marriage has changed her destiny. Fortunately she had found music. Singing was meditative for her. Listening to music also brought her happiness.

Now she had still felt lost in the cacophony of the big bad metropolis of Mumbai. People did not seem to be forthcoming here. Over the last few days she had started to find her rhythm with the pulse of the city and then the lockdown happened. It had helped that she had managed to find this rare nice cosy home in the city. It was a charming two storeyed villa. The owner was finicky. He was quite clear that he wanted to rent to a small family. Vehicles wouldn’t be allowed in the villa. No parties. The list was full of do nots.

She had met him with her husband twice for some paperwork. He had always seemed distracted. She had heard his voice once when his driver was on the receiving end.

So many thoughts brimmed her mind as she arrived at the landlord’s door, not sure if she should press the bell.

She knew she had no choice. She wondered if she had another way out to change her gas cylinder while the city was under siege.

Mr Khanna, energetically opened the door, curious who could it at his door be on such a day.

“Good Morning” Maya said softly.

“ Morning” responded Mr Khanna. It took him a few seconds to realise that his tenant was at his door. He also sort of realised the challenge at hand.

“My gas cylinder is empty, wonder if you could help?” enquired Maya, expecting a curt reply.

“Not sure if I can spare mine” responded Mr Khanna looking at the heavy piece of metal. In his mind he was already trying to decide if Maya was voluptuous or just curvaceous. He decided curvaceous. “But I could treat you for a meal” said Mr Khanna thoughtfully. “To begin with let me give you ...chai, come in?”

Before she could decide, Mr Khanna had already decided that she would come in. She wasn’t going to lug up the cylinder anyway. He left the door open and pulled the cylinder in. Maya entered. She felt that her opinion about Mr Khanna was probably an over-reaction. She always thought he was authoritive, fit, tall and handsome, now he seemed charming too. She also liked the vintage vibe of the villa and this house. Uncluttered and airy. The home suited Mr Khanna she concluded.

“Coffee, if that's an option” Maya finally decided that she had no other choice but to get comfortable with the situation.

“Yes, since my chef is on leave, why don’t you just make two coffees. My chef has gone and so has your gas cylinder. My kitchen, your efforts. Perfectly fair I think?” suggested Mr Khanna

“Seems like a fair idea and I’ll also get the coffee I prefer” chipped in Maya, she was now getting comfortable.

“Perfect, I like my coffee Indian, with full milk and sugar. As regards your coffee, I’ll leave that to the new chef” smiled Mr Khanna.

As Maya ran her eyes through the kitchen, she started putting the ingredients together. She heard Mr Khanna speak out “Need any help, I am right here though I believe that too many cooks spoil the broth so I am best away”

Just as the fragrance of fresh coffee naturally drifted through the hall, so did Mr Khanna’s eyes naturally drift to Maya’s silhouette. She stood right in between the glare of the kitchen window and the living room. Mr Khanna could only appreciate her full curves.

She came back with the coffees. Khanna observed that the cups looked better in her hands than his chef’s. Probably it had to do with her well defined nails.

As Maya looked around, Mr Khanna on cue placed the coasters on the table. Maya placed the the cups and Maya settled down.

Mr Khanna suggested “Want to play cards?”

“Okay” said Maya. It would help make the stay comfortable. He fetched the cards and dropped them on the table. He decisively added “Rummy”. Maya opened the deck and shuffled.

“Now that you are shuffling, you wont have an excuse when you lose” said Mr Khanna.

“Yeah true, but you are already preparing your excuse” the words slipped out of Maya’s smiling lips.

As the game was laid out, Maya’s phone rang. She picked the phone 1st and then the cards.

She signalled a minute’s break as she lovingly said “Hello baba, Good Morning”. After hearing for a while she replied “Yeah Nani (maternal grand mother) is a super cook too” ...

Mr Khanna was quietly observing the conversation or more so Maya’s body language. He liked the glow on her smiling cheek bones. There was a certain rhythm in her voice. Each time she moved, his eyes reflexively dipped on her healthy endowment. He consciously didn’t linger there. He didn’t like the idea of being called a lech!

“Okay play” she broke his train of thought. He looked up and then at the card she had thrown. As he played he mentioned “ looks like we’ll have a good meal on the table today”

“Depends on who assists me” she countered.

“So you cant manage alone?” he responded

“Senior chefs keep the basic work for their juniors, that's how they get trained” she logically said.

They bantered as the game continued and she finally won. “Okay, the loser is at your service. Tell me what are we eating” Mr Khanna fairly offered.

“Okay, let me freshen up and come back, Mr Khanna” she got up extending to pick up the cups. Mr Khanna reflexively put her hand on her wrist signalled her not to. “I’ll manage. You come back quick. My name is Jay”

As she was about to tell reply, her phone rang. She immediately stiffened. She signalled Jay to keep quiet as she walked to the door. Jay could hear her tell hello, as she walked up the stairs.


Chapter 2 –Unlocking The Shackles

Jay was upbeat. He pulled out the ice, and dropped it in the speckless glass. He poured his favourite single malt. While observing the golden liquid flowing down along the cubes of ice, he replayed the morning coffee and conversation in his mind. It was a pleasure.

He decided that the best way to cook was probably over a drink. He analysed further, to enjoy anything, a drink most often helped. He decided to play some music on his cell phone while preparing to play his role as the junior chef.

To begin with, he needed something with his drink. Cheese toast never failed. He pulled out the necessary ingredients, warmed the butter, diced the green chillies and methodically prepared two cheese sandwiches. The spice hidden below Amul cheese (a local favorite) made a nice hide and seek game when bitten.

He put one sandwich in the oven. He also pulled out the bottle of roasted peanuts and flipped one in his mouth. Okay, they were still fresh and crisp and could be a part of the snack.

As he relished his drink, floated in Maya. She looked dewy fresh. For some reason a woman with wet hair has more sex appeal. Probably it had to do with the pronounced curls. She was in her regular attire, an elegant Salwar kameez(A popular Indian attire), that was neatly pressed and well fitted. Her hair rested well on the breasts. The white fabric outlined her lingerie.

“Perfect timing. I had an idea of treating us for a cheese toast. They are in the oven” said Jay sipping his drink.

“Your idea is half baked ... yet” replied Maya as she opened and closed the toaster.

“That’s what junior chefs are for. Going half way and leaving the final to celeb chef” mused Jay. He added “Want a drink?”. As Maya observed the glass, continued Jay “Its apple juice if you like a soft drink, else its a single malt”

“Chefs don’t drink while cooking” said Maya with a smiling reprimand.

“Thats for average chefs; great chefs make better food with a drink” said Jay

“A great chef also needs to decide what to cook, well in time. What are we eating?” asked Maya

“Okay, what are you drinking?” countered Jay

“If the junior chef can manage a vodka with sweet lime water it might be good” questioned Maya as she entered the kitchen to remove the cheese toast.

“We are having Puri Bhaji” announced Jay, as he pulled out a bottle of grey goose from his well stocked bar.

As they settled down for a drink, Maya asked him a question that hovered her mind since days “what do you do?” She used to see him leave at no fixed time. Few people seemed to be fortunate to have such a home in Mumbai. She had judged that he was enjoying his ancestral wealth.

“These days I am busy enjoying my drink” said Jay. “I lived in Germany for 10 years, after my masters degree in Automobile Engineering. I love cars.”

“So what made you return? You would have had a perfect life. While I haven’t been there, they say life is structured and easy there” Maya asked logically, eachtime she bent ahead to pick her drink, the visual of her exposed soft milky flesh tickled Jay’s mind.

“Well I missed the Indian warmth and food. When I say warmth I mean both the people and the temperatures” replied Jay, getting up to refill the glasses.

“That's a nice fragrance you are wearing” flirted Jay, as he passed her. “By the way, German women are also way too demanding”

“And men seem to be demanding everywhere in this world” countered Maya. She wondered how was she speaking her mind so easily. Then she thought, it was probably the drink and the music. Maya felt like she was without shackles after years. She then quickly added “what about your family?”

“My wife lives in Germany. She cant handle the lifestyle here. We have a happy arrangement. She and my daughter come to India during their vacations for 2 months.” said Jay.

“Yours too seems to be the perfect Indian arrangement. Father decides who the girl marries, husband decides her life thereafter”. I am sure you would have many suitors?” said Jay

Something in that line had irritated Maya. It was probably his deduction of her being helpless in her decision in marriage. “Well, that’s how a part of India works, girls don’t get to decide who they marry and what they do”

Jay realised she was high “Forget the past, lets enjoy the present. I have beautiful voluptuous woman in my abode and here we are lost in some past”

“I am hungry and we have a meal to make” said Maya changing the subject.

“Okay, at your service” said Jay, holding out his hand to Maya. She gets up and takes a second to get a hold of herself.

As Maya opens the cooker, she finds the potatoes have been ready. They need to also prepare the dough for the puris (local bread).

They stand a few inches apart next to eachother deciding the next course of action. Jay’s close presence was sparking a few thoughts. She says” If you step back, I’ll check the ingredients for the bhaji”

Jay stepped back “lets not cook, why don’t we just enjoy the evening”

Maya replied “how do you plan to enjoy on an empty stomach?”

Jay coming closer “I think we could kiss for starters” He continued treading closer, waiting for her reaction. She looked at him without any reaction and their lips met!


Chapter 3 – Relishing the Forbidden

Maya woke up with a start with the consistent ringing of her mobile. She was disoriented. It took a few moments to realise that she was in Jay’s home. She panicked as some of the memories rushed back while the phone continued to ring.

She picked up the phone and spoke sleepily “Hello”

“I’ve been trying to call you since awhile, what’s wrong with you, why didn’t you pick up” it was her husband Amit, he seemed more irritated, less concerned.

Maya lied “The phone was charging in the other room and I went off to sleep”. Seems you had a busy day with your concalls”.

As they spoke, she heard the door click and fear flashed her spine. Wondering who it was!

In came Jay with a smile. She recollected she wasn’t in her home. He seemed to have visited a supermarket.

“Hello” he said before Maya could signal him to keep quiet.

“Its must be our 'khaddus' landlord talking to someone down” Maya filled in her husband who seemed to have enquired “Where did the sound come from?”

As the phone ended Jay mused “I seem to be popular in your home?”

“Well thats the impression we have about you” smiled back Maya

Jay said analytically “So I guess your husband wouldn’t want you to talk to men. I don't blame him”

Maya spoke back “Doesn’t matter. Looks like you’ve got enough food to survive the lockdown”

Jay answered “Needed to buy enough for two people, given that you can’t handle drink and cook”

Maya was embarrassed “So how did I go to sleep here?”

Jay joked “So you really don’t remember that wonderful time we had. Also isn’t it better you found yourself sleeping here instead of my bed”

Maya feigned loss of memory “Cant recollect much”

Jay replied “We could practice again”

Maya “So what happened?”

Jay “I zipped your kameez (top) then, I’ll zip my lips now”

Maya embarrassed “Something really happened?”

Jay smiling away “That depends on the definition of what you mean by happened”

Maya definitely remembered her succumbing in his arms after that erotic kiss.

She was not sure how to plough further “I think, I better go back home”

Jay joked “So you got someone waiting up there?”

Maya “Its safer there”

Jay joked “Yeah, here you might fall again on my sofa”

Maya irritated “What happened earlier!?”

Jay continued “Okay, relax. Nothing happened, we just kissed that's all. Then we sat down. Soon you eased into the sofa. I did nothing . Did not want you to feel cheated while you were really not in your senses”

Maya finally relieved “It took you so much time to tell this!”

Jay “ You never asked specifically, its me volunteering info”

Maya “I am hungry”

Jay “I got enough choice here. Lets make an Irish coffee”

Maya “Whats that?”

Jay with a wink “Coffee mixed with Vodka ... or some other alcohol probably”

Maya “You don’t know how to make drinks. I am sure you made all my drinks stronger earlier”

Jay “Strong girls have strong drinks. And why ain’t we relishing the good things that happened”

Maya “No, lets not”

Jay “Okay, anyways I think your zip needs some work to be done”

Maya wondered a moment then remembered he spoke of her Kameez’s long zip on her back “How would you know, how to handle?”

Jay “I have handled more zips then you definitely. So why don’t you just appreciate that I pulled it back up nicely against all odds”

Maya touching her zip “Thank you, seems you are used to smaller zips”

Jay “I just ain't used to the odds like that distractive thick lacy straps”

Maya “Now you realise how we manage all day”

Jay “I could happily help”

Maya “Thank you, I am managing well, so lets not discuss”

Jay “but we have free time, and this subject is interesting”

Maya got up and headed to the kitchen as she changed the subject “I’m getting a headache, need to make some coffee”

Jay joining in “this is where we left off last time”

Maya realised he was close again. It was a fight, she wanted that kiss again. She had been within the boundaries of her marriage. She wasn’t sure, if she should step out now.

Jay “Come I’ll give you a massage to ease your headache. He got behind her and massaged her shoulder without waiting for her approval.

Maya liked the feeling “Feels good. You have a practiced hand”

Jay continued “Been out of touch lately” as he ventured further eachtime. He added “You have a nice mane”

Maya “Anything else?”

Jay “Okay, let me think, you also have nice curves”

Maya “You mean fat”

Jay “Curves” as his large hands inched towards her ample bosom. As he continued moving his hands rhythmically, he glided his nose on her long neck.

Maya did not want this to stop but she felt the guilt.

Jay on cue “why don’t we just enjoy this evening, tomorrow is another day. What happened during the lockdown, will be forgotten after the lockdown”

Maya eased. Jay took charge. He cupped her softness and continued teasing her neck.

Maya could feel the hardening against her fabric.

“Let me explain the problem with your zip” said Jay as he worked on sliding the zip down. “there seems to be a speed breaker as we reach your thick wide lacy strap. So i have to slow down cross the bumps and then slide it down further. She had a nice taut back.

Maya had frozen. She was lost in a happy space. On a little nudge, Maya turned around and sealed her lips to his. She realised that he was far taller. She was 5.3” and he 6 feet. She fitted well into his strong big arms.

He held her tight and kissed her deeply. Her well endowed bosom squeezing against his chest. The white skin showed up as the kameez seemed to slowly lose its ability to hold on.

Jay ran his finger through her smooth silky hair. And slipped his mouth to her ears. He bit them lightly. And pulled her waist towards himself.

She was rendered immobile and happily so. He slid the kameez down and finally saw her bare body. Heavenly. The soft white skin around the cleavage looked inviting. He slid her strap off her shoulder. Traced his fingers along the strap right upto the breast. He could see her heave. He finally slipped past the lacy fabric and caressed them. She moaned. He chose to look at her closed eyes for a moment then decided to slip his mouth down to the milky mounds.

He seated her on the kitchen platform. She had barely settled when one of his hand got busy again on her breast another on his shirt. She decided to help him unbutton.

He wanted more. He undid her salwar while she her long fingers caressed his chest. She also reached for his belt. With a bit of a wrestle he removed her salwar as his pant dropped down.

He saw her lacy pantie. They seemed to be wet. He inched up her soft thighs as slowly guided her fingers to his hardness as he caressed her wetness. She moaned.

He liked her hands playing his hardness. He had to make it easy for her by dropping his underwear. His hard erection was right in front of her. She felt embarrassed but continued stroking.

He pulled of her panties and unhooked her bra deftly. Her breasts were finally free for him to do what he wanted. He squeezed them hard and kissed them. He wanted to mark them badly. He wanted to suckle on her erect nipples.

After awhile he pulled her closer, split her legs and entered her. She on the platform, he stood in front of her. The position was perfect.

She wanted this badly. He helped her find the rhythm. She moaned away softly as he played her neck, her shoulders, her breasts, her waist, her thighs.

They seemed to be in another world and finally they came together. She collapsed in his arms breathing heavily.

He held her tight for a few moments and then kissed her again. They happily rested without a fear of the world.