Airplane Mode

Info Larisa_Loch
08 May. '20

I looked down at my ticket and saw “38F” Damn.

After the day I had, I just wanted to sit down and get the flight over and get to my bed. Oh well.. here we go.

Inhale. Row 2 --- 3 --- 

Exhale. Row 9 --- 10 ---

Inhale. Row 16 ---17---            

Exhale. Row 23 -- 24...

Inhale... aisle clear... pick up the pace... 

...finally at Row 38. Exhale...             

Much to my delight, since I appeared to be the last person to board, the back of the plane was still pretty empty. Between rows 36 and 39, all the seats but mine appeared to be free. Sweet solitude.                     

As I was putting my backpack down and about to sit down, I felt a warm hand on my bicep.

"Excuse me" said a sweet, cheerful voice, “looks like we are neighbors.” If she hadn’t had those clear, piercing eyes, I would have been disappointed to be sharing the space.    

I ducked down and moved into the row of seats so she could put her roller bag in the overhead. As she stood up on her toes and stretched her arms up, I could see her breasts through her thin green t-shirt, clearly free and uncontained by a bra. Her nipples confirmed just how low they had the air conditioning turned on in the plane. As I watched her, I began imagining sliding one hand up her shirt and warming her belly and breasts....and the other hand down her...            

... my fantasy was interrupted by a grunt and I suddenly realized she was struggling to get her bag to fit in the overhead compartment.

"Can I help you?" I asked her, a bit embarrassed that I’d been staring, lost in my daydream.    

"Sure,” she said in a breathy voice, continuing to struggle, “I... don't.. know... if it’s gonna... fit”

I certainly no longer minded having company. As I stood up and came nearer, I caught a whiff of her delicious smell... no trace of perfume or any flowery lotions... just pure, sweet natural woman, with a hint of cedar, or some other woody smell, faintly mixed in.

As I moved around and behind her, our bodies brushed and my cock ached a little. I lifted my arms to steady the bag, and we changed positions, twister style. She let go of the bag and with my hands holding either side, I gave it a bit of a thrust.                    

"It’s a tight fit alright," I said, pushing harder, determined to get it in.    

I gave it a few more strong thrusts, but the pocket on top kept getting jammed. I pulled it out a bit, placed my hand on top of it, trying my best to flatten it enough to get it in. As I pressed down, I felt something hard and heard a...        


As we both heard the sound, her face blushed and she stuttered a bit, “Oh, uh, yea... could you pull it out again?” 

I grabbed hold of the handle, pulled it back out and placed it on the seat.    

She unzipped the top pocket and the buzz got louder... She reached in and stopped the sound. 

“Guess I need to keep this in the seat with me,” she said with a sly smile, as she shamelessly pulled out a large purple vibrator, working a bit to shove it into the front pocket of her tight black jeans.        

"Try again?" she asked, as she zipped the suitcase pocket back up and handed me the bag. 

With her toy out of the suitcase pocket and in hers, her bag slid right in. We both sat down, her at the window and me at the aisle, and prepared for take off.        

Once we were at cruising altitude and the roaring jets had quieted down, we started chatting. She was as kind and warm as she was hot, but I was finding it hard to stay focused on her words. The plane was still cold and her nipples clearly still hard. I also kept catching glimpses of the toy in her pocket, wondering if she might turn it back on at some point for some in-flight entertainment of her own.

She told me that she’d been in Chicago for a podcasting conference, and her whole being lit up when she spoke about it. She was clearly turned on by all she’d learned over the weekend, and I was turned on by listening to her turned on... that and by the way her unbound tits shook every time we hit small patches of turbulence.    

"So, do you have your own podcast?" I asked her.

"It’s in the works,” she said “I’m still collecting material, and working up my courage, before launching it,” she said with a smirk, reaching over the empty seat between us to touch my leg for a moment.

Leaning over, the low scooped neck of her shirt opened a bit and I could see another little glance of those perfect tits of hers. In a hushed tone she said, “It’s a story telling podcast, where people share stories of public sex acts, solo or partnered, done discreetly, with audio excerpts recorded of the experiences mixed throughout.”    

“I love it,” I said, trying to hide the swelling in my pants. “Do you have any stories yet?”    

“I need to put out a call for submissions, not exactly sure where one finds such things,” she said, “so far I’ve just been building samples on my own.”            

“Willing to share any of them?” I asked, mirroring her lean in.             

“Sure...,” she said, biting her lip a bit and touching my leg again, this time just above the knee and pulling me toward her a bit, “But I’d rather no one else hear, so maybe you move one seat over?"            

“Gladly,” I said, and unbuckled my belt, sliding over to the middle seat, and as I did, her hand returned to my leg and stayed there, slowly finding its way further up toward my thigh as she spoke.                

“So far it’s all been solo play,” she said, now speaking in a whisper just inches from my ear. “I just turn on the recording app on my phone and catch all the background audio while I get myself off in public, or semi-public places. 

The initial inspiration for the series happened organically one day while driving and I became overcome with horniess. I was so turned on, and rubbing myself with my free hand, until I became too distracted to safely drive, so I pulled over and parked on a crowded street, laid down in the backseat and fucked myself silly, while recording myself with the street noise in the background. The windows were tinted, but I didn’t muffle the sounds at all, and I wondered what the pedestrians walking by close enough to my car were imagining was happening."        

"Then, another time recently, I got a little more daring on a city bus. I covered my lap with my thick winter coat, and slid one hand down my pants, fingering myself. I was near the back and no one else seemed to suspect anything. I kept my voice silent, but the phone in my pants pocket captured all the sticky sounds of my finger moving around my juicy cunt.”

When I heard her breathy voice say the words “juicy cunt,”  more blood rushed down to my cock and I gripped the arm rest a bit, resisting the urge to dip my fingers in that juicy cunt of hers right this minute.                         

“Keeping in line with the transportation theme,” she went on, “I was thinking I might gather some material for the show here tonite. Maybe the episode could be called ‘Airplane Mode,’” she said, her hand lingering on my leg.    

“I love it. Do you need any support with that?” I said, wondering if she noticed the growing bulge in my own pants.            

"I’d love your help,” she said, letting her hand brush my pants right at my hard cock, as she started leaning down, bringing her face toward my crotch. Impressed that she wasn’t wasting any time, I adjusted my angle toward her, and then realized she was actually just going for her purse under the seat. 

"Just getting my phone to record," she said with a wink. She placed her phone in the seat pocket in front of her and turned the recording app on. Then she picked up one of the airline blankets left on the seat for us and ripped the plastic off with her teeth, an unnecessary but welcome hot touch.  She spread the cheap fabric over both of our laps, put the armrest up that had been separating us, and leaned over into my ear, whispering, "Ready for another take off?”

And then she bit my earlobe gently as her hand moved under the blanket and further up my thigh, right up against the edge of the throbbing contained mass. 

My head went back and waves of pleasure ran through my body. Her hand glided over my crotch where my boner was barely staying contained. She rubbed it for a while, through my chinos, which I thought may rip.  Eventually, her hand came up to my belt, and I used my own hands to help her unfasten my belt, button and zipper...

"Boing!" She sang quietly and playfully into my ear as my massive erection was liberated underneath the thin blanket, creating a tent that made us both giggle.         

She let her fingers lightly dance up and down my shaft, teasing me into an even more erect state. I leaned toward her, bringing my face into her neck and deeply inhaled her deliciousness. I moved her sweet mess of hair out of the way and kissed her neck a little. Looking for a little more discretion, she used her other hand to put my tray table down and we both looked ahead at the back of the next seat, in case any unsuspecting other passengers came back to use the bathroom a couple rows behind us. 

She kept going at it with my cock, under the blanket and tray table, slowly at first and then quicker... up and down and up and down, my whole body building up to the edge right before inevitability and then suddenly the plane hit a huge bump and the tray table and her hand both went flying up and away from the action. 

The turbulence continued with a series of more bumps and an announcement from the pilot that we would be going through a rough patch for the next ten to fifteen minutes and that the seatbelt signs would stay on, and all flight attendants needed to stay seated.  

I took a deep breath and regained some composure, secured the tray table and zipped back up my pants, feeling my hard on let up a little. I thought our fun might be done.

But then she reached down again, this time to pick up her phone that had slid onto the floor during the bumps, sliding her hands back up my leg on her way up. She spoke into the phone, giving the recording app a play by play of what had happened so far and what she hoped was about to come, noting that,  for at least ten to fifteen minutes, we were ensured privacy with the turbulence keeping everyone in their seat. 

She placed the phone between us and said “So, where were we?”

I took a deep breath, regained my composure and brought my hand to her perfectly shaped thigh, sliding it toward her mound, saying “your turn!” while pressing and rubbing on her pussy up and down a bit through her jeans. She moaned, quiet and deep, and leaned her head back, closing her eyes. 

At one of the plane’s bumps, my forearm hit up against something... 


... we both laughed as the toy got once again turned on.                     

"Hmm... seems like this thing really wants in on the action, want to help me get it in my ass?” she suggested naughtily.  

And with that, she pulled the purple toy out of her front pocket, undid her pants, and slid the toy up and down her pussy until it was covered in her juices. I caught a bit of her sweet smell as she handed it to me, and then let me slide it through her panties from the back. She propped herself up with the hands, and I stood the toy erect beneath her, then she slowly lowered herself back down, shrieking a bit as it slid, somewhat reluctantly up her ass.  

The plane kept jostling us around, which just made it all hotter, and ensured no one would come around our seats for awhile. Her panties were already soaked, as I slid them off with her jeans, making it easy to move my pointer finger up and down her juiciness. Her bush felt soft and trimmed, and I got hungrier to get a better view, taste and smell of her, than the current set up was allowing. 

She must have read my mind, because after a few minutes of fucking her with my fingers, she leaned her pelvis forward and whispered, "ready for your in flight meal?"

She pushed her back toward the window and brought one leg up on the seat against the seatbacks, moving everything else out of the way, including the vibrator from her ass, so the path was clear and open to her gorgeous cunt.  

I put the blanket over my head and came toward her face, covering us both for a moment like kids playing in a fort. I kissed her neck and ear and said "I can’t want to taste you" and then caressed her cheek and lips and we kissed deeply with our tongues for another couple of minutes, while each masturbated ourselves with our fingers. 

I fondled those perfect tits of hers, making my way down, sucking her hard nipples and kissing her sweet soft belly and hard bony ridges of her hips on each side, until finally landing at her beautiful bush. Soft, wet and smelling like a salty and sweet sea of sex. I wanted to inhale her deeply enough that I never forget her smell, even years later, when I'd long forgotten her name.    

The ride stayed bumpy and she put her hand under the blanket and grabbed a hold of my hair and let her fingernails genty scratch my scalp, directing the movement of my head with her rhythm. She pushed my face deeper in, and my tongue fucked her fast and deep.         

"Oh God that's so good, keep going," I heard her say, just quietly enough to be discreet, but loud enough for me to hear through the blanket and engine sounds. I slid my fingers through her slit again, getting them nice and wet, and wrapped my arms around her, sliding my middle finger back up that sweet rosebud in her ass where the vibrator had been, while she continued to moan and writhe with pleasure.                 

My tongue kept fucking her, my nose pushing against her clit and the middle finger of my right hand going up and down her ass, the whole canal of her pussy gushing over my face.  

The turbulence started to match our rhythm and as I moved faster and harder and deeper. Bringing my tongue direclty to her clit now and two fingers of my other hand up to take over front fucking her.                     

Fucking her in the back and front, while driving her clit crazy with my tongue, she kept building and buidling... her whole body got hot and sweaty and started to contract and move upward until finally she let out an ecstatic scream - not discreet in any way - pressing her back up against the window and squirting all over my face, chest and airplane blanket covering us. 

“The seatbelt sign has now turned off and you are free to move about the cabin,” announced the pilot one moment later.

I quickly sat up, wiped my face and we both set back up in our seats, recovering ourselves with the blanket from the waist down. The flight attendant came over, having heard the scream and asked if everything was okay.    

"Uh, yes sir" I told him, “We just spilled some water and my friend here got all wet." 

Flushed and barely able to speak she muttered art a "yep.. I’m soaked.”        

"Oh, I’m so sorry," the flustered flight attendant said, "can I take that blanket and get you a fresh one to dry off with?”            

"Oh no," she quickly said, jeans and panties still on the ground under the seat. "I'll just keep covered with it for now, but thank you.”

"Okay," he said suspiciously, glancing down at my two hands purposefully covering my lap. "Just buzz if you need anything."        

More people started lining up along our seat, waiting for that bathroom. 

"Sorry we never got to finish you off,” she muttered quietly, sliding her hand over and squeezing my still engorged cock for a moment. 

"It’s okay, maybe we can take the phone into the bathroom together once this line dies down and get material for your next episode?”

She squeezed a little harder and said “it’s a date.”