Winslow Industries

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08 May. '20

Winslow Industries was a weird place for a young guy to work his first job as an electrician, or at least that’s what I was thinking after two weeks working there.  I was twenty-two and had just finished a four-year stint in the US Airforce as an Electrical Systems Specialist.  

The products we made weren’t the weird part.  They were just small carburetors used in small engines, like chain saws, weed trimmers, and some small outboard motors.  The weird part was the people who worked there.

Winslow’s employees were mostly women. They were a mix of women in their sixties who had made cockpit instruments for WWII fighter planes, women who were in their thirties and either divorced or trying to make the family budget match the bills, and women in their twenties who were just entering the workforce.  The few male hourly employees in the plant worked the diecast shop and set up the machines in the machining department.  The machining and the assembly areas were supervised and operated by women.

Age wasn’t the only thing that I thought was weird.  Everybody wanted to fill in the “new guy”, that being me, on who’d done what in the past and how they were today.  The stories I heard from the other maintenance guys were about what you’d expect and I didn’t believe most of them.

I found it hard to believe Sally, a white haired woman of about sixty, would fuck anything with two legs and a cock.  Sally looked and acted like everybody’s grandmother, though it was easy to see that in her younger years she’d probably attracted a lot of guys.  She was still a pretty woman, and unlike a lot of older women, she’d kept her figure pretty well.

Rita didn’t seem cold as a carp to me like Benny claimed, but then if I’d been a woman and Benny, one of the millwrights, was hitting on me, I’d have been pretty cold too.  Benny took a shower about once a month and shaved almost as often.  Rita was in her thirties and looked great.  She wouldn’t have had any problem attracting a boyfriend if she wanted one.  I figured she’d just set her sights a little higher then Benny.

There were stories about the rest of the women too, at least one for each.  I didn’t believe most of them because the women just didn’t seem to be like the guys described.  The one I did believe was about Judy and Sarah.  According to at least three guys, Judy and Sarah were lesbians and seemed like they probably were.  

Judy ran a milling machine and always dressed like a man.  Her jeans were cut for a man and if her ass hadn’t been as wide as it was, they’d have slipped down to her knees.  Her shirts were men’s shirts she left unbuttoned three buttons from the neck because they were too tight to fit around her big breasts otherwise.  Judy wasn’t ugly by any means, but she didn’t use any makeup and her hair was cut really short so she wasn’t exactly feminine either.

Sarah was just the opposite.  Sarah worked in assembly and always wore snug jeans and soft, clingy tops.  Her breasts weren’t especially big, or at least they didn’t look that way.  Her face was beautiful and her long blonde hair fell in golden waves over her shoulders.

Judy and Sarah always ate lunch together, and rumor had it they lived together too, although none of the guys could say for sure.  The women had the same opinion of Judy and Sarah because Judy and Sarah never really tried to make friends with any of them.  

Because about everything in the plant was run by electricity, I saw almost all the women at least once a month.  Most of our machining equipment was pretty old, some dating back to before WWII, and electrical problems were pretty common.  Insulation on old wiring gets brittle and cracks from the vibration of the machine, and sometimes a hot wire touches something it isn’t supposed to touch.  At best, that means a blown fuse.  At worst it means ripping out the burnt wires and rewiring the machine.

The assembly area wasn’t quite as bad since Winslow had recently replaced all the old pneumatic screwdrivers with electronic torque-sensing drivers. I’d have to replace a cord once in a while that had gotten frayed from rubbing over a fixture, but other than that and changing fluorescent tubes over the assembly tables, I didn’t do much in assembly.

I’d been there about six months when everybody figured out I knew what I was doing and they started calling for me when they had an electrical problem.  The two other electricians were OK guys, but they were more skilled in power distribution, so they took care of the plant electrical system.  Once I got there, they were more than happy to give me all the machining and assembly calls.

It was then I started learning that all the rumors had some basis in fact even though they weren’t totally true.  That was brought home to me the day Sally’s drill press stopped running.  I was leaning over the table looking at the motor when somebody pinched my left ass cheek.  When I turned around, Sally was standing there grinning.

“Ronny, I couldn’t resist”, she giggled.  “Wanna pinch me back?”

I said I didn’t think that would be a good idea, and Sally grinned again.

“Guys used to pinch my ass and boobs all the time.  ‘Course, my ass and boobs weren’t as fat then.”

Being as how I was new and still trying to get along with everybody, I smiled and said “Sally, you’re not fat.  I’d call you sensuous.”

She patted my ass then.

“If you really think that, how about you come home with me when the shift’s over and sensuous me until I cum.”

I was still trying to be nice.

“I imagine your husband would have something to say about that.”

Sally smiled.

“If he could get it up anymore, he might, but since he can’t I can do what I want to do.  He works second shift anyway, so he wouldn’t be there.  You think about it, OK?  I promise you wouldn’t be sorry.  I’ve been told I’m really good.”

Sally blew me a kiss then, and that pretty much blew my image of Sally standing in her kitchen baking cookies for her grand kids and replaced it with the vision of Sally lying naked on a bed and holding out her arms to me.  If she hadn’t had white hair that made her look as old as my own grandmother…

 After I’d talked to Rita a couple of times, I concluded she wasn’t cold at all.  She just wasn’t over her divorce yet and didn’t want to get involved with another man until she figured out what had gone wrong the first time.  She was still struggling with that.

“I don’t know why he left me.  I made dinner every night and never refused him in bed.  I guess he liked what his girlfriend did in bed more than he liked my cooking and what we did together.  I thought I was doing what he wanted me to do.  I did draw the line at...well, that just wasn't natural, so maybe that was it.”

I’d heard the story about Judy and Sarah before I met Judy, and I was a little leery about them both.  I’d never met a lesbian that I knew of and didn’t know what I could say to a lesbian that wouldn’t piss them off.  With the other women, I’d usually say something like they looked hot or that I’d bet their husband couldn’t wait until they came home.  It was just my way of making friends with them.  They’d usually grin and say something like I was just saying that to tease them and didn’t really mean it, but I could tell it made them feel good.

I didn’t have to worry about saying either thing to Judy the day her milling machine stopped working because she was anything but hot.  When I walked up and asked her what the problem was, she frowned.

“The darned thing just stopped in the middle of the cut and started to make this humming sound.  It was working fine, and then just quit doing anything.   Now, I’ve got a scrap piece and I’m behind my rate.”

“Well, let’s have a look.  Maybe it isn’t too bad and I can get you up and running in a few minutes.”

By saying “let’s” I was just talking.  I didn’t mean for Judy to look with me, but that’s what she did.  I opened the electrical panel on the side of the machine and started checking voltages with my Fluke. I’d checked the lugs on the top of the disconnect and had the right voltages there.  The disconnect was still in the “ON” position, so I checked the voltage at the bottom lugs and then after the main fuses.  Everything was OK, so it had to be in the motor or somewhere in the motor control circuit.

It was then I felt Judy put her hand on my back so she could lean around my left side and see inside the panel.

“Wow.  There’s a lot of stuff in here.  How do you know where to look?”

“Well, I know what’s suppose to happen, so I just check from the main switch in until I find the problem.”

Judy started to point to something inside the cabinet, but I grabbed her hand before she got very close.

“You can look, Judy, but don’t touch.  The reason I’m wearing rubber gloves and a face shield is because the voltage is high enough to knock us both on our butts if you touched something.”

“Well, what’s that black thing that looks like it’s been burnt?”

What she was pointing at was the contactor for the motor control circuit, and it had been smoked for some reason.  

“That’s the motor contactor.  It’s like a switch you turn on when you press the green button on the operator’s panel.  It’s burnt pretty bad.  I’ll kill power and see if the motor shorted out or if the contactor just got tired.  Sometimes they do that after switching on and off several thousand times.”

I turned off the main disconnect and then checked the resistance of the motor by using the lugs on the bottom of the heaters on the contactor and didn’t find any opens or shorts.  If the motor had shorted, it would have blown the heaters, but they were fine too.  I closed the contactor with my screwdriver and asked Judy to hold it closed while I checked the resistance of the three sets of contacts.  Two were fine, and one showed no connection.   That explained the humming sound too.  The motor was trying to run on two of the three phases it needed.

“Well, Judy, you’ve got a bad contactor.  I’ll go get one from MRO and have you running in about half an hour.”

Twenty minutes later, I’d pulled the bad contactor and replaced it.  I asked Judy to unload the part in the fixture and then start the mill.  When she pressed the start button, the mill came on just like it was supposed to.

“Judy, you’re good to go.”

She smiled at me and stroked my arm.

“Thanks, Ronnie, and thanks for letting me help.  The other electricians always tell me to go away until they get done.”

When I went back to the shop I was thinking Judy didn’t seem much like a lesbian.  I always thought lesbians didn’t like men, but Judy seemed to like me.  She’d even scratched my back a couple of times while I was changing out the contactor.  

I didn’t meet Sarah until about a month later.  The supervisor called me to say one of their electric screwdrivers had quit working.

When I got there, the supervisor pointed to Sarah and said, “It’s Sarah’s driver.”

Sarah smiled at me when I walked up to her station.

“Hi, Ronnie.  You gonna fix me like you fixed Judy?”

“Well, I’ll see what I can do.  What happened?”

Sarah shrugged.

“I was screwing in pump screws when it just stopped and this little red light right here came on.”

Sarah was using a long, red lacquered fingernail to point to the fault indicator on the driver.  That meant the torque transmitter had failed and that’s what I told her.  She looked at me and grinned.

“So, I screwed it too hard?”

That grin told me Sarah knew exactly what joke she was making, but I didn’t say anything.

“Nah, probably one of the wires just came loose.  I’ll take it apart and see.”

When I took apart the driver, that’s what was wrong.  It looked like the wire had been pinched when it was originally assembled and over time the pinched place broke.  All I had to do was solder it back together, insulate it with heat shrink tubing, and then make sure it wasn’t pinched when I put it back together.

“Here’s what the problem is.  See this broken wire?  The drive controller sensed that and faulted the drive.  I’ll just solder it back together and you can get back to work.”

“Can I help?  Judy said you let her help you.”

I gave Sarah two pairs of pliers to hold the wires so she wouldn’t burn her fingers and then showed her how to hold them together.  Once she had everything in position, I soldered the wires together and when the solder froze, I said she could let them go.

She watched as I slid the heatshrink tubing up from the longest wire to cover the solder joint and then used the heat from my soldering pencil to shrink it around the joint.  She giggled when it started to shrink.

“That reminds me of something else.”

I put the driver back together and had Sarah try it.  It worked and she smiled.

“What Judy said was right.  You’re pretty sharp.  Thanks.”

By then, I wasn’t sure Judy and Sarah were lesbians.  I didn’t understand why the other guys did.  I mean, they were a little different, but Judy didn’t have a problem touching me and that joke about the shrink tubing told me Sarah would probably be a lot of fun.

It wasn’t until a Friday afternoon in August that I learned the real story about Judy and Sarah.  I’d gone to assembly to replace the cord on a driver and when I got done, Sarah waved at me to come to her station.  When I asked her what the problem was, she smiled.

“The problem isn’t here.  It’s at home.  I know it’s a lot to ask, but our air conditioner stopped working last night and Judy and I were sweating all night long.  It’ll cost us a fortune to have somebody come out and look at it, and we don’t trust those guys.  They’ll just tell us we need a new one and charge us five hundred dollars to install it like they did the last time.  Could you come over tomorrow and look at it?  We don’t expect you to fix it, but maybe you can tell us if we do need a new one or what needs to be fixed.”

I didn’t have any plans for Saturday.  Sarah had just told me they did live together so I figured they were lesbians after all, but I liked Judy and Sarah so I said I’d be happy to look at their air conditioner.  Sarah grinned and handed me a slip of paper.

“I was hoping you’d say yes.  Here’s our address.  Would about ten be too early?  It’s going to be really hot tomorrow, and we want to get it fixed so we don’t melt and run out of our shoes.  We’ll call the repair guy as soon as you tell us what’s wrong.”

A little before ten, I drove into the drive of a two-story house in the older part of town.  When I knocked on the door, Judy answered it, but she didn’t look like the Judy I knew.  She was wearing little shorts and a sports bra, and she’d been hiding some really nice curves under the pants and shirt she wore at work.

Judy invited me in, and then led me though the house to the back door.  

“Sarah’s out in back”, she said.  “We’ve been out there waiting because the breeze makes it cooler outside than it is in the house.”

There was a little concrete patio behind the house and the cabinet with the compressor and the condenser coil sat on that patio.  Sarah was lying in a chaise lounge, and she was dressed about like Judy, though it looked to me like Judy had shorter shorts and Sarah’s bra looked more like a bikini bra.  I knew Judy’s ass was wider than Sarah’s, but I didn’t know her breasts were so much bigger too.

Judy led me over to the air conditioner.

“The last time, the guy took off the cover and checked around and then told us we needed a new one.  That was only two years ago and he charged us five hundred dollars to put it in.  This one couldn’t have gone out that fast, could it?”

“Well, I doubt it, but let’s take off the cover and have a look.”

I guess me using “let’s” meant the same thing as before.  Judy stayed by my side as I took off the cover.  I thought I saw the problem then.  The circuit breaker for the compressor motor was tripped.  That meant the motor was either bad or for some reason, the motor had tried to draw too much current.  I thought I knew the reason.

“Judy, I think the problem is your condenser coil is clogged up with leaves and grass clippings.  That means the condenser coil isn’t condensing the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid and that overheats the compressor.  Let me clean out all the trash, reset the circuit breaker, and we’ll see if it fixes it.  Do you have a vacuum cleaner I could use?”

I pulled off all the leaves and grass clippings and vacuumed the coil until I could see through it, then reset the circuit breaker.  When I did that, the compressor started running, and a couple minutes later I could feel the coil discharge line getting cold.  I asked Judy to go inside and see if there was cold air coming from the floor registers.

Judy came running back out of the back door a couple minutes later.

“Sarah, he fixed it.  It’s getting cool inside.”

Sarah got up off the chaise lounge and walked over.

“Thanks, Ronnie.  How much do I owe you?”

“You don’t owe me anything.  I was happy to do it for you.  I think I’ll stick around for an hour or so just to make sure that’s all it was.”

“No.  We don’t impose on our friends, Ronnie.  We have to do something for you.  How about if you come back for dinner tonight?  It won’t be anything special, but I make a mean meatloaf.”

Well, I couldn’t very well say no so I asked what time.  

Sarah smiled.  

“How about six?”

Sarah’s meatloaf was everything she’d promised.  Sarah and Judy were more than I expected.  I’d just changed jeans and put on a clean shirt because that’s what I figured they’d be wearing.  When Judy answered the door, I had to stop and look for a few seconds.  Her short hair was combed into a cute bob and she was wearing makeup, but that wasn’t why I was looking.  It was her dress.

Judy wasn’t very tall, maybe five-two, but that dress made her legs look a mile long.  As if that wasn’t enough, it was scooped low enough in the front the cleavage formed by her big breasts looked deep and inviting.

“Wow”, I grinned.  “Judy, you clean up real nice.”

She grinned and I think she blushed just a little.

“Well, wait until you see Sarah.  Come on back to the dining room.  Sarah has everything ready.”

When Sarah walked in with the meatloaf on a platter, I found myself staring again and Judy noticed.

“See, I told you.”

I nodded because Sarah was something else.  Her dress fit like a second skin and there was still a lot of her real skin showing.  Sarah was pretty tall for a woman, and her already long legs looked even longer perched on the black high heels she was wearing.  From those heels up to the short hem of her dress was black nylon, and with each step she took, I saw the black lace of her stocking tops peek out from under the hem.  

Sarah had cleavage too, not as much as Judy, but she made up for it by baring almost half of her soft breasts.

Sarah looked at me and grinned.

“Not what you expected?”

I shook my head.

“No, not at all…not from either of you.  You’re both beautiful.”

Sarah smiled again.

“Well we tried.  It’s nice to know it worked.  Now, let’s sit down and eat before everything gets cold.

When I refused a third helping of meatloaf, Sarah asked if I’d like a cup of coffee.  

“Judy and I always have a cup of coffee after dinner.  Why don’t you two go in the living room and get comfortable.  I’ll be in with the pot and three cups in a jiffy.”

I figured the safe bet was a chair, so I sat in the one at right angles to the couch.  Judy sat down on the end of the couch next to my chair.  

I was still staring at her.  I couldn’t believe a woman who looked like Judy did at work could look like she did that afternoon, let alone how she looked that night.  I thought the same thing when Sarah walked into the living room and sat a tray with the coffee pot, three cups, and creamer and sugar containers on the coffee table in front of the couch.  

Sarah poured three cups of coffee, added cream and sugar to hers, and then sat down on the couch.  Her dress rode up until I could see most of the lace of her stocking tops, but she didn’t seem to notice.

Judy took her coffee black, and after taking a sip, she looked at me.

“The way you’re staring at us, I’ll bet you’re wondering if what everybody says about us is true, aren’t you?”

“I’m not sure what you’re talking about.”

Sara grinned.

“Yes you are.  You’re wondering if we’re lesbians or not.  Isn’t that what the other guys told you?”

I shrugged.

“Well, I did hear something like that, but I don’t believe everything I hear.”

“Would it make a difference if we were”, asked Judy.

“I guess it might, a little.”

“How would it make a difference?”

“Well, I’d be careful about what I said to both of you so I didn’t make you mad at me.  It wouldn’t be good to have both of you mad at me.”

Sarah grinned.

“What wouldn’t you say to us?”

This was getting uncomfortable because I’d never had a woman talk to me like this.  I didn’t want to say anything wrong, but I didn’t even know what that would be.

“I probably wouldn’t say you look sexy like I do with the other women.  You’d think I was trying to get somewhere with you, which I’m not.”

Sarah frowned.

“Judy, I don’t think Ronnie here thinks we’re sexy.  I think you’re sexy.  Do you think I’m sexy?”

Judy grinned.

“I feel sexy.  Don’t you?”

“Well, I thought I was, but I guess Ronnie isn’t looking at us that way.”

Sarah looked at me then.

“Ronnie, why don’t you think we look sexy?  I thought what we’re wearing would make you think that.  That’s why we dressed this way.  You sure stared at us when you got here.  You still are.”

I felt trapped, like I was in a cage with no way out.

“I didn’t say I didn’t think you looked sexy.  I just said I wouldn’t tell you that.”

“So do we?”

“Well, yes, you do.”

Judy reached over and touched me on the arm.

“But you’re still wondering, aren’t you?”

“Well, yes.  I mean, you live together and Judy, you always dress like a man at work and Sarah, you always dress like a woman and…well, what am I supposed to think?”

Sarah looked at Judy and grinned.

“Should we tell him?”

Judy grinned back.

“Only if he promises not to tell anybody else.  Ronnie, do you promise?”

I said I guessed so, and Judy smiled.

“Ronnie, we’re not lesbians.  We’re sisters-in-law.  Sarah was married to my brother before we lost him in a car wreck six years ago.  Up until five years ago, I was married too, but he decided he liked his tall redhead better than he liked short little me.

Sarah and I loved each other like real sisters, and after my husband left me, we decided to live together because it was cheaper than keeping two houses.  We like men just fine.  We just don’t like any of the men at work, well, except you.  We both like you a lot.”

That explained a lot to me about both women, and I was happy they liked me.

“That makes me feel a lot better, and it explains several things.  I won’t be so hesitant around you from now on.  I won’t tell anybody, but at least I won’t feel weird when I talk to you.”

Judy stroked my arm again.

“Oh, we don’t want you to just talk to us.  We like you a lot more than that.”

“What does that mean?”

“What it means is Sarah doesn’t think she’ll ever find a man like my brother again, and I don’t want to make the same mistake I made before, so we aren’t looking for husbands.  We’ve been helping each other out and it’s pretty great, but the problem is it’s not like the real thing.  Do you understand now?”

I thought I did, and I wasn’t sure how that would work out.  No matter what I did, I’d be sure to piss off one or both of them.

“I think so, but how would I…”

Judy stroked my thigh.

“There’s something else you need to understand about us, Ronnie.  We don’t just share a house.  We share everything, well, except bras.  Mine are too big for Sarah and hers are too small for me, but you probably already figured that out, didn’t you?”

I grinned.

“Yeah, I figured that part out.”

“Well, Honey, we want to share you if you’re willing.  If you’re not, that’s OK.  We can still be friends.”

“You don’t know much about me.  How do you know I’m what you want?”

Judy moved her hand from my arm to my thigh.

“We know enough about you to trust you.  Isn’t that enough for now?  It is for me.”

“It’s enough for me too”, said Sarah.  “Ronnie, unless you want to leave, we’d like to get more comfortable with you.

I’d been listening to them, but I’d also been thinking.  I was twenty-two and didn’t have a girlfriend.  I also hadn’t been with a woman in almost five years.  There were a lot of willing women around the Air Force bases where I’d been stationed, but most of the time they came with a few extras that wouldn’t wash off, so I didn’t indulge.  

I was sitting in a living room with two really sexy women who for some reason wanted me.  That felt a little weird, but it also sounded like it might be fun.  I looked at Sarah and grinned.

“How would we get more comfortable?”

I didn’t know what to expect.  I mean I only have one cock and there were two women, so one of them was going to have to wait, or so I thought.  They evidently had this all planned out because as soon as they led me into a bedroom with a king-size bed, Judy and Sarah stripped off their dresses, bras, and panties, and then undressed me.

I don’t think my cock really got harder when Judy pulled my jeans down to my ankles and the pushed me back on the bed so she could pull off my shoes and get my jeans off the rest of the way. It felt like it did though.  I’m sure it got harder when my back hit the bed, because Sarah climbed on the bed beside me, kissed me and then tried to lick my tonsils.  It felt like it got stiffer when Judy pulled my underwear off and then started stroking my cock.  I groaned when I felt soft wet lips on my cock head, and thought I was gonna cum when Judy licked the underside.

Judy giggled then.

“Sarah, I think he’s ready.  Let’s show him how we want to do this.”

Sara stretched out on the bed with her head almost touching the headboard.  She spread her thighs and raised her knees then. I got to look at her hair-fringed, puffy pussy lips for about five seconds.  After that, I was looking at Judy’s long, slender bare pussy lips because she’d crawled up between Sara’s thighs.  

Judy wiggled her ass and then chuckled, “A little foreplay, if you please.  I’ll take care of Sarah.”

Judy was lying on her stomach, but she raised up on her knees and spread her thighs enough her pussy lips opened a little.  That was too much to resist.  I stroked a finger between her lips, then pushed in until I felt her rippled inner lips.  Judy sighed and then I heard Sarah moan.  She was moaning because Judy had her face tight against Sarah’s pussy and she was rolling Sarah’s nipples at the same time.

Judy’s big breasts were hanging down enough her nipples were brushing the sheet.  When I lifted her left breast and then brushed her nipple with my thumb, Judy caught her breath and then said, “Mmm…you have nice hands.  Keep it up.”

I did keep it up.  I started sliding two fingers in and out of Judy’s pussy and I kept fondling her breasts and tweaking her nipples.  It was amazing to me how erotic everything was.  I’d never seen two women making love, but there they were and the sight was getting to me  

It was evidently getting to Judy too, because when Sarah moaned and arched up into Judy’s face, Judy raised up enough to say, “Ronnie, I can’t wait any longer.”  

Entering Judy was pure pleasure.  She was tight and wet, and she rocked her pussy up and down to help me get the angle right.  When my cock slid inside her, she moaned but didn’t stop licking Sarah.  She kept moaning after about every four strokes I made and I felt her pussy starting to contract around my cock.

I wasn’t ready for what happened when Sarah murmured, “God Judy, don’t stop.”  About ten seconds after that Sarah gasped, grabbed the bed sheet, and then dug in her heels and lifted her pussy and Judy up off the bed.  Sarah hung there holding her breath for a few seconds, and then cried out and her legs started to shake.  

Judy didn’t stop licking or pulling Sarah’s nipples, but she started ramming her pussy back into my strokes.  After Sarah gasped again and then cried out, Judy shrieked, “Oh now, Ronnie.”  I felt her pussy sort of push out and then suck back in and when she did that, I couldn’t stop myself from cumming.  After my cock spurted four times, Judy hadn’t stopped clenching and unclenching her pussy around my cock, so I kept stroking.

Sarah eased back down on the mattress first, and pulled on Judy’s shoulders.  Judy moved up Sarah’s body until their breasts flattened against each other, and then they kissed.  I went with Judy since I still had my cock inside her, and kept making shallow strokes just because it felt good to feel Judy’s pussy contract with every stroke.

My cock finally slipped out though, so I crawled up beside Sarah.  She was still lying there with her eyes closed, but when she felt me beside her, she opened them and smiled.

“My turn” is all she said.

I figured maybe Sarah was going to do what Judy did, but that guess turned out to be wrong.  Judy sat down on my knees.  Sarah threw her thigh over my legs, pushed her breasts into my side, and kissed me again.

Now, at twenty-two, my usual recovery time was about fifteen minutes.  Between Sarah kissing me and Judy wiggling my cock around, I think it was probably shorter than that.  

Sarah rolled toward me a little, then raised up, straddled me, and spread her pussy lips with her fingers.  I felt Judy moving my cock around, and then the sensation of Sarah’s pussy sliding down over my mostly stiff cock.  Right after that, I felt Judy move up my legs until she was against Sarah’s back.  I saw her hands cup Sarah’s breasts and roll her nipples.  Sarah made a quick drop that drove my cock deep inside her, and I saw her tummy tighten up and then roll.

“Oh God”, she murmured. “I’d forgotten how this feels.”

It felt pretty damned great to me too.  Sarah was just as tight as Judy, but she seemed a little wetter.  That and the fact that I’d already cum once made it easy to just lay there and let Sarah ride my cock.  I did reach up with one hand and fondle her swinging breasts.  Sarah moaned then, and she moaned again when I cupped her ass cheek and squeezed.

Sarah was starting to breathe a little harder after a while, and I saw Judy slip one hand down to Sarah’s slit and start gently rubbing.  Sarah moaned again and started riding me a little faster.  The more I felt Judy’s finger working, the faster Judy got.  It wasn’t all that long before I had to start thrusting up when Sarah came back down over my cock.  The first time I did that, Sarah, caught her breath and then murmured, “Oh… I’m getting close Ronnie.”

Those words put both her and my cock into overdrive.  I felt Sarah start to tense up and she started making a little hip thrust when my cock was deep inside her.  That little motion was getting to me, so I started holding back.  It wasn’t until Sarah dropped down and caught her weight on her arms I started to let go.  I let go because Sarah hung her nipples over my face and started quickly rocking her pussy up and down over my cock.  A few strokes later, Sarah tensed up, pushed her pussy down hard, and then cried out and started to shake.  I felt the waves of tension build deep in her passage and then relax all at once as she shuddered and moaned.  She was still doing that when she eased her body down on top of me and kissed me again.

Judy crawled up beside us then and whispered, “I’m so excited now I’m going crazy.”

Sarah didn’t say anything.  She just reached down, found my hand, and moved it to Judy’s open thighs, then gently pulled Judy’s big right breast to her mouth and licked the tip of her nipple.

Judy moaned a little, and then pushed my hand down to her pussy.  I didn’t need to be told what she wanted.

One finger inside Judy worked pretty well, so I slipped another in beside the first.  Judy moved her hips around a little, and then whispered, “Ronnie, make me cum.”

Between Sarah sucking and biting Judy’s nipples and my fingers stroking inside her and then back out and up over her clit, that happened a few minutes later.  Judy gasped, put her arm around Sarah, and started to arch her pussy up into my stroking fingers.  A little while after that, she gasped, “Oh God”. I felt a gush of wet warmth coat my fingers and then heard Judy’s little mewing cries as she writhed out the orgasm.

Sarah kissed Judy and then rolled to my side, and together they pulled the sheet and blanket up over us.  I went to sleep with Judy’s arm over my chest and Sarah’s thigh against mine.

The next morning was a lot like the night before except it lasted longer.  I guess Judy and Sarah had relieved some of what they felt, so it took longer to get both of them to cum.  I didn’t mind at all.  It was just that much longer I got to feel my cock inside them, that much more time to feel how snug and wet they were inside, and more time for me to play with their nipples.  

We took a shower together afterwards, and if you’ve never had two naked women washing your cock at the same time, you have yet to live.  They were careful to not make me cum, but it was close a couple of times.

I stayed there until after dinner Sunday night.  We didn’t have sex again, but it was tempting.  Neither women put much on, just a bra and panties, so I was going crazy just watching them walk around.  They knew what they were doing too.  Every once in a while, Sarah would cup one of Judy’s big breasts and smile, or Judy would pull Sarah’s panties down in the front and then stroke her bush.

I got to play with them both a little, but they wouldn’t let me do any more than just play.  They both said we should save that for the next weekend.

The next week, neither Judy or Sarah paid much attention to me, and I understood.  They’d given people the impression they were lesbians so the men in the plant would leave them alone and they didn’t want to mess that up.  One of the other electricians saw me wave at them once in a while and he cornered me in the shop.

“Why you wavin’ at Judy and Sarah.  You know something I don’t?”

I shook my head.

“Nope.  I kind of like them, that all.  They’re not interested in men though.  Judy told me that.”

He shook his head.

“That’s a fuckin’ shame.  I wouldn’t touch Judy if you paid me, but Sarah, that gal’s hot as a little red wagon.  I’d fuck her any day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

I didn’t let him see me smile, though I was smiling inside.  I’d had them both, twice, the Sunday before, and I was going back to their house that Friday night.  What I’d first thought was strange and maybe a little wrong had turned out to be the most fantastic experience of my life.

Fate deemed it wasn’t to continue much longer though.  The first warning came when Winslow lost the contract to supply carburetors to a well-known manufacturer of weed trimmers and chainsaws.  That contract went to Xin Chang Industries in China.  When our sales guy asked the buyer why he’d changed suppliers, the buyer apologized.

“I was sorry to do it, but Xin Chang is selling for half your price.  I didn’t have much of a choice.  We have these cost reduction goals we have to meet.”

A year later, I started unhooking the electrical drops to machines that were sold, and three weeks after that, I walked out of the empty plant without a job.  Winslow Industries joined the long list of companies that went out of business because Chinese suppliers were selling goods for less than the American companies paid for the rough parts.

It isn’t hard for electricians to find a job, and I had one two weeks after the plant closed.  Unfortunately, my job was a hundred miles from Judy and Sarah.  They didn’t want to move, so it took them a couple of months to find other jobs.  Their new jobs don’t pay quite as well, but they’re doing OK.  

I get an email from them about once a week telling me what they’re doing.  They don’t work at the same place now, but they’re still pretending to be lesbians so the guys in their new plants will leave them alone.  

The email always ends with an invitation to spend the weekend with them, and I usually do unless I’m scheduled to work Saturday or Sunday.  That only happens about once a month, so I have three weekends out of the month with them.   A hundred miles doesn’t take that long to drive and it’s well worth the lost time and gas.

The email I got last night was pretty explicit about what they want to do this weekend.  Sarah says it was Judy’s idea.  They’re going to do the “69” position while I take the one on top.  They’re going to flip a coin to see who’s on top first.  Judy says they’ve been practicing so they can tell me when they’re both about to cum.  I can hardly wait.