Serving Sir

She knew her wants, needs, an desires matched that of her Sir. She knew that every scenario they had discussed doing or partaking in was experiences that she wanted to share with Him. To truly be His good girl, His dirty whore, and His completely. Sara sitting alone on a day she was not being summoned by her Sir, was contemplating everything she saw with and in Him. She has never in her life met a man that commands a space, a submissive, an audience like He does. Walking into a room you can feel the beta males all realize that a true Alpha has entered the room. Sara has been given the honor of being His submissive, and she would and will do everything to serve and please Him properly, always. Next time Sara is to see Him they are bringing in another female to enter into their session with them. This new female is very new to the experiences of BDSM and has been talking with both Sara and her Sir for sometime now. All parties are looking forward to both having her watch part of their Dom/sub session but also to have her participate under the direct Domination of Him. Sara knows that in less than 24 hours time she will be kneeling before her beloved Sir and experiencing a session with a new and cherished playmate. With that Sara's Dom has given her an assignment for the evening to write out her feelings both positive and negative as to how tomorrow feels, and to also prepare herself properly for the session ahead. Sara's writing has always allowed her to express her wants and desires that she cant always put into words, but it also allows her fears to be put to paper and dissipate. Her Dom knowing this, pushes to assign her writing often because He knows she's held her true self inside for to long. As she pulls out her every trusty composition book and felt tip pen, she receives a message from her Sir that "He hopes she is having a good evening, and He expects her to be working on all assignments given." Reading His text gives Sara a renewed sense of submission and want to be at the end of His Domination desperately. Curling herself up in her favorite chair, Sara begins to write. She writes her wants, her desires, her fears, and above all the passion behind her want to fully submit to her Dominant. After writing out everything she could think of, Sara properly got herself ready for bed and pulled on one of His shirts that He had instructed her to wear tonight and nothing else. The smell of His scent, that strong Domineering man she has the honor of calling Sir fills her nostrils and she can feel her entirety relax in a sense of peace. Waking up the next morning she felt renewed and endlessly excited for the afternoon to come. Sara worked out, showered, and began getting herself ready for their session. She has always spent hours getting herself perfect for sessions with Him; hair set perfectly, makeup done just right, shaved properly, and dressed exactly as instructed. But today she wanted to make sure she was as perfect as she could be for Him. Looking in the mirror one last time Sara headed for her car, and to message her Sir how long it would take that day with traffic to get to His house. Driving along she is anticipating more and more seeing not only her Sir, but the woman she has wanted to share a session with for a long time. This drive to His house always affords Sara the time to get into proper headspace and crave her Sir even more fervently. Pulling into one of the spots He has designated for her to park in, she puts the car in park and before turning it off makes sure to take one last look in the mirror to make sure she is looking as perfect as possible for Him as she can. Climbing the stairs Sara's craving continues to grow, and she excitedly knocks on His door. Her Sir answers quickly with the look of pure Domination on His face. She steps inside and see's that He has set up that her desired session mate is already there and watching her from His sofa. In the same moment of this realization her Sir pushes her hard against the wall by the door, wraps a hand around her throat, and kisses her hard. Sara can already feel herself going weak in the knees as He tells her to bend over and grab the table. She knows this command well and knows she will get to feel His rock hard hand spank her ass vigorously. She loves every single hard spank as He tells her to stand up straight, place her hands over her head, and spread her legs wide. Sara immediately does so and she feels two of Sirs fingers slide deep inside of her as He pulls out her tits and sucks them hard. His fingers start to move deeply inside of her and she can already feel the orgasm growing until she cant hold on to it any longer and begs that her Sir let's her cum. He asks "Who's dirty whore are you?", and without pause she screams out that "I'm Your dirty little whore Sir." He grants her orgasm and she explodes around His fingers. Coming back down from her orgasm she looks over to the woman on the sofa and smiles wide, wanting to desperately to kiss her. Sara's Sir then commands her up to the playroom to get it and herself properly ready for their arrival for the session, and while she does so He and her playmate would be enjoying a drink together. Sara immediately begins ascending the stairs and can already not wait to hear the two of them coming up the stairs as she waits kneeling properly for Him. She see's He has laid out for her to wear her blindfold, leather wrist cuffs, and play collar with the attached nipple clamps. As she is preparing herself she glances at the layout He has left on the table. Floggers, paddles, His leather belt, vibrators, dildos, her favorite anal hook, and several different restraints. Properly ready Sara kneels in her proper spot on the floor by the bed and waits to hear their footsteps on the stairs. Being blindfolded has always allowed all of Sara's senses to come alive. Her longing grows as she hears sipping from glasses, her Dom's strong voice, and finally the fall of footsteps on the stairs. She feels her wetness start to slowly drip down her inner thighs, and she knows that she is truly a dirty whore for His Domination. As He enters the room He comments that His dirty slut looks beautiful kneeling there waiting for Him, and Sara knows that this is when she is to properly verbally greet Him with her given statement and to open wide to take His long hard cock deep down her throat. As Sara is taking Him deep into her mouth and sucking Him hard, He asks Sara's playmate if she'd like to kiss her before He began her session. Sara feels the woman kneel down next to her as her Sir commands Sara to stop what she is doing and kiss her passionately. The feel of the woman's lips on hers and the taste of her tongue in Sara's mouth makes Sara moan and kiss her even deeper. Her Sir then tells her to stop, stand, and get into the number two position on the bed. Sara immediately stands, faces the bed, lays stomach down, arms above her head, legs spread wide. This is always her favorite position because she knows what is to come. Sara feels the first lash of His personal leather belt across her ass and she is in ecstasy. He knows she loves the feel of His belt on her skin, and she cherishes every lash as they progressively get harder on each ass cheek. Sara lets out a moan in pleasure and as she does her Sir commands her to count out the next five hard and intense lashes. 1,2,3,4,5....she counted each appropriately. She then feels His strong hands spanking her ass directly in the spots of the lashes, and he asks her "Who owns this dirty whore?" her prompt response is of course "You Sir, completely." He then commands her to stand and place one foot up on the bed. She does so and he immediately grabs her hair, takes one of her tits in his mouth, and slides His fingers deep inside of her and vigorously begins finger fucking her into a mind blowing orgasm. Once she finishes cumming He looks to Sara's playmate on the sofa and asks if she's ready to join them yet in session. The woman thirstily says yes, and asks where He wants her. He commands both women to lay next to one another on the bed but not to touch until told to. Sara still blindfolded, cuffed, and wearing her play collar climbs onto the bed and senses the other woman as she lays next to her. Sara is commanded to remove her cuffs and to graciously suck on, and fondle her playmates tits. Taking her nipple into Sara's mouth makes both moan and crave the other. Sara tongues her nipples and groaps at her tits lustfully. While doing so she is commanded to kiss her and to position her body between her playmates legs. Over top of her and passionately kissing her she is told to insert two fingers into her playmates soft wet pussy and begin fingering her to orgasm. As Sara is fingering her hard her Sir begins to flog Sara's ass and thighs relentlessly. Both women moan into the others mouths, one from pleasure and one from glorious pain. Sara feels the inside of her playmates pussy begin to quiver and Sara massages her G spot and makes her cum hard. Sara and her playmate are immediately commanded to stand up, Sara to remove her blindfold, and for Sara to lay knees up, spread eagle on the bed. Her Sir then commands the woman to eat Sara's pussy into orgasm while He fucks their playmate in the ass and Sara watches. Each eagerly take position, and Sara feels a tongue slowly begin to flick against her clit. She moans in pleasure and catches direct eye contact with her Dominant as He slides His cock deep into her playmates ass. Sara hears a small moan of pain, and a sharp draw in of air suddenly. Sara knows what she is to do at this point, as she and her Sir have discussed it. Sara repositions herself, lifts her playmates head, and kisses her deeply asking her if she was ok. She responds that she is better now with Sara at her side and making her feel more comfortable and able to give what He wanted of her. Sara kisses her playmate again softly and speaks against her lips that she can stop if she wants or continue to be so good and take Sirs cock inside of her which is a pure honor and privilege. Her playmate then speaks and asks for Him to please continue and if Sara could continue to kiss and feel her as she was being fucked by Him. Sara looks up to her beloved Dom making solid eye contact and He nods beginning to fuck her in the ass again. Sara kisses her, feels her body in her hands, whispers softly in her ear that she's glad to have her in session with her. Sara feels the woman start kissing her more fervently and she moans into Sara's mouth as she has hit that orgasmic state of being fucked and cherished. Sara's Dom then stops and pulls from her playmates ass and commands the women to lay on either side of Him on the bed. Sara knows that this will be the beginning of their downtime but also its the time that Sara loves and craves the most, it's when she gets to receive His cum deep in her mouth and she gets to taste all that is Him if she's been a proper submissive to Him that session. He then leans over and kisses Sara passionately and whispers to her what a good girl His whore is for forgoing her own orgasm so she could get the other woman into the proper headspace so He could continue to take His pleasure. He then turns and kisses the other woman and tells each to lay on one of His shoulders. They begin to talk of the session and He asks both if they would like to do it again in the future, and they liked the most about the days session. Both answer quickly that they would like to do it again in the future, and that they wanted to dive deeper into sessions under His complete Domination. This Sara is sure pleases her Sir, and allows Sara to take another step deeper into submission to Him. Sir then instructs how He wanted each woman to pleasure Him. Sara is to kiss Him and pleasure His body while her playmate is to go down on Him and suck Him properly. Sara's heart begins to race as she kisses her Sir hard and then begins to lick around each of His nipples just the way He likes His dirty little whore to do. She also hears as her playmate begins to suck Sirs cock hard and hungrily. This turns Sara on intensely and she kisses her Sir hard and pleasures His body voraciously. He suddenly commands each woman to stop and instructs them to change places. He states that Sara being His good slut earned the right to take His load into her mouth. Sara hearing this almost cums herself from His words and she reverently takes His cock deep into her mouth and begins to stroke His shaft exactly how she knows He likes it. She is sucking deeply and hard as she feels His cock tighten in her mouth and she knows He is about to cum. Sir then instructs her to take His load but not swallow. Sara greedily does as she is commanded until she sucks every last drop into her mouth and is loving the pure taste of Him. Sara is then commanded to drip some of her Sirs cum into her playmates mouth, swallow, and then greedily kiss her. Sara immediately does so and in kissing her melts within the taste of both of them on her tongue. Sir then ends the session with a kiss to both of them and instructs Sara to remake up the room as she knows she is supposed to, get dressed, and come down stairs and meet them. As she is doing so Sara cant help but replay the session in her head and be thrilled it went so well. She descends the stairs and sees the two of them waiting for her. He instructs them to kiss each other and Him goodbye and to drive safely home. Each does so and as Sara is leaving her Dom tells her that she is to follow all usual protocols going home, and tonight she is to write down how the session made her truly feel and also what she is feeling about their dynamic. Driving home she replayed the days events in her mind only to realize how she was truly smiling and how she enjoyed herself. When she got home she immediately messaged her Sir to tell Him she was home safely and thank Him for the session. She then showered, and sat down to write while all of the day was playing in her mind. She wrote of Him, of the session, and of how mind blowing and wonderful she was feeling having experienced what she did in the day. Then she wrote of their dynamic. Writing that she was truly passionate about submitting to Him. That He has given her someone in Him to serve, trust completely, and He has allowed her to grow in ways she never thought possible and in ways she was never sure she wanted until she served Him. He truly saw her and that made her submission to Him even more intense. She knew that she was honored to serve as His submissive and she wouldn't ever take that for granted. She ended her writing stating that He owned her mind, body, and soul and that she would continue to submit to Him the best she possibly could in hopes that one day He may choose she is worthy to be fully claimed and collared by Him, but also knowing that every day she continued to get to be His submissive was a step of growth for her. Putting her pen down and closing her composition book Sara smiled and felt the days exhaustion settling in. She picked up her phone and messaged her Sir a proper goodnight text, settled into bed and slept peacefully knowing the life she was finally leading in submission was everything she needed.