I Like What I Like


“Excuse me Ms. Bunny. I know we've got business to attend to and pardon me for asking what must be a basic question, but what on earth is a rim-job?” Ms. Eunice Valentine (who goes by Snow Bunny during working hours) slowly looked in my direction, her face awash with perplexity as her eyes seemed to search my profile for a hint of sarcasm.

            “Dude, really?” she asked slightly bewildered. “I know you said you were a virgin, but this is on a whole other level.”

            “Hey, I warned you beforehand that 'virgin' didn't begin to describe the depths of my inexperience” I said while doubled over and awkwardly fumbling around in an embarrassing attempt to take off my shoes. Eunice 'Snow Bunny' Valentine is part of an upscale escort service in the city. The service was run completely by women who were in total control of the clients whom they choose to have sex with. In addition, each escort set the price range for each client. Although, it was made clear to each client that the base price was $1,500 – no one was fucking for free. Ms. Valentine had began undressing as we conversed, shedding the trench coat she had worn that was now soaked from the unrelenting downpour going on outside our motel suite. Underneath that wet layer of clothing was perhaps the most gorgeous sight I had ever seen: Ms. Valentine's scantily clad body. The loose pink lingerie barely clung to her full figure, giving me a nearly un-occluded view of her ample ass, globe like breasts, and a few stray pubic hairs leading to her succulent pleasure. The breath-taking view was bringing my own instrument of pleasure to life, making it stiff with the anticipation of exploring beautiful and uncharted territory. After letting my eyes take their fill of her, I managed to follow her example and began disrobing further.

            “Being a virgin is no excuse for not knowing the basics. Haven't you watched porn before?” She said sounding slightly annoyed.

            “Of course I have, but it wasn't like I was paying attention to the terminology. I was trying to jack off, not study for a vocabulary test” I said while folding my clothes and putting them in a corner of the room, leaving me in my boxers and black socks. Honestly, I had a pretty good idea of what a rim-job was. The only reason I was playing dumb was because I wanted one but was too nervous to ask Ms. Valentine for such a favor, so I thought I'd float the idea around and hope she'd take matters into her own hands.

            “I suppose you have a point there. Fine I'll give you the gist of it; a rim-job is simply licking your partner's asshole. For added pleasure you can finger or jack your partner off depending on who you're with. Any more questions sir?” I didn't dare to ask another sex based question as the imagery from her explanation alone was nearly enough to make my erect penis spew its seed. Instead, I decided on a more prevalent question: one that had been nagging at me since I met her in the lobby.

            “Just one: why do you go by Snow Bunny when you're as black as I am?” While my skin tone wasn't all that dark it was certainly far from the whiteness of snow and so was Ms. Bunny’s. Her skin was a silky light brown, like cafe mocha.

            “Now that's a more valid question. I figured out a few years ago that men tend to flock towards white escorts, so the name is solely for attracting more clients.”

            “I understand. Although I'm sure no man has ever been disappointed after seeing you in person. I know I couldn't be happier.” For a moment I thought my comment had made the beautiful woman blush, but she must have heard cheesy lines like that all the time.

            “Why thank you. It's nice to have clients who actually want to have a conversation every now and then.” She said before crossing the room over to the bed where I was sitting, stopping right in front of me. “Before we start, please take off your socks. It's just plain tacky to have them on during sex.” That seemed a bit weird to me, but I had no problem acquiescing to her request. Once they were off, she placed her petite hands on my shoulders and plopped her pert round ass in my lap. “Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the action shall we.” It was all so intoxicating; her aroma, the weight of her body against mine, her full pink lips, pixie cut jet black hair, and those piercing brown eyes. The anticipation of making love to this immaculate woman froze me in place and damn near stopped my heart. Noticing my hesitation, Ms. Valentine decided to take matters into her own hands. “Don't worry baby. I'll handle it from here.” she said before sticking her tongue in my mouth and forcing me down onto the mattress beneath us.

            ‘Holy shit this is amazing!’ I thought as Eunice explored every corner of my mouth with her tongue. I was no match for her expert mouth and had no choice but to lay there as she assaulted my amateur lips. She would pause periodically to suck my earlobe or bite the side of my neck: acts that made my dick harder than I thought it capable of being. My sultry vixen pushed up from me after a few minutes, allowing me to catch my breath.

            “I'm not hurting you am I baby?” she asked, her breath a bit sporadic (a sign that our make out session was just as intense for her as it was for me).

            “Not at all; this is beyond fantastic. I couldn't have asked for a better way to lose my virginity.” I was trying to regain my composure, but Eunice had my mind in complete disarray. All I could think about was how being inside of her must feel like euphoria.

            “Well in that case, I should make this night extra special, starting with an in-depth lesson in rim-jobs.” These words filled my neophyte heart with pure delight. Eunice began to slide down my body, placing soft kisses on each of my nipples and licking down my hairy stomach. Upon reaching my waist, she slowly stripped the boxers down my legs, revealing my throbbing erection. She grabbed hold of it and licked around the head of my stiff member before engulfing it inside her mouth. Her tongue continued to dance around the tip of my cock while her lips massaged the shaft, sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body. It was all so magnificent. I managed to fight through the ecstasy long enough to catch a glimpse of the lustful scene. Eunice's deep brown eyes met mine as she ramped up her attempts to suck me dry. After what felt like a small eternity, she finally released my swollen manhood – which was covered in spittle and pre-come. My naughty escort then coated her fingers with the frothy mix and used it to lubricate the sensitive flesh of my anus. I couldn't help but let out a deep moan as my partner worked her thumb and forefinger in and out of my asshole, all the while still stroking my trembling erection.

            “You like having your asshole fingered don't you baby?” she asked and to which I responded with another deep and uncontrollable moan. Her fingers were inching ever so closely to my prostate and I knew that I'd explode the second she came into contact with it. “Sounds like you're ready to blow. Guess it's time for that rim-job I promised.” With that, Eunice started lapping at my anus with her thick tongue while stroking my dick at an even faster pace. There was no way that I could stave off the impending orgasm that had been building and within mere seconds of Eunice's vicious tongue lashing session, I was ejaculating hot spurts of come into the air.


“So um, pardon my asking Ms. Bunny, but I would like to know: how does it taste?” Once again, Eunice looked at me with puzzled eyes.

            “Dude, just how weird are you” she asked before taking a swig from a bottle of Listerine she got from the bathroom and swishing it around. Typically, I would agree with Eunice's observation of my weirdness. I mean, I was sitting on a bed naked in a hotel room with an escort who just recently earned an extra one thousand dollars for licking my asshole (I checked the going rates for each sexual act before hand and brought enough money to cover my expenses). It doesn't really get much weirder than that. On the other hand, I also just had one of the best orgasms of my life, so being weird was turning out to be somewhat of a virtue.

            “All things considered, I'd say substantially weird.” I said answering her question. “Then again, I'm not asking you to dress up in black leather and strap a leash around my neck.” (That costs three thousand dollars, which I’m sure she was aware of). Eunice went to the bathroom to gargle and spit out the mouthwash. Upon returning to the bedroom, she still wore the same tired look on her face but did have to admit that I had a point.

            “Fine you weirdo. You win. If you must know, assholes really only have two flavors, shit being the first one obviously. Get with someone who doesn't have good personal hygiene and you might end up munching on a turd.” Like a juvenile, I giggled as the word 'turd' escaped her lips, to which she, like a proper adult, looked at me with disgust. I apologized and she continued. “The second flavor is musky flesh, similar to the taste of the penis or the vagina. If your partner has good hygiene habits, the experience is more pleasant. Any more questions my weirdly curious client?”

            “Just two my dear escort. Firstly, do you enjoy your profession?”

            “Well would you look at that, a decent inquiry. I have to say that my job is quite the unusual. I meet all different types of people who all have varying quirks and fetishes. The money is good and I'm practically guaranteed to orgasm at least three times a session, which is pretty fun as you can imagine. There are downsides too of course. It's not really a profession I can brag about to the family. Not to mention the legality of it or lack thereof. There's also the extended risk of catching a disease, even though I take all the necessary precautions. Lastly, there's always the chance of running into creeps ranging from stalkers to violent possessive types. All in all, it's a living and I live pretty comfortably because of it.”

            “Well that's good to hear. I'm glad that you find pleasure in what you do. I mean, beyond the pleasures of the flesh. My second question is more business related. Do you mind if I return the favor and lick your ass?” The gorgeous escort considered my proposal for a few seconds before responding with “Now what kind of girl would turn down a request like that?” and making her way over to me. Once again, she sat in my lap and I welcomed the heat of her body against mine. Automatically, my penis began to swell and hungrily searched for her lustful center. Sadly, I had to quell my throbbing erection. I still had half an hour of Ms. Valentine's time and I intended to make the most of every second.

            “Quick housekeeping notes before you go to town.” she said getting my attention. “If you plan to eat me out as well, do that first and save the ass for last. I'd like to avoid an infection if at all possible.

            “Will do madam” I said before twisting around and laying her on the bed. I took a moment to admire her beauty for the second time, secretly wishing that we could be more than just a client and an escort. I knew better than to expect such a thing however. She is simply a woman who's willing to sell her body for profit, and I am just a lowly man who lacks the skill necessary to woo her free of charge. Noticing the telltale signs of procrastination creeping up within me, I seized the moment and kissed my part time lover.

            Those soft lips of hers were so exquisite. I tasted the minty freshness of the Listerine on her tongue with a salty aftertaste that was undoubtedly my own spunk and nether hole. For some inexplicable reason, this aroused me even further and I kissed her even deeper. Meanwhile, my hands explored her flesh still slightly covered in pink lingerie, eventually brushing against her hardened nipples. Desire continued to rage within me as I broke our kiss and latched my mouth onto her taut tit and the fabric around it. Suckling and nibbling like a young pup, I devoured her breasts one after the other, my actions drawing out deep moans from my boisterous Bunny. Having had my fill of her perky breasts, I slithered down to the main event that was her womanhood. Moving the material out of the way, my heart rate spiked as I gazed upon her magnificent treasure with sensual excitement. Just before I went down South to experience my first taste of a woman however, a thought struck me.

            “Uh, excuse me Ms. Bunny?” I asked coming up from between her legs.

            “What is it now?” she said, not even trying to hide her annoyed expression.

            “While I'd love to be pleasuring you right now, I literally have no idea how anything works down here. You mind giving me some pointers?”

            “My God you are such a dork.” she sighed loudly, throwing her head back on a pillow. A few seconds passed and I started to wonder if I had annoyed her one time too many.

            “Sooo, is that a no?” I timidly asked.

            “Just shut up and pay attention.” Eunice said before launching into a crash course on the female anatomy. Using her right hand, she began to detail the various parts of her vagina, and how sensitive each part was.

            “Start by kissing my inner thighs. It builds up anticipation and will make me wetter faster. From there, give a few gentle licks to the lips.” She rubbed these parts of her body as she spoke, no doubt sending tingles of pleasure throughout her being. “Afterwards, I want you to part the lips like so and slowly push your tongue in as deep as you can.” Watching Eunice pull apart the lips of her vagina was like seeing the gates Heaven being opened. It also sent more blood to my already painful erection. “Once you've substantially excited me, a fleshy nub should reveal itself. That's called the clitoris. It's like the head of your penis only several times more sensitive. When you see it, don't go all crazy. I can only tolerate gentle licks and minor sucking on that area. Anything more than that and I'm liable to smash your skull in. When you've had your fill of my sweet pussy and decide to give my back door some attention, make sure to use your fingers to replace your tongue. Take two or three and slide them in and out of my opening while using your thumb to massage my clitoris like this.” She paused to give me a demonstration; sticking two fingers deep into her moist cavern and pulling them out, bringing with them her delicious scent and a sticky drop of her juices. “You can also work a finger in and out of my asshole like I did to yours. Oh, and if at any point I run my fingers through your hair or try to smother you in between my thighs, it's a sign that you're doing something right. So are you clear on what to do?”

            “Yes ma'am.” I answered her, all too eager to follow her instructions.

            “Then get to work.” she responded. With all the excitement of a kid in a candy store, I dove back down between her legs.

            As she suggested, I started by giving tender kisses to her inner thighs. I took my time, relishing in her scent and enjoying the feel of her pubic hairs rubbing against my bare face. After giving the crevasses of her thighs one last lick, I moved on to her beautiful pussy lips. Lingering in the moment, I slowly ran my fore and middle fingers up and down the soft flesh, slipping the digits inside once or twice and delighting in the feel of the silk like texture. The cat-like purr's and subtle movements of Eunice's body told me that I was on the right track. Having teased her long enough, I followed the next step of her well laid out instructions. Using my thumb and slick fingers, I parted her lips and snaked my tongue deep inside her sweet sticky cunt.

            Something in me awakened the instant I tasted Eunice’s warm crude honey. I could feel it in my core, a strange energy and excitement that I had never experienced before. The more I lapped and licked at Ms. Valentine’s flesh, the more this energy flowed through me and the more I lost myself in it. For an instant, just a brief moment in time, I felt as if I had merged with Ms. Valentine; our energies mixing and melding into something completely different. Of course, this could have just been my virgin brain overdosing on whatever chemicals are released when giving oral sex. Either way, I was riding a wave of pure adrenaline and excitement, and the deeper my tongue went, the more these feelings swelled.

            Savory flavors saturated my taste buds as my fleshly muscle stretched as far as it could. My dear Eunice shuttered and shivered from my lashings and I could feel her delicate fingers massaging my scalp. While her small convulsions told me that I was doing a good job of following her directions, I wanted more: I wanted to hear her scream. After one final lick, I retracted my tongue from her pleasure pit and dipped my middle finger into her wetness before slowly sliding the slick digit down into her dank hole. The tightened flesh didn’t yield at first, but it soon loosened once I inserted the fingers on my right hand back into Eunice’s soaked pussy. Leaning back a little, I marveled at the wonderful sight. Eunice grinded against my fingers, raising her hips to allow me to drive my digits even deeper. Her face was contorted in a way that was completely alien to me and her nipples seemed to be so stiff that they’d become painful. Looking lower, I saw her damp pubic hairs sticking to my hand. I let the image of her burn into my brain as I planned to replay this moment over and over again for years to come.

As I worked my fingers in and out of her tight orifices, I noticed the small nub budding from her pussy – her clitoris I assumed. Remembering her words of warning, I leaned down and gave the bundle of nerves a gentle kiss, flicking my tongue ever so slightly against it. This combined with the steady movement of my fingers coaxed a low growl from Eunice which rapidly grew into the ear piercing scream I was hoping for. Finally bringing her to the edge of orgasm, I decided to push her further. Using my right ring and middle fingers to maintain the stimulation on her clit, I lifted Eunice’s hips, removed my left middle finger, and plunged my tongue deep into her asshole. Much like when she preformed the action on me, it was only a matter of time before a powerful orgasm rushed through her body, rewarding my efforts with more of her delightful screams of pleasure and her thick cream coating my fingers.


            “Do you have to smile like that” Mrs. Valentine asked as I looked at her. I was standing in the doorway of the bathroom after having rinsed my mouth out with mouthwash following my first taste of a woman’s nether regions. Upon reentering the bedroom, I was treated to the sight of Ms. Valentine’s exquisitely naked body gleaming with perspiration (and lingering droplets of come on her pubic hair).

            “Honestly Ms. Bunny” I said making my way over to the bed, “after what’s transpired tonight, how could I not be smiling with unbridled delight?” I lied down in the bed next to her, continuing to admire her gorgeous body.

            “Well, you are still inexperienced, so I guess I can’t be angry at your excitement” she said while reaching out and running her hand across my shoulder. “But can you dial the grin back just a bit? You’re looking a bit like a serial killer.”

            “Can do” I said letting my face return to normal. “So tell me Ms. Bunny.”

            “Dude, enough of the pleasantries” she said cutting me off. “We’ve spent the last half hour licking each other’s genitals and assholes. There really is no reason to be so formal. Just call me Eunice.”

            “Alright then, although I’d just be trading one alias for another. But what’s in a name anyway?”

            “You have got to be the biggest nerd I’ve ever had to fuck” she said with the same exhausted expression she’s worn all evening.

            “I’ll take that as a compliment” I said unfazed. “So tell me Eunice, how many of your clients end up professing their undying love for you after a session of passionate fucking?”

            “Quite a few if I’m being honest. Not to brag or anything, but I tend to have that effect on people – both men and women.” As she spoke, Eunice struck a pose, propping her hand up on her hip while lying on her side.

            “Well aren’t we full of ourselves” I teased, “Although, after witnessing your sexual prowess firsthand, I couldn’t blame any client of yours for falling madly in love with you.”

            “What can I say, I aim to please” she said with a smile. “So what category do you fall into? Are you seconds away from bending the knee and professing a deep love for every fiber of my being?”

            “Not quite honestly, although I do like the dramatic touch you added just now.”

            “Why thank you.”

            “Anyhow, despite your incredible beauty and magnetic sexual energy, I realize that this union is nothing more than a transaction between two people. I pay you a lump sum of money and you help me forget about my loneliness, my less than stellar looks, and my social awkwardness. In addition to all that, you’re also taking my virginity and making me the happiest man on Earth for a few minutes at a time. It’s a fair trade if you ask me.” Out of the blue, Eunice struck me, slapping my right thigh with her left hand and making me wince in pain. “Hey, I didn’t sign up for any masochism tonight.”

            “I know” she said giving me a semi-serious look. “That was for calling yourself ugly. I do not tolerate self-deprecation during my working hours.”

            “I never said I was ugly” I protested.

            “As if ‘less than stellar’ is supposed to mean anything else” she said throwing my words back at me. “Look, this is a safe and accepting workplace. As long as you are with me, you are to think of yourself as the sexiest creature on the planet that women can’t wait to have sex with. Understood?”

            “Yes ma’am!” I said emphatically, feeling my cock stand with new found vigor.

            “Good. Now, let me kiss you and make that pain go away.” I moaned softly as she leaned her head down and pressed her soft lips to my stinging thigh. Slowly and gently, I ran my hand down her back, relishing in the feel of her smooth skin. Had it not been for the sound of an alarm, we could have stayed like that indefinitely.

            “Has our time together come to an end” I asked solemnly as she rose to check her phone.

            “Not quite yet” she responded. “This session still has fifteen minutes left. So, how might the gentleman like to spend the remainder of his time?”

            “Well,” I began as Eunice started kissing m shoulder and moving her hand across my chest “I’d like to spend the first five minutes just talking so that I can pick that brain of yours. For the next five, I’d like to simply cuddle and explore every inch of your beautiful frame. And with the last bit of my time, I would like to pleasure you to the best of my ability one final time.”

            “As you wish” she said. “Ask me any question you like.”

            “Tell me Eunice, do you ever regret the life you’ve chosen?”

            “No more than you might regret your professional choices. It’s really not that different than any other line of work. The hours can be long, the work grueling, and some days I simply want to stay in bed all day. Not to mention the strain it has on my personal relationships. You have no idea how hard it is to tell your parents about your seedy profession.”

            “Wait, you’ve told your parents” I asked somewhat surprised.

            “I mean, it was either that or let them assume I was doing something really illegal like dealing drugs or robbing people.”

            “Fair point” I said. “So how did they take the news?”

            “Looking back on it, they took it pretty well. My mom’s main concern was my health; after being a little hysterical about me never being respected giving her any grandkids. My dad on the other hand thought he had failed as a father at first. But once I convinced him that it had nothing to do with his parenting and everything to do with me just loving to have sex, he took it a little easier. He’s so comfortable with my occupation now, he’ll actually joke about it, saying stuff like ‘My daughter might be a hoe, but at least she gets paid for it’.”

            “Those are some pretty supportive parents.”

            “I’m not sure supportive is the word. I’d say they understand and accept my way of life. Anyway, as far as regrets, I have none. This is what I’ve made of my life and for now, I’m content with it.”

            “That’s good to hear” I said with a smile. “It’s important that people enjoy their stations in life. But do you ever desire to have a family and wonder how this line of work might affect them?”

            “Now that’s a good one. It has crossed my mind a few times. I know that I won’t be young forever. I will age and lose this firm, tone body and no longer be cut out for this lifestyle. It frightens me some days; that I’ll wake up way past my prime, either unable to bear children or marry a man whom I’ve fallen in love with. I mean, it’s not like a ton of men are eager to settle down and have kids with a whore.”

            “That may be true, although I think that number is a lot more than you think. But I don’t think you should sell yourself so short. Sure, you may be a whore right now, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be one when you decide to settle down.”

            “Okay but there’s always the possibility of men looking at me as damaged goods; as a used up hag not worth the effort of compassion or affection.”

            “And those men would be either overly cruel or hypocritical” I said with some conviction. “Look, I’ve never really subscribed to the stereotypes surrounding sexual activity. I don’t think people should assign virtue to virginity or vice to promiscuity. Take our stations in life for instance. Juxtapose our lives for the world to see and it’s obvious who would be deemed the loser and who’d be deemed the slut. But have us trade places and watch as society deems me the alpha male and you a saint.”

            “That’s an interesting way of looking at things, but it doesn’t change reality. Anyone who knows my occupation will only see that. Who in their right mind would be willing to look at the person beyond the prostitute?” For a slight moment, Eunice seemed genuine and a little vulnerable; although I’m sure I was just imagining things. Not wanting to make things awkward by getting sappy or overly sentimental, I offhandedly replied to her question.

            “The right person that’s who” I said. “You won’t be dating just anyone when you go into a relationship Eunice. You’ll be dating, ideally, someone who is right for you; a person who can take a single look at your past and shrug it off with relative ease. And they’ll be able to do so because your past should not and does not have complete bearing on your future. As long as you are willing to put this life behind you and become fully committed to someone, they should be willing to accept that your past doesn’t define you.” Eunice responded to what my heartfelt opinion with, of all things, a fit of chuckles.

            “Really man” she said with tears in her eyes. “You really think that there’s some kind of unicorn man out there for a whore like me?”

            “Call me a fool if you want, but I actually do.”

            “But how could you? To most people, whore equals unworthy – no exceptions.”

            “Well for one, I’m not most people. The fact that I’m using the last bit of my time with you on a conversation should be a big clue. As for two, I believe this because I am as unworthy as you are in my current state. If there is one thing that a whore and a male virgin have in common, it is that they are both of little to no value to the opposite sex. The way I see it, I have as little chance of falling in love with a woman as you do with a man at this point. Now I can understand if your profession has jaded you to the possibility of finding someone who truly wants to be with you, but I refuse to let my lack of sexual experience do the same to me. The world is a dark enough place already; no need to snuff out my chances of love in order to add to it.”

            “I can understand your reasoning” Eunice said being more serious with me this time. “But you will always be able to gain more sexual experience and become slightly more appealing to the women you encounter. It’s not like I can go back in time and subtract the number of partners I’ve had.”

            “And the right person won’t ask you to. A person who truly cares for you and who is mature will understand that you are human with sexual desires and a ton of opportunities to satiate them. This person won’t hate you for your actions or hold them over you; he’ll simply accept that they happened and still choose to be with you regardless. And hell, if it gets to a point where this man doesn’t come along, I’d be glad to step in and take his place.” Only when the words left my mouth did I realize that I had gotten a little too high on my soapbox. I began to feel a bit embarrassed at how serious I was with my speech. Looking over to Eunice didn’t make me feel any better as she was wearing a snide smirk on her face.

            “That sounded like a proposal of sorts to me.”

            “It really did. God, what kind man proposes to a prostitute on his first night with her?” As I was lamenting my naivety, Eunice gently put her hand on my cheek and turned my head to face her.

            “The nerdy inexperienced kind” she said smiling. “But I can’t lie; you’re kind of cute when you spout off crazy stuff like that. But just kind of.” Despite the possibility that Eunice could have been merely preying on my insecurities or trying to get more money out of me, or just being sarcastic, those words made my heart swell with affection. Whether her intentions were genuine or not, she made me feel desired and that feeling was worth every cent that I paid her.

            “Permission to caress you now Ms. Eunice” I asked desperately wanting to hold her close.

            “I’d be insulted if you didn’t” she said moving closer to me. Trying to preserve the moment, I placed my hand on her calf and moved it slowly up to her thigh, and then resting it on her ample bottom.

            “Touch is a magical thing isn’t it” I asked continuing to softly rub her wonderfully smooth skin.

            “You are chock full of corny lines aren’t you” she replied with a soft grin on her face.

            “Indeed I am. But it’s only because this moment is special” I said all the while letting my hand move along the folds of her mid section. “Considering my luck with women, I figured that I’d be old and gray long before ever getting this close.”

            “I find that a little hard to believe. From what I’ve seen tonight, you have a good personality, are honest and straight forward – albeit to a fault – and you have a desire to please your partner that is quite refreshing. In my opinion, any woman would be lucky to have you.” As she spoke, Eunice moved her hand over to me and mimicked my movements. Feeling her fingers travel up my large frame was simply blissful.

            “Flattery will get you everywhere with me Eunice” I said moving my hand up to her soft breast and resting it there. “Although I’m not sure if one sexual encounter is enough to gauge one’s capabilities in a long term relationship.”

            “You’d be surprised at how much you can learn after one night of intimacy. I already know from our time together that you are shy but eager. You aren’t the type of man that would bend a woman over the kitchen counter the second you catch her giving you a signal, but let her whisper the words in your ear and you’d be all over her in a heartbeat. And you’re a gentle lover as well. You like to take your time with a woman, feeling every single movement. I even think that it’s safe to say that you would prefer positions that put you face to face with your partner, as it would present you with the most intimate moment possible. Is this sounding about right?”

            “Right on the button” I said surprised at how accurately she had described me. “I am impressed with your inference skills Eunice. Crafting such an on point description of my sexual style; and I haven’t even been inside of you yet.”

            “Well we need to change that don’t we” she said while grabbing my forearm and guiding me on top of her. “How ‘bout it sir” she whispered. “Are you ready to lose the last vestiges of your virginity?” And there it was, the moment I had waited a lifetime for; the experience I desired for longer than I cared to remember. Yet, as I lied over her warm welcoming body, pressed against her pillow-like breasts, my manhood aching to plunge into her slick walls, I hesitated, unable to move a single muscle. “Something wrong” Eunice asked.

            “I don’t know. Maybe all the anticipation has finally gotten to me” I said nervously, stuck between uncertainty and lust.

            “You do know that in the last forty-five minutes you’ve performed oral sex to both my vulva and anus right” Eunice reminded me. “You should be more than ready to take this step.”

            “I know. It’s just… I’m too…” I stuttered and stalled for a few seconds before Eunice put a finger to my lips to silence me.

            “Ah, virgins and their fears” she said with a soft smile on her face. “Look, I know what this moment means to you and how much you want it to be perfect, but now is not the time to worry or question things. Right now, you just have to relax and do what comes naturally. So please, just for once tonight, shut up and fuck me.” Not giving me the chance to respond (because she knew I would have come up with something stupid or mood killing), Eunice pulled my face down to hers and kissed me fiercely. This kiss was far more intense than the others we’ve shared in the past hour. She bit my lip and sucked on my tongue before skillfully plunging her own into my mouth. Her energy was so strong that I couldn’t help but sink into it, into her. Slowly and naturally, my body lowered onto hers, and moment finally arrived as my cock pushed into her cunt.

            The feeling of penetrating Eunice was so intense that I had to break our kiss and nearly gasp for breath. My body was aflame with sensations, electricity, and a rush that I had never felt before.

            “There you go rookie” Eunice said smiling. “The first plunge is always the hardest, but keep going and you’ll get the hang of it.” Heeding her advice, I started to slowly thrust my cock into her, still in awe of everything that was happening. “So, how does it feel” she asked sensually. “Your hard aching cock pushing deep into my wet pussy, those tight walls wrapping around you, dragging you in further and further; it’s got to be the most beautiful torture you’ve ever experienced.” Every word that Eunice spoke made me crave her more and more. I pumped my hips faster and harder, pushing every inch of my manhood into her cunt as my brain became obsessed with how good she felt. “Come on baby, tell me how I feel. Tell me how this pussy feels on that virgin cock of yours.” Unable to answer, I simply moaned and buried my face in the crook of her neck. Although I was barely able to put a coherent thought together, one word did come to mind that summed up my current feelings.

            “You feel amazing Eunice” I said lifting my head and looking into her eyes. “Every single part of you is absolutely divine. Your lips, your breasts, your filthy asshole and your dirty cunt; it’s all perfect and I want nothing more right now than to fuck you with everything I’ve got.” At that point, I felt another rush of energy and desire so strong that it scared me. I felt no timidity or uncertainty whatsoever; all I had inside me was lust and an intense, almost feral need to fuck and come.

            “Now that’s how you speak to a whore” Eunice said, becoming more lively and animated. “Let’s have some real fun shall we?” In one quick movement, Eunice rolled over on top of me and pinned my arms down. I slid out of her during the roll, but she quickly repositioned, swallowing my manhood into her womanhood. Now in control, Eunice began to grind her pelvis against mine, trapping my dick inside her massaging walls.

            “Shit” was the only word I could utter. I was a fly caught in her web and she grinned dubiously like the black widow she was, alternating between grinding and bouncing on my inexperienced cock.

            “What’s the matter virgin” she taunted. “Can’t handle pussy? I thought you were going to give me everything you had. If this is all you’ve got, you won’t last another minute.” She was right about that. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge. My whole body was preparing to detonate and there was little I could do to stop it from my current position. “Oh well” Eunice continued. “I wouldn’t mind finishing early tonight. I’ll just have to masturbate later because you certainly aren’t going to make me orgasm at this rate.” Just the thought of having our session cut short was enough to reinvigorate me. I wanted every bit of my hour and I was going to get it.

            “There’s no way in hell we’re finishing early” I said finding my second wind. Feeling dominant, I overpowered Eunice and rolled her off of me and onto her side. “I wouldn’t dream of squandering a single second of my time with you” I said kneeling over her. I felt incredible in that moment, like an animal filled with lust and excitement “Now if you would, please open your legs Eunice.”

            “Make me you dirty virgin” Eunice said like a playful juvenile.

            “Have it your way then” I said grabbing her calves and trying to lift them. Like a petulant child, she started to kick and struggle all while giggling madly. Her actions were so wild and silly that I couldn’t help but join in her laughter. “Do you act so childish with all your clients” I asked still struggling with her.

            “Only the virgins” she said snidely. “They’re just too green to handle a serious sexual encounter.” That was the last straw. I couldn’t let Eunice get away with doubting me any longer. Feeling bold and finally getting a good hold on her, I wrapped her feet under my left arm and reached down to her vulva with my right hand, finding her engorged clitoris and gently rubbing my fingers across it. Almost instantly, Eunice’s body tensed and pleasured groans soon broke through her crazed giggling.

            “That thing is pretty sensitive isn’t it” I said confidently, continuing to massage her pleasure nub. “So, are you going to open your legs now?” Eunice responded by shaking her head back and forth and scrunching up her face. In retaliation, I released her feet, took her left nipple in between my fingers and teased her right one with my teeth, all while continuing to rub her clitoris and slipping a finger into her pussy. Eunice, in what was either a technique she used on all her clients or a true moment of weakness, actually purred as I pleasured her. After a few minutes of being teased and nibbled and fingered, she finally gave in, her legs opening rigidly as if they were getting pried opened.

            “Fine” she said in a huff. “Although I don’t know what kind of boring man would want to do missionary.”

            “The kind of man that wants to admire every part of their lover’s body” I said releasing her from my grasp and moving in between her legs. “Also, I’m the kind of man that would like to see his lover climax. All I want is to watch you come Eunice; is that too much to ask” I said looking directly into her eyes.

            “Well, when you put it like that, how can a girl say no?” With her approval, I guided my stiff cock back into her cunt. I breathed out a satisfied sigh as the feeling of being swallowed by her sex excited me once again. Placing my hands on her hips, I started to slowly pump in and out of her. Looking at her face, I noticed that Eunice had closed her eyes and was biting her lip. In the back of my mind, I wondered if she did that in order to detach herself from the situation. The thought immediately made me feel weird and alone; which was unacceptable considering what we were doing. I realized that I needed her engagement – that I craved it more than anything else – and that I had to entice her back into the moment.

            “You look absolutely magnificent Eunice” I said still pushing in and out of her hole.

            “Oh really” she said softly. “How so”

            “Like how your face is so serene and your lips full. And how your body seems to be glowing and your breasts are pooling on your chest, your nipples stiff and begging to be touched.”

            “You mean these nipples” she said grasping her breasts and squeezing her tits.

            “Oh, don’t do that to me” I pleaded. “I’m close enough to coming as it is.”

            “I was wondering how much longer that inexperienced cock of yours would last” Eunice said, finally opening her eyes. They were so gorgeous – two golden sunsets – and I was lost inside her gaze. “Tell you what” she said still playing with her breasts. “Why don’t you go ahead and come inside me rookie. You’ve more than earned a release after your efforts tonight. So let yourself go.”

            “You are so not playing fair” I said, struggling with every word. My orgasm was practically imminent and Eunice was coaxing it out with the utmost delight.

            “This isn’t about fair or unfair” she said with a grin on her face. “It’s about pleasure and who comes first. And since you’re the one paying here, it’s only right that you reach your peak before me. So stop stalling and come already.” I couldn’t hold back any longer after all her urging. At the end of my rope, I lowered my body onto Eunice until we were chest to chest. I kissed her deeply while thrusting my dick into her pussy with reckless abandon.

            “I’m going to come Eunice” I said looking into her eyes as my body went over.

            “It’s okay baby. Just let it go.” With a few final strokes and a primal growl, I reached my orgasm. The rush of energy was stronger than anything I’d experienced before. It was like I had just imploded or combusted into the most beautiful flames. I held fast against Eunice and she caressed me as the waves subsided. Once the last drops of semen sprayed out of my exhausted cock, I pulled myself out of Eunice and collapsed on my side. “Congratulations rookie. You are a virgin no longer” she said moving her hand up and down my body. Her touch was welcomed as I was beyond spent and exceedingly vulnerable.

            “All thanks to you” I said trying (and failing) to regain my composure. In a daze, I watched as Eunice looked down towards my groin.

“Good God man. How much come did you have in you” she said snickering. Looking down at it, I was also shocked to see that my penis was thoroughly coated in white fluid.

“Well, it has been waiting for this moment for nearly two decades. There was bound to be more than usual.” As I spoke, Eunice moved her hand down to her vulva, presumably to check the damage I had caused.

“Yep, it’s a total mess down there, all sticky and wet.”

“My apologies” I said. A frightening thought then crossed my mind, albeit too little too late. “I know it’s far too late to worry about it now, but should I be concerned about becoming a father in about nine or ten month’s time?”

“Of course not” Eunice said. “What kind of working girl would I be if I didn’t come prepared?” It was at that moment that Eunice did something that I was completely unprepared for. She reached down to her groin with both hands and pulled from her vagina a pretty sizeable piece of plastic filled with a pool of my seed.

“Uh, Eunice darling” I said perplexed “What the fuck is that?”

“This, my sexually illiterate friend, is a female condom. I put it in while you were in the bathroom washing your mouth out.”

“Okay, duly noted” I said still confused. “Second question; how in the hell did I not notice it?”

“Heat of the moment I guess. You ought to pay more attention to these things.” Eunice said before leaning over the edge of the bed to dispose of the soiled plastic into a nearby waste basket.  “So tell me mister,” she said returning to the bed. At first, her voice sounded a thousand miles away (mainly doing to my being completely drained of energy and on the verge of a coma). Eunice must’ve noticed my drifting off and countered it by putting a hand on the center of my chest. Almost instantly, I stirred back to life, giving her my full attention. “How does it feel to finally have some sexual experience under your belt?”

“A few words come to mind honestly. Spectacular, explosive, everything I ever hoped and dreamed it would be. But I think I’ll go with the description of fucking fantastic.”

“Why thank you sir. And you weren’t too bad yourself.”

“You don’t have to give me false praise Eunice. I’m sure that you’ve had far more pleasurable encounters.”

“That may be so, but everyone gives off a different vibe during sex. It’s not always about who lasts the longest or whose genitalia are the largest; sometimes it simply comes down to how a person makes love and what makes their way of doing it different from everyone else.”

“That makes sense. If I may be so bold, what differentiates my way of making love from your other clients?”

“Well” she said pausing to think. “For one, you talk far more than anyone I’ve ever been with. It was incessant at first and admittedly annoying.”

“Guilty as charged” I said acknowledging my flaw.

“But after that, it becomes a bit special. It’s like you could notice when I was distant and you’d immediately make me engage with you. It was actually kind of fun. In addition to that,” she continued “you don’t have a sensitive or overly big ego.”

“Well I wouldn’t say that” I protested while looking down at my softening manhood. “It’s not massive or anything, but the little guy gets the job done.”

“I meant your actual ego you goof” she said with a chuckle.

“I know. I just wanted to make you laugh.”

“As I was saying, you aren’t ashamed to ask questions or be vulnerable or make a fool of yourself. You seemed to present yourself as you are and it made an impact.”

“Those are some very kind words Eunice and I am very thankful for them” I said before taking her hand off my chest and kissing it. The kiss was apparently intense as Eunice let out a deep moan just as my lips touched her hand. “It wasn’t that good a kiss was it” I asked.

“No, it’s not you” she said rolling over onto her back, showing that her other hand had been going to work on her sex.

“You are one insatiable woman Eunice” I said watching as she masturbated.

“Well, you did say that you wanted to see me orgasm” she said breathing deeply. “I can stop if you’ve changed your mind.”

“Now don’t go jumping to conclusions” I said with renewed excitement. “I’d actually like to help if that’s okay.”

“Of course” she said with a smile. Leaning towards her, I moved my right hand to her breast and gently caressed it and I moved my left hand down to her sex, dipping two fingers into the opening. As I helped pleasure her, I was fascinated at how Eunice responded to the stimulation. Her body squirmed at the stimulation, seemingly trying to escape the arousing touch. From bottom to top, her body eradiated energy, burning hotter with each stroke of her hand, each thrust of my fingers. Slowly I moved my right hand from her breast to the center of her chest and felt heart palpitate at a calm but increasing rate. Looking at her face this time around, I was unbothered by Eunice’s closed eyes. I was in awe of it in fact along with her scrunched up face. She was a painting now – Vixen in Ecstasy would be my title for her – and I, for the moment at least, was her sole admirer.

“Just…a little more” Eunice moaned.

“That’s it Eunice” I said. “Let it all out. Let me feel your walls close in on my hand as you orgasm. I want your come to drench my fingers so I can taste you again, so we can taste this disgusting mess we’ve made.” At last, with a guttural moan, Eunice granted my wish. I could feel her muscles tense and her vaginal walls close around my fingers as she climaxed. As she rode out the waves of pleasure, I suckled her taut nipples one after the other and kissed her bare chest, all the while listening to her soft, exhausted whimpers. Only when I thought her orgasm had passed did I remove my hand from her dripping cunt. “Why look at this wonderful sight” I said holding up my hand to show her how completely she had coated it with her essence.

“It sure is something” Eunice responded. “I wonder what it tastes like.”

“Let’s find out” I said before putting one of the filthy digits in my mouth and sucking it clean. I trembled with both shame and glee as I swallowed the fluid, simultaneously trying not to dwell on the action and obsessing over it. “You have quite the unique flavor Eunice.”

“It’s official” she said sitting up. “You are the weirdest virgin I have ever worked with.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment” I responded before offering her my slick middle finger. Unflinching, she licked my finger and sucked it clean just as I did. “You are an amazing woman Eunice Valentine” I said before kissing her, delighting in the feeling of saliva and come leaking down our lips.


After a few more moments of kissing, touching, and basking in our filth, Eunice and I finally got out of our lust nest and went to the shower. She offered to shower together free of charge, but I made a counter offer, as I preferred to watch her shower instead. Seeing the water and soap flow down her body was such a sensual viewing experience that I was tempted to masturbate, but I felt that a third orgasm in a single night would’ve just been a bit too much for me to handle. She repaid my attention by watching me shower and complimenting certain parts of my body. Temptation struck once again, as I would have certainly put on a lewd show for her if she had asked, but it soon passed. With both of us clean, we went back into the bedroom and got dressed, during which time, I asked a few more questions.

“Tell me Eunice; what do you do after finishing with a client” I asked while gathering my clothes from beside the bed.

“Nothing special” she said retrieving a set of clothes from under the bed and getting dressed starting with the shirt. “I’ll check my schedule to see what other appointments I have planned for the week and then head home. Once in my lovely abode I might watch whatever shows I’ve missed over the past couple of days while eating whatever is in the fridge. Finally, I’ll simply go to bed. On occasion, I’ll think about how my session with a client went and how much I enjoyed myself. Maybe tonight will be one of those times” she said, looking at me with a glint in her eye and a sly smile.

“You flatter me Eunice” I said stepping into my underwear and pants.

“What about you” she asked putting on a pair of jeans. “How will your evening go once you leave our little den of sin?”

“I’ll probably just go home and sit down on my bed, reflecting on the nights events, remembering every little detail” I said pulling my shirt over my head. “After that, I’ll collapse from exhaustion. Things will really get interesting in the morning when I go to work and have to try extremely hard not to smile like a psychopath.”

“You shouldn’t worry about that. I’ve probably been involved with some of your co-workers.” Once she was fully clothed, Eunice had begun to strip down the bed, putting the soiled sheets and covers into a corner and setting the pillows aside. Reaching under the bed, she produced some fresh ones and started to make up the bed.

“Wow, you came fully prepared” I said helping her put the sheet onto the bed.

“Yes sir. No reason to have the cleaning service work extra: especially considering the amount of DNA on those blankets.”

“I feel like I should apologize for that” I said, imagining how horrified a person would be if they looked at those covers with a black light.

“Don’t worry about it. Speaking of work, what is it that you do” she asked.

“Carpentry” I said tucking the sheet underneath two corners of the bed. “You know, making homes sturdy and nice looking and what not.”

“So you do the Lord’s work” she said securing the sheet on her side of the bed and placing another sheet on top of it.

“I wouldn’t say that. It’s just honest work for me; something that I enjoy and that helps support my hobbies.” With the second sheet tucked firmly under the bed, Eunice picked up and unfolded a brown blanket and tossed it in the air, holding on to the corners so that it billowed onto the bed.

“I see. And what might these hobbies be?”

“Simple things really: music, books, videogames, and movies. I also enjoy other things like writing, bartending, and making meaningful connections with people.”

“I think most people just say ‘making friends’” she said.

“I guess they are one in the same” I responded. After straightening the blanket and putting the pillows back at the head, the bed was made. We both took a seat at the foot of it and continued our talk.

“Despite all the weirdness, you are kind of interesting” she said before, in what I took as a sign of affection, laying her head on my shoulder and grabbing my arm.

“I really don’t want to leave Eunice” I said leaning my head onto hers.

“And yet, you must. Like you said earlier, this was nothing more than a business arrangement. Money for sex: pure, plain, and simple.”

“Sex is never plain or simple. But I’d like to think that what we’ve done here tonight is somewhat pure.” We were silent for a moment, enjoying the last minutes we had together. “May I propose one final question Eunice” I asked as she let go of my arm and stood up.

“Go ahead” she said.

“Say we meet each other in public somewhere down the line; at a café, a park, a restaurant or wherever. You would have just finished up with a client who spent his lunch break being dominated or doing some other weird thing that wealthy clients have you do for and to them. Now since this particular job wasn’t as demanding or messy, you decide to go out afterwards and treat yourself to some much deserved R&R. So you pick whatever place it is that you choose to relax at and it just so happens that I have planned a visit to the exact same place. Who knows what brings me there: perhaps I finish a house early, or it’s raining and we just can’t complete our work in such conditions. Regardless of the situation, we both arrive at this location. I spot you first and, remembering the blissful night we shared, decide to approach you. We greet each other and engage in some meandering small talk, tip toeing around our intimate moment. After a while I decide to leave you to your lonesome but, overcome by a strong need, I ask you a question. And that question would be simple: if I were to ask you out to dinner, not with the intention of getting a free night in your bed, but to get closer to you – become a friend of sorts, perhaps more in the future – would you accept my offer?” Eunice took a moment to ponder, looking me up and down and smiling. She then spoke.

“You said all that to just ask me out on a date?”

“Well, that would be the gist of it if you don’t like setting the scene.”

“You are one funny individual” she said with a light laugh. “What man in his right mind would try and court a whore?”

“The kind that sees not just your profession, but an interesting human being that is worth pursuing” I said standing to my feet and meeting her gaze. “Now I’ll ask again. Would you accept my offer?”

“I think that I would accept it, but only if we knew each other’s real names. I don’t think I could be with a man long term if he were to call me by my working name after hours.”

“That’s fair enough. I don’t think I could be with a woman who always referred to me as sir or mister.” We exchanged our real names to one another and then agreed that if such an unexpected twist of fate like I described were to bring us back together again, she would accept my proposal. With the matter settled, we got up to leave the room, both taking some of the soiled sheets to drop off at the washroom downstairs. We dropped off our loads and, before parting ways, shared one last kiss – one that, I hoped, conveyed a little more meaning and emotion than all the others.

“Goodnight Faith” I said to her.

“Goodnight Dominic” she replied. We left.