Submit to the Lord

Chapter 1 – The principal’s Call

She briskly walked up the stairs of the school, dodging the last few students playfully running down. Two senior boys reflexively followed her movement as they crossed. The rhythmic wobble of her full breasts was too difficult to disregard. She saw their interest and somehow liked the attention.

Her daughter, Saakshi was in the 10th standard.  She had confided that the school had threatened to keep board exam form back, as she had bunked one of the unit tests. The principal had insisted that her parents visit him.

Rohini Sharma did not want threat to reach Saakshi’s father. Saakshi was a good student but had a rebellious streak, probably passed on from Rohini.

Rohini remembered her early days. She had been a rebel and had been through many adventures. Her parents never wanted a daughter. After she was born they had a younger son. All their love was showered on him leaving her always insecure. While her brother struggled at studied, she was a natural. Like Saakshi, she also did well in all her exams. By her own past, she managed to understand Saakshi’s rebellion.

Saakshi’s father, Mr Ankur Sharma was a short tempered illogical man. He was a difficult person to reason with. They lived with Ankur’s parents. The family was orthodox. Any complaint by his parents would lead to Ankur firing his wife or daughter without any discussion. They wanted a son and blamed Rohini for giving him a daughter. Ankur was also unhappy that Rohini had refused to have more children. They could comfortably afford one child. A second child would have been a stretch. Unknown to her family, she had aborted twice. Fortunately or unfortunately, Saakshi had found her escape in rebellion. School and tuitions helped her stay away from home most of the day. Regretfully, Rohini had no such escape.

She had quickly got ready to reach school before it closed at 5pm. As always she dressed in a saree. An offwhite chiffon with small dark blue birds printed all over. That was the only attire allowed in her married home. She slipped on a dark blue bra under her offwhite blouse to match her birds on the saree.

She had a nice full body and the saree held her body well, enhancing her attractive curves. She knew that at 38, she still made heads turn. The attention helped her feel happy in her insipid life. She was once overheard about being a MILF. She did not know the term but she knew that that the boy had admiration.

She reached the principal’s office. The receptionist was packing up for the day and did not want to deal with a parent now. Rohini smiled at her and requested a meeting with the principal. The receptionist curtly asked “Do you have an appointment?”

Rohini said “My daughter had said that I had to meet the principal today”

Receptionist curtly “Her name and class?”

Rohini “Saakshi, 10th standard division B”

Receptionist “The principal normally meets parents between 3 and 4pm. You are late”

Rohini couldn’t waste this trip. She anyway would have some answering to do when she reached home. “I’ll wait now that I am here. Won’t take much time hopefully. That’s a nice bag you have”

Receptionist smiled for the 1st time “Yeah I like it a lot. Very handy while travelling our trains”

The wait wasn’t long; the principal’s door opened and out came a student with a sprouting moustache. The principal behind him wore a white robe with a cross dangling around his broad chest. His baritone voice suited his looming personality. “You are a big boy. I don’t expect your mother to call for such a complaint in future” he finished with a smile.

The student left saying sorry as he looked at Rohini.

His receptionist spoke up “She is Saakshi Sharma’s mother. Could you spare a few moments Sir?”

Father Thomas responded “Okay, if you say so. You don’t need to wait do you, Glenda?”

Father Thomas observed Rohini getting up. She had a nice clearly defined features and full figure. He recollected that Saakshi too looked good. The peeping bra strap made its presence felt. He pondered that a bra always made its presence felt.

Glenda with relief “Thank you Sir, also sir the peon will be stepping out to deliver the papers after locking all the classes. There will be no one if you need anything”


Chapter two : Submission In the Lord’s Chamber

The father waited behind the door, waiting for Rohini to pass. He liked the whiff as she walked in. As he passed her he observed her lightly swaying hips.

Rohini saw a picture of rugged football player. She assumed it was his younger picture “Thank You for sparing your time Sir. You wanted to see me. Saakshi bunked her unit test”

Father signalled her to sit as he settled in his seat “She is a nice girl”. After a second as he ran his eyes on her, he added “She resembles you”

Rohini not wanting to wait his time “I am sorry for her behaviour”

Thomas “She has been a good child. Missing the unit test did not matter as much as her being found kissing a boy. I am normally the last one to leave, I was checking some rooms before I left school and found her with a boy. Perhaps I should have asked her to ask both the parents to come?”

Rohini flashed back in time. She remembered her 1st affair in college. She had been caught by her father while she was kissing a guy. Actually it was much more than a kiss. He had obviously been livid. She had been slapped, quarantined and sadly married off soon.

She went cold in the air conditioned chamber of the principal. Droplets of sweat showed up on her brow. Rohini couldn’t let history repeat itself.

Rohini fearfully “Her father will thrash her! He might decide, she should stop studying altogether. While this is embarrassing, I will sit with her and make her see sense”

Thomas pointing at the large mural of Jesus in the corner “I am glad you spoke frankly in Lord’s chamber. I see a lot of parents cover up for their children”

Rohini had to save her daughter and looked at him with concern “If she is stopped from studying, she will land up like me, a housewife. Her future will be wasted. She will lead a miserable life!”

Thomas “Running a home is challenging job. Managing egos, feeding everyone, it needs to be respected more. I can see you’ve burnt forearm feeding the family. Show me your hand”

Rohini slowly rose her hand to put it in father’s hand “Sir, I was in a hurry to reach here. It will heal” She could feel the strength of his rough palm against hers. It had been a long time since a rugged handsome male has held her hand.

Thomas “Lets seek his blessings.” He held her hand and they walked to the mural. He exuded power while she exuded vulnerability.

Rohini “Saakshi is an insecure girl. She needs love instead of punishment”

Thomas continued caressing her hand inching up each time “Everyone needs love and happiness. If the mother is happy, her child will be happy too”

Rohini was in mixed emotion, she was helpless yet liked the touch. She said “Will you give Saakshi one chance please?c

Thomas looking at Lord Jesus “I am his worker, it is he who will guide us” he saw an Om pendant hovering around her breasts. He extended his hands and reached the pendant, lightly touching her bare skin and the cotton blouse. Rohini could feel the goose bumps. She chose to be still.

He moved forward towards her body. He was no more than 3 inches from her bosom when he kissed the pendant that he held in his hands. He took a deep breath “We both worship a higher power with different names. What is common is we happily submit to him. Don’t we?”

Rohini with a shallow breath “Yes Sir”

Thomas guided her to the mirror that stood on the wall next to the mural.

Thomas “Relax, you are now in the place where you can be yourself. You are no one’s wife or mother”

In the mirror, Rohini could see Thomas standing behind her holding her shoulder with his large hands. She finally spoke “A woman plays many roles so she can never be herself”

Thomas, observing her deep back of her blouse. “Let's role play what you miss. You miss freedom, you miss happiness”. He hands flipped off the pallu (the drape that conceals the bosom and navel) as they continued massaging her shoulders. She hadn’t enjoyed such a feeling in years.

Thomas intently viewed her suddenly exposed cleavage in the mirror. “You are a beautiful woman” he moved closer, moved his arms around her taut waist. “Your hard work at home shows on your sculpted body”

Rohini was losing control, she was loving the appreciation but worried about where they were headed. She also knew that father Thomas was in a position of power and she could hardly go against his will.

She spoke “Sir, what would you like to do?”

Thomas “ I will heed the Lord’s wish, he wants you to be happy” he caressed the fabric of her blouse and enjoyed feeling the strong fabric of the brassiere. He then dropped his hand down to her deep navel. It felt soft. He could hear her shallow breaths and whispered in her ear “It's all going to be okay. Lord willing your daughter will give her exams and her father will never know you were here”

Rohini suddenly relaxed but was still. She was now getting into an erotic trance.

The father removed the clip from her hair and set them free, they were silky and wavy. He nestled his nose taking in the fragrance of her hair with a deep breath.

The father softly spoke “It's time the birds are set free”. Before Rohini could understand, Thomas has undone her saree filled with printed birds.  

Rohini felt exposed in only her blouse and petticoat. While she was used to seeing herself alone in her room like this but not with another unknown male. Her blouse was deep, it held her ample bosom and the deep and beautiful cleavage. The dark blue bra outlined well under her offwhite blouse.

Thomas saw that she was embarrassed and calmed her “The Lord knows us inside out” he slowly undid his robe and off it fell. He stood tall. His earlier days of football have given him an athletic build. He worked out regularly and had a chiselled body. He exuded power. The heavenly cross dangled around his broad hairy chest.

He pulled her close and hugged her tight. Her soft breasts squeezed against his hard chest. His hardness felt her soft thighs. He slowly undid her blouse. The hooks were on the backside.

As the blouse slid down, it exposed her sexy bra. Beautiful half cups perfectly managing to hold her soft milky breasts. Rohini could see the lust in the father’s eyes. He settled on his desk while she stood in front of him. His rod poking though of his underwear. He pushed Rohini down to his hardness and said “It's time to take care of the child”

She slipped her fingers in his underwear and drew out his erection. It throbbed. She softly felt it.

Thomas spoke “You must get stricter with the small one if you want discipline”

Rohini on cue tightened and stroked it, while her jugs wobbled.

Thomas wanted to play her juggling softness and freed her breast from the restrictive bra. Her nipples were erect and large. He wanted those dark nipples in his mouth. He squeezed them while she played his cock.

Thomas pushed her head down and Rohini opened her mouth and started slowly sucking on him. Her coloured lips left a clear mark on his penis. Thomas moaned. He spoke with an effort “You know your responsibilities well”

Thomas pulled her up and drew her close. She was in his command “His mouth reached for her breasts and he quickly had them in his mouth. He was rough with her milky softness. They were more than a mouthful.  She moaned out of pleasure. She spoke “Father punish me harder”

Thomas sucked harder and while holding her hair tight. “Yes, that’s the best way to get atonement for our sins” he bit her breast till there was mark on her smooth skin.

Thomas got off the desk and dropped his underwear. He stood naked with the erection standing big. He pushed Rohini to the desk. Her hands rested on the edge of the desk as she bent forward with her Om pendant hanging down. Her hair was a sexy mess and she was breathless. Thomas stood right behind her. She almost knew what would happen next.

He steadied himself behind her, pulled down her wet panties. He loved to feel the soft arse. He caressed it and then slapped it. Rohini moaned “Ouch Sir. I am sorry for not taking charge of my life, please guide me to be a better woman”

Thomas slapped her arse again “I’ll teach you to never again be taken for granted” he roughly spread her legs and guided his erection inside her. His big hands cupped her full breasts while he stroked her cunt from behind. She moaned each time his cock banged her cunt.

He then held her long smooth hair and pulled them each time he pushed himself in. Being well lubricated  she enjoyed each rough stroke.

They continued moving in rhythm amidst her loud moans. Sex till now had always been a painful chore. He husband always finished in a minute even before she was ready. He would be snoring away by the time she would get a hold of herself.

Finally they reached an explosive climax and she collapsed on the table. He rested on top of her kissing her neck and her ears.

They were both completely dissipated and then the phone startled her. It was her daughter “Mom, where are you, Daadi(grand mom) is asking”

Rohini took a moment. She started getting her sorted as she spoke “Yes, was busy helping Tina aunty for her project, time flew. Leaving in 10 minutes”

Suddenly her dream had ended, it was time to go back to drudgery. She quickly started dressing up as she spoke with a mild dejection “I had better hurry. I am in for some trouble tonight”

Thomas spoke up “Relish what you enjoyed, instead of thinking ahead. It will make you feel better”. He then kissed her.

Rohini smiled back “I have lots to learn Sir, I will come back someday soon if you allow me to”

Thomas “The Lord’s chamber is always open to his disciples”

Rohini felt happy as she hurriedly left.