I Think You're Right Ch. 5

Abby arrived a few minutes before Dr. Maddow. Dressed in a white blouse and black slacks, the sexy red head shook nervously.

“You’re sure this is safe?” she asked Jessica.

Jessica sporting a, now preferred, skirt suit, squeezed her friend’s shoulder. “Of course, Abby. I’ve been working with him for weeks and I’ve never felt better. I’m completely over the asshole.”

“I’ve never been hypnotized before,” Abby said. “Will he make me bark like a dog or something?”

“I can stay here the whole time if you,” Jessica offered.

“Yes, please,” Abby replied, feeling a little more at ease. She reached up and squeezed the hand on her shoulder as she smiled with some relief.

When the doctor arrived, he kept things professional, asking Abby a series of questions about her anxieties, her history, and her goals. He also noticed her nervousness.

“Now we don’t have to do this,” said Dr. Maddow. “But I assure you it is safe. If you are too nervous you won’t be able to go under.”

“May I have a glass of wine to calm my nerves?” Abby asked.

The doctor laughed. “Of course. Why don’t we all have a drink before we get started. But just one.”

Upstairs, Shaun watched the session with great interest. He was anxious to see how Dr. Maddow induced his clients for the first time.

When Abby finished her drink, she felt calm enough to continue. Dr. Maddow, who had only taken a sip of his, had her sit on the couch. He stood before her and pulled out his phone.

“Now I’d like you to put on the headset and look at this,” he said. “It’s a custom app I had built that will put you under.”

“An app?” asked Abby.

The doctor smiled. “It’s 2020.”

“So I could just download that app and hypnotize people?” Abby asked.

“No,” said the doctor. “As I said, it’s custom. Only I have the code and the app. Let’s begin.”

He started the app while Abby stared at the screen. Shaun couldn’t see what was displayed, but could make out different colours and flashes reflecting off Abby’s skin. Her eyes began to flutter and then close.

“Abby, how do you feel?” asked the doctor.

“Calm. Relaxed.”

The doctor nodded and tapped his phone a few times before setting it down next to her.

“What’s happening?” asked Jessica.

“The audio is taking her deeper,” said the doctor. “She be ready in a few minutes.” He gave a sinister smile. “I think you love bringing your friends to me to work on. What do you think?”

“I think you’re right, doctor,” Jessica replied. “I’m so glad they can get the help they need from you. You’re a saviour.”

“Anthropological chickens.”

Jessica slumped in the chair she sat in.

“Jessica, you feel the need to make sure your friends get the best care possible. You know I am the one who can do that. You will create a fund in which you will send money to me. Ten thousand a month should be sufficient to start. Do you understand?”

“Yes, doctor. I understand.”

“The women you have brought me will also wish to contribute to the fund, as will women you will bring in the future. You will help them do this. Do you understand?”

“Yes, doctor. I understand.”

“Good girl.” He patted her head. “Now let’s see how your friend is doing.”

He checked the phone, gave it a little longer, then finally removed the headset.

“Abby, how do you feel?”

“Wonderful.” Her voice was sensual.

“I think you like hearing the sound of my voice, what do you think?”

“I think you’re right, doctor.”

“I think the more you listen to my voice the more you will trust and obey it, what do you think?”

“I think you’re right, doctor.”

“Now Abby. I think you have more confidence in yourself than you’ve been letting on. I think that from this moment you will feel surer of yourself and your decisions. I think your confidence will increase and your need for the approval of others, with the exception of me, will diminish with each session you have with me. I think you know you’ll need my guidance and approval to make sure you are on the right path. I think that you’ll know this and be anxious to have more sessions. What do you think?”

“I think you’re right, doctor.”

“Good. Now when I snap my fingers you will awaken feeling refreshed, energized, and not the least bit nervous about being hypnotized, and you won’t wonder what happened while you were hypnotized.”

He turned to Jessica. “Jessica, wake.”

He snapped his fingers.

“Wow!” Abby said. “What did you do? I feel great!”

“I helped you relax,” said the doctor.

“Did you ever!” She looked over at Jessica. “Is this what it feels like for you?”

“I’m pretty sure it is,” Jessica replied, smiling.

“No wonder you see him on a regular basis.”

“Now ladies,” said the doctor. “Anthropological chickens.”

Both women slumped.

Shaun noted that he used the same trigger word for both girls. It was obviously programmed into the app. He wondered for a moment why the doctor would choose such a strange trigger word, but then realized there was almost zero chance of it being said inadvertently.

“Now remember: whenever I and only I say ‘Anthropological chickens,’ you will immediately fall back into this state. And whenever you hear me and only me say, “I think,” you will believe or obey whatever I say immediately after. Obeying me will make you feel good. Whenever I send you a message, such as on email or text, that contains “I think,” you will believe or obey whatever comes next in the message. Do you understand?”

“Yes doctor,” the girls repeated in unison.

The doctor smiled. “Wake.”

Both girls woke.

“That will be enough for your first day, Abby,” he said.

“Already?” asked Abby. “Can’t we do more?”

“No, this is something we have to do gradually. Too much change at once can overwhelm the mind.”

“I understand. So, when do I see you again?” Abby asked.

He handed her a business card. “Make an appointment with my secretary for some time next week.”

“Damn,” said Abby. “I guess I can wait a week.”

Jessica laughed. “Abby always wants instantaneous results.”

“Abby, I think that as you work with me you’ll learn the value of patience. What do you think?”

“I think you’re right, doctor,” Abby replied. “Next week then. Wow. I’m bursting with energy. I’m gonna hit the gym before I go back to work.”

Once Abby left, Jessica hugged Dr. Maddow. “I know it’s inappropriate, but thank you so much for working with Abby.”

“It was, and definitely will be, my pleasure,” said the doctor. “Now, I think you want to reward me, don’t you?”

“Think you’re right, doctor.”

“I think you’re feeling an uncontrollable urge to give me the pleasure you and your friends have received. I think you know that a blowjob will make me very happy with you. What do you think?”

“I think you’re right, Sir, but this is unprofessional. I should not be sucking off my therapist, but I can’t seem to stop myself. I need to pleasure you.” She dropped to her knees and began to unbuckle his pants.

The doctor didn’t catch it, but Shaun did. She didn’t say, “doctor.” She said, ‘Sir.” His suggestion that she replace all other men with him was working.

Ms. Russo enthusiastically sucked the doctor’s cock while he stroked her head.

“You are the sexiest of my sluts, Jessica. And the richest. Our relationship is going to grow. I think you will realize you are developing romantic feelings for me. I think after a few more sessions you will realize you are in love with me. I think that even as you suck me you can feel your desire for me growing. And I think that when you swallow my cum you’ll know it’s something you want to taste every day. I think that feeling me cum in you will cause you to cum as well, increasing your desire and feelings for me.”

He felt the vibrations of her her words through his cock as she answered, “I think you’re right" without stopping her sucking. He soon came in her mouth and she swallowed it all like a starving baby, even as her body twitched in orgasm.

When she pulled away from him, she stared up at him, confused. “This is wrong. I should not be doing this with you, but I can’t seem to help myself. What’s going on?”

“Anthropological chickens.”

She slumped.

“Jessica, you will not question your growing attraction to me, but you will not discuss it with anyone else either. It will seem a natural extension of our relationship. You will hope I am feeling the same way and look for signs that you can share your feelings with me without having to end our relationship. When I snap my fingers, you will remember sucking me only as a daydream during our session. You will feel amazing after another successful session and desire to see me again soon. After the session, you’ll go upstairs and brush your teeth. Now sit on the couch.”

She did as she was told. He snapped his fingers.

“Thank you, doctor,” she said. “And thanks again for Abby.”

The doctor smiled.



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