Him and Her

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16 May. '20

It was like any normal day as he pulled into the driveway. He had had a long day and could only think about the wife fantasy he had been dreaming of all day. He walked up to the door, put in his key, and walked in. It was eerily quiet and his wife was nowhere to be seen! He walked cautiously in and was stopped by two female voices coming from the bedroom. “Come on in” said one voice, while the other said “Do you like surprises?”. He recognized one voice as belonging to his wife, but the other he did not. He walked towards the bedroom one foot at a time. The anxiety was building.

His anxiety wasn’t the only thing that was building as his cock swelled with the possibilities his brain was producing at double time.  ‘Could this really be happening?’, he kept thinking as he neared the bedroom.  He knew they had discussed a threesome before, but could his wife have found someone?  And why was his cock so damn hard and straining against his pants almost painfully?  ‘This is it’, he thought as he opened the bedroom door.  No one would ever believe what was inside.

As he entered the bedroom he was completely caught by surprise! His wife was the only one there and the other voice was from an adult film she was watching. How could this be as we don’t own any dirty movies?? His wife asked him to join her in bed as she flung the covers off  revealing her amazing breasts and very wet pussy. This he couldn’t resist and he pulled down his pants and began to mount her from the side of the bed. He knew he wouldn't last long at this pace, as always her pussy was tight and wet. Just as he was about to cum, there was a knock at the door. He looked up and his wife smiled. She said, “Why don't you answer that, baby”.

‘To cum or not to cum?’ was the immediate thought on his mind.  One look at his wife’s smoking hot body and he couldn’t resist letting his building excitement explode deep inside of her.  After several seconds his cock was finally done shuddering in that tight pussy he knew so well.  Another knock on the door forced him to quickly regain his senses.  His wife was still smiling coyly with a look that encouraged him to withdraw his still hard cock and head towards the door.  On the other side of the door was a beautiful pair of Swedish masseuses.  Stunned, he turned towards his wife for an explanation.  “I thought we could both use some relaxation after this long day”, she said as she patted the empty side of the bed to invite him back in.  He slid in next to her and closed his eyes as a pair of hands went to work on each of them for a massage he would not likely soon forget.

The idea of a massage was a perfect end to the day! As his masseuse ran her hands all over him, he felt his cock growing once again. As he became more aroused he looked at his wife who was enjoying this maybe a little bit too much. Her masseuse was now fondling his wife’s breasts and her nipples were as hard as he had ever seen. As he looked around the room he caught a glimpse in the mirror of his masseuse pulling a Glock 34 with silencer out of her bra. He knew he must react but all of his CIA training had not prepared him for this. Fortunately, his wife had been on the SWAT team for three years now and reacted like a precision machine.

With a dreamy smile, his wife was lazily opening her eyes to look at him.  The expression she saw on his face immediately told her that something wasn’t right.  His gaze was trained on his masseuse who had stopped his massage and now had a Glock in her hands.  ‘Seriously???’, she thought.  Thankfully it turned out that massage oil was about as slippery as her still wet pussy filled with her husband’s cum.  All it took was one kick of the masseuse’s shoulder and the gun fell on the bed.  In that moment, she sprang to her feet and went after the masseuse.  At the same time, her husband already had her masseuse taken down.  “So much for relaxing”, she said while stifling a giggle.  But then she had another idea.  Two beautiful women, bound and gagged - a perfect audience to watch what she wanted to do with her husband.  Why did her work always make her horny??? 

She went to work on her husband like a teenage catholic girl after services!! Her orders were clear: lay down, take it like a man, and be submissive. He needed no urging at all! She took his entire shaft in her mouth and partially down her throat. She then looked at the two, now prisoners, and asked if they wanted a taste. They both moaned and urged her to let them also taste that stiff cock. She laughed and immediately mounted her man. She moved up and down raking her hard clit all over his throbbing member. Needless to say, she came twice in no time at all. She always knew when her man would cum and this time was no different. He was showing the signs that he would soon explode, so she got off him and took his entire load on her perfect breasts (and not just the left one this time). They both fell exhausted on the bed and finished watching their XXX spy movie. Was this all real? Or was it a fantasy?