Info strangelove
17 May. '20
I stepped off the molecular transporter platform and dropped to my knees, spitting blood out onto the floor of the hideout. It’s dangerous to transport with clothes on, so I was completely naked and rather cold on the stone floor. Joy was at the controls but rushed to my side after she saw me materialize.

”You alright, baby?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. The ship,’s probably gone by now. They used some new type of weapon...some kind of space-time warping field, I penetrated the shields. But they don’t know about this place, we should be good here.“

“Oh, thank the starlords...” but as Joy was helping me up she let go of me and gave a blood-curdling shriek.

Someone else was transporting in.

This couldn’t be good. I had no weapon, of course, but grabbed Joy’s phaser from her hip holster and spun around. I aimed it carefully at the materialized shape. After about 10 seconds it became form but slumped down on the floor. I was prepared to send it back to the netherworld it came from, but it looked like a human worse shape than I was. There were several wounds across his back. He appeared to be completely unconscious.

“Who is it, who else was on-board?” Joy shrieked.

“Only Marcus, but I saw him...die...and that’s not Marcus. Watch out...let me check him out first.”

I stepped carefully toward the body, who looked eerily familiar but I couldn’t quite tell. It was an unnerving experience, adding to which we were both completely naked. Carefully, I turned the body over with a a quick flip of my foot as I kept the phaser trained on him.

I lowered the phaser. “That’s impossible” I whispered.

“Who is it?” Joy insisted. She walked around beside me, overcome with curiosity. “”

“It’s me.” I said, even though I didn’t believe my own words. ”I’ve heard of transporter cloning snafus, but I thought they were fairy tales. It could be some alien trick, though, we should be careful. Get your handcuffs on this is let’s bring him to the Meditronic.”

I picked up my own(?) naked body and Joy got the legs. We awkwardly ducked-walked into the medical room next door, trying to support his heavy muscular body (yeah, I’m kind of muscular). We threw him on top of the Meditronic’s scanning platform and his limp body jiggled - even his ample penis flopped around like a sock puppet. I fired up the Meditronic and started a scan.

“This should tell us if it’s an alien posing” I said.

“Wow, he’s identical, right down to that cute mole above his...I mean your penis.”

The Meditronic buzzed and finally pinged when it finished the scan, then reported the results: “Earth humanoid. Multiple superficial injuries, no life-threatening conditions. Dehydration. Elevated hormonal levels.” Yep, that’s me. “Would you like the Meditronic to make repairs?”

“Um...OK. But give him a sedative.”

The Meditronic’s arms whirred into action and quickly had the lacerations sown up and cauterized. It applied bandages and finished with several injections.

When it was done, Joy creepily inspected the body.

“He really is identical. Right down to the big swinging dick!”, she giggled as she toyed with his flaccid penis which was starting to become erect. “And the balls!”, she said as she started to rub herself down south. I knew she was getting dangerously horny.

“Yeah, you know, that’s weird. Enough of that, go scan the atmosphere to see if there is any sign of the aliens.”

“You’re no fun!” she pouted as she turned and walked away.

“Unbelievable” I rebuked as she left the room.

“Well, what am I going to do with you?” I thought out loud. As I took off his handcuffs I couldn’t help but notice his penis. It was was still increasing in size after Joy had played with it. Now it was half erect. I had to admit to myself, I was hot. Great pecs, muscular arms, and chiseled abs. And my cock! It rolled around on those abs like a massive worm. I thought he might be uncomfortable in the position he was in, so I moved his legs apart a little, and cupped his balls to make sure they weren’t squished. I hate when my balls get squished.

As Joy had said many times, I’ve got huge balls. I’d never looked at myself from this angle before. They were quite heavy in my hand, but also soft and supple. I thought of Joy and how she said she loved it when my balls hit her ass. It would actually be quite a slap, I realized, and maybe why she got off so hard.

I noticed his penis was now about three quarters erect - it must have been my cupping his balls while he slept. I looked over at the Meditronic - he was still out cold and even in REM sleep now. I wondered what he’d be dreaming about. Surely not a clone of himself massaging his balls. His cock was growing even bigger, so I took it in my other hand. I never held another man’s cock before, but I guess it was technically my own, so it was in no way gay - more like masturbation. It felt good in my hand as I pumped it, the outer foreskin slowly rolling over the big mushroom head. He was audibly moaning now in his sleep. I guess I know what I like.

I looked around to make sure Joy wasn’t around and concentrated for a few seconds to try to hear her down the hall. No sign. I resumed massaging his balls and stroking his cock. I always wondered...what my penis tasted like (I was never that flexible). I suddenly couldn’t help myself any longer, my curiosity got the better of me. I bent down, stuck out my tongue and slowly licked from the base to the tip. Kind of salty, a little musky. I have to admit I liked it, and I know he did too as his moans increased in volume. I kept running my tongue up and down his pole, then twirling it up around the head at the top. Eventually, I accidentally tasted some of his precum. That was really salty, and kind of nasty, but for some reason only made me more inflamed.

I kept licking, faster and faster as my own cock grew as well. More and more precum slowly escaped the tip and I slurped it up - again, kind of nasty but I felt I had to finish what I started. Finally, when his cock was fully erect I tried to take the whole thing in my mouth. It was a difficult but I stuffed it all in. Feeling it hit the back of my throat was oddly thrilling. But fully tasting and chocking on that monstrous cock was making me a little dizzy. His cock was pulsated with every suck, causing my cock to pulsate as well.

And then it happened...I wasn’t prepared for it. He let out an extremely load moan and a gush of semen spurt out like a fountain and filled my mouth in a fraction of a second. So much semen that I almost choked on it, although I insisted on keeping most of his cock in my mouth - so I was forced to swallow about half the cum - so gross! Some of it also dribbled down my chin and down my body. I kept slowly working the cock in and out, though, to finish him off. The feeling of that cum-lubed cock smoothly sliding in and out of my mouth was exhilarating - I couldn’t believe I just made myself cum so hard.

But my own cock was throbbing now and I really needed to release the tension. I started jerking furiously, but then stopped. I admitted to myself that I wanted more - much more - and the only solution lay right before me. I couldn’t help it - I climbed up on the Meditronic platform and straddled myself. I ached for my cock inside of me - this time deep inside of me. So I grabbed the thick, cum-covered monstrosity and kept stroking to keep it erect. It was a bit flaccid now, but I thought it might more easily slip into me in this state. I positioned the slick cock on my backside, moving it up and down my scrotum, which half drove me insane. Finally I moved it up to my anus and felt an intense sensation emanating through me as I pressed against it. I worked it slowly in and out, moving it by millimeters until it was inside. It was a little painful, but I eventually worked the whole tip inside. The feeling of it penetrating me and squirming in and out was working me into a frenzy, until I felt I had to have it all. As I supported the cock with my hand, I pushed down hard with my whole body until it squirmed inside, nicely lubricated by all that cum I had teased from it. I started riding now, moving my whole body like a cowboy at the rodeo trying to get first place. I never realized anything could feel so good as it pushed farther and farther inside me. Then it reached my prostate causing a weird mix of simultaneous pain and pleasure. I then truly realized how big my cock was as it became fully engorged again as I squeezed it with my sphincter. It was pulsating each time I moved down on it, sending me to new heights of wanton abandon.

Then he/me woke up.

Talk about awkward - he was staring at himself with his cock inside of me, my cock and balls bouncing up and down as I continued to ride him without shame - I just couldn’t stop myself. But he was made in my image, and he couldn't stop himself either.

I took myself in my arms, or should I say he took me in his arms and quickly swapped positions so my back was now on the Meditronic platform. He then held me down by my shoulders and took total control. All I could do was lay there and run my hands along my muscular body as he slammed his cock even deeper inside of me. I felt so degraded and violated as he used me like a cheap hooker. Just like Joy said, I could feel his enormous balls hitting my ass like a pendulum each time he penetrated me. My prostate was buzzing now as the huge cock kept running into it with considerable force. I was so grateful I reached around his muscular ass and started massaging his anus. I recognized my own expression - I could tell he was close to another orgasm.

But I got there first. The pounding finally sent me over the edge. I cried out as I let loose the largest load I had ever shot. It sent cum everywhere - my face, his face, and all over both our bodies. Cum was dribbling down our defined chest and cut abs as he kept relentlessly pounded me. Finally, it was too much for him as well and he moaned - a reverberating moan so loud that I was worried Joy would overhear - and he shot an equally enormous load deep inside me. Not to brag, but I was known for my huge loads and my ability to cum multiple times. Joy often said I missed my calling as an intergalactic porn star.

I stared into my own eyes as the cum kept spouting out of us, involuntarily spasming in utter ecstasy. We knew right then we were both in love with one another. He kept pushing his cock in and out of me, but now much slower. It was lubricated with an enormous amount of cum - let me tell you it felt really good. A ridiculous amount of cum slowly leaked from me onto the Meditronic platform. We looked longingly at each other until finally we kissed - a long, passionate, shameful kiss. He tasted his own cum as our tongues intertwined. He kept humping me slowly for probably another 15 minutes as he kissed my neck like I was his bitch. It was love, true passion. I wrapped my arms around him and whispered in his ear that I wanted to do this every day, five times a day. He whispered back that he wanted to feel my cock inside HIM next time. I imagined him on all fours...I couldn’t wait.

There was only one problem. I finally looked to the side to see Joy. How long was she standing there? Her mouth opened wider than I ever thought possible - and she had a big mouth. Hmmm, not sure how to explain this one. I suppose I could say the transporter screwed with our body chemistry.

Awww, who cares. I ignored her and went back to caressing and kissing myself. I was in love - yes, call me a Narcissist. But wouldn’t you love yourself, too?