The Clean Tutor Ch. 04

Info deWynn
18 May. '20

Rooster had just finished talking to his former publisher, letting him know that he had gone over and finished the second novel of his trilogy. It was an exciting, wonderful conversation, one that had Rooster bristling with happiness, and he couldn’t help but wonder what exactly he had been so scared of in the first place.

Was this ‘actual’ happiness he was feeling?

And he hadn’t needed to aggressively cheat on his girlfriend to feel it?

On the other hand, maybe it had just been because of the weather; it had been really bright and sunny as of late, after all. He had also lost a few pounds, had been having good luck with Netflix as of late, and the bills had been pretty light this month.

Or, maybe it was because of all of the schoolgirls he had been banging.

“Wooh!,” Rianti said, as she proceeded to outpace Rooster on the run they had decided to go on together. “Isn’t this fun?”

“You know what? This isn’t that bad at all,” Rooster answered, doing his best to keep up, running not being quite his favorite exercise. Still, this had been a very pleasant Thursday.

“I like meeting up outside of our tutoring sessions-not that I don’t really, really enjoy those, of course,” Rianti continued. Rooster himself already had a very good idea from the constant and hot banging they did that Rianti was in good shape, but he had no idea just how sporty she really was. A hot young thing, she was wearing a simple pair of jogging shorts and shirt, her hair short enough to not need to be tied up. He really, truly didn’t want to throw Callie under the bus, but he couldn’t help but wish that Callie was more of a fan of exercising; whenever she came back, he’d have to do better about encouraging her.

Rooster didn’t want to, but he thought this would be a good time to start asking Rianti some questions. He hoped it wouldn’t ruin his chances for later, should things start to get steamy; she had already told him as much that just before they made it back to her home, she knew a secret little spot where they could get a quick fucking in.

But Rooster knew he had to talk to Rianti, and he preferred to do it in person rather than just through texts.

“So, Rianti, dear, can I ask you a question?”

“Of course, guru Rooster.”

“Rianti, who is your father?” Rooster asked. Rianti didn’t answer immediately, seemingly carefully thinking about the best way to answer that question while simultaneously making a quick hop over a large branch that had fallen on the path. She didn’t look angry, but there was an air of disappointment suddenly around her.

“Rooster, why would you ask about that? I thought boys didn’t like asking about their bae’s daddy.”

“I’ve just never met him.”

“He travels around, he’s a consultant.”

“Is he a consultant in the tech or gaming industry?”

“Um, maybe.”


“I, I don’t-I think maybe he has a few times, but he’s mostly helped out with logging companies,” Rianti said, as smoothly as she could. But Rooster caught it, a brief stumble. And now, as they made a turn around the path, he could now tell that she was definitely hiding something.

“Rianti, have you and your family lived in America before?”

“No! This is our first time.”

“Dear, I mean this sweetly, but your English is far too good to make me think you haven’t. It’s not just that you’re fluent, it’s that you already have a good grasp of modern English parlance; you swear like a sailor, you’re already aware of casual terms-”



“Are you asking about my father because you want our relationship to go further beyond just banging?”

“No,” Rooster replied. His response was curt, but not harsh; this had been an information gathering session for him. This had been the only real time that Rianti and him had had a normal, mostly decent and normal gathering together. Still, as they made the final turn where Rianti’s house just lay behind, Rooster found himself trying to retract. “Rianti, it’s not like that. But my girlfriend-”

“Guru Rooster,” Rianti said, stopping, and then calmly resting a slender hand upon his chest. “Look, Rooster, I genuinely like you, more than just for banging. When I was in high school I was, well, a bit crazy. And I know I just threw myself at you, but there is a maturity about you that really centers me. And I can tell you’re smart, because you are right to question things.

“But for your own safety, I hope you never have the misfortune of meeting my father,” she said with finality. Rooster felt a chill run down his spine, as he saw Rianti turn around and walk back into her house.

Nothing else was said between them for the rest of their day, or on their phones. There was much less any chance of banging for him. And as he made his way back to where he parked, he couldn’t help but frown as a cloud suddenly covered the sun.


It was Friday and Rooster found himself driving around town, not exactly to any specific location. It had been a few days since hearing of his name and in the meantime he had tried to do some research about Agung Septriasa. He had now picked up enough bahasa to be able to peruse a few things, but not enough to apparently uncover anything. Callie herself, who had now been working directly underneath Mr. Septriasa, hadn’t even found any sort of main contact information for him, outside of a basic company email.

Just hearing his name, ‘Agung Septriasa,’ gave Rooster a bad feeling.

“Be careful,” he had told Callie on Thursday night.

“I will; as a project supervisor, he seems nice enough, but something about him just gives me a bad vibe.”

Eventually, Rooster found a random lot to park in and began to stroll around downtown Bonville. There were various shops, stores, small restaurants and it was an all around fairly bright and colorful place. Plenty of people happened to be out today, which allowed Rooster to feel like he could blend in the crowd easily enough. That gave him time to just stroll around and do some window shopping; no real plan on buying anything, but just focusing on things gave him a chance to sort his thoughts.

While he was thinking about who Pak Septriasa was, there was also a part of him wondering about how to begin the third book of his trilogy. He had tossed out his notes long ago, but still had a good idea of where he had originally wanted to take the finale.

He had just been strolling through Peter Street, when he heard his name.

“Mas Rooster!” came a cry, before Rooster felt hands wrap around his back.

“Who?” Rooster asked, turning around to see that it was none other than Cinta Septriasa. “Oh, Cinta!”

“Pagi, Rooster!”

“Pagi, dear Cinta. How are you?”

“Baik-baik saja,” she said, beaming a sweet and lovely smile. She was wearing what looked like a normal school outfit, with dark blue jeans, Vans, and a nice white blouse along with her pink backpack. One thing that she was wearing that Rooster had never seen her wear before though was a black hijab, but with her bright round and pretty face, Rooster still had no problem identifying her.

“What are you doing down here?” he asked.

“Oh, I just finished class for the day. Senior year, it’s so exciting! And in America, no less-I never could have guessed.”

“That’s wonderful, now you have the rest of the weekend to have fun.”

“I know, I’m so exciting! I mean, I’m so excited!” she said with a giggle, catching herself. Rooster smiled; this girl was kindhearted and adorable.

“Were you just wondow shopping?” he asked.

“Yeah, I just thought it’d be fun to-”

“Hey sand nigger!” came a loud, ugly and obnoxious voice. Rooster and Cinta turned and looked to see a big, large red pick-up truck, with a confederate flag painted on it’s side, driving by. The driver was a big, white, fat, bald and bearded guy, leaning out of the car in a dirty shirt. “Get the fuck back to Afghanistan!” he said, before the car sped off, on a red light no less. A thick plume of smog came pouring out from it’s tailpipe, its engine loud and obnoxious, before quickly driving out of sight.

Rooster hadn’t even had a chance to tell the driver to go fuck himself. He turned back to look at Cinta; the girl, who had been so happy and sweet right beforehand, stood shaking. Her eyes were wide, with a look that bespoke of horror, shame and embarrassment.

In the next instant, she was crying, bringing her hands up to her face. She wasn’t exactly heaving, but Rooster could still see her quietly sobbing.

“Oh, Cinta,” he said, before going up to her and wrapping his arms around her. In turn, the girl turned herself into him, crying into his chest. Outwardly, he was happy to be here for her, but inwardly, he couldn’t help but detest that for the second time in meeting her, Cinta was crying into his arms. Clearly, this girl was very pleasant, and the last thing he wanted to see was her crying. Noticing that they were making something of a scene, with plenty of people still staring at them, he calmly led her to an adjacent cafe.

“Sit down,” he told her, taking her to an open table in the corner. He quickly went and ordered her a mocha, with almond milk. When he came back to her, he was happy to see her sitting up and apparently fixing herself up again.

“Thank you, mas Rooster,” she said, as he handed her her coffee drink.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, yes. I was just, you know, taken off guard,” she said. After that, she went and pulled her hijab off, revealing and fixing her long black hair.

“Cinta, you don’t have to take that off-”

“No, no, it’s fine, it’s not that. It was just a bit hot outside and I just need a moment to breathe,” she said, taking a sip from her drink. Her face showed that she was beginning to relax more.

“It’s a mocha,” he told her. “With almond milk.”

“Really? Wow, it’s very good,” she said with a smile. “Did you get something for yourself?”

“Uh, no, I didn’t.”

“Rooster,” Cinta said, pouting and crossing her arms. “Rooster, go and get yourself something to drink right now.”

“I’m fine.”

“No, go and get yourself something to drink right now. I can’t enjoy my drink if I can’t share it with someone else.”

Rooster smiled, and even if she was just being playful, she still made him laugh. It was good that she was coming around.

For the next hour, they proceeded to chat and Rooster felt happy to be on an inexplicable date. And while he caught people giving him strange looks every now and then, seeing the older man with the younger girl, any sort of shame he might have felt was mitigated by the fact that Cinta appeared to be oblivious to it all, as she sat staring at Rooster, laughing at all of his jokes and comments.

Eventually, Cinta began to check her phone.

“Do you need to go home now?” he asked her.

“Sort of,” she said with a sigh. “I don’t have to be back home right this second, but yes, I do kind of need to start heading home.”

“Here, come with me, I’ll give you a ride there.”


“Of course,” he said while getting up. He helped hold her hand as she stood up and they both left the cafe, feeling much better about themselves.

They then proceeded and were heading to the parking lot. Cinta had been kind of silent while they were walking, but when they approached his car, she began to heavily lean into him.

“Hey, Rooster, can we fuck?” she asked, causing him to almost trip over his own legs.

“Cinta! What are you talking about?”

“Mas Rooster, look, your car is the only one in this parking lot; come on, let’s fuck!” and as she said this, he could feel that she was now really leaning into him. At the same time, she took her left hand and was rubbing it against his thighs. Rooster gulped.

“Cinta, where the hell would we even do that?”

“Your car! Come on, let’s go!” Cinta said, tugging at his belt and shoving her hand into his pants. And that stirring in his dick started coming back fast and strong. “Come on, that fucking we did a few days ago was so good! And I want more, lots more!”

“Shit. Okay, hop in the back.”

“Yes!” she said, clapping her hands while Rooster unlocked the car. And while Rooster was more than happy to give Cinta as good a dicking as he could, the fact is that she was kind of lucky that nothing had come from his run with Rianti yesterday, otherwise he might have tried to be more stern about saying no. But Cinta’s pussy was still just as fine as her sister’s, so he was still down to pound with the little nymphette.

Ah, who was he kidding? He would have been down to fuck this little cock hungry slut anyways.

Rooster drove an older but large red Subaru, which gave Cinta plenty of time and space to scurry into the back. Further adding to a sense of privacy, Rooster’s windows just happened to be tinted.

“I like your car, mas Rooster,” Cinta said, as she began unbuttoning her white blouse. Rooster sat next to her and undid his pants, dropping them to the floor. He licked his palm and began to start jerking himself while he watched Cinta take off her clothes.

Cinta was wasting no time; she unbuttoned her blouse quickly, but carefully. Still, it wasn’t quick enough for Rooster, and while he jerked himself off with his right hand, he unbuttoned her pants, sliding his hand into her panties and down to her crotch.

“Uh huh!” she hummed, while Rooster instantly started rubbing, fingering and playing with her pussy, her underwear already pretty soaked. “Sorry I’m so wet, mas Rooster! The more I chatted with you at the cafe, the more I remembered our last time in the garden,” she said, fully taking off her blouse and black bra, causing her big titties to pop out.

“Cinta, you have nothing to worry about; I’m just happy to cheer you up,” he said, taking his pussy soaked hand and shoving it into her mouth. She was a bit surprised by this, but quickly began lapping at his fingers. At the same time, she fully pulled off her pants; now, they were both completely in the nude.

“Do you like the way you taste?” he asked her.

“I don’t know, it’s hard to say,” she said, taking her own hands and carelessly shoving fingers into her twat and playing with herself. “I think my pussy would taste much better if I was able to taste your cum along with my juices.”

“Damn girl, all in good time.”

“No!” Cinta said, getting up and sliding onto his lap. “I just turned 18, and I’m not a little girl anymore. Don’t tease me, I don’t need any foreplay, I just need dick in me!”

“Oh shit,” Rooster said, as he grabbed his cock by his shaft and started lining it up with her pussy. “I mean, it’s okay, I like giving foreplay, if it makes you feel-fuck!,” he felt himself say, as he began shoving his big meat into her. Despite her big talk and her wetness, Cinta was impaling herself more deliberately and carefully then she may have first let on. Still, she wasn’t fooling Rooster; he could tell she was really savoring the unique flavor of this unique brand of lust as she watched her sopping pussy proceed to swallow his nice and beefy cock. The fact of the matter is that she had a tight, hot pussy, and she knew it.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she squealed at the end as Rooster hilted his cock into her.

“Oh wow that is tight!”

“Of course; I’m little!”

“Yes, and I love it!” he groaned, as he thrusted into her. He wasn’t thrusting as hard as he could; Cinta was still getting used to feeling this level of stuffed, and he saw no reason to pound her pussy too badly just yet. Still, he grabbed her by her hips and helped her grind herself on his cock, like a slow joystick, and he had fun watching her find her own rhythm.

“Oh wow! Wow! Wow-that feels so good,” she groaned, as she watched and felt his big cock go in and out of her over and over and over again; it was a fascinating experience, and it appeared to have her hypnotized. “No wonder women become whores, this is crazy! I love this! Yes!”

“Let me help you,” he told her, reaching his hand forward and playing with her bean. He then further helped her stabilize herself by instructing her to pick up her feet and rest them on his knees, before getting back to work.

“Oooooh!” she groaned, her body going even more numb. Seeing his opportunity, he began to pick up his pace, pounding her harder and more aggressively. Cinta was panting, like the bitch in heat that she was.

“Rooster?” she croaked in pleasure after a few minutes of this pure pussy bliss. “Rooster, I’m so sorry, I think-I think I’m going to make a mess in your car.”

“It’s okay, baby,” he told her, stroking her nice hair and kissing her between her shoulders. “Just let yourself go; you can make whatever mess you feel like making in my car if it feels good for you.”

“Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh!” she gasped in a pleasurable squeal as her pussy began to spasm in orgasm. She then proceeded to start squirting on his dick and on his seat, fluid drenching the spot they were banging on. She fell back against Rooster, and being a gentleman, he stopped with the thrusting as he let her ride her wave of sexy, sensual nirvana.

“Good girl! Good girl!” he told her, reaching between her legs and taking his juice splattered hands and sliding them across her waist and melons. He gave her breasts a slap and she laughed.

“Gentle,” she whispered to him. He then leaned his head toward her and they began to French passionately; a hot, sweaty, sex stained kiss that bespoke of deep, deep and lust ridden romance.

Inadvertently, this caused Rooster to start thrusting in her again.

“Yes! Yes!” she said, and as she yelped in hot joy, they both fell to their left. Adjusting themselves, they picked it up again in this new spooning position.

“Am I doing this right?” she asked him.

“Girl, you’re perfect. Just rest against me, let this be my gift to you.”

“Rooster,” she said, leaning back and kissing him again. The kissing was sweet, and it gave him extra pep; he could feel himself really reaching up into her, in ways that she had probably never felt before. Her wet and hot walls were like a kindly furnace, and feeling her muscles contract on his dick gave him all the more pleasure, as he did his best to make sure he hit her from new angles, and giving her the short, occasional and sturdy cock grind. All the while, he was holding onto her breasts, massaging and playing with them.

“Fuck, you’re so big, mas Rooster,” she said, watching his cock just go in and out of her over and over again. “I-arghh!” she moaned in pleasure, as she came on his cock again, the pleasure of another big orgasm washing across her body. Rooster was watching her big breasts jiggle from the orgasm, and even he was surprised by just how stoicly she held herself. Her hips were swaying, but inside, her pussy was just gripping his cock like a hot, velvet glove.

“Let me do something,” he told her, as he reached under her right leg with his right arm and lifted her up, to where her knee was reaching her breasts. This was enough to get even deeper into her.

“Wow,” was all she could whisper. “Ooooh! Rooster! Rooster! Yes, I love it, I love cock!-I love it so much! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Hearing her curse in tandem with every time he railed into her was what what finally did it for him.

“Eeeeeyeeeeeeessssssssss,” he said, as his cock exploded inside of her. He felt it; his cum shooting deep, deep into her, pouring forth like a river in the jungle. He just kept cumming straight into her womb, filling her cup to the brim, topping her womb off with cum like it was a champagne glass. He grabbed her and kissed her while he just kept cumming, and cumming, and cumming into her. And with her tight pussy stretched around his cock in the way it was, she was able to feel every twitch of his thick girth,until the final drop was given to her and he popped himself out of her.

“Haaaaa,” Cinta moaned, as she watched her pussy just start leaking hot, freshly delivered cum. “Wow! Oh wow! That’s so beautiful!,” she smiled giddily, as she stared at the pearly substance spilling out of her and between her inner thighs. Rooster grabbed and kissed the young woman again, a genuine spark shared between them.

“Look at this,” he said, taking the head of his cock and smearing the cum across her pussy and bean.

“Hee hee, don’t be silly,” she said, taking a finger to her pussy and then licking that finger.

“Do you like it?” he asked.

“It’s salty, and strange. I don’t know if I like it at the moment, but if you can keep cumming in me like this, I might start to develop a taste.”

“Damn,” was all he could mutter.

Soon, they cleaned up, Rooster now actively keeping fresh towels in his car. They then started on their way back to her house.

“Thank you Rooster, that was so much fun,” she said.

“Of course. Hey, I have to say, Cinta, you seem like you’re much more relaxed than the last time I saw you.”

“I am! Honestly, you know, I’ve never had crazy sex like that before; growing up, I had a few sweethearts, but Rianti was always the crazy one. I guess I was just waiting for that perfect dick, ya know?”

“Not exactly.”

“Speaking of which, Rooster, I heard Rianti mention this while you were railing her, is it true that you have a girlfriend?”


“Okay. And like, you know, not that I’m complaining, but do you feel good about cheating on her?”

“Not exactly.”


“But she’s not here at the moment and, well, we’ve gotten older. Some things have changed; we’re still good with each other, but at the same time we have to balance work, bills and the like. Even when we’re together and having a good time, that stuff still can’t leave us alone. But when I’m banging you or your sister, it feels like I don’t have to worry about any of that. I’m still dedicated to Callie, but at the same time, it’s nice.”

“You know,” Cinta began, “that’s kind of similar to how I feel. It’s like, even though I’m fucking you, I still feel dedicated to my family and career. But it’s like, now I know what it’s like to just let go. And I like that you’re older, and casual about it; something about you seems like you just know what to do with me, like when I squirted all over your car today. You could have gotten mad, it would’ve been okay, you know. But you just let me cum and I felt so good, and I was so happy.”

“No, Cinta, you were great. And if you ever feel you need to squirt like that when you’re riding me again, it’ll still be alright. I’m happy that I can help you relax; you’re smart and special and I just want to see you do well for yourself.”

“Oh Rooster,” Cinta said, giving Rooster a warm smile. She looked like she was about to say another thing, when her eyes spotted something up ahead. “Mas Rooster, look!” Rooster saw where she was pointing; there he was, that racist asshole from earlier. He had been pulled over and was currently being arrested.

Rooster and Cinta looked at each other and laughed warmly. Afterwards, they held hands until they pulled up to her house.

When they pulled up to her house, Priscilla was outside waiting for them, smiling and waving to them as they pulled up and into her driveway.

“I texted my mom earlier, letting her know that the heat got to me and you met me by chance and gave me a ride home,” she said.

“Very smart,” he said.

“Sampai jumpa Rooster,” she said, jumping out of the car, trying to act like a normal senior year high school student should. She walked up to her mom and gave her a hug. They chatted for a bit, and then Cinta went intside, closing the door gently behind her. But Priscilla came up to Rooster, wearing a nice business uniform and her black hijab. He stepped out to greet her, hoping he wasn’t about to be put in trouble.

“Selamat sore, Priscilla,” he said to her.

“Oh Rooster,” she said, her lighter skin making her look radiant in the setting sunlight, in the shade and shadows of her garden. “Cinta told me about how you helped her this afternoon. That was so sweet of you!”

“Oh, it’s quite alright, Priscilla. Cinta looked a bit worn out by the day and I was just happy to help.”

“Well, I very much appreciate it,” she said, resting a hand upon his chest. She was looking into his eyes, her face warm and awash with love.

“I,” she began, before they leaned forward and began to kiss each other. It was an innate, hot, passionate Frenching. It lasted only a moment, but a moment was all they needed, the appreciation and attraction finally getting to them.

“Priscilla,” he said, speaking her name softly.

“Oh Rooster, it just means so much to me. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Not at all.”

“Okay,” she said with a warm sigh. “Thank you, Rooster. I’ll see you Monday.”

“Of course,” he said to her. They had one more hug and kiss, before she turned and walked back inside her home.

Rooster stepped back into his car feeling pretty damn good about himself. As he drove home though he found he was still wondering about what crazy road he currently found himself on. But he felt that so long as he drove carefully he wouldn’t wind up in too bad an accident.

Unfortunately for him, the road up ahead was indeed not going to be so smooth.