Forbidden Lizzy

NOTE: This is a transgender erotic romance with significant underlying themes of angst and emotional tension. It is a bit of a slow burner, but it gets there in the end. The main characters are a sexually dominant male (Mark) and a sexually submissive t-girl (Lizzy). There are some mild BDSM elements.

If you are looking for a tale where a t-girl fucks and dominates a guy, this is NOT the story for you. Lizzy is very cheeky, but she's definitely sexually submissive.

Anyway, with those warnings in place, let's begin.

* * * *

"Fucking hell, Lizzy," I shouted angrily, as I bolted to my feet from my garden sun-lounger. "Don't you dare do that again."

I'd just been hit by a jet of freezing-cold water: water that had come straight from Lizzy's large, pump-action water gun. As the June sun beat down, she grinned at me over the three-foot garden wall and began to purposefully jerk the pump all over again. She was dressed in a pink vest top and a pair of white bikini bottoms, which showed the small bulge of her cock and balls.

"Lizzy, don't you dare," I growled.

"Sorry, Sir!" she said back. "Am I being bad?"

I gave her a death stare. She had disturbed me while I was sunbathing in my own garden. I'd almost been asleep. Now I was very much awake and extremely annoyed. I looked at her with piercing eyes.

Lizzy seemed profoundly amused. She shook her long, dark-brown hair, blew me a kiss, and carried on pumping. I marched towards her as trickles of icy liquid ran down my exposed skin. My torso was bare. I was dressed in only a pair of shorts, which would offer scant protection from any further onslaught. I felt an urge to rip the gun from her and give her the soaking of her life. I was a well-built, six-foot-two man; she was slim and five-foot-six; it would barely be much of a fight.

As I approached, Lizzy pointed the gun at me again.

"Mark," she said, with a look of mock sternness adorning her beautiful, twenty-year-old face. "If you take one step closer, I'll shoot."

"Shoot, and you'll regret it," I snarled.

She cocked her head to one side.

"Ooh, Sir. Are you going to punish me? Maybe I'd enjoy that," she said with a laugh. Then she fired.

It wasn't a manly thing to do, but I yelped. The sound that left my mouth was utterly involuntary. The water was so fucking cold. Lizzy squealed with laughter, and her perky, bra-less tits jiggled in her vest top. As the freezing torrent continued to drench me, my body twisted, and my hands shot up to protect myself. I tried my best not to dance on the spot. That would not be behavior befitting a thirty-nine-year-old ex-soldier like myself. I'd dodged rocket-propelled grenades in Iraq; I shouldn't allow myself to appear fazed by some icy water. However, despite my attempts to hide my reaction, the damage had been done, not least by my little yelp.

"Oh God!" she said, still laughing. "You just yelped like a fucking girl. Sissy!"

"Okay, that's it," I seethed.

I ran towards her and made a swipe for the gun. She jerked it away and jumped back to evade me.

"Aw, not the spring chicken you used to be? Getting slow in your old age?" she teased.

Sure, I wasn't doing shuttle-runs every day anymore, but I still kept myself in shape. I vaulted myself over the wall defiantly and landed on the grass in Lizzy's garden.

Then she squirted me again.

My body jumped, I roared, and ran towards her. She yelped, giggled, and turned to flee, but I quickly caught up with her and grabbed the gun. I yanked it right out of her hand.

"Oh fuck," she squealed.

Still facing me, she staggered backward, waving her hands in front of her body in a form of futile defense. As I began to pump the pressure, her knees bent slightly. The sadist in me enjoyed watching her cower.

"No, no, no," she pleaded, waving her hands ever more quickly.

Despite how gorgeous this young trans-woman looked, I wasn't going to be merciful today. I pulled the trigger, and a powerful blast of water slapped into her. Lizzy screamed and danced as the Arctic liquid sprayed over her scantily-clad body. The water soaked her clothes and flowed across her smooth, pale skin. As the torrent stopped, she looked up at me with her mouth hanging open. Her drenched vest clung to her slim waist and firm tits. Her hard nipples poked angrily through the material.

I started to pump the pressure once more.

"No, Mark," she yelped. "It's too cold!"

"That didn't stop you from squirting me before, did it, Lizzy?" I retorted.

Lizzy bared her teeth and ran towards me. I held the gun up in the air, well out of her reach. However, that didn't stop her body from impacting mine. Her tits pressed against my torso, and one of her silky legs snaked around my knee, trying to trip me up.

She shouldn't have been able to bring me down, but she caught me off balance. I stumbled and fell to the lawn, with Lizzy on top of me. Almost instantly, she started to scramble across me towards my still outstretched arm. But I wasn't going to let her get hold of the gun again. I wrapped my free hand firmly around her slim waist, and pinned her to my body, stopping her from traveling. She twisted and struggled, reaching out for the weapon.

"For fuck's sake, Lizzy," I rasped. "Your boyfriend needs to spank you more."

"I don't have a boyfriend anymore," she panted as she strained towards the weapon. "You'll need to do it."

I grunted in annoyance. She did deserve a fucking spanking.

As she writhed, I felt her slick skin rub and grind against my own. I could feel everything: her nipples, stomach, thighs, even her cock through her bikini bottoms, and it felt good. Too good. To my horror, I felt my dick begin to stir. Shit. I tried to drag her to one side of me so she wouldn't feel my rapidly swelling member stiffen against her flesh. But her arms and legs were squirming everywhere, and I couldn't pin every bit of her. She was bound to feel me somehow. I had to let her go before she noticed... but it was too late. One of her wet, slippery legs slithered over my crotch. The feeling of a hard cock must have been unmistakable. Her eyes widened in recognition.

I was about to release my grip when suddenly, I noticed something else: her cock was pressing against my stomach, and it was hard too.

We both froze and looked into each other's eyes. A smile slowly spread over Lizzy's face, and she laughed.

"Ooh, what's that?" she said. "Seems like you're pleased to see me."

I expelled a quick pant embarrassment, and my cheeks flushed.

She bit her lip, took one fingernail, and ran it down my chest. My nerve endings fired, and I wriggled beneath her. She chuckled to herself as I squirmed.

"Horny boy," she said. "I knew you were into me." Then she leaned in to kiss me.

I tilted my head to the side, away from her.

"No, Lizzy," I said, breathing heavily, but my rigid cock still pressed hard against her leg.

"Aw, don't be shy, Mark," she said in a teasing voice, shifting her body so that her face was back in front of mine. "We're both single, and I can feel how hard you are."

My cock twitched noticeably. Lizzy laughed.

"I know you want me," she whispered.

I gulped.

"Lizzy, just stop, someone might be watching," I said, with urgency in my voice.

"I don't care," she replied and moved in to kiss me again.

I instantly twisted my neck away, snapping my head to the other side. Lizzy's soft lips planted on my cheek.

I whimpered.

"I care, Lizzy," I hissed. "And your dad will definitely care. We can't."

Lizzy rubbed her thigh up and down my straining cock. I gasped in pleasure.

"Yeah, we can," she said.

"No," I said, as sternly as I could. "No, we cannot."

I pushed her off me and stood up. My erection jutted out in front of me, tenting the material of my shorts.

"Mark..." she said to me, her voice and expression changing immediately. "Don't go. I'm sorry. I just thought after all the flirting we've been doing that..."

I shook my head and held up my hand to cut her off.

"We've not been flirting," I said. "Sorry, Lizzy."

I vaulted the wall and marched towards my house. I took one final look over my shoulder. Lizzy's confidence had disappeared. She looked utterly forlorn.

* * * *

A couple of hours later, I stood outside the front door of Lizzy's house. Well, I say 'Lizzy's house,' it wasn't really hers, it was her parents'. Lizzy had arrived back a few days ago. She was on her summer break from university. As I stood on the doorstep, nerves crept through my body. My muscles felt tight, and a slight frown adorned my face. This was going to be awkward, but I needed to push through it.

I'd known Lizzy's parents for a long time. Her dad, Roger, had spent most of his career in the British Army. He was rugged, grey-haired, and battle-hardened. He was a good few years older than me and had once been my commanding officer. On leaving the military, he'd gone into business and had become pretty successful. It was a success that I now hoped to be part of. I'd found the task of adapting to civilian life pretty hard, but fortunately, Roger had been there to help. He'd always had my back in the forces, and now he had my back on civvy street too.

He was setting up a new venture in high-end private security, and he wanted someone he trusted - me - to help him run it. My experience escorting diplomats, Government Ministers, and other senior officials, in war-torn areas of the world, provided just the expertise he needed. The project had required more work than we'd first anticipated. As the months had passed, my savings had started to dry up. Fortunately, Roger owned the house next door to his own, so he had let me move in there for free. He also began paying me a holding salary. That meant I could devote myself to the project full time, without needing to worry about

finding a job.

It was a very generous deal, but it came with catches. Firstly, it meant that I had to live in the small village of Albury, out in the Surrey countryside. My dreams of big city life in London had been put on hold. Secondly, it left me very dependent on Roger's goodwill. Fortunately, I trusted him, and he trusted me. It was an arrangement that worked, but also an arrangement that I simply couldn't afford to put in jeopardy.

This afternoon he and his wife, Terri, were holding a barbecue. They both loved to entertain, so the house and garden would undoubtedly be filled with guests. Before knocking on the door, I took a deep breath and composed myself. Lizzy was going to be there. I hoped awkwardness was all I had to deal with. If I played this wrong, it could cost me my house and my income.

I'd never known a guy who dated one of Roger's daughters who he had liked, at least not since 'the incident.' As far as his offspring were concerned, he was overprotective to the point of paranoia. I couldn't risk even a whiff of suspicion that I might be playing around with Lizzy. Despite everything that Roger and I had been through together, one thing was clear: his daughters were off-limits.

This was not idle speculation on my part. It was common knowledge in our old unit that a former soldier, Dan, had made moves on his elder (cis) daughter, Judy. Roger knocked him out cold. As I said, he was protective to the point of paranoia. It was his only major flaw. I had a solid guess as to why he was so protective, but that subject was even more off-limits than his daughters. 'The incident' was not something that could be discussed.

I guess I could have avoided the barbecue, but I'd promised Roger that I'd be there, and I'm a man of my word. I steeled myself, clenched my fist and rapped sharply on the door. I waited for a few seconds; then, from inside, I heard feet pad towards me. I gritted my teeth and felt my cheeks redden. I was sure it was going to be Lizzy, but it wasn't. As the door opened, it was Judy.

She usually smiled when she saw me, but not today. She looked me up and down and crossed her arms.

"Hey," she said, coldly, and looked away, tossing her light-brown hair. "Everyone's in the garden."

"Hey," I replied, trying to sound upbeat. "How's it going?"

She rolled her eyes, didn't answer my question, and walked off.

Oh fuck. Something was up.

* * * *

I did my best to avoid both Judy and Lizzy that afternoon. I tried to focus my energy on talking to a few other ex-army guys I used to serve with. However, something still niggled me about Judy's reaction to me earlier, and Lizzy's outfit was a considerable distraction.

She was dressed in a little floaty sundress. As the light breeze passed over the material, it clung to different parts of her figure, giving thrilling little glimpses of her slim, firm, feminine physique. As I spoke to the veterans, putting back some beers, I had to force myself to stop glancing at her out of the corner of my eye.

The guys were talking about the merits of the British Army's Challenger 2 tank upgrade program, and the perennial gripes about equipment and recruitment numbers. I found it kind of interesting, but as I nodded along, I couldn't help but think of Lizzy.

Ever since she'd got back from university, just a few days ago, we'd been talking and joking over the garden wall. I'd been enjoying her company immensely, just as I had done in the past. Chatting with her wasn't just the usual pleasure of talking to a pretty girl. We'd discussed music, stories from our past, travel, even philosophy, all interspersed with little bouts of verbal teasing and sparring. The conversation always came so naturally with her. She was such a smart and interesting girl. I found it remarkable how much we had in common. I guess it was also a little exciting. Her sense of fun and her incredible, mischievous, smile always gave a certain piquancy to our interactions. She hadn't mentioned that she'd broken up with her boyfriend until earlier, though. I wondered whether Roger had anything to do with that. But, then again, I got the impression they'd only been with each other a couple of months anyway.

I allowed myself one more glance. I promised myself it would be the last one. My eyes flicked over to where Lizzy was standing with her friends. God, she looked good. She looked more feminine than even the biological girls all around her. And, to think, I'd felt her writhing all over me earlier. I'd felt her nipples slide across me. I'd felt her cock... her hard cock... pressing against my stomach. She'd even leaned in to kiss me, twice. Oh, and those lips on my cheek. If I'd wanted to, I could have just taken her to bed and fucked her. I could have sucked her cock. I could have spanked her ass until she screamed.

An erection started to grow beneath my shorts. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. No. No. NO.

"So what do you think of the latest defense settlement, Mark?" one of the guys said. "Two Billion pounds extra going to be enough?"

I snapped out of my dream.

I snorted. "Are you fucking kidding?"

Everyone laughed; it was the right audience. We clinked our beers and downed our bottles. Army culture.

* * * *

I went over to the barbecue to get some more food. I was just picking up a bun when I heard something behind me.

"Hey," said an abrupt but familiar voice.

I turned around; it was Judy. She stood in front of me with her arms crossed. She was of average build, with mousy, light-brown hair. She could be cute when she wanted to be, but today her face was contorted into an expression of what looked like anger and disgust.

"Hey, Judy," I replied. My muscles began to tense all over again. The coldness that I'd encountered from her on the doorstep was still very fresh in my mind.

"Stay away from my sister, Mark," she said. There was venom in her voice.

"What do you mean?" I said, trying to sound as ordinary as possible.

"Don't act all fucking innocent. I saw you both earlier from the window," Judy snarled.

"We were only messing around," I responded, desperately trying to keep my breathing calm and level. "Lizzy was spraying me with a water gun,"

"It looked like a bit more than that," she replied.

"It wasn't," I said, very firmly.

"Whatever," Judy said. "You're always flirting with her, it's disgusting. You're almost twice her age. Just stay away."

"Look, Judy," I said. "Absolutely nothing happened. Nothing at all."

She simply turned, walked through the garden, and entered the house.


* * * *

The barbecue's last embers had died away, the guests had departed, and the sun was beginning to set. I'd retired to my own garden and sat in a deck chair watching the red-orange sky burn its last farewell over the southern English countryside. The Earth turned, night would follow day, everything would be all right in the morning. I just needed to stay away from Lizzy.

I was pretty sure I knew why Judy was so upset. You'll have to forgive the arrogance of my diagnosis of the situation, but it was painfully apparent that she had a crush on me. She was also insanely jealous of her younger, trans sister. Judy was twenty-seven, seven years older than Lizzy. She still lived at home and appeared to have little interest in looking for a job. Roger didn't seem to mind, and I guess he liked having her somewhere where he could keep an eye on her.

If anything, she was an activist of sorts. She always had some cause. She spent her time waving placards and arguing with people online. If she had one resting emotion, it was anger.

That said, she used to lighten up around me. Whenever I went over to their house, she'd be straight down the stairs with a smile on her face. Terri often remarked about how different her elder daughter became around me. In fact, I suspected that Terri was trying to set me up with her, much to Roger's resistance, and much to my own resistance. I needed no discouragement as far as Judy was concerned.

Terri always seemed to be proposing ways that I could spend time with Judy. Whether Judy needed help with a new project or needed a partner on a games night, Terri always recommended me. She even once asked me if I could accompany Judy to a wedding. I usually found an excuse, and politely declined. Unfortunately, saying 'no' all the time wasn't easy. Eventually, I'd given in to the wedding 'date,' after much pleading from both Terri and Judy. It was a very awkward experience.

The day after the wedding, I'd been brainstorming ideas with Roger. At the end of our session, he'd leaned towards me and said: "Nothing is going on between you and Judy, is there?"

"No, of course not," I replied with complete sincerity.

Roger grunted.

"That's a relief. That girl needs someone her own age," he said.

"You don't have anything to worry about from me," I replied.

That conversation now echoed through my ears.

As the sun dipped beneath the horizon, my contemplation was interrupted by the sound of a door quietly opening and someone walking softly, but quickly, out into the next-door garden. It was Lizzy. She walked up to the wall, clambered over it, and padded across to me. She was barefoot.

I took a deep breath.

"Hey Lizzy," I said, my throat already tensing up.

"Hey," she replied. "I thought we should talk."

"I don't think you should be here," I replied.

"Your concerns are noted," she said, "but I still think we should talk."

"Okay," I sighed, "there's a deck chair over in the corner; you can pull it out."

"No need," said Lizzy, and sat down on my lap, side-on, and crossed her arms.

I threw my head back in exasperation.

"For fuck's sake, Lizzy!" I hissed. I could feel her ass against my crotch, and the smooth bare skin of her thighs press against my own. There was a distinct smell of alcohol on her breath.

"I felt you get hard earlier," she said bluntly. "You clearly

like me. Why are you pushing me away?"

My fists bunched. I needed a distraction; otherwise, I'd get hard again. I thought of the sky. I thought of the sunset. I breathed slowly: in through my nose and out through my mouth, just like I used to before going on patrol. Then I noticed the sweet smell of Lizzy's hair. It snaked up my nostrils with every inhalation. For fuck's sake. I decided to focus on the consequences. Yeah, the fucking consequences.

"You know why, Lizzy," I replied. I'm a friend of your dad. Now a business partner of your dad. He would definitely not approve."

"He doesn't need to know," said Lizzy.

"He'll find out. And I'm not a good liar." I replied. The first statement was probably true. That latter statement was definitely true. I was a terrible liar.

"Why are you so scared of him anyway? Weren't you once taken hostage?" she said, with an edge of exasperation to her voice.

"Yeah," I replied.

"Didn't you get shot once?" she asked, pointing to the scar of an old bullet wound on my arm.

"Yeah," I replied.

And I remember last year you tackled a group of muggers on the street," she said, her voice becoming incredulous. "One of them had a knife! Why are you so scared now?"

I snorted. "I'm not scared of your dad... but I am lucid. I've weighed the potential consequences, and I don't like them. A night of passion versus losing the business opportunity of a lifetime. If this scheme works out, it could set me up financially for years to come."

"Remarkably smart for an army guy," she said.

I laughed.

"We're not all meat-heads, you know," I replied.

"I know," Lizzy said with a sigh. She paused for a second, then continued. "That's why I like you so much. You're tough, you're smart, and you're fun."

I breathed in deeply, pursed my lips, then released a long exhalation of air. I didn't know how to respond.

"And it wouldn't just have to be one night of passion," Lizzy continued. "I'd accept that... but it could be more."

She shuffled her ass, flicked her hair, and looked straight at me. I tried to look past her, out into the dusk.

"Remember how we spent that whole weekend together last summer?" she said. "When we all went to Sherwood Forest? We were laughing together the entire time. I had so much fun. I've not stopped thinking about it, and I know you felt something too. You were constantly flirting with me."

I did remember. I remembered it with perfect clarity. I was fresh out of the army and needed a break. Roger had invited me on his family's summer camping trip in the English Midlands. That's when he'd pitched the business idea to me over the campfire one evening. I'd responded enthusiastically.

Roger, Terri, and Judy liked going on long hikes, Lizzy a bit less so. Like me, she was a bit more practical and cerebral. We spent half the time damming up a stream together and creating a little waterfall system. The other half we spent writing poetry. It was stupid poetry, but it was fun. I'd write one line; then she'd write the next. We had ended up howling with laughter. She'd playfully teased me; I'd teased her back. We had done a lot of that. Perhaps you could call it flirting. I tried my best to keep it innocent, but maybe I was kidding myself. Whatever the case, I could vividly remember how tight she hugged me when we parted. The sensation of her body pressed up against mine had lingered on my skin for days.

I'd tried to put it all out of my mind. It wasn't useful to focus on the forbidden. Reliving those memories would only have served to reinforce a whole bunch of unhelpful feelings. I had allowed myself to masturbate about Lizzy, though. It's much simpler to deal with lust than that other word that begins with 'L.'

"I remember we had a lot of fun," I said with a sigh. "But no, I wasn't flirting with you, and no, we can't take it any further."

"Would it be different if I didn't have a cock?" she asked.

I laughed.

"No, Lizzy, if anything, that actually makes things bett..." I stopped myself. But I'd already said too much. Shit.

"Oh, so you like the fact I've got a cock?" she asked.

I snorted. "We shouldn't be having this conversation, Lizzy."

I gripped her around the waist and lifted her body off mine. She sat straight back down again. I groaned.

"Could we just sleep together once?" she said, turning to face me. "You know... get it out of our systems."

"No, Lizzy," I said firmly.

"Or maybe even just make out for a bit?" she said. "Just kissing, then stop, and leave it at that."

I looked at her soft lips. I remember how good they felt just pressing against my cheek. I wanted to grab her, slam her against the wall, and kiss her until her knees went weak. I swallowed, then shook my head.

"Come on," she said. "Just to get it out of our systems."

"No, Lizzy," I said. "We just can't."

Part of me was clamoring to say 'yes.' Could one make-out session hurt? Nobody ever needed to know. We were here together alone. Nobody was watching... and her lips felt so good. Even if Judy was looking out of the window, she wouldn't be able to see us from this angle.

But no. No, no, no. If I crossed that line, it wouldn't stop there. If I kissed Lizzy once, I'd want to kiss her again.

"How about you just run your hands over my body? Just feel me up a bit... grab my legs... my tits... my cock, since you said you like that. I'm tucked back, but I can get it out. If you want you can just jerk me off, I'm really fucking horny."

"Fucking hell Lizzy," I hissed. Arousal pumped through my veins, and my cock started to grow in my shorts. I wanted her so badly it hurt.

Lizzy's eyes lit up as she felt my dick start to press up against her ass.

"Lizzy, please just stop. You know I can't," I said, with a pleading edge to my voice.

"Maybe you should just throw me up against the wall?" she said.

"Lizzy, I'm getting really fucking mad with you," I rasped.

"So mad that you could just bend me over and spank me?" she responded.

I threw my head back, bunched my fists, and stamped my feet. I couldn't take this anymore.

"What if I just wiggled my ass on you... like this?" she said, wriggling her ass into my hard dick. "Then you wouldn't even need to touch me. We'd just be sitting."

I moaned as waves of pleasure passed through my cock and flooded through my body. I felt pre-cum drip liberally from my tip and dampen my trunks.

"Please kiss me," Lizzy said, "Please!"

She draped her arms over my shoulders and leaned in.

In a last burst of defiance, I gripped her around the waist and abruptly rose to my feet. I plonked her down next to me. I breathed heavily, I was sweating, and my muscles were shaking. My dick was like an iron bar of desperation, tenting through my shorts.

"Lizzy, we cannot do this." I rasped. "We absolutely cannot do this. You're a beautiful girl, you're great to spend time with, but you need to find someone else."

"Usually, when a guy thinks a girl is beautiful... and loves spending time with her... he makes her his girlfriend," Lizzy said.

"Not in this case, Lizzy," I replied. "You just need to go."

We stared at each other. Lizzy crossed her arms, and tears welled up in her eyes.

I felt an almost overwhelming urge to hug her. I wanted to take her in my arms, hold her tight, and tell her it was all okay. I wanted to tell her how much I cared about her...

"Sorry, Lizzy," I said.

I turned, walked into my house, and shut the door.

* * * *

I stayed clear of Lizzy after that point. I only went over to see Roger for work and made excuses to avoid social events at their house. I even stopped relaxing in my garden. I focused my mental energy on the business and took breaks by going on long drives out into the countryside. I'd usually find a quiet spot to sit alone and contemplate.

As the weeks passed, I made a lot of progress. Roger and I were just about to take on our first clients. We'd already hired a bunch of other ex-military guys to do the practical protection work. I would do the management on the ground and sort the day-to-day logistics. Roger would stay in the background, networking, securing clients, and dealing with the admin. We each worked to our strengths.

I promised myself that as soon as the money started coming in, I'd find a new place to live. I needed somewhere that really was my own. Ideally, I'd move back to London, that was where the clients were anyway. It was also teeming with bars and clubs, places where I could meet new women... women who could take my mind off the cute girl next door.

I took pride in how I'd responded to the situation with Lizzy. I'd shown discipline, I'd shown resolve, and I'd defied temptation for the greater good. In short, I'd been a first-rate soldier. If these were other circumstances, and if I'd been able to tell him, Roger would have been proud. Those were precisely the qualities why he wanted to work with me.

* * * *

It was a Friday evening, and I looked out from my bedroom window onto the street at the front of the house. I'd heard Lizzy's voice outside. I guess it didn't hurt to take one peek through the blinds. My breath caught in my throat as I watched her. She was chatting with a couple of female friends by the side of the road. It looked like they were all dressed up to go on a night out. Her hair was in cute little ringlets, and her smooth pale skin shimmered in the golden-hour evening light. She was wearing a very tight, short, black dress and a pair of sexy heels. She was going to get a lot of attention from guys that night: a lot of attention from guys other than me.

She was smiling too. Her smile was so cheeky but so very adorable. It simultaneously filled me with warmth and sent maddening pangs of excitement coursing through my veins. If she were any other girl, I'd have made her mine in an instant. Little images passed through my head of going to the club myself and seeing her smile at me. I'd approach her, see

her face light up, and gently take her by the hand. I'd buy her a drink, and then we'd flirt, we'd get closer, I'd cup her pretty face, then...

Oh, why the fuck was I allowing myself to think those thoughts?

I turned away and walked over to the other side of the room and took a deep breath. I hit the wall with my fist in annoyance, but I couldn't resist taking another look at Lizzy. I snarled under my breath and darted back over to the window. I watched her with hungry eyes until a taxi came and whisked the group away to the nearest big town.

As the vehicle drove away, I quickly went to my bedroom and opened my laptop. I'd been resisting doing this for a while, but I loaded up Lizzy's social media profiles. I took a breath of exasperation with myself, then scanned through her posts and updates. I found myself laughing at her little writings, thoughts, and comments. Then I saw an album with simply entitled "bad poetry." I decided to take a look. I gulped at what I saw. It contained pictures of the stupid handwritten poems that we'd crafted last summer, including some limericks where we'd each written a line in turn.

I could remember it as if it was yesterday.

My mind drifted back to our time in the forest. I was with Lizzy. It was late afternoon, the sun was still out, but there was a slight breeze in the air. We were sitting with our backs against a tree, facing towards a broad, babbling stream. We were pretty close to where the tents were pitched, but there was nobody around but me and her. Lizzy had a writing pad with her, and our bare arms were brushing against each other. Neither of us moved away.

Limerick about Mark

Her: There was an old man called Mark
Me: Who once wrestled a live shark
Her: His win brought him glory
Me: And he'll tell you his story
Her: But he's so ugly, I'd ask after dark

I remember her squealing with glee when she'd written the last line. I also remember shaking my head and telling her I was going to drown her in the fucking stream. I'd decided to get my own back in the next poem.

Limerick about Lizzy

Her: There was a young woman called Lizzy
Me: Who was all stupid and dizzy
Her: No, she was not!
Me: Actually she was, she forgot
Her: Shut up. Her smile puts grown men in a tizzy!

Upon finishing her last word, she looked up at me and raised an eyebrow as if in victory. Then she flashed me that knee-weakening smile. We looked at each other, and it felt like electricity was flowing between our eyes. I had an almost overwhelming desire to kiss her, but I held myself together and looked away.

"I'm cold," Lizzy had said.

"I suppose I can help with that," I said.

I put my arm around her, and she snuggled close.

"I don't actually think you're ugly," she said.

I laughed. "I know Lizzy," I said. "And for the avoidance of doubt, I don't actually think you're stupid."

"I know," she said with a giggle. "But my smile does send you into a tizzy, doesn't it."

"I'm made of sterner stuff than that," I replied.

"Liar," she said and snuggled closer.

We both sighed and continued to hug in silence until I heard tramping footsteps in the distance and the sound of Judy's voice. We'd then sprung to our feet and acted normal.

* * * *

As I sat on the bed in my house, I snapped myself out of the mental scene and took a deep breath. Oh, that summer, how I'd tried to forget it.

I started to click through her other pics. Lizzy's warmth, beauty, and mischievousness leaped off the screen. She wasn't trying to be sexy in all her pics, but she simply couldn't avoid being so. Her smile alone made her pictures made me fizzle with excitement. I started to massage my stiffening cock through my jeans. Then I saw one of her from last Halloween. She was wearing a slutty nurse's outfit. Oh fuck.

My hand gripped my dick tightly. Maybe I could keep that one. Just that one, and keep it buried in some folder. I clicked to download it.


I went cold in horror. I hadn't downloaded it; I'd 'liked' it.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I quickly 'unliked' it, but the damage was probably already done. Depending on how Lizzy had her settings configured, she'd still see a notification. Maybe it had already flashed up on her phone.

I was half expecting a message from her instantly. I had no idea how she might react or what she might say. I didn't know if she was mad at me for rejecting her, pining for me, or whether she'd just moved on. Maybe she had even found a new boyfriend? I had no idea. An hour ticked by, but nothing happened. I tried to take my mind off it by watching some funny clips and videos.

Then I checked my email. I had a notification. Lizzy had 'liked' one of my pics. I went to view the pic. It was of me, topless on the beach with some buddies. However, when I scrolled through the list of 'likes,' there wasn't one from Lizzy. She must have unliked it instantly.

I laughed. Oh, that was the Lizzy I lov... liked.

Then my phone buzzed. It was Lizzy. There were no words; there was just an emoji with its tongue out, blowing a raspberry. Then another message came:

-----Lizzy: Feeling lonely, stalker? ;)

-----Me: Sorry, Lizzy. I clicked by accident.

-----Lizzy: Sure, whatever. I'm out in Guildford with some friends. I've really missed talking to you :( Do you want to join us? xxx

-----Me: Thanks Lizzy, but I'm fine, you have a good time :)

-----Lizzy: I'd have a better time if a big strong army guy were here to keep all the creeps away. It seems like everyone in the club is hitting on me tonight.

-----Me: Ha! That doesn't surprise me.

-----Lizzy: I'll take that as a compliment :) xxx

I decided not to reply any further.

* * * *

The following Monday, I was due to meet with Roger to agree on a promotion strategy. It was 3 pm, and I knocked on the door. To my surprise, it was Lizzy who answered.

"Hey Mark," she said, placing her arm high up the door frame and leaning seductively against it.

I gulped. I tried my hardest not to look down at Lizzy's body. However, in my peripheral vision, I could see that she was wearing a tight pink vest top, and a floaty, but eye-wateringly short, white skirt. I guess that our little chat on Saturday night had got her thinking there was a chance of us getting together again.

"Hey Lizzy," I replied, taking considerable pains to keep my voice level and my eyes firmly fixed on hers. "Is your dad here? We've got some stuff to go through."

"Nope," she said. "But he'll be here soon. Can I get you a drink while you wait?"

"Yeah," I replied. My breathing deepened as my horny brain tried to pull my eyes down to Lizzy's tits or legs. "I think... err... a beer would be nice."

"Of course, Sir," she said. "One beer coming right up."

She turned, her dark-brown hair swinging behind her. Then she padded towards the kitchen. Sensing a moment of safety, I allowed myself to take a peak. Her tight vest top hugged the curve of her slim, feminine waist, and her short skirt bounced off her ass as she traveled. I couldn't help be take a deep breath of frustration as I watched her smooth, toned legs pass each other.

Before I could divert my gaze, she looked over her shoulder. I tried to flick my eyes away, but it was too late. Lizzy flashed me a devastating smile, and her eyes sparkled.

I gulped.

"Was that another 'like'?" she asked.

Then she turned back and carried on walking towards the kitchen. Heat rose up my neck and burnt from my cheeks. My heart thumped in my chest, and my fists clenched. Fuck. I needed to control myself. If I wasn't careful, I was going to get myself into some serious trouble.

As tension wormed its way through my muscles, I walked into the living room and sat at the end of the soft, three-piece sofa. I grasped a copy of one of Terri's Homes & Gardens magazines from the coffee table. I started to thumb through the pages in the agitated hope that I'd find something to distract me. Unfortunately, there was nothing of interest. Not a single article engaged me. It wasn't a magazine that I'd ever buy. I couldn't care less about whether I was ready for British Flowers Week, or how to make potato papillotes with blue cheese. What the fuck was a papillote anyway?

I forced myself to read a piece about the five best modern beds on the market.

"The Venezia is a simple but sturdy design. Its sleek lines give it a modern feel, but its aged oak construction lends it a hint of timeless class."


My reading was interrupted by the sound of light, feminine footsteps returning to the room. I didn't dare look up and kept my eyes firmly on the page.

"The Venezia is a simple but sturdy design. Its sleek lines give it a modern feel, but its aged oak construction lends it a hint of timeless class."

"Here you go, Sir," she purred, passing me the drink.

"Thanks," I said without looking up. But out of the corner of my eye, I could see an expanse of smooth thigh.

She sat down at the other end of the sofa and swiveled on her ass until she was at right-angles to me. Then she draped her bare legs across my lap. I took a slow inhalation of breath. As calmly as I could, I took a swig of my beer and looked up at her.

"So, have you been stalking my pics again?" she asked.

I grunted.

"No, Lizzy," I said.

"You're a bad liar," she responded. She shook her hair and ran a hand through it. Then she smiled her wicked smile.

I rolled my eyes, but she seemed undeterred.

"I'm going to a party later. What do you think of my outfit?" she asked.

My eyes flicked across her scantily clad body and lingered, for a second, on her smooth, bare legs.

I gulped. "I think it's going to distract a lot of the guys."

She laughed.

"Yeah, maybe it is a bit of a tease," she said. "Pity for them, they're not allowed to touch me. Someone else, however... well, maybe I'd let him do anything he wanted to me."

"Lizzy, please stop flirting with me," I said, with an exasperated voice.

"I'm not flirting,"

she said. "According to you, nothing we do is flirting, so how could I possibly be flirting?"

Then she started to rub her smooth calves back and forth across my crotch. Delicious waves of sensation surged through me.

"Stop it, Lizzy. Now," I said firmly.

She shook her head slowly. "No," she mouthed silently.

"Right now, Lizzy. Stop it," I rasped, more urgently.

"My dad messaged me to say he's running half an hour late," Lizzy said. "We have loads of time to not-flirt, or not-kiss, or not... fuck."

My dick started to engorge, inexorably. Pulses of pleasure passed through me as Lizzy stroked her legs across it.

"Stop it," I shouted. I roughly grabbed her ankles, stopping her from moving.

"Mark!" she cried with desperation in her eyes. "Don't say 'stop,' don't reject me again. I like you… I really like you… and I know you like me too. If we did anything, I wouldn't tell. I promise I wouldn't tell."

"Lizzy…" I said through clenched teeth. "Look… I think you're a beautiful girl… you're smart… I love spending time with you… but it can't happen… it's the worst fucking idea ever."

"Please," she said, as her face redded with the degradation of her own begging.

I smacked the arm of the sofa in rage. "No!" I growled almost nastily.

"Please!" she begged again. She gyrated her body and reached up to the neckline of her vest, and desperately started to pull it down across her cleavage.

My dick jumped in my jeans, jutting up like an iron rod of pure need. She gasped, I could tell she felt it.

"No!" I bellowed. I pushed her legs to the side and jumped to my feet. I was breathing heavily. I was incensed. But the prominent, angry bulge of my dick in my jeans strained forward as if trying to unleash itself and plunge itself straight into Lizzy's mouth or ass.

"Lizzy… I've got to go," I rasped through clenched teeth, then turned towards the door. "If your dad ever finds out about this…"

"But I won't tell!" she yelled, springing up from her seat. "Please don't go!"

She reached towards me with one hand, but I grabbed her wrist tightly.

"Lizzy, I've got to go," I hissed. "Now!"

"No!" she said.

She twisted herself towards me, wrapping my arm around herself, and pressing the small of her back against my raging cock. She lifted herself up on tiptoes and began to run her ass over my straining bulge. Tortured grunts of anger and arousal burst from my lips.

"Lizzy…" I seethed.

"I won't tell! I promise I won't tell!" she begged, grinding her ass in circles over my dick.

I roared. I couldn't take it any longer.

I grabbed Lizzy and jerked her around to face me. I was panting. I felt fire behind my eyes. I snarled at her and put one hand around her waist and the other behind her head for protection. Then I used my body to forcefully slam her against the door. A thunderclap ricocheted around the house. Her eyes widened. Her knees buckled, and her body sagged, but I pinned her firmly against the wood.

"For fuck's sake, Lizzy!" I rasped.

Our eyes burned into each other, and my heart thumped in my chest. Lizzy gasped and trembled, but didn't move.

"Fuck me," she whispered on the edge of audibility. "Please fuck me. Even if it's just once."

I swallowed, screwed my eyes shut, and arched my neck back. My muscles vibrated, and my rock-hard dick pressed into her stomach. I desperately tried to calm myself down again. I inhaled in through my nose and out through my mouth, deep and slow. But it wasn't working. I wanted her so much I was shaking.

My head snapped back down to her. I looked her straight in the eye.

"You are so much trouble," I seethed. "But, you are so fucking gorgeous."

Her mouth opened slightly. Her pupils dilated with expectation. She could tell I was finally cracking before her eyes.

"Yes," she murmured. "Please..."

I was going to kiss her; I couldn't stop it. With my muscles screaming with tension, my face inched towards hers. Slowly, ever so slowly, like fighting through a hurricane, I pressed towards her. I could feel the winds of my resistance thrust back against my desire, but this time, my desire was winning. It was so wrong, but I needed her.

"Yes," she murmured again. "Yes, kiss me."

She did the final work for me. She strained up, and her soft lips brushed against mine. Electric fizzles spread from where our pink skin touched. Weight left my shoulders, and an explosion of pure joy ignited inside me. Everything I'd wanted, everything I'd fantasized about, came together in one moment. Lizzy whimpered in giddy delight. I pressed my lips against her more firmly, and her knees buckled. Her body sagged, but I held her upright. Her trembling arms snaked around my neck, and she tugged me closer. The scent of her hair wafted up my nostrils, and her tongue slipped into my mouth. The heavenly sensation sent chords of angelic symphony singing through my body.

I pushed against her, kissing her deeper, tasting her saliva like it was the sweet nectar of Eden. My hand bunched in her hair. A moan of excitement vibrated from her throat, and I felt her thigh rise up my outer leg. With my other hand, I reached down to grab it. She panted as I held her silky, bare skin. I kneaded her flesh, and a wave of bliss pushed up my arm, passed my elbow, consumed my biceps, and washed through my mind. I growled, reveling in the utter euphoria of the moment.

"Okay…" I blurted, breathing heavily. "We do this one time. That's it. And you keep it secret, okay?"

Lizzy nodded frantically.

"One time," I repeated.

"Okay," she gasped back, still nodding.

I wrenched her body away from the door, opened it, and roughly dragged her into the hall. She staggered behind me, her erect dick lifting the material of her skirt. At the top of the stairs, I picked her up and slung her over my shoulder. She wailed as I strode into her room and threw her down on to her double bed.

She landed on her ass. She sat panting, wide-eyed, and gorgeous. Quickly, she scrambled over to the window and tugged down the blind, leaving just a crack at the bottom, just enough to see if anyone was coming down the street. She was a smart fucking girl.

I jumped on the bed next to her. She shifted her body and rose up on her knees. I got up on my knees too, towering over her. She looked up at me with her neck muscles straining, and flames of lust bursting from her pupils. I placed one hand on her lower back, drew her close, and kissed her again. Her body gave way once more, but I held her secure. I pulled her tighter until her tits squashed against my chest, and the tip of her rock-hard dick pressed against my balls.

I started to roughly manhandle her with my free hand, helping myself to her arms, her tits, her ass, and her thighs. I was consumed with animal passion. My palms hungrily compressed her firm, delicious flesh. With each touch, heavy waves of gratification flowed through me, and moans leaped from her lips. I wanted to absorb her. Consume her. Integrate every last ounce of her deliciousness into my being. I almost screamed in need.

"Fuck, Lizzy. You're so fucking hot I can't even stand it," I rasped.

Her hands gripped the material of my shirt. Through her moans and gasps, she cried out...

"Fuck me," she wailed. "Punish me for teasing you. Punish me for being a slut."

I couldn't help myself. I lifted a hand and smacked it down onto Lizzy's ass. Not too hard, but hard enough to force a yelp from her lips. Her eyes widened.

"Yes, punish me," she wailed. Her body was shaking.

I stared at her, breathing heavily. She screwed her eyes shut, leaned forward slightly, and lifted her ass to give me easier access. I smacked her again, harder this time. Her body jolted, and she whimpered. Her hips started to gyrate and thrust.

"Harder," she said and burrowed her face into my chest.

Her body was shaking. I could feel her heart thumping in her chest.

I growled and brought down another spank onto her ass. Then another. Then another.

Her muscles jumped with each impact. She wriggled and gyrated, thrusting ever more violently. She bit the material of my shirt, and her drool leaked through the fabric.

I spanked her again.

She wailed and shuffled closer. She started to grind her rigid dick against my thigh.

"Harder," she panted, then re-bit the material.

I spanked her again and again. Tears began to leak from her eyes as she moaned, wailed, and humped. I continued to spank her until she screamed into my chest.

I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled back, and my hand shot down to her crotch. She gasped in excitement as I gripped her dick through her skirt. It was hot, hard, and twitched in my hand.

She nodded vigorously, encouraging me to continue.

"Yes," she gasped. "Yes, yes, yes."

I grunted as I slowly, but purposely, massaged her dick up and down. She moaned with each stroke.

"We don't have much time," I rasped.

She nodded. "I know," she whispered. "Fuck me."

"Oh, I'm not just going to fuck you," I growled. "I'm going to absolutely fucking ruin you."

I grasped the bottom of her vest and pulled it up to reveal her slim waist. She lifted her arms, and I removed the flimsy garment from her body, then threw it on to the floor. Lizzy knelt on the bed, panting in her white bra. I reached behind her. In one movement, I released the clasp and pulled it away from her body. Her tits came into view: small, perky, and delicious.

"Do you like my body?" she sputtered breathlessly, through her gasps.

"Yes," I growled, "God, yes... you're so fucking sexy."

She grinned in utter glee and thrust her chest out towards me.

"You can have everything," she said. "You can have everything you want."

With urgent, lusty hands, I reached up and caressed her breasts in my palms. I groaned in delight as I felt her firm flesh. Then I leaned forward and took her nipple into my mouth. I kissed it, greedily swirled my tongue around it, then nibbled on it lightly with my teeth.

Lizzy wailed in ecstasy. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer in.

I devoured her tits with my mouth and tongue.

"I could just eat you," I rasped as I sucked, licked, and nibbled.

But I couldn't linger on her breasts. Time was short. I knelt back up and grabbed the elasticated waistband of her skirt. She got the message. She lay back on the bed, rested her elbows, and lifted her ass. I dragged the little white slip of material down her legs and tossed it to the side. She was now lying on her back in only her panties. They were white, matching the color of her bra. Her dick lifted them away from her body. In one area, the material shimmered with a damp patch of pre-cum where she had been leaking with excitement.

I leaned down and rubbed my face against her cock and balls through her fabric. The heavenly scent of her genitals almost made my eyes roll back into my head. Reveling in the moment, I kissed up the material along her shaft and licked the damp patch. Lizzy squealed in excitement.

"Mmm," I growled. "You taste so fucking good."

She obviously wanted more, and so did I. In her eagerness, she hooked her fingers into her panties and began to peel them away. I reached up to help her. With my face still next to her crotch, her dick sprang into view. It was rock hard and dribbled a thin band of pre-cum onto her stomach. I wrenched the panties all the way down her legs, and she kicked them off her feet. Immediately, I pressed my face against her naked raw cock and balls. I inhaled deeply and audibly, taking deep, gluttonous breaths. I extended my tongue and licked her ball sack, tasting every drop of her intoxicating, sweaty, horny, deliciousness.

"Oh, God!" Lizzy wailed, as I lapped decadently at her balls. "Oh my fucking God!"

I wanted her cock too. Wetting my tongue with saliva, I dragged it slowly but forcefully up her dick shaft in one languid lick. Lizzy gasped and whimpered in pleasure. As my tongue passed over her swollen, needy head, she threw her head back and wailed.

"Mark," she squealed, "that feels so fucking good."

"This will feel better," I growled.

I grabbed the base of her dick, angled it towards my lips and swirled my tongue around the tip. Then I swiftly plunged down, taking her dick deep into my mouth.

"Oh my fucking God!" Lizzy squealed, as I went all the way down to the base, utterly enveloping her. Her hips wriggled in ecstasy as I held myself there, before gliding my lips back up her cock. I couldn't help myself but continue. I lunged up and down, sending Lizzy into ever higher states of frenzy. Her hands started beating the covers. Her legs shifted back and forth in rapture.

She was going to cum in my mouth, but I didn't want that. Not now. I wanted her to cum while I fucked her.

I parted my lips and lifted my head, leaving Lizzy's cock and balls slick with my saliva.

"I want to fuck you," I said with urgency in my voice.

"Yes..." Lizzy gasped. "Please..."

As I quickly unbuttoned my shirt, Lizzy rolled over and grabbed a bottle of lube from under the bed. I wrestled my shirt off my arms, then unzipped the fly of my jeans and pulled them down my legs. I looked down to see my erection raging in my trunks. It was straining for release and leaking pre-cum. I couldn't wait to slide my cock into Lizzy's ass and listen to her moan.

I was about to pull my trunks down, but Lizzy stopped me.

"No," she said. "Let me do it."

She got up on her knees and shuffled over to me, her body trembling.

With her face close to my crotch, she hooked her fingers into the waistband and pulled down. As the waistband passed the head of my cock, it sprang up, unleashed, and angry. It stood to attention like an offensive weapon.

Lizzy's eyes widened.

"God, I've wanted this for so fucking long," she panted.

She pulled my trunks all the way off and stared at my cock. She reached up with one hand and grasped it, then licked along my shaft. I groaned in pleasure.

"Do you want this inside you?" I rasped.

"Yes," she nodded frantically. "God, yes."

She grabbed the bottle of lube and quickly slathered a dollop of it all over my cock. Then she shuffled onto her back, spread her legs, and frantically lubed her asshole.

"Fuck me," she whispered.

I looked at the beautiful twenty-year-old girl in front of me. She was so fucking gorgeous; I could barely stand it. My eyes devoured her perky tits, smooth skin, pleading expression, and stiff raging cock. I'd never seen a more beautiful sight.

As she lay on her back, she grabbed a pillow and put it under her ass, raising it up for me to get easy access. I crawled towards her. With each breath, I growled with arousal. I placed my hand behind her head and kissed her deeply, then I pulled back, gripped the base of my dick, and angled it towards her pucker.

"Oh fuck," she whispered, her voice stuttering.

I pressed the head of my dick against her hole and gently pushed forward. Lizzy grabbed the covers with her hands, and the material bunched up.

"Oh God," she moaned as she dilated for me, and my head slipped inside. I gave a little rasp of pleasure. I was fucking her; I was finally fucking her.

Slowly, I pressed myself forward. The feeling of my dick sliding into her slick, lubed asshole was incredible. I wanted to ravage her instantly, but I needed to give her time to loosen and adapt. Her mouth gaped, and her head arched back. She looked almost in pain, but her mouth urged me on.

"Deeper," she pleaded.

Gradually, I pushed deeper until I was all the way in, and my balls rested against her ass cheeks. I held myself inside her, and my dick twitched in arousal.

"Feel good?" I asked.

She looked back up at me with wide eyes.

"I feel like I'm going to die of pleasure," she moaned.

I grinned.

"Then you're going to fucking get it, Lizzy," I rasped.

I withdrew my dick slowly, then pushed it back into her, slightly faster this time.

"Shit," she squealed. "Yes!"

I snorted in satisfaction. Then I began to thrust in and out of Lizzy's ass, gradually picking up the pace. Our gazes locked onto each other, and she gasped and moaned with each stroke. Waves of pleasure passed along my dick.

"Play with my dick," she stuttered through her gasps.

I gripped my hand around her dick, forcing a loud wail from her lips. I began to jerk her in time with my thrusts. Her mouth gaped open in ecstasy.

"Holy Fuck..." she moaned. "That feels so fucking good."

With our eyes still blazing into each other, I grunted in animalistic passion. Intense surges of primal delight gripped my cock as I rammed Lizzy hard and fast. My entire being was an inferno of pleasure. With my hand, I jerked her roughly, reveling in the feel of her stiff, horny cock.

"Oh, God!" she wailed. "Oh, God! Oh, God!"

She wasn't going to last long, and neither was I.

"Your ass is so fucking hot," I growled. "I'm going to fill you with so much cum. It's going to come out of your fucking eyeballs."

I could feel her thigh muscles start to tremble and rhythmically clench.

"I'm going to cum!" she squealed.

"Hold on," I rasped.

She nodded. Her hands gripped the covers tighter and bunching so hard that her knuckles went white.

"Hold on, Lizzy," I rasped again. Feeling myself get closer and closer. I wanted us to cum together.

"I'm trying," she wailed.

A look of utter torture consumed her face and neck. But I was now on the brink myself.

"Ready?" I snarled. "Then cum for me."

Lizzy's body went stiff. Her mouth hung open wide. Then I felt her cum.

Her balls tightened, her ass clamped down on my shaft, and her dick twitched with violent intensity. Her body shook like an earthquake, and cum fired out from her tip. It squirted all over her stomach and tits in one big gooey rope. It was too much for me to take, and my own orgasm ignited inside me. White-hot pleasure exploded from my loins, like a supernova of pent up tension. A rush of semen thundered along my shaft and burst out inside her. I continued to thrust hard and fast. Her ass convulsed, and her dick twitched and squirted. My own cock was gripped with uncontrollable spasms and injected her with all the cum my body had to offer.

As the spasms began to wane, I slowed my pace and caught my breath.

"Fuck, Lizzy," I panted. "Fuck, that felt good."

Lizzy didn't answer. Her mouth continued to hang open in rapture as her body trembled. With my cock still inside her, I released her dick, leaned down, and kissed her gently on the lips. She did the best she could to kiss back, then I pulled back and looked at her.

"Oh, God... Mark," she whispered, breathing heavily. "I've never... ever... cum that hard. I can't even process this."

I slowly pulled my dick out of her and shuffled along the bed until we were side-by-side. I embraced her and pulled her close. She wrapped her trembling arms around me and held me with all the strength her body could muster.

"I still feel like I'm cumming," she whispered.

I could feel her heart thump, I could feel her trembles, and I could feel her need for me. I hugged her tightly. Our slick, exhausted bodies pressed against each other, and I ran my hand through her hair. I wanted to be there with her forever.

"You're amazing, Lizzy," I said, unable to stop my mouth. "I've wanted you so fucking badly."

"I know," she whispered, "but I wanted you more."

She pulled back her head and looked at me. There were tears in her eyes.

"Thank you for doing this... even if it was just once," she said.

I wanted to say more. I wanted to say so much more. But I couldn't. I'd told her this was a one-off, and a one-off it had to be. The circumstances hadn't changed. But still, I couldn't bring myself to stop hugging her.

Then I heard something. A car was coming along the street.

"Lizzy! There's a car coming!" I rasped.

I kissed her on the forehead and jumped to my feet. My eyes darted around the room for my clothes. I quickly

grabbed them and started pulling them on my body. I had no time to check whether it was Roger's car or not, but it must be around that time.

Lizzy continued to lie on the bed, trembling.

"Lizzy, someone's coming!" I hissed.

Lizzy's eyes were terrified, but she didn't move. She just shook her head.

"Mark, I can barely move," she whispered.

"Try baby," I said. My brain barely registered that I'd just called her 'baby.' "Please try."

She shifted herself, slowly, like a drunk, or someone who had been hit by a bus, and started grasping at her clothes.

The purr of the engine came closer and turned into the drive at the front of the house. This was it; Roger was here.

With feverish hands, I pulled my jeans up my legs. My dick was still wet, raw, and semi-hard. My brain whirred as if I was caught in a building with enemy troops all around.

"Here's the plan," I rasped. "If we're asked, tell your dad that you let me into the house… but you were feeling ill… so you grabbed me a beer... then you went to bed because you needed to rest..."

"Yeah…" Lizzy said, in a faltering voice, "good plan."

"Turn your covers over to hide all the stains," I said as I pulled my shirt over my shoulders.

Then I had to end it.

"I'm going to the bathroom," I said.

I heard the engine stop and the clunk of a car door opening.

I darted over to her and kissed her on the forehead. Then on the lips. Then on the lips a second time.

Footsteps started coming towards the house.

"I've got to go," I said. Then I ran out of Lizzy's room and thundered along the landing.

A key entered the lock of the front door.

I dived into the bathroom and closed the door quietly behind me. Then I heard a voice, but it wasn't Roger's; it was Judy's.

"Hey, is anyone home?" Judy called.

Lizzy didn't respond. Shit. I had to say something; it would be more suspicious if I didn't.

"Hi, Judy, I'm here," I called out. "I'm just in the bathroom. Your dad should be home soon."

There was a pause. My muscles tensed.

"Oh... why are you using the upstairs one?" she asked. "Is the one down here out of action?"

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

"I was just checking on Lizzy," I said. "She's not feeling well."

There was another pause—a much longer one this time. My heart raced.

Finally, "Right... okay," Judy's voice replied, with more than a little suspicion. "What's wrong with her?"

"Just a stomach ache, I think," I replied, desperately hoping Lizzy was listening to this and remembering the extra detail I was throwing in.

"Should I get her a glass of water or something?" Judy asked.

After another pause, I heard Lizzie's voice come to the rescue.

"No, I'm fine," Lizzy said.

And with that, the questioning ended. I breathed a sigh of relief.

I looked at myself carefully in the mirror. I checked my shirt and my jeans. They looked a bit ruffled, but they were acceptable. My hair was okay too. My dick was still all slimy from cum and lube, but nobody could see that. Probably, the only thing that was going to give me away was my inability to lie convincingly.

I needed to convince myself that I hadn't fucked Lizzy. I needed to believe that I'd arrived, she'd greeted me at the door, but told me she was feeling ill. She'd got me a beer, then gone up to bed. I'd paid a very brief visit to check she was okay, as I thought I heard her... coughing. Yes, coughing, that sounded kind of plausible, then I'd needed to use the bathroom, so went to the nearest one, which happened to be upstairs. There, done. That's what had happened.

I ran it through my head a few times, then took a deep breath and went downstairs. I decided to adopt a slightly somber expression. I wanted to appear concerned that Lizzy was ill, but not so much that Judy might get alarmed and choose to pay her sister a helpful visit. I went into the living room and picked up my beer, which had become unpleasantly warm. Judy entered the room.

"So Lizzy's ill is she?" she said, arms crossed.

"Yeah," I said.

"She was okay this morning," Judy said.

"Ah, really?" I said. "Maybe it was something she ate?"

"Maybe," said Judy. She stared at me intently, studying my expression.
Then she flipped her hair and marched out of the room. Whether that was good or bad, I did not know.

* * * *

It was just after 7 pm, and I was back at my house. I sat on the sofa, rocking with a combination of terror and euphoria. We'd gotten away with it, or at least it had seemed that way. Judy had given up questioning, and the meeting with Roger had gone as well as it could. I was acting very uneasy, and Roger had asked if I was okay. I simply said I was feeling unwell. I guess that was similar to Lizzy's own excuse, but he seemed to buy it. Maybe I was becoming better at lying.

I didn't know what to think or feel. One second my mind would focus on Lizzy: kissing her, fucking her, and holding her gently in my arms. Cuddling her had been even better than fucking her. Then the next second, my mind would swing back to the near-miss with Judy, and her obvious suspicion. What had gone on in that house after I'd left? Had Judy grilled Lizzy? Had they found some cum stains? Had I left a sock or something in her room? No, that couldn't be true. I'd checked and had all my clothes... but maybe there was something.

I'd decided, very firmly, in my head that nothing further was going to happen with Lizzy. Our little fuck-session had to be a one-off. It absolutely had to be. However much I wanted her, however much I craved her, it was now over. We'd fucked, and it was done. I didn't want the stress, I didn't want to betray the trust of someone who'd had my back for so long, and I didn't want to put my livelihood at risk.

Then my phone buzzed.

I looked at the message. It was from Lizzy.

-----Lizzy: It's not out of my system.

My fingers quickly typed a message back across the screen.

-----Me: It's not out of mine either.

* * * *

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