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21 May. '20

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It all started four or five years ago. They had an energetic and adventurous sex life – did a bit of swapping; attended a few naked pool parties; played strip poker with friends – that sort of thing. They often discussed their fantasies - hers was to have sex with a woman while he watched; his was to have sex with a women while she watched. They often discussed that until it eventually dawned upon them that their fantasies were mutual.

So, when he had a birthday approaching, Jo made certain arrangements with one of her closer friends whose marriage had fallen apart.  Jack had made it clear it was not a major birthday and what he would like best would be a poolside BBQ, both naked, just the two of them and she could give him whatever present she wanted. He assumed it would be a variation on their sexual habits. He was right on that score.

Fast forward to the little pool party. He was at the BBQ, naked, doing justice to a couple of nice porterhouse steaks with a glass of cab sav in his free hand. Jo, also naked, was setting the outdoors table with salads, bread, drinks etc when the doorbell rang.

“Oh, shit, who the bloody hell could that be.”  he exclaimed.

“Don’t worry Darl, I’ll sort it out. Bit early for the steaks yet isn’t it?”

“Yep. No hurry there. See who it is.”

Nothing happened for a while, other than the sizzling of the steaks. The house was quiet. He suddenly became suspicious – my birthday, doorbell at a funny time, something fishy going on here and he pictured half a dozen of his footy club mates storming in. He was wrong.

“Darling,” she called from the kitchen. “Too late to throw another steak on?”

“ Bloody hell.”  he thought. “One of her doozy mates has turned up.”

“ No, plenty of room and plenty of time. You want to bring it out for me.”

“ Yep. On the way.”

Tending the steaks he took no notice as a hand reached past him - to place another steak on a plate on the side of the BBQ. He automatically grabbed it with the tongs and placed it among the others. Then a hand came around from behind and grasped his penis while another hand came around and pressed his chest back against a pair of breasts he instantly knew did not belong to his wife.

Spinning around he found himself belly to belly and breast with one of his wife’s closest friends - Terri. She, and Jo immediately started singing Happy Birthday.

When the song finished he pulled them both in close to accept kisses and breasts contact.

 His wife announced, “Jack, remember our fantasies of watching each other having sex with another woman. This is your birthday present. Terri has agreed to let me watch while you fuck her and for you to watch while she fucks me.”

“Christ! Can we have dinner first?”

After dinner they adjourned to the bedroom. Terri sat on the bed then lay back, legs spread wide, knees raised. Jack needed no invitation but fell to his knees and applied his mouth to Terri’s shaved vagina. She swung her legs out wider,  over his shoulders, and lifted her pelvis in response to his cunnilingus; his hands under her buttocks lifting and kneading. She moaned, gasped and thrust into his face, her hands gripping the bed cover, pulling it astray. After sucking on her clitoris, pulling it between his lips and rubbing it with his tongue, for some considerable time, she came – loud, long and violently - but he maintained oral contact until she flopped back.

He stood up between her legs, feet wide apart to lower his penis to where he could  place the glans at the entrance to her vagina. She lifted her legs, curling them behind his buttocks and pulling him forward. He needed no further invitation and pressed into her well lubricated vagina. She arched her back and moaned.

He looked over his shoulder to Jo – sitting in a lounge chair, both heels wide apart on the edge of the chair with her right hand massaging her vulva. He smiled at her. She gave him a thumbs up and a big smile as he leaned forward over Terri and began the rhythm. Then Jo got up, walked over to stand alongside Jack - her left hand cupping and massaging his scrotum. Her right hand reached forward to grasp and massage Terri’s left breast, teasing, stretching and squeezing her nipple. Jack leaned forward enough to kiss Terri long and hard , their tongues entangled, his hands under her shoulders lifting her up, breasts against his chest, except where his wife’s hand got in the way. Terri’s arms were over his neck pulling him against her while her legs pulled him into her. Ultimately, Jack and Terri came together – much noise, vigorous, strenuous contortions with mutual, muscular freezing of time and movement as their orgasms climaxed and they collapsed onto the bed.

Jo went to the en-suite and came back with hot, wet, face washers and small towels. She  passed a pair  to Terri and Jack each and they proceeded to clean up the saliva, semen and vaginal secretions of each other. While they were doing that Jo left, returning with three glasses and an open bottle of cold, sparkling shiraz.

 “I’m sure you could both use a drink and so can I.” She poured three glasses then climbed onto the bed with Jack between her and Terri. They all shuffled about to lean back against the headboard. She let her free hand slip down to fondle Jack’s penis and he, taking his cue, let his free hand, middle finger, find Terri’s clitoris. In due course Jack was erect, Terri was panting and groaning with her knees wide spread and drawn up and Jo was similarly engaged with the middle finger of Jack’s other hand.

 Jo collected the glasses and took them to the kitchen with the  half bottle of shiraz. She bounced back into the bedroom: “OK Bozzo, off you get, my turn now.” As she clambered onto the bed to kneel between Terri’s widespread legs.

”Nah, I think I might just stay here and get a real close-up of the action. That OK?”

“Whatever floats your boat my darling.”

She leaned forward, arms outstretched, palms down and began to massage Terri’s nipples and breasts. Then she leaned fully forward to seal their lips in a prolonged, tongue-swapping kiss that made Terri moan and pull Jo’s face tighter against hers – a hand behind her head.

Jo got her left hand behind Terri’s head, lifting their lips even tighter together while her right hand squeezed Terri’s left breast and rolled the nipple between thumb and index finger.

She then broke the kiss and pushed herself upright fondling both Terri’s breasts on the way. She dragged both hands lightly down over Terri’s shoulders, breasts and abdomen to her groin. Both thumbs went to Terri’s vagina to spread the generous inner lips - allowing access to her clitoris. Jo went down, tongue protruding to gently tickle the clitoris with its tip.

Terri moaned and tilted her pelvis forward. Jo put a hand under each buttock to assist her and proceeded to repeatedly lick the length of Terri’s labia from anus to clitoris. On the upstroke, she would turn her head a little to one side to permit deep thrusting between the lips. At the peak of upstroke she would work her tongue vigorously against Terri’s clitoris.

Jack lay on his side enthralled by his unimpeded view of the proceedings. He spontaneously took a nipple between thumb and forefinger rolling, twisting and tugging. It seemed to add enough stimulation to send Terri into an almighty orgasm that had Jo working hard to keep her mouth in place and continue licking. At the orgasmic peak they froze, locked together until it passed and they both flopped onto the bed Jo extending her legs straight but keeping her mouth on Terri’s clitoris. Jack slowly stroked his massive erection while the girls came back down to earth.

“There, my darling. What did you think of that as the second chapter of your birthday present?”

“Absolutely amazing – all my dreams come true. Why didn’t we get into this years ago?”

“Don’t know. Perhaps we were too shy and embarrassed to make the decision.“

“Well, it is not all over yet, you two.” Terri said, “ I’m still here and I’ve got a present for both of you. Jack has had me but he’s not had you Jo. So, how about us girls have a sixty-niner with you on top, Jo.  You can enter her from behind, Jack. I’ll give you room in her fanny and I’ll lick your balls until you cum. Jo will bring me to orgasm and, between the two of us, we will make sure she gets there too. What do you think? “

“Sounds a bit like heaven to me,” said Jack.

“And me,” said Jo.

They rearranged themselves. Terri turned around to lay in the middle of the bed with her head toward the foot. Jo crawled over her, lowered her vagina to Terri’s lips and leaned forward, breasts pendulous until they flatted on Terri’s abdomen and her tongue reached her clitoris.

“Hang on a minute,” Terri called out from under Jo. “Jack, you better put a  pillow under my head else Jo’s fanny will be too low for you get into her.”

Jack agreed and made the changes.

“That seems perfect. How does it feel for you Jo?” Terri asked.

“Wonderful, let’s get started.’”

Jack waited a few minutes while the girls got comfortable and settled into action. Then he shuffled around on his knees behind Jo. He could see Terri’s nose moving about just, inside Jo’s vagina. Jo was making small pelvic movements in all directions, with Terri’s tongue following her every move.

Without speaking, Jack placed his glans on Jo’s perineum, touching Terri’s nose. Terri moved her head allowing Jack entry into Jo’s vagina. He slid in to the hilt, pressed firmly to hold it in place for short while, until he felt Jo push back against him. He felt Terri’s tongue alternately licking around his scrotum and Jo’s vagina and clitoris. He quickly worked up into rapid thrusting, pulling her hips to bring her to maximum penetration with her buttocks firmly against his pubic bone. He felt her cervix against his glans.

Terri held his scrotum firmly in her mouth stopping it swinging about at random. But she lost her concentration and let go as Jo’s mouth worked its magic on her clitoris and vagina. She was first to come, swearing and cursing as she lifted her pelvis high thrusting against Jo’s mouth and she pushed Jo’s head  tight against her. Then Jo’s orgasm kicked in as Jack started coming. They all squirmed, jerked, thrust and twisted through it all then settled down  to catch their breaths. Jack slid out of Jo but watched his sperm and Jo’s love juice trickling out – some down her thighs and some dripping onto Terri’s face. Then he flopped down on Terri’s left side Jo on her right. They lay exhausted, dozing into and out of sleep.

The night was monumental. None really slept. Jack was kept awake fucking one and then the other while one dozed off or joined in with hands or mouth – whatever. Eventually they all crashed out and slept for hours waking mid-morning with parched, sore mouths, very tender genitals and hunger gnawing at their bellies.

With a naked team effort they managed to scratch together a decent breakfast. Jack, still naked managed to cook eggs and bacon on the BBQ plate and half a dozen slices of toast on the grill. Jo and Terri made coffee and microwave defrosted a half dozen hash browns that Jack added to the BBQ. They also managed to find a bottle of champagne at the back of the fridge, filled three glasses and sipped them as they ate.

After the meal was finished they all sat back with the remains of the champagne. Jo looked at Jack and  asked, “Well, darling, what did you think of your birthday present.”?

“Wonderful. Absolutely amazing. I think I will have another birthday next weekend. You girls want to come along? And what did you think of your age old fantasy of having sex with a woman while I watched?”

“Wonderful. Absolutely amazing. I have been interested in sex with a woman for ages and now that I have tried it I know what I have been missing out on.”

Terri left after dinner Sunday night but returned the following Friday direct from work. They all spent the evening, in fact the whole weekend, naked. Except for the girls mandatory shopping trip. Jack thought he was in heaven having sex immediately available, any time, day or night and with a choice of one partner or the other or both together.

Over dinner Sunday Jo asked Jack if he would mind Terri moving in to live with them. An alarm bell started ringing in his head and he was hesitant to agree but he did after some discussion of the practicalities.

“We will all sleep together and you can fuck whichever you want. And we will certainly need you for the threesomes too.”

All went well for about six months. Then Jack began to suspected he was being left behind in the sexual activity stakes. Jo seemed to prefer to be having a sixty-nine with Terri even though he lay there with them in the “family” bed with a raging hard penis. He would take advantage of their positions and work his penis into the vagina of the lady on top - over the tongue of her beneath. No one complained and each was satisfied with the activity in progress.

Then, over dinner one evening, Jo said, “Jack, Terri and I have decided to go off the pill.”

“You what?” exclaimed Jack. “You aren’t planning  babies are you?”

“Don’t be silly. No we are not planning babies. It is just that it seems unfair that we swallow hormones that prevent pregnancy but have other effects on us. Even the specialists are not absolutely sure it isn’t involved in breast or uterus cancer.” Jo explained then continued, “Of course we don’t want to disrupt our beautiful relationship but, really, the only difference is that you would have to wear a condom whenever you are fucking either or both of us.”

“Condom? I have never used one in my life. The blokes who have say it is like wearing a rain coat in the shower.”

Inevitably the time came when the plan was put to the test.  They had watched a pornographic movie on TV with Jack sitting between the ladies on the lounge. Their hands were every where – grasping his penis, squeezing the lady’s breasts or fingering between widespread thighs.

Leaking pre-cum Jack eventually asked, “I can’t hold out much longer. Who is first?”

“Terri, you go first but hang on a minute while I get the condoms.” Said Jo.

“What? Are we back to that again? “ exclaimed Jack.

“Yes. This is crunch time Jack. You wear a condom or we go without you.”

“Don’t have much choice to do I?”

“No you don’t. If it will help, one of us will put it on for you. Terri knows a cute little trick for putting a condom on a man with her mouth.”

“That true Terri?”

“Sure is. Let’s have a condom Jo. You stand up Jack. Watch carefully”

Terri took the condom, knelt at his feet then held the condom between fingers and thumbs of both hands with the sack at the tip pointing back towards her. She placed it on her protruding tongue, pushed it over a little then closed her mouth. She grasped Jack’s erect penis in both hands, put the tip at her lips then slid the lips forward over his penis as it penetrated her mouth. Still holding his penis she opened her mouth and sat back. The condom was perfectly placed on his penis with the ring right down at the base.

“That was amazing.” Jack exclaimed.

“Sheer magic.” added Jo.

“And good fun too.” contributed Terri. “Want to try it right now Jack?” and she lay back on the floor, legs spread wide, knees bent and raised. He did not need to be asked again. Her heels crossed behind his buttocks and pulled him in as he entered her.

As soon as he entered Jack noticed the difference. He couldn’t describe it but it was there. Variations of angle left to right and vice versa, pointing it up or remaining horizontal his strokes were the same but the tactile sensation around his penis was quite unlike that which he usually experienced in a well lubricated vagina in an active woman. It seemed to make no difference to Terri – she participated as usual and had a normal orgasm – a noisy, arching back, forward thrusting, heel drumming orgasm with Jack’s body laying on top of hers squeezing her breasts under his chest. She came down from her peak with Jack still inside her but his penis was shrinking and soon slipped out. The condom  hung from the end – empty.

He removed the condom and held it up. “Before you ask, no, I did not cum. Never even looked like coming. It just is not the same.”

“Don’t worry Jack. You’ll soon get used to it and get back into the old routine.” Jo said. “Turn around. Let me give you a mouth you off.”

He complied and Jo went to work getting his penis erect then licking, sucking and deep throating him and he did ejaculate. Jo sucked and swallowed until he was dry and spent. Then he walked out saying,  “I’ll sleep in the spare room tonight. See you in the morning.”

Jo and Terri were both stunned. That sat where they were, looking at each other. “He’ll get over it and get used to the condoms. Just you wait and see.” Terri said.

“I’m not so sure. He has never done anything like that before.”

Jack did not “get over it”. He did not join in any sexual activity and avoided both ladies as much as possible. A few weeks later he announced he had seen a lawyer and was starting divorce proceedings. He packed and walked out saying, “I’ll see you in court or wherever I have to go. TXT me if you have to contact me. ”

Jo started crying and Terri hugged her saying. “ It’s probably for the best my darling.”

He settled in to a rental apartment then, one day on the way home from shopping, he noticed a new Massage Service had popped up near the shopping centre. He drove past several times over the next few days waiting for a time when the parking bays were empty. But that was not a good indication of activity because there were other businesses adjacent. So, eventually, he drove boldly into the parking area, alighted, locked the car and strode purposely into the shop.

A little Asian lady appeared in the vacant  reception area and said, “Hullo, you like massage?”

“Yes please. But do you give happy ending?”

Her eyes widened, she put her right index finger upright in front of her pursed lips and said “Shhhhh.” Then turned and walked away beckoning him to follow along a short passageway with two doors leading off each side. One was closed. Then into a small room, complete with massage table, a cupboard and chair and clothes hooks on the wall.

She closed the door saying, “How long massage you? One hour?’

“Err, yes I suppose so, but what about happy ending?” She “Shhhhs’d “ him again and said quietly, “Massage, one hour, seventy dollar, happy ending forty dollar. OK?”


She held out her right hand, palm upwards, “One hundred ten dollar.”

He took out his wallet and counted the notes into her hand.

“You take clothes off, get on couch.” And she walked out closing the door behind her.

He stripped, hung his clothes on the wall, hesitated with his jocks then removed them too -thinking, she couldn’t give him a happy ending while he was wearing jocks. He heard soft voices then loud slapping noises, which he later experienced, then a door opening and closing. He assumed, correctly, there had been another client behind the closed door.

He was laying back, face up, on the couch when she returned, grabbed a towel from a stack on the cupboard, shook it loose and threw it over his pelvic area.

“You like hard massage or soft massage?”

“I don’t know. This is my first time for a massage.”

She smiled. “Ah, you virgin? “

“No. I was married, but my wife left me for another woman.”

“Ah. Very sorry hear that. You got pain in neck or back or in muscles or legs?”


“OK. I give you very soft, sensuous, massage, you turn over now. You want towel over you?”

“No thank you. I am not cold.”

“You not shy either?  Where your cock go?” as he turned and she removed the towel and placed a bolster under his ankles to lift his feet and toes clear of the couch. He put his face into the padded face piece, wriggled a bit to get comfortable with his hands in the surrender position.

“My cock always shrinks. It will come back for happy ending. I am very shy. You are the first lady to see me naked apart from my wife and her girlfriend.”

“Is good. I see plenty naked men. Me not shy but no take off clothes here at work. Sometimes I put oil on you if you want hard massage but you want soft massage so I no use oil. OK ?” - even as she started by gently scraping the fingernails of both hands over his shoulders and upper back.

 “Yes. I suppose so. That does feel nice, very relaxing.”


She continued, working over his entire back and buttocks, then his arms after swinging them out from surrender position, to lay alongside his body, palms up. She finished each arm with prolonged gentle scratching of his palms. She returned to his buttocks, separating them with one hand while she tickled and gently scratched his anus, perineum and down to his scrotum with the other. He, more-or-less by reflex, lifted his hips off the couch giving her better access which she utilized, to his delight, but only temporarily. Then she continued down his left thigh, calf and sole of his foot which she scratched for quite a while. He moaned, saying how nice it was, then she moved to his right side and repeated the action down to the sole.

“OK, you turn over now.”

She slipped a small pillow under his head. “Ah – cock coming back now.”

“Yes, it started when you tickled my scrotum. It will get bigger.”

She scratched his chest with one hand on each side, standing on his right, moving backwards as she descended to his lower abdomen. She drew each index finger-nail down through his groins and over his scrotum and return - repeating the action several times before lifting his scrotum with her left hand while tickling his perineum with her right. She gently kneaded his scrotum and testicles, rolling them in her hands, allowing her thumbs to contact his rising, circumcised penis.

She stopped suddenly and walked around to the cupboard to get a small towel and an oil bottle. Returning to his left side she oiled her hands and grasped his penis – now very erect. She began to masturbate him, using mainly her right hand, swirling around the head and shaft slipping over the skin before gripping tighter to pump the shaft.

“Number One cock now.” she said smiling at him as she stroked. Feeling comfortable with this lady, and a little daring, he winked at her. She smiled but kept up the process, changing grip and hands periodically. When he showed signs of cumming she stopped stroking and grasped the base of his penis, very tightly, between right thumb and index finger and held it there. He felt the rising pressure of orgasm suddenly begin to wane and drain out of him. He felt disappointed and frowned at her. “I want to cum but you stop me!” he said in a vexed manner.

“Yes. But cock stay up and we start again and you will have very big cum. Just you wait.” and she recommenced the masturbation. She was right and he enjoyed another five or six minutes of  her ministrations before experiencing a back bending, muscle spasming orgasm with his semen pumping up into the air and down onto his lower abdomen and her hands. She kept pumping through the last tiny squirt and more, until it became agonising, and he asked her to stop.

“OK. Number one cum. Number one cock. You number one customer. You must come back soon.” She produced a box of alcohol tissues to wipe her hands then his abdomen and lastly his penis taking her time to draw the skin taught as she wiped, extending down over his scrotum which she lifted to swab his perineum, anus and buttocks.

“There. You clean. Now you sit up.”

He did so, swinging his legs over the side of the couch. She stood behind him and began massaging his shoulders and neck deeply, finishing off with firm slapping with her cupped hands. Looking at the wall clock he was surprised to see an hour had elapsed.

He stood and reached for his jocks.

“No! I do,” she said snatching the jocks and kneeling on the floor. She slid them over each raised foot then up to his pelvis, standing to hitch the elastic band around his waist. Then she helped him into his trousers and shirt and buckled his sandals into place.

“OK. You go now.”

“Thank you very, very much. Massage was excellent and Happy Ending was marvellous. I think I will come back next week.

“OK. You very welcome. I see you then. Bye.”

He sat in his car for a while thinking about his experience. The first thought was about how foolish his nervous procrastination had been. There was nothing to be nervous about. The Asian lady was very professional, even though she did not want Happy Ending broadcast to the world. It was expensive but he reasoned it was good value and her hands were much more pleasant than his own. He drove home, sorted out his shopping, opened a can of beer and settled down to watch the early evening news.

Eight days later he returned to the massage parlour. Freshly showered, underarm deodorant, liberal talcum powder around anus, testicles, groins and armpits. Fresh jocks; clean, ironed, loose hanging, button-up, short-sleeved summer shirt, denim jeans and cleaned sandals.

Again, the reception area was vacant so he pressed the bell on the counter. A voice came from inside but he did not understand what was said. Then a tall Asian girl came down the corridor. She was rather buxom, with darkish skin but flashing white teeth.

“Hullo, my name Huan – it mean joy, satisfy. You come back. What your name?”

“Uhm, Jack, I haven’t seen you before, how did you know I have been here?”

“Boss Lady tell me before. She show you to me on security camera.”

“Is the camera in the massage room?”

She laughed, “No. Cannot have there. No one come. Only in passage and at front. Boss lady say you got number one cock.”

“Where is Boss Lady?”

“Her day off. She go shopping.”

“Oh. You here alone?”

“No. Other lady working. You want massage?”

“Uhm … yes. One hour please and Happy Ending.”

“OK. You come.” She said - without any issue with Happy Ending.

She entered a door on their left. The opposite door was closed. Both further doors were open.

“Must have money now. One hundred ten dollar please.”

He had the notes already in one folded bundle which he unfolded and counted into her outstretched hand.

“OK. Take clothes off lay on couch.” And she walked out leaving the door open. He hesitated and thought he should close the door - but reasoned if it was necessary the girl, Huan, would have closed it. He stripped and was naked when she returned before he was on the couch. She did not close the door.

“You like me strip naked like you? Thirty dollar. You no tell Boss Lady.”

“While the cat is away…. “ he thought. He hesitated but quickly decided to decline her offer, reasoning there would probably be ample opportunity for that at future visits. Best not to risk an already good relationship with the Boss Lady.

“Thank you but not today. Perhaps another time.”

”OK. Massage now. You lay down. You no like towel?”

He reclined then rolled over to be face down. “No, no towel thank you.”

As he was getting comfortable he heard the, now familiar, back-slapping shortly followed by the closed door opening. He senses two people come into the passage but did not raise his head. A female voice expressed appreciation for a good massage then silence.

Huan obviously knew he preferred gentle, light massage and commenced it. Much the same as Boss Lady, perhaps a little firmer but of no significant difference. The process was the same, including the sole scratching and, after rolling over,  the scrotum and perineal stimulation. Getting the small towel and oil from the cupboard she asked, “You like meet other Lady”.

“Uhm. yes please, why not. After we finish? “

“No. Meet now.” And she called out, “Jenni, you come meet Jack, Number One customer with Number One cock.”

Another Asian lady appeared in the still open door-way. He turned his head to see her. Attractive, middle aged, slim but well endowed with breasts, he thought. Average height, black hair cut short. Worthy of future reference.

“Hullo, Jack. Nice meet you.” As she entered, walking around the head of the table to take and shake his right hand. “Yes, very nice cock. I give you very good Number One massage one day. You come on Wednesday, like today, Boss Lady go shopping. OK?” And she left.

Huan got back to work oiling his cock. Then she varied the routine by bending down to kiss, tongue and suck on his nipples, alternately, as she grasped his penis to rub her thumb through the precum forming at the end. That surprised him – pleasantly - and he did not protest. He felt his penis throbbing in response. She changed tack then and pumped one hand up and down his oiled penis sliding over the skin with ever-increasing speed.

Her actions were having the desired effect in no uncertain terms. He soon felt the impending ejaculation stirring up through his pelvis. “I’m going to come!” he gasped. She immediately gripped the base of his penis, just as Boss Lady had, and held tight until he relaxed.

“Is good trick?” she asked.

“Yes. Boss Lady showed me first time.”

“Yes. She tell me. I teach her before. She not know. Now you get more cock massage before very big cum.” As she returned to penile massage.

As before, he told her when he was about to cum - triggering an increase in her speed and the grip around his penis. Then it erupted – string after string of semen squirting into the air then falling back onto his chest and belly while his arched back was held up only by his heels and the back of his head. She kept on with the penile massage until he begged her to stop as the spasm relaxed out of his back.

She did stop but held his penis in her hand to give it a gentle squeeze now and then, helping the last drips of semen to exit. She also gently massaged his scrotum and testicles which seemed to help him come back down from his euphoric, post cum state. Then followed the alcohol tissue clean up, assisted dressing and departure.

“Thank you Huan. Very good massage and Happy Ending. I will come back.”

But he did not return on a Wednesday. He waited until the next Thursday then fronted up for massage and Happy Ending. As he had hoped, Boss Lady greeted him and they went through what was by now becoming rote for Jack. As he was passing her the money he asked, “Do you go to client’s homes to give massages?”

“Oh yes. Sometimes. Is one hundred fifty dollar for one hour. More if long way. Why you ask?”

“Just thinking about an idea I had. I will tell you more if I progress with it.”

“OK.  Get on couch now.”

And so the process began and was carried on to completion with a Happy Ending.

Then he returned to Boss Lady on a Thursday.

“Hullo, Jack. Welcome. You want massage and Happy Ending?”

“Hullo Boss Lady – what is your name? I can’t just call you Boss Lady all the time.”

“My name Lan. It mean orchid.”

“Thank you Lan. You told me you will do home visits and I would like you to come to my home when it is convenient for you.”

“Oh. Yes, I can come your place six o’clock today. Stay one hour. One hundred fifty dollar.”

“Good. Would you like something to eat when you arrive – and a drink?”

“Yes please. Some grilled steak is good. I drink whiskey. Only one. With ice.”

“I can easily manage all of that. I pay you now?”

“No. Pay at your place when I finish.”

“OK. See you at six.” And he left.

He felt pleased with himself. He went to Woollies for some finely sliced Scotch fillet steak, a fresh lettuce and a bottle of soy, honey and garlic marinade. Everything else he needed was in his fridge.

At home he made up what he called his train smash salad. It contained fresh, green lettuce leaves, Salatano tomato, yellow capsicum, radish, celery, fresh strawberry and white onion all finely chopped up with a Mezzaluna  knife and mixed in a bowl. He added salt and pepper with a generous dollop of his own mayonnaise - based upon condensed milk added to white vinegar, generous amounts of Keene’s mustard  plus Hot English mustard -  stirred it in and placed it in the fridge under cling wrap. He then cut the finely sliced steak into small strips, put them into a large plastic bag with a sealing edge, added a generous amount of the marinade, kneaded it all together then put it in the fridge.

He set up two places on his kitchen bench, put a scotch glass at one and a red wine glass at the other and he was ready. He showered, towelled, applied deodorant and talc as necessary and settled down to wait the hour or so before Lan was due. He did not dress – rarely wore clothes at home. He grinned as he wondered how she would react.

The door-bell rang at five past six. He opened the door and invited her in. She appeared oblivious to his nakedness, walking past him, into the living room. She placed her hand-bag on the kitchen bench and, kicking off her sandals, proceeded to disrobe without batting an eyelid. She was wearing only a light summer frock, no bra, and a thong both of which she draped over a chair. She walked up to him,  hugged him firmly and placed a quick kiss on his lips. Her breasts were very small and hardly a scrap of fat on her body. She was clean shaven. She reached down and cupped his scrotum in her hand.

He pulled her into a hug, filling both hands with her small buttocks, and pulling her tight against him.

“Let’s eat and have a drink first. Thank you for coming on time. I will quickly cook the steak while we chat.”

“OK”.  And she released his scrotum to sit on one of the kitchen stools.

He held the scotch glass under the ice maker in the fridge door then tipped in scotch until she said stop.

He had preheated the skillet. He tipped the steak in and stirred it around before putting the salad on the bench. He made himself a scotch and soda, they touched glasses and sipped their drinks.

“Great to see you, especially naked. You don’t seem surprised to see me naked.”

“No. I not surprised. I see you before. Very nice. I glad you naked and me naked.”


She enjoyed the steak and unique salad, didn’t want a second drink and suggested they get on with the massage as a quarter hour had already elapsed.

He led her into his bed room. She quickly looked around and expressed admiration for his neatness as she lay, face down, on the bed.

“Do you need deep tissue massage?” he asked.

“No. Soft and gentle please.”

He commenced a process similar to that he had experienced at her hands. Very light gentle scratching of her entire back, buttocks, thighs, calves and soles. The stimulation of her soles caused her to jerk her legs and feet with reflex movements but he persevered. Then he slid both hands up her legs and inner thighs until his fingers touched her vaginal lips. He scratched and tickled; she moaned and lifted her pelvis a little. He extended his middle finger to touch her clitoris and gently rotate it.

She did not resist his order to turn over. He placed the pillow under her head as she got comfortable. Then, without further ado he leaned down to take a nipple between his lips and extended his hand down to cup her vaginal lips. She moaned and stirred but offered no resistance. Gently nibbling first one nipple then the other, while he stimulated her clitoris with his right thumb he inserted two fingers into her vagina hooking the middle finger forward searching for her G spot. He found it, causing her to lift her pelvis and spread her legs. He moved his mouth to hers kissing vigorously and slipping his tongue inside. She reciprocated.

“I want you fuck me now.”

“Good. Do you want me to use a condom.”

“Yes. I no want baby. And I do not know you got STD.”

He lay a hand towel over the side of the bed,  “OK. You lay here.”  He opened a draw to produce a condom which he tore open. She stood and took it from him, kneeled at his feet and applied the condom to her tongue, then to his very erect penis. She then lay on the bed, feet on the floor.

Standing between her legs he put his hands behind her knees lifting them then letting the legs fall over his forearms. He placed the tip of his penis at her entrance, more towards the back than the front, and gently slid in. He felt a constriction just inside that suggested to him she had only ever had sex with, and been deflowered, by Asian men, leaving a circular scar inside. It was mildly uncomfortable for him but did not prevent full penetration and she did not seem to be distressed in any way.

With full penetration, he began rhythmic strokes. With her arms around his neck she cooperated moving her pelvis in unison with his. She began to moan and express her feelings with “Good fucking. Good fucking.” Then “I cuming. I cum now.” And her pelvic thrusting became frantic.

He lifted her legs higher so that her knees were over his shoulders and pressed the attack. She became more vociferous and agile as his piston pumped in and out. She shouted, “Good fucking, good fucking. Fuck hard, fuck, fuck, fuck.” As she came a second time then went limp as her legs slid off his shoulders and her feet met the floor.

He remained laying on her kissing lips and nipples and hugging her. His penis sagged and eventually slipped out – condom intact.

“You cum?” she asked.


“Oh, sorry. I cum two times.” As she reached down and took the condom from his penis. She held it up to prove its emptiness then placed it on the bedside table.

“Your turn now. You lay down on bed. I make you cum. “

“Sounds like a good idea.” as he lay back, in the same position she had been in, with his feet on the floor.

She knelt between his legs, grasped his flaccid penis and began stroking before taking it into her mouth.  She cupped his testicles, rolling them in the palm of her hand and occasionally taking one into her mouth. His erection gradually returned and became significant. She worked hard with her mouth and tongue and even her teeth gently biting along the length of his penis. He held her head – there was nothing else he could do, in the circumstances, other than pass his legs around behind her back.

Eventually, he felt the beginnings of orgasm and told her – “I will cum soon.”

“Good. I no stop you. You can cum in mouth.”

And cum he did. Initially into her mouth but some went down the wrong way and she gagged, spluttered and took his penis out resulting in much of his ejaculate hitting her face and chest. It did not concern her. She spread it around with her hand while standing, smiling.

“Would you like to have a shower?”  he asked. “We could do it together.”

“Yes, but must be quick. Time nearly up.” She stood and walked into the adjacent en-suite, stepped into the shower and turned it on. He took a clean towel from a cupboard and placed it on the vanity before joining her in the shower, handing her a face washer.

“No wet hair.” she said squirting shower jell into her hand and applying it to his chest and shoulders. He did the same and lathered up her entire body paying attention to her vagina. She used the face washer on her face, hung it on a tap and extended the lather down his chest, thoroughly around his genitals and anus.

“No do legs. Hair get wet.” she said, grabbing the flexi-hose shower head to rinse his body and her own. Stepping out he took the new towel and began drying her as soon as she followed. He finished in no time then dried himself while she went to the living room to don her scant clothing. He emerged, naked, handed her the money and kissed her cheek.

“Thank you very much, Lan. Sorry I could not come inside you. You were very good fuck.”

“Next time I bring  Huan. We see if two ladies make you come. Will cost $300 for one hour.”

“That is a good idea. Any time is good for me.”

“Same time next week Thursday.?”

“Yes.” And away she went.

He poured some Cab Sav into the unused wine glass, sat in his lounge and mulled over his failure to come into Lan’s vagina but getting a great result from her oral skills. He thought it was probably the lack of skin friction due to the condom. He had never used one before Terri came on the scene. But he did not convince himself. “Ah well, we’ll see what happens next week. I will make sure I get to fuck them both using a condom and see what results.” he mused. 

The following Monday he met Jo in the solicitor’s office to sign off on the sale of the house and contents and the settlement. They went 50:50 and neither squabbled over any trifles. Jo told him she had moved in with Terri and were planning on marriage. He wished them well and it was all over and done with.

All went well the next Thursday. He asked Lan if they would consider fucking without condoms but she was emphatic that condoms were essential. He fucked them both – one after the other – wearing a condom applied orally by either lady - but he did not cum into either. Huan gave him a magnificent tongue lashing – so to speak –without condom, while Lan watched and encouraged them both until he did come into Huan’s mouth. They cleaned him up, dressed and left after agreeing to a repeat the following Thursday.

The rental agency rang to arrange a routine inspection of his apartment. A mutually acceptable date and time was arranged. He was not at all concerned – he kept the place immaculate. Just a quick tidy up and straighten a few things before the door bell buzzed. He opened it to greet a tall slim, brunette woman who, he thought to himself, “Was certainly not at the back of the queue when the breasts were handed out.” He had noticed her at the agent’s office and was pleasantly surprised to greet her and invite her in. She spoke as they shook hands.

“Hi, I’m Kaye from the estate agency. I’m here to do the routine inspection of your apartment. I hope it is a convenient time. I will be as quick as I can.”

“No problems. Come on in. I’m Jack. Happy to answer any questions.”

“Thank you, Jack. I would like you to accompany me as I go through then, if I may, I would like to sit at your table and fill in the necessary forms.” - as she opened her brief-case and took out a prepared folder.

“Yep. That’s fine.”

The inspection took a half hour and they returned to the living room. She sat at the table and started on the paperwork. “Would you like a drink of any sort, Kaye?”

“Coffee would be nice if it isn’t too much trouble.”

“No trouble at all. How do you like it? I usually make coffee in the Nespresso so it is mostly milk but I can do black.”

“Nespresso is fine thanks. One sugar.”

Jack made her coffee and one for himself. Placing hers on the table he noticed the absence of any rings on her finger. She thanked him with a smile. He took his and sat in a lounge chair in front of the TV.

She was finished in fifteen minutes. “No problems here at all Jack. You are an ideal client. Mind if I join you while I finish my coffee? I’m not in a hurry to get back to the office.”

“Not at all.”

They got on with each other,  “like a house on fire” - as the old saying goes. It got the point, just before she left, where Jack asked her out to dinner. She readily accepted and they made the arrangements for the next night. That all went well and finished with one kiss and a new arrangement.

The second date was much the same. For the third, she invited Jack to her apartment for a home-cooked dinner on a Saturday night. How could he refuse?

Carrying a bottle of a very nice cab sav he rang her doorbell at exactly six o’clock. She greeted him with a hug and kiss then led him by the hand into her living room, adjacent to the kitchen which exuded the aroma of something very nice cooking.

They had a pre-dinner drink and chat. She was wearing a simple, floral dress and light sandals. She had obviously spent time on her hair and makeup. The house appeared to be immaculate. The dining room table was set. She explained she had prepared a light soup for an entre` and traditional roast lamb for the main course and pavlova for dessert.

“Sounds great. What can I do to help?”Jack asked.

“Let’s have the soup, then I’ll get you to carve the roast if you wouldn’t mind.”


The meal, the conversation, the wines – all excellent. Then came that awkward time when they both had the same intent but each waited on the other to break the ice. Jack helped her clean up and stack the dishwasher. Proximity led to bumping into each other, which led to embracing, which became passionate - and they forgot the dishes.

“Can I take you to bed?” he asked.

“Yes, please. Come with me.” And she led him by the hand to her bedroom. He started undoing the buttons on her dress while she unbuttoned his shirt. Their arms and hands got in the way of each other. Jack stepped back, rapidly undid the shirt and flung it off then his trousers, jocks, shoes and socks were shed. In the time he took, Kaye stripped naked and pulled the bed covers back.

He stood behind her, arms around her, his lips kissing the side of her neck, hands fondling her breasts and tweaking her nipples. She leaned back into him, one hand reaching down behind to grasp his penis. Then she turned and they ground their bodies against each other, kissing, she grasping his penis and he fondling a breast. He gently pushed her back against the bed causing her to sit. With his mouth over hers, he pushed her back to horizontal, her legs hanging over the side of the bed.  He spread them and went in between them, down onto his knees and began cunnilingus on her clean shaved vaginal lips. She moaned, lifted and spread her legs then put them around his neck. He slipped his hands under her buttocks, kneading and lifting them, thumbs pressing her perineum. His tongue found her clitoris. One hand moved to enable his middle finger to enter her vagina and he turned it palm up to stroke her G spot. She went into a rapturous orgasm, working her pelvis in unison with Jack’s actions, hands grasping and screwing the sheet, her back arching before she collapsed into a floppy heap breathing in gasps with her heart racing, eyes closed and her legs falling over the edge of the bed.

He stood between her legs, leaned forward to place his hands alongside her shoulders and very gently kissed her lips. She smiled and opened her eyes.

“You OK?” he asked.

Her response was whispered. “Oh, yes. It is just that I have never before experienced an orgasm as powerful as that. It was simply ecstasy.”

“I am very happy for you. It was quite an experience for me too. And, it was just the entre`. Let’s get more comfortable while you recover.”

She sat up, turned toward the foot of the bed, swung up her legs, shuffled back and to the middle and lay down. He lay alongside her. She turned toward him, rolled onto her side with her head on his shoulder arm across his chest. He wrapped his arm around her and drew her tight. His opposite hand tweaked the nipple of her uppermost breast. She moved her hand down to gently grasp his penis rubbing the tip of her thumb across the tip, spreading the precum. Her hand then went down to cup and lift his scrotum before her fingers trailed up and down his penis several times.

“That’s nice,” he whispered.

“Good,” she replied as she sat up, leaned over and took his penis into her mouth, licking and swirling her tongue around his glans and shaft.

“That’s even nicer,” he said, “but I will soon cum if you continue and I desperately want to cum inside you.”

She placed a firm kiss on his glands and gave it a quick lick before rolling onto her back, knees drawn up and spread. “You are very welcome. Please …..”

“I have a condom in my wallet if you want me to use it.”

“I would much rather you didn’t. I rarely cum when they are used. I have a device in my uterus to prevent pregnancy and I’m sure I don’t have any disease. It is about two years since I last had sex.”

“Remind me, later, not now, to explain what you just said is music to my ears.”

She gave him a look of curiosity then proceeded with the task at hand.

On all fours over her, she grasped his penis as he began to lower his pelvis toward hers. She guided it to her entrance only releasing it as he entered her. He stopped as he felt her labia wrap around him then he gently pressed in further. She was very well lubricated, her vagina wrapped firmly around his penis. She gasped as he reached maximum depth. He felt her cervix against him.

She swung her legs around over his thighs. Her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled his face to hers. Their tongues entwined and danced against each other. She tilted her pelvis, just a little, as he started to withdraw then push in again, beginning the rhythm of the horizontal tango. They went on, longer than Jack thought they would, before her orgasm started. She moved her feet to the bed and used them to magnify her pelvic thrusts. With each stroke, he changed the direction of his thrusts just a little in every direction.

Then he felt his ejaculation starting, building up and bursting out to flood her vagina with his semen. They both tightened their grips on each other, every muscle in their bodies in temporary spasm. She could feel his squirts and he could feel her vaginal spasms. It all slowed, their muscles relaxed, they kissed yet again and again until they relaxed completely. And then it was over.

Jack stayed inside her until his penis shrivelled and slid out. She let out a disappointed, “Oooooh.”

Still between her legs, he kissed both nipples in turn, nibbled a little and sucked. Then another light kiss to her lips before rolling over alongside her.

A prolonged silence followed as she lay on her side in the same position in which they had started.

“I don’t know what to say,” Kaye said.

“You don’t have to say anything. But I want to say that was the greatest sex I have ever experienced. Sex is not the right word – it was something more than just sex. It was just so beautiful.”

“Those are the words I was groping for. I could not agree more. What was it you were saying about music to your ears before we started?”

“Not just now, Kaye. Tomorrow – I promise. Can I stay the night?”

“You have to. I have locked the door and hidden the key. You can’t escape.”

“Great. Shall we have a drink while we wind down?”

“Only if we stay naked and only if you want to do it again.”


They sat on lounge with their drinks. Jack had an arm around her shoulders. She lay against him one hand holding his penis.

Returning to the bedroom they gradually got each other worked up and had another great sexual romp before they slept. A morning-glory started the new day and was followed by several more. During a meal break, Jack explained the condom problem to Kaye and how glad he was that he was now sure his problem had been entirely due to the condoms.

“I am so proud it was me who enlightened you, Jack. Happy to provide as much further proof that you need.”

They had one further morning glory before they parted for work on Monday morning.

Jack called into the massage parlour to explain the situation to Lan and Huan. He thanked them for their services but said he had no need to return.

“We very happy for you, Jack,” Lan replied.

Jack and Kaye became an item.