Encounters of Bare Skin


Authumn, last year.

The thing you most know before I relate my 'encounter' is that I live in a four story condo and opposite to my condo is a similar one. They are separated by a stroke of green 60 feet wide (give or take): grass and trees and some playing grounds. Yes, it is built in suburbia, so in its design space and a sense of tranquillity have been incorporated. I live on the top floor, in a small apartment: living room (including a small kitchen), bedroom, toilet and bathroom. There is a rather large window and just beside it protruding from the building is a balcony with opaque sides that give you a sense of privacy. In the morning until early afternoon sun shone upon my balcony, and from then until sunset it shone on the balconies at the other side of the lawn. On the third floor, my neighbour from across (and one down) so to speak, has made a habit of walking around in the nude. Because of the afternoon sun, and the fact that he rarely closes his curtains it was not hard to miss. Because my encounter of bare flesh stars him, a short description is in order. He is a tall blonde guy, of medium build and I think he is around my age (mid 20s). He has enough muscles to see that he does some work out, but he was not overly muscled – I do not really like bodybuilding types.

It was the afternoon of a hot autumn day. I myself was wearing a bikini top and a short skirt, walking barefoot enjoying the cool feel of the floor on my soles. I had sat outside (there was shade on my balcony now) and had went inside for some water. I was drinking and staring out when I saw movement across the lawn. The sun lit up the apartments on that side and most had closed their curtains, but the third floor apartment had not. And that was where the movement was. I spotted my favourite neighbour walking through his home, bare naked as normally. Only this time he had a massive erection. I saw his penis standing up like furious handle. He walked to his balcony door, opened it and closed his eyes for a moment, clearly enjoying the sun. His chest, legs and arms, had an equal nice tan all over his body. I could not distinguish between lighter parts and tanned ones. He looked good, and he had 'naturist' written all over him.

He stepped outside his erection lightly swaying to the movement of walking. While walking his eyes scanned the balconies on my side. As if slightly embarrassed I involuntary stepped back, though his eyes seemed to leap over the balconies only, as if he was in a hurry. And perhaps he was in a hurry, his erection was proof enough. He say down on one of these folding-tanning chairs and lay back. From where I stood now, I could only see his head and upper torso. First he seemed to sit there, then I saw his right arm moving, a slow rhythmic movement. I felt like a peeping tom, and I knew what he was doing, but I decided I wanted to see. I walked to my own balcony, and – believe it or not – I did not know for certain whether I could see him and his action or not. I stepped outside carefully watching him, for I was anxious to be caught...I really don't know why. I saw his eyes (closed), his neck, his torso, his nipples, his belly and navel. A few steps further, I was nearly near as far as I could go. His hairless chest extended into his equally hairless loin section. There was it: his cock, proud, large, and topped by a bright pink helmet. His right hand, gliding up and down over it, up and down. His left hand was underneath his balls, caressing them.

I felt flushed, even warmer than the weather was, watching him like that. Stroking, up the shaft, and stroking down again. He stopped briefly, massaging his testicle with both hands, his legs spread. His right hand seemed to float from his balls to the top slowly massaging that part of his member seemingly with care. Then his shaft again, gently up, and down. Though I imagine I must have had red cheeks, it was the first time that I had seen a man masturbating himself live, I found it was not obscene what he was doing. It had something of joy, love and respect for his own body. His arm started to move swifter, more urgently. His mouth had opened, his eyes were open and looking at his member. He was coming to a climax, his hand, firm, up down up down. Then, suddenly, his back arched, his head snapped back, his mouth flew open and he came on his belly.

I saw his stuff glistering in the sun, tiny pools of light. He held on to his penis and balls as if he was afraid they would fall off. Then his hands cupped the slimy pools on his body, I reckon to try and prevent the cum from running down his body and falling on the ground. Slowly to stood and shambled inside. I must admit, I do not like porn as it leaves little to the imagination. But this man, live in action there, gave me a sense of arousal. Knowing that I was on the top floor, the barrier of balcony blocked my lower body from all prying views, I could have done like wise. But I did not. It was fun to watch him, sure, but it was hot and I felt fine as I was. A bit later, when the neighbour had reappeared, apparently refreshed, still naked, but without erection. I was happy to notice he came out again, and lay down on the sunbed, his buns in the sun. The small ping of arousal made itself heard again.