Roxy Fingers Tommy

Info BenRosewood
26 May. '20

The following story is a slightly edited excerpt from the 'Tommy' branch of my story 'Roxy's New Roommate', originally published on Feel free to check out the whole story here:

* * *

Another day, another pretty blonde. She's older than the last one and wears office attire. Only problem is she isn't mine, but my roommates (well, most likely anyway). 

"Hey there." I say.

"Hi." At least this one flashes a smile before fleeing the scene of the crime. Inside, I find Tommy strolling around naked in the kitchen, flaunting his chiseled physic. Hope he hasn't left any 'white sauce' stains in here.

"Oh, hey there Roxy." He says without skipping a beat. Then again, it's not like I haven't seen someone naked before, and he ain't bad sight. With his rock-hard abs and long flow of blonde hair, pretty boy could pass as one of those models on a shitty romance novel. 

"You, uhh, gonna get dressed?"

For some reason, he seems surprised at my reaction. "Well uhh yeah. I just didn't expect you back so-"

"I did say I'd be back at lunchtime." I interject.


"Go on, get dressed. I'll get lunch on."

"Sure... Thanks."

Tom walks off, so I make sure to wipe down the bench before getting to work on a sandwich. He comes back wearing the same gym clothes from this morning, ready to pick up his meal. We both head to the table, where he asks "So how was work?"

I shrug "Eh, it was fine."

"Fair enough. Say I was thinking of heading down to the beach after lunch, if you wanna tag along?"

"Gonna look for another blonde?" I snigger.

"Well I'm not that picky, but if one happens to-"

"Doesn't it get tiring?"

Tom cocks his head to the side. "What do you mean?"

With brutal honesty

"Is this all you wanna do with yourself Tom? Tend bar and fuck blondes?"

"Well, I'm just having a good time-"

"You're nobody. You know that right? These girls don't remember you. They just-"

"Then what makes you so special?" He interrupts, to which I smirk.

"Oh, I'm truly one of a kind." I stand up. "See, you just fuck. Me, I bring my submissives into a world they never thought existed. I mean if you ever got the privilege, you'd never forget it."

There are no words from Tom, just a blank stare.

"Right now, you're just a dick. A toy. I sell you every day at Love+."

I stand up and strut towards Tom, pushing his empty plate out of my way. I then sit on the table and put my feet on his thighs. Making damn sure to lock eyes with him and say "Do you at least make your blondes cum?"

"Most the time, yeah."

"Good." I suck on my finger. "But we can all do that."

My hands undo my fly and then pull down my jeans to give me enough room to work. As I slide a hand under my panties, Tom stammers "What are you doing?"

"What you do. This is what you are Tom. Two fingers. Every girl has 'em."

Said fingers meet with my pierced clit, making me bite my tongue.

"Every girl can do what you do pretty boy." I rub on my sensitive little button, purring as I do so. "Those blondes might be impressed by you, but to me, you're a fucking finger. That's it."

As I continue to pleasure myself, I realize Tom isn't going to do a thing. He's going to be passive through this because that's his life. Passive. He doesn't understand me, because I'm not a blonde who impressed by mere good looks. I'm sure he's as hard as a rock, but he's too unsure to make a move. Hell, I'd give him props if he did.

Instead, he sits there and listens to my moans and watches my expressions. I can just imagine him following my every word as I make him work for his own orgasm. Hell, he's already submitting to me, sitting there as I make sure to moan. My feet moves towards his crotch to rub his throbbing erection. That leg begins to tremble as my body submits to my touch. I'm close and I'm sure he can tell. I'm sure it frustrates him too.

I then shut my eyes as a climax jolts throughout my body. Once I open my eyes, I take in a deep breath to see my new submissive still sitting there.

"See? You're not that special." I state

Tom still looks at me like a deer in highlights.

"Not yet anyway."

"What do you want from me?" He whimpers.

"I want you to realize your full potential. When's the last time you had a serious relationship?"

"A year ago."

"And she dumped you because you're not mature enough."

"How- What makes you think that?"

"Because it's true. That doesn't make you a bad person. All the contrary, you have potential. It just needs to be realized."

"And how do you want me to do that?"

"For one. No more blondes. No more easy girls. No more empty sex."

"What am I supposed to do? Jack off?"

"You need discipline in your life."

"What else?"

"Well what do you want?"

"I... I dunno."

"You sure." I put my foot back on his aching little friend. "I'll let you cum if you do."

Tom attempts to stammer his way to an answer, his eyes looking around the room.

"C'mon Tommy. There's gotta be something." I say, my foot rubbing on his shaft. "Art, food, academics, entertainment. The world should be an oyster for a man like you."

"I mean maybe I need to think about it..." His reply comes with a defeated tone.

"But a serious think, yeah?"


"Alright. Come with me."

I walk Tom towards his bedroom. There, I make him stand in front of his mirror so I can pull his shorts down. His average manhood springs to attention but I want him fully naked. As soon as I pull on the hem of his shirt, he lifts his arms up, allowing me to discard it. Damn he's got a fit body. If only he could bring his discipline from the gym.

"You're very fit." I press my breasts against his back.

"Thank you."

My hand wraps around his shaft. "Ready to cum for me?"


"Make that Goddess."

"Yes Goddess."

"Good boy."

My hand begins to glide up and down his shaft. "I'm gonna make you cum like no other woman ever has. After today, you won't even want one of those blondes ever again."

His face falls into befuddlement. "How do you plan on doing that?"

"With just a fucking finger."

I suck on said finger before rubbing it against his rear entrance. "Ever been rimmed?"


"Yes Goddess." I snap.

"Yes Goddess." His empty stare reflecting on the mirror.

"Does rimming feel good?"

"Yes Goddess."

I grin. "What if I told you it gets better?"

My finger sinks inside his virgin hole, causing him to groan as it slides along his prostate.

"You know many consider the prostate to be the male g-spot."

All Tom can do is moan as my hands work to get him off.

"You agree with them?"

Tom nods, still unwilling to admit how much he's enjoying taking it up the ass. Every other inch of his body betrays him. His eyes are shut and his mouth is agape, letting out his moans. His arms are bracing themselves against the mirror because his legs are weak. Fuck, it's even making me a bit horny watching him enjoy it.

"Say it."

"I agree with them Goddess."

My hand strokes his cock faster. "Now imagine me with a 10-inch strap-on pegging your fucking hole. I wouldn't even need to touch your cock, would I pretty boy?"

"No Goddess."

His breathing's becoming heavier and heavier. I've got him on the ropes, and I'm more than eager to finish my new submissive off.

"You gonna cum for me?"

Tom nods frantically. "Yes Goddess.

"Do it then."

With one last, loud grunt, Tom spurts his seed onto his mirror. My finger then leaves his asshole as he gasps for air.

"How was that?"

"Incredible... Goddess."

"Good." I kiss his cheek. "Now how about we sit down?"

We both sit down on the edge of Tom's bed. After a deep breath, he says "Damn... You're weren't kidding, Goddess."

"I don't have a habit of lying."

"Heh. Never said you did, Goddess."

"You can drop the Goddess thing now."


"You good?"

"Yeah. I'm... great actually."

"Cool. Didn't push you too far into the deep end?"

"No, not at all."

"Good to know."

"You think we should have a safeword?"



"May as well make it something memorable, right?"

"True. Guess no one's going to shout fugazi during sex, right?"

"That's why I picked it."

"Right. So what now?"

"I might wash up. Do you want a drink?"

"Yeah a glass of water would be nice."


I stand up and head for the door. As I turn the doorknob, Tom says "Don't forget to wash your finger first."

"I won't."

Once I chuckle my way to the bathroom, I wash my hands and then head to the kitchen. After pouring the water, I grab a can of White Claw for myself before heading back to Tom, who thanks me for the drink.

After a sip from his glass, Tom says "You know you're right about me needing to become more mature."

I wrap my arm around his shoulder. "One step at a time pal. How about we chill out on the beach?"

"Sounds like a plan."