Block Party, Episode One

Info Lee
26 May. '20

"So he’s standing there right; ass naked, dick and balls in hand, sweating that ‘I’ve been fucking for three hours straight’ sweat, with his side chick in the bed not even trying to cover up her titties or nothing, all while his girlfriend is holding them both hostage with a revolver in one hand and a damn Crocodile Dundee knife in the other one and this dumbass has the nerve to say ‘I can explain.” It was a nice spring evening in the neighborhood which meant that the local big shot Remi Benoit and his wife Charlene were hosting a block party. Despite the boastful moniker many of the local citizens described him by; he wasn’t a boastful man, Mr. Benoit, although his tastes were somewhat extravagant. Being a man of business and having a knack for being in the right place at the right time, Remi made his fortune rather early in life, becoming a millionaire shortly after his thirty-third birthday after a year of buying and trading stocks at just the right price. The hometown boy that he was, Remi put most of his money into his community. Even the house and large plot of land he owned was more for the public than his own enjoyment. The seven acres of land surrounding the mansion like two story home was often used for the public’s benefit. A playground for school kids, a meeting place for community servants, a home for the homeless; there was seemingly no cap to the Benoit’s charity. Both Remi and Charlene sought to be all that they could for their town and their neighbors. But enough about the town’s power couple. For now them, their home, and the many people enjoying the festivities around it will serve as not much more than a setting. Today’s story lies with four men currently enjoying the block party the only way they knew how; smoking, drinking, playing dominoes, and talking shit.

The man who spoke first about a possible crime of passion was Gregory Ames, Greg for short (naturally). To his left was Francis Noble (who typically went by his last name), Kyle Simms (K-Man) to his right, and across the table was Marvin Ellis (good ole Marv). The four of them worked at the same local factory and over the years became good friends. They discussed a number of things with one another and today would be no different. In between friendly jabs and the aggressive placement of domino pieces the topic of failed love and dicey relationships came into conversation, leading Gregory to recant the story of his cousin who was once caught by his girlfriend in bed with another woman.

“Ain’t shit to explain at that point” Marvin said before taking a toke off his cigar and blowing smoke into the evening air. “A man only has two options in that situation; beg for his life or run like hell.”

“There is a third out” Francis retorted while clutching his domino pieces, waiting for an opportunity to get in the lead. “If you’ve got the right kind of woman and talk a good enough game you can make her believe whatever you want her too.”

“There is no way you could be completely naked with another woman and convince your girl nothing is going on” Kyle said taking a sip of his coke and cognac and connecting a domino piece to the others already in play. Francis slammed his piece down the instant Kyle’s hand moved, nearly catching his friend’s digits in the process.

“There it is” he exclaimed before returning to his argument. “And with the right woman K-Man anything is possible. I once convinced my girl that I and her friend were just praying when she caught us in the act.” This claim caused the table to grow into an uproar of disbelief.

“If you don’t shut yo lying ass up Noble” Gregory said while putting a domino down on the table.

“I promise y’all this is the truth. It even happened in a church.”

“Oh, so you lying and you’re going to Hell” Marvin said placing down a domino, making the pieces in play resemble a snake with a growing leg.

“I ain’t lying, but I might be damned.”

“Well go ahead and tell us then if you aren’t full of shit” Kyle encouraged, sending Francis into his past experience.

According to Francis the whole scene transpired on his nineteenth birthday. It was a Sunday which meant that the Nobles, being a rather religious family, were going to church. The place of worship in which they attended, the Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church, was a pretty large building with several rooms used by the congregation. One such room, a ‘confession hall’ about the size of a walk-in closet, became infamous amongst the churchgoers for one rather salacious reason. As the story goes, three months prior to Francis’ sexual blasphemy, senior deacon Willis Ross was discovered pants down and mid stroke into junior usher Ms. Glenda Jones by the young Oscar Brown, son of church members Tim and Willamette Brown. As to be expected, word travelled fast and the congregation was abuzz with the inescapable intrigue of such a scandal. While the elder members were utterly appalled and the middle aged members feigned disgust long enough to mask their interest in the lustful occurrence, the youth of the church were all too eager to recreate the stories they’d overheard. It was only a matter of time before dares and challenges amongst the teens emerged and they tried to talk one another into debaucheries in the aptly renamed ‘fornication hall’.

Francis, being more of a deviant than his parents were privy too, needed no encouragement to try his hand at some holy debasement. His then girlfriend, the upstanding and beautiful Betty Alexander, wasn’t receptive of such ideas however. She was fully opposed to the very thought of defiling her body in the house of the Lord. Her best friend on the other hand, the less upstanding but equally beautiful Dorothy Cain, was more accommodating of such lecherous actions. So on his birthday during church service after the weekly offering but before the pastor had gotten up to preach, Francis was on his way to the bathroom when he was accosted by Ms. Cain, not yet changed out of the choir robes she wore when singing in the choir for the congregation. The two chatted briefly before Dorothy made a gesture to the ‘fornication hall’ followed by the words “Why don’t we follow the deacon and usher’s example?” Francis hesitated, feeling all the sexual urges of a young man but wanting to keep faithful to his lovely girlfriend. Faithfulness would’ve won the day had it not been for Dorothy raising her robe to reveal that she was stark naked underneath. One look at Ms. Cain’s dark skinned body in the buff was enough to dissolve the young man’s will and the two were in the closet-like room within seconds.

This is the point of the story where Francis began to embellish the truth, claiming that he and Dorothy had the wildest and nastiest sex ever perpetrated on church grounds. This was false of course, but since they didn’t believe him anyway, Francis decided to try to at least impress his friends. While his version of events involved ten different positions, the young Dorothy coming again and again in serial fashion, and his sexual instrument being seven inches in length and five in width, the reality was far less fetched but still of some interest. For starters, Dorothy controlled most of the action. She forced Francis onto the floor of the hall the second the door closed and quickly undid the belt and button on his black slacks. Being more focused on being penetrated for the first time than the size of the penis doing so (which happened to be a modest five and a half inches long and two in a half inches in width), Dorothy straddled the young man almost instantly. She found the sensation of a phallus inside her vaginal walls to be noticeably pleasurable but leaving something to be desired. However that feeling was increased significantly when she pressed the soft fabric of her choir robe against the outer lips of her vulva. Francis paid little attention to these subtle movements as he was far too delirious from the entire event to take notice. Although this was not his first sexual experience (that honor goes to a hand-job he received in his middle school gymnasium from one Wanda Lowry during the clarinet ensemble of the homecoming pep rally), it was the first time the moment had been so spontaneous. Unable to think clearly or speak clearly or even breath in large amounts of air, the teen simply reached his hands under the young lady’s robe to her soft but firm c-cupped breasts and held on for dear life.

Francis also omitted perhaps the most lewd detail of his exhibition with Ms. Cain. After approximately four minutes of straddled penetration, vulva stimulation, and breast manipulation, Francis announced his fast approaching orgasm and all the impregnating fluids that would come with it. Dorothy was quick to release the loaded weapon from her vulnerable womb, but not quick enough to dodge the ejaculate that exploded from her partner’s rigid prick and onto her choir robe. The warm gel-like substance sat about mid-way up the fabric in two prominent splatters slightly resembling the beginnings of a Rorschach test. With no time to properly wipe off the semen as someone would certainly be wondering about the duo’s whereabouts, Dorothy decided on the fast if somewhat risky solution of removing the robe, turning it inside out, and putting it on once more, careful to not get any dregs of seed in her curly brown hair. No sooner had she redressed herself did a knock come at the door from the curious Betty. This led to the aforementioned lie of prayer between Francis and Dorothy, a lie to which Betty seemed to believe, telling the two to come out when they were ready. Once fully clothed the two returned to their seats one at a time to avoid any suspicion from the rest of the congregation. Dorothy spent the rest of the service slyly toying with the arousing sensation of warm seminal fluid against her skin while Francis struggled with confusing emotions of bliss from the best sexual experience of his life to date and shame from cheating on his then girlfriend and now wife. The combination of being unfaithful to Betty and committing a rather egregious sin would plague Francis for years to come, shaping him to be a devout Christian and husband to Betty to this very day; a detail that was also omitted from his nasty tale.

One last fact that Francis didn’t divulge to his three friends turned opponents – solely because he himself was not privy of the event’s existence – was that shortly after he hugged Betty goodbye and rode home with his parents, his beautiful and upstanding girlfriend chatted with her less upstanding yet equally beautiful best friend. The two discussed, amongst other things, how long Francis lasted, if the sex was any good, and whether or not to reveal to him that they had used the hall for the exact same purpose three days earlier during a night of choir practice. Had Francis known that Betty and Dorothy were the kind of friends that shared everything, including boyfriends and each other, he would more than likely let go of the guilt he held onto. However, that secret moment will be revealed to Mr. Noble in just a few short hours from now, in which he will break away from his friends and wander to and around the Benoit’s mansion-like home only to come upon a bedroom containing Betty and Dorothy who will be in the very compromising sixty-nine position. But for now he will conclude his story, exclaiming his genius lie about prayer with the emphatic slamming down of yet another domino piece onto the table.

                As the men continued to smoke, drink, and wash the dominoes for the next round (Francis’ attitudinal piece placement won him the previous game), talk of sex and relationships persisted. While Gregory and Kyle were still somewhat skeptical of him, they found Francis’ story believable enough to not press him further on it. Marvin on the other hand didn’t buy any part of his friend’s lustful tale. His disbelief was fair considering Francis did incorporate quite a few falsehoods. That being said, Marvin should have perhaps been a bit more cautious with his criticism, seeing as how he had a rather unique experience in his days as a college student that all his compatriots were privy too.

            “Now I know you aren’t judging someone else’s experience Mr. Circle Jerk” Francis said to Marvin after the latter doubted his story of sin.

            “Oh sure, go for the low hanging fruit you bastard” Marvin rebuffed while he and the others began to set up their domino pieces.

            “He’s got a point Marv” Kyle said observing his pieces. “You shouldn’t put yourself on the spot when you yourself have participated in some rather shameful activities.”

            “I ain’t shamed of shit” Marvin said slightly frustrated while collecting his pieces. “I’m just tired of y’all bringing it up all the damn time.” He was telling the truth here, bearing no shame about the sexual moment he shared with two other men and a woman in a college dorm room ten years ago. But like the rest of his friends, he wasn’t fully forthcoming with all the details of his sexual life.

            “How could we not bring it up” Gregory said setting down the first domino in the new game. “It’s literally the most interesting and damning thing about your character.” The other men agreed, furthering Marvin’s frustration. Although, in reality, Marvin made it a point to get a bit more irate than he actually was. This feigned anger was done to hide an aspect of that college night, an aspect that he wasn’t quite ready to reveal to anyone – his friends included. As the game got back underway and a new volley of shit talking commenced, Marvin thought of his past and how it inspired his present.

            The deal sounded simple enough to Marvin; write a paper for Tasha Griffin’s history class, receive oral sex from Tasha Griffin. Now Marvin wasn’t that gifted of a writer and was barely passing his own history class, but he was willing to improve his skills overall for a shot with Tasha. He had day dreamed of being alone with that beautiful brown bombshell more times than he could count. She was petite but full figured and was so sexually suggestive it was practically impossible to not fantasize about her. She wasn’t a tease either as some of Marvin’s friends had claimed to have fingered her or had eaten her out (a few of which had photographic evidence). This just excited him more as he himself was rather inexperienced sexually and would love to learn something new from an evening with Ms. Griffin. So after picking a topic and figuring out how to write a passable paper about the Battle of such ‘n such and nearly four hours of solid writing, he finally finished the assignment (which received a 79.3% from Tasha’s instructor Mr. Blain). With his end of the bargain complete Marvin was incredibly eager for Tasha to uphold her offer. Things were looking good the next day when Ms. Griffin received her grade (which brought her standing in the class to a B) and told Marvin that she would fulfill her promise that evening in her dorm room. Beyond excited, Marvin spent the rest of the day in nervous ecstasy, simply teeming with lewd ideas. Once classes were over he raced to his dorm to shower and groom himself before heading to Tasha’s dorm building across campus, arriving at the room (dorm 106) at exactly 6:25 P.M. Interesting enough, two other men arrived at the dorm room of Tasha Griffin within minutes of Marvin, both sharing the telltale signs of anticipation and excitement that he himself was feeling. Before the three men could put two and two together Tasha opened the door and invited all of them into her room. Slowly, one by one, they entered.

            Here’s the scene; the three young men, Marvin Ellis, Zach Boyle, and Nathan Thomas, stood awkwardly in the somewhat cramped dorm room while Tasha tidied up the tight space. All three had been promised some sort of sexual favor (watching her masturbate for Zach and a hand-job for Nathan) in exchange for doing some form of class work for her (it turns out that Tasha was struggling in math and science as well as history). While there did seem to be some foul play at hand Tasha had every intention of making good on the promises she made to each young man; she just planned to make the most of the moment. After giving the room a quick clean-up she informed the men that she’d see to each of their needs. The only twist was that in order to get to her, they would have to participate in a bit of mutual masturbation (or a circle jerk as she so ineloquently put it). Naturally there was some apprehension towards her request, and none of the men were quick to agree to her terms. Noticing the stagnant energy, Tasha took the initiative by stripping nude and sitting in the middle of the floor. Further motivation was not needed. This is the story that Marvin’s friends know; him naked and jerking off next to two other men with a woman in the middle. Those details alone were enough to make him the butt of many jokes among his group. Fortunately, Marvin had never let slip what else happened that night, or the things he’s done since.

            Marvin had no intention of discovering his bi-sexual nature that evening. Like so many other things that happen in the world, it was truly no more than a happy accident. He felt nothing initially sitting there naked with the other two men and the sole lady. Admittedly he was drawn by intrigue to the genitals of the other fellows, noticing the differences between Zack’s stubby cock covered in foreskin, Nathan’s thin prick already at its full size and his own penis which was slowly growing in cautious anticipation. He noted further interesting details in how the other men pleasured themselves, with Nathan opting to use both hands simultaneously to stroke his hardened dick and Zach mostly stimulating himself by massaging the foreskin surrounding his head. Tasha, Marvin found, was also quite fascinating in the way she touched herself. She massaged the lips of her vulva pretty intensely and periodically pinched her nipples and lightly slapped her breasts. She was quite the exhibitionist when it came to masturbating, something that made all of the men even more aroused. Seeing the effect she was having on her male companions, Tasha devised a way to throw more intrigue into their encounter.

            This proposition, much like her first, was pretty simple. Tasha would kiss the men if they tasted their own pre-cum. There was little hesitation in meeting her demands and each man quickly tongued down whatever secretion had accumulated on their respective palms and fingers, with Marvin finding himself enjoying his own flavor a little more than he expected. Tasha was pleased with the results and gave each of them a satisfying kiss on the lips. Marvin was the last to receive a kiss and got a small taste of the other men as well as Tasha, which he also enjoyed pretty well. At this point the men were feigning for the young woman currently inciting their desires. Ms. Griffin was excited as well but she wanted to push them even further.

            Her next request pushed a boundary. She wanted to watch the men go down on one another and was willing to fuck each of them if they complied. The very mention of such an action was enough to dissuade Nathan Thomas from further participation altogether and he swiftly quit his self-pleasuring, dressed himself and left the dorm room. Marvin and Zach sat still for a while, unsure of whether to follow Nathan or follow their own lustful desires for Tasha. Their devious vixen didn’t share the same hesitation and was determined to get her way. Knowing that all either of the men needed was a little bit of goading from the opposite sex, she pushed two fingers deep into her pussy, thoroughly coating them with her aroused essence and, seemingly choosing at random, forced those defiled digits into Marvin’s mouth. She couldn’t have known that Marvin was the optimal choice for her plan to succeed – hell Marvin didn’t know himself – but it was made apparent almost instantly as he tongued the juice from her digits in a frenzied fashion. Tasha slid her fingers in and out of Marvin’s mouth, simulating the action she so desperately wanted to see. Abruptly and with a surprising amount of speed and strength, she pulled her fingers from his mouth and guided Marvin’s head downward towards Zach erect penis. It was a perfect shot with Marvin’s mouth landing squarely on the awaiting cock. Despite the suddenness of it all Marvin didn’t stop sucking in the transition from fingers to phallus. There was an intensity that overcame him in the moment that was only added to by Zach’s approving moans. Tasha was all consumed as well, relishing the sight of these two men ensnared in such a sexual scene. Once again upholding her end of the deal she positioned herself on all fours under Marvin and guided his dick inside her cunt.

            This is the moment that sealed it for Marvin – the experience of being a conduit for both a man and a woman’s pleasure at the same time. The soft malleable flesh he was thrusting into, the solid rod sitting between his lips, the combined moans filling the room; it all served to put a young Marvin Ellis into a level of ecstasy he had never known and one he’s been chasing after ever since. Their orgasms that evening remain fixated in his mind as a stilled image: Zach’s come bleeding from his lips, dripping down his chin onto Tasha’s back, pooling and mixing with the jet stream of ejaculate shooting from his own hardened rod. Zach left shortly after his climax, no doubt needing to sort his feelings on what he’d just been a part of. But Marvin needed no such time to think. He spent several minutes wrapped up in Tasha’s arms, cleaning the sticky mess on her back, only to deposit another one a few moments later.

            Marvin was caught in this day dream for much of the second game of dominoes with his friends. Truly the moment held a special place in his heart and shaped so much of his sexual life today. Speaking of which, there was another matter that held much of his attention. Earlier in the evening Mr. Ellis had arranged a tryst with a pair of swingers that would take place during the block party and he was practically brimming with anticipation. Fortunately for Marvin, the domino game would soon be coming to an end.

            Around about the third or fourth game (in which Francis was up two in a row, his best streak in months) the four men’s festivities came to an abrupt halt courtesy of Gregory’s wife, one Felicity Ames, a tall beautiful woman of a light brown complexion. Gregory and Felicity, while a rather lovely couple and simply wonderful people to be around, had a knack for being a tad dramatic in their displays of both anger and affection. For instance, Felicity didn’t end her husband and his friends’ game of dominoes by simply pulling him away for a brief moment. No, she instead, with much attitude and force, pushed all of the placed pieces off of the table and the ones in her husband’s hands. Save for Gregory who instantly became irate at his wife’s behavior, the other three men were pretty unfazed at the sudden outburst and the argument that followed. Each of them knew that heated words being exchanged were only a prelude to the two going to a more secluded area of the yard to ‘sort out’ their marital issues.

            Knowing that the game was effectively over once the Ames’ walked away (still very much trading harsh words with one another) the remaining three men decided to cut their losses and mingle about the other patrons of the party. For the night is still young and there is plenty of time for mischief and excitement for these four fellows. Francis Noble will soon encounter his wife and her stunning secret, Marvin Ellis will find his lust with a willing man and woman, Gregory Ames and his wife will defile a piece of public property in front of any and everyone to see, and Kyle Simms, currently cleaning up his domino pieces from the ground and putting them back into their carrying case, will be around, in some capacity or another, witnessing the many other lewd excursions sure to take place.