Neighbor Girl - Part II

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29 May. '20

Summer began with a flurry of activity as Billy graduated from high school and attended a number of obligatory parties before settling into long, slow days of boredom. He had always dreaded summers because of the absence of his friends as everyone scattered to go on vacation while he generally sat around and did nothing.

This summer, the last before Billy went off to college to begin the rest of his life, was no exception. His parents worked. That’s all they ever did. They were hardly ever home and never went anywhere over summer. Not that he could complain really because they provided him with all of the entertainment he needed to occupy his time. He assumed they thought this made up for never being there for him. To be honest, Billy had come to the conclusion a long time ago that his parents probably had him by mistake as neither one of them knew the first thing about parenting, nor did they seem at all inclined or interested in trying. Regardless, he was well provided for and had enrolled in a good university for the fall. Soon enough it would be adios, goodbye, so long and farewell.

The one bright spot for Billy this summer was his next door neighbor Suzy, who he had practically stumbled into having sex with for the first time when she made a quick visit home in the spring. He had been harboring a crush on Suzy since as long as he could remember, often fantasizing about her as he jerked himself off every day. To his utter amazement, they ended up sleeping together in his very bed in what had been a rather explosive experience for both of them.

After his first taste of pussy, Billy wanted more and didn’t give one flying fuck where it came from. While he certainly remained attracted to Suzy, he was bound and determined to repeat the performance of having his hard cock slide in and out of someone’s wet and waiting hole. Jerking off just didn’t compare to that, and he kicked himself for waiting so long to get with the program.

As a result of his spontaneous adventure with Suzy two months earlier, Billy was a changed person. He was on the hunt and, surprisingly to him, he had significant success. His first encounter had been with Angela, a close friend who would come over and give him a blow-job from time to time.

On her very next visit, Billy stunned her by asking if he could lick her pussy and, after catching her breath in surprise, she enthusiastically agreed. Angela came several times that day as Billy’s mouth sucked and pulled on her labia, his tongue penetrated her snatch, and his fingers darted in and out of her cunt. She had to physically shove Billy off her muff where his tongue lay buried deep inside her, and collapsed on his bed in exhaustion. When she regained some composure Angela let Billy fuck her, as she thought it was only fair after his stellar oral performance.

He didn’t disappoint her in that area either. He pounded away as she splayed her legs outward to allow him maximum room to slam against her. And he kept right on slapping his dick inside her even after he came, producing yet another orgasm for Angela. Since that day she had done practically everything but beg Billy to fuck her again – which he did – but he had also moved on to others.

Next was Tricia, who kept squirming and giggling as Billy tickled her clit and licked her juice, but who also excitedly jumped on his boner and rode him like a fucking bull. Then there was Alisha, followed by Maddie, Peggy, and Caitlin. Then, the night before his graduation from high school, Billy somehow even convinced a well-known shrew named Lily to have sex with him.

All of them received the best pussy probing of their lives thanks to Billy’s unending tongue maneuvering. And all of them were more than motivated to have him fuck them afterwards. A couple of the girls gave him a quick blow-job, but he wasn’t interested in those anymore. Billy wanted his dick wet, and only a pussy would satisfy his hunger. Some of them, like Angela, had been given a repeat performance – insisted on it actually – but Billy saw their exchanges as merely practice for the real game, Suzy.

She returned from her junior year of college on a Monday morning in the middle of May, a couple weeks shy of Billy’s graduation. Hopping out of her car and running over to Billy’s house the minute she pulled into her driveway, Suzy leaped into his arms when he opened the door.

“Hi, Billy,” she greeted him warmly, wrapping him in her arms and smothering his lips with hers. “My God, I have missed you and I’ve thought of practically nothing else since I left here last time.” She kissed him again, tongues dancing inside their mouths. The sweet flavor of her breath and the feel of her arms around him produced the expected result in Billy as his penis pressed against the inside of his pants.

For only the second time, they had sex that afternoon and, as Suzy had promised before she headed back to college a couple months earlier, they had sex every single day after her return. Billy never failed to amaze her with his oral skills, always producing multiple orgasms as he licked, slurped, sucked and teased her pussy into submission.

“Christ, you’re like a dog with a bone, Billy,” she told him after their latest episode during the first week of June. “I absolutely love how you eat me out.”

“And I absolutely love eating you out, so everyone’s a winner,” he answered as his naked frame pressed against her skin.

She looked over at him and smiled her beautiful toothy grin, “I can’t believe you lived next door to me my whole life and we’re just now having sex. We should’ve started this a long time ago.”

Billy laughed, “You have no idea how many times I thought the same thing,” and then he leaned in to kiss her soft supple lips. Kissing led to touching and, of course, that led to intercourse. It always did.

This time, however, Suzy gently pushed him over as she hopped onto his belly. Her full breasts stood out in front of Billy as she grinded her hips against him. He reached out and pulled her ass closer with both hands until her pussy was sitting on his face. Leaning back to allow him full view of her love tunnel, she rubbed her clit as Billy’s mouth did what it always did so well – licking her hole, massaging her tender labia, and darting his tongue in and out of her cunt.

Her sighs and murmuring grew louder as Billy held firmly onto her ass as she glided her pussy over his face, “Oh, Billy…” she groaned in obvious pleasure.

Suzy tightened her legs against him and sat up straight, reaching out to brace her palms against the wall in front of her and letting her long, brown hair flow down to sweep back and forth over his face. She moaned in blissful rapture as his mouth sucked on her muff and tasted her juices, “Mmm…” Suzy softly purred, feeling a climax building as her body became shrouded in warmth.

Lifting her right leg, she reached down to grab hold of Billy’s head and pushed it further into her pubic mound as she watched her grinding hips cover his mouth. “Oh, my God…yes. Ahh…oh fuck. Fuck, yeah,” Suzy joyfully moaned while enjoying yet another seismic peak of intensity. She absolutely loved to watch him eat her out.

When it was over, without pausing to rest, Suzy slid down and lifted her leg again. Grabbing Billy’s cock, she slid her wet pussy down on his manhood. Humping up and down on his shaft, she rested her hands on his chest for support as he reached up to squeeze and play with her tits.

Suzy loved the feel of Billy’s stiff prick inside her, sliding against her moist innards as she bobbed away on top of him. She lifted up slowly, looking down to see his rod wet with her juices, then glided back down to feel him pulsing inside her damp cavity as she let out a long, soft moan of pleasure.

As he tugged and played with her boobs, Suzy slid her ass back and forth as Billy penetrated her. Tipping her head back to enjoy the sensation of the moment, her hands roamed over his bare shoulders as he began to pump up and down in rhythm to her movements. When climax approached, she swung her head down, letting her hair fall all over his face again. Her mouth flew open wide and her eyes squeezed tightly shut as a hot wave of ecstasy passed through her body. She screamed with delight. As she did so, Billy gave a hard buck upwards as cum erupted from his cock to infiltrate her body while he grunted loudly with pleasure.

Later, when they had finished and were fully dressed, Suzy suggested they grab a bite to eat. So they set off together to enjoy a late lunch at Panera. Over sandwiches and soup their discussion revolved around the incredible sex they shared together and speculated on ways to make it even more enjoyable.

“You really are amazing Billy,” she announced. “All I want to do is fuck you, and I have absolutely no desire to sleep with anyone else.”

Embarrassed by her frank openness, Billy smiled meekly at her across the table unsure what to say. How does a person really respond to such a statement? Finally, he concluded, “We are pretty good together. I can’t imagine it being any better than it already is.”

Suzy’s eyes widened and sparkled, “We are fantastic together, are you kidding? It’s like your dick was made just for my pussy. It’s a natural, perfect fit.” She smiled at him and then took a bite of her sandwich.

Billy could only smile, happy to be pleasing the only girl he had ever loved and ecstatic to have the opportunity to fuck her every single day. Still, he was curious to learn how their new-found intimacy could improve and possibly reach new heights. “What else did you have in mind?”

Taking a sip of her iced tea, she put her cup on the table and looked over at him with a mischievous grin. “I’m glad you asked. I have some ideas.”

He looked at her expectantly with excitement, “Do you? Excellent. What are they?”

“Well,” she began, pausing a moment to overcome some initial embarrassment. “I would really love to watch you jerk off.”

Billy coughed as he choked on some of his chicken salad sandwich, “What?”

“Why not?” Suzy answered quickly. “I’ll masturbate for you too. We can watch each other rub one out and then fuck like rabbits.” Her large smile radiated across the table at him.

Jesus Christ, she is so fucking hot when she smiles like that, he thought. Willing himself back to reality, he answered, “Seriously? You actually want…to watch me jerk it?”

“Hell yeah. It’s hot to watch a guy please himself,” she countered. “And…I like it when guys watch me play too.”

“Hmmm…,” he said pensively. “Sounds like you’ve had a lot of experience with that.”

Once again Suzy’s warm smile radiated across the table. “No, not a lot of experience. But I have done that and it’s fucking hot.”

His interest had peaked. “Which part of that – had a guy jerk off in front of you, or you played with yourself in front of a guy?”

Taking another swallow of tea before continuing, she answered frankly, “Well…both. You’ll end up doing a whole bunch of shit once you get to college too. It just happens. And it’s fucking amazing. No strings, just fun.”

All at once college couldn’t come fast enough for Billy. He wanted to experience everything, and despite any misgivings Billy might have had he could feel his pants tightening in his groin as his dick responded to Suzy.

“Ok. I’ve never done that in front of anyone before.” Actually, this wasn’t entirely true. Oddly enough, he and Suzy’s little brother Tony had masturbated together a few times when they were younger, but it was true that Billy had never whacked off in front of a girl.

“Well,” Suzy continued, “I think it would be fun. And it would be something different and exciting too.”

Billy shrugged his shoulders, “Ok, then. Let’s do it.”

“Good.” She took another bite of her sandwich before continuing. “Maybe we can have sex in the pool too. I’ve never done that and I think it would be fun.”

Nodding excitedly, Billy answered, “Hell, yeah. We should definitely do that.”

The conversation lagged as they enjoyed the rest of their lunch and made small talk about summer, and Billy’s renewed enthusiasm about going off to college. On the way home, Suzy decided to bring up something else she had been considering for a while, sure that Billy would have no objections.

“Sooo…Billy,” she began tentatively. “There was another thing I thought of that we could do together.”

With one hand on the steering wheel to drive, he turned to his right to look at Suzy. “What’s that?”

She swallowed hard, admittedly embarrassed again by what she was going to propose. “Um…how would you like to mess around with two girls at once?” Billy did a double-take and then stared at her so long she had to remind him, “Watch the road.”

Regaining his composure and control over the car, he sputtered, “Are…you serious?”

“Yes,” she answered decisively, then told him everything she felt he needed to know. “I thought maybe we could have sex together with Victoria, my best friend, when she comes to visit me this summer. She’s been my roommate since we were freshman and we’re moving into an apartment together next year. We’ve also messed around with each other since our first semester in college.”

As Billy continued driving in silence, processing everything Suzy had just told him, he couldn’t believe his fucking luck. He never expected to have sex with Suzy in the first place and continued to marvel at how all of that came about. And now – now she was suggesting they have sex with her roommate. Holy shit, he thought to himself as a smile slowly spreading across this face, this is awesome!

Billy turned to quickly look at her before answering, “Sounds perfect!”

Suzy giggled to herself while practically creaming in her shorts. The prospect of fucking the two people who had been her best sex partners, at the same time, was more than enough to make her moist. “I thought you might say that,” and she glanced over at him unable to suppress another smile as she reached over to squeeze his bulging package.

As June gave way to a hotter July, Billy and Suzy enjoyed their continuous daily sexual explorations. The very day after their lunch together, Billy stripped down and jerked his meat while standing right in front of her. She enjoyed watching the way he pulled, stroked and tugged on his hard cock while making slightly odd but pleasurable faces. It didn’t take her long to get naked and lay on his bed with her legs spread wide as she swiftly rubbed her clit for him. Billy stood next to the bed watching Suzy pleasured herself as he whacked off, and before long announced that he was about to cum.

Suzy shifted her position quickly so that Billy’s penis was right in her face. Leaning forward, she opened her mouth just as the first squirt of thick goo flew out to hit her throat. Grabbing his penis and plunging it in her mouth, she sucked his bone dry, swallowing the whole load as he relaxed every muscle in his body.

Wiping her mouth and swallowing a final time, Suzy said, “I love the taste of your cum.”

Taking several big breaths, Billy quipped, “And I’m so glad that you do.” He leaned down and kissed her passionately as her hands wrapped around his nude body. This, of course, ultimately led to another round of intercourse.

Later, when they were done he said, “This has been the best summer of my life.”

“Mmm…it’s been a pretty damn good one. And the best is yet to come – literally,” she answered, chuckling at her own humor.

A few days later, when the temperature hovered near the century mark, they were swimming in her pool with Tony. Regardless of any initial attempts to hide their relationship, such as it was, as the summer progressed both Suzy and Billy cared less and less what other people might think, including Tony. As they hung out in the pool, Billy gradually moved closer to Suzy until their bodies were practically wrapped around each other. Tony was watching them suspiciously, but had pretty much figured things out at this point.

“Go ahead and kiss already, would you,” Tony said as he nodded to the pair at the other end of the pool.

Suzy jerked her head around at him, apparently forgetting her brother was even there, as Billy slowly waded away in the opposite direction. “What do you mean?” she snapped.

Tony laughed out loud, “Oh please. I’m not stupid! You’ve been hanging out together all summer, pretty much all day every day. And in private!” Billy leaned against the inside of the pool looking guilty as Suzy blushed scarlet. When she opened her mouth to speak, however, her brother cut her off, “I don’t care. I’m just saying that I know and you don’t have to hide anything.”

Suzy closed her mouth and moved over to where her brother stood, hugging him. “Thank you Tony,” she told him. He grinned at her and shook his head.

“Yeah, thanks,” Billy said, convinced he should at least say something.

Tony looked over at his neighbor friend, “No worries, bro. My sister couldn’t be with a better person.”

Suzy hugged him again, “That’s sweet, Tony.”

He patted her on the shoulder before hopping out of the pool. “Luckily for you, I’ve got to go to work. But I’m sure you guys won’t be lonely,” he said as he chuckled and headed for the back door.

When Tony backed out of his driveway a half hour later Billy reached around and untied Suzy’s bikini top to reveal her full, creamy breasts. They pulled off their bottoms together and then hugged each other as water glistened over their naked bodies. Wrapped around one another, they bobbed up and down in the pool as their nude figures rubbed together.

They played and splashed around, enjoying the feeling of cool water over all their bare parts. Suzy pushed off the bottom to float up and encircled her legs around Billy’s abdomen, gradually lowering until her pussy rested on the tip of his rigid member. Pulling her downward, Billy’s cock found its way inside her warm hole as Suzy exhaled loudly.

Sliding his hard penis in and out of her cunt, Billy proceeded to walk around the pool as they slowly fucked one another. Suzy lay back to float on the water as he grabbed hold of her tits while thrusting his hips forward to hump her relaxed body.

As climax approached, Billy had circled back to the pool steps and sat Suzy down on the top one as his dick continued to pound her mound. She reached up and pulled him closer to her so they could kiss. When they did Billy pulled out his prick as it shot hot semen over her chest. Suzy swiped a finger over his mess and put it in her mouth, repeating several times until she had gotten all of his seed.

When she was done, she separated from him and spread her legs wide to start patting and fondling her pussy as he watched. She loved to give a show, especially because of the reaction it always produced in guys as they watched. Guys loved to look and Billy was no exception. Her fingers probed her snatch as the sound of her juices grew louder. She looked at Billy while he stared at her expertly servicing herself. Soon, the familiar sensation hit her.

“Ah…fuck…,” she yelled out as her innards exploded, looking over at Billy as he watched her intently. She grunted loudly as her palm battered against her tender spot, overcome and delighted by the forceful climax, wanting Billy to know how turned on she was. Wanting him to keep watching as her rubbing penetrated her body to its core. Wanting him to see how much pleasure she was feeling. Wanting him to know he was responsible for this powerful burst of sexual bliss.

She had never been so open with a boy before, so willing to explore her sexuality, so completely untroubled by what a guy might think. Suzy had found someone she could be herself with, in every way. When she had finished, Suzy slid back in the water and pulled Billy into her nude frame where they joined in harmony to kiss each other passionately.

On another steamy July day, mid-way through the month, as they lay wrapped in each other’s arms following a typically remarkable round of love-making, Suzy announced that her friend Victoria would be coming for a visit the following week. Billy raised one eyebrow and smiled at her as he played with one of her nipples.

“Are you up for two girls?” she asked mischievously.

“Hell, yeah, I am!” came Billy’s enthusiastic reply.

Suzy exposed her toothy grin, “You know, I’ve told her all about you and your…um…excellent oral skills,” she began. “She’s very excited to find out for herself.”

Billy smiled broadly, nodding his head slowly, “I’ll be happy to show her.”

“Mmmm…I’m sure you will,” Suzy giggled, then paused. She felt the need to inquire about some things before Victoria arrived. “Um…Billy?” she started.

“Yeah,” he answered absently, eyes still focused on her stiff little nipple.

She took a deep breath before beginning, “Um…we’ve gotten pretty close this summer. It’s been wonderful. Better than I could have imagined and, well…I don’t want to ruin what we have together.”

This got his attention and he shifted his focus to look at her, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t really know, exactly,” she answered honestly. “I’ve never been with more than one person at a time and…I guess maybe I’m expecting things to change.” When she saw his skeptical expression she continued, “Don’t get me wrong. I want to do this. It’s going to be awesome. It’s just that…I don’t know. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’ve become quite attached to you, and it’s not just because of the sex.”

Billy looked at her skeptically with one eyebrow askew, “Oh?”

“Ok, it’s a lot about the sex,” she admitted, laughing openly. “We’re great together and you’re fucking fabulous. You’re the best I’ve ever had, no doubt about it. I’m looking forward to sharing you with Victoria too.”

The realization of what Suzy was trying to say finally hit Billy, “Do you think I’m going to like her more than you?”

Their eyes locked for an instant before she averted his gaze. “She’s very attractive,” she began. “At least I think so. I always thought she was hot.”

“Suzy, I don’t give a fuck,” he stated sharply to cut her off. “I really don’t give a damn how hot she might be. I’m attracted to you and have been for as long as I can remember. Besides, even if I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world, she’s going back to college with you and I’m off to another university in a month.”

This seemed to satisfy Suzy as she relaxed and turned to kiss him. “I’m being silly, I know. You’re off to college and who knows how many girls you’re going to sleep with.” Noticing Billy was about to dispute this she put a finger to his lips and quickly cut him off, “And you should Billy. College is like the only time in your life where you can do whatever you want and get away with it. I hope you take advantage of that.”

He lay there looking at her, not sure what to say but realizing all too well that he had already taken advantage of that. “I really haven’t thought that far ahead. I have no idea what’s going to happen.”

“I know,” she assured him. “I just hope…,” should she really say what was on her mind? He stared at her expectantly, so she finished, “I just hope that we can continue to do this together. At least, for as long as it’s possible.” She smiled expectantly up at him.

Billy brushed her long, brown hair with his hand, bringing her face to his for some more intimate kissing. When they finished, he concluded, “I hope so too. That would be great.”

As expected, Victoria arrived the following week to visit with Suzy for a few days. Sitting at the desk in his room, Billy heard a car door slam shut outside and he leaped up to hide behind the curtain and spy out his window. Fuck me, he thought immediately, she is hot. Standing next to her car as Suzy ran out to greet her was one of the most stunning girls Billy had ever laid eyes on. I can’t believe I’m going to get to fuck her, he thought to himself. Jesus Christ, I am one lucky son of a bitch!

Victoria stood a few inches taller than Suzy with a golden tan from summer and dirty blond hair that came down to her shoulders. She had a high, tight ass, at least as evidenced by the shorts that gripped her butt and small, perky breasts that jutted out in front. The girls embraced in a squeal of delight and then made their way inside Suzy’s house while Billy returned to his desk with a growing hard-on in his pants.

The plan was for him to stay in his house until Suzy brought her friend over for introductions, but that would not be until the next day. This first day she wanted to spend some time with Victoria alone. Billy suspected that they wanted to mess around without him interfering, and he was perfectly fine with that. He was going to get his turn and the anticipation was worth the wait.

So, Billy hung around his house that day leaving Suzy to have some quality time with her roommate while he desperately tried to occupy his time and divert his attention elsewhere. However, later when he heard them splashing around in her pool, he instantly went into his parent’s bedroom where their window just happened to overlook his neighbor’s backyard. And there they were in all their beauty, both in skimpy little bikinis jumping about in the pool and laughing. Billy got a boner just watching them, and he didn’t hesitate to rub on it through his shorts as he continued to stare at them.

Early the next afternoon, Suzy texted Billy that they were going to come over, and he was there to greet them as they approached his front door. Suzy smiled broadly and gave him a quick kiss when Billy opened the door to let them in.

She started the introductions by saying, “Billy, this is Victoria. Victoria, this is Billy.”

“Hi,” he said with a glowing smile, extending his hand to shake Victoria’s. “It’s very nice to meet you.”

Victoria’s green eyes widened and she smiled broadly in return as she took his hand in hers, “So…you’re Billy. I have heard quite a lot about you.”

Suzy blushed slightly as Billy slowly turned his focus on her. “I hope it was all good,” he said.

“Oh, it was Billy. It was,” Victoria answered with a boisterous laugh, which caused everyone else to giggle.

He ushered the girls into his living room and closed the door behind them. “Come on in and make yourselves comfortable,” he encouraged, and they did so. Suzy kicked off her sandals and took a seat on the sofa as Victoria stepped out of her flip-flops and folded herself up in the easy chair. “Can I get you ladies anything to drink?”

“Is that a loaded question,” Victoria inquired, eyes sparkling and already full of mischief.

Suzy giggled and stared mockingly at her friend before offering, “Do you have any tea, Billy?”

Very intrigued by the two companions in his living room he replied, “Yep, just made it this morning.” Backing toward the kitchen, he pointed at Victoria for her request.

“Tea sounds great, Billy. I’ll have one also,” Victoria added.

Heading into the kitchen to grab some glasses and the pitcher of iced tea, he could just barely make out their whispered voices in the next room.

“He’s cute,” Victoria said with sharp emphasis.

“I told you,” Suzy answered teasingly.

“Yeah…but he’s really cute,” and they both giggled as Billy smiled to himself while he prepared their drinks.

“Just wait! You won’t believe how good he is,” Suzy quietly told her friend.

“Goody. I can’t fucking wait,” was Victoria’s eager reply.

Having filled the glasses with ice, Billy placed them and the pitcher of tea on a tray and carried it into the living room where everyone helped themselves and started drinking. For the better part of the next hour they made small talk, getting comfortable in each other’s presence and relaxing, affording Victoria and Billy an opportunity to get to know each other better.

Suddenly, when she had drained the last of her tea, Victoria blurted, “Well, are we going to fuck or not?” Suzy snorted as Billy damn near choked on his drink. Responding to their reactions, she pressed, “Oh…was that too blunt? Sorry. I’m just really excited and very horny.”

As Billy regained his breath and wiped his mouth, Suzy blushed a deep red and looked over at her friend in embarrassment. “I can always count on you to get things started,” she told her, and they both chuckled.

“Yes, you can. And thank God for that,” Victoria stated as she smiled knowingly at her friend.

Sitting quietly on the couch next to Suzy, unsure of how to proceed and for the first time feeling a little awkward, Billy pressed his lips together and looked from one girl to the other wondering what the best way was to start things.

Suzy touched him on the leg, “Why don’t we go up to your room Billy?”

“That sounds great,” he said, standing up immediately and walking toward the stairs as the two girls followed him.

Once in his room, Billy closed and locked his door, then turned to face his guests. There was a moment of shy awkwardness as the realization of what was about to happen hit all of them. Then he walked up to Suzy and grabbed her in his arms to kiss her. Their lips pressed together as hands immediately began to explore. Billy kissed Suzy on the mouth before moving around to nibble on her ear as she exhaled and ran her hands down his back. Victoria embraced him from behind and slid her fingers down his front to touch and grab the growing package in his shorts, massaging it to life.

Turning to face Victoria, Billy pulled her inward where the three of them took turns kissing each other. Faces pressed close together, their tongues darted back and forth between them. Billy reached out to squeeze one of Victoria’s breasts as her hand remained fixed to his crotch, while he rubbed one of Suzy’s tits with his other hand. Fondling, massaging and caressing each other, the three of them stood in the middle of Billy’s room entwined in each other’s erotic embrace.

Raising his arms to allow Suzy to pull his shirt off, Victoria unloosened his shorts to slide them down his legs and expose a large bulge protruding from his briefs. Suzy rubbed her hands over his bare chest as she kissed him vigorously, and Victoria squatted down to remove his underpants.

“Oh, wow…,” Victoria quietly mumbled as Billy’s full 8 inches of manhood sprang out in front of her. She gripped it with her right hand and gave it a couple strokes before plunging it in her mouth. Victoria sucked ferociously, resting comfortably on her knees so she could grab his ass while he pumped her face.

While Victoria went to work on his penis, Billy and Suzy kissed with zeal as they removed her clothes piece by piece. Once Suzy’s tits were released, he squeezed them playfully and sucked on her nipples as she stood beside him where her hands could caress his bare body while watching her roommate slurp on his dick. Billy lowered his hand and pushed a couple fingers into Suzy’s moist cunt as she breathed heavily next to him, “Mmm…yeah, Billy.”

Taking his slick dick out of her mouth for a moment, Victoria looked up at Suzy, “You want to get on this while I get naked?” The girls switched positions as Victoria rose up to begin quickly undressing and Suzy knelt down in front of Billy to take his throbbing dong in her possession.

The sensation he felt was beyond description, not only to his penis which was receiving world class attention, but his entire body was hot as blood coursed through his veins with rapid-fire precision. Fully naked, Victoria embraced Billy with her warm body and began sucking on his neck and face before locking her lips on his. He squeezed her tits, smaller than Suzy’s but perkier, and rubbed on her hard nipples that poked out like erasers on the end of a pencil.

Working his penis over like a professional, Suzy slurped and sucked on it as Billy now inserted two fingers into her friend’s wet pussy. Victoria pressed her hand over his to increase the pressure on her mound while she rocked her hips back and forth. “Mmm…that feels great, Billy,” she whispered in his ear. “Keep moving your fingers inside me…yeah, like that.”

Before he quite realized what was happening, Billy felt the pressure building that would launch his missile. He tossed his head back and exclaimed, “I’m gonna cum!”

“I want some of that,” Victoria announced, pulling his fingers out of her hole to kneel down next to Suzy.

Whipping his cock out of Suzy’s mouth, Billy stood in front of the girls and tugged on his stiff appendage as it erupted like a volcano. The muscles in his legs vibrated and he screamed out in obvious pleasure as globs of white cum splattered over Suzy’s face. He pivoted in time to squirt some cum into Victoria waiting mouth before she leaned forward to swallow his dick whole. When she had sucked his pipe clean, Victoria turned to face Suzy so she could lick Billy’s seed off her face until the two of them embraced each other kissing wildly.

Billy stood watching, feeling quite relieved after busting his first nut of the afternoon, as the two girls kissed until they collapsed on his floor and began rolling around. Victoria landed on top first as they continued to kiss and play with each other, then it was Suzy’s turned to roll over on top of Victoria with more groping and fondling between the pair.

Squirming and wriggling naked around his bedroom floor, they started giggling as Billy simply stood over them enjoying the show. It was like watching a porno made just for him.

When they finished, Victoria sat up and looked over at him with an enormous grin on her face. “You tasted great by the way. But, now it’s our turn to cum.”

The girlfriends stood and made their way to Billy’s bed where Suzy lay down across it and spread her legs wide in the air as Victoria kneeled in front to begin licking her pussy. Billy took his cue when Victoria glanced back over her shoulder and jerked her head at him, “My pussy is waiting for you, and I hope you’re as good as Suzy says.” Then she went right back to work eating out her roommate as Billy lowered himself to lie prostrate under Victoria’s legs as she spread them wide and lowered her muff on top of his mouth.

Reaching up to grab Victoria’s ass with his hands, Billy buried his face in her snatch, licking her pussy lips with eager enthusiasm before ramming his tongue inside her waiting hole. Busy slurping on Suzy’s bush, Victoria moaned loudly with contentment as Billy fixed his face to her innards. She rubbed Suzy’s cunt while groaning loudly, “Oh, Billy…yes. Ah…,” then continued finger fucking her friend as her tongue tickled Suzy’s clit.

Hugging Victoria’s ass as his mouth sucked on her pussy, she began to slowly grind her hips against his face as she experienced sheer exhilaration. She was soon sitting up to watch as Billy ate her out, enormously turned on to see him perform cunnilingus on her, while Suzy continued to lay on the bed playing with her tits and fingering herself. Victoria started to buck Billy’s mouth as his tongue probed deeper inside to taste her musky fragrance, nearing a climax with a look on her face that was indescribable. Was it pain? Was it pleasure? Was it both?

She stared down to watch him suck her pussy and lap her juices, and as Victoria’s insides exploded in ecstasy she screamed, “UH…UH, FUCK. OH YES! YES! OH MY GOD!” She came in a shudder as her legs tightened around Billy’s head. Her pussy stuck to his face as his tongue worked overtime to slurp down her fluids. Suzy lifted her head in time to see Victoria cum, eyes wide as she experienced pure elation while Suzy rubbed out her own climax watching her roommate’s contractions over Billy’s mouth.

Victoria tried to ply herself off Billy’s face but his grip on her ass was too tight and his tongue kept on licking and sucking her snatch, pushing her well past the point of common endurance. She needed a break and couldn’t quite believe that he was still smacking his lips over her cunt eager for more. Victoria didn’t want him to stop but she didn’t think she could handle much more. Yet, his unrelenting tongue continuously darted in and out of her, producing a feeling she had never experienced before as her ass shook is spasms of pure ecstasy.

Victoria stared unbelievably over at Suzy, opening her mouth wide as if to scream but the only sound was a long, protracted whine. She leaned back on her right arm to watch Billy’s mouth move over her patch as the pressure inside was a crescendo toward another wonderful climax. Victoria reached down and grabbed Billy by the hair as her innards convulsed for the second time.

Yelling out once again with rapture and delight, Billy continued to lick on her spent pussy. “Oh…my God, Billy…Jesus…” she whimpered breathlessly as Suzy sat up, knowingly enjoying the thrill her friend was experiencing. With a last squeeze of Victoria’s ass, Billy moved his mouth and allowed her off his face to collapse beside him where she tried to catch her breath. “Fuck…” was all she could manage to say.

Suzy slipped off the bed to lay on the other side of Billy and wrapped him in her arms. She nibbled on his ear and caressed his bare chest as he relaxed on the floor while Victoria tried regained her composure.

After quite some time, Victoria slowly sat up to rest her back against the side of the bed, “You’ve got a gift, Billy. A fucking gift,” which made Suzy and Billy laugh out loud. “I have never cum like that. I didn’t even know that kind of feeling was possible. You were right Suzy.”

“I told you,” Suzy said, giggling softly while her hands kept roaming over Billy’s naked body.

“Yeah, but…shit,” her friend said, still a little breathless. “I thought you were exaggerating.” Victoria scooted down to lay sideways on Billy’s left side as her hand joined Suzy’s to touch and rub him all over, and Billy smiled to himself as he realized that this afternoon’s activities had only just begun.

To be continued…