The ups Girl

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31 May. '20

James had initiated an amazing afternoon of sex with a delivery guy for his beautiful wife Tilly. It was the realization of James’s  hottest fantasy and Tilly had enjoyed it as much as he had done, if not more! It was at her suggestion that to return the favour, she would watch James fuck another girl. When she suggested the sexy little thing that worked for ups, James agreed instantly! He had noticed her every time she’d made a delivery to them and it wasn’t hard to understand why.

Her name badge proclaimed “Abby” and although her brown uniform wasn’t designed in any way to be sexy, she made it so. From the brown baseball cap with her pony-tail pushed through the back, the slightly too-tight top which had straining buttons trying to contain her large, firm breasts, to the perfectly fitting pants that only served to emphasize her curvy ass and long legs. Her face looked like the girl next-door and she wore almost no makeup, but as far as James was concerned, this only added to her allure.

The evening after Rick the FedEx guy had fucked Tilly, James was lying in bed next to his wife.

“Were you serious about me fucking another girl?” he asked, hoping for Tilly to confirm her suggestion.

“Too right!” she replied. “I’ve never seen you get so turned on as when Rick and I got down to it. I wanna see if I feel the same if we can convince some poor cow to let you fuck her!”

James poked her in the ribs and made her giggle at her less-than-complimentary remark, and she added “Besides, if we can persuade Abby the ups girl, I’d definitely be up for it. I fancy her almost as much as you do!”

James’s face began to redden. He knew he’d been busted, but when he grasped what Tilly had actually said, he raised his eyebrows?

“You’re kidding, you fancy a girl?” he asked, genuinely curious.

Now it was Tilly’s turn to blush. She said nothing, but grinned and nodded, with a wicked look in her eyes.

James clapped his hands together. “Excellent!” he proclaimed. “I had no idea, but I can see why. She is a hottie – she could be a model, not a delivery girl!

Tilly smiled and said “Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but she certainly has a comely look about her. I wonder if she’d be up for it?”

James’s heart fell as he came down to earth with a bump. “Oh, shit, yeah. She might not find me as irresistible as you do!” He scratched his head and said “We need a plan!”

Normally, James and Tilly would be all over each other like a rash after talking like this, lying naked next to one another in bed. But having both cum multiple times just a few hours earlier with Rick, they were too exhausted for more sex, so proceeded to plot their next adventure instead.

“Got any ideas?” asked James.

“Well, we have no idea whether or not she’s bisexual, so I don’t think I ought to initiate things. On the other hand, she’s gotta be ten years younger than us, so she might not immediately think of you as a potential sex partner. Hmmm…” Tilly tailed off.

Much head scratching and chin stroking followed before James came up with his suggestion.

“Damn, it’s obvious!” he blurted out. “These guys aren’t the best paid in the world. How about we offer her a stupidly high tip if she agrees? We could be honest and upfront and tell her she’d be helping us to live out a fantasy and that the tip is just our way of showing gratitude!”

James looked imploringly at Tilly, wondering if she thought it was a good idea.

“Wouldn’t that be like suggesting she might be a prostitute?” asked Tilly.

“No,” replied James, “not if we’re polite and upfront about it and emphasized the part about it being a fantasy of ours.”

“Hmm, OK” said Tilly, not sounding totally convinced. “I guess we could ask. If she doesn’t call the police, we might be in business!”

The delivery was due the next day, which turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far. In the early afternoon, it was positively sultry, with hardly a breath of air to cool James and Tilly’s optimistic anticipation.

Both Tilly and James had showered twice already today and were well-prepared and sweet-smelling in case Abby liked the idea of getting sweaty with them! Tilly was wearing a very revealing bikini as she sunned herself on the deck and James was wearing just a pair of shorts, his muscular chest on full display. They had decided that this wouldn’t look out of place when the delivery arrived as everyone was wearing as little as possible today!

Tilly heard the sound of the delivery van engine first. “James, is that the ups truck?” she asked, eagerly.

James looked out of the window to see Abby at the rear door of her van, grappling with a large parcel. James had forgotten to ask Tilly what she’d ordered and was surprised the parcel was so large. However, it gave him the opportunity to go outside and offer Abby some assistance.

“Hi there!” called James, cheerily.

“Oh, hello,” replied Abby. “I’ve got a rather large one for you today!”

James sniggered to himself, wanting to say the same thing to Abby.

Tilly had got up from her sun longer and wandered to the front door. She looked absolutely stunning in her white bikini, which emphasized her tanned skin beautifully. She had applied some sun oil just a few minutes before the van had pulled up and her skin was glistening.

Leaning provocatively on the door frame, Tilly watched as James helped Abby carry the bulky parcel towards the house.

“Ah, that will be my new exercise bike. I hope it’s not too heavy, guys?” said Tilly.

James smiled, then grinned broadly when Abby said “Wow, you don’t look like you need to workout! I love that bikini!”

“Oh, thanks Hun, it’s my favourite,” said Tilly. “Nice thin straps so I don’t get big tan lines. Oh, and the thong back means my ass gets tanned nicely too.”

With that, she span herself around, showing both Abby and James the view from the rear. James nearly dropped his end of the parcel and felt a stiffening in his shorts as Tilly brazenly displayed her hot body.

Abby looked directly at James and said “You know, sometimes I really love my job!”

They man-handled the big parcel into the hallway of the house and Abby asked “Can I help you lug this thing into the room you’re going to keep it?”

“Aww, yes please, it’s just through here to the sun room at the back,” said James, genuinely pleased.

Once they had manoeuvred it into the far corner, Tilly piped up “How about an ice-cold lemonade to cool yourselves down a bit?”

James sighed “Ooh, nice one Tills. How about you, Abby?”

Abby nodded, and cheekily added “It’s gonna take more than a lemonade to cool me down! I mean, that white bikini… phew!”

James, emboldened by Abby’s obvious appreciation of Tilly’s hot body, nodded and said “I know, when she wears that one, I’m in a permanent state of semi-arousal!”

He saw Abby raise her eyebrows and he was about to apologise when Abby grinned and said “I had noticed!” motioning her head in the direction of James’s groin. The shorts weren’t hiding anything and James’s growing erection was becoming very obvious.

Tilly came back with three large glasses of lemonade, clinking with ice cubes. She had heard James and Abby’s naughty exchange and decided to take things further.

“Well, it’s not just my bikini getting James turned on. We’ve both been waiting for you to arrive and I don’t mean because I wanted the exercise bike!”

Abby looked a bit puzzled, but even though she looked innocent, she wasn’t stupid. She had noticed both James and Tilly looking at her lasciviously on previous occasions. Now the banter had started, she was convinced that this hot couple were swingers and she was looking for an opportunity to tell them that she was very interested. She undid a button on her shirt, causing her breasts to swell. A bead of sweat trickled down her cleavage and James thought his cock was going to burst the zipper on his shorts.

Abby said “Are you guys saying what I hope you’re saying?” She looked directly at both James and Tilly in turn. This was no time for sheepishness, so James quickly replied “If what you hope we’re saying is that we’d both like to ravage you, then yes!” Tilly nodded her support and Abby blushed.

A few moments of excruciating silence followed before Abby, who herself was starting to feel moisture in places that don’t normally get wet when she was working, beamed a broad smile at the hopeful husband and wife stood in front of her. “Well, I’ve always wanted to fuck a couple, especially one as hot as you two!”

Tilly clapped her hands together and James felt himself sigh in relief that not only was Abby not the least bit shy or embarassed, but that she was actually up for it.

“The only thing is,” continued Abby, “I have quite a few more parcels to deliver today. How about I come back later when I’m done?”

Tilly spoke over James as she replied “Come back as soon as you’re done. Don’t shower or change, just come back looking as edible as you do right now!”

James nodded and chuckled out loud “Oh God, yes, that little trickle of sweat…”

Abby marched right up to Tilly and kissed her full on the lips, then walked over to James and did the same. “I’ll be as quick as I can!” she stated, then disappeared out of the door.

Tilly looked at James. James looked at Tilly. A broad grin appeared on both their faces and Tilly said “This is going to be so hot!”

James nodded as he dropped his shorts and let his huge throbbing erection bounce out of his underwear. Tilly giggled and said “Bursting through, was it?” James nodded and said “I’m off for a cold shower. God, I hope she doesn’t lose her nerve!”

Two hours passed and both Tilly and James were starting to get concerned that Abby wasn’t going to show. They needn’t have worried. Abby had rushed as quickly as she could to finish her round, dropped the van back at the depot and driven around to James and Tilly’s all the time imagining what this hot couple were going to do to her. She had been watching some threesome porn just last night and was already hoping they would do some of the horny things she’d seen.

She pulled into the big drive in front of James and Tilly’s house and smiled to herself when she saw Tilly looking out of the window. It looked to her that Tilly was as eager as she was. As she approached the front door, it swung open to reveal a grinning James, still wearing only shorts which still appeared to have a big bulge in them. Perfect, thought Abby!

“Hi Abby, come in. I’m so glad you didn’t change your mind!” said James.

“Ha! No chance of that. I don’t get an offer like this every day!” Abby replied. They walked into the sunroom and Abby noticed the big box she’d delivered earlier. “Oh, you haven’t assembled the exercise bike yet then?” she said, teasingly.

Tilly appeared, this time wearing only the bottoms of her white bikini, her large, firm breasts deliberately on display to tantalize Abby. “Hi Abby. Um, no, we had a different kind of work-out in mind, you know?”

Abby’s eyes were out on stalks as she took in the amazing sight of Tilly’s beautiful breasts. She let out an involuntary whistle and James said “Is it any wonder I walk around this house with a permanent hard-on?”

Abby nodded and said “You’re a lucky guy, James. Tilly is so hot and sexy. You don’t mind sharing her this evening?”

James was pleased to hear Abby using his and Tilly’s first names. No “Mr and Mrs D” like Rick had done, which was actually rather horny, but this demur girl was more confident than she looked. Tilly decided to tell Abby about already being shared and how their fantasy had developed to include her.

“God, I wish more people were as open and honest about sex as you two,” said Abby. “I’m even more turned-on now! It makes me feel special to be the subject of a sexy couple’s fantasy. I’m wet down there already thinking about it!”

Tilly walked over to Abby and said “Now THAT I have to see!”

The time for talking was over. James slipped his shorts down so he was now only wearing his briefs. He approached Abby and held his hands out towards her. She took them and he pulled her close to him and kissed her. Tilly walked up behind Abby and slipped her arms around her waist. Abbey turned and kissed Tilly and both girls could feel the heat from each other’s burning bodies.

Abby had done exactly as Tilly had suggested. She hadn’t showered and the musky smell of her sweat filled Tilly’s nostrils.

“God, you smell so fucking horny!” said Tilly.

Abby smiled and said “But I’m so hot and sweaty. Look!” and she undid the straining buttons of her shirt. The trickles of sweat on her chest were obvious and James let out an involuntary groan. “Oh fuck!” He couldn’t wait to get his hands on her hot body and as Tilly helped ease Abby’s shirt off, James unclasped her bra. Her firm breasts barely moved as the bra fell to the floor and the look on Tilly’s face told Abby, and James, that she liked what she saw.

James reached around to cup each of Abby’s breasts in his hands as Tilly leant in for another kiss. Abby’s hands wandered unconsciously to Tilly’s breasts and kneaded them appreciatively. When she gently pinched Tilly’s erect nipples, James did the same to her and both girls let out an identical moan, making them all giggle with a mixture of nervous apprehension and sexual arousal.

Abby was breathing hard but managed to gasp “Guys, use me, make your fantasy come true!”

James loved seeing these two beautiful girls making out and fondling each other, but his dick was now so hard, he was worried he might cum from no further stimulation. That wasn’t what he wanted, so he dropped his shorts and guided one of Abby’s hands behind her back so she could stroke him. Her touch was electric and sent a bolt of lightning through his whole body, making him shudder. After a good few strokes, he dropped to his knees and without any style, flair or any kind of technique, ripped Abby’s pants and undies down in one go and buried his face into her hot, sweaty ass! The smell and taste of her was incredible and taken by surprise, Abbey blurted out “Oh FUCK!” as James’s tongue swirled around between her buttocks, licking her labia and probing her anus.

James eased himself onto the floor, pulling Abby on top of him. She was now sitting on his face with Tilly standing nervously in front of her. Abby could tell Tilly had never been with a woman before and beckoned her to stand in front of her, one leg either side of her husband, her pussy right in front of Abby’s mouth.

“Oh my God, he’s a great pussy licker, you lucky mare! Ever had yours eaten by a girl before?” said Abby to Tilly, who shook her head. “Well, you’re about to.” With that, she hooked two fingers around the waistband of Tilly’s bikini briefs and slowly pulled them down to reveal a perfectly waxed, very wet pussy. While letting out loud moans from what James was doing to her own pussy, she poked out her tongue and traced it up the length of Tilly’s tingling vagina, moving the juice up to her clit with her tongue. She then swirled her tongue around Tilly’s smooth mound before embarking on the return journey. When she reached the base, she pushed her tongue forward to part Tilly’s inner pussy lips and caused her to moan loudly as she came hard. The physical touching had been minimal but felt better than Tilly had ever imagined. Now, knowing her husband was feasting on Abby’s pussy and with all the anticipation, she came harder and more easily than she had ever done before.

Abby was slightly shocked at the speed of Tilly’s orgasm, and was close to cumming herself with James’s somewhat clumsy but highly effective pussy chomping. However, she decided she hadn’t had enough pussy in her mouth yet, so kept licking Tilly’s opening and sucking on her labia as she came. Tilly had to hold Abby’s head to steady herself, so wobbly were her knees, but as this beautiful creature continued to lick and suck, she knew she would cum again very quickly.

James was having the time of his life. Not only was he being half-suffocated by the sexiest ass he’d ever seen other that Tilly’s, he could hear his wife moaning in ecstasy at the same time. His cock, which was straining and throbbing even without manual stimulation, was about to blow a huge load. He decided to finish Abby off and slipped a finger into her ass hole and sucked hard on her clit. Abby nearly hit the ceiling when he did this and let out a loud shriek as her orgasm crashed through her. The sound and sight of Abby cumming so hard made Tilly cum a second time and she dropped to her knees. Abby bent forward and grasped James’s cock. She held it up for Tilly to kiss and lick, then she did the same. James couldn’t hold back and fired a huge load of cum out onto both girls’ faces and mouths, then he watched in awe as they shared his load, playing with it in their mouths before finally swallowing it. James thought he had died and gone to heaven!

This had been an incredibly horny start to the evening and it took all three of them a while to come down from their orgasmic highs. Tilly spoke first. “God, I’m so hungry. Abby, you bad girl, you sucked all the energy out of me!”

James weighed in, saying “I could eat too. Can you rustle something up for us Hun?”

Abby was still breathing hard but nodded her agreement. “I need some ice cold water, a shower and some food, in that order!”

James rose and went to the big fridge. He filled a big glass with ice, then topped it up from a bottle of water. “Cheers!” he said as he handed it to Abby. She guzzled thirstily from the glass and let out a huge sigh. “My God, guys, that was amazing, and I don’t just mean the iced water! You’re both so horny!”

Tilly stood up and said “OK, while you go and shower, I’ll fix some food. And just so you know, we’re not done with you yet!” and winked suggestively. James theatrically whispered to Abby as she left the room “She wants to watch me fuck you and to be honest, I can’t wait!”

Abbey trotted up the stairs giggling. James followed and showed her where everything was. He handed her one of Tilly’s white t-shirts and said “It’s too hot for anything else and I bet you’ll fill this every bit as good as Tills does!”

“Join me?” Abby enquired. James grinned. He’d been smiling so much since Abby had returned that his cheeks were beginning to ache. He was about to shout down to Tilly to check she was OK with James helping Abby shower, but like she so often does, she second guessed the situation, shouting up “Don’t forget to wash her back as well as her best bits, Honey!” Damn, she’s good, James thought to himself.

Abby had started the shower, which she had set to cool. James stepped into the cubicle with her, his cock already hard again and they proceeded to soap each other’s bodies thoroughly. Abby dropped to her knees and with the water jets still cascading down, took James’s erect cock into her mouth. She took it in deeper and deeper until her nose pressed against his wet, curly pubes and showed no signs of gagging. She looked up at James, her eyes blinking against the water splattering down, then released his throbbing cock and smiled broadly.

“I can’t wait either!” she said, then winked and hopped out of the cubicle leaving James to rinse himself off. He could have mounted her right there, she looked so amazingly sexy with her wet skin, her nipples erect and breasts covered in goose bumps.

As James was drying himself off, his erection subsiding slightly, he heard Tilly call up “Ready when you are, guys. I hope I haven’t missed any fun!”

Abby came down first and assured Tilly that she hadn’t. “I got him hard again then left him, open-mouthed!” she giggled. Tilly raised her hand for a high five. “The horny bugger is dying to fuck you, Abby,” tutted Tilly.

Abby replied “I can’t wait either, but there’s something else I want too. Promise you’ll eat my pussy and make me cum?”

Wow, thought Tilly, this girl is a revelation. She had always admired people who know what they want and weren’t afraid to ask for it. That’s one of the qualities she found so attractive in James. Now a beautiful young girl was making her promise to eat her sexy pussy and just the thought of it made Tilly moist again. “You bet your sexy little ass I will, just try and stop me!” she heard herself reply rather too eagerly.

James re-joined the girls and they sat in the kitchen, devouring the snack that Tilly had prepared. Just one glass of wine for Abby as she was driving, but Tilly had become suddenly nervous and had quaffed down a second glass. She stood up and said “James, you do the dishes while I shower then we’ll reconvene our little party. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect,” said James.

“Hurry!” said Abby.

Tilly felt herself flush as she climbed the stairs and turned the shower to its coldest setting.

James filled the dishwasher and felt Abby’s eyes on him. Without looking up, he said “That was very naughty of you in the shower just now. Practically swallowing my cock then leaving me so suddenly!”

Abby looked a picture of innocence in the white t-shirt. If it hadn’t been for her very hard nipples protruding from the tight fabric, she looked almost virginal. That is, until she cackled and said “All part of the build-up. My pussy was starting to drip and if I hadn’t stopped then, I would have fucked you right there and Tilly wouldn’t have been able to watch!”

“Yeah, fair enough,” replied James. “but can I just say something about your oral skills?”

“Sure,” said Abby.

“WOW”, said James, “just fucking WOW!”

Abby laughed and said “Don’t worry, we can do it some more as soon as you’re beautiful wife is back with us.”

James’s jaw was now really aching from grinning so hard. Before he had a chance to reply, Tilly appeared, wrapped in a towel, her hair damp and tousled. In unison, both James and Tilly both said “Fuck me!” and Tilly said “Aww, you guys!” in mock embarrassment. She knew she looked hot but did like to hear admiring comments, no matter how vulgar they were.

Tilly let the towel drop to reveal her naked body, which was also covered in goose bumps following the cold shower.

“Well, am I the only one ready for more fun?” and she nodded to Abby, encouraging her to take off her t-shirt. As she did so, James slipped his shorts off revealing he had no underwear on. The three of them were now completely naked again and they quickly went back into the sunroom. The folding doors were wide open and a breeze had picked up, which they could all feel against their naked skin. Like they needed anything else to make them feel horny!

“I made a promise to our new friend, Honey. Would you like to know what it was?” asked Tilly. James nodded eagerly, knowing it would be something naughty.

“Oh my God, YES!” said Abby, and walked over to Tilly. She kissed her deeply and James’s cock started to harden yet again.

Abby got on her knees and raised her sexy ass in the air. Tilly got on her knees behind Abby and started to squeeze and playfully spank her firm ass cheeks. When she lowered her head and started to kiss those cheeks, James just said “Yes!” and Abby sighed. James then stood back and sat in a wicker chair to watch his wonderful wife and the sexy ups girl get it on.

It wasn’t difficult for Tilly. She knew what she liked, especially in this position. James was an eager pussy eater so Tilly had lots of experience to call on for her first time. She started by gripping Abby’s buttocks and gently pulling them apart. She pushed her nose in between her cheeks and inhaled deeply, savouring the musky smell of Abby’s already-wet pussy. Then she extended her tongue and, tentatively at first, started to trace it over the folds of her labia. As Abby’s moans grew louder, Tilly became bolder and really got to work, making sure to tickle Abby’s clit with the tip of her tongue as well as plunging it into her as deeply as she could. Tilly also loves James to finger her ass when they enjoy oral, so Tilly did the same. She started to flick Abby’s clit a little more urgently then traced a finger around her anus, revelling in the increasing volume of Abby’s moans.

“Oh my God, I nearly forgot,” blurted Abby. Before either James or Tilly had chance to ask what she meant, she continued “I made a promise earlier too! James? Here! Now!” she ordered, pointing to the floor in front of her. James grinned and the penny dropped in Tilly’s mind. Her husband was going to get a blowjob from the beautiful girl who she was tongue-fucking! Jesus, this had to be the best day ever!

James knelt down so Abby could reach his throbbing cock. “Now, where were we?” she asked, jokingly, then answered herself “Oh, yes, I remember!” and took the entire length of James’s cock into her throat in one swift move. He nearly came immediately but just about managed to control himself. But, oh boy, she was good at this. With his cock buried in Abby’s throat, he was kneeling facing Tilly, who looked like she had her tongue wedged into Abby’s ass. Judging by the sounds Abby was making, she was enjoying it very much! When Tilly came up for air, she looked into her husband’s eyes and mouthed “I love you!” James just nodded and closed his eyes.

Tilly dropped her head back down and decided it was time to try and make Abby cum. She lavished all her attention on her pussy and ass, spanked her gently and went for the big push. With her tongue exploring her puckered anus, Tilly then inserted her middle finger into Abby’s pussy and curled it downwards, tickling her G spot. Abby’s orgasm exploded almost immediately and James withdrew his cock from her mouth in case she bit down a little too hard!

Abbey cried out in ecstasy as she came hard, her body convulsing for some time after Tilly had let her flop down on to her tummy.

“Babe, I think you’re pretty good at that,” said James with heroic understatement.

Tilly took a little bow and Abbey gasped “Best I ever had from a girl! In fact, possibly the best ever from anyone!”

“That’s my girl!” said James, trying to take part of the credit. He shuffled over to his wife so he could kiss her. She tasted of raw sex and he felt his dick twitch strongly. “God I love you, Baby!” he breathed.

Abby was up on her knees again now, reaching behind her to feel how wet her pussy still was. “I really love a good deep fuck after cumming so hard. What do you say, James?” said Abby.

“ I say, brace yourself!” and he leapt across the room and into position behind a giggling Abby.

Tilly sat on the floor just a few feet away so she could watch closely. James rubbed the tip of his engorged cock up and down Abby’s slit, then eased it into her tight pussy, inch by inch, until his balls touched her ass. Abby had been holding her breath as James penetrated her, then exhaled loudly once his full length was inside her.

James withdrew, then pushed back in a little firmer, making Abby grunt. He then repeated the move again and again, each time a little faster and a little harder.

“Oh my God, this is so fucking horny!” gasped Tilly, three of her own fingers frigging herself as she watched.

Abby was practically screaming with each stroke and James was wondering how long he would be able to last. He didn’t want the evening to ever end, but Abby’s pussy was so tight and wet, her moans so arousing and Tilly’s frantic frigging of her own pussy were pushing him close to the edge. As if she sensed this, Abby stopped pushing back on each thrust and James thought she wanted to change position. He was grateful for the breather, but Abby surprised him yet again. She spat into her fingers, rubbed them into her anus and said “Quick, before you cum. Fill my asshole, please!”

James pinched himself to check this was really happening. Yep, that hurt, it must be real, he thought to himself. Abby had already grabbed James’s thick hard cock and was guiding it up to her even tighter hole. Tilly squeaked with delight when his knob slipped inside, pangs of envy rather than jealousy flowing over her. She adored James’s cock in her own ass and frigged herself even harder with the thought of what Abby was now experiencing.

Abby was now gasping for air. Not only was she being fucked good and hard by the cute guy she fancied the moment she first met him, he was squeezing his massive cock into her tight, intimate hole and it was taking her breath away. She could hear Tilly saying “Go on, stud, I know how good this feels, fuck her real deep.”

James couldn’t get any deeper if he tried. His full length was now exploring Abby’s ass hole and he was biting his lip hard to try and hold back. When he felt Abby’s hips start to buck as she came again, he couldn’t hold out any more. Tilly shrieked as she came again and James’s cock exploded inside Abby. He felt his cock spasm at least a dozen times, all the time Abby was moaning loudly, feeling every spurt of cum and every convulsion of his cock as well as her pussy. Jesus, she thought to herself, this is so good, it must be illegal!

James let his cock flop out of Abby’s ass and she immediately covered her quivering hole with her hand, to stop the cum dripping out everywhere. Tilly thought to herself that if she hadn’t already cum herself, she would have licked Abby’s hole clean of her husband’s cum, but she was too spent to move. Maybe next time! There would definitely be a next time, she would make sure of that.

After recovering, cleaning up and enjoying another iced water, Abby announced that as much as she wanted to stay with them all night, she had to get home.

“Oh God, yes, you came straight from work,” said Tilly

“Mmm, all sweaty and perfect!” James reminded her..

Abby giggled and rose to leave. “I hope we can do this again soon?” she said, hopefully.

Tilly nodded vigorously and James said “Oh yes please!” Then he added “Just one more thing. Have you met Rick, the local FedEx driver, by any chance?”