You guys crash at my place

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02 Jun. '20

- And the best part is that after the game, Suzy - do you know Suzy?

- The one with the cast?

- Yeah, with a broken leg. Well the best part is that after the game she invited three of our guys home and they fucked

- What do you mean? The guys fucked each other?

- No! Well, I don’t know, I guess they fucked her

- No way this is true, man

- I’m telling you! They went anal and all

- No fucking way. Why wasn’t she at the game?

- I don’t know…

- Is she even 18?

- Yeah. Oh yeah


We won. The losing Union High team scattered through the field defeated and quietly grumbling to each other to then gradually reassemble in their way back home. Meanwhile, the home team run in ecstasy across the width and length of the pitch. It was a good day - Rose High worked very hard through all the lower steps of the championship, winning almost every game and yet in no way did we not expect to win the final and become champions of the district. 

I run towards the others who, creating an victorious circle in the middle of the playing field, vibrated with adrenaline and victory. We were all sweaty, tired and fulfilled, still feeding off of the adrenaline pumping through our veins. Victory. From the crowd, I managed to fish out Joe who, grabbing me by the shoulders, screamed out the obvious ‘We won!We fucking won!!’.

- I know, great job man - I shouted back, - Where is Raphael?

We looked around for our friend but he wasn’t in the group. Still agitated, I was eventually able to spot his unmistakably large silhouette near the benches. He was talking with the coach and some other man I didn’t recognize. I ran up to him and felt the heat of the afternoon fall onto my shoulders. As soon as I reached the three figures, Raphael smiled at me with radiating confidence and, putting his arm around me said:

- Mate, good fucking job.

- Yeah you too, it was …

- Yeah, I spoke with the coach and the organizer - Raphael interrupted - and apparently the showers are broken.

Raphael was a great player and a friend but sometimes his ego was just too inflated for a conversation. Though it made perfect sense, the way he was - he was the captain of the team and a walking, talking emanation of a jock. I thought he owed most of it to his intimidatingly large posture. We walked together toward the laughing group that recounted the game. 

- Guys, great game, don’t mean to pick anyone but Sebastian, good job in the defense man - and oh yeah, the showers are broken, so we just have to walk back home filthy.

The team replied with a cheerful ovation. There was nothing that could ruin these boys’ mood at that moment. As we found ourselves near Joe, Raphael said:

- Alright guys I’ll catch you later - and as we he gave me a fist bump, Joe exclaimed

- No way! We are celebrating, come on, we won!

- Well any of us have a free house? - Raphael replied

- Nope - I said

- Yeah me neither, but don’t we know anyone? - Joe insisted - How about the history people? They must be throwing a party

- Yeah, no, they are going out of town, George told me’ - I responded

- Then... what about the, whatshername, your friend…

- Suzy? - I asked

- Yeah, her

- She’s fucking cute - Raphael pitched in

- Why wasn’t she at the game?

- I don’t know

- Oh I’m telling you if only she was a cheerleader…

- Shut up’ - I said

- Well, what about her?’ - Joe asked - wasn’t she supposed to have a free house this week?

- Well, Yeah, but…

- Just message her that we’re coming, and we’ll pick up booze on the way

I ran back to the bench and texted Suzy from my phone. I asked her whether she knew anyone with a free house and explaining the situation. I desperately tried to discourage her from letting us in - I didn’t feel exactly comfortable with my best friend welcoming two other jocks into her house. Maybe that was jealousy. Maybe I just had a bad feeling. But, very much in her style, Suzy replied with: ‘Nah, you guys crash at my place. I have booze.’


- Come on in guys!’ - Suzy opened the door with the same jovial face as always. She was very pretty, or I thought so at least. Her face remained very youthful, despite being almost the same age as us, and that added to the innocence of her looks.

- How’s the leg?’ I asked as I hug her for hello

- It’s ok. Oh wow you guys stink - she let me out of her arms and briefly kissed Joe and Raphael on the cheek - You will have to shower

- Yeah well that was the idea - I replied, going into the kitchen to get some tap water. I was in Suzy’s house often, especially when her parents were away like that week. I knew her since I can remember.

- So how was the game? - she asked and immediately added - Oh I’m so happy that you won!

- Yes, well, the boys did well… - Raphael started with the typically patronizing and nonchalant tone that he always turned on when he tried to impress girls.

- Sidney, get a beer for Christ’s sake - Suzy exclaimed at my water-drinking 

- I’ll go get a shower first - I said catching my breath and wanting to use the advantage of knowing where the bathroom in Suzy’s house was.

- Yeah, Sidney did a good job too - Raphael continued

- Really? Oh Sid! - Suzy squeaked with a sister-like delight. I hated when she called me that, though.

I knew where this was going - Raphael would make me humbly deny the scale of my contribution and he would look like a real good, caring jock. The kind of jock that he knew girls liked. That was the reason, I thought, precisely the reason why I didn’t want them to come. Who knew how this would end up? What if Suzy fell for one of these guys? I would have a lot of shit to handle.

But they were already in, so with sourness in me, I let him carry on with the conversation and looked through the half-shut blinds at the afternoon landscape of our hometown, swamped in summer. The light covered Suzy’s small kitchen with a shade of creamy-yellow and the whole scene looked like an old photograph. Three young guys in their ridiculous blue rugby costumes, their hair wet with pride, and in the middle this skinny girl, with her blonde hair cut short, incessantly giggling. The cast on her right leg added even more innocence and charm to her, coupled with her green-white striped T-shirt and an unmatched skirt. I knew Suzy so long that I could probably guess which panties she wore underneath - but this was something I should not be thinking about. I really should just go upstairs and shower, I thought, and then said that out loud.

- Alright then - Suzy said, banging her hands on the kitchen table - Everyone, grab a beer and let’s go upstairs. But you guys will have to shower as well.

I went toward the stairs and heard the guys take out bottles from the fridge. As I arrived at the mezzanine, I heard Suzy squeak again. Raphael has passed his two bottles to Joe and took Suzy, giggling, on his arms and carried her up the stairs, insisting that she cannot do it herself with her broken leg. I knew she must have loved it. I was too high up to contribute in any way so all I could do was to watch Raphael charm Suzy and smile idiotically at them. As I was closing the bathroom door, I saw Raphael putting my best friend down on her own feet and Suzy responding with a ‘Thank you’ that filled me with something now very reminiscent of jealousy.


- Towels! - I heard her voice and then the sound of bathroom door opening. 

- Shit - I cussed at my forgetting to lock myself. I was completely naked and covered myself as much as I could but all I saw of Suzy was a hand which dropped three white towels on the cupboard near the door.

- Thanks! - I cried slightly disoriented but I’m pretty sure she didn’t hear and her response was directed at Joe and Raphael sitting in her room. 

I heard her hitch away and looked at myself in the mirror. I was very skinny or at least the skinniest of our three. If one was to guess by posture, they would probably say that I was Suzy’s brother rather than her jock friend. I wasn’t really a jock. Early on I realized that some things you just have to do to survive high school. Like sports. But really, I think I could never be friends with any of the guys as much as I was with Suzy. We connected on a special kind of level and even though we never talked about it, there was uncertainty about how much we were just friends, how much something more. But perhaps just my uncertainty. Now, being in her house with Joe and Raphael I felt uneasy. Or nervous. Or maybe excited - anyhow I felt something within me that congealed and that wouldn’t move away. The rush that came with winning the game subsided and I was paralyzed with a different kind of excitement.

- Hurry up man! - I heard from the other room and guessed my time for introspection was up. I briefly looked in the mirror at my naked body. I was in shape, obviously but somehow I never had to work for that. I looked down at my crotch, crowned with a light stubble of curls which reminded me of the color of my hair before I started shaving my head. I knew my dick was the longest of the ones I have seen in real life but that did not make my life instantly great, as some guys tried to convince me. But it was something. Fending these thoughts off, I took up one of the three fluffy towels and covered my thighs with a shroud. I stepped outside of the bathroom. 

I felt rather uncovered, of course, having only a piece of fabric hiding my private parts from the interior of the house but at the same time the summer heat would make me sweat through any other cloth I could decide to put on me. I felt the pleasant cool of the water evaporating off on my skin. In her room, Suzy was sitting down next to Raphael and talking with Joe on the blue armchair opposite to her. The room fitted her in every respect - it was full of photographs and postcards and every time light entered it through the attic window it all turned into a festival of nostalgia. Suzy was giggling and placing her foot on a footstool before the armchair as Joe handled a large black marker, writing down his name on her cast. 

- Oh you’re done! - she turned to me - Oh wow, hello mr.MachoMan...

Suzy looked at my bare chest, smiling. To be fair, she did see me half-naked like that on multiple other occasions and yet now for the first time I had to hide my blushed face and made myself comfortable in the corner of her bed.

- Alright, so who's next? -  she asked with a tongue in her cheek

Joe and Raphael looked at each other and after a second of silence, Joe put down the marker and said he was going to go. Raphael let out a smug smile. 

- Anyways - Suzy said, still smiling - tell me about the game, Sidney

I really did not want to talk about the game that much. I spoke about how great we did and some of the highlights, and that Sebastian who usually doesn’t do great this time really secured our advantage. But after a while I was happy to let Raphael take over and divert back into topics he and Suzy spoke about when I was in the bathroom. I thought I knew what was happening and decided to interrupt as little as possible. Of course, I felt it stinging, that strange feeling toward Suzy that both made perfect sense and didn’t, but I knew it was futile and ridiculous to do anything about it. 


I understood what was happening from the changed pitch of Suzy’s giggle and the way she played with her short hair and sat just a little bit on the edge of her seat. Deciding not to interrupt, I said I am going downstairs for a beer and walked out of the room. By the time I closed the door I was pretty sure that Suzy’s and Raphael’s faces were not further than an inch apart. The whole room vibrated with something intensely erotic, I knew, and I even liked it, but my towel did not exhibit any bulge which would indicate my body accepted that. There was just this stinging feeling I felt as I was opening myself a beer downstairs, and taking a gulp, that made me not want to come back to Suzy’s room and be present when what was happening was happening. And it wasn’t just awkwardness. It had to somehow do with the fact that Suzy was my best friend. But in what way, I didn’t know. 

When I came back, Suzy was already making out with Raphael. Not knowing what to do, I came in and sat on the parapet. Whether they were so into it that they didn’t notice me or just decided to ignore me, I couldn’t tell but it was visible that Suzy was very eager to do ‘it’ with Raphael. He had his shirt taken already off, unveiling his wide hairy chest and a visible bulge in his tight rugby pants that Suzy started massaging eagerly. She was not wearing the skirt any more and I wasn’t surprised to see that she wore her delicately white panties underneath. Her hair was a bit undone and her tongue buried deep inside Raphael’s wide jaw. I was just about to clear my throat tellingly when Joe covered, like me, only with a white towel, came in.

- What are you guys… - he started and seeing what was going on finished slowly - ...up to?

As if only waiting for it, my best friend at once sucked away from Raphael’s lips and looked at as all jovially but with a tinge of dirtiness in her eyes. 

- Ok you guys - she started and then said something that to any guy sounded almost too good to be true - So basically with the broken leg I don’t go out at all. And you know… I get none. Zero. So… - she hesitated a little looking at each of us - I am really really horny and… 

Raphael and Joe only looked at each other and let Suzy continue. Now looking straight at me, she did.

- So well I thought, since you won the big game, I would like... we could... I want the three of you to gang bang me - she said these last words with hesitation but crystal-clear desire

- Well, I’m down! -  Joe exclaimed with the never-wavering enthusiasm of his

- Oh absolutely - Raphael answered from his seat with a full bloomed erection bursting through his pants.

- What about you… - the guys looked at me as Suzy approached me and with a squeeze of my towel at crotch-height, and finished lustfully - S-Sidney?

Now do not get me wrong, I am not the first one to stress too much in situations like these. Not at all. I had been with a couple of girls already and I knew about the advantages I had - such as an above-average-size member I carried in my boxers. And yet now, I discovered with shame that, when my friend’s hand reached for it, Suzy could only feel a  rather lengthy but flaccid part of me. But she seemed to understand the situation. Drawing a bit nearer and looking straight in my face, she said,

- How about for now you watch, hmm? And then join in?

- Sure - my reply came in a slightly wavering voice

- So for now, I am just gonna have fun, ok? - Suzy asked and immediately kissed me on the lips. I was shocked, of course, by those warm young lips I saw grow up next to mine pressed against my mouth, but it felt good and changed that stringed feeling within me into something else. 

Before I could say anything, Raphael was already standing up behind Suzy, and as she turned around, he slid his enormous hand into her innocent panties. She gasped and laughed, and at first drew a bit back but after a second moaned a little and again laughed. At the same moment, Joe dropped his towel, freeing a rising cock of a very impressive size. I could see how warm and hard it was, the steamy soft skin that covered it. Raphael kept rubbing Suzy’s clit with circular motions inside her panties and she in return reached into his pants, her hand returning with a rock-hard pulsating rod of flesh. She started stroking it, and Raphael bent down a little to again start kissing Suzy. But by then, she had already noticed Joe’s free and hardening cock and so, kneeling down before Joe, she gently took the tip of it into her small mouth. She was still in her striped shirt and white panties and as she jerked off one massively erect dick and started sucking another, kneeling on the floor, I couldn’t not notice the way the yellowish sunset light lit her perfectly firm buttocks. Who would have imagined, out of the two of us, just a few years back, that we would find ourselves here? Suzy sucking somebody’s dick right in front of me and rubbing another, with the ridiculous cast on her right leg, wanting to be ‘gang-banged’ by some jocks, including me? I mean, maybe she did - perhaps Suzy was always kind of like that. 

But the fact now was that I couldn’t get it up. It was humiliating but somehow also excited me. I saw her in front of my like a little kneeling girl with her broken leg and yet she truly was a lustful beast now, a Woman with a dick in her mouth. Joe started taking the initiative as well. No longer was Suzy gently sucking on his half-hard member but now he held her head in his hands and penetrated her mouth with his dick. I could hear her choke. I could hear the precum of Raphael’s cock fapping as she jacked him off. After the guys let out a few groans, she stood up and, her face pink with excitement, briefly caught my eye. And then lay on the bed in the middle of the room. Raphael waited no further - stripping off from his tight rugby leggings, he freed his dick completely and let it bounce up. Joe kneeled next to the pillow on which Suzy’s hair spread light rays of the setting sun. He pressed the head of his dick against Suzy’s full lips and made her open her mouth. Two seconds later he was already swaying his loins in and out of her face. At the same time, Raphael, now completely naked and visibly excited, decided to not bother with taking Suzy’s panties off through the cast and instead ripped them into two parts while still on her pelvis. She exclaimed something but unintelligibly because of Joe’s cock deep in her throat. Raphael again started rubbing her clit. 

If I didn’t hear Suzy ask to be treated like that I would have thought this was overtly rough. But that was just me. My jealousy. Two very muscular naked men treating an innocent looking girl with a broken leg and a girly t-shirt like a mere object - one of them fucking her mouth and groaning while the other touched her wherever and however he pleased. But she didn’t object. I didn’t know that side of her but from what I saw I could have guessed that it was her thing, to be treated just like that. To be used. 

Raphael stopped playing with the outside of Suzy’s pussy and instead took his massive middle finger and slowly inserted it into her vagina. The sound she made was one of intense pleasure. Joe kept going in and out of her mouth so that the only sounds she could make were either these of choking or stifled moans. I looked more closely at Suzy’s pussy - she was completely shaved and remarkably smooth down there. In fact, I didn’t notice a single hair on her body below her neck. Raphael bent over and, still penetrating her pussy with his finger, started licking Suzy’s clitoris which made her moan even louder and exhale streams of air through her nose.

Yes, it was of course strange to sit like that, in a towel and with a body still not reacting, on or not confident enough to step in and participate in what was in a moment to change into a gang bang of my best friend. I did enjoy the view, however, and I enjoyed it more and more. Suzy was being exploited, or at least it looked that way, and with someone other than me - it felt as if she almost cheated on me - and seeing the act, somehow I could not look away, even if looking stung my heart.

Suzy managed to get Joe’s penis out of her mouth and kept stroking it with her hand which, covered in her saliva, produced a silent clapping sound of the skin of his shaft slipping. 

- Ok boys - she said - I’m good with the foreplay. Let’s fuck 

She finished saying that with an unbelievably dirty smile, one I was not aware Suzy was able to make. She could be extremely sexy, you had to give her that. Following her plea, Raphael stopped eating her out and with one swift move turned her light body over so that now she was on her knees, her ass pointing directly at the part of Raphael’s body in most need of satisfaction. Without much waiting, he touched her outer lips with his full head and moved it up and down Suzy’s pussy once and then entered with half of his length.

- Mmmh - Suzy exclaimed with prolonged satisfaction. Raphael withdrew and then entered quickly with the whole length, so that I could hear his balls slapping against Suzy’s pubis.

- Oh! - she exclaimed and caught Raphael’s massive arm which was holding her side, so as to control his pace, but to no avail. As soon as she opened her mouth, Joe was back in and started to rhythmically sway in and out of her throat with a gurgling sound accompanying each push. Raphael of course started pounding Suzy from the other side, with a similar rhythm so that one would thing her body was pushed back and forth between two hard cocks. I stood on Suzy’s right side and saw her leg in the cast, saw her tight ass, saw two penises which juggled with the remainders of her dignity. She was a slut, a bitch getting fucked. And so Joe and Raphael were filling the two holes of the girl I thought I was in love with. 

Two minutes passed and Raphael started to groan louder and at times slow down in Suzy’s pussy with a grimace squeezing his face. Suzy again took Joe’s dick out of her mouth and, for the first time in a serious tone said: ‘Shit you don’t have a condom. Don’t cum in me.’ Raphael seemed to have heard but did not confirm with anything but another groan and so kept pounding to which Suzy didn’t object. In fact, she seemed to enjoy herself more and more the faster and harder he fucked her. Finally, as Suzy was sucking Joe’s nutsack, and stroking his shaft with her hand, Raphael took his dick out and quickly jumped to the other side of the room, pushing Joe away from Suzy’s mouth and before she could say, ‘No wait, I don’t...’, already fill her throat to its deepest end. He didn’t do anything more, he didn’t move his cock around but just pressed it against Suzy’s throat so that both I and Joe with some degree of worry saw her choking and unable to get the throbbing member outside of her mouth. At last, Raphael let out a loud groan and kept his dick in while he shot warm cum into her mouth, forcing Suzy to swallow it. 

When she did, he slowly took his dick out, allowing her to finally catch breath. Raphael then smiled, bent and kissed Suzy in the lips and then said with a smile: ‘ok, I better get that shower’. 

I was just about Suzy if she was ok but Joe was quicker, to which she unexpectedly answered, 

- Yeah. It was good fun - and stretching her tired mouth said - But you’re wearing a condom - and pointed to the bedside table.

As Joe reached into the drawer and proceeded with wrapping his dick up, Suzy turned to me with a tired but still excited look and asked, ‘Are you enjoying watching, Sidney?’, and giggled. Her hair was in a mess and her body bent in one hundred different ways like a repeatedly creased sheet of paper. But how sexy and innocent she still looked. ‘Yes’, I said, yes, I enjoyed watching. It was like peeping into the other side of her, the side I didn’t know, and that made it so exciting. I felt something in my crotch getting looser, warmer, something unfolding. When Joe lay on the bed with his hard cock pressing against his pelvis, and as Suzy, squatting above him, took his dick into her hand and with a few additional strokes changed its position to vertical, my hand reached underneath the towel and started to rub against the warm soft skin of my increasingly harder cock. I touched my balls too. I saw Suzy impale herself on Joe’s penis and taking the entirety of it in. 

Once again she gasped and, upon Joe’s insistence and with his help, took off her shirt. It was the first time since we were ten that I saw Suzy’s breasts. And they were breasts, or tits in their own right. Not in size, which if large would not have fitted her, but in proportion and shape. The looked like two smooth and perfectly firm apples that, even if small, jumped up and down as she was getting fucked by the man underneath her. I could tell Suzy liked it - she was moaning with higher and higher frequency and herself began to bounce on Joe’s dick. I’m not sure when exactly she noticed that I was touching myself but at some point she said with a voice full of horny dreaminess, ‘I want a finger... up my butt’. Joe looked at her face and with some initial bafflement, proceeded to reach with his hand to the back of her body. 

- No - she said - I want Sidney to do it

I looked into her eyes with as much emotional baggage of years of being just friends that I could gather but her eyes remained confident. She repeated herself, ‘Come on, Sidney, I want your finger in my hole. Now’. I moved forward and obediently fulfilled her instructions about the use of lube which she also kept in her drawer. I didn’t know how it felt, I was astonished, but the sole fact that my best friend asked me to anally finger her... Well, I won’t to repeat myself. 

I sat at the end of the bed on which Joe and Suzy fucked. For my better entry, she bent forwards and lay on Joe who took over the initiative and pounded her pussy from underneath her. He grabbed her asscheeks and spread them to make it easier for himself to penetrate her. I saw her asshole clearly. It too was hairless and marvelously clean. I could see how in pleasure her muscles opened it up a little bit and then again squeezed tightly. Though Joe pressed Suzy’s head to his chest, saw her looking at me with a much more serious face than before and yet still dreamy and somewhat jovial. ‘Put it in’, she whispered away my hesitation. I squeezed out a lot of lube onto my fingertips and touched my friends hole. I could feel underneath them a shiver running up and down her body but her face indicated pleasure. I lubricated the ring of her asshole and then extensively did my right index finger. I put down the bottle of lube next to me and, starting with gentle rubbing, I proceeded inside the hole. 

As I pressed and got the tip of my finger in, Suzy moaned, and I mean - really moaned - which surprised both me and Joe. I withdrew to make sure every part of her is sufficiently lubed up and want back inside with my index finger, now pushing in half of its length.

- Yes - she said with her eyes shut and bending her neck upwards. Joe still fucked her and I could feel the rhythm of her pussy taking in his cock through the inside. Inside she was warm and very tight. And that finally turned me on. I changed my position slightly and my towel fell off and I somehow rocked a huge erection, which surprised even me but Suzy did not notice it yet. Again I withdrew and again went in and so repeatedly until my whole finger was inside her ass. I then began to rhythmically go in and out and fingerfuck Suzy’s butthole. 

- Another one - I heard her mumble quickly

- What? - I asked

- Put in more, fingers, Sidney

As she asked, I did - my index finger was soon joined by a lubricated middle one and it wasn’t long before I was penetrating Suzy’s ass with two fingers. She moaned a little but above all I could feel how the muscles of her rectum squeezed in my fingers. She was really enjoying herself. But so was Joe - three loud groans later he shoved his dick as deep as he could and stopped fucking Suzy. I heard her kiss him and felt his dick slipping out of her pussy. I kept my fingers inside and was not going to take them out until she asked me to. I was now turned on and I knew what I was feeling. 

It wasn’t just jealousy, it was love. I wanted to make love with my friend, I wanted to be the one to make her reach the peak. Joe slid from underneath Suzy but she, promisingly did not change her position and stayed on her knees, her ass still sticking out with my fingers inside. I looked at her cast, I looked at her hair. I looked at my fingers buried deep between her bottom. Joe went outside, taking off the condom. It was good to see Suzy fucked by my buddies but now I wanted my share. And I think she did too. I kissed her on the neck and whispered:

- I didn’t know you were such a slut 

- It’s good you are finally hard, Sid. I wanted you to be in me from the very moment you went in today. Can you… - she hesitated for a moment - Do… it?

There was no question as to what she wanted me to do. I took my fingers out and squeezed out as much lube as I could onto my long dick. She touched herself and turned her head around. 

- Oh fuck Sidney, please be gentle ok? - she said when she saw me

- I will - I replied 

I made her lay her body horizontally against the mattacce only with her ass held high. I touched her smooth butthole with the head of my dick and pressed. She loosened her muscles as much as she could and as I managed to get the whole of the head of my dick in, she hissed. I felt my skin against hers, completely bare, two most intimate parts of us completely connected. I stopped but after a few second she told me to keep going. I pressed more and saw a part of my shaft sink into Suzy’s ass. She loosened her muscles even more. ‘Now go back’, she instructed me so I withdrew a bit. 

Suzy we go way back, I thought, and now look at what we’re doing. I felt pure love toward her and was sure she felt something reminiscent of that toward me. I slowly began to sway my way in and out and after two minutes we were having full-on anal sex. My bare organ penetrated her intestines. And Suzy was enjoying herself. She was rubbing her clit and moaning silently but constantly. I did not go a full length. As we reached the three quarters of my length she asked me to stop with that. So we did. I grabbed her breasts. They were soft and warm much like the inside of her. Pulling her torso toward me, I made her stand vertically on her knees and pounded faster. 

I forgot about Joe and I forgot about Raphael. I was fucking my best friend, Suzy, in the ass. My hand reached down to hers and took over the job of touching Suzy’s labia. I felt her clit large and hard underneath my middle finger. She was as wet as you would guess a pussy is after three dicks went in and out of her. My touch must have really turned me on because she started to moan more loudly. 

- Make me cum, Sidney. Please cum... Cum in my butt… - she asked in a high, desperate-sounding voice. That thought excited me. I went in harder in response to which she gasped for air. I was rubbing her clit fast and hard and was amazed by how stretchable her asshole was. I put some saliva on my hand and kept jacking Suzy off. I saw the cast in her leg come upwards slightly as the spasms of pleasure bent her body. And then I came. I shot a massive load into Suzy’s ass which she must have not only felt but heard from my long moan. But she wasn’t finished. So I kept going. It took her just ten more seconds to start moaning intensely and until I felt her asshole squeezing tightly on my dick. She fell onto her bare breast and twitched with my dick in her butt. After a minute it was over. 

I took my dick out and a stream of semen rolled out of the gaping widened hole of Suzy. I helped her stand up. We kissed and smiled, not saying a thing. I stayed on the bed and saw the stream of my cum still leak from between Suzy’s legs as she walked toward the bathroom.

- Hey, Suzy - I shouted after her

- Yeah? - she turned around smiling, cum still dripping out of her onto the floor

- Why didn’t you come to the game?

But she only laughed and turned around. And that was that.