The Clean Tutor Ch. 05

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02 Jun. '20

Rooster felt Rianti’s pussy viciously spasm on his cock.

“Fuck!” he groaned, as his big, beefy cock started cumming up in the girl’s hot snatch. Her hips were shaking so violently with the force of her orgasm, he had to hold onto them. Her shudders were so forceful, his pulsating cock threatened to pop out of her tunnel, but with his extra strength, he managed to keep her steady while he shot load after load into her. It was a hot if somewhat harsh event, but he did his best to help her.

“Haaaaaa,” Rianti moaned, as she slowly started to regain control of her body. “Oh wow,” was all she could breathily say, as they lay on her bed, Rooster having thrown her into doggy position, both of them hot and naked. Really, it had been the first thing they had done this afternoon, barely waiting a second after he had walked into her room. Internally, he was somewhat thankful that he now had a moment to rest and compose himself a bit with the extra time.

Rooster then leaned forward and kissed her shoulder. For her part, Rianti reached behind and ran her slender fingers through his hair, before they went in for a hot Frenching. After a few more moments, he found the willpower to eventually pull out of her. As he stepped back, she lifted up her rear, and he saw rivulets of cum pouring out from her quim and running down her lean and toned thighs.

“Well then,” he said with a smile, grabbing one of the extra towels she had layed next to her bed and drying himself off. “Another good Monday?”

“Oh yeah,” she said, reaching between her naked thighs and lazily petting her bean. “Another good Monday.”

After he finished dressing himself, he went over and passionately kissed her, ignoring the fact that he could still taste some of his own cum from her lips. Really, he probably still had another round in him, but they had agreed that as far as Monday fuck sessions go, they were only there to bang-any deeper conversation could wait outside of the tight time schedule. But he still found time to let her know that he loved her, and that if she ever needed actual help with her work, she was always free to call him.

“I don’t want to be late,” he told her.

“It’s okay, mas Rooster, I understand,” she said with a laugh, while grabbing some clean clothes. “You get that chedder, boy!”

He stepped out of the hallway, adjusting his bag, thinking about that last thing she had said. Hmm, that was far too contemporary a phrase, which didn’t dissuade him from still thinking that she and her family had probably lived in America before. He hadn’t forgotten that there were still a few mysteries he needed to solve.

Rooster went down the hall towards the first floor but stopped when he noticed Cinta, wearing a nice pink summer dress, waiting beside the stairs. He froze and tried to analyze her expression, to find that her face was blank; he could not tell what her emotion was, and whether she would be happy knowing that he had just finished banging her older sister. The last time he had seen her was when he had given her that ‘ride’ from downtown.

“How was she?” Cinta eventually asked.

“She was good,” he replied carefully. Cinta smiled.

“Good, I’d never forgive her if she didn’t treat you well.”

“Oh. No, nothing like that. She bangs like a porn star.” Rooster said this confidently, but in his thoughts he mentally winced, thinking that might’ve actually been a bit too extreme of a phrase. But Cinta gave a sincere and sweet laugh, before she merrily skipped up to him and they Frenched. Her lips tasted of strawberry, and her demeanor was cheerful. Rooster was happy that he had had a chance to say hi to her.

“Keep it up, and you might make me become a porn star,” Cinta lustily said to him, before they kissed again.

“I have to leave, I can’t be late” he said, after the Frenching was over. She nodded and let him go, but before he reached the bottom of the stairs he heard Cinta whisper his name again. He turned to look back up the stairs to see that the girl had pulled down her panties and had hiked up her dress with one hand, and was busily fingering herself with the other, all while looking at him and licking her lips. While his eyes were obviously drawn to her pussy, he did notice that slightly above that, she had written with a sharpie marker ‘ALL YOUR’S DADDY,’ just slightly beneath her belly button. Beneath the words was a downwards pointing arrow.

“Call me,” she said seductively. He nodded and proceeded to keep walking out, knowing that he had fap material for years on end. But he had let both girls know individually that he still had to work, and to his surprise, they respected that fact. Otherwise he would’ve taken her and banged the little slut right there and then on the stairs.

“Rooster!” came Priscilla’s beautiful voice, from deeper within the main parlor of the house, just as he was about to leave through the front door. He had noticed that Priscilla wasn’t there to escort him out to his car, which was more common for her to do. Actually, she hadn’t even greeted him when he had first arrived today, just letting him know through text that she was busy in the backyard and that he could let himself in and walk up to Rianti’s room on his own. That was really what had given him the extra time to give her daughter the proper banging she deserved.

“Yes!” he called back to her, feeling both excited but also very nervous. The last time they had met, they had shared a deep, intimate kiss. But they hadn’t talked since then and he really had no idea what to expect from her. Distantly, he also remembered that there was still the possibility that he might’ve finally been caught banging her daughters and that she was fucking firing him this very second.

“I’m in the kitchen, please come here for just a moment!” Rooster didn’t waste a second-he knew that Priscilla knew that he had more sessions to attend to, so she wouldn’t keep him from that. He really couldn’t be late today.

Rooster followed where he had heard her voice, and when he found the big and sunlit kitchen, he almost had to immediately pick his jaw up from off the floor. Priscilla was doing the dishes, which in itself wouldn’t be too extraordinary, if it wasn’t for the fact that she was showing the most skin she had shown yet since he had first met her, and her body was glorious. Apparently she had finished some kind of work-out session not too long ago, and her body still shone with a light sheen of sweat. She was wearing black yoga pants which left little to the imagination; her hips were curvy and her big ass was plump and juicy, hidden beneath the fabric. She wasn’t wearing a shirt, though she was wearing a firm black jogging bra, though the poor thing looked liked it was only just barely able to hold up her big, DDD cup titties. While his eyes were wandering, he could not help but notice how in shape she was; her stomach was flat, but more than that, there was the faintest hint of abs. Including her height, she had an incredible body, and even though that made her a somewhat intimidating woman, it didn’t stop him from feeling that now quite common stirring in his loins.

“Done looking?” Priscilla asked in her husky, accented voice.

“Huh? Oh shit-I mean, uh, I’m sorry,” Rooster stammered like a schoolboy, as he made sure to look back up at Priscilla. Although he could feel his cheeks getting flushed, he saw that her friendly expression told him that she was amused and charmed, and not offended in the least. While looking up though, he made a quick note that she was wearing a black and loose sports hijab, that like her others, framed her beautiful and sexy face. Her eyes were big and brown, her face sweetly round, lips full and chin strong. But due to her hijab, he still didn’t know exactly what all of her facial features looked like.

“It’s fine, Rooster, I appreciate the flattery. I just wanted to let you know before you leave, that I made some nasi goreng for you, as thanks for being such a good tutor to my dear Rianti. It’s in the refrigerator, it’s still fresh.”

“Oh, thank you so much,” he said, before briskly walking to the nearby refrigerator behind the main kitchen table and pulling out a bowel that had some still warm nasi goreng sitting in it. It smelled wonderful and spicy, with a fried egg on top that made it look all the more delicious. “Oh my goodness, thank you, thank you.”

“Oh, you’re so welcome,” she said happily, before her eyes darted to her left, as she seemed to quickly consider adding an extra detail. “I made this just for you, I didn’t tell either of my girls I made this” she said while returning her eyes back to him. “And they love my nasi goreng.”

There was a moment’s pause, while both of them stared dreamily at each other, Priscilla’s hands resting beside the sink. The only sound that could be heard was the kitchen faucet, which she had forgotten to turn off and was still running.

Rooster quickly walked up to her, grabbed her chin and then they both started heavily and heartily Frenching each other. The kiss was spontaneous and really rather violent, which only made Rooster all the more excited. After a short moment of hesitation, he reached up and grabbed her barely contained girls.

“Oh!,” she gasped, while Rooster squeezed and massaged them, feeling their perfect roundness from beneath her sports bra. Turning her to face towards him, he shoved his face into her deep bosom, kissing and slobbering all over her hit titties and chest.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned, before he felt a hand on his chest.

“Rooster!” Priscilla said, causing him to pause and look up at her, to see that though she was smiling and biting her lip, she hadn’t quite lost all of her senses yet. “Aren’t you going to be late to your next student?”

“You know what?” Rooster spoke while still rubbing her big melons. “My next student is a fat little shit. Fuck him,” he said before shoving his face back into her chest.

“Oh thank goodness!” Priscilla said before yanking down her bra and revealing her big nipples. Her areolas were beautiful and round, and to Rooster’s surprise, pierced. Not that he was complaining, he thought that was hot as hell, as he took each of them and begin viciously kissing and slobbering over them. Taking each of her titties, he spat on both of her delicious nips before continuing the passionate assault.

“Haa,” Priscilla panted while reaching behind her and turning off the faucet. She then sat up on the edge of the sink and quickly pulled down her yoga pants all the way to her knees, revealing her splendid thighs and even more splendid pussy. Rooster looked and saw that Priscilla’s pussy was fat and fine, and just like her daughters, was also smooth, hairless and well cared for. A beautiful, precious jewel that already shone with a brand new wetness. It was a splendid, full pussy.

Without missing a beat, Rooster knelt between her legs, spat on her twat and began eating her out, delighted by how instantly delectable her nectar was. Using all of the skills he knew, many of them he had refined while eating out both of her daughters, he passionately swirled his tongue all up and down her slit and diamond, kissing and inhaling the air around it. He would switch up his speed, sometimes going slow, and other times furiously tongue fucking her with all of his heart. In but a moment, his face was smattered with her splendid elixer, some of which was running down his chin.

“Oh Rooster!” Priscilla continued to pant, her chest heaving with excitement. Finally, her body shuddered, causing him to pull his head back. Standing up, he leaned in to kiss her, and was again taken aback by how violent the Frenching was; at one moment, she forcefully grabbed his chin and licked the right side of his face with her big tongue. In but a moment, her face too was also smeared with her very own juices.

Rooster licked his fingers and carefully shoved them into Priscilla’s hole. Priscilla gasped and smiled in surprise as Rooster began to finger her, but as he did so, he was reminded of how Priscilla was bigger, and her pussy, though still tight, was fatter than those of her two daughters. Whenever he had fingered either Rianti or Cinta, he had to be careful, because they were just smaller girls. But with Priscilla, he shouldn’t have to worry about that. And so, he began to vigourously fingerbang her.

“Ooh!” Priscilla moaned while Rooster picked up the pace. She was hypnotized, staring at the motion of the younger man’s hands pleasuring her so splendidly. She was transfixed, staring at her wet pussy, until her pussy began to shake. “Aah!” she groaned, as she spurted all over Rooster’s hands and her own kitchen floor. Rooster pulled his hand away, equally transfixed as he watched Priscilla ride out her strong orgasm. She rode it well, not exactly losing all of her senses, but he could tell that it had been a long time since she had experienced something so pleasurable, and she was loving every fucking second of it.

Things were heating up fast. Rooster knew what he had to do, happy that all of that working out he had been doing of late was starting to pay off big for him.

As she sat there on the edge of the kitchen sink, she watched in lustful fascination as Rooster undid his jeans, pulling them down. Her eyes went wide as she saw his boner pop out of his pants and saw just how big he really was; it wasn’t that he had the largest dick in the history of the world, no, but he had good length and solid girth. He spat on his hand and started slicking his meat up. While she watched, she petted her own luscious pussy.

“Priscilla?” he asked, drawing her attention back up to him. “Do you want this?” It was something he didn’t want to say but felt he still should.

She nodded, fully kicking her yoga pants the rest of the way off and letting them drop to the warm, hardwood floor.

Rooster stepped forward, lined his dripping cock up to her entrance and rubbed his head against her bean. She purred, as Rooster began and pushed his length up into her, more of her juices spilling out as he shoved inch after solid inch through her passage.

“Fuuuuuck,” Priscilla hissed, her eyes widening in pleasure, tongue lolling as Rooster began skillfully pumping in and out of her. He was staring at her face while his balls slapped against her hot meat, loving how tight she was. He picked up the pace, feeling her wet warmth push and fit more around his strong sword. When she managed to look up and notice that he was staring into her, they went in for another deep Frenching. It was a hot second and when it ended, he threw his face back into her heavenly cleavage. As he did so, he began pounding her even harder, helping hold her legs up beneath her thighs with both of his hands. He was really getting deep into her.

“Mmm!” Priscilla hummed in pleasure, while Rooster went away at hot, almost divine pussy.

“Oh Priscilla, you feel so fucking good,” he moaned into and between her big, hot heaving titties. At one point, she lifted up her tits so he could get even deeper into her cleavage.

“Yes! Yes! Yeeeeeees!” Priscilla groaned as her pussy began to convulse in yet another orgasm, Rooster’s thick, meaty cock still deep into her. It was a strange feeling, feeling her muscles contract and pulse on his meat while her hips shook. Like he had done with her daughter maybe some 40 minutes ago, he grabbed her by her hips to help her as she rode this wave of heavenly agony. He somehow didn’t cum, but just barely, his cock still good, hard and primed.

He felt the spurting come flying from her pussy, drenching his thighs and balls.

When Priscilla composed herself, she put his hands on his shoulders and forcefully pushed him to the ground. Rooster was taken aback by her strength, but did as she notioned, laying with his back on the ground and taking off his shirt. Priscilla still had her jogging bra on, which only helped push her titties up. Rooster was jerking his drenched cock, and lined it up as Priscilla, staring into his eyes, impaled herself on his cock.

“Oh Rooster,” she said, running her hands along his toned stomach and chest. “Oh my dear, you’re so big!” she gasped as she bounced on his cock, over and over and over again. Rooster matched her pace, shooting his hips up into her as she threw her firm hips down back onto him. They both had good timing; at one point, she even reached down with her arms to support herself while she twirked herself on the tip of his head, with absolute precision. And while he could only catch a few slide glances, he took great pride knowing that Priscilla’s plump and juicy ass was bouncing up and down, like the most beautiful pillow the world had ever seen. When she came back down from her mad twirk session, Rooster took the initiative again and began jackhammering into her, also enjoying staring at her bouncing titties.

“Priscilla! Fuck, you feel so fucking wonderful,” he said, his face focused while giving her his best yet. Priscilla leaned down and licked his neck before they went in for a deep, sensual, aggressive make-out. “Fuck, I can’t last much longer,” he whispered to her while he rested her hands on her fat ass.

“Do it!” she whispered back to him. “You’ve already spoiled me so much, now spoil me some more.”

“Fuck!” Rooster groaned, as the pleasure became too much for him. His cock, deep into her passage, erupted with cum. He blasted and drenched her canal with his cum, his big cock and balls throbbing as they reached the absolute depths of their fill. He just kept shooting potent seed after potent seed into her, right into her hot womb, his balls hilted up to her pussy, which began shaking in another powerful orgasm.

“Ah! Ohhh,” she moaned, her pussy and hips spasming. She lifted her head up, but she also still somehow managed to reach down behind his head and shoved his face into her eternally thankful bosom, her mind going blank with lust. Even when his balls had now been fully and completely emptied, she was still sweetly grinding her hips on him.

Eventually, they regained their senses. Priscilla gently let Rooster’s head down, before she leaned back and off his now well worked cock. Resting her back against the bottom of her kitchen sink cupboard, she gently massaged her pussy, which had also been well worked and stretched today. Rooster watched and got deja vu as he watched his cum proceed to spill out of her pussy, like a frothing jungle river, white with countless rapids. The sound of his cum dripping to the floor was ever so audible. The whole room, while still sunlit and smelling of wonderful spices now also had the unmistakeable smell of hot and sweaty sex.

“Oooh,” Priscilla cooed as the cum eventually started to slow. Looking back at Rooster, she smiled at him. “That was wonderful, more passionate than anything my husband has ever given to me.”

“Thank you,” he lowly muttered. With a small level of fatigue, he slowly got up and began collecting his scattered items. In a moment, he was dressed, and when he saw Priscilla still sitting beside her sink, he went over and helped her to her feet. She giggled and they went in for a smooch, this one not violent at all, but quick and sweet. That said, he could still taste a few drops of her own pussy juice on her lips.

“Let’s meet again this week,” she said, resting her hand on his face. “I want more.”

“Of course, my beautiful Priscilla,” he said. He gave her another quick kiss before he went to leave as stealthily as possible. Neither Rianti or Cinta had seen this exchange, but he knew his luck wouldn’t last forever.

“Rooster!” Priscilla quietly called to him again. He turned to her, to see her notioning to the nasi goreng that was still left on the kitchen table. Smiling, he grabbed it, gave her one last kiss and then promptly left.

After he left, Priscilla stood there radiant and satisfied. She too quickly gathered her items, put on her pants and fixed herself as best as she could. It didn’t matter, she was going straight to the shower in her room now. But as she cleaned up, she noticed a bit of cum still splattered on the floor from where she had sat down. Looking down at the puddle and seeing that it was still wet, fresh and miraculously still warm, she knelt down and licked the puddle clean.

“Oh Rooster,” she moaned in the sunlight, eyes lolling in the back of her head while she smacked her full lips. “I want so much more.”


Rooster le Coq had messaged the parents of the student he had missed and appologized as best as he could, but that didn’t save him from getting fired from them. It really wasn’t a big deal to him; while his online tutor rating would take a bit of a hit, he knew it wouldn’t take long until he had a new student lined up. This was a usually dependable business.

He came home and cleaned himself up, the shower feeling fresh and relaxing. He couldn’t stop replaying the events today in his head; damn, were all the Septriasa women sluts? Shit, that was all three of them now that he was banging. In his head, he wondered if there were other men in history that had been lucky enough to bang all of the women in a family. But at least to him, really, all three of them seemed to still be genuinely nice people, that had deep appreciation for him.

He got out out of the shower and noticed that he had new texts. He looked at them, one from each of the four women in his life. He went through them; all three of the Septriasa girls had, individually, sent him some explicit nudies. The last text though was from Callie, and while she hadn’t sent him a nudie, the text she wrote to him made him was the one that made him drop his phone, as a pulse of fear ran down his spine.

‘Agung Septriasa has stolen your book.’