Love, Lust and Jealousy

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08 Jun. '20

Do you know the difference between love and lust? I’m really not sure I do. A wise man once said you’re in love when you put her welfare and happiness ahead of yours. I suppose that’s a good enough definition for me. Of course when do you know, in a crunch, that you’d really do that?

Everybody knows what lust is. A desire so strong if you are left without satisfaction you suffer. But you’ll get over it, easily, perhaps just minutes later.

I know what jealousy is. That’s the feeling I had when I found my wife was having an affair. I was hurt, I was angry, I was sure she didn’t love me. When we had the first talk I told her if there was any chance of us saving our relationship, she had to stop; she promised she would. For eight months we worked hard, marriage counselors, long talks at night, weekends at bed and breakfasts. I was almost there, in the times I remembered about her and him I didn’t get quite so perturbed any more. Yes, that’s when I found the hotel room charge on her credit card. That’s jealousy.




Just a few weeks into my relationship with Alicia, I wondered if what I was feeling was jealousy. I always associated the feeling with love - if you’re not in love, how can you be jealous? But I certainly felt something. 

I knew Alicia slept around. I picked her up at a bar one Friday night, a rather plain looking woman, soft auburn hair, almost no makeup, thick lips, austere bifocals. But she filled her blouse out well, when she leaned into me at the bar I could see the lace of her bra. She waited for me to make the offer, her only question was, “Is your place clean?”

“Moderately so.”

“The first thing I’m going to do is go into the bathroom, if the toilet isn’t sparkling you can expect me to leave.”

I shook my head, it’d been a few days since I’d swabbed the floor. “Well, how about your place then?”

“No good. I never invite a guy home, I can’t have any chance of my son figuring it out.”

God, I wanted her. “How about a hotel?”

“Now you’re talking,” she agreed, the nearby Comfort Inn would be fine. “If the room isn’t clean, we can simply ask for another one.”

Shy wasn’t in this girl’s vocabulary. She stripped for me almost immediately, I was delighted by her bare pubes, she knew her way around my cock. I was this close to coming from her blow job at least four times, she kept doing something that blocked me. She couldn’t keep her body still while I ate her, flailing her arms and moaning so loudly I wondered if the people passing by the door could hear. And when she climbed on top of me, started thrashing around on my cock, her glasses slid off her nose and clattered to the floor. But she didn’t stop to worry about that, intent only on her own pleasure. I could hold off only long enough to make sure she was in orgasm.

Her cell had beeped during our struggles, she paused to look at it. “Nothing important,” she admitted, “I had to know if my son needs me. But it’s only a guy, probably looking for a booty call.”

She turned on her stomach, we talked.

“Are you married?” I asked.

“Used to be. Are you?”

“It only lasted a couple of years,” I admitted.

“She was fucking around on you, wasn’t she? How long have you been divorced?”

“Nineteen months. You?”

“Going on five years now. We have a son, nine years old, joint custody. This week he’s at his dad’s place.”

“That’s got to be rough.”

“Not really,” she said. “I divorced him, I was a virgin when we got married and I knew our sex sucked, he didn’t want it to get better. Other issues, too, of course, money and he could be an asshole. So it’s better for my son this way. He’s still got both parents, we both love him, and this way I get to fuck around every other week.”

We started again, it took me another half hour to get ready for the encore, an interlude that suited her perfectly. She responded to my tongue and touches as a trained race horse does, orgasming blazingly. I found her nipples loved to be bitten softly, I found I liked the same treatment. She sucked on my toes, laughing when I shook with tension. When I was finally ready we went through the paces again, she sat on the credenza while I screwed her, she draped herself over the back of the chair spreading her legs around the small of my back. She seemed finally done, she laid sedately on her back while I prodded into her, encouraging me to reach completion once again.

“So how did you get so good at sex?”

“Practice,” Alicia laughed. “Believe it or not, I never had an orgasm until after I got divorced. Not even from masturbation. After we were separated I let this guy take me out, I figured it was time I moved on, and as soon as he put it in me I went off! I wasn’t quite sure what it was, not then, but when we got together a couple weeks later there it was again! And I learned I could bring myself off in bed by myself. Or in the bathtub, or in the living room, or . . . “ She laughed, a soft giggle. “We dated for four months and it started getting a little serious so I broke it off, and I picked up a guy at a bar one night. Yep, fireworks again. One of my girlfriends who’d been around the block seduced me, and I found out girls can be almost as good as guys. And she explained to me what guys like, she showed me how to give a blowjob to a banana . . . You going to leave now?”

“Not if you don’t want me to.”

“Cool. Buy me breakfast.”

We woke up around four in the morning, it was quick but satisfying. And at nine o’clock, we spent a great fifteen minutes in the shower, then we spent twenty-five on the bed and we showered again. I ran out of condoms, but it turned out she had a three-pack in her purse. “For emergencies,” she tittered.

Over the grand slam, I asked if I could see her that night. “Sorry, I’ve got a date. But here’s my number. Don’t be worried if it takes me a couple of days to get back to you, I don’t want my son to know what his mother does in her spare time.”


I hit the bar again the next night, accompanied by my friend, Jimmy. We made the rounds, I told him about this fantastic brunette who screwed my brains out the night before. We had some luck with this pair of divorcees, and they wanted us to go back to their place. But I wasn’t in the mood. Had I had enough sex for one weekend? That’d never been a problem for me before. I told Jimmy to go ahead without me, he later told me he’d slept with both of them, but Jimmy had a certain lack of preciseness in the story, I assumed he’d struck out.

As I drove home, it wasn’t later than 11:30, I wondered how Alicia’s date was turning out. Was she even then on her knees, letting the other guy stick it to her hard? I wasn’t upset about it or anything, Alicia had been very honest with me about her notions. Still, I sort of wished I was the one with her. I thought about calling her, perhaps the date had gone bad. But I remembered her laughter as she joked about booty calls. Instead I just put ESPN on, let it dull me to sleep.


I gave her a call late Monday night. “Hey, how are you?”

“Just fine. I got Robbie to sleep, just having a glass of wine.”

“Oh, he’s there tonight?”

“Yeah. My ex and I swap off every Sunday night, this is my week.”

“Okay. So, what are you wearing?” I asked.

“Nope, I can’t go there. Robbie’s the most important thing in my life, I don’t take any chances when he’s here.” So I was denied phone sex and sexting. But then I realized all the other guys were denied it too.

“Well, I really had a great time Friday, you were fantastic.”

“You were too,” she complimented, “very stimulating, if you know what I mean.”

We went on to ordinary subjects after that, I found she liked historical movies about the old European kings and queens. That her favorite place to travel to was the mountains in the spring. 

After fifteen minutes we wrapped up. “Okay, so listen, I don’t normally talk to guys the week my son’s here. I don’t even answer the phone. But I made an exception in your case, because you’re new and I really like you. What are you doing Sunday night?”

“Nothing. Why?”

“Well, I was hoping we could get together. You don’t know how much I’m in the mood after I have a week with my son.”

“It’s a date! Why don’t you let me buy you dinner . . .”

“. . . That won’t be necessary,” she interrupted. “Why don’t I just pick up something - do you like Chinese? - and I’ll just bring it over to your place.” I agreed rapidly.

I spent much of the weekend scrubbing my apartment, the bathroom glistened. On Saturday I went with Jimmy to our bar and met another woman. She invited me home, I accepted. But my heart wasn’t in it, while we were in the deed she had a rather dead ass. After I dribbled into her listlessly, I made my excuses and left quickly. The girl didn’t expect me to call again, I got the feeling.

Alicia arrived at my place just after seven. She attacked me with kisses, her hand was at my zipper quickly. She let me undress her in the living room, sat on the couch and let me at her clit, bucking and screaming as I ate her. I crawled between her legs, she told me she needed me. Her box was hot, I tried to hold off but it was no use, she bellowed as we screwed. “Go ahead, I know you need to,” she cheered, and I emptied myself into her twat. The whole thing hadn’t lasted more than ten minutes after the door was closed, but it was the best quickie I’ve ever had.

“I’m disappointed,” I said.

“Why? Because I didn’t give you a blow job? There’s plenty of time for that.”

“No, I worked all weekend on my toilet, and you didn’t inspect it.”

We laughed, but she trod nakedly into the bathroom. “I knew it would look great,” she taunted. The spring rolls and cashew chicken was still warm, we ate at the kitchen table in the buff. For the first time I actually took time to look her over. Believe it or not, the previous Friday and earlier that evening, I hadn’t concentrated on her features, I was much too intent on using her. Now, I took my time.

She wasn’t a classic beauty. Her face was pear shaped, her jaw jutted a bit. The glasses she always wore could have had more stylish frames. Her hair was a bit too fine, it waved wildly. Her lips were thick, and her smile lacked a glow to it. And yet, her demeanor reeked of sex, of craving. I found myself becoming hard again for her.

She dragged me into the bedroom after the meal, she was hungry for more of me. This time we weren’t trying to set speed records, we kissed fervidly, she pressed her body against mine. Once again I nibbled at her nether region, she bellowed in pleasure. She waved me to kneel above her with my cock at her face. “I want you to come on my tits,” she begged, and then proceeded to let me fuck her mouth, her hands were on my balls and shaft as she licked the tip. It was marvelous, and when I felt the bile rising I backed away and she stroked my cock as it spilled onto her chest and chin. I noticed a glob on her hair, she didn’t seem to mind.

When I was done she collected a wad of it, moved it to her button and used it as natural lubrication as she brought herself off again. I timed it, one-thousand and one, one-thousand and two, and was up to eighty-seven before she opened her eyes and sighed blissfully.

I tried to get her to stick around but she wouldn’t have it. “It’s a school night,” she said, “and I know if I stay we won’t get any sleep and I’ll be worthless tomorrow.”

“How about dinner on Friday?”

“That’d be great. I’ll come over and we can leave from here?” 

It was evident I still wasn’t welcome at her place. “That’s fine.”

And she smiled slyly as she picked up her jacket, “Should I bring an overnight bag?”


I tried calling her Wednesday night, around nine, she didn’t pick up. I got the return call on Thursday, we talked for fifteen minutes, she wouldn’t let me invite her over for the night. “No, tomorrow is coming. Try not to jerk off, there’ll be more for me if you don’t,” she laughed.

She arrived at my house around 6:45 in a chic black dress, plenty of cleavage, plenty of leg. “I got it when I was in Vegas last summer,” she explained. I wondered if she’d gotten the pearls at her neck or the expensive diamond earrings the same way.

I had reservations at Ruth Chris, fifty dollar steaks, hundred dollar bottle of wine.
The whole thing set me back over three hundred bucks, but it was worth it, I wanted this girl to stick around for awhile. She told me some tales about her childhood while we ate. “Really, I was such a good kid. Girl Scout from the time I was nine, got the award for selling the most cookies three years in a row. Didn’t kiss a boy until my junior year. Very religious, Presbyterian, the whole idea of predestination scared the shit out of me. Met my husband just after I got my associate degree, he swept me off my feet. I’ve always told everybody I was a virgin when I was married, but about a month before the wedding we snuck off to a hotel and I left a red stain on the sheet.”

I told her a few tales about me, she told me she thought I had more, but really, I didn’t. I wasn’t any more wild than other kids in high school and college.

“You called me Wednesday night,” she said, “did you want me to come over?” Her eyes bored into me, I didn’t dare color the truth.

“I was hoping,” I admitted.

“I was over at a friend’s place. A guy friend. Listen, I like sex. You know that, even though this is only our third date. Once I found out guys are different, I decided I wanted to try ‘em all. And I’ve made a pretty good start. Please don’t ask me how many, I won’t tell you, I’ll never tell you. But I won’t lie to you about it either. I hope you’ll take me home and let me show you how much I like you, this wonderful dinner has earned you whatever you’d like tonight. And I hope we’ll see more of each other. You can call me anytime you want, even late at night on the weeks I don’t have Robbie, and if I’m in the mood I might just swing by your place for a quickie.

“But I’m not a one-woman man, I’m not going to be, at least not for quite a while. If you decide you don’t want me on a part-time basis, that’s okay. If you call me, I’ll pick up the phone. If you don’t I’ll be sorry, but I won’t cry.”

I reacted by asking her, “So tell me more about the time you were in Key West, I’ve always been tempted about going down there for Fantasy Fest . . .”

I took her home, of course, and we made dreamy, burning love. As I ate her at one point I placed a finger near her ass, she deliberately wriggled it until my finger penetrated her asshole, she came hard. At another point, we were in doggy, she was right at the edge of the bed and she slipped off and it was almost mystical. I know I came twice, once after about forty minutes when she was in cowgirl, then a couple hours later when we were in a very comfortable position. I really didn’t think two people could screw that hard. We slept, exhausted, naked.

When I woke the next morning I found her in my living room in a thin white robe, her nipples poking holes in the fabric, reading a leather bound book I’d purchased on sale just to make my apartment classier, a cup of coffee at her side. She smiled, I sat beside her, we kissed. “E.F. or F.F.?” she asked.

“Excuse me?”

“Eat First or Fuck First! But I warn you, I’m a little sore this morning, you made me use muscles in some strange ways last night.”

We decided on breakfast, I managed to burn some toast and break a yolk of the eggs. It was going on eleven, we jumped into the shower. She got me to stand with my back to the spigot, kneeled before me and proceeded to give me an excruciatingly perfect blow job. She refused to stop until she got me to come, then seemed to swallow it. When she stood she kissed me, I could tell not all of it was down her throat, it was rather exciting in a strange way to be tasting my own sperm.

She let me play with her body on the bed, but it seemed just for forms sake, she didn’t seem to come. Not that she didn’t encourage me, and she said she enjoyed it.

As we dressed, she’d brought jeans, a blouse and a change of underwear, I said, “Why don’t you spend tonight, too?”

She gazed at me wistfully. “You’d really like that, wouldn’t you?”


She didn’t answer me for a few moments, fiddling with her overnight bag, then took her cell out of her purse. She made a call, the person on the other end apparently answered quickly. “Hey, Herb, it’s Alicia . . . yeah, just fine, you? . . . hey, would you mind if I took a rain check for tonight . . . thanks for understanding, bye!” Turning to me, she asked, “So, what are we going to do today?”

We decided to head for the cultural district, I found out she liked bumming around art galleries. We stopped by a supermarket on the way home, picked up chicken and salad for dinner, and she put a few more things in the cart. And she wouldn’t let me insert my credit card into the machine. “My treat. If I pay for another thirty dinners like this, we’ll be even for what you spent last night.”

At my place she turned me onto an old series on Netflix, we ate dinner in front of the TV, of course we made love again in the living room on the couch, it was no less exciting for feeling a little domestic. The next morning I found out she was skilled at making omelettes, we hung out until two when she said she really had to be going, she was picking Robbie up at five. 

I asked her if we were going to see each other again, she said, “You’ve got my phone number. Feel free to call anytime starting next Sunday night.” A final lingering kiss, she was gone.


That week, did I have hopes? Of course I did, I was in the early throes of infatuation. If ever there was a perfect woman for me, it was Alicia. I could picture us sitting down to dinner every night, asking about how the day had gone. I thought of vacations in the Rockies. My mind wandered to the wonders of her body, and even more to the intelligence of her brain. Yes, every now and again I recalled her manifesto that she wasn’t a one woman man, but I was able to conveniently turn my attention from that.

Tuesday I gave her a call. In response, I got a simple text. ‘Not when I’ve got Robbie. Call me Sunday night.’

And on Sunday night, at 6:45, I dialed her number. “Hi, so glad you called,” I heard her say in her cheerful contralto, “mind if I stop over there tonight?” Of course I told her to get her ass over. The very first thing she did was stride into the bathroom, take a good look around, then say to me, “God, after a week without anything, all I want is a good hard one. Get your ass in the bedroom.” We screwed, a quickie full of her screams, then a naked sandwich eaten on the bed, then we returned to purpose A - I’m pretty sure that was the first time she lubed her back hole up and let me in there.

By 10:00, she was dressing, and I asked, “So, this coming weekend?”

“Sorry, an old friend is coming into town. He booked a room at the McKinley, we’ve got tickets to Hamilton. I could see you Thursday night, would you like that?” 

My hopes were dashed. “Let me think about it.”

“Okay, I’ll keep it open, let me know.”

I gave her a call on Wednesday, asked her if she wanted to grab dinner on Thursday. She merrily said she would, she showed up at the Chili’s wearing a very sexy top, we wound up back at my place for an hour and a half. I was satisfied, but not.


I stewed that weekend, the weekend I knew she lingered in a luxury suite with that old flame of hers, screwing his brains out, not mine. Maybe that’s the first time jealousy over her hit me in the stomach. Over scotch I told Jimmy about it and he tried to talk sense into me. “She told you she wasn’t a one man girl!”

“Yeah, I know.”

“She told you she’s not the marrying kind.”

“A guy can hope, can’t he?”

“Not about her, you can’t. Maybe in a year or two. But not now. You hardly really know her,” he pointed out. “If you get in her face about it she’ll give you the old heave-ho.”

“So what am I going to do?”

“Is she that good of a lay?”

“Best I ever had.”

“Okay, so you’ve got a choice. Be nice to her, accept that you’re just another guy in her stable, and you’ll get it when you get it. Or you can be the dick I know you are and you’ll never see her again.”

I moped, he made the rounds, I wasn’t in the mood.


Another week went by, the week that Alicia had her son, and I got a text from her. ‘Miss you a little bit. Want to get together next Saturday night? I’ll make it worth your while.’

I texted back, ‘sure,’ then I gave one of my steadies a call, made a date for Friday. She let me buy her dinner, then invited me into her bedroom. She was good, but not half as good as Alicia was.

The next night, I was still a little morose, Alicia picked up on it as we barbecued some ribs on my deck. “What did you do last night?” she asked.

I didn’t hold back. “Had a date with an old girlfriend, we screwed.”

“That’s great! I let a guy who’s been trying to get at me take me out. It just didn’t feel right, so I went home by myself. I hope you saved a little bit for me.” She told me a little joke about a couple of nuns, it broke the ice. When we were in the sack it was great. Yes, I knew her body had been used by other guys, I tried my best to outdo them, I thought the screams she gave out meant I’d won.


For over half a year it went that way. Every even week I’d hear almost nothing from her, the weeks she had custody. The odd weeks were different. Sometimes she would only let me see her once or twice, but she’d usually let me have either a Friday or Saturday night. Every couple months she might let me have both of them. But there were weeks when I wouldn’t see her at all. She had no problem committing in advance if she wanted to, and she never broke a date with me. The sex continued to be fantastic.

The nights I suspected, or even knew, that Alicia was with another guy bothered me. I’d think of what she was doing to him, with him, made me even angry. But over time I learned to accept it. Alicia was going to fuck around. Maybe she was a girlfriend to me, but she wasn’t about to stop seeing other guys. My resentment simmered, finally settled into a ‘that’s life’ attitude. 

Realizing I’d never be able to control her, her slutting around, I made alternate arrangements. I’d prowl the bars and clubs with Jimmy and other friends, sometimes we’d score, often we’d strike out but the chase was fun for its own sake. I started dating a girl named Mandy. She let me take her home the first night, she was pretty good, uninhibited. Turned out she liked public sex, she knew this club where everybody screwed. I took her one night, she wore this lewd outfit, there was an orgy room. She grabbed my hand, we headed for it and she rode me in cowgirl. It was a turn-on, seeing other guys wanting this woman I was with, staring at her nudity. I remember coming hard.

Then a very strange thing happened. Another guy came over, asked me if he could kiss Mandy. Without worrying about me, Mandy said, “Sure!” So I moved over, and the other guy started kissing her. Then he started feeling her breasts, Mandy helped him take his shirt off, unzipped him. Lying a few feet from this, I felt the eroticism, but nothing more than that. It was almost academic. Yes, Mandy encouraged him, even helped him put the condom on. And when they were fucking I heard Mandy moan, I enjoyed her orgasm. It was almost like watching porn.

Mandy and I went back to the club another night. We met a couple, they started dancing with us, I felt the old adrenaline rush as this blond put her ass to me, started grinding on my cock. The four of us headed into a room, I fucked the blond wildly, not paying any attention to what Mandy was doing with her husband. Another time, we found a group that was going to play, got invited. Four girls, six guys. I managed to fuck all three of the other girls, Mandy said four of the guys screwed her.

It didn’t impact me at all that this girl I was dating was getting screwed publicly by other guys; it brought feelings of lust to me, but there was no love, so there could be no jealousy.


It was a Saturday night, Alicia was in my bed. As she was going down on me, I felt a strange sensation, a hard stroking of the skin between my balls and ass. I almost came hard from that, Alicia understood and backed off. Later, as we were cuddling under the covers, I asked her, “That was different, new. Where’d you learn that?”

She softly said, “You sure you want to know?”

It was pretty clear to me, “Yeah, go ahead.”

“This week I picked a guy up at a hotel bar, went up to his room. He asked me to do that, it really turned him on. How was it for you?”

“It about threw me through the wall. You can do that anytime you like. So you learn things from other guys?”

“Of course. Most guys are pretty much the same in bed, but every once in awhile you find out somebody does something a little different.”

“What’s the strangest thing?”

“Oh, one guy wanted me to give him a golden shower.”


“He wanted me to pee on him.”


“Yeah, that’s what I thought. But, hey, I’ll try anything once. So I got him to lie on a towel on the floor, sort of crouched above his stomach and let loose. You should have seen the look on his face, sort of excited and content at the same time.”

“Did you ever do that again?”

“Uh-uh. Creeped me right out. We didn’t screw after that, obviously I never saw him again. That doesn’t turn you on, does it?”

“Of course not.” And I meant it. “But what other things have you learned from guys?” From that point on, we talked about our other lovers as if they were part of us. Which they were.


One night Alicia called me out of the blue. “Hey, guess what? Next month my boss is sending me to a convention in Las Vegas.” She gave me the dates, she had to fly out on a Sunday night, the meeting would be over after Friday breakfast. “So I’ve got this idea, why don’t you fly out and meet me there. We could have the whole weekend.”

“What about Robbie?” I asked.

“Oh, I’ve already talked to him, and his father. Jeff will be happy to take him that weekend, and Robbie doesn’t mind. This isn’t the first time we’ve switched it up. If we’re not a little bit flexible we’ll all go mad. Joint custody isn’t meant to be a straitjacket.”

We talked about it a bit, what shows were on the strip, where we should stay. “And hey, just want to let you know,” she warned, “when I get away from home, I can get a little wild.”

So it was on. I had plenty of vacation, I flew out Friday morning, I was at the Mandalay Bay by lunchtime. The weather was gorgeous, cloudless, temps in the low 90s. We checked into the hotel, on the way up to the room I said, “Hey, do you know they have a topless pool here?”

“Yeah,” she admitted, “and you want to go, don’t you? Okay!” She changed into a minimum coverage bikini and a cover up. We headed through the casino to the Moorea Beach Club and Alicia quickly had her boobs out. I leered through my sunglasses, of course, not only at her but also at a number of other women, some of whom had to be either starlets or prostitutes. But I also was intrigued by the guys who looked at my girlfriend’s tits. I noticed her nipples crinkled every so often, I wondered if she was thinking about what the guys were thinking about.

“Did you hook up with anyone this week?”

“Of course not. Never with coworkers, and I’m careful with friends. So I’m hornier than hell.”

“Why didn’t we do anything about that in the room?” 

“You were in too much of a hurry to get up here and look at boobs,” she laughed.

By the time we were sunned and ready for dinner, we had already sated ourselves in the extravagant bathroom, and on the king-sized bed. Alicia took a long time making herself up and pouring her body into one of the littlest black dresses I’d ever seen.

As we went to our show, as we had dinner, as we played the games in the casino, I watched guys look her over. It was a revelation to me. I didn’t mind as their eyes swept up her legs where the hem lurked just four inches from her groin, passed over the fabric and took in the bare skin of her cleavage. At one point, as she was leaning over a table, I realized the bottom of her butt was displayed. Her thighs were together, but from a distance of a few feet I could see the crack of her ass clearly. If she hadn’t been wearing panties, men probably would have seen her sex. And she bent over more than once.

Around three in the morning, as we were riding the elevators to our floor, she teased, “You were excited guys were trying to look up my skirt, weren’t you?”

“How did you know?”

“Your erection shows in those pants,” she laughed.

In the room we stripped quickly, started our foreplay. The windows were opened, the room was flooded with light from the strip, Alicia approached the glass, faced it and bent over, waiting for me to stick it to her. As we screwed, I realized it was possible we were being watched from one of the suites in another hotel. In fact, a man with a pair of binoculars could be getting quite a show. It was different from the time I spent with Mandy in the orgy room, much more erotic. For this was a surprise, and I truly cared about the woman I was fucking.

After we were done, neither of us was really tired yet. I ordered a pizza from room service, we started talking. “So you were really getting off on guys looking at me, weren’t you?” I tried to mask the interest I’d felt, Alicia teased me. “I sensed it. Don’t be ashamed, it’s normal. When other guys enjoy what I’m showing you’re a little proud, aren’t you?”

“I guess so. I didn’t mind. And hey, were you showing off your ass on purpose?”

“It’s a turn on for me, it makes me horny when guys are looking at me.”

There was a knock on the door, Alicia opened it buck naked, I heard her say, “Put it on the coffee table, please.” The waiter moved into the room, set up the feast, I signed for it. He tried not to stare, but there’s no way he didn’t enjoy the sight, unless maybe he was gay. She laughed when he was gone, playfully told me, “I hope you didn’t give him too big of a tip!”

“You think he’ll be talking about that?”

“I doubt it,” Alicia smiled, “I’m sure he sees it all the time. And if he’s a waiter at the topless pool, these aren’t even the best he’s seen today.” We ate our pizza in the nude, turned off the lights.

The next day we strolled through a couple of the other casinos, shopping, admiring the architecture. Alicia was clothed in very tight shorts, a halter top and heels. Again I thought she vamped for any man that had interest in her. Back at the hotel we decided to head for a swim, Alicia disappeared into the bathroom to change. At the pool when she removed her coverup, she was already topless, but the bottoms were new and very yellow. At the sides they had two skimpy strings, the material wasn’t transparent, but it was terribly thin. We played in the water a bit, and when Alicia relaxed on the chaise I noticed her wet bikini clung to her skin, the cameltoe was conspicuous. Needless to say, she attracted a number of walk bys. Every once in awhile, I assume the gawker was attractive to her, she’d take her sunglasses off and stare immodestly into their eyes, or she might spread her legs a bit. We’d whisper back and forth about them, particularly if the man’s erection was apparent. “You like that guys lust after me, don’t you? Don’t worry though, I’m going to the hotel room with you, not them.” Good enough for me! 

In the evening we showered, and she let me watch as she dressed. This night she had a new pair of panties, just a thong, the strap crept up her ass. But it was the color of her flesh! When she wore the same little black dress, I knew some men would be very confused that night.

As we walked past the fountains, as we ate dinner, as we played at the roulette wheel, I watched men trip over themselves to try to see my girlfriend’s pussy. At the restaurant, one man actually ‘accidentally’ dropped his napkin when Alicia spread for him. 

It was approaching one in the morning when Alicia told me, “I want you to walk at least thirty feet behind me. Just watch me, enjoy yourself.”

We strolled through the corridors of Caesars, I spied the men glancing at this single woman. She strolled into a bar, sat on a high chair. Within ten minutes she was approached by a man. I watched her flirt, licking her lips, twirling her auburn hair, reaching out to touch him on the arm. It was oddly reminiscent of the night I met her, I recalled the way she boldly propositioned me. Suddenly, I was stricken with envy, was she planning on doing anything with this rival?

I was about to approach her, steal her back, when she leaned to the gentleman, bussed him on the cheek and stood. When she strolled to me, I saw her smiling, and she placed a hand on my neck, brought my face to hers for a protracted and deep kiss. I was satisfied, I had my woman back.

In the hotel room she disappeared into the bathroom, popped out in a new babydoll. I found I could suck her nipples through slits in the top, at the bottom it was crotchless. She knew just how hard I was for her, she teased me and then she climbed onto the bed, I took her from behind forcefully. 

After forty minutes of erotic exercise we were winded, exhausted. I asked, “Would you have gone home with him?”

“The guy at the bar? No, I was always coming back here with you.”

“Why did you do it then?” I questioned.

“Don’t you like it when we tease each other? That’s all it was. Did you feel how wet I was tonight? Flirting with him got me like that. And I noticed you were harder than normal, I liked how you really pounded me there.”

I had to admit her shenanigans had been an aphrodisiac. “If I hadn’t been here, would you have invited him to your room?”

“I don’t know, maybe.” I knew she was shading the truth, if she’d been alone in this town where debauchery is celebrated, she would have had at least one new lover. I was sure of that.

When we arose on Sunday, I was anticipating additional stimulus, more taunting. But Alicia was surprisingly demure. We went to the regular pool, her one piece swimsuit was peculiarly chaste. For dinner and the show she was dressed nicely in a long gown. And she was ready for bed early, not even midnight. We made love, but it was almost married sex, she wanted me in missionary. We held hands on the flight home, we parted at the airport, her kiss was modest.

The next weekend that she didn’t have Robbie, she asked if she could stay at my house. As we were kissing in foreplay, I had an urge. “I love you,” I declared.

She stopped our play, seemed to hover on the edge of a cliff, then softly admitted, “I love you, too. I have for awhile now.”

We continued our mating, and as I was removing her bra she asked, “Are you clean?”

“What to you mean?”

“Do you have any STDs? How long has it been since you’ve been tested?”

“A couple of months ago. I was clean then. Why?”

“And you’ve only had protected sex since then?”

“Actually, I’ve only had sex with you.”

“Oh, that’s wonderful. I was tested this week, I’m clean too.”

And in a few minutes, as we were preparing for coitus she took the condom out of my hand. “You don’t need that.” It’d been years since I’d had unprotected sex, when I slid into her it felt glorious, for me, for her. I found she didn’t have a great need to clean herself immediately afterwards, she prodded her inner self, then began masturbating using my fluids as lubricant. 

Over the weekend, before she was required to leave me and take charge of her son, we were more available to each other, we used the word ‘love’ often. It was clear to me a corner had been turned. The next Tuesday night, when she had Robbie, she called me later in the evening, just to chat. In the succeeding weeks, Alicia seemed to desire my presence more and more, even sleeping over with me during the week, leaving clothing and other things at my apartment. “This won’t bother any of your other women, will it?” she asked.

“What other women?” I figured she was joking.

After two months of devotion between ourselves, she revealed an upsetting thing, almost as an afterthought. “Listen, Dale’s coming into town next weekend.”

“What does that mean?” I said, a little crossly.

She looked at me, sternly. “It means I’m going to be spending the weekend with him.”

“I thought we were in love.”

“We are in love!” she admitted. “But that doesn’t mean I’m going to be ‘faithful’ to you, and I don’t expect you to be faithful to me.” She hesitated a few moments then continued. “I told you when we were just starting out that I wasn’t a one-man woman. And just because I have feelings for you - and trust me, my feelings are very deep - I’m not going to fall back into monogamy. It bored the hell out of me the first time around. I don’t ever want to be bored again, not for sex.”

“So I’m boring in bed,” I snapped.

“I didn’t say that. No, you’ve got a wonderful repertoire. But sometimes I want something different.”

“Like a different cock!”

“Yes. I want a different shaped cock. I want a man that breathes differently, smells differently, likes different things in bed.”

We went round and round for nearly an hour, she was trying to make me see her point, I was avoiding admitting that was valid if we were in love. Finally, she stood, turned to the door. “I’m going to take off. I’ll call you Sunday night. I really do love you.”

I waited for thirty seconds after the door was closed, after I heard her car start, until I yelled, “Fuck You!” as loud as I could. The delay may have saved our relationship.

I called Jimmy up. In the months, he’d picked up a girlfriend as well, there was talk of a proposal in his future. “Yeah, I can make it Friday. I’ll tell Betty she should plan a night with her girlfriends.”

Over beer and burgers in a sports bar I told him my woes, he commiserated. “Hey, I’m sorry about that. It shouldn’t happen that way. She’s wrong to be fucking around on you. So, are you going to throw her cheating ass out the door?”

“She’s not really cheating,” I told him. I reminded him of the days when we were out chasing skirts, when he knew I was screwing around when I was dating Alicia and Mandy, and other girls for that matter. He didn’t understand.

“When you fall in love, that shit’s supposed to stop.” 

About nine-thirty, we broke up, I was no wiser than I’d been before. I thought about making the rounds, then I had another idea, dialed a number that hadn’t been used in months. “Hey, Mandy, it’s Derek, what you been up to lately?”

“Oh, it’s nice to hear from you. What’s going on?”

“Well, I don’t have anything going on this weekend, and I was wondering . . .”

“Shit. Sure, come on over.”

I was twenty minutes away, as I drove I wondered what the hell I was doing. At the same time I thought about what Alicia was doing, I wondered if Dale was porking her yet. When Mandy opened up the door she was wearing a negligee, thin and revealing. Compared to Alicia, she was striking. Short blond hair, three more inches of leg, well formed breasts. Within half an hour, I had a condom on, she was bent over a chair moaning expletives at me. I fucked her harder than Dale could possibly fuck Alicia. I was rough, I was aggressive and Mandy loved it.

“I missed you,” Mandy said as we were lying in the post-sex fog. “You break up with that other girl?”

“Sort of. She’s out on a date with somebody else.”

“Well, better for me then. You were great tonight. You doing anything tomorrow night?”

“No, don’t think so.”

“Well, I was planning on going back to the club. I don’t have anything set up yet, you want to go with me?”

“Sure, sounds fantastic.”

We made another little run at it, I got hard but couldn’t let loose again. Mandy had a great time, though. I left about two o’clock in the morning.

The next day I was tempted to give Alicia a call. Maybe if I begged she’d tell Dale she wanted to be with me. I thought there was half a chance. But what if she wouldn’t come back to me? How bad would I feel then? I let it go.

I picked Mandy up about seven, we went out to dinner and then showed up at the club around nine-thirty. The party was just getting started, Mandy knew a bunch of the folks there, couples and single guys both. I gazed at the dance floor of writhing human beings, most of the girls hid little of their bodies, it was a smorgasbord. Again I compared the girls I was dancing with against Alicia, many of them had firmer breasts, bigger asses and prettier faces. Around eleven Mandy suggested we head into the orgy room, we didn’t even get completely naked before we were joined by another couple. Two women played with me as Mandy was heavily making out with another guy. Before too long I was putting a condom on and sticking it into one of the girls I was with as she was eating out the other girl. I took pains not to come, and a few minutes later the other woman was underneath me and I spewed. I felt satisfied, and as Mandy played with a few other guys I dressed and headed off to the bar. As I stood there with a beer in my hand, I considered what Alicia was probably doing. A part of me was still pissed, but there was a part that hoped she was having a good time. Hell, I knew Alicia, I knew she was having a great time.

I dropped Mandy off after two in the morning. She invited me in, told me I was welcome to stay the night. “Thanks, no,” I said. 

“Well, give me a call anytime. It was great to see you. Hope this took a little bit of sting out of your breakup. You’re fantastic, you know.”

I had nothing to do the next day. I went for a jog, one of my buds called me, we got into a pick up softball game. I broiled a steak for dinner, then about ten the screen of my cell lit up with the word, ‘Alicia’. I considered not answering it. But after the fifth ring, just before it went to voicemail, I did.

“Hello,” I said a little coldly.

“Hi, how are you?”

“I’m good. You?”

“Pretty good. Robbie’s in the shower, getting ready for bed. What’d you do this weekend?”

“I saw Mandy.” I hoped Alicia would get mad, instead she was happy for me.

“Oh, that’s great. Did you have fun?”

“We did.” Alicia knew I’d dated Mandy before we got serious, but I’d never told her about the club. I was tempted to rub her nose in it, but didn’t. “So, how was Dale?”

“Oh, it was great to see him. You know he was my high-school sweetheart, don’t you? It was really nice to just catch up with him.”

The phrasing was a little odd. Maybe she just saw him platonically? “So you guys just caught up?”

Alicia seemed to understand my confusion. “No, Derek, Dale and I spent a lot of time in his hotel room. He had a jacuzzi suite.”

I took a beat. Alicia’s words were lively, kind. I decided to take the high road. “So, you had fun with him.”

“Yes, I did. You know what was really strange? Feeling the condom. I had to use lots of lube. Did you feel strange like that with Mandy?”

“Yeah, it was a little weird.” 

We talked a few minutes about more normal subjects before she had to go. “I love you,” she said.

I thought about it, my profession of love was genuine.

In bed, I was restless. I took my cock in hand, stroked it. And the thought in my mind as I came was not of Mandy, not the thought of the two strange women I’d screwed the night before, but a vision of my girlfriend, my love Alicia fucking some strange guy in cowgirl. In my mind, she was lovely.

I was good the next week, although I thought of giving Mandy a call. I had a happy hour with Jimmy, and if he hadn’t been with Betty we might have gone catting around. In the end, I sat at home both Friday and Saturday nights, watching sports on ESPN.

Monday night, Alicia came over right after work. It was a relief to see her, we balled happily before she headed to the kitchen to broil some salmon and make a salad. We were on the couch, Netflix was on the tube, when I heard her say, “Can I ask a question? Is Mandy a better lover than I am?”

“What!?! God, no.”

“But you like screwing her, don’t you? If I’m better, why do you want her?”

“Well, she’s different, I guess.”

“Does she have bigger tits than me?”

“Yes.” I was afraid to say more, not knowing where this was going.

“Do you have any pictures of her?”

I did. One night, months before, Mandy had dared me to take pics as she stripped. “They’re nudes,” I shamefully admitted.

“Good. Even better. Let me see.”

I fired up my computer, brought the pictures up. The first ones were tame, her in a negligee, then topless. It got raunchy quickly, showing her landing pad, then the legs were wide open and you could see pink. Finally you saw her with a dick in her mouth - it was mine - and then a hard cock far up inside her.

“She’s beautiful,” Alicia said without a tinge of jealousy. “Her tits look really firm, I’ll bet it’s neat to have them poking you in the chest when you’re screwing, isn’t it?” When I hesitated, she encouraged, “Go ahead, tell me. I’m curious.”

“Yeah, they’re nice.”

“What does she do differently? How does she turn you on?”

“Well, for one thing, she likes to say fuck a lot when we’re going at it. She tells me how big I am, how I’m really filling her up. And I like the way she wraps her legs around me.”

Alicia smiled at me, uncovered my cock, hard of course, and stroked it. “Now dear, let’s suppose you could do one of two things. Let’s suppose you could only have me for the rest of your life. Or let’s suppose you could have me most of the time, but at the same time you could have Mandy whenever you want. Which one would you choose?”

I sighed. I really wanted to say, ‘You alone, Alicia,’ but I knew that wasn’t honest. And I’d figured out where this was going. Even if I pleaded with my girlfriend to be faithful to me, I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to happen. So I was candid. “Both of you.”

“Yeah. And Derek, that’s the way I feel about it. It’s not that I don’t love you. You know I do. But I just don’t see the virtue in monogamy, not when there’s so much fun to be had.”

She had me rigid by now, she went down on me. “So what position do you like best with Dale?”

“Oh, he’s got this most beautiful cock. It’s got a big curve to it, and if I get on top of him when he’s sitting up in a chair, it hits both my clit and my g-spot at the same time. And he nibbles on my nipple while we’re fucking if he can get to it. It really sends me. You want me to show you?”

When she climbed on top of me and I was buried and I tasted the sweet flesh of her breast, I was completely satisfied.


Alicia and I fell into a pattern I was entirely cool with. 

I slept with Mandy twice or three times a month. She invited me to go up to the club a few times, I decided it wasn’t my scene, at least not with her, not then. I wondered if Alicia might be interested, for whatever reason I never got around to talking with her about it. If I headed to a bar, I might get hit on, and I might or might not accept.

On the weeks Alicia had without Robbie, we would get together three or five times. And the patterns of our lovemaking shifted. Sometimes we would rock and roll, just as we had all those months. Other times we were no less passionate, but milder. I liked both of them. And a few nights, we just cuddled, slept together.

As often as I’d sleep with another woman, she’d sleep with some other guy. Soon after the talk that settled me down, she called me. “Derek, there’s a guy that asked me out next Friday night. Would you mind terribly if I went out with him?”

“You’re asking me for permission?”

“No, not exactly. Well, I don’t know. I guess I just want you to know, to be okay with it.”

“Oh, I’m okay. Sure. What’s going to happen?”

“I’m not sure. I met Mitch at a coffee shop, he asked for my phone number, and we’ve been texting. He seems nice. The only problem is he’s married. What do you think?”

“Before we met, would you have gone out with him?”

“Yes, for sure.”

“Well, then yeah, go ahead.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Alicia stayed over with me the Thursday night, before her meet with Mitch. There was something subtly different about her. She’d had her hair done, her nails were painted brightly. And she seemed on edge, chirpy. I asked her, “You looking forward to tomorrow night?”

“I guess so. It’s a little weird. I’ve done this dozens of times before, met a new man for dinner with the option of sex, but not since we’ve fallen in love. That makes it different, somehow. Are you still cool with this?”

“I’ve thought about this. I know you don’t want to settle down, I’m not sure I want you to. And I’m not sure I want to settle down either. The way we’re going is pretty good. So, yeah, I’m copacetic.”

We screwed, Alicia had just a little come, I don’t think she was able to concentrate.

On Friday night, I had the strangest sensation. I was aware that Alicia was meeting a man, she’d even told me the name of the restaurant they were going to have dinner. I was sitting at a sports bar with Jimmy and Betty, we had great conversation, at the same time my mind kept slipping to thoughts of my girlfriend. I wanted to know where she was, what she was doing. It felt like concern, even worry, I hoped nothing bad would happen to her. At the same time I was incredibly aroused by the thought of Alicia kissing him, tasting his cock for the first time, letting his sheathed penis enter her sanctity. In a way I hated my emotion, at the same time it was delicious. 

Jimmy and Betty left around 9:30, I had nothing else to occupy my mind on my drive home, and the television didn’t provide much of a diversion. I kept thinking about if Alicia was naked with Mitch, and if she was what was she doing. I dozed, sitting in my easy chair, the game blaring. I woke to the sound of my phone, the time wasn’t yet midnight. “Alicia? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” Her voice was happy. “I was wondering, would you mind if I came over?”

“Sure. Did you . . . I mean . . . Was . . .”

I heard her chortle. “Yes, I got laid. If you want, I’ll tell you all about it when I get there.”

She walked in wearing an off-the shoulder blouse, slacks. If I didn’t know, if I met her in a bar, I’d think nothing of it. But with the knowledge I could see a few strands of hair out of place, her mascara was smeared and there was a definite scent about her. Cologne, perhaps. Or was it the stench of sex?

She kissed me, I could tell she’d sucked on a mint. She headed for the fridge, poured herself a glass of wine. When she sat on the couch, her back against mine, I asked, “So how was it?”

“I met Mitch at this Italian restaurant. We had a nice meal. I asked him why he was cheating, he said he wasn’t. He and his wife have an open relationship.”

“Like ours?”

“A little different. But anyways, I was really in the mood, and I’ve got to tell you, Mitch is very attractive in a Seth Meyers kind of way. So I told him I wished he had a hotel room. It wasn’t a problem, he booked one. When we got to the room he was very soft, gentle, not in a hurry at all. He’s very skilled with his tongue. Sort of sharp sucking technique. I came three times before he had his clothes off. Are you okay with this?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Keep going.”

“Well, he let me handle him, but he didn’t want a blow job. He said he wanted to save it all for me.”

“Did he have a big dick?” I asked.

She guffawed. “You would ask that. It was normal, a cock sized cock, circumcised. So I got a condom on him, and asked him how he wanted me. He decided to sit on the side of the bed, and I sat on his lap, facing him. He said he wanted to see me as we made love. The neat thing is it was fine for me, the tip of his cock really set my clit off, but it wasn’t deep enough to really do much for him. After awhile, he sort of straightened out, and it went deeper in, and he came, pretty hard.”

Alicia grabbed my hand, placed it on her breast. She wasn’t wearing a bra, I asked her if it was on purpose. “Oh, I wore one in the restaurant, I just didn’t feel like putting it back on.” I got my hand inside her blouse, she sighed when I tickled her nipple. 

“Then, we sort of laid around, talking. And he told me this fantastic story. It turns out that until now, they didn’t really have an open marriage. He said he and his wife have a stag/vixen relationship. Apparently, they meet men on the Internet, and then invite them to go to bed with her. Mitch says he watches her, and sometimes helps out.”

“A threesome.”

“Yes, that’s what he called it. He says his wife always encouraged him to find a lover of his own, but he didn’t have much desire until he met me. He called me very sexy - do you believe it?”

“So what happened?”

“Well, I gave him a blow job, and he got hard again, then he put me in missionary with my ass on a couple of pillows. We went round for awhile, then tried a couple other positions. I came a few more times, then we got back in regular missionary and that’s when he was able to come again.”

“How come you didn’t sleep with him?”

“We were done, and I could tell he wanted to get home to his wife. And I wanted to see you. How was your night?”

I told her about the meal with Jimmy and Betty, about the uneasiness mixed with a desire for her to have a great time. “Do you want me?” she asked.

“Absolutely!” We tore the clothes off each other in the living room, she let me go down on her. I tasted the plastic on her vagina, it was a bit unpleasant, but I didn’t let it stop me. She gave two good yelps before she pushed me away, got me to sit on the couch, sat on my lap, facing me. I couldn’t help but notice the symmetry with the way she’d told me about screwing Mitch, and as we boinked I thought, ‘Mitch has kissed her lips, just like I’m doing now. Mitch felt this tit. Mitch rubbed the ass I’m rubbing. Mitch fucked her, just an hour or two ago, just like I’m fucking her.’ And while I was thinking about what Mitch had done, I put a load into the box Mitch had screwed.

It was a great come for me, the hairs on my neck stood up, my toes curled. Alicia stayed with me, moving up and down and round and round as she tightened her pussy muscles, squeezing my dick. When I was done she didn’t want to get off. “I like feeling you in there,” she said. But of course, in just a few minutes my prick was so soft it slithered out and I felt a wet, warm blob of semen on my thigh.

“You want to know something else?” she teased.


“Tonight is the first night I ever made love to two different guys.”

“Really? You’ve never had a threesome? Or you’ve never gone over to a guy’s place after you’ve been with a guy?”

“Nope, never. The closest has been about twenty hours. I slept with a guy on Friday, then on Saturday afternoon another guy called and I went over there.”

“Well, congratulations!” We cleaned ourselves up, she slept with me, unashamed of her carnality.

We woke the next morning, she was still on fire, we played but my willy wouldn’t work. “So, you never had a threesome?” I asked.


“Is it on your bucket list?”

“Sort of. But there’s something holding me back. I don’t know, it seems pretty intimate or something, to sleep with one guy right after you’ve slept with another. Then I thought of you. Actually, I was thinking about calling you, having you come right over to the hotel so you could have me in the same bed. Would you have liked that?”

“It would have been a turn on.”

“Have you ever been in a threesome?” she asked.

“With two girls?”

“No, I mean with you and a girl and another guy? Wait, did you ever have two girls at once?”

“Well, sort of.” And I confessed about Mandy and the club, how I’d watched her screw another guy in the orgy room right after we finished, and when I’d screwed two different girls while Mandy was satisfying three or four guys. “Would you be interested in something like that?”

“Oh, I don’t know. It sounds fun. But what if somebody recognized me? I’ve got a reputation to protect, I couldn’t let Robbie or my husband ever find out. I’d be much too embarrassed.”

“But you would like two guys, right at the same time? Like Mitch and his wife do?”

“That could be fun,” she copped. “But who would the two guys be?”

“I’d be willing to be one. In fact, I’d really like to see you screw the shit out of somebody, it’d be great to watch. As far as the other guy, what about Mitch? He’s used to doing that, isn’t he?”

“He did say he wanted to date me again. And he knows I’ve got a steady boyfriend, I told him about you.”

“Well, call him, invite him over. He’s welcome here.”


“Why not?”

I could see her brain whirring, settle on a course of action. She dialed his number, let me listen.

“Hello, Mitch? . . . Yeah, it’s Alicia. Can you talk? . . . Sure, I’ll wait . . .” She whispered to me, “He’s going into the garage for privacy.” A few seconds later, “Yeah, I’m still here . . . Well, thank you. I thought you were pretty great too . . . I’m totally naked, just like I was last night. Remember what I looked like? . . . Well, I wanted to talk to you . . . Remember how you told me about the threesomes you have with your wife, how much fun that is? . . . Well, I was wondering if maybe you’d like to do that with me and my boyfriend . . . That’s great . . . What about tonight? . . . No, I understand . . . Well, how about two weeks from now. We’ve got both Friday and Saturday open . . . Sure, I understand . . . Yeah, I’d like that . . . Okay, well let me know when you can.”

She put the phone down. “He’s got to talk with his wife about it. But he wants to, he thinks it would be all right with her.” 

The thought of having Mitch and me at the very same time, the pure lewdness of it inspired her, she handed me a dildo. I got a little hard, she swallowed my rod and I had a little come into her mouth.

I took her out to dinner that night, Chinese, and while the Egg Foo Young was being chewed, Alicia got a text message. “It’s on, Friday night.” I grinned as well, knowing one of my girlfriend’s fantasies was going to be fulfilled. Well, one of mine, too.

We met Mitch at a bar not far from my place. Alicia explained, “He wants to meet you, make sure you’re okay.”

We sat and had beers and appetizers. Mitch was swell, I could see how Alicia thought he was handsome, we chatted easily. Alicia flirted with him, but at the same time she flirted with me. I knew we were all going to get lucky, but I wasn’t sure which of us guys would get luckier. 

Alicia and I had talked this out, I knew her fantasy, she knew mine. And Mitch was experienced in the situation. “Yeah, we’ve had a bunch of threesomes over the years, I think there’s been eleven different guys. And she has a boyfriend, they sometimes meet when I’m not around. Yeah, two weeks ago with Alicia was the first time I’ve had another woman. It was so nice to break my cherry with her, you’ve got quite a woman there.”

When we got to my place, I got another round while Alicia snuck into the bedroom and emerged just a few minutes later in a red transparent robe type of thing. It had a bodice that cupped her breasts, a g-string underneath it. She told Siri to play some lively music. “Come on, dance with me,” she propositioned Mitch. I sat and watched them bump and kiss, Alicia came to me, got me to stand up and we repeated the same maneuvers. Then she told Siri to play a slow song, she came into my arms, we ground against each other, kissed. Slowly she turned, keeping her body against mine, and when my chest was to her back, my arms around her, she beckoned to Mitch to join us. We made a sandwich out of her, she kissed first Mitch, then me over her shoulder. Mitch bent, kissed her tits, I felt her sigh intensely. “I’m ready. Let’s go into the bedroom.”

She attacked Mitch. I knew my place, I sat on a kitchen chair I’d placed there for just this occasion. She untied the gown, Mitch had unfettered access to her boobs, he kissed them, sucked the nipples into sharp spires. They laid on the bed, he knelt above her, she willed his hand to her pantied groin. When he pressed the area, she moaned, I knew it as a prelude to heat. She wriggled out of the gown, helped Mitch remove his shirt and pants. I saw his prick for the first time when he disposed of his underwear, Alicia bent and took the tool between her lips. 

It seemed both a long time and a short time later when Mitch pulled at the ties of her g-string, I saw her rosy skin down there, it seemed there were droplets surrounding it. As I watched Mitch put a finger inside her, she gasped with pleasure. As he hit the g-spot, she gave a sharp scream of pleasure.


I took my soul out for a couple of moments, thought about what was happening. Here my love was, having sex with another guy, in just a couple minutes he’d be screwing her. I was hard, watching it, I wanted her badly, even while Mitch was putting his hand down there finger-fucking her. Yes, I lusted after her.

At the same time I knew I loved her, deeply. I was willing to do anything for her, and I knew she wanted Mitch, she wanted him to fuck her. And if that made her happy, well, wouldn’t that make me happy too?

But wait! If I loved her, if I lusted after her, wasn’t it wrong for me to let her go through with this? I should be jealous, shouldn’t I? But I wasn’t, I didn’t know why. No, I knew even as she was giving herself to the other man, I’d have her back quickly enough.


“Eat me,” Alicia begged. As Mitch knelt below her, I saw his fingers pull the outer lips apart, his tongue touched her button, again I heard her gasp. I couldn’t see more then, Mitch’s head was in the way. I observed Alicia’s chest pink up, the nipples crinkled, her eyes closed, her nostrils flared. She was in a good come, I could tell by her heavy breathing, her little yelps.

She came out of it, placed a hand on Mitch’s head, a sign he should keep going. She crooked a finger at me, I approached, she waved to me to come closer, hugged me and kissed me. I marveled at how she could pay such attention to two men at the same time. 

I heard her say, “Take your clothes off, I want to suck you.” In no time at all I was as nude as the other two were, she grabbed at my cock, it was between her lips. I felt myself slide in and out of her wetness, suddenly she was overcome, around the meat she yelped again - apparently Mitch had found good spot.

I backed away, Alicia said, “I’m done. Come on up here.” Mitch laid beside her, a little on top of her, and they kissed and played with each other. She reached to the end table, grabbed a packet, handed it to her paramour. On the bed he sheathed his weapon. His feet were pointing towards me, Alicia climbed above him, facing away from him, facing me. With her left hand she pointed the ready tool at her crack, I watched the cock come dangerously close to her slit, she lowered herself until the whole of him was filling up her pussy. Her eyes were open, staring into mine, she moved her hips. I was watching my girlfriend use Mitch’s dick for her own happiness. I watched her belly muscles tighten, I saw her breasts jiggle up and down. She smiled at me, and said, clearly and movingly, “I love you!”

The rest of the night is a blur to me, almost as if I was drunk. In a way I lost it when I realized the love Alicia felt for me was being demonstrated by the way she included me in her lovemaking. I know she and Mitch rotated into several positions. I recall kissing her as Mitch slid his rod into my woman. At one point she handed me a bottle as she was on her back, asked me to lube up her pussy before Mitch put it in her again. I heard Mitch lose it, his legs unbent, his weight taken by his arms as Alicia surrounded him with her thighs. Minutes later I was beside her, inside her, at the same time Mitch sucked on her nipples I let go, filling her up.

We must have played, the three of us, Mitch on one side of her, I on the other, she held both of us. She laughed when we both toyed with her wet clit at the same time. I recall she knelt between us, sucking first on one of us while fondling the testicles and shaft of the other, then reversing the configuration. I leaned back and watched when she got Mitch hard again and he put it in.

At last, a good hour and a half after we’d started, we were all dressed again. Alicia and I walked Mitch to the door, he shook my hand, Alicia flowed to him for the final kiss, we all promised each other we’d do this again, soon.

When Mitch was gone, Alicia embraced me. “Thank you so very much for this gift. It was so fantastic. You know I love you!”

“I do. I’m really glad you got what you wanted. And I love you.”



Alicia sat with her teenager for Sunday lunch. She was a bit wistful as she wouldn’t see him, except for the occasional evening, for two weeks. No one could doubt Robbie was her son, he’d inherited the same shade of brown hair, a similar interesting blandness of face. “Are you excited about your dad’s wedding? You’re going to be part of it aren’t you?”

“Yeah. They keep telling me I’m gonna do something, but when I ask what I’ll be doing they say they’ll get back to me. Too bad you aren’t going.”

“It’s not common for a ex-wife to go to her husband’s second wedding. I think people are afraid they’ll bring a grenade or something.” 

Robbie laughed, “Yeah, maybe you could sneak in as a ninja.” Then he changed moods. “Mom, do you ever date?”

“Yeah, sometimes. Does that worry you?”

“Well, I’ve never seen you with a guy. I wonder, that’s all.”

“I don’t want to confuse you.”

“I wouldn’t be confused. It just worries me, I don’t want you to be lonely when I’m not around. It’d be sort of nice if you had a guy that you cared about. And if you ever fell in love and wanted to get married again, it’d be okay with me. I wouldn’t be jealous.”