College Girl's Hiking Trip Turns Wild

It was quite chilly for an October evening at the foot hills of the majestic Himalayas. The meeting point for our camping trip was surprisingly noisy, all the young girls and guys happily chattering away. It seems like a lot of them were doing this for the first time, you could tell from the fancy clothes they were wearing. I was really looking forward to being with nature, it was quite a welcome scene after the non stop arguments I had with my wife, trying to convince her to come with me on a camping trip. Some of the trekkers were taking selfies and trying to pose with the majestic mountains in the background. While others were happy doing some last minute shopping in the nearby stalls.  There was definitely excitement in the chilly air.


I was telling my wife how sad it is that the art of photography seems to be lost with this new age of selfies. When I heard a cute young voice saying “Excuse me... can you take my picture with this background…?”. The sweet voice had an electric effect on me and I had goose bumps when I turned around at looked at her. I was struck for what stood before me was nothing short of a young goddess. 21 years old, she looked at me as I feel into a frozen state, she had tied her hair in loose ponytail...her tiny locks of hair which were free brushed her face due to breeze...she had sweat on her forehead which just looked like morning dew on the petals of the flowers..  she wore a  loose crop t shirt that was clinging to her body due to sweat with a low but not plunging neckline that made her collarbone way too visible but looked decent… She wore a pair of shorts..that barely covered her thighs..her flawless creamy white..legs..which were little covered with dirt due to Hiking..she wore a pair of white sneakers which looked cute with her small stature... so cute and fragile...that one could be a little afraid of breaking her..or hurting her. Her jet black silky straight hair barely revealed her cute dangling earrings and cheeks those looked like they were blushing as she held out her her soft hands with her phone in hand. “Hello…” I heard her voice again that made me snap out of my frozen state.


My face turned red as I turned around, instinctively looking for my controlling wife's permission, but she was gone. I tried to look for her when I realized the girl was about to walk away disappointed. I almost shouted.. “Wait!!.. sweety” She blushed at being being called a “sweety", but broke out into the most gorgeous smile I had ever seen. I said “Of course, where would you like it”… Damn.. I thought to myself, what am I doing, what if my wife sees me?!”. She tilted her head indicating me to follow her, he cute round butt wriggling ever so slightly as she walked in front of me.. Transfixed, I walked behind her. My hands almost trembling as I took her pictures, wow could she pose! I asked her to stand up at a small elevation so I could take her full frame with the magnificent background. Suddenly, she transformed from a cute college girl to a sexy woman.. She lifted one hand up to place it on her hip with holding out the other cute hand as if she was inviting a butterfly to sit on it. Her t-shirt riding up to reveal the milky white tummy of hers with a belly button that was almost too cute to be real.


After a few mesmerizing clicks, I heard the horn from our bus. We could see our Hiking group getting into the bus and the driver was getting impatient. The cutie started coming down and involuntarily picked up speed due to slope she was on. Forcing me to grab her slim waist from both sides to slow her down. Her silky straight hair fell all over me. Ah, the lovely scent of her hair….. my face was red hot blushing and my heart melting with this precious girl safely in my hands.. “Ooopsie” she said, looking at me with sheepish large eyes and blinking that would literally brought my strong arms to almost tremble. I quickly showed her the pictures, her slender long face almost touching my cheeks as I bent down to match her height.. Thank you sooo much! she hugged me from the side and I was in heaven. I mumbled with a sheepish smile, “You are welcome Miss…?”…..”Shanaya!" she said, as she reached out her hands to shake mine. It felt like cotton candy in my strong hands.. “Nice to meet you Shanaya" I said, you can call me “Vick” with a smile. Wow I thought, racing ahead with what could happen in the next three days. Just then I heard another voice of a middle aged lady “Shanayaaaa… come here now!”… With fear in her eyes, my dream girl sprinted towards her… “Coming Mummy!”… Oh shit.. her mom is going to be on this trip as well! Damn it..


I felt like a song as I walked back towards the bus. Goosebumps in my neck and a hard on in my shorts, shit I should have worn something thicker! I was the last one to get into the bus. I looked at my wife who had a found a seat next to a hunk of guy who was probably Shanaya’s classmate. My wife Rita barely glanced in my direction as she continued the conversation with this guy who clearly considering himself lucky to sit next to my wife who was dressed in Hiking pants and a sleeveless top. My wife is quite a bomb herself, very curvy and a seductress that is usually the target of most men around her. I tapped my wife’s shoulder as I walked past her looking for Shanaya who I found was excitedly showing something on her phone to her friends. I noticed her friends were giggling and stealing glances at me, but Shanaya wasn’t looking at me. Too shy I thought..


As I went to the back, to my dismay I only had the last seat, taken up by some of the rowdy youngsters who obviously weren’t too happy to see someone probably 15 years older than them in the same row. But hey guys, live with it. No other seats in the bus. As the bus started, I noticed my darling Shanaya was trying to see where I was, she was sitting next to her grumpy mom, who seemed to be constantly telling Shanaya to settle down. The setting sun made things dark quickly, unfortunately the rowdy kids went on making a noise for ever it seemed. I could see my wife giggling and laughing away as she talked to the hunk, I was jealous. But hey, it was kind of exciting to watch too. Finally, things settled down when the lights in the bus were turned off and people began to doze off. I thought I saw my wife squirming as she giggled in the lights of the oncoming traffic, but I could be imagining things..


Arriving at the start of the Hiking trail. The bus came to halt when everyone starting waking up. It was just about close to sunrise and I badly wanted to stretch my legs. I got up and made my way to the front before anyone could get up and on my way saw that Shanaya was still sleeping on her mother’s shoulders. Looking super cute and I so wish I could have kissed her fair white cheeks a good morning.. Just when I realized her mother saw me looking at her, goddam it. As I walked forward I saw my wife and wait what?! Is that her bra coming out of her purse! How did it get there?. I got jealous and wanted to punch that hunk in the face. Then realized, it could just be an extra pair and I could always ask her later. I walked out with my carefully packed backpack, being one fo the first to get out of the bus, felt great to take in a breath of fresh air in the forest as the sun broke through with its early morning rays.


One by one, the people started getting down, I was hoping I could say good morning to Shanaya. Then I saw my wife, as she jumped down the last step, her big boobs were bouncing up and down and the chilly morning air had caused her nipples to stand erect. Clearly the bra in her purse was the one she had worn into the bus. Now I was about to express my shock and I said “What….” she interrupted me “Relax, Ishaan is bringing my bag”. I looked up and saw the surprisingly well built young lad walking right behind Rita with her bag and his as well. “Oh” I said trying to gauge this guy up as he said “Hello Sir..”. "Call me Vick”, I interrupted him. Walking away thinking when I am going to confront my wife on this.


This would be a quick stop to freshen up at a local restaurant where the breakfast was planned. We were also allowed to do quick freshening up and get ready for the trek that would start nearby at 11 AM. I was trying to take the bag away from Ishaan, I heard a familiar voice saying “Wow that is soooo beautiful!” I turned around to be mesmerized by Shanaya who was looking absolutely cute with her open hair and slightly puffed up face from the sleep previous night. I smiled at her from the distance to which she smiled back before quickly turning away. I was a little disappointed when I noticed her hawk of a mom right behind her. Back to my husband duties, I insisted on taking the bags from Ishaan, but I realized I had given this back to my wife to carry in no time....


As we got ready for the day and assembled to board the bus, I saw her again. This time talking to her friends, her mom no where to be seen! I started walking towards her as I looked for her mom, there she was at the store buying something.. What was it? Liquor! Oh, not bad on the alcohol front she seemed very progressive. However when I looked back at where Shanaya was, they were gone! What, my damn luck.. In my search I found Rita and her new friend instead. Ishaan seemed to have taken over Rita’s bag again, i didn’t bother taking it this time. Let’s go!


Soon one by one all of the trekkers lined up around the guide who instructed everyone that this are wild forests with wild animals. The Elephants are especially dangerous in these forests, avoid them and proceed with extreme caution at all times. although there is a chance of rain later in the evening, we expect to reach the camp ground before that. We were all given our packed lunches of rolls and snacks.


We got back into the bus that would take us to the Hiking trail. I did spot Shanaya was back to a seat next to her mom. This time my wife had to sit next to me as we boarded together and everyone was too excited to start the trek finally. God knows where Ishaan was and I didn’t want to know. A short ride in the bus again and we were dropped off next to trail into the forest. As we got off the bus one by one, all of us lined up again one final time. There was one guide in the front and another one from the back, both had guns to guard us, which was both reassuring and scary at the same time! All of us had to walk in a line until the resting spot in about 2 hours.


As one by one the participants entered the trail, I pretending to be tying my shoe laces until Shanaya was in front of me. My wife was too busy adjusting her straps on the bag making her breasts jut out even more she did not notice this. That pesky Ishaan was no where to be seen so off we went into the forest. The lush green growth everywhere with huge trees, it was truly a mesmerizing site. We were all given strict instructions to not stop for photographs or we would risk breaking up with the group. Shanaya's mom seemed to be strictly enforcing this as we walked, herding her back into the line ahead of her as my wife and I walked behind them. Strangely the clouds were getting darker although it was only close to 2 PM, the forecasts should be accurate we all hoped. Soon the forest was getting deeper and people quieter with the exhaustion. I had developed quite a small gap with my wife as I walked to be closer towards Shanaya and hadn’t realized my wife was falling behind. Suddenly remembering I looked behind and saw her. ….wait is that Ishaan! He seemed to be helping her cross a super small stream by holding her hand, clearly Rita could cross herself! I was about to start walking back to protest when I heard a shrill trumpet.. Unmistakably the sound of a wild heard of Elephants very close to us. Everyone froze in their tracks. I looked to see where Shanaya was, she was not too far ahead in front of me with her mom. The trumpets got louder as it seemed like elephants started rushing towards us. I spotted the herd in the distance and realized their path was headed straight towards us, I shouted a one word instruction that unfroze everyone instantly…. “RUN!!!”


People ran in multiple directions and I realized Shanaya and her mom were beginning to run towards the herd. I ran towards them grabbing Shanaya’s arm and taking them in a tangent away from the direction of the herd, her mother running towards us as well. We heard the guards firing shots perhaps to scare the elephants away and it looked like a small group of Elephants from the herd turned after hearing the gun shots and were now headed our way! We ran as fast as we could taking turns everywhere and had no idea which way was away from the elephants any more. When we got close to a small river we heard another trumpet close to us and we had no other way but to cross the small river. With no where to go, we walked into the river which got a little deeper and deeper. I held Shanaya's hands in one and she was holding her mother’s hand we we waded across. All of us were drenched when we crossed the river and to make things worse, Shanya had dropped her bag in the river. As we got across, we felt a little safer. I held Shanaya close to me as she was shivering with both fear and the cold of the water. I checked her around to find any scratches and bruises and asked her if she was ok. She had tears in her eyes and gripped me tight which made me want to protect her even more. I closed my eyes for a little telling her I will take care of her when I saw her mom coming towards us. She was shaken as well but recovered faster than Shanaya. While I was stroking Shanya’s back to comfort her, her mom pulled her away and checked if she was okay. I turned around to see where we had come from, it was silent, I had no idea where we were.


As we began to realize the gravity of the situation.I thought about where Rita would be and how far away from Ishaan exactly, hopefully they should be safe as they were closer to the guard with the gun. Shanaya's mom was seeming to be a lot more sociable now but more defensive of Shanaya. She thanked me for saving them and was hopeful I could further rescue them, her name I found out was Ritika She still had her bag and a few dry clothes in it. We had to get rid of our wet clothes if we wanted to survive in the fast approaching evening. Ritika asked me to turn around so that they could change, which I promptly did. Kneeling down to check the inventories in my bag. I had 1 T-shirt, 1 Shorts, boxer shorts, a vest, a flashlight, some rope, plastic sheets, flint for fire, a pack of noodles and a pan. I decided to leave the dry boxer shorts and vest in the bag for later. As I walked behind a rock to give the mom and daughter some privacy, I got rid of all my wet clothes. Almost subconsciously, I looked over the rock and saw the two naked women turning away from each other.. Shanaya was turning towards me and it was a heavenly sight I will never forget. The perfect little boobs with pink nipples standing straight with her milky white skin showing her cute body in full glory of the evening light. There was almost no hair between her legs which made her tight pussy lips look delicious. I realized how terrified she was and felt a pang of guilt as I turned away. Suddenly realizing how cold the air felt as it blew over my hard erect cock standing full straight ready for the beautiful goddess that was just one rock away from me.


Clothes fully on, I walked back with sufficient time to make sure the two women had dressed. Shanaya was now in a cotton track pant and a blue t-shirt, clearly she had no bra on, Ritika was now wearing a very short cotton shorts with a white shirt, no bra either.. Hmm not bad I thought. I told them my plan that we will not be able to trace our way back to the rest of the group and we should find a place to camp the night. I had a basic sheet and ropes we could use for a tent and I would build a fire. However we needed to find flat ground to camp which we might find if we walk up the river for a while. I took out the two bars of chocolate from my pocket and gave the larger one to Shanaya and the smaller one to Ritika. They were as happy as they would be if I had given them a Diamond ring as they both started eating their chocolate. Once done they realized I wasn’t eating when they felt bad knowing I only had two and did not eat one. Shanaya came close to me and said Sorry with such big eyes that were looking up, I again felt my hair my neck send straight and and my knees getting weak with this cutie pie close enough to kiss me.


I could sense Ritika’s uneasiness, I moved back from Shanaya and picked up my bag, pointed in the direction where we would walk. I walked in the front with Shanaya behind me, now holding my hadn’t at every given stone as the terrain was harder and we had to walk up the river’s edge. We must have walked for a good 30 minutes when there was finally an opening in the ground ahead. It was almost like the perfect beach with sand by the side of the river and lots of dead wood nearby that we could use for fire later. We all had our high fives and hugs as we congratulated on the find. With my experience in camping and knowledge of these forests, I knew the two women will be safe with me and they saw my confidence which gave them the strength as well. As we put our bags down, I suggested we quickly collect the dry firewood and be ready to spend the night. Shanaya sprung into action collecting all the wood nearby which I suggest we place in a dry place under a rock for now, what I did not want to scare them with was the forecast, the forecast for a downpour and we were right in the middle of a dangerous forest. I wanted to get the firewood in place and set up the sheet/ tent before the rain. Boom, went the thunder very close to us, freezing everyone in their tracks as we looked up, in a true tropical style there was an instant downpour that drenched us all down to the bone.


We ran towards a tree that was hardly stopping the rain as we got closer there were small hailstones that started raining down.. Instinctively I hugged both Shanaya and Ritika and bent my head over them as small stones pelted me. Thankfully the hail stones stopped quickly while it was still pouring. I was still hugging the women when I realized my cock was getting hard again. Without my boxers underneath to protect it was clearly making a statement and quickly I had to turn slightly towards Shanaya while continuing to pull both women close to me. My hardness touched Shanaya right near her tummy and she looked up at me with those cute doe like eyes, her big eye lashes wet from the unforgiving rain. I looked into her eyes and pulled her closer, and planted a kiss on her forehead. I could feel her trembling, but she smiled at me and kissed my chest as she put her head back on me with a tighter hug. Her mom was trying to say something. She had spotted a rock that was slightly angled preventing the rain from hitting us directly. Grudgingly, I agreed to her idea and we ran to that rock. This time Ritika wanted to sit in the middle with her daughter on her side while I was on the other. I looked up for signs of the never ending rain and wondered again where my wife must be now and who she is with.


As soon as it began, the rain stopped. The evening sky cleared up, letting the last golden rays of the setting sun through the disappearing clouds. Revealing in all its glory the two women fully wet from the rain and shivering. Surely they could die from the cold night that was coming up. As I ventured out from the rock to take stock of the situation Shanaya ran towards me and hugged me tight. Thanking me and now I was sure she had developed a full blown crush on me, just like I had the moment I had seen her last evening. Gone were the worries of the cold, night or the forest. I was there to protect Shanaya and I was happy to be there. “Shanaya, come here!” said Ritika breaking the spell somewhat and I sheepishly asked “Do u all have dry clothes?”.


Ritika went to her back pack and opened it to find one flimsy night gown and a full bottle of Vodka! Shanaya had lost her bag and I had a dry boxer and a sleeveless white vest. I assumed Ritika would wear her night gown while Shanaya will have to wear my vest and I would have to get into my boxer shorts. I am not a body builder, but I stay fit and definitely don’t have a bloating tummy. I could see Shanaya was feeling shy looking at me as I wore just my boxers, but hey, that’s all I had that was dry now! I suggested they both change quickly while I went to fetch the firewood I had thankfully saved under the dry rock. Some of it was wet, but the ones underneath were still good to go. I took out the flint lighter from my bag and lit up a small fire, by the time the girls walked back I had set up three small stones around the fire and had the pan with my noodles pack ready for dinner. I also set up the sheet to make the makeshift tent in which we could all spend the night. When I looked up to to see the two girls emerged from behind the rock, my jaws literally touched the ground.


There was Shanaya, wearing the vest which was clearly too large for her at the top and too short to cover her thighs from below. The wide sleeveless openings barely covering her small boobs. She was trying to pull the vest down as she came closer to me. He mom who was trying to hide her from my view wasn’t fully dressed in any manner either. Wearing a knee length night gown her large boobs and erect nipples were something she was couldn’t cover as well. Since there were only three seats around the fire, they had to sit on my either side. I tried to look down, away from the ladies and cheer them up with the thought that dinner will be served soon. I suggested Ritika to get the bottle of Vodka which will help warm us up. As she left to get the bottle, I held Shanaya’s hands and looked at her with reassuring eyes, told her “ I will take care of you, don’t worry” to which she smiled ear to ear looking ever more cuter in that flimsy vest of mine. "Who wants some Vodka?!" announced Ritika with no glasses in her hand as we both smiled and I quietly let go of Shanaya’s hands.


One sip directly from the bottle at a time had Ritika feeling tipsy soon. I did not drink much, I would much rather have Ritika get drunk and Shanya wasn’t allowed to drink by her mother. I don’t drink much either ways and wanted Ritika to have my share as well. As we made dinner, I noticed my vest was not doing a very good job of covering Shanaya’s breasts.. I could clearly see the light pink puffy and erect nipple standing up and glowing in the fire, peeking out from the sides from side to side instantly getting me horny. Thankfully her drunk mom could not see this and I made the pretext to go pick up some wood behind Shanaya as I kissed her cheeks. She blushed and smiled as I kissed her again on my way back to my seat. The noodles were now ready and again we had to share a plate and spoon to eat and made sure my cutie Shanaya got to eat enough to fill her cute tummy. Our feet on the sand felt nice and warm in the sand by the fire. I slowly moved mine close to Shanaya’s she was giggling as she looked into my eyes. I moved my stone seat closer to her and put a hand on her right thigh.. Her mom right across the fire could not see this especially given her drunken state.


God those silky thighs felt like heaven as I caressed it ever so slightly. Shanaya was scared her mom would see her and rightly so, her mom realized that we both were closer and she moved her stone a little closer and away from the fire interfering in her view. I had to take my hands off, but our eyes, and hearts were fully connected. She was making my hard cock pitch a tent in my boxer and she was staring at it with her big eyes. Her mom had moved right next to her in parallel to her and trying to talk about some nonsense as she almost finished the bottle herself. Unknowingly as Shanya tried to wriggle free from her mom’s hug she slightly opened up her legs, revealing what I had hoped for. She was not wearing any panties and her pussy was visible only to me in its full glory! Not only was it visible, I could see it shining with her glistening transparent juices that was slowly flowing out of her teeny pussy. Like drops of gem they were oozing out and flowing over her milky thighs..


I was in heaven as I looked up at the stars. Thanking my fortune for bringing my dream girl who was now horny and smiling naughtily while looking at the tent.. the one in my boxers. Her mom on the other hand, was getting drowsier by the minute. At one point she started to rest her head on Shanaya and we realized it is time to get her to the tent, the other tent. I got up and told Shanaya that we need to take your mom to bed. She agreed and we both lifted her up, one on each side of her shoulder. As we took her to the make shift tent, we laid her flat and covered closed the front opening of the tent so that she can stay warm. While Shananya can be sure her mom won’t be watching us!


As we walked back, I put my hands around Shanaya’s waist and she was resting her head on my chest. I suggested we walk close to the river, it was beautiful under the moonlight. We reached the river when she hugged me tight and said “Thank you for everything, I don’t know what would have happened to me if you weren’t here”. I told her I feel like the luckiest man in the world as I had fallen head over heels with her the moment she had asked me to take her picture. She blushed and looked up at my face with those large eyes as I held her cheeks on both sides with my palm. I drew her closer to me and kissed her lips with my eyes closed. The lovely sound of the water flowing in the back ground and the moonlight reflecting off the water to shine light on our kiss. Had to be the best feeling I have experienced in my life.


Almost subconsciously my hands reached from behind to gently cup her cute bubble butts. Slowly squeezing them as I pulled her closer to me. I paused briefly to look at her eyes again and I could see her dreamy eyes looking back at me. I kissed her on her eyes, one at a time and then on her cheeks. I then moved to kiss her ears and sensed her twitch under my hug, her eyes were now closed as I kissed her some more, right below her ears this time. Slowly sucking on her lower ear as I put hand over her silky waist.. rubbing her all over and biting her neck gently and sucking on her skin on her neck at the same time. She tried to put her legs around my thighs making her hot wet pussy rub its juices all over my thighs.. she bit me on my chest and kissed me everywhere…We were lost in each other in the pitch of the night when she briefly paused and whispered in my ears “I love you Vick….”


"I love you too Shanaya" I said as I lifted her up with my strong arms and she clutched my waist with both her legs. Her wet pussy now directly resting on my hard cock which was waiting to enter the temple of my love. We hugged each other tight and she leaned back a little to hold my face with both her hands. Coming closer to kiss my lips with her tongue all around my mouth. She said she found me hot the moment she saw me and which is why she asked me to take her pic. I asked her “Do you friends know?”. “Yes, they do" she smiled with her head nestling between by head and my shoulder. As my poor cock continued to press against her moist pussy through my boxer, she asked “Is it big?” I said, “Do you want to find out?”… She came close to my ears, sucked on my lobes and whispered… "Yes….”


With that, she landed on her feet and slightly pulled my boxers down to let my hard cock spring up like a loaded gun. She held it in her teeny hands and said, come with me as she walked towards the fire with my cock in her hand. Soon we reached a larger rock near the fire where she sat down and I knelt on the sand in front of her and between her legs. I came close to her and kissed her sweet pink lips again before taking off my vest on her.. she lifted both her hands up in the air ever so innocently, with her head tilting on one side and she was blinking cutely with those big big eyes.. I slowly took off the vest and drew her closer to me. Her breasts were directly in line with my lips and glowing in the warm fire. I bent forward to suck on her nipples. Gently licking with my tongue while my lips were sucking her nipples at the same time. Both my hands around her silky waist as she was playing with my hair.. kissing me on my head and moaning at the same time. I sucked both her nipples and she was squirming with her juices flowing from her tight pussy. I moved back a little to admire the view. There was my princess, Shanaya.. sitting naked on the rock by the fire, under the star kissed night by the river and her body arched upwards, making those small breasts with the perfect pink nipples point towards the sky to catch the cool breeze that was blessing the night.. I looked at her closed eyes and understood, her dripping pussy needed attention.


Promptly, I leaned forward kissing her on her legs and making my way upwards. My lips brushing against her silky legs ever so slightly that she had goose bumps all over her legs. I kissed both legs and kissed her silky thighs, and licked her from there, cleaning up all the juices that had flown over her thighs as I got closer to her pussy. She was moaning now and looking at the sky. Grabbing my hair hard, she pulled me closer to her hot pussy. I gently grabbed her pussy lips one at a time with my lips and sucked on them gently… I reached the bottom of her pussy and licked all the way up.. sending shivers down her body. I blew some air as I buried my face into her pussy and she cooed like a pigeon as her pussy lips vibrated with the escaping air. Slowly, I spread her pussy lips and flicked her clit with my tongue.. Shanaya was moaning loudly now and dug her cute nails into my back. Once again she grabbed my hair and pulled my head close to her face.. she looked at my eyes and said.. “Fuck me Vick…., fuck me now…"


I stood up on my knees and made Shanaya hold my cock, she needed both hands to grab it’s length. She pulled me closer with both hands tugging on my cock and made my cock touch the entrance to her love pot. I hugged her with both hands to give her a soft place to rest her back on the hard rock while I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pink pussy. She gasped as I slowly entered her, in small stokes that were slow and deliberate. She closed her eyes and bit me really hard on my shoulder asking me to go deep. I increased my thrust and the tight pussy swallowed my cock whole. I slipped my cock in and out of her honey filled hole as she hugged me harder. I fucked by Shanaya and I fucked her good. I could feel her get tense and had her first orgasm soon, I wasn’t going to stop.


I got her on the soft sand on all fours, while I got behind her and entered her pussy from behind. I put some saliva on my left middle finger and slipped it into her cute butt hole while the other hand started squeezing her right breasts. I pumped her from this position and she was now grunting like a wild tigress.. Grrr … grrrr…aaaaarrrgh… sssssssss. aaaaaaahhh she went as I pounded her cute pussy from behind. My balls were slapping hard over her pussy as I pulled her closer to me with every thrust, make my thrusts deeper and faster. She started shouting loudly.. aaaaaaargh.. when i had to put my hand around her mouth to quiten her.. she bit my hand while I pumped harder. I was now looking up at the sky, my eyes half closed as I grunted. I realized all the cum I had built upon for Shanaya deep inside her. I jerked as I emptied every drop of my cum inside my love and hugged her from behind as we both feel sideways to the ground exhausted and in a state of pure bliss..Load of cum slowly came trickling out from her cute pussy as I kissed her cheeks from behind her..


After more kisses, I whispered that this was the greatest day of my life and she said she felt the same. With a smile on my face, I went up to check on the tent. Ritika was laying there, spread-eagle with her dress riding up, her pussy was showing to my flashlight and there wasn’t any space for the three of us. I put more wood into the fire and spread out some of the wet clothes on the rock near by so that they dry over night. I dressed by cutie pie up back in my dry vest. We lay on the sand near the fire and I made her sleep on my shoulders as I put by bag under my head as a pillow. She kissed me on my cheeks and said “I love you”.. "I love you too sweetie pie, I do” I replied..


“Ding, ding” I heard a sound in my dream, it felt a temple where I was getting married to Shanaya when I opened my eyes. I realized it was the sound of some cows grazing nearby and there was a young lad wearing a loin cloth and a bamboo stick on his shoulders looking intently at Shanaya’s pink nipple which was popping out of my clumsy vest. He seemed to have a teeny tent of his own. I quickly covered my cutie up and realized this was cow boy from a local village. I quickly walked him away to protect my baby from his prying eyes and asked him about where we where. Shanaya woke up too and went to wake up her hung over mom who immediately wanted to know what happened. “Nothing” said Shanaya with a smirk she couldn’t hide and lied that she was sleeping next to her mom while I slept near the fire. Some what relieved, both of them walked out to see their dry clothes. I could see them in the background as both of them quickly put on their panties and throwing on more layers over themselves. I walked back with smile on my face directed toward Shanaya which she returned, but Ritika was wondering why I was smiling. I told them we are very close to a village where there would be phone reception. Her mom seemed thrilled, Shanaya wanted to be in my arms, but couldn’t with her mom nearby. Shanaya had packed my bag as well and I thanked her for it.


At the village, we quickly connected with the rest of the team and two vehicles arrived to take us back to the place where we had breakfast. Sadly in one jeep there was Shanaya’s dad who took her and her mom away right from the village. I wasn't planning on such a quick departure from Shanaya, not even a good bye kiss or an exchange of phone numbers.  Our met as she sat in the back seat, I could see tears roll from her beautiful eyes, I stood there watching with a huge lump in my throat as the jeep rolled down the hill and disappeared away from the fairy tale that had just unfolded. Just like that she was gone...


The other jeep took me back to the base camp where my wife was stationed at along with the rest of the group that had joined them from the other village they had spent the night at. I found out that  all the trekkers had split into two groups, other than our group of three, with one guide each and had made their way back to separate villages for the night. Since they could not communicate with each other, they had no idea who was missing. Relieved to see my wife was safe, I hugged her tight as I looked behind her. Ishaan was picking up  his pants from a bed nearby. Looks like everyone was sharing beds in the little hotel they had to put up at night.


Soon, we sadly made our way back to the New Delhi as I rented a cab to head back with my wife. As I unpacked, I found that Shanaya had left her pink panties with white flowers in my bag, it felt like an oasis in a desert, but I hope I will find a lot more of my lovely dream girl one day including herself.


Back to the routine, as I was loading clothes into the washing machine, I saw my wife’s clothes with loads of semen stuck on her clothes. I walked out to the balcony with a cup of tea in my hand to watch the sun set, other hand in my trouser pocket with Shanaya’s panties, I wondered what must have happened with Ritu that night... perhaps she will write a story one day.


Well, at least I am not guilty of having  had my dream come true all alone!


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