Encounters of Bare Skin: Corona Times

Ever since autumn last year, when I had a lovely front row ticket to the tintillating show my 'neighbour across' had put up on his balcony, things have changed.

Despite my wishes, I am still single; the stupid corvid virus outbreak did not improve my odds. But, not against my wishes, my lovely neighbour still is still a practising nudist. Moreover, due to the lock down (courtesy Corona) my lovely neighbour spend more time at home. Silver linings. So virtually whenever I looked out the window I saw him walking through his home, on the third floor, across the 'green canal' as I have been calling the patch of grass and playgrounds that separate our condos. It is not that I peek and stare all the time, it is just that human factor: whenever I look out the window I automatically start at the place where I know something good might be seen.

And let's be honoust: there was, 3th floor - one floor below mine - and across the green. His chest, back, butt, and gentle face: I feel so stupid, but could this be a crush. I feel like a naïve schoolgirl. Am I really that desperate that I fall for the first man that I see naked? I am not giving him enough credit, I think he does look cute. In the evenings, when the lights are on, his curtains are still, almost invitingly, open and sometimes I see him waking. I am not such a voyeur that I watch his movements constantly, even Corvid had not made me that desperate. But once or twice I have seen him walking around with a semi erection, and once I could a glimpse of him masturbating in front of the television. Again: I do not mean to look but when I do see him, I am not looking away. Also, remember that this is all taking place over an extended period of time – months – and there is little else to do when one should stay inside once home.

During lock down he apparently bought some sporting gear: a cross trainer and some weights to stay in shape. It will not surprise you that he sports naked too. I found myself increasingly aroused when seeing him naked. Not having sex, or a relationship, seems to be doing this to me. At one time, when I saw him sport I got aroused again. He was running there, I could clearly see his shrivelled penis bobbing, his chest heaving. I felt hot, and sweaty. My hand on my chest, I caressed a boob through the blouse I was wearing. I felt my nipples harden. It felt good, I was getting aroused. I unbuttoned my blouse, traced my hand over my body, to the cups of my bra. My right hand slipped underneath. A small pleasant shock went through my body. I lightly touched the hard and erect nipple. I let the blouse fall down and unzipped my skirt. I fell like a sheet of paper. My hands moved to my breasts, caressing them both, allowing them to slip out of their protective coating. I moaned. I felt wet, I could feel the feeling spreading though my body. My neighbour was still running there, eyes on infinity.

I unhooked the cumbersome bra and threw it towards the couch. My hands, stretched and as flat as I could make them, rubbed my tits, and belly, my thighs. I touched myself through my panties. A moan escaped my my mouth, the burning sensation of lust had taken hold. I hooked my fingers behind elastic band and let my panties slide to the ground. I ran a finger down my chest to my nipple and pinched it. I let my hand slide down, and caressed the pubic hair. I traced my nails across my lower abdomen, over my labia, it was so wet down there. I allowed my fingers to slide in. Vaguely I wondered about how wet I was. How long had it been? More than a month, surely. Almost two? I shuddered, my clit screamed for attention and I started rubbing it with my finger. Drawing circles, I felt the tingling increase. I slid deeper, feeling the soft, moist flesh, the muscled edge. I breathed hard, my eyes closed, forgetting myself and my surroundings as I lost myself in the sensation of lust, arousal and satisfaction. I moved two fingers in and out, massaging the sides. Then I returned to the warm little bulb, rubbing circles, my clit swelled, hard and excited, I knew I was to come soon. I started to stand on my toes, the arousal tensed my muscles, arched my back. Rubbing, circles, the warmness spread, my other hand rubbed my labia, the other my clit. I moaned. I felt the orgasm building, like a pleasurable cramp. I moaned hard, I was coming. Rub, touch, circle. Almost, coming, the tension, the pressure that needed release. And I came with a loud gasp. I pressed my hands against my groin while the wave of ecstasy washed over me, and I slowly come to my senses.

I opened my eyes, I relaxed and sank to my feet instead of my toes. I drew in a deep breath of relief. I stood there in front of the window, where I had been standing when I had seen my neighbour. My breathing returned to normal. But the thing with windows and the evening of early spring is: people have there lights on. So had I. I knew that the moment I took my clothes of, but I had not foreseen being so completely off the world. I looked to the other windows that had a view on my windows: all seemed dark or closed curtains except for my nudist friend. I saw him jerking his head back while he was doing his running exercise. Had he seen me? I saw him, so he could see me right? Perhaps not my crotch (but I had stood on my toes when I came?), but certainly my breasts, and my movements?

Then I saw his immense erection where his former flaccid little thing has been. The only logical conclusion was: he had seen it all, saw what I had done...and he must have liked it - I added both for my own comfort and for feeling naughty. What had come over me? Here I stood, naked, before the world, with lights on, pleasing myself. All this went through my head, when I hastily turned away from the window, grabbed my clothes and put them back on again.