In Vino Veritas

We’d both had too much wine

There you were, on the line

Lena had left my place

Mindy hadn’t left a trace

We were all alone

Each with our phone

Two guys fooling around

Our voices as sound

And computers on surround

Watching flesh by the pound

Hot cocks banging hot foxes

Tongues licking wet boxes

Girls sucking on rocks

And tonging hard cocks

Making me pound my dick

Making you stroke your prick

It was all pretty innocent

The sounds and images as stimulant

Jerking off like teenagers

Making small wagers

As to who’d last longer

Who of you or me with be stronger

Just watching girls and guys

Do what we’d done in rubbers, pussies and pies

Not admitting to each other

That our breathing was a precum frother

Good thing we were far away

Allowing us not to stray

From being straight and loving pussy

Female curves and taste of lassie

You turned on your cam and things got weird

I commented on your full-grown beard

You twisted it down to give me a view

Of your bulging pole and heavy crew

Those hairy balls bopping up and down

The close up of your piss slit’s frown

You said: “I showed you mine, now show me yours!

I’m sure it’s big as all outdoors!”

You laughed so hard my cock almost deflated

But the sight of your meat got me excited

I tilted my cam so you’d see what I had

My balls and my prick completely un-clad

You licked your lips, I know that you did

Obviously, you wish that you’d hid

But I too wished you close

So I could give you a dose

Of my lips, tongue and throat

So you’d shoot a hot coat

Of hot man juice for one

My first taste of another guy’s cum

I drank some more red

While rubbing the head

You downed some more white

Then you lost the fight

You moaned and shot a load

I groaned and followed your mode

We almost came together

And next time we’re with one another

I sure hope there’s wine

And time to feel fine.