Dave ch.1

Info pawn
16 Sep. '16

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– Welcome to the estate, the man said while he shook my hand.

He was a thirty-something year old bald man, with a dark tan and hairy arms, half-hidden under his shirt. The classic Mediterranean look. He stood at the entrance of a building best described as modern interpretation of an old Greek palace; it was quite big.

– What was your name again?

– Dave, I answered.

– Nice to meet you, Dave. I'm Ricardo. Let’s go inside.

I followed him through the entrance into the large, central hall. It had a glass ceiling, balconies on all sides, overlooking the large fountain in the middle of the hall. We walked to a small door on the left side of the atrium. On the door, I read "Personnel Only". Through the door was an almost empty lunch room with a young guy sitting in a corner drinking water. He was wearing tight jeans and a tight black shirt with a deep V neck. Because his clothes were so close-fitting, I could see how skinny he was. Nevertheless, he did seem muscular so I’d saw he fit the “twunk” bill.

When he saw Ricardo, he stood up and said that he could not find the clothing he was supposed to wear tonight. Ricardo asked me to wait there while he showed the guy his clothes.

While I was alone in the room I checked Grindr. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I spotted the guy who had just left the room. The app informed me that he was 10 meters away – I knew that! – and that he called himself “Big Paul”. I didn’t really need to guess why. When Paul had left the room, I’d noticed the huge bulge in his tight jeans.

I had been on Grindr the day before when Ricardo had messaged me to ask if I could use some extra money. I was curious but I did not see myself as an escort. An hour later, he messaged again saying all I had to do was walk around in underwear and serve drinks to customers on his island resort. I had thought about it for a while and had finally decided to take him up on his offer.

Ricardo returned saying, "Let me give you a tour of the estate!"

The building was very large. There were lots of big rooms, multiple swimming pools, guest rooms ranging from medium to huge sizes, bars, and dining rooms. Outside was a large garden, more pools and bars, and a little port where guests would arrive. The rest of the coast was beach.

Ricardo, big Paul and I seemed to be the only people on the island. When I asked Ricardo, he said the other boys would arrive in about an hour and – an hour after that –, the first customers would arrive for the big party.

Our tour ended in the locker room besides the lunchroom. There were showers on one side and lockers on the other. The two remaining walls were covered in mirrors. In the middle of the empty room were benches. When we entered, Ricardo told me to put my clothes in a locker and that I was welcome to take a shower while he got me something to wear for tonight.

I started undressing. First, I took my shirt off before sitting down to remove my shoes. My pants followed after that.

Even though I was alone, I knew Ricardo or Paul could return any minute. In high school, when I’d been in the locker room, I had gotten used to being in my underwear in front of the other guys, but I’d never walked around naked so I decided to keep my underwear on. After I put my clothes in the locker, I started feeling silly about being such a prude.

– What’s wrong with taking my undies off, too? I asked myself.

I’m certainly not ashamed of my body, nor should I be. I stripped and put them in my locker with the rest of my clothes before sitting on the cold bench to browse through Grindr again. I went to my own profile and checked out my 6 foot, skinny frame and thought, “come on, man. Stop being so self-conscious!” I don’t have a six pack, but I’m trim and fit even though I don’t really train. I just don’t have much fat, so I look good. I have short, blond hair and no body hair to speak of really, except for a little trimmed bush above my dick. Though I look okay, the only part of my body I’m really proud of is my ass. It’s bubbly and looks really hot, if I do say so myself.

When Ricardo came back, I was checking out 'Big Paul'’s profile picture and had a semi which was kind of embarrassing. Luckily, he didn't seem to notice.

– Stand up please, he ordered.

I did what he asked and he started looking me over.

– I think a jockstrap would suit you best.

He walked over to me while his eyes took me in.

– Turn around, he requested.

I did. For a while, I just felt his eyes on me, but then I felt his hand on my ass. I held my breath and felt my semi develop into a full-fledged boner. He squeezed a little, and I felt a finger very close to my hole. I felt relieved that he was standing behind me and couldn’t see the effect his touch was having on my cock. Then, he released his grip.

– You have a nice ass, he commented. I think the guys will like seeing it.

I didn’t really know what to say, so I decided to keep quiet.

– Go ahead. Take a shower and put this on.

He put a red jock strap on my left shoulder and I took it.

– When you're done, you can go to the waiting room.

I nodded and he left. I sighed loudly and realized I hadn’t dared breathe in probably over a minute.

I walked towards the showers with my boner waving in front of me, trying to think of something else. I wanted to be as professional as possible and didn’t want to look like a horn dog. When I turned the water on, it felt good and I made sure I didn’t touch myself in any erogenous zones. I also made sure I didn’t think about Ricardo’s hand on my ass or Paul’s profile picture and how I would like to see more of him.

I stood under the shower for what must have been a long time. When Paul walked in, I realized I had a semi again. I saw him checking it out – which I found kind of awkward – but, for some reason, I decided not to turn around, not to obstruct his view.

– Hey, man, I said, pretending everything was cool.

– Hey…

– You… uh, do this regularly?

– What do you mean?

– I mean, is this your regular job?

– Sure. Yeah. I do this to finance my degree,… and I like the extra money.

He chuckled nervously.

– Is this your first time? he asked. ‘Cause I don't think I’ve seen you here before.

While he talked, he started taking his shirt off. I couldn't help staring. He had a nice torso.

– Yeah, uh… I could also use the money, you know? I answered nervously.

Paul started taking his pants off so I quickly turned the shower off and quickly walked over to the jock I’d left on the bench. Didn’t want to show too much excitement and thought I’d use a towel to dry off and hide my growing boner.

– Do you like it here? I asked, trying to change the subject.

He started taking off his underwear.

– Are you kidding me? I love it here. I like showing off, you know?

He laughed.

I finally had my jock on. It had taken some effort to put my growing member in it, but it was now safely confined. Paul, on the other hand, was now completely naked, his huge dick in full view.

– I can see that, I replied, my eyes widening even though I was trying not to stare.

He laughed and wiggled his dick a little, walking to the showers.

Once he’d turned on the shower, I squeezed my hardening dick through the jock strap, adjusted myself a little to be more comfortable, and went to the waiting room as Ricardo had instructed me.

When I entered the room, I saw five guys I hadn't seen before. I felt my face turn red when I realized I was in a room full of good-looking, fully-clothed guys while I was wearing nothing but I jock which was probably barely covering my bulging boner (I didn't know if I was still hard, but I certainly wasn’t going to check while I felt all their eyes on me).

The conversation died down as they looked at me, most of them, sitting, just turning and eying me at crotch level.

– You must be the new guy, one of them asked as he stared at my bulge as if this was a totally normal situation.

He stood and walked over to me, offering his hand. The others all followed suit.

I only remembered the name of the first guy, Luca. I have to admit. Names have never been my strong suit.

After the introductions, they just went on with their conversation about the Eurovision semi finales that had been televised the day before. I walked to the sink and filled a glass with water. I then realized my back side was completely exposed so I quickly turned around to see Luca shamelessly looking at my butt. I smiled sheepishly and walked over to one of the empty chairs. It was strangely arousing, feeling the fabric of the chair against my bare ass. Luca clearly seemed to be interested in me so I asked him where he was from.

– From the southern part of Italy, he replied, smiling. A small village called Maratea.

As we continued talking, I learned he was 20 years old – a year younger than me – and that he had found this place on the Internet while looking for a place to get away from homophobic southern Italy.

I couldn’t help but laugh when he said that. Talking to him was so much fun, I almost forgot I was only wearing a jockstrap.

Half-way through our conversation, Paul entered the room. He was also wearing a jockstrap. His was blue and very see-through, like a mesh-type fabric. I caught most of the guys looking and Paul didn't seem to mind, which didn’t surprise me after what he had confessed in the locker room.

He greeted everyone and walked to the sink. To get there, he had to pass me, squeezing between my chair and the wall. As he went by, I felt his bulge press against my neck and couldn’t help but wonder if he’d pressed harder than was really necessary). When I looked up, he smiled at me and turned around to get some water. This allowed me a nice view of his nice ass.

– I see you’ve met Paul…? Luca said, amused.

I quickly turned around, a little embarrassed that I had so obviously stared at Paul's backside. Luca was smirking. I turned red again.

After about an hour, most of the guys had changed so Paul and I were no longer the only ones wearing jockstraps. But now, I had to make sure I didn't stare too boldly, and my dick was having a tough time staying soft.

There were now about thirty guys in the lunch room. Ricardo returned from whatever he was doing to tell us we had to be ready in fifteen minutes. I decided to have some water before the party started. Luckily, I wasn’t as nervous as I had been earlier. When I had had my water and returned to my chair, Paul had stolen it from me. He looked at me with puppy eyes and said:

– Sorry…

He grinned.

– If you want, you can sit in my lap.

I glanced at his crotch and spotted the bulge in his see-through jock. This could have been very awkward, but I was so horny I decided to go with the flow. When I sat on Paul, I almost immediately regretted my decision. I felt his hard member between my butt cheeks and popped an instant boner. I tried to readjust my package, but the jockstrap was a little too small. I had to choose between showing a bit of my balls or the tip of my cock. I settled on letting my cock head peek out of the top of the jock. Luckily, the table hid my junk from most of the other guys.

Ricardo sat at the head of the table and asked for silence.

– Tonight, our guests will be a French businessman, his colleagues and some friends.

I started to notice that I was not the only one who had a boner. I felt Paul get bigger and bigger beneath me.

– The average age of our friends will be around thirty, so don't worry Dave: they won’t be too old for your first time.

He looked at me with a dirty smile. I smiled back, but I had a hard time keeping a straight face with Paul’s sheathed boner pressing against my ass.

– They paid for regular service, so… sexy waiters, some touching and flirting, but no sex.

Suddenly, I felt a hand under my ass. First, I thought Paul was going to finger me, but quickly I realized he was just readjusting.

– Now, I’ll divide you guys into teams for tonight.

Ricardo started naming names followed by tasks but my attention was completely elsewhere. Paul had slowly started grinding against my ass. Suddenly, I heard my name.

– Dave!

Startled, I looked at Ricardo.

– Since you seem to like Paul, you guys will be serving drinks at the roof Jacuzzi.

Everyone was now staring at us. They could all tell what was going on beneath the table. My face turned red again.

– It's time to head to your posts.

I couldn’t help but think I was already riding a post, but I didn’t say that out loud.

People started to leave the room, but I decided to wait. If I stood up now everyone would see my boner. Paul seemed to think in the same lines, because he made no move to stand up.

When there were just a few guys left, Ricardo said:

– What are you waiting for?

I stood up, the tip of my dick still sticking out of my jock. A few guys looked but said nothing so I just walked out of the room like everything was normal. I heard Paul follow me. Suddenly, I realized I did not know where to go. I turned around and saw Paul, his member sticking half-way out of his jock. I quickly looked up and awkwardly asked where we needed to go.

I followed Paul up the main stairs which gave me an interesting view, though it didn't help my dick situation. It was still sticking out. I saw some guys looking, but I didn't mind. Most of them looked at Paul's anyway. It was mostly very exciting walking through a mansion filled with hot guys in jockstraps. We walked through a hall with pool tables, followed by a big room with a stage for pole dancing. On the other side of the room, we went up another staircase. For the second time, I got an amazing look at Paul’s ass. Again, this didn’t help my boner situation.

We got to a terrace was took up a small part of the roof. There was one Jacuzzi and a few tables. The place was surrounded by tropical plants, but you could see the beaches of the beautiful island behind them. I still had a raging boner while Paul's was safe in his jock again.

– You really like it here, don't you? he said looking at my boner.

– I don't mind the view, but you can't walk around like that the entire night. That's not what the customers paid for.

– Well, you didn't really help in the lunch room.

I acted restless in a playful way. He smirked.

– Sorry. Maybe I can make it up to you and help you get rid of that boner.

He walked toward me and put his hand on the part of my dick that stood out of my jock. The sudden contact and arousal shocked me, and a little moan escaped. I didn't know how to react, but luckily instinct took over, I kissed him and put my arms around him. I felt his hand go in my jock. He reached my balls. At the same time, I felt his other hand go over my ass. I pressed myself against him and put my hands on his cheeks. His touches became more passionate. He pulled my cock under the strap to the side of the part that was supposed to cover it and started stroking. The hand on my ass also became more adventurous, one of his fingers pressing against my hole, harder and harder until I felt it’s tip penetrate me.

When our lips parted, I felt his dick had escaped his jock, too. I put one hand on it and started stroking it. It felt amazing. His foreskin slowly went up his massive head and back. He swiftly went to his knees while keeping his finger inside me. His mouth was now just in front of my dick. His tongue went for my balls giving me an amazing feeling. He pushed his finger further and slipped his tongue slowly toward the tip of my penis. When he pulled my foreskin down with his free hand and put his mouth around the tip of my dick, I moaned loudly. My eyes closed instinctively to help me enjoy the sensation.

After a while he started deep-throating me and quickly brought me to the edge of coming. I opened my eyes and found myself staring right into Luca’s eyes! Apparently, he and another guy had been watching for a while, their bulges testifying to their arousal.

Somehow, the idea of being watched while receiving a blowjob brought me over the edge. I came in Paul's mouth and some of my cum sprayed his face when he pulled my dick out.

While coming, I moaned loudly and kept looking at Luca. Paul stood up and noticed my expression. He turned around with a cum covered mouth and face, his hard dick still sticking out.

After an awkward silence, Luca said:

– We were sent here to check how things were going.

– I thought I'd show the new guy how things go around here, Paul replied while his finger took some cum off his face and scooped it in his mouth.

I quickly put my now flaccid dick back in my jock, but Paul did not seem to be in a hurry. With his boner still on full display, he walked over to Luca and said:

– But everything is going great. We're just waiting for the guests… and then the party can start.