The Other Job - Business Negotiation

After another day, I retire to my bed, but not before checking my phone one last time. That's when I find an email.

'Greetings Amelia

A client has requested your services at his holiday house. He says that your skills will be essential in a business negotiation, and will require your services for the entire weekend.'

If only all business negotiations involved sex. Guess there's a lot banking on this one, so I'll have to bring my A-game. I'll have to be unforgettable, worthy of being the one sordid secret hidden away behind all the paperwork and money. There's also the fact he wants for the weekend. Maybe my client wants to sample the goods before getting down to business, or maybe I'm in for a weekend-long orgy.

* * *

On Saturday night, I arrive at the holiday house that sits on the edge of town. Trailing behind me is a wheeled suitcase filled with sexy outfits, in addition to the black lingerie lying in wait under my casual summer dress. At the door, I'm met by an older, portly gentleman wearing a casual business suit. Guy's gotta be pushing fifty, if not already there. Certainly not my dream hunk by any stretch of the imagination, but that's the job I guess.

"You must be Amelia?" He says.

"That's me."

We shake hands. "Greg. Come on in."

Greg leads me inside to a living space that is surprisingly spacious, considering how small the house looked on the outside. Even at night, I can tell the view outside would be incredible, overlooking the ocean. He sits on the couch, where he says "So, you ready for tomorrow?"

I take a seat next to him. "Ready as ever."


"So, who's this client of yours?"

"He owns a company I'm interested in buying. He's being stubborn about it, but I think he can be convinced."

"And that's where I come in?"


"So, anything your client into?"

His hand touches my thigh. "Well, you're exactly his type."


"Definitely. I hope you brought something a little more... seductive though."

"I sure did. Would you like to see?"


I stand up and strut in front of Greg before removing my dress. It hits the floor and his jaw follows. Turning around, I give him a view of my perky ass and then look over my shoulder.

"I think that's what you wanted, isn't it?"

"My God... You are perfect Amelia."

"You've seen nothing yet."


"I'm assuming you want to make sure I can perform, don't you?"

He smiles at me. "Absolutely."

Greg reaches into his pocket, pulling out a pack of viagra. As he pops one of his helpers, I remove my bra and then fall to my knees. Next, I begin undoing his belt, eager to see what I'm working with. Pulling his pants down to his ankles, I find an average-sized cock standing at attention for me. Ugh, he hasn't even shaved either. Still, I put my mouth around his tip, and begin to swirl my tongue around it. I'm met by his moans, so I'm on the right track.

"Oh that's it... My wife never does this for me anymore."

Good. That should mean you blow early. I start to stroke him before removing my lips from his cock and looking to him. "Anything else she doesn't do?"

"She doesn't do anything."

I don't blame her at all. "Oh, you poor thing."

"Tell me you want it?"

"Want what?" I slide a hand into my panties, hoping to get some pleasure out of this encounter.

"To get fucked."

I'd rather anything else. "I want you to fuck me Greg. I want you to fuck me like a real man."

He then reaches into his pocket once more, fishing out a condom. As he tears it opens, he says "How about you ride me?"

Flashing another fake smile, I say "Sounds like a plan."

Standing up, I tug at my panties, before pulling them down. With them out of the way, I get on top of Greg and ease myself onto his length. He lets out a moan as I begin to rub my clit, hoping to get something out of this. Then I start bouncing up and down his cock.

"Ohh fuck... Ride that cock you dirty little whore."

Well one of us has to do the work. I'm basically riding a dildo attached to a two-hundred or so pound tub of lard. My fake moans scream over his breathless moaning. His jaw has gone slack and his eyes are closed, lost in ecstasy I'm desperate for. At least Iknow what I'm doing. With my finger frantically rubbing my clit, I might actually get my-.

"Oh fuck! Aghh!"

I feel Greg's cock pulsate inside of me, as his body somehow becomes more limp. The smile tells me everything. He's just blown his load. I pause, even though my body is screaming for more.

A smile lights up his face. "Oh my God..."

"Been a while?" I sigh.


"Happens to the best of us." And the worst of us too...


"You mind if I wash up?"

"Not at all... On the left."

I don't think I've ever left a room faster in my life, retreating to the warmth of the shower. There, I begin to explore my body. At least here I can do what I want, and I can think of who I want to. I don't have to look at him either. I can just close my eyes and picture whoever I want. Xavier, Ben, James, Mr. Tsu. Anyone but that fat bastard. I can also touch myself in the way I want. The only thing I have to be mindful of is to not moan too loudly, less I give Greg any more ideas.

Whilst I rub away, I clench my jaw. Under my practice touch, I can't help but let out a few muffled moans. Especially when I'm thinking of my many, much better lovers I've been with. That, or trying to picture the man I'll meet tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be an actual man who can do much better than Greg. Not like that'd be hard.

I might be taking too long, but I need this. I need remind myself of what sex can be like. What it's like to feel an orgasm approach. How it begins with my legs trembling in anticipation. How my body tenses up right before I find myself overcome with orgasmic bliss. My body shudders as I lean against the steamy glass, hoping it can bear my weight. It's a small victory, but one I indulge in all the same.

Once I calm down, I finish up and head back out to find Greg sleeping on the couch. He really must've been a while if those few minutes have taken him out. Well, I guess all that's left to do is find the bedroom and get some rest.

* * *

Another reason to hate Greg: He sets his alarm early. Like 5:00 AM early. After hitting the alarm clock, I look to the nightstand, finding a planner. I wonder if I can get more insight into what's in store for me today. Flicking through the pages, I find today's date with the following notes:

'Meeting w/ Carlos 10:00 AM.

Have escort dress as secretary.'

Okay, so if I wake him up now, he has plenty of time to disappoint me some more. Screw it. A few more hours of sleep would be nice, anyway.

* * *

The alarm hits my ears once again at 8:30 o'clock. Again I slap it, before throwing on a silk robe and heading out to Greg, who's still passed out. I shake him awake, to which he blinks.

"Good morning."

"Oh... Hey. What's the time?"


"Oh shit."

"There a problem?"

"The client's gonna be here in about an hour."

"Well, how about you have some breakfast?"

"Have you eaten?"

"Not yet, no."

"Okay... I was planning on ordering in."

"How about you go do that and I'll get ready?"

"Sure... You know I had something in mind?"


"Would you be able to pose as my secretary?"

"I can do that." I figured that might happen, so I made sure to pack some work clothes.

"Great. I'll order in some food."

Whilst we wait, Greg drinks a coffee and I down a glass of water. Neither of us acknowledges last night, but that's fine by me. Sure enough, the food comes, and we both fill ourselves before taking out respective showers. To my surprise, he doesn't even ask for a handjob in the shower. In fact, he seems all business at this point. Suits me.

For my outfit, I put on a set of red heels, sheer stockings held up by a red garter belt, and (you guessed it) red lace panties. Above that sits a short, navy blue pencil skirt that hugs my hips and a tight red turtleneck sweater. I top it all of with fake thick-rimmed glasses and red lipstick. Now ready, I head out and find Greg sitting at the table, dressed in a two-piece suit.

"All ready?" He asks.

"Sure am."

And right on cue, the doorbell rings.

"Come on in." Greg calls out.

I look to the door to see a handsome Hispanic hunk wearing a black two-piece suit that doesn't fit with his cocky smile, five o'clock shadow, and wild curly hair. Nor does it fit the aviator shades he removes, revealing his brown eyes.

"Hello Greg." He says.

"How's it going?"

"Good." He then turns to me with a smile. "Who's this?"

I smile back at him. "Amelia. I'm Greg's assistant."

"Ah. Lovely to meet you."

"Likewise." In fact, you're a fucking blessing compared to this old slimeball.

Carlos then takes a seat, and then asks "So what's the occasion?"

"Well as you know, with your father's passing, his company is in turmoil."

"It is."

"And you're the only one still holding out on the board."

"That I am."

"What's it going to take?"

"Has the contract changed since last time?"

"No. I want to know what you want changed?"

"May I read it?"

"Of course."

Carlos studies the document as wait for his reaction. After a while, he says "This the best you can do?"


"Carlos, isn't it?" I interject.

Carlos looks to me. "Yes?"

"How old are you?"




I stand up and lean forward. "Look, I'm all for family pride, but is it really worth it? You'll spend all your life working your ass off and for what? Being a boring old fuck like this guy?"

Greg scoffs. "Amelia."

"C'mon Carlos, you wanna live a little, don't ya?"

"I mean I guess."

"Then take the money. Live a little. I think your dad would rather you're happy than keeping his company alive."

Carlos shrugs. "You have a point."

"And you're a smart guy. I'm sure with this buyout, you could make an investment or two."

"Or you could work for me." Greg interjects.

"You seem much better at this then him."

"Oh, I think I just speak your language, that's all."

"I think you do."

"And I'll make it an even better offer."

"How's that?"

I strut around the table, and once I'm beside Carlos, I run my hand across his cheek. "Because, I'm part of the offer. I'm not an assistant, I'm an escort?"

"A what?"

"An escort. Or a prostitute if that's your language." I cock my head to Greg. "This old fucker is so bad at his job, he thinks he needs a whore to convince you."

"Hey." Greg snaps.

"What? I'm doing my job. You're welcome by the way."

"I think she's better at it than you." Carlos interjects.

He then grabs the pen and signs the contract.

Greg sighs as he stares blankly at Carlos, before muttering "Thank you."

"So, shall we get down to business?" I ask.

"Sure. Where should we go?" Carlos asks.

"Follow me."

Carlos stands up so I walk over to Greg, who looks to me and stammers "What are you doing?"

"Turn around."

He obeys my order, turning around to me. I then bend over and brace my hands on his knees. "Isn't this what you wanted?"

"Well... Not like-"

"Too bad."

Carlos then gets behind me and pulls my skirt up.

"Mhmm, you have a very nice ass, Amelia." He says.

"And it's all yours, Carlos."

He then pulls my panties to the side, before dragging his tongue along my slit. As I moan in pleasure, I look at the surprise written all over Greg's face. I'm sure he realizes I don't have to fake it for Carlos. It doesn't take him long to hone in on my clit and make my smile that much bigger and my moans that much louder. I'm sure every inch of my body betrays how much more I'm enjoying this, from my fingers digging into Greg's thighs, to whatever expression my face has fallen into.

"Ohh fuck... He's so good at this." I moan.

Greg offers me no response, only a dumbfounded expression on his face. I, however, continue to moan as I feel my knees go weak. My jaw drops as my eyes roll into the back of my head as the climax hits me, my body convulsing to the blissful sensation. Carlos' tongue then leaves my body as I catch my breath. Once I've finally come down from my orgasmic high, I look to Greg and say "At least one of you can make me cum."

"Why are you doing this?" He gasps.

"Isn't this what you wanted? For me to convince Carlos? You should be thanking me."

Greg attempts to stammer his way towards an answer. That's when I grope his crotch, feeling his hard cock.

"Ohh, this is turning you on, isn't it? Being cucked. Hmm? You don't need those blue pills anymore."

Again, he's at a loss for words.

"Enough of him."

That's when Carlos slaps my ass, making me gasp. I then cock my head to the real man in the room, who's shed his clothes to flaunt his chiseled physique and rock hard cock. He might be the same size as Greg, but behind that cock is a real man, and if his tongue is any indication of his skill, I'm in for a much better time.

"Condom?" Carlos asks.

"No need. A real man deserves to feel how wet he's made me."

His hands then grab my hips, before he drives his entire cock inside of me with one deep, assertive thrust, to which I yelp "Fuck!"

"You're soaking wet, aren't you?"

As I nod, Carlos starts to piston me with hard, powerful strokes.

"Ah... Fuck... Fuck me like a real man." I growl.

Maybe it was out of spite, or just how dirty it felt, but degrading Greg just made me that much more aroused. He probably thought money gave him power over me, but now he's underneath me, still giving me that blank empty stare. A stare that breaks when Carlos hooks an arm around my body and pulls me up. I turn my head and our lips then meet.

His thrusts slow down as his other arm slicks down towards my sex. When his fingers touch my clit, they move in a similar motion to his tongue. Combined with his cock that is somehow hitting my spot just right, I find myself lost in his arms. Our mouths part, allowing mine to let out a tirade of passionate moans. My fake glasses then fall off as my knees go weak. Once again, he has me on the brink, and all I can do is tense up as I moan "Ahhh... I'm gonna cum again."

Right then and there, I fall into another orgasm, closing my eyes as I shudder within his arms. As I catch my breath, I feel Carlos slip out of me. Then I open my eyes, finding Greg where I had left him. In a state of frozen shock. Rather than look at him, I turn to Carlos and say "Still going?"


"How about you fuck me on the table?"

"Sounds perfect."

Without further ado, I remove my top and hop on the table, pushing off anything in my way. Once there's enough room, I lay on my back and spread my legs. Carlos moves on top of me, giving me a much better view than before. One of a confident smile, a chiseled chest, and a cock that made stiff by me and me alone. That cock soon enters me once more, so I snare its owner in my limbs.

"Ahh... fuck me Carlos. Fuck me!"

He begins thrusting once more. I'm sure he's giving Greg one hell of a show, but he could've gone to the moon for all I care. I've done my job, and now I'm indulging myself in a better lover. One who has seemingly unlimited stamina dedicated to pleasing me. One who's cock has somehow again managed to hit my spot just right and has his pelvis massaging my clit. One who can push me over the brink, and turn me into a quivering mess.

As I catch my breath, I feel him give one more final thrust, before he floods my channel with his seed. With a smile, I look to him mirroring my expression.

"Now that's how you negotiate." Carlos says.

"And that's how a real man fucks."

"Heh..." Carlos looks at Greg. "Better take notes, old man."