Lockdown Lust: Part 3

Info S.renwach
13 Jul. '20

Both Craig and Isora were on the Red Team and only went into the office on Tuesday and Wednesday’s.  The Blue Team went in on Thursday and Friday, and the offices were deep-cleaned on Wednesday and Friday nights.  Which meant that Craig wouldn’t see Isora again for almost an entire week.  He vacillated between contentment and anxiety while at home with his family.  Elite Wealth Management monitored any communication over work phones or emails, so having a heart to heart while at home was impossible.  Red wine and fervent masturbating helped.

On Monday afternoon, Craig received a calendar invite for a meeting with Isora, for 12pm the following day.  The subject read, “Catch up on Technology Security Probes.”  Brilliant.  At least she took the initiative.  


Tuesday morning passed slowly for Craig.  More traffic, longer lines at the elevators, boring calls with the business.  At 11:45am, Ian knocked lightly on the door to Craig’s office.  “Hey, you coming?”

“Ah, where?”

“To the main floor, for a socially distanced brown bag lunch talk with the executive team,” said Ian through an ornate skull-and-crossbones mask.

Craig pulled out his phone and checked his calendar.  He was so quick to accept Isora’s invitation that he didn’t notice the conflict.  “Looks like I have a conflict.  Maybe I’ll make it down there a little later.”  The main floor for Elite Wealth Management was two levels down, on 9.  Craig wondered if Isora knew most of the Red Team would be on the ninth floor at noon.

At 12:02, Isora knocked lightly on his office door and, without waiting for a response, let herself in.  She wore a light blue mask that covered most of her face, up to her eyes.  Long, pale legs fell out of a short grey skirt; her calves arced and shaped in tall, spiky heels.  A matching grey sport coat, stylishly small, covered a white blouse.  Craig smelled her distinctive scent, a combination of flowers and soap.

Isora placed a yellow notebook and pen on Craig’s small, round conference table and sat next to him.  “Hello Craig,” she said, stiffly.  Craig’s eyes went wide at the unexpected formality.  She immediately giggled and squeezed his kneecap.  “You’re funny.”

Craig exhaled and chuckled.  He didn’t realize how tense he had gotten, waiting for her to arrive.  “How are you doing,?  I’m glad to see you again.”

“Yea, me too.”  They looked at each other and smiled.

“I was thinking about you a lot, over the last week,” Craig said.  “I would have reached out, but it didn’t seem like a good idea.”

“Yea, that was probably for the best.  I was in the same boat, really.  We didn’t have time to talk when we left last week, right?  Oh my god, you’re blushing!”

Craig touched his face.  It wasn’t hard to make him blush.

“That’s cute.  Anyway, yea, so we didn’t talk about anything last time.  I think our mouths were busy with other things.”

If Craig wasn’t blushing before, he definitely was now.

“We had to make a quick getaway.  At least we didn’t get caught in the conference room,” said Craig.

“Well, we almost got away,” said Isora.  She took off her mask and revealed a crooked smile.  “It wasn’t perfect.”

“What do you mean?”

“I met in that conference room this morning.  I’ll never be able to sit in there again without flashbacks.  And, on the back of the door, on a coat hook, someone left evidence.”

Craig cocked his head sideways.  “What do you mean?”

“My purple bra is hanging on the coat hook.  For almost a full week.”  She tried to make a serious face, but smiled widely instead.  “Someone hung it there, on purpose.”


“Yea, yikes.  Thankfully, I don’t think there is any way to prove it was mine.  There have to be ten women on this floor with similar busts, so...”

“When did you realize you were missing your bra?”

“I couldn’t find it as I put my clothes on in my office, but I had jammed a few things into a drawer... so I just went home without it.  I thought it was with my other things.  Oh well, but I really liked that bra.”

“I mean, I could go grab it now when no one’s around...”

Isora scrunched up her face.  “Ew, is has conference room cooties now.  Better off burning it.”

“Yea.  Did you know that there is an all-hands meeting taking place downstairs?” asked Craig.

“Yes, but it’s just Fred, our CEO, and some other execs giving a rah-rah talk. I checked with my boss, they aren’t making any announcements.  But if you like, we could go down there, now.”

“Ah, hard pass.”

“Yea, that’s what I thought.” Isora’s green eye’s lit up.  Craig felt helpless when he looked at them.  Helpless and uncontrollably horny.  “Instead, I thought we could figure out a better way to handle this, uh, situation.  We keep getting interrupted, rather rudely.”

“Interruptus,” said Craig.

Isora chuckled.  “Yea, exactly.  And not on my terms.  So, I have an idea.  I had more ideas before, but I can’t think of them right now.  But we need to be more aware of our surroundings.”  Isora stood and stepped over to the glass door to Craig’s office.  She looked out over this corner of the floor.  “Your office has excellent sight lines.  You can see people coming.  But you have to look to, you know, see them.”  

“Um, that’s logical but I don’t quite follow...”

Isora placed two palms on Craigs glass door, stepped back and stuck her ass into the air, back arched.  “Does this visual help?”

Craigs balls burned, and his briefs tightened.  “I’m almost understanding,” he said.  “Almost.” 

Isora scowled at him.  “Maybe this will help.”  She stood upright and grabbed the bottom of her skirt and wriggled it over her hips.  Her bare ass, rounded and ivory white, popped out.  Her fantastically wild nether-hair completed the show.  

“My dear, it seems you lost your panties.  Are they in the conference room as well?”  

Isora leaned forward again and re-arched her back.  “Enough talk.  I want you to come over here and fuck me.  Now.”

Craig remained seated.  He took in the view; Isora was stunning.  Black hair in her face, bare ass shimmering on top of smooth, lean legs.  He slowly ran his eyes over her again, relishing the fact that she waited for him.  As he was torturing her, and unconsciously squeezing his cock, Isora tried to kick off her heels.

“No,” said Craig.

Isora paused, then reached down to undo the strap.  

“I want them on,” Craig said.  Isora looked back at him and put both hands back on the door.  “I like your idea.  But there is more than one way to do this.”  Craig stood and reached his hand out to Isora.  She grabbed it and Craig pulled her to him.  He grabbed the hair in the back of her head and kissed her.  His tongue lashed out, all the pent up energy of the last week surging through his mouth.  Isora gasped and squeezed him tightly.  Craig let go of her hair and grabbed her bare ass with both hands.  Her skin was soft, her cheeks pleasantly firm.  He broke off the kiss and glanced out at the empty floor.  “It turns out I have an excellent view from here.”

“Oh, yeah?” 

“Yes.”  Isora, close to his chest, looked up at him expectantly.  “Get on your knees.”

She looked at him for a long second, then said, softly, “Yes.”  Isora knelt, adjusted her skirt, and positioned her head in front of Craig’s crotch.  Craig unbuckled his belt while Isora worked the button and fly of his chocolate brown slacks.  She tugged down his briefs and his stiff cock flopped out, banging against her nose.  

“Is this what you wanted?” Isora said, in a throaty voice as she grabbed him with one hand.  “My mouth on your cock?”


Isora took the head, then most of the Craig’s length, into her mouth.  Immediately, she fell into a quick rhythm, moving her head forward and back.  A muffled groan accompanied each full take.


Isora looked up at him.  “Slower?”  She took a quick breath.

“Slower, yes.”

She went back to work, moving at half the speed, but letting her lips drag heavily across his head and shaft.  Craig closed his eyes, the nerves in his head tingling, then becoming almost numb.  Isora kneaded his balls with her free hand.  This, plus what her lips were doing, was too much.  Craig was ready to explode.

“Okay,” he said and put his hand gently on Isora’s head. 

She looked up at him, green eyes with dark black hair, his shaft in her mouth.  She slowly released him and sat back, heels under her hips.  “Now can we—”

“Stand up,” Craig said.  “Now you can be the lookout.  Against the door.”  Isora stood, faced the door and hiked up her skirt.  “Skirt off.”

Without turning, she stopped and unzipped her skirt.  It fell to the floor, and she kicked it away.  Isora placed her hands back on the door and arched her back.

Craig stepped behind her and placed one hand on her hip.  “Are you ready for me?”

“Yes,” she replied, softly.

“Ready for me to do what?”

“To fuck me.”


“To fuck me, hard.” Isora said, louder this time.

Craig took his middle finger and gently probed her vagina.  It was literally sopping, hair matted down from the wet.  He buried his finger inside her, and Isora moaned.  Craig removed his finger and put the head of his dick on her lips.  Isora’s legs and hips tensed and she said, “Please, stop teasing.”

Craig stopped teasing.  He lowered his hips to get the right angle and fully entered Isora.  He was surprised when he got in fully on the first thrust; she felt wet and burning.  

Craig leaned in and held his cock deep inside her.  Isora yelped.  He pulled out slowly and returned, then pumped.  Isora lowered her head and repeated “Yes,” with every thrust.  He increased the tempo.  She got louder, and the door rattled.

“Fuck me harder,” she gasped.  Craig moved his hips a little faster, with more force.  He was already on fire, but knew that going faster sometimes made him numb. 

“What?” Craig said, between breaths.

“Ahh, I said harder.  Harder.  HARDER!” Isora yelled.

Craig grabbed both of her hips and thrusted as hard as he could.  The distinctive sound of wet skin slapping and Isora moaning filled the room.  Craig lifted his head to look out at the office.  He couldn’t see anyone, but realized he wouldn’t be able to hear anyone coming.  If someone was around, they could definitely hear Isora.  And the sound of the door slamming against the stopper.

“Ahh, I’m cumming,” Isora gasped.  Craig lowered his gaze and kept thrusting with everything he had.  She moaned loudly, then drifted off. 

Craig slowed, sweat from his forehead falling into his eyes.  He returned to a steady pace.  Isora’s musk scent mixed with the salty, sharp sweat rolling down Craig’s face  She lifted her head. “All clear?”

“Yes,” he said.  “We’re good.”

“Baby, we’re great,” she said as she looked over her shoulder at Craig.

Craig continued to work.  He was in a glorious place and felt like he could hold this for hours.  Days.  But, at some point, the meeting downstairs would end.  The lights in his office were out, and they were in the quietist corner of the floor. So maybe they could hide, to cover up if they saw someone.  Maybe.

“Ooh, yea,” said Isora, apparently working her way back up and not worrying about their coworkers.  “You’re so deep, yes.”

Craig shifted his hips and changed the angle of attack.  This provoked a yelp from Isora, then a contented groan.  This increased friction also raised Craig from forever to short-time mode.  He watched his cock disappear between her cheeks and into her full bush.  Both of them were wet, and he slid in and out effortlessly.

On a whim, Craig grabbed Isora’s hair which fell midway down her back.  She snapped her head up.  “Yes, babe, yes.”  So Craig pulled harder.  Isora moaned and slammed her hips back against Craig.  “Harder, fuck me harder.”

Craig took his free hand and curled it under Isora’s hip bone.  He pumped as hard as he could and pulled her hair with each thrust.  Isora yelled, again, loudly.  The office door rattled, the top part of the glass door bending and angrily slamming against the jamb.  “Oh, yes, I’m cumming again,” shrieked Isora. Craig let go of her hair and grabbed both hips.  Isora leaned forward and shuddered.  All of this was too much for Craig.

“I’m going to cum,” he said in a low voice.  “I’m gunna cum now.”

“Cum inside me,” moaned Isora, longingly.  

So he did.  It was quick and hard, like their fucking.  A burst ripped through his testicles and through his cock in an instant.  Craig pumped a few more times, then slowed, then stopped.  He was panting, the back of his tee-shirt under his oxford wet with sweat.  Isora stayed bent over, naked from the hips down except for her high heels.  They both stayed in place, silently.

Finally, Craig said, “I guess cuddling is out of the question?”

Isora slowly stood up and staggered into Craig’s arms.  “Maybe not totally,” and rested her head on his chest.  He kissed her head and wrapped his arms around her.

“Ah, I think you’re leaking on my leg,” Isora said with a giggle.  She stepped back and looked over her shoulder.  “I guess if we were smart...”

“We’d clean up, quick.  Agreed.”  The pair picked up clothes from the floor and hastily reassembled themselves.  Just as Craig was pushing his shirt back in his pants and buckling his belt he heard the distinctive ding of the elevator.

“Perfect timing,” said Isora.  Fully dressed, she quickly leaned in to Craig and kissed him.  “Won’t get a chance, later.”  They could both hear voices coming in their direction.  

Craig pointed at the table.  “Might as well sit, since we were supposed meet.”  They both sat and listened to the sounds of voices and heavy feet shuffling on the carpet.  Craig, with his back to the door, closed his eyes with a wide smile.  “God, I could use a nap.”

Isora opened her mouth to respond, then froze, looking at the door.  A soft knock followed, and Craig turned to see Karl, the floor Social Distancing Warden.  Craig waved him in.

“Hey guys,” Karl said through his black cloth mask.  “You guys are being naughty again.”  Craig stiffened but said nothing.

“You have to wear your masks, even in private offices.”

Craig stiffly laughed.  “You’re right, you’re right, we should have worn masks.”

“I know it’s stinks, but those are the conditions.  And, wow, it’s boiling in here.  Does the AC work?” asked Karl.  He sniffed the air with a scrunched-up face.  “Smells a bit funny, too.”

Craig tried to keep a straight face, but noticed Isora’s distinct handprints on the glass door next to Karl’s head.  Craig and Isora burst out laughing.