Alone and Looking

Info hondolane1949
30 Jul. '20

My name is Tom, Im 63, and widowed.  Im an average guy, five ft 10, 195 lbs with dark and dark eyes.  I am a professor and head of the philosophy department at a small university in a mid sized town in the midwest.  Since being widowed I had not really been motivated to go out and start looking for a female companion.  I was not sure what I as looking for until I had a very erotic dream one night that I was making love with a man.  It was very really and I woke up erect and wondering what was going on.  Wasn't sure how to deal with it and after thinking about it for a while I went back to sleep.  

A few days later I was a bit on the "horny" side and decided to masturbate.  As I began my mind went to thinking about being with another man.  I recalled my dream and thought the hell and finished thinking about making love to another man.  I think the key phrase was "making love."  Not interested in quickies, but something more on the romantic side with some real intimacy.  

I scanned a gay site in the area in which I lived.  I placed an ad  and in a few days got a couple hits.  One was from a younger man in his forties.  He lived alone and resided in the city in which I live.  We chatted up and back and as we grew more comfortable with each other the more we let our guard down and shared all kinds of things about our lives.  We were about two weeks into it when I mentioned that I was a professor at the university.  He replied that he taught history at the same school.  We both kind of stuttered around not knowing if we should pursue things or not.  We agreed to think it over for a about a week and then get back to it sharing the decisions that we made.  

For the next couple of days I mulled it over and kind of decided that it would be all right if we pursued things.  After three days I got a message from him saying that he wanted to move ahead.  We both laughed because we both reached the same conclusions about the same time.  We agreed to meet Saturday at a cafe for a late morning breakfast.  We sent pictures and we both had seen each other on campus.  Michael was forty-three, six foot even and 210 pounds with blonde hair and blue eyes.  

Saturday rolled around and I got up, showered, shaved, had coffee and then got dressed.  We met and got a booth toward the back of the cafe.  We spent over an hour chatting about school, the weather, sports, etc and then decided we should continue at his place.  Michael has a nice ranch home in the suburbs.  We had coffee and then chatted about what we were both looking for.  Like me, Michael was looking for something more than, as he described it, "getting it up, getting off, and getting out."  

I admitted that I had never been with a man before while Michael said he had his first gay experience back in college.  We shared our lives and what we were looking for.  We found that we were both in agreement about what we wanted and what we were open to trying.  After nearly three hours I left but not until Mike had invited me back for lunch tomorrow.  

It took me a while to get to sleep as I kept wondering if I had done the right thing.  When I awoke the next morning I was  still not sure but was determined to see Michael.  I showered and shaved and for some reason decided to remove my public hair.  I shaved it all off and kind of enjoyed the look.  I arrived at his house just after noon.  We had a light lunch and then retired to his living room.  

We sat on the couch next to each other and we shared that we both wanted to explore an intimate relationship.  I told Michael since I was a novice that he should kind of take the lead.  He did and we began with a very  nice, warm kiss.  The first kiss felt a bit awkward with me kissing a man for the first time.  It was not that I didn't like it, I just wasn't sure that I did.  We kissed again, and this time I relaxed we wrapped our arms around each other.  I felt the warmth of his body and he felt good in my arms.  We kissed for quite a while and it reminded me of being a teenager again.  Somewhere along the way I felt his tongue on my lips and I received him into my mouth.  Our tongues moved together, swirling around in each other's mouths.  

We would try to suck on each other's tongues and I definitely felt a stirring in the front of my pants.  We finally broke apart and asked how I felt about going to his bedroom.  I laughed and said, "I was afraid you weren't going to invite me."   We rose from our places and went back to his bedroom

His house was well appointed and a king bed dominated the middle of his bedroom with an attached bathroom.  We turned down the bed and got undressed.   Like me he had a moderately hairy chest, had a larger penis than I, and he too was cut and shaved.  He called to me and we walked around to the foot of the bed.  We were both erect.  We smiled as we met and then hugged and kissed.  Feeling his tongue in my mouth only made my erection even stiffer.  Our cocks pressed into each other and it felt good to be naked with him.  

We kissed with passion and desire as our hands caressed  up and down each other's backs.  He would lightly run a fingertip up the crack of my ass and it tingled in a very good way.  Michael broke the kiss and said we should get in bed.  We climbed in and cuddled up, kissing and caressing each other.  Our cocks pressing into each other.  Michael said that if there was  anything I was uncomfortable with just to let him know and we could talk about it.  I smiled and said, I would if it came to that.  

It was going to be a nice, relaxed session with no on feeling hurried.  We kissed for quite  while and then he gently rolled me on my back.  My cock was sticking straight up into the air as he kissed my lips, down to my jaw, my ear, and then my neck.  As he kissed we caressed each other and it was feeling very good.  He came back up and kissed me on the mouth and at the same time he caressed by right nipple.  I let out a little moan into his mouth.  He pulled his head away and said, "Found a real hot spot."  We both laughed and then he lowered his head.  

His tongue flicked up and back across my nipples as I caressed his neck, shoulders, and back.  It felt wonderful and the more he licked the harder my nipples and my cock became.  He came up again and kissed me and this time I pushed him on his back.  I did what he had done to me.  Kissing my way down I began to kiss, lick, and suck on his nipples.  He gasped and ran his fingers through my hair.  I alternated and then got bold enough to reach down and gently cup his balls.  He pulled me closer and I lightly ran my fingertips over his balls and he sighed with pleasure.  

I then my moved my hand and ran my fingertips over his cock.  I felt a drop of precum at the tip.  I moved back up and we kissed as I gently stroked his cock.  "That felt so good," was all that he said in between kisses.  Then he pushed me back and kissed his way down my body.  He got to my cock and placed a sweet little kiss right on the tip.  All I could do was gasp.  It felt wonderful.  He lowered his head and placed little kisses on my balls and then long slow licks up the shaft and kissing the tip once again.  It felt so good I felt paralyzed.  I couldn't even move.  The pleasure was amazing and then he opened his mouth and took my cock into his mouth.  His head moved up and down on my cock as his fingers teased my balls.  

It was one of the most pleasurable moments in my life.  He would suck and get me close and then back off.  He would suck and get close and then back off.  That went on for quite a while until he kissed his way back up.  I told him that it felt wonderful and only hoped that I could make him feel as good.  

I went down on him.  I looked at his cock.  It was so manly and handsome.  I kissed the tip and then opened my mouth to receive him.  I caressed the insides of his thighs and balls as I bobbed my head up and down on his cock.  He wa moaning with pleasure.  His hips began o move ever so slightly and it made me feel good knowing I was giving him such pleasure.  The more I pleasured him the closer I felt to him.  It had been a while since I felt that way about any one.  Finally he half sat up and pulled me up.  We kissed and then he stopped.  "I want to go down on you again and I want to put my finger in  your asshole.  If it feels good, then two fingers and if that feels good, I want to put my cock in you.  How does that sound?"  

I thought about it for a moment and said, "I think I'd like that but if it is more than I can take will you stop."  He smiled, kissed me and then said, "Absolutely."  He opened the drawer on the night stand and took out a tube of lube.  He put it on his finger and moved down my body.  He positioned my legs and began to suck on me.  I closed my eyes and then felt his finger at my asshole.  He gently placed his middle finger at my asshole and then pushed it into me gently.  

I was surprised that there was no pain at all.  As he sucked he moved his finger in and out and would gently bump my prostate.  It felt wonderful.  Soon he introduced a second finger.  It stung for a bit but then I got used to it.  He sucked and fucked me.  Then he pulled his fingers out and let go of my cock.  

He knelt and covered his cock with lube.  He smiled and said, "No stds for sure."  "Same here,"  I said.

"Ok,  Relax and just keep breathing."  I lifted my legs and felt his cock at my asshole.  I tried to relax as he gently pressed is way in.  It really stung and then finally he was all the way in.  He didn't move but leaned down and kissed me.  I put my arms and legs around him.  He put his mouth down next to my ear and said, " I want to cum in you and then I want you to cum in my mouth.  I think it is very loving for us to share our cum with each other.  "Yes," was all I said.

He pulled out a little and then back in.  In and out.  It stung but less.  He went at it for a while and then surprisingly is didn't sting any more.  He was slow and deliberate.  Moving in and out of me.  It began to feel good and the only way it could have felt better is if I was stroking my cock.  Soon he began to shorten his strokes and picked up the pace.  He was heading toward the finish.  We were both moaning and then he leaned down and we kissed.  He moved faster and then said, "Fuck."  He came in me.  He kept pumping and it had been a long time since I felt so close to someone.  Finally he just stopped moving in me.  His head was next to my shoulder and we just held each other.  Finally his cock went limp and he popped out.  He rolled off me and we cuddled as he lightly caressed my nipples.  I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the closeness,  It was blissful.

In a while I felt him shift and kissed his way down my body.  He got in between my legs and began to suck on my cock.  I totally relaxed.  I was going to really enjoy this.  As his head moved up and down and he made slurping noises he slid a  finger into my asshole and began to massage my prostate.  It felt wonderful.  I pulled my legs up and let them fall open.  I opened myself completely to him.  The pleasure was exquisite.  I reached up and began to caress my own nipples as I got closer to cuming.  

His mouth, his finger, and my fingers were doing their jobs.  I felt myself get there.  That perfect moment when you reach the point of no return.  You never want it to end it feels so good and then you let go.  Cum shoots out of you in streams.  Your balls tucked way up inside.  The pleasure is overwhelming and you never want it to end.  But all too soon it does.  He sucked the last few drops of my offering then then kissed his way back up my body.  We just let held each other and lie there, lost in our thoughts.  

"Well, how was it?' he asked.  "It was beautiful," I said as I snuggled up to him.  

"I'm glad.  I feel the same.  It was amazing."  He pulled me close and asked, "Would you like to stay for dinner?"

I kissed his cheek and said, "I'd like to stay for the night."  

We both laughed and he said, "What a great idea."  It would be the beginning of something wonderful.