Claire's Chance

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06 Aug. '20

Her name was Claire, and she longed to submit. It had been far too long since she had surrendered her body to a man, and felt the reassuring force of his will. Far too long since she had been able to forget all her worries, leave her anxieties behind, and simply obey. While she had good reason to resist her desires, it had been almost two years since she had made herself so vulnerable, and she could no longer resist the growing need inside.

Claire lived in an ancient flat that has been renovated many times; yet was still somehow falling down around her, located in the outskirts of a small city. It was 2:30am and she sat sleepless, at her desk, watching her monitor and scrolling through a list of profiles. Then, something caught her eye.

New to BDSM - Dom seeking Sub

Claire stared at her monitor for a moment. She hadn’t considered looking for someone new. Maybe someone new could be the change she needed? She clicked on his profile.

Warren Smith, 21

His profile picture was displayed. He was short for a man, and lean, but with noticeable muscle tone even through his loose shirt. He had short cropped hair and a warm, yet awkward smile. The shirt displayed an anime character she recognised, he looked like a real geek! Claire smiled. She decided to send him a message.


The doorbell rang and Claire stood up from her dining room table to answer it. It has been a week since her long conversation with Warren. Well, online chat anyway. She was nervous to meet him, but she didn’t want to keep him waiting. Quickly she jumped up to answer the door.

Warren stood in the dim light of the setting sun. He wore a pair of blue jeans and a faded t-shirt that looked as though it had once had a graphic on the front.
“Welcome, thanks for coming” said Claire earnestly.
“Hi, and ah, thanks for inviting me” replied Warren with a short laugh. He seemed more nervous than she was. He walked in, out of the cold night air.
“Please, feel free to take a seat, I’ll get you a drink”
Claire went into the kitchen and returned with a couple of cans of Bourbon and Cola.
“I hope you like these, I would offer you a choice but I don’t actually have any other alcohol”
“Don’t worry, It’s actually my favourite, thanks” He laughed again, clearly still nervous.

They both sat and drank and made small talk. Warren looked around. It was a small room with a living area in one corner, kitchen opposite, and small circular dining table in the middle where they sat.

After a short while Claire noticed his eyes on her body. She didn’t think much of her small boobs and large ass, as far as she was concerned it made her look pair-shaped. She knew it didn’t stop men looking though. She supposed her looks didn’t matter as long as they worked for her partners. The short skirt and tight tank top probably helped. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were clearly visible. From the right angle, lipstick red panties would be visible too.

Warren awkwardly cleared his throat “So, um, how do you normally like to start?”
Claire hadn’t expected to hear those words. Every man she had ever served had been very quick to take control. He was new to this kind of thing, so it did make sense that he might be a little unsure of himself.
“However you like Sir, please don’t feel nervous” she replied.
“But what if I cross a line?”
“I will let you know, I have my safe word and safe sign right?” Claire flashed him a reassuring smile.
He gave a small smile in return but was clearly still out of his comfort zone. Claire had never imagined being the one to start the night off, and she definitely never imagined a partner being nervous around her either!
“How about I start Sir? Until you feel more relaxed? Then you can fulfill those fantasies of yours”
Warren looked relieved and nodded in response.

Claire walked around the table and kneeled in front of her guest. She reached forward and put her hands onto his thighs, gently sliding them forward. She looked up into Warren’s eyes as she began to remove his belt. She could see his nervousness, but also a glint of excitement and anticipation. She removed his semi-hard cock and began to stroke it gently with both hands.
“These hands belong to you now Sir” she said softly, almost a whisper. “And so does this mouth”

She leaned forward, and ran her tongue along his balls, as she continued to caress his cock. It wasn’t long before he was rock hard.
“Oh wow” Warren moaned. “Good girl”
“Thank you Sir, I hope I continue to please you Sir” Claire replied, keeping her voice low and smooth.

Claire moved her hands back to his thighs and intimately moved her tongue to the front of his balls. Slowly she ran her tongue up the front of his cock, reached the head and took him into her mouth. She sucked him gently for a couple of minutes. She paused and looked up at him, a desperate, pleading look in her eyes.
“Please Sir, if you want my cunt, take it, if you want my ass, take it. Tonight, my whole body belongs to you”
Warren reached forward and gripped her hair, using it to gently push her mouth back over his cock.
Claire gladly followed his silent command. She knew from their conversation that he wanted a lot more from her. She just had to convince him, bit by bit, that she really was willing to let him have his way.

Warren continued to guide her, applying pressure to push her head down onto his cock and then releasing her. After several minutes he began to breathe more heavily. Then, with his cock deep in Claire’s mouth, Warren gripped her head tight and stood up, moving her with him. Claire simply relaxed into the movement, and focused on doing everything in her power to please him. She closed her eyes and gently licked as much of his cock as she could reach. At the same time she pulled his jeans down, running her hands slowly down the back of his legs.

Claire moved her hands back up to Warren’s thighs. Her focus let her forget everything else. For a moment her shitty service job didn’t exist, her rent didn’t exist, her terrible decisions around men didn’t exist. At least for a moment.

Suddenly Claire realised that Warren had let go of her head. With her lips gently rested on the head of his cock she looked up at him. Warren looked down at her, his eyes again filled with nerves and anticipation. In that moment Claire realised what he wanted, but didn’t take, out of fear that she might not enjoy it. She gave him another reassuring smile, and her eyes lit up. Why had she never chosen a man like him before?

Claire continued to focus on his eyes as she removed her top. Warren immediately shifted his gaze down to her small breasts. She let out a short, happy laugh and leaned in closer, cupping his cock with her breasts.
“I know what you need Sir” she breathed.
“You d-do?” stuttered her guest.
“Yes Sir”
She reached up and joined hands with him. She moved down in front of his balls and again licked her way to his tip. Then she placed his hands on the back of her head.
“My throat belongs to you Sir, if this is what you need, please take it”
Claire closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide, and waited.

After what felt like an eternity but must have only been a few seconds, Claire felt Warren’s cock move into her mouth again. She opened her eyes and studied his face. Where she was used to seeing anger and violence, instead his eyes were filled with passion and excitement.

Warren thrust into the back of her mouth, before quickly releasing her again. She wanted to tell him to push into her throat and hold himself there. She felt an incredible desire to please, no longer just in general, but to please him specifically. He thrust again, a little deeper, and a moment longer this time. Claire gently ran her hands from his legs to his ass. She fingered his asshole and heard a grunt of approval from Warren as he continued to bury his cock in her mouth. Warren pushed his cock into her throat and held it there for just a second.

Suddenly Claire heard a long moan from Warren, and felt his cock erupt as he pulled out and sprayed warm cum onto her face and breasts. Claire looked up at him with a wide smile.
“Thank you Sir”
She licked her lips to clean some of his cum and began to collect the rest with two fingers. First she wiped one cheek and put the full length of her fingers in her mouth. She made a show of sucking them clean, before moving to the next part of her face. Warren stared at her display and his still semi-hard cock twitched in response.

“Wow, that was wonderful” Warren replied sheepishly.
“That wasn’t half of what I intend to offer you Sir”
“I know” He paused for a moment “I’m sorry that I couldn’t last longer”
“Sir, I only wish to please you. As long I can do that I’m happy”
“You definitely did, that was incredible!”
“Thank you Sir” Claire finished cleaning the cum from her body. “Would you like me to clean your cock?”
Warren sat back down, smiled and nodded.

Claire cleaned his cum, slowly and thoroughly. She gently held his partially soft cock and kissed the tip. Warren let out a sigh of content and Claire looked up at his sheepish face. He had such a kind face. Without thinking Claire stood and moved herself onto his lap. She leaned in and kissed him. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so wonderful. She pulled back and saw a look of surprise on his face.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, ah Sir, I just-” She stammered, her face flushing bright red.
Warren just looked into her eyes for a long moment. Then he pulled her close. He gently touched his lips to hers, then kissed her passionately. He wrapped her into his arms, holding her tight. She kissed him back, and felt herself welling up. A tear ran down her face and onto Warren’s cheek.
“What’s wrong? Asked Warren, a note of concern in his voice.
Claire kept her grip tight and moved her head to his shoulder.
“Nothing’s wrong, not a single thing” She replied “I’m just… really happy right now”
The two held each other for a long moment, quietly savouring it.

Finally Claire stood up. She quickly wiped away the tears and regained her composure. She picked up her top and put it back on. Warren stood and pulled his jeans up and secured his belt.
“So, the night’s still young, would you like to stay a while?” Claire asked. She picked up her drink and took a sip.
“Absolutely, do you have something in mind?”
“Yes” Claire looked pointedly at his crotch. “But in the meantime we could watch a movie?”
Warren laughed and Claire was pleased to hear the nerves had left his voice.
“Sure, sounds good”

Claire grabbed some new drinks and they moved to the living area. She started to browse a streaming service. A few minutes later she stopped.
“Have you seen ‘Secretary’?” she asked.
“No, what’s it about?”
“A secretary who enjoys punishment from her boss, and starts to make mistakes on purpose! I think you’ll really like it”
“Okay yeah, sounds perfect”

Claire couldn’t stop thinking about that kiss. She secretly hoped Warren was thinking about it too. She glanced at him briefly. He was currently focused on the movie. She hoped that he would be ready soon. Her need to please was getting desperate. Her cunt was getting wet in anticipation. She looked back at the screen.

Smack The secretary was bent over a desk and being spanked by her boss as she tried to focus on reading a letter as instructed. Thwack came the final sharp hit.
“Shit, that was hot” said Warren excitedly. He gave her a look that told her they weren’t going to see much more of the film.

Claire stood up and moved in between Warren and the screen, her back to him. As Warren sat casually with his legs open she was in between them. She kept her legs together and dropped to her elbows and knees, pushing her ass up and rubbing the couch as she wiggled it suggestively.

Claire gasped as she felt the sting of Warren’s first slap on her right ass cheek.
“Thank you Sir” she said quietly.
His second smack landed on her left cheek.
“Thank you Sir”
A third smack, and then she felt the back of her short skirt being pulled up and dropped onto her lower back, revealing her panties.
“Thank you -”
Another smack, much sharper without the skirt to absorb any impact.
“Sir” she finished.
“Thank - you - SIR” She chanted each word as his spanking gained momentum. Her voice grew sharper and more desperate with each word.
The rough strikes came very quickly, and each harder than the last.
“Thank - ” she began, but it quickly became a moan instead.
“YOU SIR” She yelled through the intensity, the pain, and her own arousal. The outline of her swollen wet cunt displayed through her stained panties.
Warren had stopped and the sound of his hand against her was replaced with her own heavy breathing.

Then more pain, this time her hair. Warren pulled her up by her hair and she obediently arched her back. He leaned forward and put his other hand on her chest. He felt her breasts gently. He turned his head to face her and kissed her deeply. She returned his kiss as she felt her face flush, and then moved her left hand into his hair, pulling him closer. They took their time, enjoying the passion of the moment.

Warren pulled his lips away and gently pushed on her back, signaling her back onto her elbows. He stood up and removed his shirt.
“Roll over and face me” he commanded gently.
“Yes Sir” Claire was excited to see him finally taking control. Her heart raced. She needed his cock like she needed the air she breathed.
“Remove your clothes”
“Yes Sir” Claire pulled the tank top over her head. She unzipped the skirt and slowly shuffled it down her legs. Then she pulled off the panties and spread her legs wide, wanting to show off her waiting cunt. She cupped the outside of her breasts and pushed them together.
“Good girl” breathed Warren, his eyes slowly taking her in.
“Oh course, thank you Sir”
While other men had made her feel like a tasty piece of meat, Warren made her feel like a fine piece of art. He seemed to admire her, even as he took her for his own purpose.

“I want you over the arm of the couch, ass up, legs spread” he said, his voice confidant and impassioned. Warren removed his belt and jeans, revealing his hard cock..
“Yes Sir” Claire quickly stood and moved into position. She spread her legs wide and wiggled her ass..
“Sir, if it pleases you, my cunt is ready, I - I want your cock”
Warren stepped up behind her and rubbed his cock against her cunt, teasing her. Claire whined in desperation. She was so close to getting what she needed.
“Please Sir, please take me, I - need -” she began. Before she could finish Warren had pushed his cock deep inside, his balls slapping against her skin. He held it there and leaned forward. He stroked her hair and spoke softly into her ear.
“As you have been such a good girl, I’ll let you get started. Show me what you can do”
“Yes Sir, thank you Sir”

Claire carefully moved back and forth, making sure to keep Warren’s tip from slipping out. She slammed her cunt down hard. Warren gasped and gripped the couch arm in response. Claire slowly pulled herself forward again, as far as she could. She was eager to repeat the pain of the impact, the pleasure of his cock filling her, his balls slapping her skin. After so long without it she savoured every moment. Now that she knew where his tip was, she began to move faster. She began to moan and whine quietly and she felt her orgasm build.

Claire felt a sting on her ass cheek. Then the other one. Warren began to slap her as she moved back and forth on his cock.
“OH FUCK!” She yelled. She pushed herself as deep as she could and held there for a second as she felt the orgasm hit.
The wave of pleasure ran over her body. It had barely begun when Warren pushed her head down into the couch. He gripped her hips and thrust hard. He quickly built up momentum.
“OH MY FUCKING GOD” Claire yelled. She began to moan loudly and continuously. “Oh shit, THANK YOU SIR” A second orgasm hit her as the first continued to fade. Her knuckles were white and her eyes rolled back with the intensity of her pleasure. She felt a spasm radiate from her cunt and ripple across her body. She tried to speak but all that came out was a shaky moan. She barely kept her knees from buckling.

Warren’s voice suddenly broke through. “I want to come in your mouth” His voice told her it wouldn’t take long. He pulled out and Claire rushed to turn around. She half collapsed to the floor, her back to the side of the couch. Warren entered her open mouth and she eagerly took him, keeping her lips tight as he thrust. At the same time Claire opened her legs and touched herself, making the most of her sensitive hole. It wasn’t long before Claire felt his hot cum fill her mouth. She pursed her lips and made sure it all stayed inside. She carefully swallowed and then sucked him clean in one fluid motion.

Claire took a deep breath. Warren was looking down at her, a huge smile plastered across his face.
“Before you say it, thank you Claire” said Warren teasingly.
Claire laughed. She slowly stood and looked into his eyes. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. Warren held her and ran a hand through her hair, kissing her back. They both pulled back and stared into each other's eyes.


After Claire had gotten control of herself they returned to the couch and talked for hours. Eventually she became comfortable talking about what had made her so happy.
“It had been a long time since I had been with a guy” She said. “I was, am, just so… eager to please. I just let guys take advantage of that, and some guys would even ignore the safe word… I know I should have stopped them… but even then I wanted to please them… I thought there was something wrong with me. So I stopped myself from seeing anyone for a really long time”
Claire smiled.
“So being with a guy who actually cared about how I felt.. I didn’t know how much I needed that” she said softly.

In the end they did finish watching the movie, together under a warm blanket. Claire snuggled up to Warren and he held her close as she calmly drifted off to sleep.