A Wonderful Afternoon

Info hondolane1949
11 Aug. '20

Craig was divorced for over two years now.  He had not entered the dating scene and was not even sure he wanted to.   He did want companionship.  He did want a friend and maybe more.  He would spend two or three times a week looking at some on line porn and masturbating.  It was pleasurable and filled the temporary void.  

Craig was nearly six feet tall and weighed around 215.  He did have that middle aged spread at age 58 but he was working on it.  As he watched porn he happened to watch a twenty minute gay film.  He was surprised at how quickly he "sprang" to life.  But the time the film was finished he was throbbing and ready to cum.  Several nice streams of cum exploded out of his erection and he was sated at least for a while.  

Two nights later he found himself looking at some man to man porn again and once again with the same bodily reaction.  He never thought of himself as gay or even bi, but the whole idea of it was becoming more and more intriguing.  He looked up several gay/bi dating sights and found one called, "Silver Bears." 

Craig placed an ad, describing himself, and that he was brand new to this but was willing to take a serious step into the man to man world.  He spent weeks answering ads that were from "players."  They would string him along and then all of a sudden just disappear.  after several weeks of this he gave up.  A couple of weeks later he checked the sight once again and there was an email from a man who liked his ad and wanted to meet.  Craig figured that it would go no where like all the others but he did reply.  

Like Craig this man as older, was bi, was a retired teacher, was a bit overweight with silver hair, and a great smile.  Craig replied and on the next email the man introduced himself as Richard.  The two talked up and back and when Richard invited him over Craig was pleasantly surprised.  But then Richard did not reply.  Another dead end Craig thought.  

He happened to check the site again in three days and there was an invitation from Richard for next Thursday with Richard's address.  Craigs was elated and the two men would meet after lunch.  It was set up just to meet and see how they got along and if there was some real interest in going to the next level.  

Craig got up and started his day as usual.  Took brisk walk and returned home.  Had a late breakfast, showered, shaved and got dressed for his meeting.  

Richard lived in a nearby suburbs about twenty minutes away.  As Craig drove he was feeling both anxious, nervous, and aroused all at the same time.  Whenever he would get nervous he would calm himself down by saying "this was only a meeting and nothing was going to happen."  On the other hand he also told himself that if something presented itself he would take advantage of it.  Up and back he went in his mind until he reached Richard's place.

He parked in the driveway, took a deep breath, got out of the car, and rang the bell.  His chest got tight and he could hardly breathe when the door opened.  Richard was just like his picture.  Warm, caring, and friendly.  

Craig put out his hand but Richard brushed it aside and gave Craig hug.  It was a nice warm and inviting hug.  Finally Richard withdrew and ushered Craig into the living room.  Richard served iced-tea and the two men got comfortable talking about their lives.  

When the glasses were empty Richard got up and filled the glasses again but this time Richard sat on the couch next to Craig.  After a little more chat Richard directed the conversation to the topic of man to man relations.  

Craig admitted that he had no real experience but was interested.  The two men talked about things they wanted to do and would like to do.  Craigs was hesitant and Richard was very understanding and not pushy at all.  As they chatted Richard put his hand on Craig's thigh.  He was taken a back a little but as time  passed he got used to it.  They kept talking about possibilities and with that Richard began to lightly caress Craig's thigh.  

As they talked Craig began to feel a little more at ease and then Richard leaned in and gave Craig a kiss.  It was a pleasant kiss.  Not too long, but not too short either.  While it did not seem overly romantic or arousing it did stir Craig just little bit.  When Craig did not rebuff Richard, Richard kissed Craig again.  This time the kiss was longer and more romantic.  Riahcard sucked Craig's lower lip into his mouth and the two men put their arms around each other.  A small sigh escaped Craig's mouth.   Craig was blown away with the kiss and he did not think that two men would ever kiss like this.  It was not like in the videos.  It was relaxed and very arousing.  

When Richard broke the kiss he lightly caressed Craig's cheek.  The two men smiled at each other and Richard said, "Why don't we go to my bedroom."

Richard stood and Craig did not seem to hesitate but rose to his feet.  The two men walked down a hall way which led to the master bed room.  There was a four poster king bed with an easy chair, desk, and door to the master bath.  "Let's get comfortable," Richard said as he began to unbutton his shirt.  

Mike followe suit.  Where Craig had dark hair and dark eyes Richard was silver haired with blue eyes.  Both men had moderately hairy bodies.  They kicked off their shoes and Craig was trying to take his time, trying not to look so eager.  They were finally both naked and they took a moment to look at each other.  Both men had erections and both were average sized.  Both were "cut" and both were shaved.  Both men had low hangers with larger sized balls.  As they looked at each other and down Richard beckoned to Craig and both men walked toward each other.  Their erection swayed as they walked until the met at the foot of the bed.  They wrapped their arms around each other and kissed.  This was a deep kiss with the two men gently taking turns thrusting their tongues in each other's mouths.  

As they embraced they felt their cocks pressing into each other.  Their hands glided up and down each other's  backs.  They kiss was lengthy and finally Richard moved his head and said let's get into bed.  They turned the covers down and climbed into the bed.  They moved together hugged and kissed.  The kiss grew more passionate and Craig could not believe this was all happening  He wondered what happened to "just the meet part."  He never expected to be in bed and making love to a man on their first get together, especially after never had had anything to do with a man before this.  

Craig wasn't sure what to do, so he decided he would imply follow Richard's lead.  Their hands caressed each other from ass to neck.  They more they kissed the more aroused both men became.  Richard broke the kiss again and smile at Craig.  "How are you doing?"

Craig smiled and replied, "Better than I thought.," to which both men laughed.  Richard kissed Craig's face down to his jaw and then his neck.  Craig got a tingly feeling all over as he kept lightly caressing Richard's body.  

The Richard ran his fingertips over Craig's nipples and Craig let out a very audible sigh. Richard gigled and said, "You like?"

To which Craig replied, "You start on my nipples, you own me."

"That's good to know."  As he said that Ricard kept caressing Craig's nipples and then kissed him.  Craig just went with the pleasurable feeling.  As Craig was being overwhelmed the pleasure he moved his hand around and began to caress Richard's nipples.  Now it was Richard's turn to moan.  Both men lightly caressed each oher's nipples as their kissing became more impassioned.  

They kissed and made out like teenagers for quite a while, not even thinking about taking it any farther at this point.   They poised for a bit like caressing each other and chatting about their feelings at the moment.  Both men were feeling very comfortable and content with the direction things were going.  As they chatted and as if on cue both men reached down  and took the other's erection in their hands.  

Gentle stroking led to soft moans and renewed kissing.  Richard gently rolled Craig onto his back.  Kissed him, then smiled and said, "Just enjoy."  Richard never stopped stroking Craig's cock as Richard kissed his neck to his shoulders and then began to kiss, lick, and suck on Craig's nipples

All Craig could do is lie back and totally relax and enjoy the moment.  Richard was licking and sucking on Craig's nipples and then he gently squeezed Craig's cock.  Richard said, "Well someone is sure aroused.  A nice big drop of pre cum.  Richard scooped up the bead of pre cum and held it to Craig's lips.  "Taste yourself!"  Craig stuck out his tongue and licked the bead off Richard's fingertip.  Then Richard squeezed Craig's cock again and this time he licked his finger clean of Craig's pre cum.  "Yummy," was what Richard said.  And Craig just smiled and closed his eyes.  

In a moment Craig felt Richards mouth gently slide down the length of his cock.  All he could do was moan and gently run his fingers through Richard's hair.  Richard lifted his head and then lowered it again on Craig's cock.  As Richard gently sucked on Craig's cock, Richard's fingertip played on Craigs sack.  Craig let out a long, low moan.  Richard increased his sucking activity while his fingers moved down and lightly caressed that small patch between Craig's balls and anus.  Craig could nearly move as the pleasure was just overwhelming him.  

He was with it enough to lightly caress his own nipples as Richard sucked and tickled that little patch of skin.  Craig was moving along to an intense orgasm when Richard disengaged his mouth from Craig's erection.  Craig let out a gasp of frustration as Richard placed a little kiss on the tip of Craig's cock.  Richard kissed up and down Craig's erection as his finger dropped even farther and he began to run it around Craig's asshole,  It was a different feeling but it was a pleasant one.  Certainly Craig had heard of anal sex but never envisioned that he might one day participate in it.  As he played with his nipples and Richard kissed his erection Craig felt Richard gently push his finger slightly inside Craig's asshole.  

Richard quite kissing and asked, "Are you ok with me playing with your asshole."

Craig was not quite sure what to say and finally said, "Yes, I guess so.  I mean I've never had anyone touch me there so it is all new to me."  

Before Richard spoke he kissed the tip of Craig's penis once again.  "I promise not to hurt you, but to be very gentle.  Many men find it very satisfying, but I won't push it."

The whole experience was something new to Craig and with Richard's assurance he figured why not.  "Yes, go ahead.  But if I say 'Stop'  you will stop"?

Richard kissed the tip of his cock again and said, "Of course I will.  I won't lie, it will sting, feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, but after a while it will feel very good."  With that Richard told Craig to roll over on his stomach.  Craig did, with his arms at his sides.  He felt Richard move around and lie between his legs.  He felt Richard's hands, one on each cheek, slowly separate his cheeks.  He felt the cool air on his asshole and he had felt this vulnerable in his whole life.  

Craig felt a rush or cold air on his anus as Richard blew on him.  "Very sexy.  You have a very sexy ass and a very cute, tight asshole."  Then Richard let go of Craig's cheeks.  Richard fumbled with something for a few moments and then he felt Richard's finger push gently into him.  Craig thought it would be painful but Richard had used a dollop of lube and his finger slipped in quite easily.  

Craig felt the finger slide all the way in and Richard stopped any movement.  "I'll let you get used to the intruder."  Craig laughed felt Richard's finger move inside of him.  Craig gasped as Richard nudged Craig's prostate.  "Did I hurt you?"  "Not at all," replied Craig I just wasn't expecting it and certainly did not expect the pleasure.  

Richard began slowly withdrawing and then sliding his finger back in.  In and out.  Craig gasped with the pleasure that was being created in his ass.  Craig closed his eyes and just let the feelings of pleasure wash over his body.  The gently fucking action as creating a pleasure that Craig never even dreamed of experiencing.  

On the next insertion Richard said, "Two fingers," to which Craig replied, "I don't think I can take two."  Richard laughed already in you."  

Craig said, "Wow, it feels great.  I was thinking I would have a lot of pain, but it is very pleasant."  As Richard slid his fingers in and out Richard began to place little kisses on Craig's ass and the backs of his thighs.  The pleasure just kept increasing and down deep Craig was wishing it would never stop.  

Craig had never felt such pleasure, never felt that anyone could love him in that way, that he could totally open himself up and expose his most intimate areas to someone.  It was a emotional as well as physical breakthrough for him.  He had always had hang ups about parts of his body and of course his anus was one of those parts.  But to know that someone accepted all of him made him feel loved and cared for.  All these thought ran through his mind as Richard pleasured him.  

In the midst of his please he gave a sigh of frustration as Richard withdrew his fingers.  He didn't move but suddenly felt Richard whispering in his hear.  "I would like to insert my cock in you and fuck you.  I have deep feelings about you and want us to be one."

Craig moved his hand and touched Richard's thigh.  "Yes, please."  Richard gave Craig a kiss on the neck and moved.  After a few moments Richard said, "Please pull your cheeks apart."

Craig reached back and part his cheeks.  He felt Richard move between his legs and then felt the tip of Richard's penis push gently into his anus.  "Just breathe normally and relax," said Richard.  Craig did as Richard has said, but there was still a certain mouth of discomfort.  He didn't move but allowed Richard to enter him totally.  He felt Richard's pelvis against his ass and knew Richard was all the way in.  Richard did not move but lowered his head and kissed Craig on the neck.  "Just relax, we will take our time."  

Neither man moved and finally the sting, the discomfort began to dissipate.  The feeling of fullness began to feel, good.  Craig brought his arms up and caressed Richard's thighs.  Richard kissed Craig's neck and Craig simply said, "Fuck me."

Richard slowly withdrew his erection from Craig's anus and then slowly pushed back in.  Then out and then slowly back in.  Craig reached back again and caressed Richard's thighs.  "Feels good," said Craig.  "Feels like paradise," replied Richard.  Richard moved with a slow and steady rhythm.  

Richard lowered his head and placed kisses on the back of Craig's neck and his hips moved his cock in and out.  As the two men moved together, Craig could feel Richard's speed increasing.  Craig felt very close to Richard and said, "Come in me."   Richard kissed him again and increased his pace.  He moved faster and faster.  His cock like a piston moving in and out, in and out.  Suddenly Richard cried out, "O, Fuck.  Cumming."  His hips moved faster and faster until he finally slowed down and rested on Craig.  He whispered in Craig's here.  "My god that felt good."   He rested for a bit until his cock shrunk and slid out of Craig.  

Richard rolled over on his side and lightly caressed Craig from neck to the tops of his thighs.  "Let me rest for a minute."  Craig said, "No rush.  I'm not going anywhere."  Craig turned over and lightly caressed Richard's chest.  He circled his right nipple and Richard said, "Now, dont get me started again."  Both men laughed.  

Richard rolled over and put his head on Craig's chest.  His tongue snaked out and ran around Craig's left nipple.  "So good," said Craig.  Richard kissed Craig's cheek and whispered.  "I'm going to go down on you and want to taste your cum."  Richard kissed his way down Craig's body and took his cock in his mouth.  As he began to bob his head up and down he slid a finger into Craig's anus.  

His head matched the thrusts into Craig's asshole.  The pleasure was amazing and Craig reached up and began to caress his own nipples.  Craig felt comfortable just letting the pleasure take control of his own body.  He used to worry about allowing himself to be pleasured.  But now he felt that Richard cared enough and wanted him to enjoy the experience that he totally let go.  He could feel the orgasm beginning to develop as the finger moved in and out and the head slid up and down his cock.

It was a wonderful and very intense experience.  He could feel Richard pouring everything he had into what he was doing.  The feeling was so intense, so wonderful that Craig would have loved it if it had lasted forever.  Yet he knew he could not stay at this level of pleasure.  He might actually lose his mind.  

In a man's ograsm, there is that split second moment, when you surrender, when you give in to the orgasm.  You don't want it to end but you just let it happen.  It is a powerful feeling.   It is an intense feeling.  The pleasure so perfect that  you can't think of anything but the feeling in your cock.  Your mind goes blank as the orgasm overtakes you and  you don't know if you have crossed over into death and are now in heaven.  

And then it happened, the first spurt of cum being released from his cock and entering Richard's waiting mouth.  And then another, and another and another.  As he spurted Craig's head and shoulders came up off the mattress because his orgasm was so intense.  Then as quickly as it came he began to relax.  The last bit of cum dribbled out of his erection.  His legs and arms fell limp.  He did not move and was barely breathing.  Richard placed a few kisses on his cock and balls and then slid up next to him.  

He craddled Craig in his arms as Craig began to drift off to sleep.  Craig felt a kiss on his cheek and fingers running across his chest as he drifted off to sleep.  And then Richard drifted off into a restful sleep as well.  As the sun went down and the darkness began to creep in, the men slept.