A Much Needed Night Out of the House

Info Claire_D
17 Aug. '20

Jan greeted us at the door wearing wearing a tight blue dress with a plunging neckline that showed off some fantastic cleavage. Wow, Jan had been hiding some impressive boobs underneath the more conservative attire she typically wore to work. My husband, John, definitely took note of Jan's chest at well.


Jan was one of my friends at work and was having a bit of a get together at her house. I was excited that we were able to find someone to watch our one year old so that John and I could get out of the house for a little bit. The party wasn't huge, there were a handful of people from work and her husband, Mitchell, had a few of his buddies over as well. As a 27 year old, I was one of the younger people there. I believe Jan was 42 and her husband was 50.


Their house was gorgeous and Jan was a great host. It was fun to have a few drinks with my coworkers and to meet new people as well. John seemed to be enjoying himself too, but he wasn't drinking quite as much as me. The wine was really going down smoothly....


Most people were still there when it was time for us to go home and relieve the baby sitter. Shoot, I was just starting to have fun and was enjoying getting to know Jan a little better outside of the work setting. John insisted that I stay at the party and that he would send one of our neighbors to pick me up when I was ready. I thought this was really sweet of him. I really was having a good time and it just felt liberating to let loose for a night.

I caught John checking out Jan's boobs again as he made his farewell. I couldn't blame him. Her boobs were pretty much on display and looked fantastic. I couldn't help but think how I may look at 42. I barely lost the weight from my first pregnancy and it did a number on my body. Jan's youngest was 10. I wondered how she looked when she was my age and if it took her a while to get to what looked like an impressively fit body.


Later in the night, I told Jan how great she looked in her dress, especially her boobs. She told me that she had them done a few years ago and offered to show them to me later. I was intrigued and somewhat turned on by that offer, although I'm not sure if she was serious. She had clearly been enjoying the wine too and seemed like she was having fun.


As the party began to wind down Jan discretely asked me if I still wanted to check out her boob job. She looked at me with a devilish smile as she awaited my response. I'm pretty sure she's flirting with me at this point. All of our coworkers had already left and just a handful of Mitchell's friends remained.


We snuck away up to her bedroom where she took off her dress. She was wearing a tight white bra and a sexy black thong. She dropped her bra exposing her beautiful perky breasts as the turned from side to side to give me a good look. The bra barely had to do any work as her breasts stood perfectly in place as if they were staring at me. I had perky breasts when I was younger and thought I was hot shit. She looked so sexy standing there in her thong with a devilishly fun smile. Her nipples are were quite pointy with relatively small areolas. They looked great to me.

She invited me to take a close look pointed out the scars which were minimal and insisted that I feel them. Naturally, I complied. I think that was my first time feeling naked fake boobs (other than strippers). I slowly squeezed them and I thought they felt different than natural boobs, but the implant wasn't as pronounced as I had imagined. “Not bad, right,” she smiled as she looked down at my chest.


She commented that it didn't look like I would need any work. I giggled and told her that mine didn't look as good without a bra. Jan insisted that I looked great and confessed that she was jealous of my natural big boobs. She also suggested that I may look even better in a better fitting bra and she may have have some bras that I would look great in. “Come on, take your top off and let me measure you correctly. I used to do this all this time when I worked at the mall.” I complied and stood there awkwardly in my well worn nude colored bra that could stand to be replaced as Jan got her measuring tape. “Oh my, we can do better than this for sure,” she commented as she started to measure me. She clearly had no interest in putting her dress back and that was kinda turning me on to see her comfortably prancing around topless. “Hun, you're a 38D and you're in luck. I have a few nice bras in that size from when I was still getting used to my new boobs. They're yours if you want.”


Jan retrieved the bras and I thanked her. “Its cool if you don't want to try them on until you get home, but I bet you would look great in them.” I smiled and told her I'd be happy to try them on now and that its only fair that she get to see mine as she had showed me hers. I undid my bra and let it drop to the floor.

Jan's eyes got big as she gave my chest a thorough visual examination. "They look gorgeous," she remarked,"may I feel them." "Sure." She cupped my left boob and gently lifted it then did the same to my other boob with her other hand. "Wow, you have a lot more to work with than I did," she commented. "You seem to be pretty stacked now," I replied as felt her boobs again.

"These are quite nice," I commented, "Mitchell must really enjoy them." "He sure does and he loves my showing them off with low cut tops." We chatted a little bit more about boobs and the work she had done as we pretty much finished our drinks. "I have to pee. I'll be right back," Jan announced as she walked away. I took the opportunity to check out her ass as she made her way to the bathroom. Her ass was impressively toned.

I was looking over the bras from Jan to try one on as Mitchell entered the room. I instinctively covered my boobs. "Oh, I'm sorry!" Mitchell said, "I was looking for Jan." "It's ok," I replied, "Jan is in the bathroom."

"Hey Mitchell," giggled Jan as she returned, "Claire and I were just trying on some clothes. Do you need me downstairs?" "Everything's under control down there," Mitchell replied, "Tim and Linda are headed out shortly and I can finish cleaning up. I just came up to see if you wanted any more wine." "You can leave the bottle here,” Jan replied, “Claire and I were about to have another drink anyway. Claire and I will probably slip into something more comfortable and will be down shortly.”

Jan looked at me and we both giggled when Mitchell left the room. "Wanna have some fun with this," Jan giggled. "Sure," I replied, "what do you have in mind?" "I was thinking we could kiss a little to get Mitchell worked up. We can get dressed if that makes you more comfortable. I have some comfy clothes that would fit you." "I'm game for whatever you are," I replied, “I like to have fun.” I'm not sure what Jan was setting me up for, but this was hot for sure. I was definitely attracted to Jan and was excited about what may happen next. Jan suggested that I start by ditching my jeans.

I slipped my jeans off. I felt a little self conscious standing there in my tattered old cotton bikini bottoms. Had I know I'd be disrobing I would have put more thought into my undies! Jan looked so sexy by comparison in her thong. She looked over my almost nude body and smiled. I tried to play it cool. I got the sense that Jan was genuinely into me too,which was a bit of a turn on at that moment. I could feel my nipples starting to stiffen and I know that Jan noticed.

"So how far do yo want to go with this," I casually asked. She replied, "I was thinking that we could kiss a little then kinda take it from there. Mitchell will be so surprised that we'll probably all get a good laugh from it, but it do want him to be so turned on that he fucks me good tonight. You don't mind him seeing you topless? I can get you a top if you'd like.” “I'm sure Mitchell will barely notice me with your beauties hanging out there. I should put a top on, but I'm going to enjoy being topless for a few more moments now that I've taken my bra off.” Truth be told, I liked the way Jan was looking at me with no top on. I didn't necessarily want Mitchell to see me topless as I felt inferior to Jan. Jan began to complement my body and tell me how beautiful I looked and how she was envious of my large natural boobs. We continued to chat and sip wine and I was really feeling comfortable with her. I almost forgot we were about to make out in front of her husband until I heard him coming up the stairs.

Jan quickly pulled me in for a kiss. It seemed genuinely passionate and she wasn't shy about getting her tongue in there. “Mitchell!,” she exclaimed, pretending to be startled as he entered the room, “Claire and I were just about to get dressed and come down.” Mitchell stood there confidently and smiled, “No need to come downstairs. Everyone has left except for Claire.” He didn't seem terribly phased at the scene he had just walked in on. Surely he had seen us kiss. I sat there covering my boobs again in a bit of a standoff to see who would make the next move. At this point, I was pretty sure Jan had been setting me up for some bedroom fun all along. I suddenly got a surge of confidence (that may have been fueled by the wine)

"I hope my lack of clothing doesn't bother you," I eventually remarked as I dropped my hands to my sides and stood up to face Mitchell. "Oh no, you both look great like this," he replied, "did I miss anything while I was gone?" "You didn't miss much," I replied, "I think you would be more comfortable if you got down to your underwear too."

Mitchell looked over at Jan who was quietly sipping on her drink. Jan smiled at him and Mitchell slowly started unbuttoning his shirt. Watching Mitchell disrobe was a bit of a turn on for me. His shirt came off exposing his manly hairy chest. He reached for his belt next. I looked over at Jan who was eagerly eyeing up Mitchell. Her nipples were quite erect at this point as if they were begging to be touched. My heart started to beat my rapidly with anticipation of where things might be headed. I reached out and ran my hand over her left breast and nipple while Mitchell removed his trousers. Jan looked into my eyes and moved in for another kiss. We locked lips and I could feel Jan's soft hands exploring my breasts as we moved closer to each other. My hand migrated to her other breast as our kiss became more passionate. After a little more kissing and touching, we slowly pulled away from each other and looked at Mitchell to gauge his reaction.

Mitchell was now standing there in his boxers which did very little to hide a quite evident boner. It was time to take this a little further. "Oh my, Mitchell," I commented, "It looks like we are turning you on. Lets see if Jan is turned on too." I turned to Jan and softly touched her hip before slowly sliding off her panties. I paused to observe that Jan was completely bald underneath, presumably waxed. I turned to Mitchell and joked that I would be happy to help warm things up for him. I slid the skimpy white thong past Jan's feet and tossed them at Mitchell. I looked at Jan and she looked a little surprised that I had taken things this far. I'm pretty sure that neither of them were going to stop me from going down on her if I wanted. I smiled at her and spread her legs apart. She laid down and returned the smile.

Jan's fun parts were glistening in the dim bedroom light and I could detect the distinct scent of female arousal. I was about to lick some pussy for the first time since I was in college. I looked to Mitchell who was still standing there with an erection that looked like it was going to burst through his boxers. I lowered my head between Jan's legs and began to gently kiss her exposed crotch. I started by kissing her outer labia and continued by placing kisses on her hips and pubic area. Her scent became more intense as she was presumably starting to get juicy down there. I decided to start kissing her more sensitive areas. My kisses got stickier and stickier as I got closer to her opening. I paused and licked my lips a little enjoying Jan's sticky juices. I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed the taste of another woman. I stuck my tongue out and pressed it firmly against Jan's clit. She moaned a bit as she clearly enjoyed my efforts. My tongue wandered down towards her juicy vaginal opening. I nibbled on her large pussy lips a bit as the whole area got juicier. I licked up some of the juices and gently poked my tongue inside of her. She let out another moan which was such a turn on.

I worked my tongue back to her clit slowly increasing my pace as Jan moaned with pleasure. I knew that Mitchell was watching us and this had to be driving him wild. I continued to work Jan's clit until she let out a really load moan. She pulled my face in close as she orgasmed. I enjoyed the feel and scent of Jan's warm juices around my lips and chin. I lifted my head up when Jan's grip loosened. I looked at Mitchell who was speechless. I smiled at him. He told me it looked like I did a good job down there. I looked at Jan who looked a little flush and also speechless.

“Now its your turn Mitchell,” I said as I sat on the bed next to Jan and spread my legs, "lets see what you've got." Without breaking eye contact with me, he dropped his boxers. I maintained eye contact with him for a moment, then I slowly dropped my eyes down.....

His package was quite impressive. His cock was long and curved and extremely veiny. He also had a big full hairy set of balls. I spread my legs and have him an inviting nod. He moved in slowly while maintaining eye contact. He gently removed my panties as we continued our erotic staring contest. I was fully nude at this point as I sat there with my legs spread and feeling quite aroused. I was hairier down there then I thought he would have liked but that didn't seem to slow him down.

Mitchell took a slow deep breath as he dropped his eyes to look between my legs. He smiled then slowly moved in and began to kiss my private areas in a similar way to how I treated Jan.

I looked over to Jan and she moved in and started kissing me and playing with my boobs. Meanwhile Mitchell progressed to licking my clit and then inserted a finger inside. It felt great!

Jan's kissing and groping got more passionate while Mitchell was driving me wild by playing with my pussy. His tongue movements got quite intense and I could sense that I was rapidly approaching orgasm. I grabbed onto and squeezed one of Jan's boobs quite hard when the big moment hit.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, you are so yummy," Mitchell remarked as he popped his head up. His beard was quite wet from my pussy juices. Before I could say anything, he slid his hard cock inside of me. It was exactly what I needed! It felt great!

I laid back as Mitchell worked his cock deeper inside of me. Jan decided to sit on my face as Mitchell fucked me. I licked and sucked her pussy (and a little bit of her ass hole) while enjoying getting fucked by her husband.

Mitchell was fucking me quite vigorously and my mouth and tongue were all over Jan's delicious private parts. Mitchell pulled out just before he blew his load, which ended up mostly on Jan's face and chest. She took any remaining cum in her mouth and cleaned his cock real good with her mouth.

I felt really slutty in that moment....but deep down, I loved it!