Action On The Set!

In Part 1 of this story, titled From Boredom To Stardom, I related how I became half owner of an adult film studio. I had weathered a bitter divorce, moved to California, and become an adult film actress. Being a ‘woman of a certain age’ I was cast with young guys and given an attractive young lady, Ashley, as an on-screen assistant. Ashley and I were successful beyond our wildest dreams. Ashley became my real-life lover and we bought a house in which we lived together. We were married in all but name. We then opened our own film studio, taking Kathy, the director at the studio for which we worked, with us.

We furthered our theme of pairing mature women with young guys, which proved popular and lucrative. Competing film studios, noting our success, had copied our business model. Kathy advised us that to remain relevant we must devise a new theme. Ashley and I brainstormed.

Ashley came up with an idea. She and I would be cast as owners of a sex clinic. Clients would come to us with their difficulties in intimacy and we’d diagnose and cure them. Our patrons would be young guys and girls.

Ashley preferred being with girls, so she would take the girls and I would take the guys. We never skimped on our hiring budget and were able to attract the best looking actors and actresses. I cringed at the thought of Ashley being with beautiful young girls but my apprehensions were misplaced, as I’ll explain later.


Our first sex clinic movie opened with a young guy who feared he had erectile dysfunction. In the scene, he complained of an inability to perform with his girlfriend. I had him undress and I examined his eighteen year old penis.

“It appears to be working now,” I said as I handled his growing erection. I cupped his balls and examined them one by one. “You’re healthy here, too,” I said, still holding his testicles. “This requires further testing,” I informed him.

I undressed, laid him back, and climbed aboard. I proceeded to screw him cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. I then alternated between reverse cowgirl and the sixty-nine position, rubbing my sex on his face. I eventually pulled him on top of me, missionary style. Ashley stood by, holding my boobs, rubbing my clit, and kissing my stuffed vagina. Before long this young guy squirted a healthy stream of semen all over my tummy and boobs.

I cleaned up and dressed. “Dress and come to my office,” I said as I turned to leave.

He entered and sat.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. Your penis works fine and your testicles produce prodigious amounts of semen. The problem is your relationship. It doesn’t inspire you.” He looked relieved.

“My advice is find a girl who satisfies your desires.”

We shot several more similar scenes with different young hunks. I always enjoyed the young guys for their efforts at pleasing me and their stamina. Their powerful orgasms made me feel sexy, too.


We next had a gorgeous young guy in the studio. His name was Vincent. Tall, slim, and muscular, he had a handsome face and beautiful hair. A girl could get lost in his eyes. As part of the act, Vincent complained of the inability to reach orgasm with his girl.

To add reality to our scenes, we allowed impromptu acting and we’d ad lib as we went. Although Ashley preferred girls, she’d occasionally take a guy she liked. To signal me on the movie set that she wanted the guy, she’d pick up a stethoscope and put it on. I then knew that she’d take over.

“Vincent, undress so I can examine you,” I ordered. Vincent feigned shyness.

“No need to be shy, Vincent. We’re strictly professional here.” He undressed.

Vincent was as chiseled as the Statue of David. Ashley looked him up and down, licking her lips. She donned her stethoscope.

Ashley put her scope over Vincent’s heart and wore a serious look on her face. She moved to his neck and placed her other hand on the back of his shoulder. She then moved her stethoscope to his inflamed penis.

“Good blood flow here,” she remarked.

“Push your testicles to me, Vincent,” Ashley ordered. Vincent cupped his balls and presented them to Ashley. She fondled them and placed her scope on them one by one.

“All good here. We’ll need further tests. Stand up.” Vincent complied, his athletic body displaying tone and muscle, his penis at full attention.

Ashley pinched his scrotum between his testicles and turned. “Come with me,” she said as she led him to a bed we had set up in the other room.

Ashley was the epitome of feminine form and the picture of beauty. Being half owner of the film studio, her pretty face showed confidence. Her long red hair was free, her push up bra flouted her boobs, and her long legs strode confidently. Her high heels clicked on the floor. She had her handsome hunk by his balls and she was going to have her way with him. Vincent, naked as Adam and being dragged by the scrotum by his boss, followed like a puppy.

“Show me how you initiate lovemaking, Vincent,” Ashley commanded. Vincent hesitated.

Ashley was still fully clothed. “Well, undress me.”

Vincent obeyed and removed Ashley’s lab coat. He removed her bra and then her panties. She stood in her heels, more beautiful than ever. Vincent was awestruck.

Ashley kicked off her heels and sat back on the bed. “Mount me,” she ordered. When Vincent did she took his erection in hand and guided him in.

Within a minute Vincent withdrew and fired off a massive orgasm. The long lines of semen striated Ashley’s flat tummy. Vincent was trapped in his throes; when I thought he was done, he wasn’t. His erection still throbbed, spitting white globules onto Ashley’s mound. He was still hard as a rock.

Ashley rose and got on all fours. “Now from behind.”

Vincent, still panting, took Ashley’s ass in his hands and entered her doggy style.

“Stay still,” Ashley ordered. She then rocked back and forth, massaging his erection with her lovely vagina.

In a minute Vincent withdrew and squirted on Ashley’s back with almost the same intensity as his first orgasm.

Ashley showed no mercy. She pushed him on his back and mounted him. She drew her feet under her, squatting on him. Leaning on his developed pecs, she made him watch as she rode up and down his entire length. She’d hover to keep just his head inserted, and then move slightly to massage his head with her opening. Then she’d settle on him again and repeat. Watching Ashley at work would arouse a dead person. Another orgasm followed.

Ashley finally released him from her control. “Dress and come to my office.” Vincent nodded, too flabbergasted to speak.

Vincent entered the office.

“I’ve proven there is nothing wrong with you.”

Vincent sat, exhausted.

“Does your girlfriend do that for you?”

“No,” he replied forlornly.

“You need a sexy girlfriend to bring out your best.”

“It’s so hard to find a good woman,” he countered.

“Until you do, you’ll come back to our clinic so I can treat your ailment.”

“I sure will!” he enthusiastically replied.


In our next film featured a beautiful young girl. Nancy A. stood about 5’6”. She had a gorgeous face, long blond hair, blue eyes, perky tits, a taut tummy, nice legs, and a beautiful ass. We paid our women twice as much as we paid the guys for the same work. We paid Nancy more yet to perform for us.

In this scene, Nancy related that her boyfriend found it impossible to bring her to orgasm.

“He’s not very big and he’s just not satisfying me. He says I’m too tight to fully enter. I think I’m tight because he’s not large enough to open me up.”

“Let’s take a look,” I said.

We had her undress for her examination. She stood like Venus, only prettier. When Ashley put on her stethoscope my heart fell and my jealousy welled up.

Ashley had Nancy sit on the examination table and spent some time squeezing her ample boobs.

“No lumps. That’s good.”

Ashley continued examining Nancy’s fine body from head to toe.

“Lay back, Nancy.”

Nancy did and Ashley spread her legs wide. Nancy’s shaved pink petals yawned open. Ashley toyed with Nancy’s slippery vagina, penetrating her a few times.

“Your vagina looks fine. Show me your clitoris,” Ashley instructed.

Nancy pulled up her hood and her clitoris emerged like sunshine. Ashley gave it a rub.

“Healthy clitoris, too. Stand up,” Ashley ordered. Nancy stood.

“Turn around. Open your legs for me,” Ashley instructed. “Wider. And bend over the exam table.”

Nancy’s perfect ass stood out, framing her impeccable vagina.

Ashley reached in a drawer and produced a small sex toy. She lubricated it and crouched behind Nancy. She dragged it down Nancy’s slit to her opening.

“Stay still,” Ashley ordered and slowly slid into Nancy.

Nancy stood on her toes and gritted her teeth and clenched the exam table as Ashley progressed. She was finally all in.

“Take some deep breaths,” Ashley said. Nancy inhaled and exhaled. She came down off her toes and released her grip.

“That’s better,” Ashley said.

Ashley gently worked in and out and with her free hand tickled Nancy’s clitoris. It took some persistence, but soon Nancy experienced an explosive orgasm. Her squeal became a screech as she ripped the paper on the exam table to shreds. Ashley remained fully in throughout her teary throes. When Nancy finally came down, Ashley removed the device.

We helped Nancy straighten up. Her face was a combination of shock, embarrassment, and total satisfaction.

“You can clean up in the bathroom. Dress and come to my office,” Ashley instructed.

Nancy entered Ashley’s office still looking stupefied.

“Have you ever had a partner bring you to orgasm?”

Nancy looked ready to cry. She dropped her eyes.

“There’s no need to be ashamed, Nancy. Research has shown that between three and five percent of women are unable to achieve orgasm through heterosexual intercourse.”

Nancy’s mood lightened.

“Furthermore, I suspect you have a submissive side. You need to instruct your boyfriend to take control of you during intimacy.”

“My boyfriend could never do that. He’s too much a gentleman. He treats me like crystal glass. He’s so gentle with me.”

This much was true; Nancy had a sweetheart of a boyfriend in real life. A studious academic and true gentleman, Dean was pursuing his PhD. in physics while working for a large aerospace company. He adored Nancy. She told him she worked in the entertainment industry in the office of a talent scout. After a long day of filming she often went straight to his apartment. Dean had no idea that Nancy had already accommodated multiple guys and women, often at the same time, all day.

“You need different treatment,” Ashley continued. “You need to be controlled and you need other stimulation than what he is able to give you.”

“I don’t think he could do that.”

“Then we’ll run further tests here at the clinic. Come next week.”

Nancy hesitated. “I’ll come after work on Thursday.”


Nancy was our best actress. Beautiful and as innocent looking as a child, she was in fact an exhibitionist who loved the camera. She immersed herself in her part and when filming commenced she became a sex goddess. Every boy we hired wanted to perform with her and the girls practically begged her to sit on their faces. We once had her lay down three hunks in front of her. She strutted naked among them, teasing their erections and scrotums with her right foot. When this assessment was completed, she selected the biggest guy and mounted him. After he fired off, she proceeded to the others and brought them to healthy orgasms as well. Her mission accomplished, she nonchalantly walked away, all in a day’s work. Nancy became a rich woman before she was twenty one years old performing for us. She explained her affluence to her boyfriend as an inheritance from a favorite uncle.


The next scene opened with Nancy coming straight from the office, dressed in business attire. She looked professional in her navy pencil skirt, pleated white blouse, and navy blazer.

“Did you have occasion to experiment with your boyfriend?” Ashley asked.

“I did, but to no avail. Nothing changed.”

“Then let’s continue our research.”

Nancy removed her blazer and blouse, and then her skirt. She was stunning. Ashley helped her out of her bra and panties.

“Keep your heels on,” Ashley instructed and led her to the bed.

“Bend over the bed and spread your feet apart.” Nancy didn’t hesitate. Her beautiful blond hair fell to the bed and her boobs hung low. Her long legs traveled from her perfect ass to her three inch heels.

Ashley again produced her toy and lubricated it liberally. She worked Nancy’s vagina for a while, then pulled out.

“Your progress is satisfactory. Now we’ll go to the next step,” Ashley stated, and as she did, she produced a strap-on toy and stepped into it. Nancy’s eyes widened.

“Stay bent over and keep your legs open.”

Ashley attempted to enter Nancy’s wet vagina but met resistance. She withdrew, slathered on lubricant, and tried again.

“Open your legs wider for me,” Ashley ordered. Nancy spread wider.

Ashley kept Nancy bent over by pushing on her back. With some persistence she got it all in.

Ashley took Nancy by the hips and slowly rocked her. Nancy was still in mild distress but began to rock back and forth with Ashley.

While this was taking place, I had undressed out of sight of Nancy. I emerged next to her and stroked her hair and caressed her. I situated myself on the bed in front of where Nancy was bent over. While continuing to caress her, I positioned myself so Nancy’s head was between my knees. Once there, Ashley pushed Nancy forward and her face was only a few inches from my waiting vagina.

“I don’t want to do that!” Nancy cried.

Ashley pushed again and, still holding Nancy’s hair, I pulled her in. Her face careened into my wetness. She struggled and moaned, her lips tightly clenched and her face in terror. She tried to back away, but Ashley had her from behind and I had her by the hair. She struggled and cried, but the more she fought, the harder Ashley pushed. When she realized she was trapped she surrendered.

“That’s better,” I said soothingly. She relaxed slightly.

“It’s not so bad, is it?” I asked as I caressed her scalp. Her reply was muffled as Ashley still had her pressed tightly into me.

“Is it?” I asked again. Ashley reduced the pressure and Nancy’s face came off my pussy.

“No,” she confessed.

“Of course it isn’t. Here, look.” I pulled myself open to give her a close up look before I rubbed it on her pretty face.

“Give me a kiss.” Nancy hesitated, then gave me a peck.

“I mean a real kiss, Nancy.” Ashley pushed from behind and held her in place as she French kissed me.

“Now some licks,” I suggested.

Nancy stuck out her tongue and dragged it up my slit. She repeated this deftly.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this, young lady?” I queried. Nancy giggled with her tongue in my opening.

“Never,” she mumbled, her mouth full of pussy.

Once Nancy continued voluntarily, Ashley released the pressure and resumed her cadence.

Nancy was enjoying her new escapade when she suddenly froze. What followed was an orgasm of enormous proportions. Her body contorted and her face deformed. Some deep breathing combined with sobs ensued. Her strong exhaling bathed my vagina in warmth.

It took minutes for her to come down from her ecstasy and when she did, Ashley withdrew. I took Nancy’s face in my hands and kissed her deeply. I detected my scent on her breath.

“I didn’t think I’d cry,” she stammered as she collected herself.

“Orgasms can be very emotional,” Ashley advised as she removed her strap-on.

“They sure can.”

Nancy turned to me. “I’ve been curious about kissing a woman’s vagina but was afraid. I needed to be forced. I finally feel like a real woman. Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome. You’re going to get a lot more practice.” Nancy smiled.

“Your problem is solved. We’ve discovered what you need. Your boyfriend can’t do that for you, so you’ll have to come to the clinic for your satisfaction,” Ashley concluded.

“Gladly,” Nancy enthused.


At home, Ashley and I discussed our performance. I admitted my fear of seeing her with another girl. But I needn’t have been jealous. On the set, Ashley was strictly professional. She did no more than squeeze Nancy’s tits. She never even kissed Nancy or her adorable vagina.

“Kiss Nancy's pussy?” Ashley reacted. “Why would I do that when I have yours to kiss? As long as I have you, Diane, I don’t need any other woman. Your pussy is the only one I want to kiss.”

I took her in my arms and kissed her.

“That’s so sweet,” I replied.

“Besides, your orgasms are delicious,” Ashley said with a twinkle.


Ashley and I have again retired from performing. If need be, we’ll return to the screen with new ideas.