Hypno-Submission Pt. 01

Part 1: Katie



Katie stared at the title of the video with both apprehension and desire. “Hypno-slave Induction for Women,” it read. The idea had never occurred to her, but reading the words made her pussy quiver.


“Should we watch it?” asked Brenda.


Katie turned her head to the blonde, hoping to see desire in her blue eyes. She found only a playful curiosity.


“Hell no!” Cynthia chimed in. The black girl shook her head adamantly, her thick afro bouncing a little. “There’s no telling what that thing will do to us.”


“You don’t even know if it’ll work,” Katie said. “It’s a YouTube video. It’s probably just crap.”


“I dunno,” Brenda said. “Look at the comments.”


Brenda scrolled down so the three girls could read.


LL: So relaxing and a joy to listen to. I feel wonderful and would like to feel this pleasure again and again.


AN: Master that felt really good. i was so blank and empty. please can i have more commands?


JL: I feel wonderful and eager to be given more commands. I will obey.


TS: I obey and serve my master. He gives me pleasure.


LK: I love knowing I cannot fight. Giving in and surrendering is the only way.


“Oh my God,” Brenda gasped. “It looks like it works.”


Cynthia scrunched her face in disgust, though her brown eyes held some fear in them. “Why would people even want to watch this, knowing how it affected those other people? You’re setting yourself up to be controlled by a complete stranger!”


Katie knew though. She had gotten wetter with each new comment. She struggled not to squirm on her chair as they clustered around Brenda’s laptop.


She read the last comment several times as she twisted one of her brown locks around her finger.


LK: I love knowing I cannot fight. Giving in and surrendering is the only way.


Why is that statement so hot? she thought.


“Some girls have a control fetish,” Brenda said, seeming to answer her question. “This video has thousands of views, so there’s definitely something to it.”


Cynthia huffed. “The idea of handing over my mind to someone else is just so..”


Delicious, thought Katie.


“Scary?” asked Brenda.


“Ridiculous,” said Cynthia. “Disgusting even. And definitely dangerous.”


Katie wasn’t surprised by the response. Cynthia’s dominant personality was well known across their college campus. The girl was beautiful, but hard headed. Men tended to think of black girls with big tits, thick thighs, and a large ass as stupid hoes. Cynthia ensured that wasn’t the case with her. The girl was smart; top of her class in most subjects. She made her own money. Her dad taught her how to invest, and after just three years of dealing in real estate, she owned three properties just off campus that she rented to other students. Their rent paid for her tuition and then some.


Most guys feared Cynthia, and anyone that tried to date her didn’t last long. She said they were all weak. Her current dalliance did whatever she told him with a look of both awe and fear as she ordered him around. He’d lasted a record five weeks. Even so, Katie was willing to bet that at twenty-one, despite dating over a dozen guys, Cynthia still retained her virginity.


“So, something else?” asked Brenda.


As Cynthia began to nod her agreement, Katie piped in, “I kind of want to see what it does.”


When Cynthia turned to her in shock, she added, “Not to get hypnotized. I’m curious to see what he says and what the video shows that would make girls get hypnotized.”


“We can play a bit at a time,” Brenda suggested. “Do it in spurts so it doesn’t affect us.”


“I don’t know…” Cynthia said.


“Just the first minute,” said Katie. “One minute’s not gonna to do anything to us. I mean, the video’s twenty-three minutes long. And we can stop every couple sentences.”


Cynthia gave a resigned shrug. “Fine. Just the first minute. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


Brenda pressed play and the video started. A deep voice told them to make themselves comfortable while a spiral rotated on the screen and a ball moved back and forth like a pendulum. The girls had all seen shows where a pendulum was used to hypnotize people and the combination of this and the spiral pulled their gaze in powerfully. Brenda hit the space bar to pause the video. They were only twenty seconds in.


“I like his voice,” she said. “It’s soothing.”


Katie nodded. “Me too. I wonder what he looks like.”


“Did you notice that when he said take a deep breath, we all did?” Brenda asked.


“Did we?” said Katie. “I was focussed on the screen. Wow. I guess it works fast.”


Cynthia didn’t say anything, but neither of the other two girls expected her to compliment the maker of the video. Brenda hit the space bar again.


The voice continued, “Your body is beginning to feel heavier, your movements sluggish... It could be that you just don’t want to move... because moving means you need to stop listening... And you definitely don't want to stop listening…”


Brenda was reaching for the space bar when she heard those words. He was right. She didn’t want to stop listening. She definitely didn’t want to stop listening. She let her hand drop to her lap, and the three girls continued to watch the video.


The next thing that Katie knew, the video was over and she felt amazing. Her panties were soaked. She couldn’t remember anything about what was said in the video other than what they discussed during the brief time Brenda paused it. She had a sense that time had passed, and she somehow knew she felt wonderful during the period she couldn’t remember, but what she heard and saw during that time seemed lost to her.


“That wasn’t that bad,” said Brenda. “I mean, parts of it were over-the-top, but on the whole it was relaxing.”


“You remember it?” asked Katie.


Brenda nodded. “Most of it. I zoned out now and then, but I do that during lectures, so I’m pretty sure I didn’t go under.”


Cynthia gave both of them a confused glance. “What are you two talking about?”


“The video,” said Brenda. “Do you remember much of it?”


A hint of fear joined the confusion in Cynthia’s eyes. “But we haven’t watched yet, have we?”


Brenda chuckled. “Girl, look at the time. It’s almost half an hour later than when we started.”


Cynthia clenched her fists. “But… But… We were supposed to stop after a minute.”


“We stopped after twenty seconds,” said Katie. “Don’t you remember?”


“Oh my God!” Brenda giggled. “Did the high and mighty Cynthia get tranced after just twenty seconds?”


More and more panic filled Cynthia’s face. “Oh my God. I just… I mean… what do you?… Am I?” Her breaths were quick and short, on the verge of hyperventilation. Her large breasts heaved. Brenda wondered if her top would burst open.


Katie took her hands. “Calm down, Cynthia. Just try to relax.”


“Relax?” exclaimed Cynthia. “Don’t say that! What if I’m programmed to go into a trance whenever someone says that?”


Brenda rolled her eyes. “Seriously? If that were the case, does it look like it worked?”


Katie continued to try and calm her friend. “It’s okay Cynthia. Nothing in that video is going to suddenly turn you into some sort of hypnotic slave.”


Cynthia’s eyes went wide with disbelief. “Excuse me?” she exclaimed. “Can you read the title of the video again?”


Katie looked over at computer again, and sure enough, the words hadn’t changed. “Hypno–slave induction for women.” She shook her head at Cynthia. “No, I mean Brenda remembers almost all of it. And she doesn’t remember any codewords or, what are they called?”


Brenda tapped the tip of her small upturned nose, her blue eyes smiling at Cynthia’s predicament. “Triggers.”


“Triggers,” Katie repeated. “Do you, Brenda?”


The blonde shook her head, her straight hair flowing. “I think you’re good. I mean, do you have an uncontrollable urge to go out and suck cock or something?”


Cynthia shook her head, finally starting to calm down.


“Is that what he said in the video?” asked Katie.


Brenda shook her head again. “It was more stuff like ‘You love being obedient. You need me to take control. You feel horny… in need… so wet… good girl.”


Katie gave a quizzical look to Brenda. The way she said those last few phrases, her voice changed. It was almost like she was slipping into trance. Katie wondered if she was quoting video at that point. And when she said, “Good girl,” Katie had shuddered. There was something wrong in the way Brenda said it. The voice. But she enjoyed hearing the words, and part of her wanted to hear them again.


“I don’t remember a thing,” said Cynthia. “And it’s freaking me out that I don’t remember any time passing.”


A devious look came over Brenda. “If you’re worried about what was in the video,” she said, reaching for the keyboard. “I could play it aga–”


“No!” Cynthia propelled herself away from the screen. Her chair tilted backward, spilling her onto the floor. The scene didn’t embarrass her in her panic. She stood up and took another step back. “No way I’m ever watching another hypnosis video! I’m so done with this.”


“Okay, okay,” Brenda soothed. “We’ll watch some anime.”


“I’m just gonna head home,” said Cynthia. “I need some air.” She grabbed her book bag before glancing back and pointing. “And I need to get the fuck away from that thing.”


“I’m gonna head out too,” said Katie. “This was … well, I’m not sure what this was.”


Brenda opened her mouth to say something witty, but realized her thoughts echoed Katie’s.




Katie had rushed home, doing her best not to speed too much. Upon entering her room she threw her book bag on her bed and sat down at her desk, opening her laptop. A quick YouTube search brought up the video. Her eyes went to the description. “Best experienced with headphones on,” she muttered. “Well, it was great without the headphones. Let’s see how much better it is with them.” She slipped a set on and pressed play.


Eager for the experience again, she dropped quickly into trance. Soon, she started floating, her arousal growing. Pleasure coursed through her body. And then she was awake again.


“Oh God, I feel amazing,” she said. “I have to do something though.”


She wasn’t sure what however.


Did the video order me to do something? she thought. No, Brenda would have told me if it gave us any commands. No triggers, she said. But I need to do something. Maybe if I watch it again.


Twenty-three minutes later...


“It feels even better each time,” she said breathlessly. “Oh fuck, my panties are soaked. What do I do now? I need to do something. No. I need to be told to do something. But how?”


She looked at the description again and expanded the text box. “Watch the video then send feedback…”


That’s it! I need to contact Master Boratus. I need more commands. That’s what several of the others had said.


JL: I feel wonderful and eager to be given more commands. I will obey.


A new comment caught her eye.


KK: I realize now I’m a slave. I need you to command me, Master


I’m KK. When did I write that?


She dismissed it as the need to contact Master Boratus welled up in her. She had google hangouts on her phone. Master Boratus had written that she could contact him there. She sent a message.


KK: hi


She sat staring at her phone. A part of her expected a reply right away, but nothing happened. She stared for a few minutes before finally thinking, Oh my God, the guy is probably at work or something. I should just get on with my homework.


She put down her phone, opened her laptop and began her physics homework. She had trouble focussing though. She’d be into an equation and then glance over at her phone.


“It’s evening now,” she said to the phone. “What are you doing?”


She reached over and picked it up to make sure she hadn’t missed a message.


I couldn’t have missed it. It’s been right next to me the whole time.


No messages. As she placed in on her desk it beeped.


New message from Master Boratus


Her heart sped up dramatically. She clicked on the notification, opening the app.


MB: Hello


She dropped the phone.


“Oh fuck!” she whispered. I heard his voice. When I read the text, I could hear his voice in my head. And it’s so sexy.


She stared at the phone on the floor. She needed his orders, but her clit felt like a feather had stroked it from that one word.


Taking a deep breath, she gathered up some courage. Don’t be a baby, Katie. It’s just text. Talk to the man.


KK: hi i saw your video

KK: and decided to write


MB: Good girl


“Oh God…” she whispered. Those were the words she wanted to hear. Brenda had said them, but Brenda wasn’t Master Boratus. She wanted to be a good girl for Master Boratus and he had just told her she was. Pride filled her up. A wave of happiness swept through her body.


KK: thank you


MB: You’re quite welcome

MB: How did you feel after watching it?


KK: amazing! even better the second time


MB: Good girl

MB: You watched it twice?


Katie’s pussy quivered. I was a good girl for watching.


KK: well sorta

KK: I watched it with a couple friends this aft

KK: when I got home I watched it by myself

KK: but when I finished I felt like I missed something

KK: so I watched it again

KK: and then I knew I had to contact you


MB: Good girl


Again, that wave of pride and happiness washed through her. Each time her need to obey grew. The words made her want to show him how good she was so he could call her “Good girl” again.


MB: So you remember everything in the video?


KK: no just feelings

KK: Brenda remembered the words better


MB: Good girl. The less you remember the deeper you went. And you want to be a good girl and go deep for Me, don’t you?


Was that a rhetorical question? Hell yeah, I wanna go deep.


KK: yes!


MB: Good girl


If he keeps saying that I’m gonna cum. His voice is so sexy. How can I hear it so clearly in my head?


MB: Good girls obey.

MB: Got that?

MB: Good girls obey.


Good girls obey.


KK: yeah


MB: What do good girls do?


Good girls obey.


KK: Obey


MB: Do you want to be a good girl?


KK: soooo much!


MB: Then what must you do?


KK: obey


MB: Good girl


I’m a good girl!


Her hand rubbed between her legs.


KK: how are you doing that?


MB: What?


KK: making me feel so good


MB: Do you want Me to stop?


KK: no!!! please no!


MB: Then don’t question. Just obey.


Good girls obey.


MB: What do good girls do?


KK: obey


MB: Good girl.


I’m a good girl!


MB: How old are you?


KK: 22


Fuck. Did I just tell him that?


MB: And where do you live?


I can’t tell him where I live. Country. Give him the country.


KK: Canada


MB: Good girl. Me too. Which province?


KK: Ontario


Jesus, Katie. Why not just give him your address too? She put the phone on her desk. Calm the fuck down. You’re answering everything he asks. Did the video tell you to do this?


Good girls obey.


But answering is different from obeying. I can answer anything I want. I’ll still be a good girl.


MB: Me too. Which city?


Good girls obey.


She began to type the city.

She deleted the text.


KK: im not comfortable telling you that


MB: That’s okay. I want you to be comfortable with Me.

MB: I want you to be happy and eager to chat with Me whenever I contact you.


KK: thanks me too


MB: Good girl




MB: And how do you feel when I call you a good girl?


KK: sooo good like ive done a good job


MB: You have. That’s why I tell you that.


She beamed.


I’m a good girl!


MB: How did you find My video?


KK: it just appeared on the suggestion list while we were surfing


MB: No one recommended it?


KK: no

KK: why


MB: Some girls that watch it recommend it to their friends


Recommend it? I guess I would, if I didn’t think people would think I’m a freak for watching it.


KK: i see

KK: so you have other girls that you’ve hypnotized


MB: Yes. The video is quite powerful, but it appeals to a specific personality type.

MB: Not all girls want to become hypo-slaves

MB: Good girls love to watch it.


I’m a good girl. I must love to watch it.


MB: Have you always been interested in hypnosis?


KK: no but I really am now


MB: Good girl.

MB: You should be.

MB: You should be willing to explore hypnosis with Me


Good girls obey.


KK: id really like that


MB: Good girl

MB: Would you like to run some tests?


KK: tests?


MB: To see how deeply you tranced.


KK: um...sure


And then that wonderful feeling returned. She didn’t know how long she was out. She just knew she loved it and wanted him to do that to her again.


MB: How are you feeling?


KK: amazing sir


MB: Good girl


I’m a good girl.


MB: Is anything unusual?


KK: no why would it be?


MB: Just asking. Do you usually type with one hand or two hands?


KK: two why?


MB: How many hands are you typing with?


KK: one

KK: so?


MB: So where’s your other hand?


Katie looked to her left shoulder and followed her arm straight up. It was pointing at the ceiling.


How the hell did I not notice that?


MB: Lower your arm


Good girls obey.


She tried. It wouldn’t budge.


KK: I can’t!


MB: Try harder.


Good girls obey. I need to obey.


Fuck. Go down!


KK: Can’t!


MB: Release


Her arm dropped. She felt such relief at being able to obey. Then the importance of that fact set in.


Jesus. Does he have that much control over me already?


She realized her panties were soaked.


KK: thank you sir


MB: You’re welcome.

MB: Another?


KK: As long as I can obey this time.


MB: This one is easy. Take off your top.


She slipped off her shirt quickly, feeling happy to obey.


KK: done

KK: that was easy


MB: Good girl.


I’m a good girl!


MB: Now the next part of this test is about need.

MB: What are you left wearing?


KK: jeans, bra, panties, socks


MB: When I say “Go” take off as much as you want, but the more you take off, the more control you admit you want.

MB: If you take off everything then you eventually want Me to have total control over you. Not right now necessarily, but eventually.

MB: Got it?


KK: yep

KK: but how will you be able to tell what I take off?


MB: I’ll ask.


KK: I could lie


MB: You won’t. There’s a catch though.


KK: ?


MB: You will not take off your clothes based on what you think you want. You’ll take them off based on what you want deep down. The truth of who you are. Understood?


KK: how do I even know what that is?


MB: Go


Katie began undressing, but weirdly felt like she had no control over her body. It was undressing on its own. She was just along for the ride. She had planned on taking off her pants and socks, but after her jeans hit the floor, her panties followed, and then her bra. In the end she wore a single sock and even that was half off her foot.


What the fuck just happened? I thought being controlled was hot, but what does this mean? I don’t want to give away that much control, do I?


KK: done


MB: What are you wearing?


KK: bra and panties


That still seems like too little


KK: and one sock


MB: Tell the truth, pet.


Good girls obey.


KK: Just half a sock.


She felt proud for a moment, but then a voice inside began to speak.


You just met this guy. You don’t know who he is. Being controlled is great, but should you do it with the first guy that hypnotizes you? Look what you’re wearing, or not wearing! Look how much control you’re already willing to give up to a stranger on the internet. What the fuck wrong with you?


KK: um … I’ve gotta go.


MB: Sure. This may feel overwhelming. Take some time to process it.

MB: One thing though.


KK: ?


MB: Don’t cum until we chat again.


A chill went down her spine. And it felt like two voices warred within her


Good girls obey.


I’m not allowed to cum? Wait. No. I can cum if I want. This was just one time. This is mostly fantasy. I’ll just … just …


His text played again in her head. “Take some time to process it.”


Yes, that’s what I’ll do. Fuck I’m stressed now. I need to relax. The video will relax me. I love watching the video.


Good girls love to watch it.


No! Homework. Do your homework, slut.




She did her homework, not very efficiently, but she did it. Her arousal didn’t help. She promised herself not to cum until she finished it. It would be her obeying herself, not him. She felt that would help her take back some control.


She kept her word. Sort of.


When she began to masturbate it didn’t feel right.


I should be told when to masturbate.


No, I cum when I want! I can’t just watch a single video and fall under this guy’s power.


You didn’t watch a single video. You watched three.


Shit. That’s right. But I still won’t submit that easily.


But that’s what makes it so arousing. Submitting. Losing control. Becoming a slut.


No. No. No!


She played with herself as the thoughts collided. She had been at it an hour before she realized that her internal struggle turned her on like never before. She was getting off on the fight, but more than that, she was getting off on losing the fight.


When she was ready to climax, she couldn’t.


“Come on,“ she grunted, feeling herself right on the edge. “Cum. Cum, damn it!”


But that much needed orgasm eluded her. She went to bed frustrated and angry at a stranger on the internet.


Good girl.