Debbie’s Big Desire

We were sitting around and watching tv one weekend afternoon and I was playing around with the fire stick. I was fooling around kinda just roaming different screens and seeing where it would take me. I came across a site called the nasty chef. I entered the site inquisitively not knowing what it may have of interest. In doing so, I, of course, brought up titles of women performing different sexual acts and sites claiming monster size cocks and so on. I noticed I had Debbies attention as she looked up and chuckled at some of the titles. I asked Debbie if she wanted to see some monster cocks? She giggled and spouted, “yeah, who wouldn’t want to get a look at some monster cocks?” 


    As the title exclaimed such, I clicked on it to see if it would fulfill her expectations. The screen filled with cock from edge to edge. Obviously a close up of a large helmeted, fully engorged monster. The camera zoomed backwards to include the whole sack, nuts, and pelvic area and of course in comes a pair of lips and encircles the massive head. Debbie let out a little squeal of excitement whether real or playful, I’m sure she was watching intently. 


    The mouth continued slopping away at the screen filled mass of blood engorged cock. I wasn’t watching the screen. Now I was watching Debbie. She was so intent on the site on the screen, she didn’t seem to have any interest or concern where I might be looking. 


    As she sat on the couch in her shorts and tank top, she pulled her knees up to her chest with her heels very near her butt. She began moving her knees apart and back together as she stared. She was basically moving and rubbing her vagina lips back and forth against the material of her shorts. She generally didn’t wear underwear so I expect she was generating some pleasure along with her visually aided excitement. 


    I decided to get up and slide over next to her. As I did, she did respond by glancing up at me and making a little “hmmm” type sound. I licked the side of her face and made no mention of her knee rocking motion nor did I try to stifle it. As I licked her face, I whispered, “hey, you like looking at that monster cock don’t you?” She closed her eyes momentarily and let out a little ugh sound followed by her response to my question, “oh fuck, that is so hot watching her suck on that huge thing. It’s making me wet.” I responded quickly, “I can tell you like it the way your rocking that little vagina, rubbing your shorts against your lips.” She smiled briefly and visually attached to the site on the screen, she lowered her hand to her crotch. Opening her knees once again, she slid her finger inside her shorts and began rubbing herself. I joined her attempts to elevate her arousal and slipped my hand inside her tank top. Her nipples were already erect and I stroked at them briskly, flicking and toying.


    Debbie took her free hand and moved it to my leg and she rubbed across it as she dug into herself a little deeper. Again I leaned to her neck and licked her. I felt her response and quivering movement as though shivers must be running through her. She moved her hand to the growing lump in my shorts. She continued brushing across me knowing every stroke made the firmness grow beneath her touch. 


    I rose to my feet and jerked my shorts down. Pulling my shirt off as quickly as possible, I climbed on the couch on my knees next to her and filled her face. I was positioned where she could engulf my cock and still see the screen. Eyes open, she continued with her mouth and her hand. I reached down and pulled her shorts to the side to fully bring Debbie’s twat into view and easy fingering. She buried her fingers deeper into herself. I was excited by her work.


    I pulled from her and bent down in front of her. I reached for her waistline and grabbed her shorts. She removed her fingers from their moisturizing depth and lifted herself up. I quickly jerked her shorts off. As she sat again, she reached for me. “No Debbie, you go ahead, I just wanna watch. I want to see you make yourself cum. Watch the tv and stroke your pussy, I just want to watch.” She briefly closed her eyes and cooed. She opened them again and taking in the cocksucking vision on the screen, she licked her lips and stroked into herself. With fingers buried, she flicked at her clit. She rocked now and cooed more rapidly. I sat in front of her staring at her while feeling the pulse of my heartbeat pounding inside my very hard cock. Her arousal lifted me and I reached for my cock. Now I stroked with a motion rapid enough to match Debbie’s gyrating movement. In short, we came together and roared at the culmination of our unexpected desire. It was exciting, fulfilling, and our first time masturbating together.


    A few days later I decided to talk to Debbie about our little adventure. I had no intention or direction, just wondered how she felt about our previous afternoon. 


    “Debbie, you were excited by the movie on the screen, it was obvious. What I wondered, was it the blow job, the lips on the cock or what exactly?” “We’ll, she says, it’s all exciting to me. I like sucking cock, you know that, but the size of that dick; I’ve never had one that big. When I see that, I just wonder how it would feel. I like to go down all the way on a cock. You know, like I do yours. But that cock was huge. I wonder how it would feel in my mouth. It excites me.”


    I stared at her and smiled, “if given the chance, would you want to try it, I mean suck a huge cock?” Debbie shot back, “Really? You’re going to go get me a huge cock? What, a huge sex toy cock? Or do you mean a real one? Just put a want ad on Craigslist for a huge cock because your girlfriend wants to try one out?” I chuckled a bit, “well, I hadn’t actually thought of that but I’m sure I’d get a lot of feedback. No, I mean I want to please you in every way. And, if that is a desire of yours, I’d possibly be open to the conversation.”


    Debbie looked at me and her silly joking smirk disappeared. “Hmmm, I can’t tell you how exciting that sounds. It’s a scary thought though. How would it happen? How would we handle it? How would you handle it? How might something like that affect our relationship? I chimed back, “I’m not sure about a lot of those questions, but I said I’d be open to it. There would be a lot to work out first. Maybe it may never happen, but it does sound exciting doesn’t it?” Debbie lit up. I could tell she got wet just thinking and talking about it. She responded again, “let’s just leave it there for now. I love sucking your cock. If my dream cock ever presents itself, remember, it’s just for fun, I don’t want anyone else.” Her response hit the spot, “Debbie, that was important to hear. I would be sharing you, not giving you away. I want you for me. I’m just willing to fulfill your sexual desires.” She smiled and walked away. 


    I started my search for a big cock. I didn’t know any guys with what I was looking for. I wanted huge. I thought about my options and only came up with one way. It would certainly get a huge cock, but it would take some time and discussion to move forward. I knew of a website where I could start a discussion but there would be the perverbial assholes to deal with. So I listed my discussion, what I wanted, general vicinity, type of person I desired. If I found a possible giant, we would meet and get acquainted.


    My list of takers was very extensive. Offering your girlfriend for a blowjob of course would bring out the wolves. My request was to get information and include pictures soft and hard. And as expected mostly dicks with big dicks. But there was one guy that piqued my interest. He was about 35 or so, single, and not one you’d expect to find on such a site. He had come across the site by chance and was looking around. He said he was horny and just looking around when he saw my request. He’d never responded to anything like this before and in doing so, still had his own reservations regarding us. He wanted a pic of her but I told him we could meet and upon my consideration of him, I would let him see her.


    We met at a bar in my vicinity, which was about an hours drive for him. I wanted to meet here because I could have Debbie there, only not with me. I was pretty happy with my first impression of him. His name was Rick and he was pretty introverted and soft spoken. As he had stated, he was wandering way out of his comfort zone to even meet me. We discussed his work and just who he was. He was a computer analyst and program designer. Sounded great, not a macho fathead, just a regular working guy, although he was actually quite intelligent. He said he was drawn to answer my discussion because of what I was doing. He thought that we sounded sincere and not the typical sex freaks. 


    I told him I was pretty excited because I was sure Debbie would like him and I really liked his huge cock. I told him the pictures of his cock had me envisioning her trying to even get her mouth around it. Much less get it into her mouth. He smiled, “yeah, I feel kinda blessed to have this thing, but sometimes it’s a little hard to hide.” 


    “Well, I said, would you like to see her?” “Sure, he said, I’m excited by her desire. I want to see who you’re sharing with me.” I reached into my shirt pocket and pulled out her picture. I looked at it briefly as thoughts raced through me. Asking myself, do I really want to give her to him? I handed it to Rick. He held it to his face in the dim bar lighting. A smile crossed his face. He looked at me, “really, you’re letting her do this? She doesn’t look the part, she looks like a real lady. Do you really think she will want to go through with this?” “Hmmm, I uttered, let’s ask her in person.”


    I motioned to the end of the bar. I caught her eye. She was partially watching us but mostly paying attention to the guy seated next to her, obviously hitting on her. She excused herself and walked to us. She had on very nice looking attire. Not trying to draw attention with low cut tops or short skirts, just a classy dress and heels.


    She approached and as she did, Rick and I both stood. I introduced each to the other. Debbie had a very pleasant and inviting smile. She extended her hand. Rick held it respectfully as a gentleman would and we sat. Rick was completely ignoring me now, he was all about Debbie. At least for a minute or two, when he realized he didn’t need to work it, he was already invited in. 


    They talked more and got to know each other to kinda catch up with where Rick and I were. I told Rick I hadn’t shown Debbie any pictures and he could hold his surprise until later. Debbie responded to my statement, “wait, maybe I want to see it.” How do I know it’s what I’m looking for. I’m not falling in love here, I’m looking for something that will excite me. Something, something, well, unbelievable! Rick’s eyes and mine met. I smiled. He smiled. No words were spoken. Debbie smiled and added, “what? Really? It’s really that great?” I looked at Debbie and nodded, “yes hun, it’s that great. I know it’s what you are hoping for.”


    Debbie let it ride. We drank a little more and decided to plan our meeting. Since we were both okay with Rick we decided home would be fine for our meeting. Rick said he might be a little reluctant till things got going because this was very new and uncharted territory for him. We told him there would be no expectations on our end either as this was more experimental than a practiced method for us. We shook hands and Rick and Debbie hugged as we departed. Date and time set.


    “Debbie, I said, don’t even ask. I want to see your face when you see it for real. It is truly unbelievable. Man if I had his cock, fuck I’d probably have a brain hemorrhage just trying to keep it filled with blood.” Debbie had a smile of excitement. As we drove home, she opened my pants and sucked me off. And as always not a drop to clean up. She always swallowed.


    Two weeks later, the night was finally here. We had an early dinner and after cleaning up I took a glass of wine to Debbie in the living room. “Well, why don’t you go shower up and I’ll greet Rick if he arrives a bit early. We hadn’t discussed her dress and attire so I wasn’t sure how she’d reappear. I went to the garage and took a couple hits and took the pipe to Debbie. She wasn’t dressed yet so I let her have a few draws and I exited. 


    I heard the door and placed the pipe on the counter. I invited Rick in. He was wearing loose fitting shorts and a button shirt with flowers and flip flops. He looked great. Well groomed, clean, and wearing a smile. He was really so much not what you would expect a guy to look like for this duty. He fit our desires perfectly because of it. I poured Rick and I some wine. We sat and listened to jazz in the background. I offered him the pipe and he took one hit. Just a modest one as I don’t expect he does much. He seems to be a more clear headed guy, staying sharp and alert.


    Debbie enters. She has on her slinky summer type dress. Her big breasts looking, still, very large even though she was braless. She placed her wine down as we stood. She hugged me first then turned to Rick. She hugged him and as she did she raised her leg back behind her in excitement. As she was drinking wine and had a couple hits she lost her inhibitions and spoke, “Rick, I can’t guarantee where this may go once we get going. I’m pretty excited.” A surprise to me. We hadn’t really discussed this. I wasn’t afraid or feeling jealous and actually her words caused a stir within me. Rick smiled in an almost blushing manner. I knew that if he showed any sign of shyness or passivity, it would just kick her up a notch. And I of course would feel less cautious knowing he wouldn’t get aggressive with her. It was all coming together comfortably.


    We sat and chatted a bit. Debbie allowed Rick to sit first so she could place herself next to him. I sat in an opposing chair facing them. I noticed Debbie looking down at his squirrel. I called it that because it looked like one was in there. I know now why he said sometimes it’s a little hard to hide. She had kind of an internal smile and appreciation on her face. She looked like she wanted to reach over and grab it. But, of course, she didn’t. I was so excited by her that I felt shivers, thinking of how this would play out.


    After what seemed like “long enough “, neither of us had made any moves or attempts to start anything. I’m pretty sure Rick was apprehensive and waiting to be invited into action and Debbie, although she was chomping at the bit, was also trying to appear unhurried. She, too, was waiting for my move or invitation or something. 


    It had been long enough, we had consumed enough smoke and wine and I was ready to see this thing for real, not just pictures. I got up and walked over to Debbie. I sat next to her, opposite Rick and started kissing her. I did so with no regard for him sitting only a foot away to her side. She kissed me back deeply and hugged me tightly. As I continued, I let my hands roam her face, neck, torso, and everywhere my hands wanted to move. I stroked her leg up under her dress and felt her expected commando attire. She opened her legs a little but I made no attempt to go there. This was going to be slow and I really didn’t want to move on her yet. 

Debbie purred a little and sat back deeper into the couch and allowed one of her arms to fall from around my neck and onto Ricks leg. He reached out to her bare leg and stroked it a little. Just testing the water. I smiled my acceptance. As I had backed from my kiss, Rick saw the opportunity to lean to his side and while still caressing her leg, he kissed at her neck. She cringed as shivers rolled through her. She pulled him back enough to face him. She kissed him, first a little peck, then she opened and they buried themselves in each other’s mouths.  I guess she knew she had my approval because she had no reservation in doing so. And obviously Debbie didn’t just want his huge cock, she was attracted to him in appearance and mild personality.


    Rick was leaning to his side kissing Debbie so I couldn’t really see the effect her kiss was having on him. But as she pushed him back, still kissing him, there was a very apparent and growing something in his shorts. Debbie moved her hand now, which had been pressed into no movement at all as he laid over onto her. She stroked his leg and slowly allowed it to move toward his crotch. I had moved away like I said. I could see it sticking out below the extent of his shorts. The helmet was completely sticking out of the bottom of his shorts and it was very firm and big. It looked about the size of a young kids fist. As she got closer, I knew her first touch of it was coming. She rolled her hand across it and it rose off his leg for a moment. She felt her way down the front of him finally reaching the end of his shorts, but still not to the end of his cock. She felt the flesh of his cock for the first time. She hung onto it and followed it back up under Ricks shorts. She released her kiss and turned to it. She stared at the portion visible within her grasp. Then she looked up at me. “Well, I said, what do you think. It’s fucking beautiful isn’t it? “  Debbie looked back at Rick, “oh Rick, it is so beautiful and so big, so unbelievably big, I’m not sure I can...” “Wait I said abruptly. Don’t say it, don’t say it.... just show me”.


    I moved to Debbie and took her by the hand and lifted her. Once, fully erect, I reached for her dress and pulled it up over her head. Rick still sitting, with a serious hard cock, spoke,”wow Debbie, you have a lovely body. Your tits are great, your ass is perfect, where do I start?” Debbie interjected, “you don’t... I do”. Debbie bent in front of him and reached for the waistband of his shorts. Rick obliged and rose enough to allow them to pass below his nearly seated ass. Suddenly it flopped from its confinement. Debbie continued until she had his shorts removed completely. She stared once again at it, and then at me. But this time she had the unencumbered view. Following her gasp of joy, the words tripped across her lips, “oh my god honey, it’s fabulous. It’s exactly what I wanted. It’s more than I wanted. It’s more than I ever thought I’d ever lay eyes on. Oh god honey I want to feel it in my mouth”. “go ahead baby, it’s all yours”, I uttered.


    Debbie knelt next to him on the couch. She put a hand around it near the base. Her fingers not completing a full circle back to her thumb as the girth was too much, way too much. She added to it, her second hand. Also as the first unable to fully close to touch her thumb. And though both hands were firmly upon this monster cock, she was no where close to covering it. A couple inches of cock and his complete helmet was still protruding above her hands. She slowly stroked up and down it. The skin of his cock moved with her as though it still has more growing to reach full size. Debbie released her lower hand and placed it on his very large ball sack and rolled and lightly squeezed. Rick moaned and responded to her touch. That monster cock stared up at her like a rod of steel, so straight and growing even firmer. 


    Debbie, without holding it now, lowered her face down to it. She licked the under side of his helmet. It jerked upward. It had a mind of its own now. With no blood left for brain function, Rick was now at the mercy of the monster’s desire. I stared at it as well, completely overwhelmed by the enormity of his cock. And seeing Debbie now mouthing it, added to my arousal. She opened her mouth now and placed it fully around Ricks cock. She engulfed the head and sucked upward, pulling the meaty monster at its base. Placing both hands on it once again, she stroked it in unison with her head motions. She continued. 


    Rick, I’m sure acting on physical response only, reached for her tits and stroked softly as Debbie worked his cock. Debbie cooed at Rick’s touch and mouthed more deeply onto him. She was doing better handling his cock even though I could see by just the girth alone, that her mouth was stretched wide. She looked like she was putting her mouth around a man’s arm at the wrist. It was big. She lowered her hands from it and onto Ricks waist. She lowered onto it further. I think was getting down maybe 5 or 6”. It was still more than half way out, but I was impressed by her ability. I think Rick was too.


    Watching Rick fondle Debbie made me a little jealous as I sat and watched. Debbie reacted very positively to his touch, which shouldn’t have surprised me. She was very sexually aroused by all of this. And I already knew she was very into sex. 


    Debbie backed off Rick’s cock. As she did, long strings of saliva trailed from her lips back to his cock. She raised up to his face as before and kissed him. As she did, she repositioned herself. As she was now within reach, Rick took the opportunity to, for the first time, feel the shaven entry of her vagina. I watched and as before felt a little weird watching him stroke her vagina. She opened for him allowed him easy entry into her. She cooed through his kisses at his deft work of her clit.  


    I grabbed my very hard cock and stroked in rhythm to his motion on Debbie. I was aroused and jealous and excited all at once. I knew she enjoyed it and I was happy to have her enjoying this, but still feeling a bit left out. 


    Debbie heard me moan from my own manipulation and arousal. She turned from his kiss. She saw me. She lifted from Rick and sat back down on him, facing out toward me. She now was nearly seated squarely on his cock. She motioned to me to come to her. Rick now was reaching around Debbie from behind and fondling her moist pocket. I knelt to my knees in front of Debbie and she leaned into me. She kissed me deeply. All while being stroked by Rick and sitting onto his cock. As I kissed her I fondled her tits and squeezed her nipples vigorously. 


    Rick must have been uncomfortable with his cock smashed so he lifted Debbie just enough to move his cock toward the front under her twat but above his legs. I knew from there, she could feel it pressing up against her. After his repositioning, I closed my eyes and began kissing Debbie again. I was compelled to reach for her hips and slide her front to back and back to front again. I knew this motion would have his cock pressing into her clit. She must have liked it too as she began to fully assist my motion holding her. And Rick grabbed her hips and rose up at her with every motion. I know she was responding to emotion and arousal, but did she now want that cock inside her? The plan was to suck an enormous cock, she never mentioned anything beyond that. I wasn’t sure I would stop it, hell, I was the one that just started rocking her twat on his cock. 


    I moved from kissing her and moved to her ear. Whispering, “Debbie, are we going further?” She responded, “I don’t feel like stopping right now, are you okay?” “Yes, I’m fine, I just want you to enjoy and if it’s a big fat cock inside of you that you desire, then do it.”

“Right now though, she muttered, I want you to fuck me.”


    Excited by her request, I rose up and allowed Debbie to turn around. She got on her knees in front of Rick and spread her legs gesturing her invitation for me to enter her from behind. As I did, she leaned into Rick and took him once again into her mouth. As I rocked and thrusted into her, Debbie would swallow more of him. She opened her throat and took much of his huge cock into herself. I was amazed at her ability to open her throat and take a cock down. Rick liked it too. His eyes were rolled back and he was moaning. He now used his hands on the sides of her head to feed her onto his cock with each forward motion.            


    God she felt good and seeing her take his cock excited me to nearly bust. I didn’t want to yet so I backed away. I moved up by her face. From up close as I now was, it was unbelievable watching that thing disappear into her. His cock must have been at least twice the length of mine and probably four times fatter. It was an incredible site. I asked myself, can she handle that thing? Can he tear her vagina? Well, I guess if it hurts, she would stop. Okay I told myself.


    I pulled Debbie back from Rick and asked Rick to get up too. I led Debbie onto the couch and onto her back with her head over the arm. I asked Rick to move to the end of the couch. I looked down at his huge cock retaining most of its length and firmness. “Okay, Rick, let’s see how much of that thing Debbie can really take. I’m going to take photos because I’m sure this is something she’s going to want to remember. Are you okay with that Rick?” “Sure, he added. I’d like copies of that as well.” Debbie looked up at me from her lying position. She had a broad smile and glistening eyes. 


    I grabbed the camera and pulled a chair up close enough for some good shots. Some would be full view shots for us and I wanted real close up shots of cock and lips mostly for Rick. I wasn’t allowing him any shots of Debbies face as I didn’t want to be concerned with where they may end up. 


    Rick moved up to Debbie’s waiting smile. He held her by the sides of her head to help support her. With Debbies head back over the arm of the couch, she was allowing an open canal directly down her throat. This was how we were going to get as much cock in her as possible. Debbie reached back and grabbed Ricks ass from either side and was able to control how much she could handle. I was thinking by the size lengthwise and girth that about half was all she could take. 


    Debbie opened and pulled him into her. She was stretched wide at its girth. I could see the corners of her mouth turning white as she was being stretched. She pulled further. She had half. I quickly fired off a few shots. Debbie pushed him back to get another breath and as earlier, saliva strings swung from her lips to his massive cock. She looked at me and smiled again. “Okay, Rick, I’m pulling you in deep, till I hit something in my throat or your hips.” Again she pulled him while he held her head for additional support. In it went. It went a little further this time and she stopped momentarily. She pulled hard on his ass but only enough to get about 2 more inches. She was still about 3 inches from his hips. She pulled him back. Debbie said the girth was stretching her lips and she was feeling they may split. One more try. “Rick I want you to help more. When I get to the same spot, I want you to push some. If I look like I’m hurting, just pull back.”  Rick nodded and looked at me for approval. 


    Once again, in it went preceded by a big breath. Debbie pulled him and kinda bounced him against her a couple times. She hummed out some noise and pulled at him. Feeling her pull, Rick pushed to assist. In it went. Lips to hips. All 10 to 12 inches of it. I snapped away. Debbie actually pumped back and forth a bit now. Good god, what a sight. She had that massive monster completely down her fucking throat. I continued snapping away as she brought it slowly out of her. Rick was wowed by her ability, “I’ve never had my cock completely inhaled. You’re the first. That was unbelievable!”


    “Ok Debbie, I whispered right up next to her cheek, it’s time. How do you want it?”

She rose up, “On my back, I want to be on my back so I can look up at both of you while he empales me.” Debbie laid onto the couch and raised her legs up towards the sky. Rick climbed onto the couch with a knee on either side of her and laid his cock between her tits. He grabbed them from each side and sandwiched his cock. He started stroking back and forth bumping up into Debbie’s chin with each forward thrust. She brought her chin down and allowed each stroke to ride into her mouth. Again I snapped away gathering memories for Debbie and I to enjoy for the future. Debbie had brought her legs back down but as they were still open, looked inviting. I got behind Rick and leaned into her and easily slid into her moist vagina. She moaned through Ricks pumping into her mouth. She was loving this adventure and I expect happy that I was including myself into her fulfillment of this fantasy cock hunt. 


    in short, I felt myself getting close so I backed off. I didn’t want Rick to feel like he was getting sloppy seconds. And I could tell by his moaning and exchange with Debbie that he was getting to the point of extreme arousal. I moved around again and picked up my camera and positioned myself to get Rick sliding his huge cock up between her pretty full titties and into her mouth. He continued firmly pressing her large dark areola titties against his cock. I reached and softly twisted her nipples and snapped more shots. I handed Rick the camera and asked him to shoot a couple. He continued pumping those titties as she assisted, holding them firmly into him while he leaned back a bit for fuller shots. I leaned down and licked and sucked her titties while his cock slid through them only a fraction of space separating it from my face. With open eyes I could see its massive wetness sliding to and fro. Rick snapped. Debbie reached up to the back of my head and pressed me down harder into her tits. I felt his cock sliding across the side of my face. Snap, snap. More pictures possibly catching me with his cock nearly in my face. 


    After a few more moments I decided we had enough of those shots and lifted myself into an upright position. I took the camera from Rick. “Okay, I said, she’s yours, finish her off, but don’t damage anything, go slowly.” Rick backed off her chest. He grabbed her near her ankles and lifted her legs up into the air. Debbie laid wide open with her very moist vagina falling open, the outer lips separating from each other. 


    Standing next to him, I wanted more of a picture of him handling his cock and guiding it into her. I reached with my free hand and held her right leg for him. Legs still fully open she looked up at both of us, her eyes bouncing back and forth between us. Now Ricks free hand reached down and grabbed his cock. It was ready. Fully charged. The veins pressing against the outer layer of skin and pulsing with each, now elevated, heart beat. His red, almost purple, helmet was pushed down into her clit and flicked softly from side to side. Snap, snap. Debbie twitched and let out a quick gasp of breath. He then moved it down near her ass and leaned into her just enough to very slightly insert himself. He flipped it up through her moistness. Snap, snap. He continued to do this a few times and each upward stroke, withdrew a response from Debbie of moaning acceptance. But seeing how much movement her pussy lips were making to allow its stroking up between them, had me mesmerized with how something that size is actually going to go in there.


    Rick moved his knees closer to Debbie with her legs still up high. He took her right leg from me once again and I allowed him full control of her. Camera lifted, I was ready. He positioned his hips to line up his monster, trying to adjust for the pulsating upward bounce of each heart beat. He moved into her. Helmet at entry. Snap, snap. Pushing a little, her vagina opened enough to gobble up the head, though I could see the girth was extending those lips further than they had ever been tested. Again he moved into her and more entered the darkness of her vagina. She opened her eyes and looked up at Rick. I don’t think she cognitively included me in her awareness now. She spoke, “oh god, it’s so fucking big. Is it in all the way yet?” I almost choked, “my god no Debbie, it’s just the head and maybe two inches.” I think I was really just being overwhelmed by the girth. She had no real concept of the depth because nothing was in there yet. Rick asked if she was okay and she said yes, with a somewhat scared look now on her face. Rick again moved into her only now with each slight movement into her he would back off and make it more of a stroke. A little more each time allowing Debbie to relax and grow more comfortable with each additional gain in depth. Snap snap. I was capturing a chronology of each gain into her. Debbie relaxed and I noticed now her pelvis responding to each thrust. Rick continued in. He was a little more than half way in. He was starting to gather some steam with her acceptance and his additional depth and more pleasure to the sides of his cock. God it was huge but beautiful how her vagina could respond to its size. 


    Rick now was getting deeper into her vagina. Debbie reeled at his strokes. She bucked up into him. As she did, she grabbed more and more cock. Rick stopped moving. Once Debbie realized he wasn’t moving, she too, stopped. Rick now, not only held her legs up, he stretched them out wide. Once he had her here, he moved into her, slowly, as she showed no resistance, he continued. More and more he moved into her. Still no sign of discomfort or bottom. He was now getting to about 3/4 of it and pretty much to where he was reaching before as he slowly had been fucking her. Further still, he moved the giant into her. The now uncharted area and depth brought moans of pleasure mixed with groans of discomfort. Rick slowed to a stop. He now attempted no further depth but slowly stroked in and out. About 30 seconds later, he reached for a little more. He was close. I snapped off more, up close and further back to take in his probing of her depths along with her legs held high and her face. I was capturing looks of pleasure along with grimaces of momentary pain as he leaned into her. 


    Once again he slowed. This time after just momentary hesitation by both he and Debbie, he pulled out completely to the helmet and moved into her. Snap, snap, snap, continuous captures. Each inch more shots. Further his cock reached into her. More moans. Further in. Then finally. Full pelvis contact. She had it all. I snapped more. Debbie felt him against her and moaned. She knew now they could move more freely with no new added discomfort. She lowered a little and with full confidence, thrust her pelvis hard up into him. She moaned deeply. 


    I dropped the camera into my chest dangling as it did around my neck. I got on my knees up by Debbie’s head. I leaned forward and took ahold of Debbies ankles. Rick released them into my grasp. He dropped his hands to Debbies waist. Placing one on each hip. He was comfortable now knowing he could move a little more forcefully without hurting Debbie. And so he did.


    Now, with much more emphasis, he pounded into her. Debbie let herself go now. No resistance, no apprehension, just feel him with every plunge into her. Rick responded in like to her signs of “only pleasure”. Harder he thrust into her. “Oh god Rick, oh fuck me, fuck me. Oh ugh, your cock feels so good. Oh you’re going to make me cum. Don’t stop. Ugh, oh fuck me.” Harder he pushed reinforced by her moaning words. His elevated tempo not only lifted Debbie, he too, was now about to cum.


    Knowing he didn’t want to cum yet, he slowed and maintained her pleasure but allowed himself to regain his composure. 


    He backed away, fully. Allowing his very hard cock to come out of her and in doing so, flipped sharply up toward his naval as it was freed. Her vagina responded by somewhat closing but her outer lips lying there swollen from being stretched and abused. 


    Rick backed away slightly and lowered himself to her swollen, throbbing vagina. As he had backed away, I dropped her ankles, He lowered and buried his face into her vagina. Deftly, he flicked at her clit and kept her at an elevated state of arousal. Flicking, flicking, he darted and tongued at her pleasure. I was getting reignited watching her. I leaned forward and my dick fell into her face. Debbie grabbed it and wrapped her mouth around it. God, she felt so good mouthing my cock. “Oh fuck, oh Debbie, fucking suck my cock, oh fuck, oh god that feels so fucking good, oh fuck”. I grabbed her titties and basically ravaged them, one in each hand, her big pretty tits being twisted between my fingers. Rick continuing lapping as Debbies vagina and her legs rocking in and out temporarily squeezing Ricks head between them. 


    Rick raised up vertically on his knees. “Okay Debbie, I’m not finished, turn over. You can still suck his cock, but turn over.” Debbie dropped my cock from her mouth. She rolled over onto her knees. I moved to her again and placed my still throbbing cock into her warm throat. I grabbed her hair and pushed into her face. Not really pulling her hair, but holding and guiding her face. 


    Looking over Debbies back, I see Rick position himself once again up to her. He’s still like a steel rod. Holding his cock, he toys at her entrance and flips it’s helmet at her ready lips. She dripping wet with intense desire to feel what she knows is coming. Slowly he enters her. Not stopping, he moves fully to her ass cheeks. His fully imbedded cock fills her to the point of pleasure causing her to moan through the stuffing already within her lips. Holding her hips firmly, he has complete control of entry and angle. I’m watching over her back and making no effort for eye contact with Rick, I only want to take in the view of his monster cock within her. It’s an incredible thing to see. God what that thing must feel like. It’s like I wanted to be a woman for a moment and feel it. 


    Rick moves into and out of her and she rocks to his movements, moving back into him to increase the depth completely. I’m feeling the motion of her as she moves onto and off of my cock. To change his angle, Rick rises to his feet and with knees bent drastically, he’s thrusting down into her vagina. The end of his cock must feel like it’s brushing the backside of her naval and further up into her chest. This new angle increased Debbie’s pleasure. She drops my cock from her mouth. 


    “Oh my god your fat cock feels so good. Oh fuck.” Debbie pushes back against his every thrust. “Fuck me, oh god, you’re going to make me cum, oh fuck you feel so good.” Rick is once again charged by her fucking him back along with her words. Rick starts showing signs of and sounding like he’s about to dump his load. He lowered himself back down to his knees. He was shaking and losing control. 


    Debbie was shouting now and pounding back into Rick. She was cumming hard. She was throwing her head back and forth and squealing with delight. Rick was close. His concentration was on Debbie’s reeling reaction to her orgasm. She dropped to her elbows and gasped for breath. 


    As it was obvious to me Debbie was done cumming, but still feeling the deep vibrating contractions of her vagina walls reacting to the pounding, I intervened and reached for her arm. I pulled her toward me and off of the couch. I quickly spun her around. Rick stepped back bringing his right leg down to the ground while still on his knee on the couch. Her knees held her at the necessary height to have Rick lay his cock into her face. Still moaning in contractual orgasm, she opened and accepted Rick into her. She moaned on his cock as she pulled his hips into her face. Again Rick was now starting to get near his point of explosive orgasm.


    I knew Debbie liked to leave no sign of manly cumming juices and this was where she would have wanted it. She held it out enough to assist with one hand, pulling to assist her mouth with each exit. Rick was holding her by the hair and guiding her movements.


        Suddenly, he was there. I saw the stiffening of his butt cheeks as he thrusted into her. I lifted the camera, snap, snap, I wanted to get this for sure. Debbie dropped her hand and grabbed his ass cheeks. He was pumping her shot after shot. Cum began to ooze from around her lips. It was more than she could handle. Snap. She momentarily backed enough to allow a large amount of his splooge to run from her and down onto hers titties. She again lunged onto Rick. He was still squealing and pouring into her. Debbie pulled him fully into her. Now any further shots went right down her throat. The site of his pumping cock down her throat elevated his desire to feel just a few more thrusts of delight. He pressed into her and held it there. A few more guttural groans and he dropped her hair from his grasp. She back away. Final traces of ooze ran from the corners of her lips. She fell back onto the floor.


    I hadn’t reached orgasm but precum dripped from my cock. It looked like it was pouting, having to watch this dramatic scene play out. Such a massive cock and spewing such a massive wad of cum into her. I squeezed and wiped the cum from the tip. I wiped it across Debbie’s lips. Rick, also spent, fell back onto the couch. With their breathing still heavy and eyes closed, I exited to the bedroom. I fell onto the bed, fully pleased that I had given Debbie what she so desired. I fell asleep.


    The next morning I was woken by the feeling of my dick being handled. I looked down and Debbie was sucking my cock. She was rubbing and squeezing my balls as she worked my cock. It felt great but the site of my cock in her mouth looked so inept compared to my recent memory of Ricks impalement of her. Still she continued to my delight. In short order I came and as she does, she swallowed completely every drop I was capable of producing. She finished and rolled back next to me. Peaking over her now fully reclined body, I could see Rick next to her. He had stayed over night and lay naked next to her. Though completely flaccid now, the size of him was impressive. Larger than my erect cock with a head just begging to be sucked. We fell asleep again for a period of time.  


    As morning more fully lit the room, I woke to her absence. Rick and I lay there in the king size bed, not touching but feeling a bit awkward by her sudden disappearance. 


    Debbie returned with a tray and three cups of coffee. We all slowly woke and set up against the headboard while drinking our coffee and reminiscing about the recent adventure. Rick praised Debbie’s ability and said it was a first for him. Debbie grinned from ear to ear. She was very good at head. I asked her if it was what she expected? “Well, it was better. God that huge cock is so hard to handle but it is so exciting. Just seeing it erect makes my pussy wet. I feels so unreal because it’s like grabbing a pipe, not a cock. And in my mouth, it’s so tight, it’s almost beyond enjoyable. But as I did it, it was exciting to feel the warm hard pulsing of the large veins protruding from its sides”.  I looked at it. Her talk was making it come alive. “Rick, Debbie said, can I ask you a question?” “Sure, Rick said inquisitively. “Can I have Nick touch it?” I looked at Debbie, puzzled by her request. I had never touched a cock but my own. How would I feel doing that? Would I even do it? She didn’t know but she asked without preparing me in the least. “Uh, Rick said, kind of a weird request but I guess if he wants to.” Debbie took my hand in hers. She reached over and placed both of them on his cock. She wrapped my hand around his cock, then placed hers over mine. Slowly she began to move it on his shaft. It moved and hardened. Again it moved and hardened. Each stroke stiffened it’s length a little more. Debbie looked back at me and thrust her tongue into my mouth. Eyes closed, I kissed her deeply. And whilst doing so, feeling his cock grow within my grasp. It felt strangely comfortable and I could feel how it’s girth became hard to maintain within my hand. She kept kissing me and removed her hand from atop mine on Ricks cock. She placed it on mine which now had grown hard from her kissing and shamefully from holding Ricks cock. 


    I felt no desire to remove my hand now and firmly held onto him and pumped in unison to her upon mine. The whole thing elevated my desire. Rick wasn’t trying to stop me, Debbie was still kissing me deeply, and my cock was happily being tugged. 


    Debbie released her kiss and lowered once again to my cock. Now, out of my face, I could look down and see Debbie sucking me and my hand rising and lowering on this pipe of a cock. It felt strangely powerful just holding it. Rick had his head back and his eyes closed. He was very hard as was I. 


    Debbie sat up. She turned around facing both of us. She sat firmly onto my cock and began rocking front to back. She reached over and placed her hand gust above mine onto Ricks cock. She rode me and assisted with Rick. Soon, she, and we, had both Rick and I ready to bust. As I felt her squeeze my cock, it charged me to increase and clinch more tightly onto Rick.  Suddenly I felt it cumming. I roared and groaned with pulses of cum shooting into Debbie. Rick stiffened and clinched the sheets. He began shooting massive shots into the air. We continued pulling at his cock and his ooze ran down across our hands. Shots still flying up into her chest and hair, onto my leg, and over my outstretched arm. 


    Rick slumped over. Debbie fully satisfied by what we had just done, fell into my chest. I leaned to the side and held her to me. Spent again, we fell asleep.


    What didn’t seem like much time, we stirred enough to wake each other. I looked toward Rick, but his side of the bed was empty. He was gone. In our slumber, he slipped out. Later in the dining room we found a note. “Thank you both for a lifelong memory. Debbie you are awesome. Nick, you surprised me with your openness and impressive handwork. Thanks for sharing. Please send any photos you’re comfortable with me having. 


    After reading it, Debbie looked at me, “thank you. That was a great gift. I hope we see him again.” I smiled.